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> 2K14 Rate Collation.
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post Aug 3 2014, 10:34 PM
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post Aug 3 2014, 10:39 PM
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QUOTE(GRIFF @ Aug 3 2014, 09:21 PM) *
If you want a reason, just ask.

Sorry for the shitty song choices - the title has some resemblance with what I think of you.

Sorry if I've given you a lower score than expected. It's probably because we haven't talked much recently. I don't really dislike anyone here except for my -1.

10 | 152Chris
00 | Pablo Escobar
07 | AdamAloud
00 | Alex Range
08 | AnthonyT
04 | AprilJ
05 | Arrs
08 | Atonement
01 | * Ben *
07 | Bré
05 | Brett_Butler
01 | Britster
07 | Cal
08 | Calum Hood
00 | Calum Sandford
08 | Cameron
05 | Casey
00 | Cassandra
08 | Chez Wombat
01 | Common Sense
07 | Pavel
10 | Dandy*
03 | dannjohn3
11 | Doctor Blind
02 | EJ
07 | Eric_Blob
09 | Eyes / Iz
04 | Gezza
09 | Gooddelta
07 | Grebo
xx | Griff
07 | Harve
06 | HausOfKubrick (sorry)
00 | Hurricane
00 | Insomnio
00 | Jack
09 | Jade
09 | Jáhq
10 | Jake / ░░░░
09 | JakeWild
07 | Jark
00 | Jay
07 | Jester
06 | JoeP
07 | Johnkm
05 | Jonjo
05 | JosephStyles
00 | JSG
00 | Jsilv
-1 | Kath
08 | Klumzee
07 | Lee Wallace
01 | Let Go For 2Nite
00 | LexC
02 | Liam
07 | LiamK97
08 | luk=
05 | Mack
07 | Mango
06 | Mariah Scary
04 | Martyn
00 | Mart!n/M!key
06 | Math
09 | Mattias
07 | Michael
00 | Niall Minogue
00 | Nick F1
10 | NoahSpike
07 | Oliver
02 | Oricon
08 | Popchartfreak
05 | RabbitFurCoat
10 | RabbitHeart
00 | randomfurlong
07 | Regina
10 | RiseR
00 | Rob Summers
08 | Robot
08 | Rooney
03 | Ryan.
00 | SeanToBeWild
06 | SevenSeize
01 | Shadow2009
08 | Silas
00 | Silver Rocket
00 | Steve201
00 | Suedehead2
10 | T Boy
00 | Theo
00 | Thermo
01 | Tim
00 | Toby
00 | Totto
08 | Tyler
00 | Ultraviolence
00 | Umi
01 | Vidcapper
08 | Vulker
09 | ✖ ketalina ✖

Apologies to gooddelta, Mattias and Jáhq who were knocked down sad.gif

QUOTE(gooddelta @ Aug 3 2014, 09:39 PM) *
Apols for the lack of detailed comments but a sentence each for all of my 10's, 9's, 0's and selected others will have to suffice this year:

08 | 152chris / ♒ chris
00 | Abdul Fareek / Pablo Escobar - You're pretty annoying from what I've seen
09 | AdamAloud - Fantastic Scandipop connoisseur and growing in my estimations all the time
07 | Alex Range - Misunderstood, but I feel that you bring something different to the forum, namely the most bizarre, but often brilliant and often appalling, music taste
08 | AnthonyT
07 | AprilJ
07 | Arrs
06 | Atonement
08 | * Ben *
08 | Bré - Still annoyingly pedantic from time to time but you really are a great asset to the forum, from your detailed chart analyses to your general passion for the forum
08 | Brett_Butler - Well done on your blog success, I still read it when I can! And yay for escaping Asda!
05 | Britster - An average mark for a poster with little in the way of opinions
09 | Cal - Fantastic poster, always comes in with a very reasoned and lengthy argument, reminds me of myself five years ago
07 | Calum Hood
06 | Calum Sandford
07 | Cameron - Noticed you around a lot more recently and becoming a rather decent poster!
07 | Casey
09 | Cassandra - Maybe not QUITE the #2 in my eyes that you used to be but still firmly excellent and in or around my top ten
07 | Chez Wombat
00 | Common Sense - Still an occasional pain BUT not as bad as you were. Can we see more of the supermarket offers please?
10 | Conderella / Pavel - So tempted to knock you down a mark for how incredibly ANNOYING you were when I was hosting BJSC, moaning about everything, but I soon realised you do that to every host, and despite all that you're still one of my five favourite posters
08 | Dandy*
06 | dannjohn3
07 | Doctor Blind
07 | EJ / Ethan
00 | Eric_Blob - Perhaps less annoying than before but still has some odd essay length posts that I tend to ignore
10 | Eyes / Iz - Still amazing, loving that diversity in BJSC and you've become a great poster over the years, with a richer musical knowledge which is great to see
08 | Gezza - Where are the countdowns!?! More please!
xx | Gooddelta
07 | Grebo
07 | Griff
08 | Harve
09 | HausOfKubrick - Fantastic all round great poster, hope you do well again this year and you will
06 | Hurricane
06 | Insomnio
09 | Jack - Really noticed you as being extra fantastic in the last year or so, always a highlight of the forum
08 | Jade - The winner of my blog Britney Jean competition *.* Needless to say it only had three entries in total so no more competitions for the time being! Or maybe I should just offer better prizes (apols Britters stans)
08 | Jáhq - Pleased for you getting your dream career on the move and moving to London, good luck with it all!
08 | Jake / ░░░░ - Really got a lot more time for you these days, your opinions are always on point and bring the realism
07 | JakeWild
08 | Jark - Not around anywhere near as much as I'd like you to be but still brill
07 | Jay
08 | Jester - Still legendary, the chart forum wouldn't be the same without you
00 | JoeP - No idea whatsoever who this is
10 | Johnkm - Excellent, sarcastic, witty, reasoned, opinionated and of course fabulous!
10 | Jonjo - Always has been and will be one of my favourite posters, perhaps the most genuine person on the site
09 | JosephStyles - Becoming such a big fan of yours recently, but I'm a huge fan of any huge Delta fan!
08 | JSG - So enthusiastic and it's always great to see!
06 | Jsilv
08 | Kath - Not sure which one but both are great and worthy of an 8 for entirely different reasons. Stop deserting us though (if this is SA Kath!)
08 | Klumzee
07 | Lee Wallace
06 | Let Go For 2Nite
08 | LexC - Sorry about the shade in my BJSC odds every month, I must do it subconsciously as it's not on purpose, Armenian Girl was fabulously awful, but I still loved it! And it's good to see your Brighton pics pop up on Facebook, reminds me of what I'm missing
09 | Liam - Continually and consistently brilliant
06 | LiamK97
07 | luk=
07 | Mack / ukcsf - Need to be more opinionated but I do like you
07 | Mango
08 | Mariah Scary
07 | Martyn
08 | Mart!n/M!key - Next in line for a 9 but he won't look at this thread anyway. A glorious forum legend, please never leave
07 | Math - Getting better all the time!
07 | Mattias - A really 'different' sort of poster, I like how analytical/thoughtful you are about things
-1 | Michael - A constant irritation in many threads. I don't HATE you or anyone for that matter but you wind a lot of people up the wrong way and it's mildly annoying to read at best and completely frustrating at worst. Have seen you make some good points and comments though so more of that side please!
00 | Niall Minogue - Probably doesn't deserve a zero but hasn't made any impact on me thus far
08 | Nick F1
07 | NoahSpike
07 | Oliver
08 | Oricon
08 | Popchartfreak - So deserves a 9, along with Martin, maybe next time but a real gem of a poster, so different to everyone else here in a refreshing way. REALLY want you to win BJSC one day out of the blue!
08 | RabbitFurCoat
07 | RabbitHeart
08 | randomfurlong
08 | Regina - D-d-d-d-deep trouble!
07 | RiseR
10 | Rob Summers - Really deserves a high mark for being a consistent friend throughout the last 6 or so years of the forum, so giving him credit where it's due and absolutely BEGGING you to post your opinions more. I see them on Facebook and they're always so interesting and thoughtful and I think the forum would benefit hearing more from you!
10 | Robot - Consistently fantastic and has been for the last 5 years, I really hope you come top five this year
08 | Rooney
08 | Ryan. - Loving the more inspired BJSC entries recently, still waiting to LOVE one of them, as I'm sure I gave you a string of 12's last year for some of your probably less inspired entries (but still, a great song is a great song!)
00 | SeanToBeWild - Don't think I've ever come across you
08 | SevenSeize - Improving every day, hope you're in for a big climb this time around
05 | Shadow2009
11 | Silas - Severely fantastic as always. I don't have time to post much in the lounge but what I do see of your discussions is always insightful and real, and we've shared so many similar life experiences (finally escaping retail to do a career we want to do this year for one). Obviously amazing in BJSC too, a fantastic mod and always has been a real asset to the forum. FSR Ashvia 4ever! Have to tell you how jealous I am of your new car though, it looks incredible!
08 | Silver Rocket / mr_aly
06 | Steve201 - Has some really insightful and interesting opinons but ruins it with all the on air on sale whinging, yes I wish we could return to that too but it's not happening any time soon!
08 | Suedehead2 - I applaud you for doing the chart commentary for so long, always an interesting read!
08 | T Boy - Become rather fantastic recently, reminds me of Jack in some ways, never afraid to say an opinion and what a lot of other people are probably thinking but are too scared to say for fear of causing offence
08 | Theo
08 | Thermo - Dance legend and also SO deserving of a 9, damn the new scoring system, I've found SO many great dance gems from your personal chart!
08 | Tim
00 | Toby - Always found you a slight annoyance, haven't really seen you around much but the sentiment still stands...
07 | Totto
07 | Tyler
06 | Ultraviolence
08 | Umi - Love your work/comments in the international charts forum, I absolutely LOVE looking at and analysing international charts and you give some great insights
07 | Vidcapper - A real asset, and seemingly become a lot more tolerable recently too in terms of opinions, maybe we're all just used to them now so they don't really seem controversial
07 | Vulker - Sort of disappeared again, but decent when you're here!
10 | ✖ ketalina ✖ - Just absolutely excellent and ticks so many boxes of how to be a great poster, you NEED to win this, and you win everything else (and it's pretty much fully deserved each time!) so best of luck for 2K14!

QUOTE(JSG @ Aug 3 2014, 11:23 PM) *
Just a normal rate from me guys.

~ Who is this? I've never seen nor heard of him/her!

06 | 152chris / ♒ chris
~ I didn't really know how to take what you said when I first saw your posts when I joined Buzzjack but I actually like you quite a lot so yeah.

01 | Abdul Fareek / Pablo Escobar
~ Umm I've seen your posts barely though.

08 | AdamAloud
~ I like reading your posts although you have only recently became prominent for me.

03 | Alex Range
~ I see you around but i can't think where.

00 | AnthonyT
~ WHO?

09 | AprilJ
~ Your such a sweetheart and you always know how to lighten my mood. You are one Giant breath of fresh air around the forum. PLEASE never go away biggrin.gif xxx <3

05 | Arrs

06 | Atonement

07 | * Ben *

09 | Bré
~ I really think you can be quite Blunt at times but that is in no way a bad thing. Always great input to be had when your around and usually bring a smile to my face. THANKS FOR BEING YOU.

00 | Brett_Butler ???

00 | Britster
~ I have no Idea who this is and have never seen him or her or whatever post on here before sad.gif

07 | Cal
~ Grown on me so much over the last year. I used to be so weary of you but I've warmed to you so much even if we do not talk.

06 | Calum Hood
~ We never talk no more and we really should again </3 Your Emeli Sandé obsession is gone though (or atleast it's no longer as bad) kink.gif And that's always a good thing magic.gif

10 | Calum Sandford
~ You've been on Buzzjack for ages and it's only recently I've realised how great your posts are. Your one of the sensible heads in the SATS forum and bring good banter!

09 | Cameron
~I don't think you've been a member for long have you? If you have I am sorry Your such a positive poster. Never a bad word to say about anyone.

08 | Casey
~ I always see you around the forum. I don't particularly pay attention to all your posts but I do notice a lot!

06 | Cassandra
~ I'm not sure if you like me or not and really I'm happy either way but I do love how Blunt you are. Very honest and direct!

04 | Chez Wombat

00 | Common Sense
~ arghhhhh! I like to read your posts to see what drivel you come out with next!

08 | Conderella / Pavel
~ Sorry I didn't give you higher but it's so tough sad.gif In the last few months you have grown on me immensely after not being sure of you at all. I think finding out i rather like your music taste has also played a hand in me liking you more!

04 | Dandy*

-1 | dannjohn3
~ I only see you post in the PC forum and when you don't, I see you post elsewhere and it's just the biggest waste of space on the page tbh.

06 | Doctor Blind

10 | EJ / Ethan
~ You've come leaps and bounds in the last year I think. Especially so now that you've been included in the rate. YOUR RELEVANT. OMG SO EXCITE <3

03 | Eric_Blob

08 | Eyes / Iz
~ A genuinely lovely poster and there aren't many of them on here! Also your support of Lindsey & Lzzy didn't go unnoticed

00 | Gezza

08 | Gooddelta
~ Such a genuine down to earth poster. I love all of your input and you really don't seem to have a bad bone in your body

02 | Grebo

07 | Griff
~ I don't think we have ever seen eye to eye but I've always liked you at least. Everything you have ever said to me I've taken on board and tried to look at it like constructive criticism!

05 | Harve

11 | HausOfKubrick
~ I like reading your posts, even more so now and I had originally planned on giving you a 10 but after our brief chat via PM yesterday you get bumped to an 11. YOU ARE AMAZING!

06 | Hurricane
~ I love you so much more than last year!

00 | Insomnio

07 | Jack

08 | Jade
~ There just weren't enough 9 or 10's to get you on there. Sorry babe. You are truly one of a kind on here. Don't ever change cause your just Amazing!

07 | Jáhq

08 | Jake / ░░░░
~ I know we had a slight misunderstanding earlier, or rather I did. Whoops. YOUR posts are usually funny. Great poster to read.

01 | JakeWild

05 | Jark

08 | Jay
~ You are barely on Buzzjack anymore. Please come back sad.gif

06 | Jester

05 | JoeP

04 | Johnkm

10 | Jonjo
~ Not much has changed since the last rate except maybe we talk more and I always enjoy reading your posts. You can be very funny. SOMETIMES

09 | JosephStyles
~ You just missed out on a 10. SORRY DUDE sad.gif We Don't talk too much either and I hope your well. Should change that really.

xx | JSG

07 | Jsilv
~ Such a great poster. If you branch out more though I think you could be amazing!

02 | Kath

06 | Klumzee

08 | Lee Wallace
~ Best sats mod hands down. I know we've never had a proper conversation but you are hilarious most of the time.

07 | Let Go For 2Nite

08 | LexC
~ VERY VERY VERY FUNNY! If I need cheering up or a laugh you are the guy to look out for <3

]09 | Liam
~ We never talk much any more so that's gonna have to change but you have always got something great to add to threads on Buzzjack. NEED more posters like you tbh.

08 | LiamK97

06 | luk=

07 | Mack / ukcsf
~ I only ever see you in the chart forum but you always comment on my chart smile.gif

10 | Mango
~ What a guy! One of my fave posters on here. Always looking to see what you've posted. You bring so much to buzzjack and I hope you don't go away for a good few years!

04 | Mariah Scary

06 | Martyn

08 | Mart!n/M!key
~ Another person that always comments on my chart but the only place I ever see you is in the chart forum sad.gif You should branch out more smile.gif

05 | Math

05 | Mattias
~ You are quite an interesting poster. I'd like to get to know you more smile.gif

05 | Michael
~ You are without a doubt the most annoying poster here but you are actually so funny Sometimes! Your good for providing laughs laugh.gif

00 | Niall Minogue Umm.. Who?

06 | Nick F1

00 | NoahSpike

08 | Oliver
~ Lovely poster. I don't think you have a bad bone in your body at All.

05 | Oricon

08 | Popchartfreak
~ I always have time for you no matter what. You're the most loveliest most genuine poster on here. Keep it up.

04 | RabbitFurCoat

07 | RabbitHeart

06 | randomfurlong

10 | Regina
~ WOW *.* Are we still husbands? We were in the last rate. You are the Morissette to my ALANIS <3 Love you

10 | RiseR
~ Jordan. You're quite level headed and believe it or not I still don't know where you are from kink.gif I miss you when you don't post for a day or so.. sad.gif

09 | Rob Summers
~ I'm so sorry you never got a 10 or an 11 but it was so tough this year Your such a great friend on here and we have lengthy convos on FB when I'm free. Your actually such a good friend and I'm so thankful that you're here

07 | Robot

07 | Rooney

07 | Ryan.
~ I never see you post anywhere barely anymore. You need a huge comeback to cement your status as a buzzjack Legend!

07 | SeanToBeWild
~ Lovely new poster. Very excitable!

08 | SevenSeize

06 | Shadow2009
~ Can be a tad annoying at times but you are relatively Harmless!

07 | Silas

07 | Silver Rocket / mr_aly

00 | Steve201

04 | Suedehead2

03 | T Boy

02 | Theo

10 | Thermo
~ DAN! Your my dance buddy, you help me out in bjsc a lot too! We perhaps aren't as close as we were a few months ago but I think that's just because I've not really been in the dance forum recently. Possibly my highest rated 10, certainly you, Ethan or Grant!

09 | Tim
~For some reason I always assume your like 13 :/ I know your not and I don't even think your immature. I WONDER WHY You are a brilliant poster though. Everyone should be like you a little bit.

06 | Toby
~ Always got time for a sats fan smile.gif

08 | Totto
- HIGHER meltdown king!

05 | Tyler
~ I still don't know what to make of you. I think your very loud Sometimes but funny most of the time. I don't see why you won't get a higher mark from me in the next rate if you stay the same

04 | Ultraviolence
~ I think you get overexcited so easy but it's cute. Keep doing what your doing and you'll be a brilliant poster.

07 | Umi

00 | Vidcapper

03 | Vulker

08 | ✖ ketalina ✖
~ Astounding poster and you just missed out on a 9 sorry Your music taste is flawless and you truly are an icon! Don't Ever change!
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post Aug 3 2014, 11:14 PM
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Group: AF Leader
Posts: 39,881
Member No.: 10,643
Joined: 14-February 10

QUOTE(Jade @ Aug 4 2014, 12:09 AM) *
Decided to do this tonight as the last thing i'll want to be doing on my birthday tomorrow is a rate but I didn't want to to drag it out either. Of course I decided to go with a theme this year, nothing unique or anything, just my favourite once-acclaimed-but-now-a-bit-of-a-flop tv show.. GLEE.

Edit: uggggh annoyingly THE GIFS aren't working so just click on the one above your name if you have one!

