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BuzzJack Music Forum _ Reality TV _ Marriage or Mortgage

Posted by: J❄️hq Mar 30 2021, 07:22 PM

Has anyone else checked this out? I've been loving the kinda trashy reality shows that Netflix have been releasing lately, only got a couple of episodes left to watch.

Crazy that couples living with other people, with kids, planning to start a family etc. are still choosing marriage more often than I'd have expected drama.gif And love the gag that one episode where they went for mortgage, it was literally a plot of land!! laugh.gif

Seeing the houses and plans for a wedding is fun but these massive 3 bed, 2 bathroom houses in Nashville being cheaper than the lowest end of the market for a 1 bed flat in London is also rather depressing

Posted by: Aaron. Mar 30 2021, 09:23 PM

I've only seen a brief clip via Gogglebox.
I was intrigued by what I saw but not enough to tune in. It's on my watch list however. How many episodes were there? Could be easy to catch up on.

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