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BuzzJack Music Forum _ Spice Girls and Solo _ Which show/tour did you enjoy the most?

Posted by: Maurice Oct 23 2017, 11:13 AM

A few days ago it was 20 years ago the girls had their first live concert in Istanbul.

Which show/tour did you enjoy the most?

Girl Power! Live in Istanbul

Spiceworld Tour (Europe/North America)

Spiceworld Tour - Back in Britain

Christmas in Spiceworld

The Return of the Spice Girls

Posted by: Maurice Oct 23 2017, 11:23 AM

My choice goes to Spiceworld Tour where i did go to the Arnhem date in March 1998 and have fond memories about.
Ofcourse ROTSG was a brilliant show too and it's a shame we never had an official dvd or the full show on HQ mp3

Posted by: Spiceboy Oct 23 2017, 11:45 AM

My vote goes to Return I loved it so much I went back again in Manchester wub.gif

It was very close with the stadium spiceworld dates, I preferred that they did a lot of album tracks on the Spiceworld tour which Return was missing!

1. Spice up your life
3. Say youíll be there
4. Headlines
5. The lady is a vamp
6. Too much
7. 2 become 1
8. Let your head go [Victoria solo]
9. I want you back (with a video performance from Missy Elliot) [Mel B solo]
10. Maybe [Emma solo]
11. Who do you think you are
12. Viva forever
13. Holler
14. Look at me [Geri solo]
15. I turn to you [Melanie C solo]
16. Let love lead the way
17. Mama
18. Love thing / Move over / If you wanna have some fun (album medley)
19. Goodbye
20. If you canít dance (full song)
21. Never give up on the good times
22. Wannabe
23. Spice up your life reprise

That would have been the perfect set list!

Posted by: Jay ☆ Mar 23 2018, 12:47 PM


I reset the poll for fresh results. The original results were:

1 - Istanbul
2 - Spiceworld Tour
2 - Back in Britain
0 - Christmas


My favourite is The Return of the Spice Girls. A part of this being my answer probably lies in the fact it's the only show I went to see live, so it has a special memory for me. I love the overall show though and how there's a slight narrative running through it. Both Spice Up Your Life performances & Holler are my favourite moments from this tour. wub.gif

Second would be the Istanbul show - it captures the Spice Girls at the height of the phenomenon. heart.gif

Posted by: SouthernStar88 Mar 23 2018, 08:51 PM

I've voted for The Return of the Spice Girls Tour although I've never seen them in concert sad.gif

Posted by: schizo_spice Mar 23 2018, 11:35 PM

I'd normally say Return or Istanbul however been really enjoying all the Europe screen footage lately so went for Spiceworld Europe/NA

I still hope we one day get the rest of the SW Europe shows especially one from May 98.

Posted by: Jade Mar 23 2018, 11:44 PM

I went for the Istanbul tour, I had that one on DVD and would watch it religiously when I was younger along with the Spiceworld movie laugh.gif

Posted by: Spiceboy Mar 24 2018, 06:02 PM

Still Return tour, although I was very tempted to go for the stadium dates on the Spiceworld tour.

Posted by: letloverule Mar 25 2018, 01:11 PM

Spiceworld Tour (Europe/North America) [Feb 98 - Aug 98]

Because I saw them live in Arnhem, March 1998 smile.gif

Posted by: Piers Mar 31 2018, 10:18 PM

Return of the Spice Girls probably. I'm not 100% on the setlist. Obviously, I would've rather had Never Give Up On the Good Times or Do It over the Celebration medley...and I wish I Want You Back and Out of Your Mind got solo performances as they'd become forgotten solo Spice hits. But. Staging was immaculate. All the singles sounded amazing. The girls are also the rare group to peak in performance ability long after their think the show is (overall) stronger.

I like all the shows, though. With Istanbul/world tour/Wembley, the live band did wonders with some non-single songs. If You Can't Dance, Love Thing, and Something Kinda Funny sounded amazing. I think Naked on the Spice album is a smidge ho-hum...but I *love* the live version. It completely brought the song to life. On the flip side...I think a few of the big songs were a bit let down. 2 Become 1 and Too Much didn't sound nearly as good live...and the live Spice Up Your Life always lacked the manic energy of the album version (I think Christmas in Spiceworld and Return of the Spice Girls later cracked the code on how to do that song).

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