07 | 152chris / ♒ chris
00| Abdul Fareek / Pablo Escobar <- You’re very strange, just like Glee's Sandy
06 | AdamAloud
00 | Alex Range -> Possibly the most bizzare music taste I’ve ever witnessed. That's why you get my 00. They had to be dished out. Sorry. D:
06 | AnthonyT
10 | AprilJ – You’re an absolute delight April! I loved getting to know you through PM and you’re always so lovely and friendly, always asking me how I am. Besides Nicki Minaj I can really get behind a lot of your music taste as well.
06 | Arrs
06 | Atonement
07 | * Ben *
09 | Bré – I actually find you so hilarious. You’re probably one of the only few who makes me laugh at chart jokes. You’re signatures are wonderful and I love how hard working you are and how you usually take like a millisecond to reply to chart queries!
07 | Brett_Butler
00 | Britster Popbars
06 | Cal
08 | Calum Hood – I find some of your opinions quite frankly odd and you can be a bit argumentative at times like your fave Helen but besides that I really do like you, you always present your opinions well and you’re actually lovely most of the time!
07 | Calum Sandford
08 | Cameron
07 | Casey
08 | Cassandra – The only negative thing I’d say is that sometimes when you are arguing, you come across quite harsh to me. Onto the positives though, and you’re very opinionated but that is a great thing, I do find myself agreeing with what you have to say a lot of the time. You’re also hilarious too.
10 | Chez Wombat I actually love you and think you’re so underrated here! I adore your sense of humour, you literally always have me laughing.
06 | Common Sense
09 | Conderella / Pavel – I think your posts are absolutely hilarious but aside from that when you’re being serious I always want to hear what you have to say so you’re definitely doing something right!
07 | Dandy*
06 | dannjohn3 Used to think you were terrible but you’ve been a lot better this year.
08 | Doctor Blind I love what you have to say, particularly in the chart show thread.
07 | EJ / Ethan
07 | Eric_Blob
08 | Eyes / Iz I think you’re so lovely and your music taste is absolutely wonderful!
10 | Gooddelta Although as you say you’re not around anymore I still think you’re an absolutely wonderful poster. You’re so approachable, interesting and I adore your music blog! Plus I won your Britney competition and you LEGIT sent it to me so I love you *.*
09 | Griff While I can definitely understand why you’re hit and miss, I actually really like you Griff. You make me laugh and I generally really enjoy what you have to say, plus it probably helps that we’re the same age so I can relate to a lot of what you’re saying when it comes to sixth form drama. Of course I want you to be yourself but just tone down some of the anger a bit, you’re actually such a lovely person most of the time.
08 | HausOfKubrick I haven’t seen that many of your posts lately but WHO can fault you Bal: so lovely, hardworking, funny... the whole package etc. <3 I RAN OUT OF 9’s though and you’ll probably take it anyway.
06 | Hurricane
07 | Insomnio
10 | Jack I actually enjoy your posts so much Jack! Your life anecdotes are always so interesting, I agree with a lot of your opinions – especially regarding Big Brother, you aren’t afraid of saying it how it is and that Regina GIF is fab.
xx | Jade
07 | Jáhq
08 | Jake / ░░░░ I found you intimidating for a long time but then realized that was a bit stupid, and thought that way because the way you spoke to certain people came off a bit harsh. However, it’s not all you, others sometimes seem to take what you say the wrong way. I actually agree with a lot of what you have to say though, you’re extremely intellectual and make me laugh as well.
07 | JakeWild
08 | Jark
09 | Jay You’re SO underrated and this appears to be a comment you get quite frequently. I really enjoy what you have to say, keep posting more please!
08 | Jester Aw Jester I love that you’ve been a part of this forum for so long. I actually quite like your sense of humour too. VERY chart forum-y, but puns are my thing so I like it.
07 | JoeP
08 | Johnkm I think your Queen of Life widget sums you up well. Extremely fabulous and all that, plus I find you hilarious and think a lot of what you say is so on point. Plus you still manage to make the capitilsation of words funny.
09 | Jonjo I love you Jonjo, you’re wonderful. Again someone who is just so so lovely and a GLEE FAN so how appropriate this rate is wink.gif
10 | JosephStyles You’re are one of the most sweet people I’ve ever met (like the sweetest couple Brittana), but you’re also opinionated as well so you’re not ‘bland’ or –shudders- ‘beige’. I don’t agree with a lot of your music taste on the whole (e.g. I will never love ‘Something New’) but there are a few gems that I DO appreciate. Stay wonderful
08 | JSG Your optimism is so endearing most of the time and you’re a top stan, particularly for Paloma. Such a lovely guy and I like the Lounge threads you start.
08 | Jsilv I didn’t know much about you until recently but your thread in the End of Decade forum thing is AMAZING, I literally follow it everyday and applaud you for how dedicated you are to keep going, you’re brilliant at reviewing music.
08 | Kath Thought you were horrible last year after what you said about me in last years rate so we got off on the wrong foot, grew to absolutely love you with Gaga GIFS and all. You really did turn the Gaga forum around so it’s a shame you’ve done a disappearing act.
07 | Klumzee I DIDN’T GET YOU MISTAKEN THIS YEAR. Please post more <3
08 | Lee Wallace You make me laugh so much Lee but Pixie Lott of all people to stan?? (hence the insanity gif wink.gif Haha I do like how you make stanning funny but not annoying though. Great sense of humour. You’d be a 9 but we can only have 7… your rules have backfired Lee!
07 | Let Go For 2Nite
09 | LexC You are actually brilliant. I can understand why you’re not everyone’s cup of tea but you are laugh out loud funny for me. Your signature is also life giving.
11 | Liam I know Regina is your bestie Liam and I’d never get in the way of Legina/Riam but you are my favourite poster here of course and I’m pretty sure you know that! I always love reading what you have to say, you’re so lovely and you make me laugh. I agree with a lot of your opinions.. particularly in Big Brother or MALES. Cough. Olly Murs. Darren Criss. Love ya <3
07 | LiamK97
06 | luk=
06 | Mack / ukcsf
07 | Mango
07 | Mariah Scary
06 | Martyn
07 | Mart!n/M!key
07 | Math
07 | Mattias
-01 | Michael Occasional brilliant moments but you do derail threads a lot m8
00 | Niall Minogue
08 | Nick F1
09 | NoahSpike What a fabulous guy you are <3 Your paragraphs are always so wonderful to read, and someone who can get me to read paragraphs is v. interesting indeed. You’re really funny too.
07 | Oliver
08 | Popchartfreak You’re such a unique poster, and I love that we agree on a lot of retro music. You are so welcoming and I really like what you have to say.
07 | RabbitFurCoat
08 | RabbitHeart
07 | randomfurlong
10| Regina I actually love you so much and can understand why Liam does too. I really enjoy when you post your funny comments on my personal chart. Hilarious and fabulous <3
08 | RiseR you’d be a 9 but I’VE RUN OUT OF THOSE. Tbh you should’ve won the best emerging poster over me, you’re all kinds of wonderful m’love <3
08| Rob Summers Epitome of lovely once again!
07 | Robot
07 | Rooney
08 | Ryan. You’re just so endearing, I can’t help but love it
07 | SeanToBeWild The only one who replies to me in the Glee Forum these days, we’re keeping it alive
08 | SevenSeize Hilarious <3
05 | Shadow2009
08 | Silas I know how much you love Ms. Agron ;D
07 | Silver Rocket / mr_aly
00 | Steve201
07 | Suedehead2
07 | T Boy
06 | Theo
08 | Thermo Exquisite music taste and I can’t believe you’re younger than me, you seem so much older than your age!
08 | Tim Fantastic poster <3
00 | Toby
00 | Totto
08 | Tyler You’re so fabulous, hilarious, wonderful, givin’ all your luvin to Britney etc. You should be a 9 DARN THIS 7 9’s rule.
07 | Ultraviolence Lovely, passionate girl who I’m sure will fit in here in time. Although I’m never going to come round to ‘Let it Go’!
07 | Umi
06 | Vidcapper
06 | Vulker
10 | ✖ ketalina ✖ OMG I love you so much Leww you're hilarious and always listen to others and just ugh so so wonderful.
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post Aug 4 2014, 12:33 AM
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QUOTE(Tobi @ Aug 4 2014, 01:29 AM) *
07| Despidido
07| 152chris
00| Abdul Fareek- Frustrating troll.
06| AdamAloud- Girls Aloud fan? The Sats>>>>them
00| AlexRange- Are you for real? i hope your account does get deleted.
07| Anthonyt- your sig makes me melt
10| April- Identical music taste. The Sats, Nicki Gaga AND Max Branning are just a few of the things we have in common! Queen of everything tbh.
03| Atonement- No idea.
05| * Ben*- You make the chart forum bearable.
08| Bre
03| Brett Butler
09| Britster- No explanation need.
07| Cal- We never talked but i really like you.
01| Calum hood- I don't know witch one is witch, so i'm giving you both a one for the sake of fairness.
01 Calum Sandford- See above.
06| Cameron- I only ever see you in the Eastenders thread but i like what i see there!
04| Casey
04| Cassandra
07| Chez wombat
01| Common Sense- Most ironic username ever.
04| Conderella
05| Dandy
00| DanJohn- You make my head hurt.
00| Doctor Blind
00| EJ- Who even?
09| Eric Blob- Iconic.
07| Eyes- You're nice.
04 | Gezza
05| Goodelta
00 | Grebo- I still have no idea who you are.
-1| Griff- Ugh, That's all i can say.
03| Harve
11| Hausofkubrick- Best member on this site. The Lady to my Gaga wub.gif
06| Hurricane- Please go back to stanning for the Saturdays, as Neon Jungleb are shit.
01| Insomnio- you certainly live up to your username.
09| Jack- Sassy.
02| Jade
08| Jahq
04| Jake- ???? i don't know her.
03| Jakewild- see above
05| Jark
08| Jay- why aren't you here a more?
07| Jester- you're just lovely.
00| JoeP- Le Who?
05| Johnkm
09| Jonjo
10| Josephstyles- Kimberley>>>>>Nadine. horrifying music taste aside you're amazing.
07| JSG
01| Jsilv- Lorde is shit.
10| Kath- Come back pls.
03| Klumzee
10| LeeWallace- you probably would have banned me if i gave any less.
02| Let go for tonight- Foxes is shit. soz
10| LexC- you sig is iconic.
05 Liam
02| Luk=- The = bugs me for some reason.
00| Mack
00| Mariah Scary
01| Martyn
08| Mart!n- So funny.
00| Math- you were my worst subject in school. i used to cry over you.
07| Mattias
01| Niall minogue- no idea.
10| Michael- f*** the haters.
03| Nick fi
02| Noahspike
01| Oliver
10| Oricon- FAVE ASIAN.
00| PopChartFreak
00| Rbbitfurcoat
08| You're The Katy B fan yes? she's amazing.
03| Randomfurlong
07| Regina
00| RiserR
07| Rob Summers- Very nice and easy to talk to.
06| Robot- Is that a fish in your sig?
05| Rooney
08| Ryan
00| Seantobewild
09| Sevensieze- We bonded that one time ove Haim and nothing since sad.gif
00| Shadow2009
06| Silas
03| Silver rocket
00| Steve201- Numbers in usernames bug me.
00| Suedehead
10| T boy- I promised last year i'd give a higher mark and here it is!
04| Thermo
03| Theo
07| Tim
00| Totto- The Wizard Of Oz is shit
07| Tyler- ive been listening to britney a lot lately and she's not as shit as i thought!
01| Ultraviolence- Lana is shit.
10| Umi- I miss u sad.gif
00| Vidcapper
00| Vulker
07| Ketalina

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I'm in a vewy bad mood, Bwadley.
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11 | 152chris / ♒ chris
0 | Abdul Fareek / Pablo Escobar
6 | AdamAloud
3 | Alex Range
8 | AnthonyT
2 | AprilJ
6 | Arrs
5 | Atonement
0 | Ben
8 | Bré
5 | Brett_Butler
0 | Britster
8 | Cal
3 | Calum Hood
2 | Calum Sandford
5 | Cameron
8 | Casey
9 | Cassandra
8 | Chez Wombat
4 | Common Sense
10 | Conderella / Pavel
8 | Dandy*
5 | dannjohn3
8 | Doctor Blind
8 | EJ / Ethan
2 | Eric_Blob
8 | Eyes / Iz
3 | Gezza
10 | Gooddelta
7 | Grebo
8 | Griff
9 | Harve
10 | HausOfKubrick
0 | Hurricane
0 | Insomnio
7 | Jack
7 | Jade
8 | Jáhq
10 | Jake / ░░░░
10 | JakeWild
7 | Jark
9 | Jay
7 | Jester
0 | JoeP
9 | Johnkm
9 | Jonjo
10 | JosephStyles
6 | JSG
4 | Jsilv
7 | Kath
7 | Klumzee
8 | Lee Wallace
0 | Let Go For 2Nite
8 | LexC
8 | Liam
3 | LiamK97
6 | luk=
3 | Mack / ukcsf
0 | Mango
9 | Mariah Scary
5 | Martyn
7 | Mart!n/M!key
4 | Math
6 | Mattias
5 | Michael
0 | Niall Minogue
7 | Nick F1
6 | NoahSpike
7 | Oliver
8 | Oricon
7 | Popchartfreak
7 | RabbitFurCoat
5 | RabbitHeart
9 | randomfurlong
4 | Regina
7 | RiseR
2 | Rob Summers
10 | Robot
5 | Rooney
8 | Ryan.
0 | SeanToBeWild
8 | SevenSeize
0 | Shadow2009
7 | Silas
4 | Silver Rocket / mr_aly
2 | Steve201
6 | Suedehead2
4 | T Boy
7 | Theo
8 | Thermo
7 | Tim
4 | Toby
0 | Totto
8 | Tyler
-1 | Ultraviolence
7 | Umi
2 | Vidcapper
0 | Vulker
xx | ✖ ketalina ✖
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Henrietta R Hippo
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Griff's rate has been edited to include the correct number of 9s now, so i've edited it here too. Lol at none of us picking up on it.
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I'm in a vewy bad mood, Bwadley.
Group: Entertainment Mod
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05| 152chris / ? chris

00| Abdul Fareek / Pablo Escobar I don't actually mind you at all, and I think you contribute well to the chart forum. I just don't think we've ever communicated with each other at all, and sadly 0s have to go somewhere.

08| AdamAloud One of my favourite members! Those B&I wars were intense. / Justice for Something New!!

-1| Alex Range This -1 isn't because I find your music taste strange, because who am I to judge that? The problem is is that you're not very accepting of other people's tastes, and generally you come across as being pretty intolerant. Maybe that's a self defense mechanism because so many people don't get your taste? I guess you mean well, but just open your mind a bit more, and then maybe people will open their minds to you.

06| AnthonyT
06| AprilJ
05| Arrs
05| Atonement

07| * Ben * I hope you don't have any hard-feelings towards me! I know that you always mean well when you moderate, and I hope you know that I always mean well too.

09| Bré Whatever I used to find annoying about you in the past, I now find to be super endearing. Own your pedantry with pride! (moon)

05| Brett_Butler

00| Britster Her PopBars are iconic, but I don't know a thing about her beyond that.

05| Cal

08| Calum Hood Where have you been? ohmy.gif You're a good guy, misunderstood by some on here.

07| Calum Sandford I like what I've seen from you - keep posting!

06| Cameron
04| Casey
05| Cassandra
06| Chez Wombat
04| Common Sense

08| Conderella / Pavel I mostly see your posts in the Big Brother threads, and you're regularly on point! Your posts are always worth reading.

06| Dandy*
00| dannjohn3
05| Doctor Blind
07| EJ / Ethan

00| Eric_Blob I do believe you have improved this year, but there's something about you (well, your posts) that irritates me at times.

10| Eyes / Iz You're the epitome of what it is to be a nice person! Not many people are genuinely nice, but you really are - you never seem like you have any side to you at all. One of BuzzJack's very best!

07| Gezza I miss your chart countdowns! May they make a comeback very soon.

08| Gooddelta One of the friendliest members on here. Although we don't seem to speak often, I do read your posts and it's clear to see why you're such a well respected & popular member. I still remember how you liked my The Green Children entry in BJSC - if only you had been in my semi. laugh.gif

05| Grebo

04| Griff I'm not certain if you do have a problem with me, or if it's just indifference. Either way I think it's a shame, because I feel like there's absolutely no reason why we shouldn't get along... but if I don't float your boat, I'll accept that. I do think you're a sweet guy underneath it all.

08| Harve I really wish you were around more often!

10| HausOfKubrick "Sconee"! There's many things I could say, but... I won't. (drunk) (dull)! Only messing. I hope you know that I consider you to be a great friend - you're one of the loveliest people I've ever known from online, and I do hope that one day I'll meet you and some of the others! I just want to be a shady heidy to you in person (heidy) xx

07| Hurricane The Saturdays forum section just wouldn't be the same without you!

07| Insomnio I really enjoyed your Celine Dion rate, and I can tell that you're a passionate and charming person.

08| Jack I often check for your posts to see what you have to say - you're one of the members who stands out to me the most!

08| Jade On a male dominated forum, you stand out not just because you're female, but because you're a lovely all-round poster who contributes incredibly well here. I have enjoyed our interactions about our favourites songs in the personal chart forum. biggrin.gif

10| Jáhq I do hope we end up going to a Mel B concert one day. tongue.gif With Joseph of course. JJJ!

05| Jake
05| JakeWild
05| Jark
xx| Jay
07| Jester

08| JoeP I feel like we spoke more on BA, and sometimes via Twitter too, rather than here! I know via those places that you're a very nice guy, and I love to see your contributions in The Saturdays forum.

05| Johnkm

08| Jonjo Such a good-natured guy - one of the friendlist and most genuine people to be found here. <3

11 JosephStyles Joseph! What can I say? ( sarah16 ). We obviously share a lot of same tastes in music & "faves", and we absolutely have the exact same sense of humour as each other - you make me laugh so much! Above all, you're a fantastic friend. You're completely worthy of my 11. happy.gif

08| JSG You're a sweetheart! So glad to see you blossom on this forum. Would be wonderful to chat to you more one of these days!

06| Jsilv
06| Kath
06| Klumzee

10| Lee Wallace ( pixieflop: ) Capital may have snubbed The Saturdays, but I will never snub you. As always: you are a star. X

06| Let Go For 2Nite

09| LexC sofi: One of your best qualities is your sense of humour. It's quite dry on occasion, which appeals to me! It's been great getting to know you more over the past few months. I'm sorry that I wasn't fully on Team Lilit Hovhannisyan. X

07| Liam I don't believe we've ever had a one-to-one convo on here, but I do see your tweets from time to time and you seem like a great guy! You do on here as well, of course.

07| Liamk97 Was very pleased when you joined the chart mod team!

06| luk=

07| Mack / ukcsf Your taste in music is pretty much exactly the same as mine. You're my personal chart forum soul mate!

00| Mango
06| Mariah Scary

08| Mart!n/M!key You're always very pleasant and humorous! The chart forum just wouldn't be the same without you at all.

06| Martyn
06| Math
05| Mattias

05| Michael Honestly, you used to annoy me a lot. You still do sometimes! But you're without a doubt one of the most notable members on here, even if that's largely for all the wrong reasons, lol. I love that you adore 'Holler' - what an injustice that others don't see it's magnificence. wink.gif

06| Niall Minogue I've enjoyed the rates you host, so keep going with those!

07| Nick F1 Fellow Britney fan, where are you? I haven't noticed you around much lately!

09| NoahSpike You're such an intelligent & very engaging poster! Your point of view on all manner of things is always worth reading, because your posts are always written in a well-reasoned way. You've contributed to BuzzJack fantastically, and I'm certain you'll do extremely well in this rate.

07| Oliver

09| Oricon YuYu! It must be like two years now since you sent me your K-pop recommendations, LOL. I'm sorry. Just take this as a protest against your western girl-group shading ways. You're so kind-hearted & a ray of sunshine. happy.gif

06| Popchartfreak
05| RabbitFurCoat
07| RabbitHeart
08| randomfurlong

09| Regina *Generic "your taste in men & pop queens is of course absolutely flawess" comment here*. smoke.gif Beyond those obvious qualities, you're a pleasure to talk to via PM whenever we do PM each other, and of course via our chart comments (although I'm not regular with those, apologies)!

07| RiseR I like you! I hope we end up speaking more in the Skype convo. happy.gif

08| Rob Summers

10| Robot Just so you know... that was my fecking fish. biggrin.gif Rob, I feel like we've grown a lot closer as friends over the past year and I'm really glad about that! You constantly make me laugh, we share a lot of the same interests and basically you're the most fabulous straight guy I know - Lee AGOG!

06| Rooney

09| Ryan. ( ny2 ) Yay, Rayn. *Not a typo*. My favourite loony loon. Always a delight!

06| SeanToBeWild

09| SevenSeize Clearly I misunderstood you last year! You're great, and let's never forget: Seven is always correct. 7_7

06| Shadow2009 Possibly the biggest Saturdays loon here? You seem very nice and I'm sure your heart is in the right place, but sometimes I worry that you get too upset over how they're doing! Try and chill out, embrace the flops(!) and enjoy the music.

05| Silas

08| Silver Rocket / mr_aly I enjoy when you hate a song, because you don't tend to mince your words - I love that! Random, but I get the feeling that you'd be a great person to have a night out with! Overall, a great member.

00| Steve201 I do admire your passion about the charts, although you can be a bit stubborn and go on about the same things quite a lot.

07| Suedehead2
07| T Boy
08| Theo

07| Thermo I love your passion for dance music! I wish it wasn't becoming a dirty word in terms of BJSC, ha! You might be pleased to know that I am entering a dance genre song again this month. *.*

08| Tim
08| Toby
06| Totto

07| Tyler Even though we've not spoken, I obviously have love for a mega Britney fan!

06| Ultraviolence You have great enthusiasm for the chart forum and I appreciate that a lot!

10| Umi Umi. wub.gif You really do have the patience of a saint - I don't know how you put up with me sometimes! I'm glad you do though. You're hilarious, intelligent and very kind - I value our chats more than you probably know tbh. ( br29 )

06| Vidcapper Note: Use Google & YouTube as a tool! Haha. The number of time you've expressed bewilderment at a new artist being in the iTunes chart is quite amusing really. There will always be new artists. Obviously you contribute a lot to the chart forum in terms of stats, which I do appreciate.

00| Vulker

10| ? ketalina ? The wonderful Leww. wub.gif You're a riot! "omg l m a o!"-ing whenever you're around. <3
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QUOTE(Cameron @ Aug 4 2014, 09:25 AM) *
I apologize for the lack of comments but here is my rate...

