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The Mother of Pop embarks on her global Joanne tour, hits the silver screen and promises "plenty of surprises" are on the horizon. Come join the ride!
 Gaga "resting up for next album"
Published on: 17 May 2015 - 11:50 by - Kath ♡
Mother Monster says her "Gaga" side is getting ready for the next album.

Mother Monster says her "Gaga" side is getting ready for the next album.

The singer took to her Twitter account on Monday to chat with Little Monsters, including Daniel, who asked, "You actually are a Lady, but where is Gaga?" The Lady responded, "She's asleep. Resting up. For the next album."

Lady Gaga is currently on tour with Tony Bennett promoting their massively successful jazz album Cheek to Cheek, which has recently passed the million sales mark worldwide.

"Cheek to Cheek will not be my last jazz album, and ARTPOP was not my last pop album," she told Gaga Daily in an exclusive interview last year. "I have many years ahead of me to make music and I feel stronger than ever, like I did when I first moved to Hollywood to make it. I'm a fighter again. Put me in the ring. Ring the bell, I'm ready life!"

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