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> Drag Race Season 11: Fashion Photo Ruview: Buzzjack Edition
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post Friday, 04:54 PM
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BuzzJack Platinum Member
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I've got some catching up to do as well. It doesn't help that there's so many queens. Although it'll get easier as the weeks go by.


Akeria Chanel Davenport - TOOT
It's very safe, but she looks good so I can't boot it.

Ariel Versace - TOOT
I love the dress, giving me Lizzie McGuire igloo vibes. The hair/makeup is pretty too.

Brook Lynn Hytes - TOOT
The candian homage is great and it gives me Christmas vibes with the shiny red and gold. I really like how to belt matches the cuffs and collar.

Honey Davenport - BOOT
I'm not a fan of how low the neckline is or how weird the outfit makes the hips look - it's quite disappointing. The makeup is great though.

Kahanna Montrese - BOOT
There's a lot going on and it all seems a bit mismatched. The shoes are horrible too.

Mercedes Iman Diamond - TOOT
Her body looks great and love the big jewelry. The fur coat thing looks great too.

Nina West - TOOT
I really love the colour choices and how well matched everything is. Particularly the collar with the shoes. My only gripe is that i'm not too fond of the hair.

Plastique Tiara - TOOT
She looks pretty, althought the look isn't much of a departure from her promo look.

Ra'Jah O'Hara - BOOT
I don't like the way her shoulders look, the belt or the shoes. If she lost the belt and grey leotard/undergarment, it would've been stunning as I really like newpaper dress.

Scarlett Envy - *In Raven's Voice* BOOT
I don't like the nail gloves, the bell thing in her crotch area, the boob conture, the hair... I just don't like it. I was expecting more based on her promo look.

Shuga Cain - TOOT
I quite like the outfit, particularly the boots. I wish her hair was a bit different though, perhaps black and slicked back.

Silky Ganache - TOOT
I loved the different shades of blue used and the disco/Diana Ross vibes I get form it. Not partiuclarly a fan of the sleeves though and wish she had a different shoe.

Soju - TOOT
I like the cultural reference of the outfit and love the makeup. I would've preferred the hair to be different though, perhaps a pony tail.

Vanessa Vanjie Mateo - TOOT
Stunning! I wish the shoe was a lighter colour to match the hair/glitter/jewelry - silver perhaps.

Yvie Oddly - TOOT
I loved the toy car leading her in. It gives me Joan Crawford meets Medusa.

Top TOOT: Brook Lynn Hytes.
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post Saturday, 12:17 AM
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I'm in a vewy bad mood, Bwadley.
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Legendary Looks

A'Keria Davenport: I like this the more I see it and can really appreciate just how intricately made this was for Week 1 and I'm starting to debate if it was infact my favourite. The colour choices are just right and it's a fantastic interpretation of Bebe's style into something more dance ready. The hair is also TO DIE FOR. TOOT

Ariel Versace: I liked this more coming down the runway than I do on the picture. I appreciate she was touching on Poison Ivy but there's something about the cut of the skirt which cheapens this a lot. In comparison to others though, it's probably in the upper half and it definitely sells you Ariel as Laganja in a clear sense. TOOT

Brooke Lynn: You just can't deny how well made this is and the fact that you can tell she got Detox's box without even asking whilst simultaneously clearly giving you a flavour of Brooke's own style, particularly in the short hair, is the big selling point here. She nailed what the challenge was asking of her and to make something this clean looking in such a short space of time is really what makes this a winner. TOOT

Honey Davenport: This is just... so basic. And I appreciate in Episode 1 that can be a good thing as it's allowed her to skate on by as safe but it's just too basic to appreciate as any form of "fashion". BOOT

Kahanna Davenport: This actually pictures quite nicely but based on what I know, this can't be tooted. The bra wasn't made in the challenge, the pants weren't made in the challenge, the tights weren't made in the challenge. So, based on the actually criteria of the challenge, as "nice" as it looks, it can only be a BOOT.

Mercedes Iman Diamond: I actually quite like this. Sure, it is safe for sure, which is a criticism that is a hard line to tow on whether I toot or boot it but I think it has enough going for it to enjoy. The print is cute and she uses it sparingly enough that it compliments her. I love the hair and make-up which also work nicely with it, all in all, it's good. TOOT

Nina West: Ugly ugly ugly. I can't help but find it amusing writing this after Week 3 though when she practically came out as Thorgy which makes this even MORE ill judged. BOOT

Plastique Tiara: I mean... essentially the same her entrance look but she does look really beautiful, not just facially because that's a given but on a challenge like this which is really just about putting your foot in the door, she definitely did that in a classy way and mastered the challenge of merging two styles. TOOT

Rajah O'Hara: I'm still not overly how ugly this is, Kennedy would never. The hair is horrid, the tinsel on the sleeves is horrid, the last minute "oh lets tie a bow around my waist" is horrid... honestly, this should not have been safe on the runway when Mercedes was still stood there. Tacky. BOOT

Scarlett Envy: This is a really nicely made gown and a clever interpretation on Violet. I now know there were holes apparently but you really can't tell, it all looks clean, form fitting, the accessories are just enough and I'd personally have put this on the top. TOOT

