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Posted by: Spice Girls Net Sep 9 2019, 03:02 PM



Hey everyone,‬

‪Spice Girls Net will be doing a few exciting things across its social media pages this year - one of them being the Ďfan cornerí - this is where you, the fans, can show how international the Spice Girls were and still are.‬

‪Ideally it would be great to get at least one fan from each continent to film themselves on their phone/camera telling us how big they were in their country and give some reasons/examples of this. I would like this project to show fans who experienced the Spice Girls at the same time in the 90s, but in different places around the world.

If you have any archive footage or images of yourself from the 90s or something Spice related that you could share that would be ideal. Additionally, itís totally fine to share your personal collection and stories too but we are mostly wanting to hear about the Spice Girls success in your country.

Videos can be anything from 1 min to 5 mins long - most of them will be shared on our Instagram/IGTV page, as well as our YouTube channel too.‬‬

‪If anyone would like to take part or knows any fans that would be interested that would be amazing.‬

‪If anyone has any particular queries or questions please donít hesitate to ask below.

Please share this post across social media (FB, Twitter, Instagram, Spice Circle, other forums etc)

Thank you, Spice Fans 😊✌️‬

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