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This guide explains the different roles here on BuzzJack.


BuzzJack administrators are in charge of the overall running of the site and make the final decision on moderation and site direction.

The current administrators are:

Philip (site creator)

Global Moderator

BuzzJack global moderators are assigned to different sections of the site and primarily look after these areas and are a point of reference for the moderators of the relevant section. If they see activity that requires moderation elsewhere and there is no-one else around they can also action this given their global role.

In disciplinary actions, global moderators can do all the actions that administrators can do including banning members from BuzzJack if a memberís actions qualify for that type of discipline.

Global moderators should be your first line of contact if you have a problem with how you were moderated. If a global moderator is not online, please PM them, and do not create a thread requesting assistance.

The current global moderators are:

Chez Wombat

Moderator - This section also includes Chart Mod, Genre Mod and Entertainment Mod roles.

BuzzJack moderators are assigned to specific forums and only look after these areas. On the board index you will find the list of moderators assigned to any given forum. They should be the first point of call with any moderation requests such as deleting, moving, splitting, etc threads in the relevant forum.

Artist Moderator

Similar to BuzzJack moderators, artist moderators are in charge of individual artist forums on the site. They will be your first point of call for deleting, moving, splitting, etc threads in the relevant forum. There is one AF Leader per artist forum who can raise an issue further with management.
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