0 | ¿ DESPEDIDO ? / ¿ BARBÁRICO ? I have yet to have a conversation with you so I am not too sure who you are, sorry sad.gif
6 | 152chris / ♒ chris
6 | Abdul Fareek / Pablo Escobar
7 | AdamAloud
6 | Alex Range
0 | AnthonyT I have yet to have a conversation with you so I am not too sure who you are, sorry sad.gif
11 | AprilJ My favourite poster. Always such a pleasure to talk to and always gives me support. You are such a nice person and are undoubtedly hysterical wub.gif
8 | Arrs
7 | Atonement
6 | * Ben *
8 | Bré
5| Brett_Butler
6 | Britster
6 | Cal
8 | Calum Hood I have always thought of you as a good poster
9 | Calum Sandford Such a nice guy who only started posting more as of recent, but I like what I see!
6 | Casey
7 | Cassandra
8 | Chez Wombat
8 | Common Sense
8 | Conderella / Pavel After being in bjbb and teams with you this year, you have become one of my favourite posters on buzzjack, its always great to read your posts
6 | Dandy*
0 | dannjohn3 I have yet to have a conversation with you so I am not too sure who you are, sorry sad.gif
5| Doctor Blind
6 | EJ / Ethan
4 | Eric_Blob
8 | Eyes / Iz
5 | Gezza
8 | Gooddelta I love reading your posts and your music blog, such a nice person biggrin.gif
0 | Grebo
8 | Griff I really enjoy reading your post, I find you interesting and would like to get to know you better tongue.gif
4 | Harve
7 | HausOfKubrick
9 | Hurricane I enjoy your posts heart.gif
7 | Insomnio
8 | Jack
10 | Jade You are such a positive poster, and I feel that you really do represent the best of buzzjack
9 | Jáhq One of the nicest guys around!
5 | Jake / ░░░░
4 | JakeWild
7 | Jark
7 | Jay
7 | Jester
6 | JoeP
8 | Johnkm I hadn't really seen much of your posts until teams this year, and I have to say, you are such an incredible poster!
9 | Jonjo One of the nicest people on here
9 | JosephStyles Such a great person and poster, you are always so nice and your music taste is fantastic.
10 | JSG If I could give out a 2nd 11, I would have given it to you. You comment on my chart every week without fail and have just been so nice to me in the sats forum and else where
7 | Jsilv
5 | Kath
7 | Klumzee
9 | Lee Wallace You helped me so much buy encouraging me to move out of the sats forum explore the rest of buzzjack, which is something I will never regret laugh.gif
10| Let Go For 2Nite Such a nice guy
10 | LexC Another one of my favourites. I loved being in bjbb with you and you truly deserved to win tongue.gif
8 | Liam I enjoy reading your posts and like you as a whole tongue.gif
5 | LiamK97
6 | luk=
6| Mack
4 | Mango
0 | Mariah Scary I have yet to have a conversation with you so I am not too sure who you are, sorry sad.gif
5 | Martyn
7 | Mart!n/M!key You comment on my personal chart every week without fail, which I respect you for
5 | Math
7 | Mattias
8 | Michael Your posts are hilarious
0 | Niall Minogue I have yet to have a conversation with you so I am not too sure who you are, sorry sad.gif
7 | Nick F1
7 | NoahSpike
7 | Oliver
8 | Oricon
7 | Popchartfreak
8 | RabbitFurCoat
8 | RabbitHeart
5 | randomfurlong
8 | Regina The fact you are a Lawson fan, automatically gives you a 7, but the 8 is for your personality tongue.gif
10 | RiseR Such a nice person, one of my favs wub.gif
7 | Rob Summers
8 | Robot Another poster who's posts I enjoy reading! biggrin.gif
7 | Rooney
9 | Ryan.
6 | SeanToBeWild
7 | SevenSeize
-1 | Shadow2009 I am not a big fan of your negativity tbh
8 | Silas
7| Silver Rocket
0 | Steve201 I have yet to have a conversation with you so I am not too sure who you are, sorry sad.gif
8 | Suedehead2
7 | T Boy
7 | Theo
8 | Thermo
10 | Tim wub.gif Such a nice guy, I enjoy your posts and your comments on the forum
6 | Toby
6 | Totto Hilarious!
8 | Tyler
8| Ultraviolence A great new poster, the only thing that bothers me a tad is your swearing in the chart show laugh.gif other than that, I hope you stay here for a good while biggrin.gif
10 | Umi I admire you, and you rooted for me in bjbb, and you were such a pleasure to have as a team mate in teams this year!
6 | Vidcapper
6 | Vulker
8 | ✖ ketalina ✖ Love your posts and you as a person, I find you hilarious biggrin.gif

QUOTE(Ultraviolence @ Aug 4 2014, 09:37 AM) *
Hi, I really wished I could give more higher and less negative rates. Anyway here goes. I have given a lot of 0's and 1's because as I've only been around, I don't know that many of these members. For most members if I have wrote DKY, it means don't know you or I don't know you that well

00 | ¿ DESPEDIDO ? / ¿ BARBÁRICO ? - Don't know you sorry
02 | 152chris / ♒ chris- Don't know you that well
06 | Abdul Fareek / Pablo Escobar
06 | AdamAloud
04 | Alex Range
01 | AnthonyT- Don't really know you
10 | AprilJ- Amazing member who is really kind
00 | Arrs- DKY
01 | Atonement- DKY
08 | * Ben *- Love the buzz jack Sunday chart show
10 | Bré- Helps so much around the forum and makes really interesting posts
04 | Brett_Butler
03 | Britster
00 | Cal- DKY
03 | Calum Hood
03 | Calum Sandford
10 | Cameron- So so so so close to my 11, 2nd in my rankings. So welcoming, love your posts and personal chart and is just an amazing member
00 | Casey- DKY
02 | Cassandra- DKY
05 | Chez Wombat
00 | Common Sense- DKY
05 | Conderella / Pavel
00 | Dandy*- DKY
00 | dannjohn3- DKY
05 | Doctor Blind
04 | EJ / Ethan
05 | Eric_Blob
08 | Eyes / Iz- Love the record of the decade section and really good poster
00 | Gezza- DKY
07 | Gooddelta
00 | Grebo- DKY
-1 | Griff- I do really like you, this is more just based on that you're the only person I got angry with over that comment last week on why do you hate streaming.
00 | Harve- DKY
08 | HausOfKubrick
09 | Hurricane- Saturdays lover and girl power. Winning combination
08 | Insomnio- Another lover of films
08 | Jack- 'Cady do you even know who sings this' 'The Spice Girls' 'I love her, she's like a Martian'
10 | Jade- Great poster, love her top 200 singles countdown and is really really nice
06 | Jáhq
04 | Jake / ░░░░
04 | JakeWild
05 | Jark
08 | Jay
08 | Jester- Love the Buzzjack Sunday chart show
04 | JoeP
00 | Johnkm- DKY
05 | Jonjo
11 | JosephStyles- Loved the personal countdown, loves amazing artists such as girls aloud and Kate Nash, always so kind and helpful (especially with the cover sleeves) and many more reasons why JosephStyles is my favourite member
08 | JSG- Recommended black roses to me and always comments on my personal chart
10 | Jsilv- Always so kind and welcoming, comments on my personal chart and we share the same birthday smile.gif
00 | Kath- DKY
05 | Klumzee
10 | Lee Wallace- Let me do my Saturdays least favourite song poll and is another member who is always kind and nice
10 | Let Go For 2Nite- Loves fantastic artists
00 | LexC- DKY
09 | Liam- Really nice member who was one of the most active in the great Disney songs rate
09 | LiamK97- Great mod
00| luk=- DKY
00 | Mack / ukcsf- DKY
03 | Mango- Don't really know you
00 | Mariah Scary- DKY
04 | Martyn
09 | Mart!n/M!key- Great helpful mod always giving me my let it go data (which will stop now)
07 | Math
05 | Mattias
02 | Michael
08| Niall Minogue- Did the great Christina Aguilera rate
07 | Nick F1
06 | NoahSpike
05 | Oliver
04 | Oricon
07 | Popchartfreak- Love the retro charts
05 | RabbitFurCoat
08 | RabbitHeart- Another film lover
00 | randomfurlong- SKY
09 | Regina- Amazing member and loves Jennifer Lopez smile.gif
07 | RiseR
06 | Rob Summers
08 | Robot
00 | Rooney- DKY
09 | Ryan.
06 | SeanToBeWild
05 | SevenSeize
05 | Shadow2009
03 | Silas
05 | Silver Rocket / mr_aly
00 | Steve201- DKY
08 | Suedehead2- Love the chart commentaries
06 | T Boy
04 | Theo
08 | Thermo
08 | Tim- Loves the Saturdays and is a eat and amazing poser
00 | Toby- DKY
08 | Totto- I'm sure this is the other Sats poster who hates higher so go Totto. Aso really like his posts
04 | Tyler
07 | Umi
09 | Vidcapper- Love the YTD sales. I always just used to wait for the official charts company year end posts
00 | Vulker- DKY
01 | ✖ ketalina ✖- DKY that well

QUOTE(jsilv @ Aug 4 2014, 11:38 AM) *
08| ¿ DESPEDIDO ? / ¿ BARBÁRICO ? • don't see a lot of you, but when i do i always admire how well thought out your posts are and they are always interesting
08| 152chris / ♒ chris • very nice person with interesting posts, you have a very good sense of humour too
03 | Abdul Fareek / Pablo Escobar
07 | AdamAloud • whenever i see your posts, you always seem to positive, you're quite intriguing too
07 | Alex Range
00 | AnthonyT • i don't really see you around much, not worthy of a 0 at all but i have to give out seven sad.gif
07 | AprilJ • very nice person and a fellow nicki stan, you have a good personal chart too
00 | Arrs • i think you stopped posting before i really started so i dont know you very well
07 | Atonement • you seem really interesting, i like reading your posts a lot
08 | * Ben * • vital member of the chart forum, full of information and has some very good ideas. should be a 9 but i dont have enough ..
10'| Bré • walking talking chart factfile, very funny and a lovely person, very welcoming. heir to the throne of my 11
07 | Brett_Butler • wish you posted more, all of your posts seem great from what ive seen
08 | Britster • always full of international chart information, thank you for posting charts from all around the world and providing popbars and all things like that
08 | Cal • you seem very thoughtful and your posts are always very well written
07 | Calum Hood • great sense of humour, your gifs are great
08 | Calum Sandford • a great poster, your posts always have a very fuuny aspect to them
07 | Cameron • great personal chart and also very kind, great member of the sats forum
00 | Casey • never really seen you around, i know the username and you seem lovely, would be worthy of a higher score definitely but i have to give out seven zeros..
07 | Cassandra • very well organised and always running nice things for the contest but a bit scary
08 | Chez Wombat • very well organised, insightful posts and a lovely person. was a 9 but i had too many
06 | Common Sense • some of your threads are a bit on the weird side but you seem very nice
08 | Conderella / Pavel • hardworking mod and very funny
08 | Dandy* • your posts are very interesting and engaging, just wish you'd post more sad.gif
00 | dannjohn3 • dont recognise the name at all, must be before my time
08 | Doctor Blind • absolutely amazing sense of humour, your posts always have me chuckling
08 | EJ / Ethan • very nice person, full of dance knowledge and a valuable member for sure
07 | Eric_Blob
08 | Eyes / Iz • definitely one of the nicest people here, your posts are always a pleasure to read too
08 | Gezza • brimming with interesting countdowns and facts, vital member of the chart forum
08 | Gooddelta • very welcoming, kind and funny. i always rush to see your posts because they're always very interesting
06 | Grebo • dont see you lots but you seem lovely in the indie/alt forum
05 | Griff • sometimes you can be a bit argumentative, thats all really
07 | Harve • couldn't possibly think of one bad post you've made but i just wish you posted more
09 | HausOfKubrick • one of the most interesting and kind members here for sure, always full of good idea too
07 | Hurricane • great member of the sats forum
07 | Insomnio • very enthusiastic and thats nice to see
07 | Jack
07 | Jade
08 |Jáhq • kindhearted, organised, fun, just wish youd post more
08 |Jake / ░░░░ • very funny, i always enjoy your threads/posts
00 | JakeWild • recognise the name but dont know a lot about you
07 | Jark
08 | Jay • got to be one of the best music tastes around
08 | Jester • amazing asset to the chart forum and always getting involved
07 | JoeP • full of sats itunes updates so we know what to expect from waywf
08 | Johnkm • funny and interesting, you also seem to have very organised/well planned posts
08 | Jonjo
10 | JosephStyles • very organised, good ideas and a great mod. id like to thank you for your continued work on the multichart and artist forums too
08 | JSG
xx | Jsilv
00 | Kath • stopped posting as soon as i started so dont know well
08 | Klumzee • valuable mod, with interesting posts
09 | Lee Wallace • kind/welcoming, sats forum legend, great sense of humour
07 | Let Go For 2Nite • should definitely venture more into other subforums, youre a great poster
07 | LexC
09 | Liam • very very interesting, you're really intriguing as a person, funny too
08 | LiamK97 • great chart mid, always packed with info and very kind too
07 | luk=
05 | Mack / ukcsf
08 | Mango • i feel your views are very interesting, i like reading your personal chart comments
00 | Mariah Scary • never see you outside of bjsc so i dont know much about you
07 | Martyn
10 | Mart!n/M!key• excellent chart mod, interesting, kind and always up for a laugh. you're very informative too
08 | Math • glad you're posting more now, a great poster
08 | Mattias • really nice, your youtube videos are great too. such a nice person. was a 9 but i had too many ...
07 | Michael • very interesting
07 | Niall Minogue • i admire how many rates you're doing, they're all great so keep it up
05 | Nick F1 • very nice but hardly ever posts
10 | NoahSpike • your posts are absolutely amazing and full of interesting points
07 | Oliver
07 | Oricon
07 | Popchartfreak
07 | RabbitFurCoat
07 | RabbitHeart
08 | randomfurlong • posts are great, full of good points
09 | Regina • seem so lovely and full of gifs for every scenario
10'| RiseR • one of the kindest members here, very welcoming and your posts always excite me, you have such a talent for writing interesting things
08 | Rob Summers • such a lovely person and your views are interesting, wish youd come to some other forums more often
08 | Robot
07 | Rooney
10 | Ryan. • so very well organised and a great mod
07 | SeanToBeWild
09 | SevenSeize • great music taste, very funny and your posts are always a great read.
06 | Shadow2009
07 | Silas
07 | Silver Rocket / mr_aly
06 | Steve201
06 | Suedehead2 • chart commentary is great to read so i wish you posted more
-1 | T Boy • a bit pessimistic, not -1 worthy and more like 6 worthy but apparently i MUST give a -1
05 | Theo
11 | Thermo • very interesting, organised, full of ideas, kind, funny, and that personal chart is worthy of an 11 anyway
09 | Tim
00 | Toby
08 | Totto
08 | Tyler • great sense of humour, britney gifs galore.
09 | Ultraviolence • i admire your enthusiasm, and you always have good ideas to spice things up a bit
10 |Umi
08 | Vidcapper • beyond thankful for your YTD threads
00 | Vulker
08 | ✖ ketalina ✖ • vv funny

that was hard

QUOTE(Joe. @ Aug 4 2014, 12:27 PM) *
I know it's reciprocated, but I haven't got a clue who half of you are, and it shows in my scores - apologies.

05 | 152chris / ♒ chris
06 | Abdul Fareek / Pablo Escobar – Annoying, but makes me laugh all the same
07 | AdamAloud – Always enjoy his posts. I couldn’t not give a decent score to a Girls Aloud fan
03 | Alex Range
05 | AnthonyT
08 | AprilJ – Funny, realistic poster in the Sats forum.
05 | Arrs
05 | Atonement
06 | * Ben *
03 | Bré – The most pedantic poster ever.
00 | Brett_Butler
00 | Britster
07 | Cal
06 | Calum Hood
07 | Calum Sandford – always a pleasure reading his posts.
08 | Cameron – Another friendly soul.
00 | Casey – Sorry, picked a name I didn’t recognise randomly to fill up the 00s.
07 | Cassandra
06 | Chez Wombat
07 | Common Sense
06 | Conderella / Pavel - I do love IAMIWHOAMI
07 | Dandy*
05 | dannjohn3
06 | Doctor Blind
05 | EJ / Ethan
06 | Eric_Blob
08 | Eyes / Iz – Really enjoyed getting to know Eyes during our teams task.
07 | Gezza
00 | Gooddelta
02 | Grebo
07 | Griff – Griff was another I enjoyed getting to know in teams.
09 | Harve
08 | HausOfKubrick – Never really spoken, but always enjoying Haus’ posts.
10 | Hurricane – Love Hurricane, she’s a great contributor and I USUALLY agree with what she has to say.
04 | Insomnio
06 | Jack
08 | Jade
03 | Jáhq
08 | Jake / ░░░░ - Another one from Team questionflops, that I enjoyed speaking to.
04 | JakeWild
05 | Jark
10 | Jay – I’ve probably known Jay for the longest, always a pleasure to speak to or read the posts of.
06 | Jester
06 | Johnkm
07 | Jonjo – I don’t know JonJo very well but he seems sweet.
09 | JosephStyles – Don’t agree with Joseph on everything, but I always enjoy reading his posts regardless.
07 | JSG - Enjoy the fellow loon enthusiasm from this one.
08 | Jsilv – #TeamSats
05 | Kath
00 | Klumzee – Sorry, I have no idea. Gotta fill up those 00s.
10 | Lee Wallace – Best guy ever – ..ahem.. Genuinely though, Lee has been pretty welcoming, while so much shade has been thrown elsewhere.
09 | Let Go For 2Nite- Foxes/Saturdays – YES.
06 | LexC
07 | Liam
07 | LiamK97 – Always appreciate the BPI updates. wink.gif
01 | luk=
03 | Mack / ukcsf
07 | Mango – Always enjoy the chart forum posts from Mango.
00 | Mariah Scary - Sorry, needed a 0.
07 | Martyn - #TeamSats
07 | Mart!n/M!key – Really good mod, keeps us all in the know on sales, etc.
07 | Math - #TeamQuestionFlops
04 | Mattias
06 | Michael
06 | Niall Minogue
05 | Nick F1
06 | NoahSpike
03 | Oliver
04 | Oricon
05 | Popchartfreak
05 | RabbitFurCoat
09 | RabbitHeart – Great poster and I loved being in your team, even though we fell on our faces.
11 | randomfurlong – The only poster here that I’ve ever met in person. It would just be plain awkward if I didn't give him a decent score.
09 | Regina – I love Regina’s posts. Often making me laugh out loud. Waking Up in Vegas.
04 | RiseR
06 | Rob Summers
06 | Robot
06 | Rooney
07 | Ryan. - similar tastes in pop music I think smile.gif
08 | SeanToBeWild – Sats Stan forever.
07 | SevenSeize – happily posts BBCR1 Playlists for us to all complain about R1 being sexist and ageist every week.
06 | Shadow2009 – Rambles like Una, but I can’t deny that I agree with a lot of what’s said.
04 | Silas
08 | Silver Rocket / mr_aly – I often agree with Mr Aly’s sometimes rather strong opinions.
01 | Steve201
02 | Suedehead2
07 | T Boy – Team QuestionFlops. Also, fellow Welsh
05 | Theo
07 | Thermo
08 | Tim - Twitter friend Tim <3
00 | Toby
08 | Totto – Hates me but is Hilarious.
04 | Tyler
07 | Ultraviolence – Really nice new poster, no idea why I was voted so low, but eh, I’m feeling nice.
06 | Umi – Was once rude to me, but I’m growing to enjoy Umi’s posts.
06 | Vidcapper – A very USEFUL member.
03 | Vulker
-1 | ✖ ketalina ✖-

QUOTE(Regina @ Aug 4 2014, 01:06 PM) *

ReginaRate2014 is sponsored by Alanis Morissette. Everyone gets an Alanis line, some reflect my feelings on said poster,
some are just randomly put there.
Decide yourselves whether or not you think the lyrics reflect you.

