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> RabbitFurCoat's Top 100 Acts; 2003-2022, 2 decades of a Personal Chart - Top 5 Time!
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post Thursday, 10:30 PM
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The Futureheads

Points: 1235
Date first charted: 26/07/2004
Number of entries: 18
Total weeks on chart: 194
Most Successful Year: 2008, 1st

Despite pre-dating most of their contemporaries of the mid 00s indie scene, first hitting the UK chart in 2003, The Futureheads never quite managed to 'make it' in the same way as many others did. It did take their cover of Kate Bush for me to properly get into them, but from there there was no turning back. Their style made them really stick out as they explored harmonies and different vocalists in ways that was rarely heard, and Hounds of Love provided them the perfect song to display that. Their cover of it remains my favourite of theirs, my favourite cover of all time, and would be a cert in my top 5 of noughties indie tunes. It entered at #1 ahead of fellow North East boys Maximo Park, and started a run of 9 consecutive top 5 singles, ending the year with Area entering there too, a superb and punchy standalone single.

Albums came thick and fast, and whilst the quality wasn't always running through them, they continued a knack of making killer singles with 9 with the likes of Skip To The End and Beginning of The Twist, which should have really been that era's #1 over Walking Backwards. Their fourth album in barely 5 years in 2010 probably completed the law of diminishing returns but it still had its worthy standouts and was better than most of their type were making by album 4. They then bowed out for a while with an entire a capella album, comprising of new versions of some of their songs, some old folk and sea shanty songs (if only that trend had kicked off a decade earlier) and covers of well known mainstream hits from the likes of Black Eyed Peas, Sparks and Kelis. It might have been an album I only listened to a few times but it was a great effort to do something new, which most bands wouldn't dream of doing.

After a few years away where the band all went and got real jobs, they reformed to make another album and tour in 2019, and came back with Jekyll, something so in their classic and signature sound. The album was good, but I probably rated it higher at the time just because it was great to have them back. Overall, a fully deserving place well inside the top 10.

Chart History:
26/07/2004 Decent Days and Nights 20-24-29-38 (4 weeks)
18/10/2004 Meantime 27-40 (2 weeks)
21/02/2005 Hounds of Love' 01-01-02-02-02-02-03-04-06-06-07-10-11-14-19-19-22-25-27-28-31-35-34-38-40 (25 weeks)
09/05/2005 Decent Days and Nights [Re-issue] 05-07-13-15-21-28-32-37-38 (9 weeks)
28/11/2005 Area 01-03-04-04-03-04-05-10-14-14-18-18-26-31-37 (15 weeks)
22/05/2006 Skip to the End 03-03-07-08-05-07-12-17-23-29-35-39 (12 weeks)
14/08/2006 Worry About It Later 04-02-05-11-18-22-27-32 (8 weeks)
03/03/2008 The Beginning of the Twist 18-10-05-02-05-10-13-17-23-30 (10 weeks)
19/05/2008 Radio Heart 25-20-16-16-09-05-03-05-06-12-16-18-28-37 (14 weeks)
04/08/2008 Walking Backwards 16-05-03-01-01-02-04-05-09-11-18-24-30-39 (14 weeks)
01/12/2008 I Wouldn't Be Like This If You Were Here 40-21-05-01-03-09-13-20-33 (9 weeks)
28/12/2009 Struck Dumb 34-23-17-17-24-37 (6 weeks)
12/04/2010 Heartbeat Song 31-22-23-19-12-09-12-24-32-39 (10 weeks)
21/06/2010 I Can Do That 29-20-19-26-39 (5 weeks)
02/04/2012 Meet Me Halfway / The No. 1 Song In Heaven 18-16-15-20-38 (5 weeks)
11/06/2012 Beeswing 30-20-14-14-13-15-30 (7 weeks)
11/05/2019 Jekyll 35-26-18-14-07-04-04-06-09-13-18-24-31-40 (14 weeks)
27/07/2019 Good Night Out 30-22-18-18-25-33-38 (7 weeks)
07/09/2019 Listen, Little Man! 24-15-11-14-15-26-36 (7 weeks)

2023 Top 5 Rank:
01 Hounds of Love
02 The Beginning of the Twist
03 Area
04 Decent Days and Nights
05 Jekyll
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post Saturday, 02:37 PM
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The Chemical Brothers

Points: 1284
Date first charted: 15/09/2003
Number of entries: 19
Total weeks on chart: 210
Most Successful Year: 2015, 10th

There are four acts who've hit the top spot at least 5 times, and The Chemical Brothers are the first of those to appear at #6. Four of those five were in their first 5 entries, including a number one debut for The Golden Path in 2003, perhaps an odd choice for being the song with the second longest chart run ever! The lead single for their first singles collection, it made me buy the album and it was something I listened to huge amounts, being a bit young to know a lot of their older stuff, it was only really Hey Boy Hey Girl that I was properly familiar with, so they were a band I begun to get really into and as a song it stuck with me for ages - it's still a delightful song, Wayne Coyne's vocal really adding to it.

