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THE LEADERS OF THE PACK! Discuss the most successful girl group of the 21st Century, as well as their solo projects including Cheryl's upcoming new music (plus baby!) and Nicola's songwriting!
 'I Don't Care' out now
Published on: 1 Nov 2014 - 23:54 by - AdamAloud
Cheryl's brand new single 'I Don't Care' is out now in the UK!

Ahead of the album release next week, the second single to be taken from 'Only Human', 'I Don't Care' is finally released in the UK.

The track was accidentally released an hour earlier due to the clocks changing (but don't worry, the sales will still count towards the correct release week!) and the clean version of the track is already at #4 on iTunes!

You can download the clean version here and the explicit version (complete with the remixes!) here.

And don't forget to catch Cheryl performing 'I Don't Care' for the first time tonight on The X Factor at 8pm on ITV1!

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4 Nov 2014 - 18:11
I was born 7 million years ago in Sweden, Africa

A little out of date because I'm a bit of a flop with actually publishing these. kink.gif
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