06 | ¿ DESPEDIDO ? / ¿ BARBÁRICO ? “I recommend walking around naked in your living room”
00 | 152chris / ♒ chris “Be a good boy, try a little harder, you've got to measure up”
01 | Abdul Fareek / Pablo Escobar “You never think twice before you break all the rules”
03 | AdamAloud “I'd have an orgasm still it wouldn't come”
02 | Alex Range “i've seen their upward glances in hopes of instant salvation”
06 | AnthonyT “See this pedestal is high and I'm afraid of heights”
00 | AprilJ “There's an underestimated and impatient little girl”
01 | Arrs “My heart makes no apologies”
04 | Atonement “It's not a game, it's a revelation. Just another day in the real world”
07 | * Ben * “Now don't overdo it when you shake your thing”
01 | Bré “all that remains is the case, that it's a bitch to grow up”
05 | Brett_Butler “I am a citizen of the planet, my laws are all of attraction”
01 | Britster “I declare a moratorium on things relationship”
06 | Cal “This is in praise of the vulnerable man, why won’t you lead the rest of your cavalry home”
-1 | Calum Hood “Conclusions you come to of me routinely incorrect, I don’t know who you’re talking to with such f***ing disrespect”
07 | Calum Sandford “I am dancing with my friends in elation, we’ve taken adventures to new levels of fun”
05 | Cameron “These versions of violence, sometimes subtle sometimes clear.
02 | Casey “Both directions speak a lie, up or down”
07 | Cassandra “I'm wise and ambitious, and angry and free”
06 | Chez Wombat “Guru teacher Guruji I bow to you”
00 | Common Sense “I see you abusing the land.”
10 | Conderella / Pavel “What part of your memory is selective and tends to forget?”
07 | Dandy* “I have been running so sweaty my whole life”
02 | dannjohn3 “I'll re-define self-sacrifice, live my life as apologetic compromise”
01 | Doctor Blind “You see it's too much to ask for and I am not the doctor”
02 | EJ / Ethan “You've got to give what you got and take what I'm givin' you baby”
04 | Eric_Blob “You got a plastic girl in a plastic bed”
08 | Eyes / Iz “These precious illusions in my head did not let me down when I was defenceless”
06 | Gezza “Several hours and several ways I'll feast on scraps thrown from you”
09 | Gooddelta “you are the original template, you are the original exemplary”
03 | Grebo “Rock solid, stays in touch and Doth I protest too much?”
00 | Griff “I sabotage myself for fear of what my bigness could do”
05 | Harve “You're livin' right along with the New Brady Bunch”
10 | HausOfKubrick “Always too hot never too cold, you make your best shot too hot to hold”
00 | Hurricane “Be a good girl you've gotta try a little harder, that simply wasn't good enough”
00 | Insomnio “Cause I'm repulsed by restriction, at least that's my excuse”
09 | Jack “You've already won me over in spite of me, And don't be alarmed if I fall head over feet”
09 | Jade “I am a Joan of Arc and smart enough to believe this, I am a princess on the way to my throne”
03 | Jáhq “Sometimes life is so unkind, but change is never a waste of time”
01 | Jake / ░░░░ “are you still mad I didn't trust your intentions?”
06 | JakeWild “If I jump in this fountain, will I be forgiven”
00 | Jark “I'll show you how leaderships looks when taught by the best”
08 | Jay “I would be open to spending time with you”
09 | Jester “I'm having dreams in the night of you baby and Sigmund Freud would have thought I was crazy”
04 | JoeP “It was the night Rod Stewart played and we were, were standing in the pouring rain”
09 | Johnkm “It's a black fly in your Chardonnay”
10 | Jonjo “You owe me nothing for giving the love that I give”
09 | JosephStyles “I'm sad but I'm laughing, I'm brave but I'm chickenshit”
10 | JSG “I know you sexualize me like a young thing would and I think I like it”
07 | Jsilv “So here we go out here on the edge of evolution”
01 | Kath “I can be an asshole of the grandest kind”
04 | Klumzee “From scratch begin again but this time I as I and not as we”
05 | Lee Wallace “Bring on the Tequila oh. On fire on Tequila oh,”
02 | Let Go For 2Nite “Hand upon a dimmer switch”
08 | LexC “Don't leave me here with all these critical voices”
11 | Liam “Like anyone would be, I am flattered by your fascination with me”
10 | LiamK97 “Spinning my wheels around, I’m here, dodging bullets til you”
06 | luk= “My little one enthralled by the redwoods”
01 | Mack “I give hard, provide hard and now I need some relief”
03 | Mango “I wanted money and hope and a dream to carry me forever”
02 | Mariah Scary “I've lived as much hell as you have and i've kept mine bubbling under for you”
05 | Martyn “I'll carve my face up if you'll indulge me”
07 | Mart!n/M!key “And you’re like a nineties Kennedy and you’re really a million years old”
08 | Math “I'm a sweet piece of work, well intentioned yet disturbed”
08 | Mattias “resilient, you are, big time, you are, ruthless, you are, precious, you are”
02 | Michael “i'd be lying if I said I was completely unscathed”
00 | Niall Minogue “And now I see the maddness in me is brought out in the presence of you”
08 | Nick F1 “I thought we'd be sexy together, thought we'd be evolving together”
02 | NoahSpike “But who's it hurting now? Who's the one that's stuck?”
07 | Oliver “How I've spun my wheels with carts before my horse”
07 | Oricon “You, you in the chaos feigning sane”
02 | Popchartfreak “would run away and say good riddance, soon enough”
03 | RabbitFurCoat “Oh these little rejections how they add up quickly”
05 | RabbitHeart “that I would be good even if I lost sanity”
08 | randomfurlong “How bout them transparent dangling carrots”
xx | Regina "I might want to marry you one day if you watch that weight and keep your firm body"
07 | RiseR “Between my fist and my Pollyanna flower”
05 | Rob Summers “Do you have a big intellectual capacity but know that it alone does not equate to wisdom?”
08 | Robot “So pure, such an expression”
07 | Rooney “And out came depth and out comes healing”
00 | Ryan. “I walked into his office I felt so self-conscious on the couch”
04 | SeanToBeWild “And I have been missing the rapture this whole time of being forever incomplete”
06 | SevenSeize “Then I move across the sea to European bliss”
02 | Shadow2009 “my sprinklers go off at 6pm each day”
09 | Silas “I have the bravest heart that you've ever seen”
10 | Silver Rocket “You make the knees of my bees weak, tremble and buckle”
01 | Steve201 "hey dude I could buy and sell this place so kiss it"
06 | Suedehead2 “Entertain me for the tenth hour in a row again”
10 | T Boy “I guess I share and you share back, Is that right?”
07 | Theo “My bed is so safe here and my rose-colored glasses, they're broken”
04 | Thermo “Why do I care whether you like me or not?”
03 | Tim “Eyebrows raise and facades do fade”
03 | Toby “After a year like this one I'm surprised I did not hate your guts”
01 | Totto “Sarah's only 10 and she's attracted to older men and they seem to like her back”
07 | Tyler “I miss your smell and your style and your pure abiding way”
00 | Ultraviolence “If I don't say something soon I will break from the weight of the high road I take”
00 | Umi “Dear popular boy I know you're used to getting everything so easily”
01 | Vidcapper “We watch movies of murder and we censor the breast ”
07 | Vulker “All these thoughts in my head aren't my own, wreaking havoc”
07 | ✖ ketalina ✖ “I would have kept my boundaries set, my loving no’s, my unwavering yes’s”

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Joined: 14-February 10

QUOTE(T Boy @ Aug 4 2014, 05:40 PM) *
Right, no fanfare, just a basic, honest rate.
07 | ¿ DESPEDIDO ? / ¿ BARBÁRICO ? -We don't talk much but your posts are always an interesting read.
04 | 152chris / ♒ -Chris don't really notice you
00 | Abdul Fareek / Pablo Escobar-I would rather your older 9 year old brother was a member. I don't like you.
06 | AdamAloud-don't see much of you, but you seem alright.
00 | Alex Range-Learn to let go of other people's opinions please.
08 | AnthonyT-extremely level headed member who always has interesting posts.
07 | AprilJ-I like you, April, despite the fact a certain member tried to make out I have a tirade against the women of this forum. You're also a fellow teacher so you UNDERSTAND.
07 | Arrs-not seen a lot of you recently but you have never been an offensive member.
01 | Atonement-low Pink rates, dude.
07 | * Ben *-resourceful member I've never had issues with.
08 | Bré-the Maroon 5 hatred stops this going any higher, you've grown on me.
08 | Brett_Butler-another level headed member.
01 | Britster-you have literally one function.
07 | Cal-nice, friendly person.
00 | Calum Hood-you've not been around as much but I still dislike you. Too wannabe and way too many gifs.
00 | Calum Sandford-don't enjoy your posts, feels like you've been trying to throw your weight around.
08 | Cameron-excellent music taste.
06 | Casey-no complaints, but we don't talk much.
10 | Cassandra-in my opinion, hilarious member-or am I just trying to get into the oil' boys clique?
09 | Chez Wombat-you view 1998 as old which scares me but you are a top poster.
00 | Common Sense-please stop commenting on teachers/teaching. You have no idea.
10 | Conderella / Pavel-another hilarious poster and a Dido fan to boot.
09 | Dandy*-very intelligent poster from what I see.
00 | dannjohn3-this needs little explanation but you've disappeared regardless.
09 | Doctor Blind-we don't often see eye to eye but despite how it comes across sometimes I do very much respect your opinions.
00 | EJ / Ethan-don't really know you but you seem arrogant.
01 | Eric_Blob-sometimes you're ok. But not most of the time.
10 | Eyes / Iz-always seem to be my Teams leader and extremely fair person.
07 | Gezza-where have the countdowns gone?
10 | Gooddelta- genuinely good poster and not in a kiss arse way. Your views on 1998 are epic.
04 | Grebo-don't know you so have an average score.
09 | Griff-much improved, often misunderstood but most of the time I get you.
08 | Harve-friendly poster.
09 | HausOfKubrick-I went against the grain last year and gave you a low score. I understand the hype a lot more this year.
01 | Hurricane-I still don't know who you are.
03 | Insomnio-we barely interact.
08 | Jack-someone who isn't afraid to tell it as it is. We need more of you.
08 | Jade-friendly member who doesn't come across as a kiss arse.
08 | Jáhq-good contributor to the forum.
10 | Jake / ░░░░-you've definitely become a fave. Once again, telling things as they are and not afraid of the backlash.
03 | JakeWild-the name is familiar but nothing else, sorry.
10 | Jark-very humorous member.
08 | Jay-almost gave you a low score because I confused you with Jay17. You're miles better.
08 | Jester-a lot of respect for the work you do.
08 | JoeP-fellow question flop.
10 | Johnkm-you're hilarious but you should have accepted the answer Islamabad.
09 | Jonjo-always a pleasure to see your posts.
07 | JosephStyles-I like you more now but please readjust the music taste! It remains horrific.
04 | JSG-but too much of a crowd pleaser for a good score.
05 | Jsilv-I could be bitter and punish you for that -1. But I'm bigger than that. Bit too crowd pleaser also, get some personality.
00 | Kath-I toyed with the -1 here but no. You are awful. You make light of serious issues and you tried to accuse me of bullying women.
08 | Klumzee-way better than that Leona freak.
08 | Lee Wallace-would love to give you more but, you know, limits. I get you more than I used to.
02 | Let Go For 2Nite-you like Foxes but I know little else.
08 | LexC-amusing poster
08 | Liam-how I'd love to give you more points. Nice guy with a good music taste.
04 | LiamK97-we don't talk at all
03 | luk=-I'm struggling to think of a single post of yours.
03 | Mack / ukcsf-also struggling.
06 | Mango-you're alright but we differ on Radio 1.
08 | Mariah Scary-another funny member.
07 | Martyn-you seem good
07 | Mart!n/M!key-everyone's fave grampa.
08 | Math-another question flop.
08 | Mattias-we don't interact much but I like your posts.
-1 | Michael-purely for the hilarity of the situation. Pink rules.
00 | Niall Minogue
01 | Nick F1-don't know you.
08 | NoahSpike-promising new poster.
08 | Oliver-I need more 9s! My alias.
07 | Oricon-good poster.
07 | Popchartfreak-very informative posts.
07 | RabbitFurCoat-I feel you haven't been around for a while?
08 | RabbitHeart-still lamenting lack of 9s and 10s. Great sense of humour.
08 | randomfurlong-nice rebrand.
11 | Regina- no real explanations necessary but know one understands Dido, Matt Cardle or Anastacia quite like you.
08 | RiseR-another poster I've noticed that I like.
07 | Rob Summers-good music taste.
07 | Robot-good contributor.
08 | Rooney-funny guy.
00 | Ryan.-you supposedly have a good personality, why don't you show it?
01 | SeanToBeWild-not sure about anything about you.
07 | SevenSeize-I enjoy your posts.
01 | Shadow2009-who is she?
09 | Silas-humorous and realistic. Breath of fresh air.
08 | Silver Rocket / mr_aly-I like you besides your hatred of Leave Me Alone (I'm Lonely)
02 | Steve201-same posts all the time.
08 | Suedehead2-good commentaries and you complimented my moobs.
xx | T Boy
04 | Theo-can't think of much to say.
07 | Thermo-teams made me appreciate you more.
08 | Tim-you're great, I want more 9s. Gave you an unfair low score last year.
07 | Toby-very funny member.
01 | Totto-what is a Totto?
07 | Tyler-funny member.
00 | Ultraviolence-very forceful opinions, maybe just need to grow up a little.
08 | Umi-another level headed member.
03 | Vidcapper-useful but stop revelling in the fact your opinions differ to others.
06 | Vulker-don't know much about you but you seem alright.
07. ✖ ketalina ✖you're alright but the term ketalina faves grates whether you coined it or not.

QUOTE(Mattias @ Aug 4 2014, 06:22 PM) *
08 | ? 152chris - I like you Chris. You are one of the ones that for me, seem like... a bird flying in every once in a little bit, gives a little comment or opinion, and I react to it positively.
05 | Abdul Fareek
00 | AdamAloud
00 | Alex Range
07 | AnthonyT - I really enjoy your passion towards music. We need to strike up a convo about Tori Amos' latest one which I adore! Hope you do too, ha.
04 | AprilJ
08 | Arrs - I haven't seen you around much lately, but I always really enjoy you. Great to have another poster on here that speaks in psychobabble at times, haha.
05 | Atonement
05 | * Ben *
08 | Bré - Growing on me more and more.
07 | Brett_Butler - I quite enjoy your sort of 'dry' posts at times.
05 | Britster
07 | Cal - For whatever reason, I get you and Umi mixed up a lot. I like you both though, so 7's for both! hehe
05 | Calum Hood
05 | Calum Sandford
08 | Cameron - I like your name and I like you. You came across really well in Buzzjack Big Brother (or was it something else? Alias?), which I don't think I participated in but I read some of it... I think you made a very good impression on a lot of people on the site. You seem lovely.
09 | Casey - Always have time for you, even though you've faded away a bit recently.
06 | Cassandra - You've grown on me. In the past year or whatever, there have been less and less moments where I'm reading a Cassandra post and feel like screaming. You must be doing something right lately then. You almost had a 7, but whilst you do speak sense a lot of the time, and many of your posts are enjoyable to read, at times you are still a little too cruel or something. Maybe next time, eh.
10 | Chez Wombat - Easily one of my favourite posters. So so likable, but at the same time quite witty. I mean come on! Your rate last year?! How did you manage that? Took a lot of effort. Shows you have a lot of intelligence and a good mind. This shows in your regular posts as well, keep it up!
04 | Common Sense
08 | Conderella / Pavel - I enjoy conversing with you around the forums. We should bring this into the PM box too sometime, yeah?
08 | Dandy*
07 | dannjohn3 - A lot of people don't seem to get you, but as I said somewhere once before, you are like a star, like an artist. I quite enjoyed those videos you put up some time ago for that reason. Art is often misunderstood, as you seem to be.
00 | Doctor Blind
00 | EJ
00 | Eric_Blob
08 | Eyes / Iz - Your posting style comes across as extremely calm and collected, which I quite like. Very intelligent guy, lots to say and always expressed eloquently.
00 | Gezza
06 | Gooddelta - You are obviously a very powerful force on the site (well, more so a few years ago when you were more prolific), and I like your sort of calm, collected approach to posting.
05 | Grebo
09 | Griff - I have a soft spot in my heart for you, and I don't even really know why. I just like you. Always have, even when others didn't. I'm glad you seem to be growing on people, just show your true nature and people will continue to 'get' you as I'm sure you are a really nice, cool, fun person in real life.
09 | Harve - I really enjoy reading you. I'm surprised you have been to the little town where I went to school for a few years! (Tullow in Ireland)
06 | HausOfKubrick - It's interesting with you because for a while now, you have been among everyone's favourites, but I have yet to really see what you are truly about... or something. I don't think we have ever properly conversed. I like your signature though!
05 | Hurricane
05 | Insomnio
05 | Jack
08 | Jade
06 | Jáhq
05 | Jake / ¦¦¦¦
11 | JakeWild - The rate is kind of like a retrospective of the last year in a way, and within the last year, I don't think I have interacted with another Buzzjack member as much as you, outside the forums (excluding Sabrewulf but he's not in the rate). We haven't even conversed THAT much (still more than with others though, let's face it, I don't exactly get PM's every day), but the little bit that we have done, has worked on me. Great guy. I think it would be fun to hang out with you in real life too.
08 | Jark
05 | Jay
08 | Jester
05 | JoeP
06 | Johnkm
07 | Jonjo
07 | JosephStyles
08 | JSG - You're sweet because you come across so naive and innocent. I like having you around.
08 | Jsilv - Thanks for being interested in my videos.
05 | Kath
07 | Klumzee
04 | Lee Wallace
05 | Let Go For 2Nite
07 | LexC - Your signature is amazing. Thank you for providing it to the forum.
09 | Liam - Easily one of the most memorable members, for me. Your posting style is very pleasant, but at the same time there doesn't seem to be an ounce of pretention in you. Just really sincere and open. Your posts 'flow' really well somehow, which makes them easy and enjoyable to read.
05 | LiamK97
05 | luk=
05 | Mack
05 | Mango
07 | Mariah Scary
06 | Martyn
06 | Mart!n/M!key
05 | Math
xx | Mattias
-1 | Michael - Ok so someone has to get a -1. I don't hate you, it's just your posts often come across so silly and annoying. You're just too much. Your posts are often difficult to read. Also, why do you feel the need to constantly say that you are the 'Charmed/Buffy of the site'? Gee. I like parts of you though, you seem sweet and have tons of personality. But... it's in the rules, I'm sorry. No hard feelings, m'kay?
05 | Niall Minogue
05 | Nick F1
05 | NoahSpike
05 | Oliver
05 | Oricon
05 | Pablo Escobar
05 | Popchartfreak
06 | RabbitFurCoat
06 | RabbitHeart
08 | randomfurlong - I like you, and you seem to like me. So I think we should interact more.
08 | Regina - The one Buzzjacker I have had a dream about (that I remember). Must mean something, haha! We've definitely drifted apart a little bit, but I still like you. You're down to earth but at the same time you have this... swagger? Fun guy.
08 | RiseR
05 | Rob Summers
07 | Robot - You are one that is kind of growing on me. I need to keep my eye on you to really get to know your presence on the forum a little better.
06 | Rooney - I've gone through periods where I've really liked you, then I've gone through periods where you annoy me a bit for some reason. Right now, you are more towards the liking you part so have a 6.
06 | Ryan.
05 | SeanToBeWild
05 | SevenSeize
05 | Shadow2009
07 | Silas - Pretty much the same deal as with Rooney. I ended up giving you one more point, because I do like having you around on the site.
07 | Silver Rocket / mr_aly - Sorry for leaving you out at first, I don't know what happened there tongue.gif Good poster, enjoy having you around.
05 | Steve201
06 | Suedehead2
06 | T Boy
07 | Theo
08 | Thermo - Starting to notice you a lot more lately and I'm glad because I like you.
07 | Tim
06 | Toby
05 | Totto
06 | Tyler - You're a fun poster.
06 | Ultraviolence
07 | Umi - For some reason, I get you and Cal mixed up constantly. I like you both equally though, ha.
05 | Vidcapper
00 | Vulker
10 | ? ketalina ? - So so likable. I mean seriously. Very much enjoy reading you. Your likability is not simply a 'pleasant' or inoffensive likablity, you also bring a lot of humour and... I wanna say edgy-ness? If that makes sense...

