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> Rank the Studio Albums, Whatís your favourite?
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Jordan Lee
post Jan 11 2019, 02:29 AM
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BuzzJack Enthusiast
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Sorry if thereís another topic on this if there is Iíll delete this and post there but I couldnít find one well not post BT.

Anyways now Beautiful Trauma is established where do people rank her studio albums?

Mine are as follows.

7. Cant Take Me Home - Not a bad album. But definitely my least favourite. Itís the least Pink sounding and thereís quite a bit of filler. Itís kinda there as part of my collection tbh but I rarely go back as a whole. I do like the title track and Hell Wit Ya and Most Girls is a bop.

Favourite Single: Most Girls
Favourite Album Track: Canít Take Me Home
Least Favourite Track: You Make Me Sick
Favourite Video: Most Girls

6. Iím Not Dead. OK so shock here! Thereís some amazing highs on here but thereís also some lows for me too. I wasnít a fan at all of Stupid Girls, and tracks like Cuz I Can and Fingers drag it down. Dear Mr President also wasnít really for me either although I appreciate the message.

I love Who Knew and Nobody Knows though and U and Ur Hand is still something I listen to regularly. The title track and Runway are also strong album tracks. I just feel like itís a bit too long as an album as a 12 track album id rank it higher but the tracks I skip kinda drag it down as a whole so thatís why I rate it here. Itís a tad too long as an album in my opinion.

If any other artist released this Iíd probably say it was their best album though it just goes to show how good she really is!

Favourite Single: Who Knew
Favourite Album Track: Runaway
Least Favourite Track: Stupid Girls
Favourite Video: U and Ur Hand

5. Beautiful Trauma. So I like the album and thereís some tracks I really love. For me though the first three tracks are a bit meh but from track 4 it gets a lot better. What About Us is by far her best lead single for me and Secrets is a huge follow up that never was. I also love Wild Hearts Canít Be Broken and Barbies. It flows together well as an album though and the order of the tracks is spot on too I can see why each song is where it is.

Favourite Single: What About Us
Favourite Album Track: I Am Here
Least Favourite Track: Revenge
Favourite Video: What About Us

4. Try This. Now this is the album I was least familiar with until recently and this still has the potential to climb for me but at the minute the top three are a fair bit above at the present time.

The singles are among the worst of her career but the album tracks are incredible. And itís very underrated to think it followed her biggest album of her career and then her next album put her back up there with a huge growth in sales, itís kinda like the original Rated R by Rihanna type situation. It was a risk but itís a brilliant album whatís overlooked. I love her vocals on this too and I get the feeling itís an album she herself wanted to do at that time too.

The singles were so WTF though. Sheís usually really good for single choices but the singles donít show off how good this album was at all! Waiting for Love, Catch Me While Iím Sleeping, Humble Neighbohoods, Save my life and Love Song deserved better! Even Tonightís the night wouldíve been better as a fun carefree party song over God Is A DJ.

Favourite Single: Trouble
Favourite Album Track: Waiting For Love
Least Favourite Track: Feel Good Time (it doesnít fit the album theme)
Favourite Video: Trouble

3. M!sundazstood - One of the albums of my childhood. Brilliant. Itís never aged and itís so personal and very cleverly done. Itís never really aged and itís full of personality and you could see she was going to be something when she released this album! One of the best albums of the 00ís decade. I canít see her ever making another album like this as itís very much a coming of age growing up album but Iím pretty much the same age now as she was when she released this so itís still fairly relatable for me.

Favourite Single: Just Like A Pill
Favourite Album Track: Misery
Least Favourite Track: Respect
Favourite Video: Family Portrait

2. Funhouse. Loved this era. Itís the era i first saw her live after years of waiting. Her first ever UK #1 album too. Loved the image, the promo, styling and whole theme of this album. Perfect choices of singles although I do wish Glitter In The Air was pushed over in the UK but itís when she sort of become seen as like an icon too and not just a star. She gained respect from this album. The Grammys performance still wows me to this day. Amazing music videos for this album too! An album whatís aged well too itís over ten years old now and it still sounds kind of fresh to me. No duds either on this album. Just highs throughout.

Favourite Single: So What
Favourite Album Track: Crystal Ball
Least Favourite Track: One Foot Wrong
Favourite Video: Please Donít Leave Me

1. The Truth About Love. - I just love love love this! I donít think itís many peopleís favourites but I love every song as an individual song and it really just cemented my love for her even more. A layered album with many styles and genres. Classic pink pop rock bangers, classic heartfelt power ballads and incredible duets. Also with this being her first full length album since becoming a parent she showed a new side in my opinion and it came off in certain tracks. Again great visuals too in particular Try which I always have to watch with either the music video or the live performance of the routine.

