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 Now! issue forced diet story correction
Published on: 11 Mar 2010 - 23:06 by - RyanJL
Complaint regarding the story has now been resolved.

A complaint made by Leona Lewis and her label Syco too the Press Complaints Comission regarding a story published in Now! magazine has been resolved.

The magazine had claimed the label had forced Leona to diet ahead of the release of her 2nd album, Echo, late last year.

Dealing with the complaint the PCC negotiated the following correction from the magazine;

"In our issue of 7 December 2009 we ran a story about Leona Lewis being ‘forced to diet'. Leona's record label, Syco, have asked us to point out that they have never questioned Leona's weight or appearance. Nor have they asked her to revamp her image and create a sexier look to boost her popularity in America. We only ever intended to report positively on Leona Lewis's appearance and her prospects in America, and are happy to make the position clear."

Leona begins her first UK & Ireland tour in Sheffield on May 28th.

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