QUOTE(RabbitFurCoat @ Aug 4 2014, 06:38 PM) *
10 | ¿ DESPEDIDO ? / ¿ BARBÁRICO ? (1)
10 | 152chris / ♒ chris (2)
08 | Abdul Fareek / Pablo Escobar
?? | AdamAloud
05 | Alex Range
07 | AnthonyT
05 | AprilJ
05 | Arrs
07 | Atonement
04 | * Ben *
08 | Bré
08 | Brett_Butler
00 | Britster (1)
09 | Cal (1)
00 | Calum Hood (2)
?? | Calum Sandford
?? | Cameron
05 | Casey
09 | Cassandra (2)
09 | Chez Wombat (3)
01 | Common Sense
05 | Conderella / Pavel
10 | Dandy* (3)
00 | dannjohn3 (3)
10 | Doctor Blind (4)
09 | EJ / Ethan (4)
03 | Eric_Blob
09 | Eyes / Iz (5)
07 | Gezza
08 | Gooddelta
07 | Grebo
00 | Griff (4)
09 | Harve (7)
07 | HausOfKubrick
?? | Hurricane
?? | Insomnio
08 | Jack
04 | Jade
06 | Jáhq
03 | Jake / ░░░░
06 | JakeWild
07 | Jark
05 | Jay
07 | Jester
?? | JoeP
08 | Johnkm
05 | Jonjo
04 | JosephStyles
03 | JSG
03 | Jsilv
00 | Kath (5)
07 | Klumzee
05 | Lee Wallace
?? | Let Go For 2Nite
04 | LexC
06 | Liam
07 | LiamK97
06 | luk=
04 | Mack
?? | Mango
08 | Mariah Scary
04 | Martyn
05 | Mart!n/M!key
07 | Math
05 | Mattias
-01 | Michael
?? | Niall Minogue
03 | Nick F1
03 | NoahSpike
09 | Oliver (6)
05 | Oricon
07 | Popchartfreak
-- | RabbitFurCoat
04 | RabbitHeart
08 | randomfurlong
00 | Regina (06)
06 | RiseR
03 | Rob Summers
05 | Robot
10 | Rooney (5)
07| Ryan.
?? | SeanToBeWild
10 | SevenSeize (6)
06 | Shadow2009
07 | Silas
05 | Silver Rocket
08 | Steve201
10 | Suedehead2 (7)
07 | T Boy
06 | Theo
07 | Thermo
03 | Tim
?? | Toby
?? | Totto
05 | Tyler
00 | Ultraviolence (7)
07 | Umi
03 | Vidcapper
03 | Vulker
08 | ✖ ketalina ✖

QUOTE(Callum Sandford @ Aug 4 2014, 07:15 PM) *
03 | ¿ DESPEDIDO ? / ¿ BARBÁRICO ? I've seen no more than like 3 of your posts.
07 | 152chris / ♒ chris Not very unique, but nonetheless an enjoyable poster.
03 | Abdul Fareek / Pablo Escobar I still think his promise to have himself banned if 5SOS didn't reach number one should be put in place.
03 | Alex Range Doesn't add much to by Buzzjack 'experience'.
01 | AnthonyT Who?
07 | AprilJ A lovely Sats poster with a fabulous signature.
01 | Arrs Who? Once again.
02 | Atonement Quite forgettable tbh.
02 | * Ben * See above.
07 | Bré Annoying but likeable at the same time. It's weird.
02 | Brett_Butler Who is this?
02 | Britster The word 'who' is becoming slightly tedious now.
06 | Cal A nice poster.
09 | Calum Hood ***Flawless.
06 | Cameron Another interesting Sats stan.
01 | Casey ?
06 | Cassandra Hopelessly annoying however fascinating.
05 | Chez Wombat A bit of a sad sack, not bad, though.
03 | Common Sense Another case of "I don't know them that well".
06 | Conderella / Pavel Wait, isn't this Cassandra?
03| Dandy* *repeats what I said about Common Sense*.
01 | dannjohn3 Seriously, who?
07 | Doctor Blind A genuinely nice poster.
06 | EJ / Ethan A poster with AMAZING BJSC entries!
06 | Eric_Blob I see you quite a lot, you're interesting I suppose.
08 | Eyes / Iz A great poster!
02 | Gezza I rarely encounter one of your posts (either that or you're just totally forgettable).
07 | Gooddelta Seems nice enough.
01 | Grebo ???
00 | Griff No comment.
03 | Harve Another one with Common Sense syndrome.
07 | HausOfKubrick Rarely see you on the forum, I enjoy what I do see, though.
08 | Hurricane A great Sats Forum local!
03 | Insomnio Common Sense Syndrome.
09 | Jack I seem to have a lot in common with you, you're a great poster.
06 | Jade Quite bland but still a friendly poster, which is nice.
05 | Jáhq AWFUL in the 1D rates. laugh.gif biggrin.gif
-01 | Jake / ░░░░ Oh, it has a name? laugh.gif
01 | JakeWild ???????????????????????????????
03 | Jark Okay there may be a lot of Callum's, but there's too many Jack, Jahq, Jark's etc. I can't remember who you are, sorry.
08 | Jay A very friendly, mature poster.
03 | Jester CSS.
07 | JoeP A friendly fellow Sats loon.
06 | Johnkm I don't see too much of you, but I like your posts.
07 | Jonjo A mutual infatuation with Ariana Grande is what keeps our bond strong! laugh.gif
10 | JosephStyles WOO FIRST TEN!
10 | JSG WOO SECOND TEN! I think of you exactly what you think of me boo.
06 | Jsliv Another someone who blends in a bit too much, but still nice all the same.
03 | Klumzee I recognise the name...
10 | Lee Wallace Rolling out the tens quite quickly now. Such a genuine person. LOVE 4 LEE!1!1!!!1!!
05 | Let Go For 2Nite I like Foxes as well.
07 | Liam I like you, Liam.
05 | LiamK97 YHUU R NICE.
03 | luk= CSS PART II (Broken Down).
01 | Mack / ukcsf ???????????????????????????????????????????????
03 | Mango CSS All About It (Part III).
03 | Mariah Scary I don't really see you often, soz.
03 | Martyn Hmm I get you confused with the other Martin therefore don't recall any of your posts. 
06 | Mart!n/M!key A very informative poster.
05 | Math I like your posts sometimes.
01 | Mattias QUESTION MARK.
00 | Michael *awaits onslaught of tripe off of him*.
06 | Niall Minogue A valued member of the 1D forum.
05 | Nick F1 You're a lovely poster.
06 | NoahSpike I always have and always will love your current Avatar.
06 | Oliver I like your contributions to the BJSC Forum.
06 | Oricon I love your passion for K-Pop!
05 | Popchartfreak Lovely contributions.
02 | RabbitFurCoat I always mistake you for RabbitHeart.
06| RabbitHeart You are a very interesting poster.
05 | randomfurlong Same opinion on you as I have with Popchartfreak.
05 | Regina Very witty.
00 | RiseR ??
00 | Rob Summers I'm sorry I've never heard of you.
07 | Robot A thoroughly entertaining poster.
05 | Rooney The lesser spotted Buzzjack Sports fan.
10 | Ryan. YAY. ANOTHER TEN! Always a pleasure reading your posts
09 | SeanToBeWild [b]A very lovely and passionate Sats/NJ fan.

06 | Shadow2009 The local Sats Forum pessimist. Allegedly.
06 | Silas Your posts are moderately entertaining.
06 | Silver Rocket / mr_aly " "
00 | Steve201 Haven't seen/heard of you on here before.
05 | Suedehead2 I like your Chart commentary.
00 | T Boy Apparently I throw too much weight around. Okay then.
01 | Theo Never seen you post before sorry.
07 | Thermo A very interesting poster.
08 | Tim SASS.
03 | Toby Can't recall seeing your posts too often.
07 | Totto A very funny and friendly Sats stan.
09 | Tyler HYSTERICAL. 
02 | Ultraviolence Relatively annoying.
05 | Umi Helpful in the International Charts Forum.
07 | Vidcapper Always helpful and friendly.
00 | Vulker N/A
07 | ✖ ketalina ✖ I like your posts. A lot.

QUOTE(JosephStyles @ Aug 4 2014, 07:48 PM) *
00 | ¿ DESPEDIDO ? / ¿ BARBÁRICO ? - I’ve never really spoken to you, it’s not personal at all but I guess our paths just never crossed.
06 | 152chris / ♒ chris - Sometimes I don’t get your humour but for the most part I really enjoy your posts.
00 | Abdul Fareek / Pablo Escobar - The less said about you, the better.
09 | AdamAloud - I’ve not spoken to you in private at all but I’d love that to change, we’ve got very similar tastes and you worship Nadine and Something New. What’s not to love???? (bonus: you know who Ulrik Munther is x)
05 | Alex Range - I think you get too much slack on here. Are you aware your opinions wind people up? Yeah, and I think you might use it to your advantage sometimes
02 | AnthonyT
07 | AprilJ - You’re a great poster, one of the more sensible people in the Sats forum, would love this score to be higher but the limits of 9s and 10s means I’m scaling everyone down a bit so apologies!
06 | Arrs
06 | Atonement
04 | * Ben * - I like the effort you put in around the chart forum although sometimes I do wish you’d listen to some constructive criticism and not take it personally. I’m very glad we put our tiff in the chart forum behind us though, you’re a good poster when I do see you post!
09 | Bré - You’re one of the casualties of the “seven 10s” limit I’m afraid. Definitely 10 worthy. You irritate me to no end and I’m sure I do the same back but it’s all #banter and all that, you’re a great guy and it’s nice to have someone my own age to chat to regularly.
03 | Brett_Butler
05 | Britster
06 | Cal
10 | Calum Hood - We bicker like kids but when we get on (which is most of the time), we’re like a house on fire. Absolutely loads in common, and I think we just *get* each other. I do kinda think we’ve been drifting recently, although of course you do have your reasons (not going into them here ofc).
08 | Callum Sandford - Fantastic new poster, you’ve really come into your own recently. Fabulous taste also wub.gif
08 | Cameron - Lovely poster through and through, one of the shining stars of the past year!
06 | Casey
06 | Cassandra - I’ve never really crossed paths with you but I do enjoy your posts a lot of the time (when I can actually understand them lmao).
06 | Chez Wombat
00 | Common Sense
08 | Conderella / Pavel - Would be a 9 if it weren’t for the limits. Always enjoy reading your posts, great sense of humour.
05 | Dandy*
05 | dannjohn3 - You had improved in leaps and bounds after the hate chart, although you’ve kinda vanished recently which is a shame!
03 | Doctor Blind - A lot of the time, I’ve enjoyed reading your posts as they almost always add something to the conversation in that topic. Recently though, I feel you’ve spoken down to a few people, myself included, I mean what does personal music taste (ie. my love for boybands) have to do with whether a song moves down 1 place due to a new entry at #1 every week, or whether everything is just a non-mover instead? It felt kinda personal for no reason whatsoever.
-1 | EJ / Ethan - You speak as if your opinion is correct and label other people’s as “pathetic” which is never the right way to go about things IMO. You feel like a weak version of Thermo. That’s quite harsh, you do seem like a nice guy and you have a lot of potential but things just aren’t there yet I’m afraid.
01 | Eric_Blob
09 | Eyes / Iz - #reidjects4life of course! Sorry about no 10, you're definitely worthy of one, fab guy and I really enjoy talking to you.
03 | Gezza
08 | Gooddelta - Always enjoyed reading your posts! Love our Delta chats, you’re the only person I can really have these chats with, poor Delta. tongue.gif
00 | Grebo
03 | Griff - I don’t really know where I stand with you right now. I thought we got on well although we haven’t spoken in ages. In all honesty, I’ve found your recent posts to be kinda condescending and rude towards other people, although I know that you’re not like that in private and we’ve had nice chats.
07 | Harve
10 | HausOfKubrick - We’ve always gotten on so well, a lot of artists in common and we share the same sense of humour a lot of the time. I feel more than happy to come and speak to you if I’m feeling a bit crap and you always listen to me, which I appreciate so much. Such a nice guy and I’d happily back another Haus win this year.
08 | Hurricane - #Josephcane heart.gif
00 | Insomnio
08 | Jack - Been enjoying your posts more and more over the past year. Glad to see someone else not enjoying the dance wave in the chart laugh.gif Also enjoy our (rare) Facebook chats, wish we’d have them more often.
08 | Jade - Another rising star, you’ve been a fab addition to the site recently! Definitely worthy of a 9 but again, the restrictions… sad.gif
11 | Jáhq - Was it really gonna be anyone else x
00 | Jake / ░░░░ - I genuinely don’t know what to think of you in all honesty. You often encourage conversation which is good and I’ve not had a personal one-on-one issue with you at all, but I don’t like the way you react to other posters a lot of the time. You seem to be unable to take constructive criticism or a slight joke and you blow it out of proportion, mainly in BJSC or related to thread standardisation. If you toned this kinda thing down, I’d enjoy your posts a LOT more.
03 | JakeWild
00 | Jark
10 | Jay - JAYYYY! My fellow Girls Aloud stan/AF mod. You’d be my 11 if it weren’t for Jack. We just get each other, have a lot of great discussions, whether they’re serious or silly (mostly the latter), and I think we both feel that we can tell the other anything we want to, which is great and means a lot to me.
06 | Jester
07 | JoeP - I like you a lot, although I’d like to see you post more!
07 | Johnkm - FABULOUS of course. Those lives on Farm Heroes Saga haven’t gone unnoticed. kink.gif
08 | Jonjo - Such a great guy, always appreciated your posts and I’ve enjoyed speaking to you more one-on-one recently!
xx | JosephStyles
08 | JSG - Another really sweet person, always enjoy reading your posts! Really wish we’d speak more.
07 | Jsilv - Would have this a bit higher but I’m wary of the average limit. Another great poster
00 | Kath - No. Just no. (presuming this is Gaga Kath)
05 | Klumzee - POST MORE! I really like your posts but you’re rarely around anymore cry.gif
09 | Lee Wallace - You irritate me at times as you can be like a broken record on Skype kink.gif but I’ve had some very nice chats with you and I value them lots. Sorry you didn’t get a 10!
06 | Let Go For 2Nite - Lots of potential as a poster I think!
09 | LexC - Very good sense of humour a lot of the time and I enjoy your posts, although sometimes your comments can go a *bit* too far (although often you’ll acknowledge this and apologise). Great addition to the Skype clique!
07 | Liam - Scaled down slightly with relation to the new regulations but I do enjoy your posts still, although I wish we’d speak more one-on-one like we did before!
08 | LiamK97
00 | luk= - Nothing personal, I just don’t really know you!
00 | Mack / ukcsf
00 | Mango - See Luke.
00 | Mariah Scary - See Luke.
00 | Martyn
03 | Mart!n/M!key - Very nice of course but I’d rather you didn’t delete harmless iTunes thread posts!
06 | Math - Great potential here also, loving your posts so far!
02 | Mattias - Not spoken to you before and don’t see many of your posts so sorry it’s not higher!
00 | Michael - For bad grammar ALONE. I do kinda appreciate some of your posts but you hate P!nk which is not acceptable. biggrin.gif
03 | Niall Minogue
05 | Nick F1 - My fellow co-mod kink.gif Not really spoken a great deal but I loved our small chat about Britney Jean a few months back!
08 | NoahSpike - Really growing on me recently, always adding something of value to conversations and only just missing out on a 9!
06 | Oliver - Wish you’d post more!
10 | Oricon - Yu!! Always been such a great friend to me on here, so friendly and I love our banter. Always willing to hear my BJSC potentials also.
04 | Popchartfreak - Really nice guy, nothing against you, just never really spoken to you!
03 | RabbitFurCoat - As above.
07 | RabbitHeart
05 | randomfurlong
08 | Regina - Awful taste in men aside, I really enjoy your posts and your chart replies to me laugh.gif Great AF mod also, always encouraging discussion.
09 | RiseR - My favourite of the newbies I think. Any Hunter Hayes fan is good of course but you’ve been such a joy to talk to!
08 | Rob Summers - Ahhh Rob. You’re such a lovely guy, nothing bad to say about you at all, and you are definitely worthy of more than an 8 for me. I love our Facebook chats, long may they continue!
10 | Robot - Pretty similar to Ball and Jay in the respect that we have some great chats in private, I trust you a lot and I’m glad you seem to trust me also. Also #katymods *.* You and Calum getting me into Katy was quite possibly the best thing either of you have done x
04 | Rooney
10 | Ryan. - You’re very excitable but that’s not a bad thing, you’re very enthusiastic and it’s always what I’ve liked about you and your posts. One of the first people I got along with on here also, glad we’ve stayed close since then! Although tone down on the AF hate please x
05 | SeanToBeWild
09 | SevenSeize - You have a hideous taste in music for the most part but you’re a fabulous poster and I love our banter. Stay away from that Bray though x
00 | Shadow2009 - You’re a bit TOO passionate about The Sats laugh.gif You seem to swing from one extreme of “they’re gonna be #1!!!!!!!!!!!!!” to the other of “they’re flopping” within about 30 seconds because they’ve dropped 2 places on iTunes. If you calmed down a bit, I’d enjoy your posts more!
05 | Silas - I think I may have said this last year, but I really like you in private, we’ve spoken a couple of times over PM and I’ve enjoyed that, but on the forum I don’t *always* enjoy your posts quite as much, partly because you promise the world and don’t deliver, which is a shame as you’ve had/you have some fabulous ideas. Get that BJSC CRC up!!
01 | Silver Rocket / mr_aly - Tough one for me. You’re pretty harmless really but certain habits of yours grate on me (as you’re probably aware).
00 | Steve201 - OA/OS etc. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
04 | Suedehead2
02 | T Boy - In all honesty, I was gonna give you my -1 until I read your rate comment to me. From some of your reactions to my posts, I’d kinda thought you had something personal against me, but I’ve realised you don’t so felt the -1 would be rather unfair. I don’t like my own rate being influenced by other people’s rates but it was appropriate in this case I think. Maybe I misjudged the “negativity” in your posts.
03 | Theo - I’m glad we buried the hatchet last year. We’ve not really spoken since hence why the mark still isn’t *too* high but hopefully it’s fair enough.
04 | Thermo - Another tough one. You’re very enthusiastic which is good and you contribute well to the chart forum, but you do seem to want to do *every* job in there so it’s kinda like a puppy dog jumping up and down and you just want to just whack it to stop it kink.gif You’re a lovely guy though and I’d love to get to know you better!
07 | Tim - You’ve come on in leaps and bounds since last year! Such a nice guy.
07 | Toby - POST MORE. Nuhdeen shade aside, your posts are fabulous.
04 | Totto
06 | Tyler
07 | Ultraviolence - You’re very sweet, a lot of potential here, you’ve slotted in very well on the forum and are just really nice.
08 | Umi - Just missing out on a 9 unfortunately! I’ve grown to appreciate you loads more over the past year, you’ve very witty and make very good points in many threads, really loving chatting to you more on Skype recently also.
00 | Vidcapper - Just no.
00 | Vulker
10 | ✖ ketalina ✖ - LewLew heart.gif We always got along really well but especially the past couple of weeks, what with the BJSC hosting. I’ve loved our chats and we can just laugh at the silliest things, cause we have a similar sense of humour. So glad we’re hosting BJSC together also, with Jay on board!