They broke the run of indie number ones in 2005 with Galvanize spending three weeks at the top, Q-Tip's vocals on it making it a great anthem, before Believe went close and the very underrated Boxer made it a third. A fourth song hitting their top soon followed with their next release Do It Again making it in 2007, and I enjoyed their We Are The Night album much more than I did Push The Button, The Salmon Dance is absolutely iconic and Saturate is up there with their finest instrumental work, and deservedly still makes their live sets. After six consecutive top 3 singles they then missed the top 10 a few times but still releasing decent stuff with their Oasis remix, lead from GH and the 12 minute single from their next album Escape Velocity.

Swoon has gone on to become such a favourite of mine, a shame it's not one of their 5 to hit the top, and their 2015 return was with a bang as they teamed up with Q-Tip again after 10 years for Go! to return them to the top 3 again, before that 5th number one came later that year as Beck provided vocals on Wide Open, a brilliant understated track that builds to great effect with a vocal that compliments the music so well. The singles from their 9th album gave them three more decent hits, Got To Keep On felt about as big as a Chemical Brothers song is likely to get these days and feels like its peak is way too low. The Darkness That You Fear a couple of years later eclipsed them all though and got them into the top 5 for a 9th time.

They're comfortably a top 5 act of all time for me, so much of their pre-2003 work is great, Exit Planet Dust and Dig Your Own Hole both exceptional albums, and their live set at Glastonbury one of the greatest experiences of live music I've ever had. The crediting of guests is all over the place depending on where you look - I'd add Q-Tip, Fatlip etc. but the ones I've missed off are all ones who've not really had any other chart success.

Chart History:
15/09/2003 The Golden Path (feat. The Flaming Lips) 01-01-01-02-02-01-01-02-03-04-04-06-06-10-10-10-13-14-16-19-23-25-28-28-31-32-33-36-38-39 (30 weeks)
17/01/2005 Galvanize 01-01-01-03-04-09-14-17-22-27-30-31-35 (13 weeks)
02/05/2005 Believe 03-07-09-17-23-31-35-40 (8 weeks)
11/07/2005 The Boxer (feat. Tim Burgess) 01-03-03-02-03-07-10-15-18-21-27 (11 week)
07/05/2007 Do It Again 31-06-04-01-01-02-03-04-05-07-12-13-22-26-36 (15 weeks)
27/08/2007 The Salmon Dance 36-28-05-02-02-05-10-16-20-23-35 (11 weeks)
11/08/2008 Midnight Madness 36-23-19-22-24-29-38 (7 weeks)
29/09/2008 Falling Down (Remix of Oasis) 33-28-23-27-25-30-32-35-37 (9 weeks)
19/04/2010 Escape Velocity 31-24-15-11-14-26-34-38 (8 weeks)
10/05/2010 Swoon 36-29-20-16-12-07-04-04-05-08-14-17-24-36 (14 weeks)
09/08/2010 Another World 34-32-29-25-20-11-10-17-30-39 (10 weeks)
02/05/2011 Container Park 26-26-40 (3 weeks)
06/08/2012 Theme For Velodrome 29-24-18-18-36 (5 weeks)
25/05/2015 Go 23-15-07-04-02-02-03-04-09-17-35 (11 weeks)
23/11/2015 Wide Open (feat. Beck) 25-18-11-06-03-01-01-01-04-06-06-07-06-13-19-25-34 (17 weeks)
26/01/2019 MAH 37-33-26-20-16-22-30-40 (8 weeks)
16/02/2019 Got To Keep On 36-31-29-27-29-35-39 (7 weeks)
13/07/2019 Eve of Dubstruction 35-30-25-19-13-12-12-14-17-24-35 (11 weeks)
22/05/2021 The Darkness That You Fear 27-20-12-04-03-04-05-07-10-14-23-38 (12 weeks)

2023 Top 5 Rank:
01 Wide Open
02 Swoon
03 The Golden Path
04 Saturate
05 Galvanize

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post 1 hour ago
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Points: 1318
Date first charted: 04/08/2003
Number of entries: 19
Total weeks on chart: 207
Most Successful Year: 2014, 1st

Another act who'd definitely rank in my top 5 of all time are Elbow. They reign comfortably at #1 on the artists and song charts on my account, started at the beginning of 2008, well ahead of The National and Bon Iver's Holocene. Deciding which songs are in my top 5 and their ranking (well, apart from the #1) is certainly the most difficult I've done of all 100. Guy Garvey is probably the ultimate frontman, a great songwriter, lyricist and vocalist, he holds a crowd incredibly well when playing live, and their knack of producing great harmonies, choruses and use of a range of instrumentation means they have a set of songs suitable for all scenarios, moods and seasons.

