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Posted by: Fulvio84 Sep 15 2017, 12:58 PM

Something I really love to collect is CDs and records.
I guess when u are big fan of music artists is normal!

At the moment I cannot post my pics bcs I am not allowed yet to post links, but I'd like to start this topic...pls share with us

Posted by: ThePensmith Sep 18 2017, 09:41 AM

This is what I have that's Spice-y to my name:

Wannabe (7" picture disc - 2015 release)
Spice (CD and Vinyl album)
Spiceworld (CD album)
Greatest Hits (CD/DVD album)

Spice Girls Revisited book (by David Sinclair. Brilliant book this, if you can get hold of it)
Record Redux book (by Quentin Harrison)
Spiceworld: The Exhibition catalogue (by Liz West)

An Audience with the Spice Girls / TOTP Spice Girls Special from Christmas 1997 (recorded on VHS - need to get it transferred to DVD)
An Hour of Girl Power (again, on VHS, need to get transferred)
Girl Power: Live in Istanbul (DVD)
Live at Wembley Stadium (DVD)
Spiceworld: The Movie (DVD)

Schizophonic (CD album)
BFI: The Molly Dineen Collection (DVD - has the Geri documentary from 1999 on it)
If Only (paperback book)

A Girl Like Me (CD album)
Free Me (CD album)
Life in Mono (CD album)

Northern Star (CD album)
Reason (CD album)
The Sea (CD album)
Version of Me (CD album)

Out of Your Mind (CD single)
Not Such an Innocent Girl (DVD single)
A Mind of its Own (DVD single)
Let Your Head Go/This Groove (2 track CD single)
Victoria Beckham (CD album)
The Real Beckhams (DVD signed by Victoria and David)
Learning to Fly (paperback book)

Posted by: Good Old Days Sep 18 2017, 05:15 PM

Geri Halliwell
Schizophonic (Cassette)
Scream If You Wanna Go Faster (Cassette)
Passion (CD)
Ride It (Single) (CD)

Emma Bunton
A Girl Like Me (Cassette)

Posted by: Fulvio84 Sep 20 2017, 01:33 PM

This is my group collection:

Spice (eurpean version)
Spice (1st japanese edition)
Spice World (eurpean version)
Spice World (1st japanese edition)
Greatest Hits (regular)
Greatest Hits (CD+DVD)
Greatest Hits (limited edition box)
Greatest Hits (chinese edition with free poster)
Wannabe UK CD
Wannabe UK Limited edition digipack
Wannabe (U.S.A. CD)
Wannabe (japanese version)
Wannabe (vinyl edition)
Say you'll be there (CD1 and CD2)
2 become 1 (Uk CD1 and CD2)
2 become 1 (U.S.A. CD1 and CD2)
Mama/Who do you think you are (cardsleeve)
Mama/Who do you think you are (regular CD)
Mama/Who do you think you are (german limited edition - heart shaped CD)
Step to me (card sleeve PEPSI CD)
Move over (limited edition PEPSI CD)
Spice Up your Life (CD1 and CD2)
Spice Up your Life (Impulse limited promo edition)
Spice Up your Life (Vinyl)
Too Much (CD 1 and CD2)
Stop (CD1 and CD2)
Viva Forever (CD1 and CD2)
On the top of the world (CD1)
Goodbye (Uk CD1 and CD2)
Goodbye (australian edition - different cover art)
It's only Rock and roll (UK CD1 and CD2)
Holler (Promo CD - fuxia cover)
Holler/Let love lead the way (UK CD1 and CD2)
Let love lead the way/Holler (australian edition)
Headlines (italian single CD - same as UK)
Megamix promo cd (Greatest hits promotion)

Posted by: Jay ☆ Sep 20 2017, 04:04 PM

Fabulous collections! I'll try and get around to sharing mine asap!

Posted by: Fulvio84 Sep 21 2017, 02:37 PM

My Geri collection:

Schizophonic (japan edition)
Scream if you wanna go faster

Look at me (mirror promo CD)
Look at me
Look at me ( limited digipack edition with 4 postcards)
Mi chico latino (promo cd)
Mi chico latino (CD1 and CD2)
Mi chico latino (italian vinyl)
Lift me up (italian vinyl)
Lift me up (CD1 and CD2)
Bag it up (CD1 and CD2)
It's raining men (CD1 and CD2)
It's raining men (italian vinyl)
Scream if you wanna go faster (promo cd)
Scream if you wanna go faster (CD1 and CD2)
Calling (promo CD)
Calling (CD1 and CD2)
Calling/Au nom de l'amour (french single card sleeve)
Ride it (CD1 and CD2)
Ride it (picture disc vinyl)
Ride it (promo CDs - pink and blue)
Desire (promo CD)
Desire (CD1 and CD2)
Desire (DVD)
Desire (italian smaxi single CD)

Posted by: LazySpice88 Sep 22 2017, 11:48 AM

i love this topic smile.gif
i don't have pics of my records, dvds and books collection but this is a list of the items:

Spice Girls Albums:

- Spice (CD, Europe, 1996)
- Spice (CD, Spain, Limited Edition (includes "Seremos Uno Los Dos" and stickers), 1997)
- Spice (Vinyl Reissue, UK & Europe, 2016)
- Spiceworld (CD, Italy (the one with full Spice up your life's lyrics), 1997)
- Spiceworld (CD, Japan (includes "Step To Me"), 1997)
- Spiceworld (CD, Italy, from "TV Sorrisi e Canzoni" magazine, 2002)
- Forever (CD, Europe, 2000)
- Greatest Hits (CD, Europe, 2007)
- Geatest Hits CD/DVD (US Version, includes video of Headlines(friendship never ends), 2008)
- Greatest Hits Giftbox (Europe, 2007)

Spice Girls Singles:

- Wannabe (CD1, UK, 1996)
- Wannabe (CD2, UK, 1996)
- Say You'll Be There (CD1, UK, 1996)
- Say You'll Be There (CD2, UK, 1996)
- 2 Become 1 (CD1, UK, 1996)
- 2 Become 1 (CD2, UK, 1996)
- Mama/Who Do You Think You Are (CD1, UK, 1996)
- Who Do You Think You Are/Mama (CD2, UK, 1996)
- Mama/Who Do You Think You Are (CD1, Germany (Heart Shaped CD), 1997)
- Step To Me (CD in jewelcase, UK, 1997)
- Spice Up Your Life (CD1, UK, 1997)
- Spice Up Your Life (CD2, UK, 1997)
- Move Over/Generation Next(Live) (CD in slimcase, Europe, 1997)
- Too Much (CD1, Europe, 1997)
- Too Much (CD2, Europe, 1997)
- Stop (CD1, UK, 1998)
- Stop (CD2, UK, 1998)
- England United ‎– (How Does It Feel To Be) On Top Of The World (CD, Europe, 1998)
- Viva Forever (CD1, UK, 1998)
- Viva Forever (CD2, Europe, 1998)
- Goodbye (CD1, UK, 1998)
- Goodbye (CD2, Europe, 1998)
- Children's Promise – It's Only Rock 'N' Roll (CD, Europe, 1999)
- Holler/Let Love Lead The Way (CD1, UK, 2000)
- Let Love Lead The Way/Holler (CD2, UK, 2000)
- If You Wanna Have Some Fun (CD, Europe, 2001)
- Megamix (CD, UK, 2007)
- Headlines (Friendship Never Ends) (CD, UK, 2007)
- Melanie C Featuring Emma Bunton ‎– I Know Him So Well (CD, UK, 2012)

Spice Girls Contributions CD:

- Spice Girls Present... Girl Power Potere Alle Ragazze! (CD, Italy, 1997, includes "Who Do You Think You Are" and "Wannabe")
- Pavarotti & Friends - Pavarotti & Friends (For The Children Of Liberia) (CD, Europe, 1998, includes "Stop" and "Viva forever")
- Sabrina - The teenage witch (The Album) (CD, US, 1998, includes "Walk of life")
- Jack Frost: Music From The Motion Picture (CD, US, 1998, includes "Sleigh ride")
- Elton John & Tim Rice – Aida (CD, Singapore, 1999, includes "My Strongest Suit")
- A Symphony Of British Music (Music For The Closing Ceremony Of The London 2012 Olympic Games) (CD, UK, 2012, includes "Wannabe/Spice Up Your Life Medley")

Spice Girls DVD:

- Girl Power! Live In Istanbul Plus Girl Talk! The Story So Far... (DVD, UK & Europe, 2007)
- Spice Girls - Il film (DVD, Italy, 2005)
- Live At Wembley Stadium Plus Back In Britain! Exclusive Interviews (DVD, UK & Europe, 2008)
- Forever More (DVD, UK & Europe, 2000)

Spice Girls Contributions DVD:

- Pavarotti & Friends For The Children Of Liberia / Pavarotti & Friends For Guatemala And Kosovo (DVD, Europe, 1999, includes "Stop" and "Viva forever")
- Music Is Great Britain (DVD, UK, 2012, includes "Wannabe / Who Do You Think You Are? (BRIT Awards, 1997)")
- London 2012 Olympic Games (DVD, UK, 2012, includes "Wannabe/Spice Up Your Life Medley")

Spice Girls Videogames:

- Spice World (PlayStation CD-Rom, Italy, 1998)

Spice Girls Books:

- Girl Power! (Italy, 1997)
- Real life: Real Spice The official story (1997)
- Official Spice Girls Minibook - Geri - Ginger Nutter (1997)
- Official Spice Girls Minibook - Emma - Baby Talk (1997)
- Official Spice Girls Minibook - Mel C - Tuff Enuff (1997)
- Official Spice Girls Minibook - Victoria - The High Life (1997)
- Official Spice Girls Minibook - Mel B - Don't De Scared (1997)
- The Official Book Of The Movie Spice World (1997)
- Forever Spice - Le Spice Raccontano Le Spice (Italy, 1999)

Solo Spice Collections (I collect only albums):

Emma Bunton:
- A Girl Like Me (CD, UK, 2001)
- Free me (CD, UK, 2004)
- Life in mono (CD, UK, 2006)