QUOTE(Let Go For 2nite @ Aug 4 2014, 08:03 PM) *
cheer.gif My turn!
Took me 45 minutes to decide my 0s though cry.gif I don't hate anyone, I just gave 0s to people who I really REALLY don't know and 3s to people who I've seen around but don't really talk or know them properly for a full judgement tongue.gif

03 | ¿ DESPEDIDO ? / ¿ BARBÁRICO ? I'm Sure you are a lovely poster, I just haven't seen your posts to make a good judgement!
06 | 152chris / ♒ chris
06 | Abdul Fareek / Pablo Escobar It's funny because his birthday is everyday tongue.gif
07 | AdamAloud You seem like a sweetheart
05 | Alex Range
02 | AnthonyT Haven't seen you around Buzzjack so I can't make a proper judgement cry.gif
10 | AprilJ What can I say April, you run this forum biggrin.gif
01 | Arrs I don't know who you are sorry sad.gif
04 | Atonement I haven't seen you around a lot but that might be me of course!
04 | * Ben * I haven't seen you in discussions but you have interesting chart threads smile.gif
06 | Bré Unsure score to give huh.gif
04 | Brett_Butler Maybe I need to get around more as I'm not familiar with you but you seem lovely
02 | Britster Not sure who you are too sad.gif Feel awful about giving low scores to members I don't really know
06 | Cal
10 | Calum Hood wub.gif Brillinat poster! Foxes biggrin.gif
05 | Calum Sandford There was that small disagreement on ethe Ariana Grande forum but you're a lovely buzzjack member that I've really warmed too smile.gif
10 | Cameron One of the kindest and sweetest members on this forum and one of my personal favorite members on the forum!
04 | Casey
06 | Cassandra
06 | Chez Wombat
03 | Common Sense Not familiar with the poster but of course that's not his fault.
07 | Conderella / Pavel Some of the posts you make are really funny XD And you seem nice
00 | Dandy* I don't think I've ever come across Dandy so I don't think I can give anything
00 | dannjohn3 Again not sure who you are but I'm sure your not awful
06 | Doctor Blind You participate a lot (well I think) in buzzjack which makes you memorable.
?? | EJ / Ethan
07 | Eric_Blob I like Eric, as all tongue.gif
00 | Eyes / Iz Not sure I have come across you
04 | Gezza I'm sure I know this poster but I can't put a finger on it huh.gif
07 | Gooddelta
00 | Grebo Just a case of I don't know who you are. So sorry but I have to give 0s to someone tongue.gif
00 | Griff Don't think he likes me so..
03 | Harve
04 | HausOfKubrick
09 | Hurricane A really good and well deserved moderator of The Saturdays forum wub.gif
07 | Insomnio
06 | Jack
07 | Jade You took the time to comment on my personal chart which is really sweet of you smile.gif
07 | Jáhq
07 | Jake / ░░░░ I like Jake because he was really sweet to me when I first came on Buzzjack smile.gif
03 | JakeWild Just a case of me not knowing you very well :/
05 | Jark
05 | Jay YOu seem really nice but I haven't talked to you a lot sad.gif
06 | Jester
09 | JoeP Just a brilliant poster! Informative, realistic and more importantly Saturdays/Foxes. Nuff said tongue.gif
03 | Johnkm
06 | Jonjo
08 | JosephStyles We haven't even really talked and regardless, you seem to be a lovely poster
07 | JSG
07 | Jsilv smile.gif
03 | Kath I'm just not familar with you that's all smile.gif
03 | Klumzee
10 | Lee Wallace Pixie lott. Just Pixie Lott wub.gif
n/a | Let Go For 2Nite
08 | LexC You seem really funny and I like you as a poster too happy.gif
06 | Liam
10 | LiamK97 I really like Liam! He's a sweetheart
04 | luk=
06 | Mack / ukcsf
05 | Mango
00 | Mariah Scary Name doesn't ring a bell at all cry.gif
05 | Martyn You seem nice
10 | Mart!n/M!key You always take the time to comment on everyone's personal chart which is really nice of you and you cope with my obsession over Foxes tongue.gif #ObssessedFan
05 | Math
05 | Mattias
07 | Michael Makes me laugh AND is a charmed/Buffy fan. It's a crime for me to not give a fellow charmed and Buffy fan anything less than a 7 tongue.gif
05 | Niall Minogue
03 | Nick F1
07 | NoahSpike You're a good poster!
03 | Oliver
06 | Oricon
07 | Popchartfreak
03 | RabbitFurCoat Need to see you about to make a fair judgement.
07 | RabbitHeart
02 | randomfurlong
06 | Regina
03 | RiseR
11 | Rob Summers Love this poster so much! Really kind, really sweet and we message each other a lot! Not to mention he likes Pixie Lott which puts the icing on the cake wub.gif. gave him the extra 1 because I feel like he's one of the closest posters to me. Killer move as I wanted to give Cameron one too cry.gif
03 | Robot
03 | Rooney
09 | Ryan. You're really sweet and contribute a lot to discussions smile.gif
07 | SeanToBeWild
03 | SevenSeize
00 | Shadow2009 I just don't click with you, like at all. You also seem negative about a lot of things
08 | Silas
08 | Silver Rocket / mr_aly
03 | Steve201
06 | Suedehead2
04 | T Boy
03 | Theo
09 | Thermo tongue.gif Great poster!
07 | Tim Contributes a lot to the saturdays forum wink.gif
03 | Toby
09 | Totto Hilarious. Like the biggest Rochelle fan in the world rotf.gif
06 | Tyler I.G.G.Y
09 | Ultraviolence Likes a ton of brilliant artists and personal chart is excellent to wub.gif
08 | Umi
06 | Vidcapper You provide so much sales information that I don't know what members would do if you wern't here. But I don't see you around a lot
03 | Vulker
00 | ✖ ketalina ✖ Don't think she likes me so..

I feel so cruel giving 0s out sad.gif
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03 | ¿ DESPEDIDO ? / ¿ BARBÁRICO ? - I rarely see you around more, I know I have you on Facebook but we have nothing at all in common.
06 | 152chris / ♒ chris - I used to not like you at all, which was mutual, but you're growing on me a lot even if we don't have a lot in common.
00 | Abdul Fareek / Pablo Escobar - The whole "it's birthday everyday lololol" thing got old (pun not intended) after about 1.5 days. You're not actually as bad as people make out, but you are quite intolerant of others' opinions and keep on with all the unfunny jokes. You are Mark Byron.
07 | AdamAloud - Melodifestivalen love has to count for something *.* we seem to share a lot of opinions on MF actually and music in general too, nice to psee you post a lot more recently!
00 | Alex Range - such an obvious contrarian, if it weren't for the blind Russia love and blind rate hate you'f actually be kind of endearing. I guess you're just a product of your society but look at Pavel, he wasn't brainwashed! Musically, your opinions are very odd but in fairness nobody could hate you simply for that. You are Ahmed Aghil.
07 | AnthonyT - I've always had time for you, post more sad.gif
08 | AprilJ - you are a really good, fun personality for the forum, which is needed as you're one of the only females laugh.gif You pretty much always have something interesting to say that I want to read when it comes to most things. You are Sara Folino.
07 | Arrs - I didn't used to like you but you really grew on me, come back sad.gif
07 | Atonement - a quite unique personality I think, I pretty much always enjoy reading your posts.
06 | * Ben * - a very fair mod, and you seem to do a lot for the chart forum!
05 | Bré - you're quite love/hate for me, you are one of the more reasonable and intelligent of the crop of chart posters but you can also be annoyingly geeky and precise. You're less of an incessant pedant than before but still tongue.gif
06 | Brett_Butler - I just remember that you like anime and you have a blog, but you seem nice and my best friend is obsessed with anime so yay laugh.gif
00 | Britster - I can't get behind the ironic love, you give me nothing by posting just pop bars. You are Laura McAdam.
07 | Cal - very level headed guy, fair BJSC mod who always seems or have a great contribution to issues/conflicts that arise. You are Shell Jubin.
-1| Calum Hood - I hate seeing that someone has posted in a thread and knowing pretty much exactly what their post will be; this is what I get with you a lot. In fact you'll probably reply to this with a gif and tell me I'm up Regina's ass or something like that. You seem more than able to throw the shade (and miss) but incapable of taking what's thrown. We will probably just never get on, we seem to just clash and I've accepted that now. You are Pauline Bennett.
07 | Calum Sandford - not seen enough to make a judgement, but you're a bit of a sassy bitch from what I've seen, I like. You are Stephanie McMichael.
08 | Cameron - really nice and likeable, very endearing poster! You are Charlie Travers.
07 | Casey - you seem you'd be such fun, I love your tweets and I imagine you to be an amazingly fun drunken mess idk laugh.gif
06 | Cassandra - you do seem a bit much at times and I don't always get your humour but you are absolutely hilarious at times, especially when challenging Michael.
04 | Chez Wombat - we don't really have that much in common, you seem nice but just not necessarily my kind of person tbh.
00 | Common Sense - you don't really post much anymore but when you did it was always pretty tedious.
10 | Conderella / Pavel - you are undoubtedly one of the biggest and best personalities on here, everyone always knows when you're there laugh.gif you can be a bit of a diva and sometimes it's your way or the highway but you're all the more endearing for it, and remain one of Buzzjack's funniest posters. You are Nikki Grahame.
07 | Dandy* - I've always find you to be a nice guy, as one of many bake off loons you'll be happy to know I am going to give it a go this year ohmy.gif
03 | dannjohn3 - you really aren't as bad as people make out, a 3 might say otherwise but you have mellowed a bit and seem less troll-y, not that you've posted for ages.
00 | Doctor Blind - we have literally nothing in common and you come across as really unlikeable and needlessly snarky about a lot of things which aren't to your tastes.
00 | EJ / Ethan - I guess you seem nice enough, this is gonna seem really harsh but I hardly see you post anything but "tune" or something in threads in the dance forum, and when you do venture from that you seem to be very negative about lots of songs that don't fit the dance bubble.
06 | Eric_Blob - very odd and quite different from most on here, but still somewhat endearing for it.
06 | Eyes / Iz - at least there haven't been all the "omg Liam hates Eyes!!11!1" this time laugh.gif this is just a repetition of what I usually say about you but you're a nice guy, level headed and smarter than most, I just don't get the mass love personally. You are Pete Bennett.
06 | Gezza - very helpful behind the scenes.
09 | Gooddelta - always friendly, so easy to talk to/get along and amazing taste to boost, it's little wonder you're so popular even with a reduced presence.
04 | Grebo
00 | Griff - you do show signs of improvement at times, but equally there are so many instances of you slipping into
07 | Harve
09 | HausOfKubrick - one of the loveliest and kindest people on here, always willing to help and always genuinely caring and up for a chat.
07 | Hurricane
05 | Insomnio
10 | Jack - Always one of my faves. Just the right amount of bitchy, you'll call a spade a spade but not go too far and end up coming across horrible or anything, and we have such similar tastes in pretty much everything! You are Gina Rio.
10 | Jade - Another one of my faves who's quite similar to me! We'd definitely be friends irl, we have so many shared interests and you're such a sweet and likeable girl! You are Charlie Travers.
03 | Jáhq - You are a nice guy from what I see on Facebook and you do stuff for the forum and everything but like Eyes I just don't really get the major love. I don't mean this in a really horrible way but I hardly ever notice you post except for the posters chart... You are Pete Bennett.
07 | Jake / ░░░░ - I really shouldn't like you, you are quite argumentative and make lots of remarks at people thst, while some may be jokes, might be misconstrued. But you always to something to the thread when you do post and there's no denying buzzjack wouldn't be quite the same without you.
06 | JakeWild
03 | Jark - you were so fabulous previously, now you just come across quite bitter and moany, all I ever see you post is negativity nowadays.
07 | Jay - you seem like such a lovely guy, I just wish you would post more and more widely around the forum, I always really enjoy your posts!
07 | Jester - Bristol woop.
06 | JoeP
10 | Johnkm - ever fabulous! Great all round poster, fab taste and always very fair.
10 | Jonjo - always score you really highly here, such a lovely guy with not a bad none in your body, always a joy to talk to with barely a bad word to say about anyone! You are Rachel Rice.
09 | JosephStyles - despite awful taste in twinks who have 12 year old faves, you've always been one of the nicest people on here, despite us not talking as much anymore. You are Sam Evans, because the nice guys can't all be Liam and he's your fave!
09 | JSG - such a ray of sunshine, always positive and so lovely to talk to, at times you're really what this forum needs. and you're hot Sometimes just being a really nice guy is all you need! You are Rachel Rice.
06 | Jsilv
03 | Kath - you can't help airing your views on everything, which is sometimes good but can also verge on being a bit horrible, for example how you treated Griff. You also veered too off of the path of acceptable stanning, sometimes it was as a troll Anon Little Monster account had joined Buzzjack... You are Grace Adams-Short.
06 | Klumzee
09 | Lee Wallace - One of the funniest people on here, I love how you wind people up laugh.gif king of bants. You are Sam Pepper.
06 | Let Go For 2Nite
08 | LexC - your shade is fabulous, you never fail to make me chuckle, Bianca would be proud!
xx | Liam
07 | LiamK97
08 | luk= - really nice guy who always has something to add, I always enjoy reading your posts so it'd be fab if you could post more!
00 | Mack / ukcsf - still completely free of personality, one of the most non-descript posters on this list. You are Laura McAdam.
07 | Mango
06 | Mariah Scary
07 | Martyn - you love Jessica Mauboy, therefore I can't give you any lower.
03 | Mart!n/M!key - you're kind of like the weird uncle in the corner by now, used to be endearing but the whole thing is wearing kinda thin... You are Jonty Stern.
06 | Math
08 | Mattias - an odd (in a great way) personality but so so likeable, it's lovely to see you come out of your shell a bit more recently!
00| Michael - absolute mess, I don't think you were ever funny tbh. The thing stopping you from being a -1 is that you're obviously a joke, an unfunny one, but we all know you aren't really like this. We get that don't like P!nk and Justin Timberlake and that you're the absolute best thing to EVER happen to Buzzjack and everyone must be told that every 5 minutes. There is no need to be some awful failed ghetto stereotype to make sure that "fact" stands out for us, derailing so many threads is also unneeded. Oh well, you being included in the rate will be entertaining when you bomb at like #81 or something.
00 | Niall Minogue - probably quite harsh but you seem so over eager with starting a different rate every 5 minutes and that's all I have to base to you on!
06 | Nick F1 - you seem to have some odd tastes when it comes to highlights of artists' discographies but I like you tongue.gif
06 | NoahSpike - I should probably like you more than I do, you do have some valid points but at other times I think you overanalyse a bit, this is me being really picky though tongue.gif
08 | Oliver - you seem like you'd be a laugh irl, really nice guy!
07 | Oricon - you're so sweet and happy and you great taste in K/J-Pop *.*
07 | Popchartfreak - your comments are often so insightful and wise! You're a real breath of fresh air.
04 | RabbitFurCoat
04 | RabbitHeart
06 | randomfurlong
11 | Regina - OBVIOUSLY. Idc how sad this sounds to people reading it, even though you're only an online friend, you are one of the best friends I could ask for <3 I can tell you anything and talk to you about anything, no matter what mood, even if I feel really low, you put up with it and usually make me feel better. As a poster, you're fab too, your sarcasm and cutting humour is the kind I love, you will take no shit, everyone always knows where they stand with you laugh.gif You are just about fab enough for me to forgive questionable music taste and awful taste in men smoke.gif You are Ashleigh Coyle.
08 | RiseR - such a positive, really nice guy, impossible to dislike. You are Liam McGough.
04 | Rob Summers - really nice guy but I don't get much from you... You are Louise Cliffe.
09 | Robot - one of the most likeable and well rounded people on here, such a nice guy and so easy to get on with but also has a sense of humour and a lot in common with me. You are Sara Folino.
07 | Rooney - #lad idk, I've always liked you. You can be Winston Showan.
08 | Ryan. - one slight niggle, you don't need to hold back your personality! I know what you have been on here has got you far enough but if you look at all the people on this rate being sarcastic or funny won't make people dislike you! But anyway, you don't have a nasty bone in your body and it's really to your credit thst you'll do anything to help and put so much work into the forum. You are Shell Jubin.
07 | SeanToBeWild - great new emergence, I look forward to seeing more of you!
07 | SevenSeize - I probably shouldn't like you as we have so little in common, but I do.
03 | Shadow2009 - I know you're a Sats fan but I just remember you being annoyed at threads going slightly off topic, that's all laugh.gif
09 | Silas - you run a tight ship, but BJSC and The Lounge are all the better for it and you don't come across as needlessly authoritarian. We need more ranty Silas though, I'm sure we'll get it in the rate to some extent tongue.gif
08 | Silver Rocket / mr_aly - we have quite similar opinions on most things, admittedly sometimes you overstate them but I usually agree so I won't complain.
00 | Steve201 - you would have been higher if you were released OA/OS!!11!1!1
06 | Suedehead2 - one of the most intelligent posters here, and a great counterbalance to many of the personalities here.
08 | T Boy - you do take things wayyyy too far when you dislike someone/something at times, but you're also very likeable and I really have a lot of time for you, you speak a lot of sense mostly.
06 | Theo - I've always had time for you, but you haven't been around much recently, due to life I guess.
03 | Thermo - maybe, but I feel like you try way too hard to fit in as many in jokes/memes in your posts as possible at times or be "funny" and it comes across quite annoying, I like you at other times though so it was kinda difficult to score you. You are Jack and Joe Glenny,
08 | Tim - shady bitch, great guy and everyone thinks you're gay but you're MOST CERTAINLY NOT. NEVER. You are Matthew Davies.
04 | Toby - you're like a little puppy, always excitable, but sometimes annoying. You are Samanda Marchant.
06 | Totto - kind of drawing a blank but I know you're a Sats fan which is always good, although Higher hate is not sad.gif
08 | Tyler - crazy Britney stan *.* your unconditional love for her is always a joy.
06 | Ultraviolence - if I honest you are a little too much at times, but you're only 13 so I guess you're just overexcitable, I was exactly the same! You are Samanda Marchant.
08 | Umi - it's a pleasure to be a pop mod with you, especially as it resolved our "beef" from 2012! You're a great guy who's brought a lot to many of the forums, not just the ones you mod, with your ideas.
00 | Vidcapper - all I remember about you every year is your aversion to rap and the fact you never seem to know what anything that's been released on itunes is!
07 | Vulker - Melodifestivalen woo.
10 | ✖ ketalina ✖ - GET OUT ME AFFECTIONS. Definitely one of the best posters on here, so funny and genuinely really nice and so easy to get along with. Becsuse I know you'll love it, you are BONNEH Holt.

09 | 152chris / ♒ chris Very decent. I have always liked you, and you are very witty too. MARINA & THE DIAMONDS
00 | Abdul Fareek / Pablo Escobar Borderline racist with your username / signature, some across very creepy and has a severe lack of intelect. KHIA
07 | AdamAloud Decent enough, cannot say you make too much of an impact on me but you are pleasant enough EMMA BUNTON
02 | Alex Range I sometimes enjoy your bizzareness but mostly no, not really. You are just odd and not in a good way. HEIDI RANGE
07 | AnthonyT A bit depressing, blunt but gets away with it by having an interesting posting style LANA DEL REY
09 | AprilJ One of my recent faves, we have a lot in common and you are very pleasant without being boring. ROCHELLE HUMES
06 | Arrs Nice enough, but for some reason I always get you mixed up with the poster below and I do not know why. Sorry. AMELIA LILY
06 | Atonement See above ELLIE GOULDING
03 | * Ben * GABRIELLE
04 | Bré Not too bad these days, but still incredibly pedantic and we obviously have nothing in common whatsoever. No hard feelings though. FLORENCE WELCH
06 | Brett_Butler LYKKE LI
07 | Cal Have not seen much of you lately, but whenever you do post I always like what I see EN VOGUE
07 | Calum Hood Having an opinion for the sake of having an opinion can get quite tiring. You are alright otherwise. LILY ALLEN
08 | Calum Sandford One of my favourite new posters, you came from nowhere but you stand out from a sea of blandness NEON JUNGLE
07 | Cameron You seem to be very nice (oh god I am terrible with commentary already) but again, do not leave a lasting impression TICH
10 | Casey You may not be anywhere near as prominent but I will always have your back like Regina has Gretchens. My favourite party animal of BuzzJack and we still need that night out in Manchester please KE$HA
10 | Cassandra SOMEONE else has to put these annoying little c**ts in check, thank god you are here to help do it! I get that a lot of people might not like you but I appreciate you a lot on here MADONNA
04 | Chez Wombat DUFFY
02 | Common Sense KERRY KATONA
07 | Conderella / Pavel A bit abrasive sometimes and gets a bit too heated in silly arguments, but otherwise a very decent poster. LORDE
06 | Dandy* KATE BUSH
00 | dannjohn3 KIELY WILLIAMS[/b]
02 | Doctor Blind TOVE LO
00 | EJ / Ethan OMG sick!! <3 ~~ LOVING the deep house beats on this! Wow wicked, dance is back cheer.gif CASCADA
06 | Eric_Blob You often make me laugh in all honesty now, one of the less annoying trolls LIL KIM
07 | Eyes / Iz We have never seen eye to eye exactly, but I think you are a very articulate poster ALEXIS JORDAN
02 | Gezza ROSIE RIBBONS - who? EXACTLY.
10 | Gooddelta Amazingly friendly and warmhearted without ever being boring. One of the staples of BuzzJack and we would be lost without you. DELTA GOODREM
04 | Grebo BLU CANTRELL - no clue who you are but I am listening to her now. Feel lucky.
00 | Griff Annoying, think you are more popular than you are, have no self awareness and makes opinions for the sake of making opinions. Just go away JESSIE J
07 | Harve Have always liked you, you seem very quirky and we would probs get on off BuzzJack maybe SIA
10 | HausOfKubrick Amazing poster. I say this a lot in these rates but I think we would get on so well off the boards. It is a shame we do not speak much, and that is probably my fault but you have always been a pleasure when I have. Very friendly but a great sense of humour to go along with it. NICKI MINAJ
06 | Hurricane Nice enough BRIDGIT MENDLER
05 | Insomnio The dance thing is a bit annoying KIESZA
xx | Jack BEYONCÉ
08 | Jade Along with April, a great female poster and you girls need to REPRESENT LITTLE MIX
09 | Jáhq A very charasmatic poster who I had once written off as being bland/boring. TAYLOR SWIFT
10 | Jake / ░░░░ Very misunderstood by a lot of the newer ones, but I have always liked you. You always have been very nice to me and I appreciate that, I think we would get on very very well in real life too. CASSIE
09 | JakeWild Very quirky much cool, maybe we will bump into each other in Manch again ROBYN
10 | Jark The original c**t biggrin.gif. Always enjoy talking to you, I hope everything is going okay in Switzerland and get back soon bitch, we need you. You may be an older poster, but you are better than the majority here CHRISTINA AGUILERA
08 | Jay Only just started to notice you, you are very humorous and I would love to get to know you better NICOLA ROBERTS
08 | Jester Along with Rich, never really declined in quality. Brings someone different to BuzzJack and knows how to keep bitches in check ADELE
04 | JoeP JOJO
07 | Johnkm Nice enough but again like others, I think we are very different to get on outside of the forum. I do like you though. NICOLA ROBERTS
10 | Jonjo Amazing, not as prominent as you used to be but such a great genuine guy. Always been one of my faves, and we share a lot in common too. KELLY CLARKSON
10 | JosephStyles I dont think you will have seen this coming but you are definetly one of my favourites recently. I used to think you were boring, bland whatever ... but I have noticed you a lot more recently. Great opinions on many things, great music taste and a great sense of humour. Keep on doing you boo boo. SARAH HARDING
07 | JSG I like your lips angel.gif TULISA
05 | Jsilv SHANICE y not
09 | Kath I hope you stay this time sad.gif Much like your idol, your visits and moments of greatness are all too quick. LADY GAGA
07 | Klumzee Decent enough. REBECCA FERGUSON
-1 | Lee Wallace I dont even hate you, I like you a lot, just for bantz angel.gif PIXIE LOTT
02 | Let Go For 2Nite FOXES
08 | LexC I like this unexpected bitchiness. It is a nice surprise, I know who you are now too. MEL B
10 | Liam My biggest follower!!1 You remind me a lot of myself at your age, and I think you are only getting better, your lack of popularity confuses me. KELLY ROWLAND
06 | LiamK97 MELANIE C
02 | Mack / ukcsf KEKE PALMER
06 | Mango You were great in teams, but I never see you anymore SHONTELLE
08 | Mariah Scary Wonderful taste in music please come back sad.gif You always remind me of old skool BJ too ALICIA KEYS
00 | Mart!n/M!key DANNII MINOGUE
05 | Math CHLOE HOWL
07 | Mattias Decent enough, I just wish you would post more AVRIL LAVIGNE
00 | Michael An obvious troll, does not appreciate any feedback and is just retarded. Like, seriously retarded. You can have your fave singer as a reward PINK
05 | Niall Minogue
06 | Nick F1
08 | NoahSpike Very opinionated and articulate, I often enjoy reading your posts a lot actually. M.I.A.
07 | Oliver
06 | Oricon NAMIE AMURO
02 | Popchartfreak
08 | RabbitFurCoat SANTIGOLD
08 | RabbitHeart I always look out for your posts, another who is decent in the sea of bland newbies ELLA HENDERSON
08 | randomfurlong I would get on with you a lot offline I think. Did not realise we had so much in common until recently. ADORE DELANO
09 | Regina How I ever hated you is a mystery. You are amazing and even though your music taste is questionable you have come on leaps and bounds since you first started ALANIS MORRISETTE
04 | RiseR
07 | Rob Summers CHER LLOYD
11 | Robot It could not go to anyone else at all. I think you are amazing and would honestly consider you a friend even though we are yet to meet, but I will make that happen soon. I need someone to get crunk with. It has honestly been a pleasure knowing you all these years. #SMOOTHLEGCREW IGGY AZALEA
08 | Rooney #LAD CHERYL COLE
07 | Ryan. RITA ORA
05 | SeanToBeWild
08 | SevenSeize I think I used to hate you, I hated everyone. I used to be a little c**t. You are v. fab as of late NELLY FURTADO
00 | Shadow2009
10 | Silas The best Scot on here. I would offend you and give you Emeli Sandé but you deserve better than that. Everyone deserves better than that.
07 | Silver Rocket / mr_aly Sometimes I think you are misunderstood on here and given a hard time when others do what you do, far worse. A v. decent poster. KYLIE
03 | Steve201
05 | Suedehead2
08 | T Boy I have only noticed you recently but thank god we have another who is not afraid to say it how it is. We need more of you KATY B
09 | Theo I always have loved you a lot and you are one I get on very well with. I hope you come back soon and post more, we could do with a catchup also. HIT ME UP. RIHANNA
05 | Thermo
09 | Tim Anyone who loves Bad Girls Club as much as I do deserves a high scoring. You are also a very decent poster as well as that too. P.S Dalila is amazing - Oh look at you getting all ratchet! LucciVee
08 | Toby
05 | Totto
10 | Tyler The original and best gif poster. You crack me up on Facebook and always put a smile on my face. NEVER CHANGE BRITNEY SPEARS
07 | Ultraviolence Very nice, you are a bit young so I will let you off on the over enthusiasm. f***ing hell I know I was much much worse NICOLE SCHERZINGER
09 | Umi
00 | Vidcapper
02 | Vulker
10 | ✖ ketalina ✖ I love it when we have our monthly bitching / hate men sessions. I hope that John Lewis call centre is werkin you well boo. ALEXANDRA BURKE