In the early days of their career I largely just heard their songs on the chart show and they were decent enough, but Forget Myself was the only song on their first three albums that made any real impact on me, hitting the top 10 in 2005. I enjoyed the first single from their fourth album, Grounds For Divorce, but it was the next release that really catapulted them into my attentions. One Day Like This is the most glorious, uplifting, pop song it's possible to write. A big chorus, beautifully written accompanied by the most gorgeous string section, its eventual success in taking them to new levels of success so richly deserved. It spent six weeks at the top of my chart and remains the only song to have spent more than 30 weeks on the chart. Quite fitting that the most successful song of the last 20 years is almost certainly the one I'd rank as my favourite.

The Seldom Seen Kid era is undoubtedly their peak. Each of their first six albums could be argued are great, but that one is quite frankly in a different league. The Bones of You soon gave them a second #1, Mirrorball a stunning love song, and despite One Day Like This being the perfect closer to an album, it's followed by the perfect Friend of Ours, a tribute to Guy's best friend who passed away following a sudden illness. Those two #1s were the beginnings of a run of 10 top 5 singles, and 12 top 10 singles, with each of the three from their next album reaching the top 2, the highlight of which being the piano-led ballad Lippy Kids.

First Steps was part of the BBC's Olympics coverage in 2012 which I enjoyed but was very much part of Olympic fever contributing to a short chart run, before four singles being released off album #6 meant that 2014 ended up being their most successful year, New York Morning getting them a fourth number one and My Sad Captains being the typical singalong anthem of theirs I love. Their next lead single Magnificent (She Says) is probably their last great song. I haven't disliked anything I've heard of them in the last few years, but when they have so much *perfection* in their discography I just find it quite difficult to get into.

A chronological list of songs that I haven't put in my top 5 that would comfortably make a hell of a lot of top 5s here: Any Day Now, Newborn, Scattered Black and Whites, Ribcage, Grace Under Pressure, Forget Myself, Station Approach, Starlings, Weather To Fly, The Bones of You, The Birds, New York Morning, Magnificent (She Says)

Chart History:
04/08/2003 Fallen Angel 21-25-31 (3 weeks)
23/02/2004 Not A Job 26-37 (2 weeks)
29/08/2005 Forget Myself 08-16-18-20-32-36 (6 weeks)
07/11/2005 Leaders Of The Free World 11-19-24-32 (4 weeks)
10/03/2008 Grounds For Divorce 35-32-27-25-34-39-30-27 (8 weeks)
02/06/2008 One Day Like This 21-09-01-01-01-01-01-01-03-05-06-09-14-16-16-10-13-15-15-20-23-24-24-27-32-36-38-37-37-35-37 (31 weeks)
29/09/2008 The Bones Of You 26-16-10-08-01-01-01-02-06-07-11-12-18-20-23-31 (16 weeks)
28/02/2011 Neat Little Rows 23-10-04-04-02-03-09-14-21-30-39 (11 weeks)
11/04/2011 Open Arms 29-20-11-07-04-02-02-02-03-04-08-14-20-29 (14 weeks)
27/06/2011 Lippy Kids 29-22-18-13-10-07-04-02-01-01-02-04-06-08-12-17-23-30-38 (19 weeks)
30/07/2012 First Steps 33-11-05-06-13-29 (6 weeks)
20/01/2014 Fly Boy Blue / Lunette 38-31-25-20-14-11-09-06-04-08-15-26-28-33 (14 weeks)
24/02/2014 New York Morning 25-19-14-14-06-04-01-01-03-05-07-14-22-33 (14 weeks)
05/05/2014 My Sad Captains 18-10-06-03-02-02-03-04-05-07-10-17-24-37 (14 weeks)
20/10/2014 Charge 30-22-12-09-04-03-06-09-16-26-35 (11 weeks)
17/08/2015 Lost Worker Bee 27-19-15-09-11-14-19-27-38 (9 weeks)
26/12/2016 Magnificent (She Says) 34-29-20-13-12-11-07-04-03-05-10-22-33 (13 weeks)
21/02/2017 Gentle Storm 32-23-16-15-18-24-35 (7 weeks)
02/11/2019 White Noise White Heat 33-30-28-29-36 (5 weeks)

2023 Top 5 Rank:
01 One Day Like This
02 Lippy Kids
03 Mirrorball
04 Friend of Ours
05 My Sad Captains
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