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Posted by: Popchartfreak Nov 13 2019, 08:31 PM

Set decades after the events of the movie (I think) and still dark, violent, alternate reality-ish. Worth watching for the unexpected starring of Louis Gosset Jr, one of the great actors of the 70's and 80's who is vastly under-appreciated - he was in stuff as varied as Roots and the he-shoulda-won-an-Oscar sci-fi movie Enemy Mine (he got one for An Officer & A Genetleman). He plays a wheel-chair-bound 105-year-old, which is outrageous, he's a youngster of 83 and has a career spanning only 60 years!

The cast is fab though, and as yet there have been no superheroes (episode 2), but clones, kkk, Mars-dwelling references, murders, and nudity (so dont watch if you're faint-of-heart!)...

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