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'Life Thru a Lens' since 1990... come and discuss Robbie and Take That here!
Robbie Williams Achievments:

  • Sold Over 76 Million Solo Records (57m albums and 19m singles)
  • Sold More Album in the UK than any other British solo artist in music history (19m)
  • The Best Selling Artist of the 21st Century in the UK (13.5m)
  • The Best Selling Artist of the 21st Century outiside the US (43m)
  • The Best Selling Artist of the 21st Century in Europe (33.3m)
  • Features in the list of Best selling albums in UK histroy more times than any other artist or group (6 times)
  • The Best Selling International Artist in Germany this century (7.7m sold)
  • The Fastest Selling album by a male solo artist in UK music (Intensive Care with 375,000)
  • The Best & Fastest Selling Live Album in Britsh History (Live at Knebworth with 615,000 sold)
  • The Fastest & Best Selling Music DVD in UK History (What We Did Last Summer)
  • Holds The Guinness World Record for selling 1.6 Million Concrt tickets in a single day
  • Holds The Guinness World Record for the biggest cinematic screenings of a live concert for his 2009 gig for the Electric Proms
  • The Biggest Concerts in British Music History at Knebworth in 2003 infront of 375,000 people
  • Won More BRIT Award Than Any Other Artist In History - 15
  • Won More Echo Awards Than Any Other Artist In History - 6
  • Aside From Elvis, No Other Solo Artist Has Had More #1 Albums In The UK
  • The 4th Biggest Selling British Solo Artist in European History (41.1m)
  • The 6th Best Selling Male Artist In European History (41.1m)
  • The Biggest Recording Contract In British Music History Worth A Reported £80m ($161m or €118m)
  • Has Sold An Estimated 7 Million Concert Tickets during his solo career
  • His Tours Have Grossed over $600m worldwide
  • Based on average attendence per show, his 2006 Close Encounters Tour is the most successful in music history with over 3.7 million tickets sold grossing over $300m
  • Biggest Selling Album of 2001 in Europe: Swing When You're Winning (5.8m)
  • Biggest Selling Album of 2005 in Europe: Intensive Care (5.2m)
  • The Most Consecuative #1 Albums By A Solo Artist In UK Chart History
  • Has had 26 Top 10 Singles In The UK
  • He Is Currently The Best Selling Male Artist In The World, For The Period 1998-2007, According To The United World Chart
  • Has Spend A Total Of 36 Weels At #1 In The UK Album Chart (28 as a solo artist & 8 with Take That)
  • Has Spent A Total Of 28 Weeks At #1 In The UK Singles Chart (9 as a solo artist and 19 with TakeThat)
  • Has Has 13 #1 Singles (6 as a solo artist & 7 as a member of Take That)
  • Has Had 11 #1 Albums (8 as a solo artist & 3 with Take That)
  • Has Had 20 Top 5 Hit Singles in the UK & 28 Top 10 singles. 3 further singles went top 30.
  • In His 19 Years As A Recording Artist With Take That & As A Solo Artist, His Global Sales Albums, Singles And DVD's Stand Over 100 Million
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