10 | 152chris / ♒ chris - :moon: I love how chill you are, you come across as a totally cool person (still can’t read those emoticons ;_;)
00 | Abdul Fareek / Pablo Escobar
06 | AdamAloud
-1 | Alex Range
06 | AnthonyT
07 | AprilJ – Nicki stan and a very kind person, I like reading your posts.
10 | Arrs – where are you? Please come back!
07 | Atonement – Glad I got to know you more during the teams.
06 | * Ben *
10 | Bré – a very helpful and integral member of BuzzJack, always enjoy your facts (people need to get their facts straight!)
05 | Brett_Butler
06 | Britster – I find your international chart facts very useful!
10 | Cal – what a great personality! brilliant poster!
07 | Calum Hood
04 | Calum Sandford
06 | Cameron
06 | Casey
07 | Cassandra – love how humorous you are – witty, intelligent and shady at the same time!
08 | Chez Wombat – underrated #kebabs
01 | Common Sense
10 | Conderella / Pavel – brilliant poster, throwing shade here and there, love your posting style! long time, no talk Pav!
06 | Dandy*
02 | dannjohn3
07 | Doctor Blind – well thought-out posts, intelligent posting style
06 | EJ / Ethan
04 | Eric_Blob
08 | Eyes / Iz – a person who likes Daenerys and Varakë at the same time can’t get less than 8! Great poster!
05 | Gezza
07 | Gooddelta – that musical knowledge of yours is incredible! I need to visit your blog ASAP!
05 | Grebo
08 | Griff – you’ve improved over the years / glad you’ve changed your attitude.
08 | Harve – post more please, such a down to earth person.
11 | HausOfKubrick – Bal, you’re truly amazing, always enjoy chatting with you about anything! Such a kind, friendly, hardworking (etc.) person - don’t ever change! #balftw
00 | Hurricane
05 | Insomnio
07 | Jack – I love reading your posts; you’re just being yourself! I appreciate that!
07 | Jade
07 | Jáhq
09 | Jake / ░░░░ - I always rush to read your latest posts in the lounge! Brilliant!
08 | JakeWild – love your posting style, please post more.
07 | Jark – You sometimes go against the flow (mostly in the pop forum) but you’re often right!
05 | Jay
07 | Jester – kind, tactful and always helpful, thank you for that.
00 | JoeP
08 | Johnkm – Baranski and most importantly FAUXLIVIA (how cute <3) in the combination with the green colour and your (bitchy) personality - outstanding!
06 | Jonjo
05 | JosephStyles
06 | JSG
06 | Jsilv
07 | Kath – glad you’re back and spread online kindness!
06 | Klumzee
07 | Lee Wallace – what a confidence! Not a bad thing though.
01 | Let Go For 2Nite
08 | LexC – everything about you is hilarious! love your posts!
08 | Liam – such a kind person, funny tweets!
02 | LiamK97
xx | luk≡
03 | Mack / ukcsf
04 | Mango
06 | Mariah Scary
05 | Martyn
07 | Mart!n/M!key – your out of the blue jokes - priceless.
06 | Math
07 | Mattias
01 | Michael
00 | Niall Minogue
08 | Nick F1 – where are you? Haven’t seen you around lately. Great poster!
07 | NoahSpike – your posts are full of interesting points, always pleasure to read them.
07 | Oliver
06 | Oricon
06 | Popchartfreak
06 | RabbitFurCoat
06 | RabbitHeart
07 | randomfurlong – witty, enjoy reading your posts.
07 | Regina – hilarious and ‘his men’/gifs are everywhere – inescapable HA.
08 | RiseR – great poster, I agree with most of your posts, always a great read!
04 | Rob Summers
06 | Robot
06 | Rooney
07 | Ryan. – very welcoming, kind and enthusiastic.
00 | SeanToBeWild
08 | SevenSeize – an exceptional poster - incredibly witty with a great music taste
00 | Shadow2009
06 | Silas
06 | Silver Rocket / mr_aly
00 | Steve201
06 | Suedehead2
05 | T Boy
05 | Theo
07 | Thermo
08 | Tim – you’ve improved so much! Shades, hilarious posts, you’re everything this forum needs (imo)!
03 | Toby
05 | Totto
08 | Tyler – Words to describe you: it’s Tyler, bitch!
05 | Ultraviolence
10 | Umi – James, you are a brilliant poster (a bit sarcastic now and then but that’s definitely a plus for you!); enjoy chatting with you via PM’s!
06 | Vidcapper – You contribute a lot to the chart forum – thanks for the YTD updates.
06 | Vulker – I don’t know what happened in Denmark but come back.
09 | ✖ ketalina ✖ - Leww, you are such a unique person and a trendsetter with a wonderful music taste!
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QUOTE(Umi @ Aug 4 2014, 11:14 PM) *
This rate is something I've dubbed tl;dr8 because it's monstrously long and not very entertaining even besides that. The "concept" is just Kworb. I'll leave it to you guys to figure out the rest. And apologies in advance for the damage I do to everyone's eyes.

06 | ¿ DESPEDIDO ? / ¿ BARBÁRICO ? - I haven't got anything interesting to say [about you], so this is a good start to my rate. You have always been alright but not much else to me, but I enjoyed your presence in World Cup threads.
09 | 152chris / ♒ chris - Still think you're really funny and interesting, and your BJSC entries remain largely great (yeesh at what you sent in the last contest though). Keep living the achingly hipster life I guess.
05 | Abdul Fareek / Pablo Escobar - Honestly not horrible! I used to have you blocked because of your sigs which you may remember but I took you off that cause I always ended up viewing your posts anyway due to them being generally worthwhile. Still not a fan of you randomly posting about random songs nobody but you and Eric know, but you're a nice character in iTunes threads and I'd miss you if you were gone.
06 | AdamAloud - I feel like you could have a lot of interesting stuff to say but all I see right now is a pretty wise Girls Aloud/Saturdays fan with a decent sense of humour. Which isn't bad, but eh. I do enjoy your posts.
06 | Alex Range - You're funny, though I kind of worry for you because of occasional glimpses into a mind that isn't very happy. You are I guess something of a pantomime poster, but I can never tell whether I should take you seriously or not which gets confusing and worrying as I said! Still better than Pavel, however.
05 | AnthonyT - Never around.
07 | AprilJ - By far the most enjoyable female presence that isn't britster right now. Really lovely, occasionally insightful and one of the only wits that frequent the Saturdays forum.
08 | Arrs - I miss you sad.gif Smart, sensible, very sharp sense of humour and so many interesting things to say. Very glad I have you on Facebook!
08 | Atonement - I want to PM you sad.gif Please message me sometime! Never have you posted something I didn't enjoy and I'd love to talk Mylene with you too.
05 | * Ben *- Somewhat irritable in the chart forum (there was no need to get so annoyed with Joe correcting you - chart forum stuff should be as accurate as possible and corrections are a good thing!) but otherwise I don't mind you. I think I really was overly rude to you in the mod forum once before which I've felt bad about for quite a while, so apologies for that.
10 | Bré - Lately I have been somewhat irritated by your steadfast unwillingness to take part in speculation or really discussion as a rule. As much as I love your trivia and well, posting as a whole, it's a bit frustrating that the actual discussion topics of the chart forumS are something you avoid like the plague. You're like halfway between britster and every other chart poster. BUT YOU'RE FABULOUS IN EVERY OTHER WAY HONESTLY. Looking forward to raiding your house.
06 | Brett_Butler - Post-September I promise I'll give the anime thread another go. Not a fan of how conservative you tend to be but you are generally well-spoken, funny and good natured so I couldn't dislike you.
10 | Britster - I enjoyed you showing more personality up until recently but you seem too busy to be posting much these days which is disappointing. I am really enjoying working with you though, who knew there was so much to be done with Int Charts.
09 | Cal - Really wonderful to talk to, you're so busy lately which sucks but the PM conversations are still fabulous even if both of us have severe problems with actually replying. Espen remains very comfortable in my top 3 BJSC countries (if not #1) and I really look up to you for your Erasmus adventures, French competency and general WISENESS.
01 | Calum Hood - I've not seen much of you lately but legends say that you are at your worst in the reality TV forum so I'm glad I avoid that place like the plague. Your exceedingly nasty phase seems to be a thing of the past for the most part but unfortunately when your nasty personality isn't present, a rather pointless poster who has no interest in adding anything to a discussion is all that remains. When one side of your personality is a terrible person and the other one is entirely uninteresting it's really not a great mix.
03 | Calum Sandford - Kind of... aggressive in relation to Jake. Calm it.
07 | Cameron - You haven't done too much since you did so well in BJBB but you're lovely.
02 | Casey - Learn to actually vote in BJSC.
08 | Cassandra - I wish you'd stop wasting your energy arguing with Michael but that aside you're every bit as fabulous as you always were. Nothing has really changed since last year.
07 | Chez Wombat - Nothing has really changed since last year for you either. You're still a really lovely, quirky guy who to me at least has his own sort of "niche" in the lounge that I'm very fond of.
04 | Common Sense - You're fine. Not very insightful or anything but your supermarket bargain thread was very cute (I'm sad you let that die) and you're rarely worse than the average poster in any thread.
00 | Conderella / Pavel - Much as you would have gotten a low score from me, I wouldn't have given you zero were it not for the rules. You're still very immature and over-emotional which is just not a personality type I could ever enjoy. Your humour remains patchy too.
04 | Dandy*- I used to be a much bigger fan of you, but since you left staff you seem so much more dispassionate, cynical and somewhat rude at times. Not sure what that's about but I'm definitely feeling much colder to you than I used to be, even if the old personality is still present for the most part.
03 | dannjohn3 - Did you die?
06 | Doctor Blind - I am really not very happy with you lately. I've always been a big fan of you (which is why this score just leans above average) but in the past few months we've clashed twice and that's because I've really taken issue with your newfound behaviour, which seems to show so much bitterness and cynicism for reasons unknown to me. Your very repetitive choice of targets to passive-aggressively express dissatisfaction with is really a huge minus from your otherwise stellar posting so I hope things get back on track quickly: you're better than repeated rants about heldback releases, streaming in the charts and how desperate and evil Cheryl "The Devil's Daughter" Tweedy Cole Fernandez-Versini is.
00 | EJ / Ethan - Absolutely atrocious. So obnoxious and insulting that you offend even me and make the chart forum a difficult place to frequent. You need to learn that someone (respectively) disagreeing with you does not give you permission to tear into them, because it really doesn't. Also stop relying on tildes as a conversational crutch while you're at it.
07 | Eric_Blob - Still a very solid chart poster and actually often has interesting things to say in International Charts; my main problem with you is how little you are around!
10 | Eyes / Iz - Not sure what I could critique about you honestly (not sure why I'm trying to find stuff I hate in the people I most like but there we go). Very mature, so reasonable and easy to talk to about anything really. Also really underrated musical taste, your diversity is fantastic even if you're not the BJSC country I point the most. If there's a negative it's probably that you're the only person that's older than me that I speak to regularly with whom I actually remember that I'm the younger person, which throws me off. But it's not a big deal.
04 | Gezza - I'm also missing your countdowns lately - are you very busy? You've barely been around.
07 | Gooddelta - I was pleased with the score/comment you gave me - always got the feeling you thought I disliked you and disliked me [more] as a result. But I don't dislike you even if I never thought you were really the messiah - you've never posted something that bored or offended me in the past which is an achievement that shouldn't be underrated.
06 | Grebo - I've misjudged you woefully in the past - you're actually quite cheerful, exceedingly friendly and generally a prime example of a really good guy. I like working with you in the genre mod forum and you really have your moments in BJSC.
-1 | Griff - Last year I told you I couldn't give a good score to a character and the sentiment hasn't changed from then - if anything it's gotten worse. Why your latest persona is your cuntiest to date I can only guess but the way to earn the respect of people is not to talk down to them, so maybe it's time you try another personality.
07 | Harve - Just get someone to glue you to your chair in front of your computer for goodness sake. STOP DOING THINGS WITH YOUR LIFE AND GET POSTING.
08 | HausOfKubrick - I found it very difficult to score this, I was a bit like "hm" thinking about it. I like you a lot: you're very mature, witty, you really appreciate good music and that's pretty much that. We're pretty friendly (I like to think!) but at the same time I feel like there's a distance of sorts between us ~ Not sure why but it's kind of frosty, perhaps I'm just awkward because we've never really had a proper chat in private. Or maybe it's because I used to scare you kink.gif Or the thought of someone so friendly terrifies my people-hating personality. I don't know! But you are incredibly lovely!
05 | Hurricane - I prefer Mandy-Fan but you're decent.
04 | Insomnio - A bit insane to be totally honest but I generally find you innocent, naive and endearing.
07 | Jack - I support your bid to land a top 10 place in this and I've always wondered why you aren't more popular, but unfortunately as regards interests in 90% of things I think we're pretty much at opposite ends of the spectrum, so I really don't interact with you at all!
05 | Jade - Would get far less attention if you weren't a girl but you are fine.
09 | Jáhq - I don't know how to comment anything interesting on you but you know why you're great lol. Your work ethic is continuously amazing and I am so happy for you getting the London job (I'm not sure if I congratulated you on that before so sorry about that!).
05 | Jake / ░░░░ - I don't know where to start with this. You have huge amounts of insight into most things and you have a fantastic wit to boot but lately I've only been seeing the negative parts of your personality (not helped by your PMing policy!) and it's just been really tiring for me to deal with the genre forum issues caused by that. That might sound petty but it really wore me down. The Callum Sandford argument (even if he was equally stupid) was just another irritating thing and the constant Griff association really brings along a lot of negatives for me. Sorry, I do consider you a friend if you still consider me one but lately it's just... not great.
05 | JakeWild - I'm glad you've recently returned.
06 | Jark - I would genuinely appreciate fashion advice off you and I find your recent adventures quite interesting, so good luck with those.
10 | Jay - I wish you had less social fear but I could talk to you for hours and every single post of yours is essential reading so you couldn't not get 10.
07 | Jester - Impossible to have a problem with I should think!
06 | JoeP - A somewhat sane head in the Saturdays forum, your posts are good reading.
09 | Johnkm - I really want to establish a tradition where we swap potentials every month for BJSC just so it's an excuse to chat. Still love you.
08 | JosephStyles - I was hoping to give you 9 but you got pushed out, unfortunately! You have grown so much since last year that it's remarkable, you really are coming into your own. A few months ago there was at least one issue I wanted to bring up with you and that was you getting very defensive over people disliking your musical acts (at one stage I did think about telling you to stop the "Oh, I didn't know you didn't like 1D x" behaviour in Pop) but even that you seem to be moving on from which is really great to see. You're maturing very quickly into a fantastic poster and person.
00 | JSG - Something about you is really off-putting. Everyone says you haven't got a bad bone in your body but I don't think that's necessarily true, I think it's more like you are scared to show off those bad bones. You seem like something of a doormat for everyone in your life and I think you need to learn to assert yourself rather than fronting this super happy nice guy thing.
05 | Jsilv - Have seen far too little of you but I do not dislike what I have seen.
02 | Kath - Pity you turned out to be batshit.
07 | Klumzee - Same story as ever! I like you, post more, please and thank you.
09 | Lee Wallace - It makes me sad to see you on BuzzJack less but like Joe I think you've grown a lot as a person since even last year and it's really lovely to see. Not sure what else to say but you still have all the great traits you always did and I'm sorry I couldn't get you a 10!
06 | Let Go For 2Nite - I like how you own your obsessed loon thing and while you are ludicrously positive I actually like it and I feel like you'd be very enjoyable to talk to.
08 | LexC - I also thought I'd be giving you a 9 this year but that was before the fiendish max number of high rates thing hit so sorry about that! So much more prominent than you used to be and it's really enjoyable to see your wit shining and your amazing musical taste being recognised with 'Armenian Girl'. It is somewhat often that I disagree with your views on ~serious~ issues but that's not exactly a bad thing: actively having an opinion to disagree with puts you above the majority of the population!
07 | Liam - So easy to work with and you're kinda similar to Jack in that we don't really have a huge amount to bond over but I would really miss your contribution to the forum if you were gone: I honestly feel like a music thread isn't complete without a Liam post, somehow.
05 | LiamK97 - You seem to have faded away to nothing but posting certifications and Ultraviolence has viciously stolen that job from you so I'm afraid I have to question your point as a poster these days sad.gif You've gone backwards.
08 | luk= - I'M SO SORRY I DIDN'T REPLY TO YOUR LAST PM I WAS BUSY FOR LIKE TWO DAYS AND THEN I WANTED TO REPLY BUT I THOUGHT "OH WHY WOULD HE EVEN WANT TO SEE A REPLY FRO ME AFTER THAT DELAY" AND THEN YEAH. You are so lovely and actually really interesting and I want to discuss languages and card games and stuff with you MORE if you don't hate me! I'm so sorry for being a terrible PM correspondent.
04 | Mack / ukcsf - Eh, did you end up leaving in the end? You'll be missed in the sports forum. And your Adele BRIT Award headline thing is still a ukclassicf.
02 | Mango - Sorry but I don't feel like I've seen you since teams, are you a really big lurker? Please post more if so!
05 | Mariah Scary - Interesting taste in most everything but it's a long time since I saw you post anything with substance.
04 | Martyn - I have never seen you post anything of substance. But you're OK.
07 | Mart!n/M!key - STOP DELETING RANDOM POSTS IN THE CHART FORUM FOR NO REASON OH MY GOD. You're really cute though, I don't get why they made you a Chart Mod instead of a Chart Leader after all those years. You are the chart forum to me.
06 | Math - I need to see more of you, I'm so unsure of what to think of you. I started out liking you and then I was kinda iffy and now I think I like you again and I don't know anymore I'm sorry.
06 | Mattias - You're adorable and have interesting thoughts on most everything. Would love to talk to you sometime but we never properly cross paths.
00 | Michael - I liked you until your random grammar nazi assault on Tirren in which you revealed that you take this forum seriously after all, are a very bitter/angry person and are really most likely unstable. And I have a horrible feeling that "summer fruits" will be a new buzzmeme to run into the ground.
03 | Niall Minogue - Don't know much about you aside from your love of hosting rates, sorry!
10 | Nick F1 - Your fitness regime is really so impressive and I'm so delighted for you that you got amazing results. I miss talking to you, but I enjoy seeing your updates on Facebook and I'm glad things seem to be going well for you wub.gif
08 | NoahSpike - Best new member! Couldn't imagine the chart or genre forums without you anymore, you're so willing to debate and speculate that it's really exactly what the place needs. Can't fault you aside from maybe CleanBanditSalesGate which was FUN~
07 | Oliver - I feel so bad for last year when all I could think of with you was how you were kind of like Rooney in the "yes I'm a lad" department. You turned out to be quite a lovely guy and I feel very bad about how the gaming forum ended up going.
11 | Oricon - I wish you cared more about BuzzJack these days because I miss having you be more enthusiastic but as long as you're in BJSC and on Skype it's all good really. Best friend on BuzzJack even if your taste is sometimes "questionable" and I look forward to meetups and whatnot. Also I don't think I could get bored of talking clothes with you sad.gif What has happened to me.
03 | Popchartfreak - I really wish you wouldn't take any opportunity to rant about re-releases and whatnot but aside from that you're a harmless guy.
05 | RabbitFurCoat - I enjoyed you in the World Cup too but we both know I don't see you anywhere else.
08 | RabbitHeart - You have an amazing wit, sometimes it's easy to forget but then I see a post of yours and it's right back there again. One of the funniest people on the site for sure.
07 | randomfurlong - Last night was the first fun I've had with you in ages which makes me sad, but I still like you a lot.
02 | Regina - Still too snappy and blah but not as offensive as you used to be.
07 | RiseR - Kinda like Noah but more American (which is why you got a lower mark obviously). Another poster that helps keep Int Charts on life support and also provides interesting posts in the lounge which I appreciate a lot. Along with Noah, one of the best new posters since I joined.
05 | Rob Summers - Sorry I have absolutely no idea what to say about you other than you're a nice person!
08 | Robot - Not sure what to say about you either, to me you're the same Rob you always were so I'm unsure why your popularity is so much bigger now (why not in 2011?). Still fun and insightful when you find a topic you want to give insight into (which I wish was more common!!!). I'm a bit down because on skype I never see you in discussions I can jump into but that's hardly a negative on you as a person(ality). And you'll be regarded as a fashion martyr in the future I'm sure.
04 | Rooney - Hire new sports mods already.
10 | Ryan. - I think of all the people on the forum you've grown the most on me over the last year. We still don't really have one on one conversations but working with you as a pop mod and a mod in general is so much fun and I generally think we sync up so well. You're definitely one of my favourite people on here now.
00 | SeanToBeWild - I haven't really seen you do anything aside from have Adele quotes in your sig and complain about artists that use swear words not being good rolemodels which was very iffy.
08 | SevenSeize - Still a sane face in the chart forum, a worthwhile contributor to the lounge and a person with very solid music taste. Trifoski are essential in BJSC I think.
03 | Shadow2009 - I'm glad you changed your sig but I wish you'd stop despairing over The Saturdays.
00 | Silas - Like Pavel, not really a 0 poster - I still enjoy quite a few of your posts. That said you were definitely on track for a low score: still too angry, too incapable as a mod, too willing to provide excuses for any and all failures and far too biased against everyone that isn't in your friend group. Plus the whole Ashvia thing in BJSC is still so obviously phoney on your end.
09 | Silver Rocket / mr_aly - Didn't think I'd ever give you such a high score because we've never actually spoken one to one and I still don't really know how much we have in common but I have realised over the past year that you are something of an essential poster to me. You have a niche in the genre forums and chart forums that only you really fill and if your posts weren't there I genuinely wouldn't enjoy the place anywhere near as much as I do. Something about your realism and pessimism is just so necessary to me!
02 | Steve201 - For the love of God get over OA/OS. It's not that great. Also you're Irish so minus points.
07 | Suedehead2 - I've grown to like you a tad more recently, I've seen your wit more than I used to and you were another poster that helped make the World Cup threads what they were for me (from memory).
05 | T Boy - I wish you would stop running the jokes you decide to take part in into the absolute ground because nobody needs you to go on about not capitalising stuff in the chart forum for weeks on end, they really don't. Outside of that, unspectacular.
10 | Theo - I think uni has done you so much good but I miss you being around much on here - just glad I have you on Facebook to make up for it! I really enjoy how you go about giving your opinions.
07 | Thermo - Nice and hardworking and just another person I really appreciate in the chart forum.
06 | Tim - If it weren't for the ATRLisms you'd be so much higher - you have an interesting personality but the ATRL stuff just whitewashes it all with "white gay that thinks he's a black woman" and it sucks.
02 | Totto - You seem nice but I've seen like 5 posts of yours!
05 | Tyler - Lately you seem to just appear in lounge threads to do nothing but reference Mean Girls with your old friends which isn't really what I grew to like you for!
07 | Ultraviolence - Adorably enthusiastic and friendly, really hope you stick around for the future.
xx | Umi
06 | Vidcapper - Sometimes endearing, sometimes frustrating but you do a good service and I find you cute so yeah. I think you're trolling us all.
03 | Vulker - Redacted.
09 | ✖ ketalina ✖ - Nothing bad to say to you, though I do miss when we were closer/you liked me more lol. Still making BJSC what it is.