Favourite Single: Try
Favourite Album Track: The Great Escape
Least Favourite Track: The Truth About Love
Favourite Video: Try
Anyways thatís mine from worst to best (1 best, 7 worst).

Excited to see others.

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post Jan 11 2019, 06:00 AM
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Beautiful Trauma
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I'll go from worst to favourite too, although I don't really have a Pink album that I don't like, just some that I listen to less often than others

7. Can't take me home
The album that turned me into a fan wub.gif At the time of its release I was listening to TLC a lot, so when I heard There you go I was instantly hooked. I also really wanted to dye my hair pink at the time, so when I saw Pink with her badass attitude I loved it laugh.gif
Favourite single: Most girls
Favourite music video: Most girls
Favourite song: Split personality
Least favourite song: Is it love

6. The Truth About Love
I actually really love this album, and the era overall. The singles, photoshoots, tour, everything about this era was amazing. I just prefer to listen to the other albums over this one. I remember when BM(OLK) was released and I listened to it every day coming home from work laugh.gif I love the mixture of music styles on this album and it gave us the iconic music video for Try wub.gif
Favourite single: Try
Favourite music video: Try
Favourite song: How come you're not here
Least favourite song: Good old days

5. Funhouse
Ah the Funhouse era heart.gif Again, spot on with the singles, videos and photoshoots. This era will always hold a special place in my heart, I saw her about ten times that tour, including when I met her in London. I don't think there are any songs which I skip in this album, they're all fantastic.
Favourite single: So what
Favourite music video: Sober & Please don't leave me
Favourite song: Mean
Least favourite song: This is how it goes down

4. I'm Not Dead
Incredible album. This is the album that I would recommend people to listen to if they didn't know Pink. Some amazing tracks here and the tour was great too. It was the first tour where I did multiple shows and was at the front.
Favourite single: U + ur hand
Favourite music video: Nobody knows
Favourite song: Runaway
Least favourite song: I have seen the rain (only because of the talking before the song starts!)

3. Beautiful Trauma
I'm always more of an old skool fan. Before she was huge, when she was releasing music back in the early 2000's and playing small tiny venues (none of which I went to, but still!). But this album for me is up there with Try This and M!ss. When she released TTAL I felt like she'd gone a bit...'soft'... (not her usual badass self) since becoming a parent so I wasn't really expecting a lot from BT. She really put her heart and soul in this album and it was definitely worth the wait. My only disappointment with this album is the promo. There is hardly any! I know she's so much more busy now with two young kids and also the wine business, but compare the promo (photoshoots, TV appearances, promo shows etc) with previous eras... it is next to nothing. Of course you could argue that she doesn't need to do that now and I understand why she's cut back on the promo, I just miss it. I miss seeing the new photos, seeing her in the magazines and on TV. Everything this era has been so much more different, from the promo to the tour.
Favourite single: What about us
Favourite music video: Beautiful trauma
Favourite song: Barbies
Least favourite song: But we lost it

2. Try This
This is actually joint first wit M!ss. I loved this badass era. It was also the first tour I saw her live and was lucky enough for it to be filmed for the DVD. It is an incredible album which could have been better. She pushed this album out because the record company were on her back to release another and quick.
"I was kind of rebelling against the label on that one," she said. "I was going: 'You want a record? Fine, I'll write 10 songs in a week for your f***in' record and you can press it up and put it out.'" She described the promotional campaign for the album as "an awful time. I was walking out of half my interviews crying. I just felt they were putting a quarter in the slot to watch the monkey dance."

I loved the mix of music on this album too, as with all Pink albums there is always variety. From the more rockier tracks such as last to know & humble neighbourhoods to songs that really showed off her vocal skills like waiting for love.
Favourite single: Trouble
Favourite music video: Last to know
Favourite song: Unwind
Least favourite song: Feel good time

1. Missundaztood
wub.gif This album is everything to me. It helped me get through high school and I never tire of listening to it. Although I enjoyed CTMH, I was glad of the change in direction of her sound on this album, as my tastes were changing to and I was listening to more rock music than r&b.
Favourite single: Don't let me get me
Favourite music video: Just like a pill
Favourite song: DLMGM and 18 wheeler
Least favourite song: Get the party started
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post Jan 11 2019, 11:00 AM
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rip in peace Dickston
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Changes slightly over time but right now..

