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BuzzJack Music Forum _ Pop and Country _ Maria Bencic - the new single "The king is coming"

Posted by: Maria Melody 26th May 2021, 07:07 PM

My first worship song and music video “THE KING IS COMING”
released 26/2 - 2021

The sound quality on Youtube was not so good because a video editor program effected the sound. For better sound quality of the song listen on:


“I take my lamp I take my oil, my feet is bare well I dont care, when the king is coming I must be there I must prepare”
(song lyrics)

What is the history of the song?
Link to the song´s history avalible to read now at my website:

Posted by: sn👠ke 4th June 2021, 02:28 PM

Oh my, this is great!

Posted by: Maria Melody 13th September 2021, 05:15 PM

QUOTE(sn👠ke @ Jun 4 2021, 02:28 PM) *
Oh my, this is great!

Thank you immensely : )

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