Shuga Cain: This was a nice little look, it didn't blow me away and it definitely looks quite "old". I know she's an older queen but I do think she has a tendency to style herself to look older than she needs to. But it does the job yet again, looks well made and it fits her perfectly in a tootable safe. TOOT

Silky Ganache: I'm trying to judge this off the picture I'm looking at and honestly, looking at this picture, it's not as bad as I remember. Certainly not amongst the worst, it fits her very nicely in the skirt area and it pays tribute to Peppermint in a classy way. Very "in the boardroom at 6pm, off for 2 for 1 cocktails with my office friend Judy at 8pm" in a successful way. TOOT

Soju: There's really nothing right about this at all. We all know what Hanbok done right looks like after Kim Chi's look in Season 8, this is just all kinds of "I have no idea how to do it" put together. The make up is also way too harsh because if this dress was meant to be floaty and whimsical, the heavy purple lipstick is really not needed and the bold hair colour would also be a no. Honestly, nothing really works, shoddy as hell. BOOT

Vanessa Vanjie Mateo: Aaaand... I am STILL not a fan of the glitter chest, way too much. But this is one of the best looks of that week - yet again, red looks great on her, the silhouette has been crafted to perfection (no surprise seeing as that's what she was read on) and I think this is much more interesting to look at than Plastique's similar look. The hair and accessories are also a great match for the outfit too. TOOT

Yvie Oddly: This definitely looks better on the photo than it did on the runway. I'm borderline with this again as it's a bit of a mess but it's an interesting interpretation on Alaska's plastic and I do love the pink hair. HMM... I'm like 52/48 tooting this. TOOT


Top toot: Brooke Lynn Hytes... for the third time.
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Bangtan Cody
post Saturday, 01:01 AM
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opulence. you. own. everything.
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I'm a Virgo, I'm still kinda salty, but I'll give it a go.

Akeria Chanel Davenport: Boot
If I'm gonna be completely honest, this outfit didn't really get much of a reaction out of me. It fits the theme, yes, in a sort of second grade Dr Seuss play kind of way, but overall it's just there.

Ariel Versace: Toot
I mean it's okay. It's among the better Aries looks and it seemed to work out for the most part. A lot of the outfit just looked like a bunch of seat covers, but she played it off really well.

Brook Lynn Hytes: Toot
Definitely for its attention to detail. It's like Brook Lynn was a rock and the waves were scattering across her. I think the only critique would be that the fish were secondary - if there was more emphasis on the fish then it would have completed this look more, but that might just be the picture angle.

Honey Davenport: Toot, but just barely
It's great and fits the theme, if a bit obvious. I like the use of The Wiz as inspiration, although it seems a bit "let's dress like a diva and add the Leona Lewis lion mane".

Kahanna Montrese: Boot
Other than the Maleficent horns there was NOTHING to signify that this was an Aries look. I mean Mercedes, even with her basic looks, at least tried with the challenge.

Mercedes Iman Diamond: Boot
I feel like this is starting to become a recurring pattern. She seems to be doing the bare minimum, and she's not really pulling my eyes in a positive way. The one positive I can take from this is that she really stuck to the theme.

Nina West: Toot
A HUGE improvement from the previous week. A bit obvious like Honey's was, but I like the lion pattern. It reminds me of a logo that would be used on Empire.

Plastique Tiara: Toot
I. LOVE. THIS. There are elements that are classique Plastique but there's a certain harshness in this outfit and she pulls it off really well. It felt more "warrior princess" than anything.

Ra'Jah O'Hara: Boot
Capricorn? Yes. Confusing? Even more so. It was like a Littlest Pet Shop cocktail party.

Scarlett Envy: Toot
I like the idea of a melancholy siren who looks done with it all, and it's a nice contrast to the light colors she applied. It was a creative way to show off her zodiac sign, and the bubbles were a nice touch. What really sold me on this is that it told a story.

Shuga Cain: Toot
At first I was going to agree with Michelle on there being a lack of Scorpio identification, but then I looked at the giant ponytail and realized it was the same hairstyle The Rock used in The Scorpion King ohmy.gif It's obscure, and I think it worked more in her favor than people think it did. Everything else sizzled like hot lava.

Silky Ganache: Toot
I'm just gonna say it - it takes the phrase "counting sheep" to a more literal level. But for some reason it kinda works? laugh.gif I mean sure it does look like nightwear but I think that's what Silky was going for? I mean Aries is a ram, which is a male sheep, so...?

Vanessa Vanjie Mateo: Toot
Anyone who can balance five pounds on their head and keep their composure deserves an automatic toot.

Yvie Oddly: Toot
I was BLOWN AWAY. I watch Face Off (it's another one of my guilty pleasures), and this has everything that you would find in a winning look. The attention to detail is amazing, the robot look told the story well, it fit the brief... there's nothing really negative that I can say about this.

Top 3:
1.) Yvie Oddly - TOP TOOT
2.) Scarlett Envy
3.) Brook Lynn Hytes

Bottom 2 looks: Mercedes & Kahanna

Thanks Liam as always for doing this!
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