1 Funhouse
A fantastic album all the way through, I never skip any of the songs on here and there's only 2 Pink albums I can say that to! The run of singles is perfect which is something considering there was 7 songs released and most campaigns would be drying out by then. I can't even pick a favourite track tbh: it's a tie between Sober and Please Don't Leave Me wub.gif
Fave single: Sober / PDLM
Fave album track: Ave Mary A
Fave video: PDLM
Least fave song: Mean

2 I'm Not Dead
Fave single: Who Knew
Fave album track: Runaway wub.gif
Fave video: Stupid Girls
Least fave song: I Got Money Now

3 The Truth About Love
Fave single: Blow Me (One Last Kiss)
Fave album track: How Come You're Not Here
Fave video: Just Give Me a Reason
Least fave song: Mean

4 Beautiful Trauma
Fave single: Secrets
Fave album track: Revenge
Fave video: Beautiful Trauma
Least fave song: I Am Here

5 Missundaztood
Fave single: Don't Let Me Get Me / Just like a Pill
Fave album track: Misery
Fave video: Just like a Pill
Least fave song: My Vietnam

6 Can't take me home
Fave single: Most Girls
Fave album track: Can't Take Me Home
Fave video: There You Go
Least fave song: Hiccup

7 Try This
Fave single: God is a DJ
Fave album track: Save My Life
Fave video: God Is a DJ
Least fave song: Feel Good Time
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Jordan Lee
post Jan 11 2019, 12:37 PM
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BuzzJack Enthusiast
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Like the idea of listing fave / least faves Iíll add mine to my first post.

Good mix of replies so far three different albums as peopleís favourites. yahoo.gif

Only common thing I expect to see is Canít Take Me Home towards the bottom of mostly everyoneís.
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post Jan 12 2019, 04:42 PM
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Radical Pink Troll
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This is so difficult because aside from my fave and least fave, they rotate!

7) Canít Take Me Home

Iíve never been that fussed on the debut. It was out 10 years before I even bought it and I never really liked the early 00s rnb style. Itís a good album for what it is but really not one I go back to often. I will eventually buy it on vinyl though.

Fave single: Most Girls
Fave album track: Split Personality
Fave music video: Most Girls
Least fave song: Hiccup

6) The Truth About Love

This is a really good album and the one Iíve listened to the most recently, having just purchased the vinyl. Itís got some really good upbeat tracks and fantastic collaborations. Itís ranked low here because I donít go back to it as often and I think at some point in 2013 it felt overplayed to me but quality wise itís amazing.

Fave single: Blow Me (One Last Kiss)
Fave album track: How Come Youíre Not Here
Fave music video: True Love
Least fave song: Where Did The Beat Go?

5) M!ssundaztood

This also feels too low! This is the era where I really began to notice Pink. I didnít buy this until a few years later but the singles really define the time for me (especially Donít Let Me Get Me and Just Like A Pill). I think this would probably rank higher if Iíd bought it in 2002 and listened to it loads at the time.

Fave single: Donít Let Me Get Me
Fave album track: Misery
Fave music video: Donít Let Me Get Me
Least fave song: Goin To California

4) Try This

This was my first Pink album! I loved her rocky edge at the time! I bought this on the same day as Life For Rent by Dido and I always saw that as my chill out album and this as my rocking out album. I think she could have released possibly something other than Last To Know as a single but I adore pretty much all the songs on this.

Fave single: Trouble
Fave album track: Walk Away
Fave music video: Trouble
Least fave song: Oh My God

3) Funhouse

Pink at what seemed a commercial peak. I was dying for this album and it didnít disappoint! Similar to Iím Not Dead, this got a lot of plays during my uni years. It was at this time I felt she was getting the recognition she deserved.

Fave single: So What
Fave album track: Mean
Fave music video: Please Donít Leave Me
Least fave song: One Foot Wrong

2) Beautiful Trauma

I canít believe something this new is this high! I was clearly desperate for new Pink at the time and this I felt complemented the previous album really well. That was quite upbeat and this was slower and somewhat more mature. It felt like something 29 year old me was ready for. I wish sheíd promoted it more though because it didnít stick around that long.

Fave single: Beautiful Trauma
Fave album track: Barbies
Fave music video: Beautiful Trauma
Least fave song: You Get My Love

1) Iím Not Dead

I say it often enough but this is my fave album of all time by any artist let alone Pink. Itís packed with brilliant pop rock songs and has that personal edge sheís known for. It was my life when I was 17. Soundtrack to sixth form for me.

Best single: Who Knew/Leave Me Alone (Iím Lonely) (cannot decide!)
Best album track: Cuz I Can
Best music video: Stupid Girls
Least fave song: The One That Got Away
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Tawdry Hepburn
post Jan 17 2019, 11:11 AM
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I'll find your lips in the street lights
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1. Funhouse
2. I'm Not Dead
3. M!ssundaztood
4. Beautiful Trauma
5. Try This
6. The Truth About Love
7. Can't Take Me Home
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