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BuzzJack Music Forum _ Pop _ Agnes - Limelight/I Trance

Posted by: Jonjo Jun 28 2019, 10:49 PM

One of Sweden's underrated exports is back. 'Release Me' is a pop masterpiece. 'One Last Time' is f***ing underrated. And this time she's giving us mid 90's dance vibes.


I Trance:

What do you think? Which is your favourite?

Posted by: Jonjo Jun 28 2019, 10:50 PM

They're both SO good. 'I, Trance' especially!

Posted by: gooddelta Jun 28 2019, 10:59 PM

Really liking them both too, I'm so here for a trance revival and happy for Agnes to lead the way with it.

Agree that One Last Time is still gorgeous, and Release Me is one of my favourite songs ever.

Such a long overdue return <3

Posted by: Jonjo Jun 30 2019, 12:29 PM

The 'The Way I Are' style breakdown about 2 thirds of the way through in 'I Trance' IS IT. What a moment.

Posted by: AdamAloud Jun 30 2019, 01:47 PM

'Dance Love Pop' and 'Veritas' are such masterpieces. 'Veritas' just about pips the former for me as I find it a more cohesive body of work (although still pissed she left off 'Don't Go Breaking My Heart'!) but 'Dance Love Pop' has higher highs on it. 'Release Me' is up there as a contender for my all time favourite song too, it still sounds so fresh 10 years on. 'Love Me Senseless' should've been a single too, sensational!

Of the two new ones I prefer 'Limelight' at the moment, a lot more instant but I feel like 'I Trance' will grow over time to outshine the former. I just pray she doesn't leave it another 6 years after this release!

Posted by: Burns Jul 1 2019, 06:29 AM

"Don't Go Breaking My Heart" - the hit that never was sleep.gif

These 2 new tracks are very good! I forgot how talented she is.

Posted by: gooddelta Jul 1 2019, 08:17 AM

QUOTE(Jonjo @ Jun 30 2019, 01:29 PM) *
The 'The Way I Are' style breakdown about 2 thirds of the way through in 'I Trance' IS IT. What a moment.

Yes <3 it's almost a sample it sounds so similar!

I didn't expect her to return with such strong material, I wouldn't say either are particularly commercial, and I couldn't imagine them being hits but kudos to her for releasing earworms that build on her whole pop/love/dance ethos but without chasing trends.

Posted by: Liаm Jul 1 2019, 06:26 PM

Don't Go Breaking My Heart not being on Spotify is a CRIME

These are both so good I agree, came out of nowhere and she smashed it!!

Posted by: Voodoo Jul 5 2019, 08:25 AM


Posted by: Jade Jul 6 2019, 09:06 PM

Instantly in love with both of these but especially 'I Trance'. SO impressed!!

Posted by: PAJ88 Jul 6 2019, 09:38 PM

I wasn't sure at fist but these are very good.

I hope a new album is on the cards.

Posted by: lewistgreen Jul 6 2019, 10:15 PM

Itís all about I Trance for me. Stunning production.

Posted by: Euphorique Aug 28 2019, 09:58 PM

I Trance is better than 99% of the dance tracks these famous dj's keep putting out nowadays

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