Geri Halliwell:
- Schizophonic (CD, UK, 1999)
- Scream If you Wanna Go Faster (CD, UK, 2001)
- Passion (CD, UK, 2005)

Melanie B:
- Hot (CD, Europe, 2000)
- L.A. State Of Mind (CD/DVD, UK, 2005)

Melanie C:
- Northern Star (CD, Europe, 1999)
- Northern Star (CD, Japan (includes "Follow Me", 1999)
- Northern Star (CD, Europe (includes "Never Be The Same Again - Single Mix" and "I Turn To You - Hex Hector Mix"), 2000)
- Reason (CD, Europe, 2003)
- Beautiful Intentions (CD, Italy, 2005)
- This Time (CD, Italy (includes "First Day Of My Life"), 2007)
- The Sea (CD, UK, 2011)
- The Sea (CD, Europe, 2011)
- Stages (CD, UK, 2012)
- Version Of Me (CD, UK, 2016)

Victoria Beckham:
- Victoria Beckham (CD, UK, 2001)

Posted by: SamJudd Sep 22 2017, 12:19 PM

Spice Girls:
Wannabe [CD Single + Cassette]
Say You'll Be There [CD Single + Cassette]
2 Become 1 [CD Single]
Mama/Who Do You Think You Are [CD Single]
Spice Up Your Life [CD Single]
Too Much [CD Single]
Stop [CD Single]
Viva Forever [CD Single]
Goodbye [CD Single]
Holler/Let Love Lead The Way [CD Disc1+Disc2 Singles]

(How Does It Feel) To Be On Top Of The World (Among England United)

Greatest Hits

Mel B
I Want You Back (Ft Missy Elliot) [CD Single]
Word Up
Tell Me
Feels So Good


Geri Halliwell
Look At Me
Mi Chico Latino
Lift Me Up
Bag It Up
It's Raining Men
Scream If U Wanna Go Faster

Scream If U Wanna Go Faster

Emma Bunton
What I Am (Ft Tin, Tin Out)
What Took You So Long
Take My Breath Away
We're Not Gonna Sleep Tonight
Free Me

A Girl Like Me
Free Me

Melanie C
When You're Gona (Ft Bryan Adams)
Goin' Down
Northern Star
Never Gonna Be The Same Again
I Turn To You
If That Were Me
Here It Comes Again
On The Horizon
Melt/Yeh, Yeh, Yeh

Northern Star

Victoria Beckham
Out Of Your Mind (Ft Truesteppers + Dane Bowers)
Not Such An Innocent Girl
A Mind Of It's Own

Victoria Beckham

Posted by: Fulvio84 Sep 22 2017, 04:43 PM

Emma collection

A girl like me
A girl like me (1st Japan edition)
Free me (Uk edition)
Free me (italian edition)
Life in mono

What I am
What took you so long (promo CD)
What took you so long
Take my breath away (Promo CD)
Take my breath away (Single CD and DVD)
We're not gonna sleep tonight (CD and DVD)
Free me (CD1 and CD2)
Maybe (UK edition)
Maybe (Italian edition)
I'll be there (CD1 and CD2)
Crickets sings for Anamaria (CD1 and CD2)
Downtown (CD1 and CD2)
All I need to know

Posted by: Hide&Seek Sep 25 2017, 11:34 PM

Spice Girls CD albums :
Spice, Spice World, Forever

Spice Girls CD Singles : Wannabe, Say You'll Be There, 2 Become 1, Who Do You Think You Are

Geri CD albums : Schizophonic, Scream If you Wanna Go Faster, Passion
Geri CD singles : all of them up to Ride It, except for Calling

Mel B CD album : Hot!

Victoria CD album : Victoria Beckham

Emma CD Albums ; Girl Like Me, Free Me, Life In Mono

Posted by: . Oct 22 2017, 09:40 PM

Spice girls

Forever (German Media Markt promo)
Greatest hits (+ DVD)

Wannabe (European)
Say you'll be there (European)
2 become one (European)
2 become 1 (UK CD2)
2 become 1 (orchestral promo)
Mama/Who do you think you are (European cardboard 2-track)
Mama/Who do you think you are (European)
Step to me (Pepsi single)
Move over/Generation next (cardboard Pepsi single)
Spice up your life (UK CD1)
Too much (UK CD1)
Too much (UK CD 2)
Stop (UK CD 1)
Viva forever (European cardboard 2-track)
Viva forever (promo)
Viva forever (UK CD 2)
Goodbye (European cardboard 2-track)
Goodbye (UK CD 2)
Holler/Let love lead the way (UK CD1)
Let love lead the way/Holler (UK CD 2)
Headlines (European cardboard 2-track)


Northern star
Free me

When you're gone (UK CD1)
Never be the same again (UK CD1)
I turn to you (UK CD1)
What I am
I'll be there (UK CD1)
I'll be there (UK CD2)
Crickets sing for Annamaria (UK CD1)
Crickets sing for Annamaria (UK CD2)
Out of your mind

Posted by: Maurice Oct 23 2017, 11:03 AM

idk if this link is woring but here is a picture of a part of my cd collection

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