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BuzzJack Music Forum _ Dance _ Kölsch thread

Posted by: awardinary May 18 2020, 05:41 PM

I know threads have been made for songs by Kölsch before, but it’s an artist I have followed for some time and want to share any future releases within this thread here. New music has been announced as coming soon, the title and release date is unknown, but there is a sample here;

Here is some of Kölsch’s music;

Posted by: Wall May 18 2020, 06:03 PM

I’ve seen him live a couple of times! He’s amazing

Posted by: coi May 18 2020, 06:50 PM

Kölsch is brilliant! My favourite song of his is Der Alte, which was recently sampled (rather heavily!) by Martin Solveig for his track Juliet & Romeo!

Also a big fan of DerDieDas and Grå.

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