QUOTE(AdamAloud @ Aug 5 2014, 12:14 AM) *

07 | 152chris / ♒ chris GD PSTR
00 | Abdul Fareek / Pablo Escobar No redeeming features whatsoever from what I can tell.
xx | AdamAloud
05 | Alex Range I've never found you unbearable like some others have, you obviously have a unique music taste when it comes to the norm here but I like that you don't really care about that.
05 | AnthonyT
07 | AprilJ Rochelle is not the best Saturday and the sooner this is realised the sooner we can all move on to stanning for Mollie's record-breaking solo career.
05 | Arrs I do miss Ingermanlandia in BJSC.
05 | Atonement
04 | * Ben *
09 | Bré I hate doing these bloody comments. I really don't know what to say but I do know you're a poster worthy of a 9. I guess you're a great 'all-rounder' (make of that what you will). You also need to win BJSC soon (but not before me).
07 | Brett_Butler
03 | Britster I don't know you very much but thank you for the updates on the Swedish chart (a.k.a the only one that matters) in the int. charts forum.
08 | Cal  I don't know how anyone could dislike you, great poster.
10 | Calum Hood I can SORT of see why people dislike you, but I guess I just understand you a lot better. I love our little chats despite the infrequency of them. We need to stick together to defeat Joseph and Jáhq's IGNORANCE towards Zayn tbh.
07 | Callum Sandford I'd like to get to know you more as we seem a great match!
10 | Cameron Of the 'newbies' I'd say you are the best. Level-headed with great opinions and excellent taste in music (Issues <3) Would love to speak with you more!
06 | Casey
11 | Cassandra Step aside Björkman, the true QUEEN of Melodifestivalen has arrived! You deserve my 11 simply for the write-ups I lived for in the greatest 6 weeks of the year, but not only that you're a superb poster with a great sense of humour.
07 | Chez Wombat
00 | Common Sense
08 | Conderella / Pavel I was going to give you a 9 and then remembered something along the lines of T W I S T ohmy.gif
08 | Dandy* Despite your Saturdays-loathing I think you're a fantastic poster. Quite shocked at some of the rates you've had to be honest.
05 | dannjohn3
06 | Doctor Blind
04 | EJ / Ethan
00 | Eric_Blob
08 | Eyes / Iz I misunderstood you at first but you really are one of the sites best, a true asset to the forum. If only I had more 9's.
04 | Gezza
10 | Gooddelta Buzzjack with the bitchiness = gooddelta. So easy to talk to and get on with. I have to admit I do miss your extended personal charts, was always a great way to discover new music!
04 | Grebo
05 | Griff I've never had a problem with you and your trolling has ground to halt it seems which is great to see!
06 | Harve
08 | HausOfKubrick Again if I had more 9's, whose stupid idea was this cap of 7??
09 | Hurricane The true leader of The Saturdays forum. Lee Wallace could NEVER.
06 | Insomnio 
08 | Jack Another poster worthy of 9, your humour is fabulous.
09 | Jade I feel like you could be Rich's female alias, I think you're a great poster with such likeability.
09 | Jáhq I was going to deduct you a point for such blatant crimes against 'Kiss You' but I just couldn't bring myself to do it. I'm too nice.
06 | Jake / ░░░░
04 | JakeWild
05 | Jark
09 | Jay One of the sites underrated posters I feel. Your taste in music (and men) is impeccable, but I DO miss your Cheryl avatar, a comeback is long overdue!
07 | Jester
07 | JoeP A great contributor in The Saturdays forum.
10 | Johnkm Anyone who appreciates the talent of Dame Harlot Perrelli instantly gets a 10 from me. Your posts are always fabulous as well.
10 | Jonjo Absolutely worthy of a 10 in my eyes, a brilliant poster who never goes over the top. We need to talk more!
10 | JosephStyles Joseph <3. Such an asset to the forum, you're so hardworking especially in the personal charts forum and of course you have flawless taste with regards to Girls Aloud. And you made me a Sarah Harding on Quiz Night calendar so I'm just sorry I couldn't have one more 11. It would have gone to you. heart.gif
07 | JSG Would be great to talk more, we seem to have similar (fabulous) tastes.
06 | Jsilv
00 | Kath I haven't seen you about for ages and my last recollection of you was your BJSC voting strop so that's my reason. Also you support Michael so yeah.
07 | Klumzee Another underrated poster I feel!
08 | Lee Wallace The Saturdays new album 'Finest Selection: The Greatest Hits' is out on Monday! Pre-order on iTunes now! (Using your comment as promo, I'm sure you'll understand).
06 | Let Go For 2Nite
09 | LexC I couldn't not let the founder of the Sofi Marinova Photographic Archives (a.k.a the Best. Thread. Ever.) get a high score. I also really enjoy your posts and I think you've great wit about you. Bravo.
08 | Liam All-round great guy really. Thank you for voting in my flop Agnes rate. sob.gif
06 | LiamK97
06 | luk= Your BJSC entries are often criminally overlooked.
05 | Mack / ukcsf
05 | Mango
06 | Mariah Scary
07 | Martyn The Saturdays and Tone Damli stan. What's not to like?
07 | Mart!n/M!key
06 | Math
06 | Mattias
-1 | Michael Your posts make me want to vomit really. So many threads derailed due to your trolling. And to save you, I'll even tell myself to 'SILENCE BEIGE!', because really you're so f***ing predictable. How about instead of wasting your time on here, you go and enroll in some evening classes. I recommend English. f*** knows you could do with it.
07 | Niall Minogue A great contributor in the 1D forum, you should post more elsewhere!
07 | Nick F1
06 | NoahSpike
08 | Oliver Again worthy of 9! Fantastic addition to the forum.
07 | Oricon
07 | Popchartfreak
05 | RabbitFurCoat
06 | RabbitHeart
07 | randomfurlong
05 | Regina
07 | RiseR It was great to get to know you better during Teams!
05 | Rob Summers
09 | Robot I contemplated giving you a 10 but you're always backing the runner-up so a 9 just seemed so more apt!
07 | Rooney Again I got to know you a lot better in Teams, your determination to destroy Pavel was admirable.
08 | Ryan. I still feel you're slightly underrated on here, I've never had a problem with you.
07 | SeanToBeWild A great new member, you should post more outside The Saturdays forum!
07 | SevenSeize A 7 seemed only fitting.
04 | Shadow2009 I find you a little grating if I'm honest. Yes I suppose you bring the 'realism' to The Saturdays forum but the constant negativity when they drop 4 place on iTunes gets very old and boring very quickly.
10 | Silas One of the best posters on here who's most certainly not afraid to speak his mind! Flawless taste in music as well.
08 | Silver Rocket / mr_aly
00 | Steve201 I don't recall ever reading one of your posts.
07 | Suedehead2 Minus 1 point for not recognising Katy Perry in Teams! Never forget.
06 | T Boy
06 | Theo
08 | Thermo Your passion for dance music is fantastic, I hope you get your top 10 finish in BJSC soon, it's long overdue!
08 | Tim We share lots in common, Eurovision, The Saturdays looning. Really you could be my Dutch cousin!
04 | Toby
07 | Totto You need to post more outside The Saturdays forum, you're fab! Minus 1 point for the 'Higher' shade though. Unacceptable.
06 | Tyler
06 | Ultraviolence
08 | Umi Like Silas you're never afraid to speak your mind and you're a great poster in my opinion.
00 | Vidcapper
00 | Vulker A zero because I liked you and you've f***ed off since Eurovision. Come back.
07 | ✖ ketalina ✖ I enjoy reading your posts, you've made me laugh a fair few times! I get the impression we don't have a lot in common though.

QUOTE(Calum Hood @ Aug 5 2014, 12:48 AM) *

01 | ¿ DESPEDIDO ? I think I've seen a few knowledgeable posts from you in the Politics forum, but that's about it really.
07 | ♒ chris Really enjoy reading your posts, and I don't know how else to explain the love.
01 | Abdul Fareek
10 | AdamAloud One of the best friends I've made on here! Our mutual appreciation, love, desire, sexual frustration, love, love, and love for Zayn will probably unite us more than anything, but I just really love talking to you in private (oh~ omg those PM's were pretty full-on lol). You have one of the most amazing tastes in music (and in men because Zayn > life). And thank you for telling me to head on over and listen to Quen Sanna's 'Trouble'. *.* Definitely hope we can continue to talk and keep contributing to the 1D forum – really look forward to reading your posts in there each time there is a new one.
00 | Alex Range
03 | AnthonyT
07 | April Didn't have you down as such a big Doctor Who fan! I've always liked you but there's some new-found love after Teams because you were a great contributor during that, invested a lot in it, and it was good to get to know you a bit more in the general chat threads! Would love to speak on a more regular basis.
04 | Arrs
06 | Atonement
02 | *Ben* You're like a bit of a non-entity that gets out at the weekend to come and host the Sunday Chart Show thread before going back to where you came from. Or maybe I just don't visit the chart forum enough these days.
09 | Bré
03 | Brett_Butler
04 | Britster
07 | Cal
06 | Callum Sandford Adorable member. I loved you in your first incarnation, and the second is even greater. Your contributions to the 1D forum are great, but your Zayn shade is intolerable. I'd love to speak to you in private to get to know you a bit better! Sorry it's not a higher score.
07 | Cameron I'm glad you've managed to integrate really rather well into the main forums and haven't remained on a loop in the Saturdays forum like your other counterparts. An all round lovely member, I just wish we spoke a little more often.
05 | Casey
05 | Cassandra You use a lot of vocabulary that I cannot interpret because I'm obviously too common, but I do like your posts, particularly in the Politics forum. (If I'm actually understanding your posts properly) you seem to say a lot of what I'm thinking that I can't write down.
06 | Chez Wombat I really warmed to you as a poster following on from this year's Teams. You were a great contributor during that and I really enjoy reading your posts now. I'd say I'd like to start talking to you but the thought of that probably frightens you to the core.
00 | Common Sense
09 | Conderella I'm ready for the blood to start spilling out of me when you undoubtedly throw several knives into me by the time your rate arrives, but since last year I've really really loved reading your posts and you're one of the best the forum has to offer. Your humour is fabulous, much like everything else about you. I think we're yet to have a one-to-one conversation though aside from that small one we had during BJSC one time which was nice.
06 | Dandy*
04 | dannjohn3 Awaiting the arrival of Stooshe's second album to add as background music to the next series of YouTube videos, are we? *.*
03 | Doctor Blind I don't know where your random dislike for me comes from, but aside from you seeming like a pretty knowledgeable member the feeling is pretty much mutual.
04 | EJ
04 | Eric_Blob One of the more tolerable of chart forum members to have made the cut, and quite entertaining on a good day.
06 | Eyes
02 | Gezza
06 | gooddelta I do like you (not much has changed since last year, mind you) most of the time. At times it does seem as though you're a bit self-indulgent though. And things like “____ … when I sent that to BJSC ~whatever-number-contest-it-was~” (That's good.) whereby the fact you sent it to BJSC becomes the part of that post that wants to be noticed, not the part that precedes it.
02 | Grebo
08 | Griff I think working with you in the Miley forum (for the brief time that we did) turned my opinion of you around a lot (as well as in other parts of the forum as well). You do have a lot of excellent ideas and your contributions are great a lot of the time. Sometimes though when you're in a conversation with one or more other posters and are trying to make a point it goes off in a bit of a tangent and I'm reading trying to decipher / 'wtf'-ing to myself. But other than that you're pretty great!
07 | Harve
10 | HausOfKubrick One of the most important people to me. I know we haven't spoken that much recently, but when we have it's been fab. We shall forever remain united through our mutual love for Shameless/Elliott/whatever else you can think of. Genuinely a true life friend. You've been there so many times, and just listened and taken all the shit I've poured out in and offered truly amazing advice and it's helped shape how strong I am just now. I have a lot to thank you for.
00 | Hurricane I really do not understand why you're deemed worthy of inclusion here when you offer absolutely nothing and post nowhere on the forum (from what I can see) aside from the Saturdays forum, and even in there you can come across more than just a tad dictative.
01 | Insomnio
09 | Jack I do get the impression you seem to go off me when we have a difference of opinion in regards to Big Brother, but nonetheless I still appreciate you as one of the best members on the forum. Just a shame that we haven't spoken much at all this year like we used to on Skype.
08 | Jade Helen >
08 | Jáhq
07 | ░░░░ I won't forget that time we halted the ongoing war and just had a great PM chat and cleared the air and you were really really lovely and helped a massive amount (thank you for that x). Your humour on the forum is 99% of the time fabulous, and I just think you're very misunderstood by a lot of the newer members on the forum and are probably going to (undeservedly) suffer in this rate as a result --
06 | JakeWild
07 | Jark Like Jake, I'm glad we cleared the air when we did. I just wish you'd start posting more frequently again because your posts are always great to read and it is *.* when an utterly shit song that everybody on the forum adores gets the Jark treatment in a single line. Shame about that Kylie forum though.
08 | Jay It feels as if we only ever talk now when there's an exciting and orgasmic new edition of GT or Attitude that we can talk about, and it seems like you are beginning to post less and less on here which is a shame. I still very much enjoy reading your take on Big Brother though – offering various in-depth reviews on what creepy Chris is getting up to now, how utterly fabulous Helen continues to be on a daily basis, etc (much like Noahspike)... So I feel obliged to start a Skype conversation sometime in the near future.
07 | Jester I really don't know why but I just didn't really like you at all this time last year, but I can't really explain for why that was. But now, I really look up to you. You do a brilliant job in the chart forum and your posts are more often than not a very interesting read. And like April, I didn't know you were quite the Doctor Who fan, but *.* nonetheless.
03 | JoeP
10 | Johnkm The epitome of absolutely everything and anything F.A.B.U.L.O.U.S. Flawless poster all round really. Really enjoy reading what you have to offer on here, your humour is top, your wit is perfectly timed and you know how to put someone in their place. Just please avoid replying any more to that Michael creature. And yes, I still look back to those extremely helpful PM's we exchanged long ago because I still require the help. You're definitely the person I'd feel most comfortable approaching in the future if there ever was anything else of the same nature.
05 | Jonjo There's something re. Yourself that I just can't put my finger on that puts you as low as a five, but for the most part you seem lovely and I enjoy reading your posts in the Big Brother threads, similar to Noah and Jay.
10 | JosephStyles “See, I don't mind if you yell. Because I know you're not really angry with me. No, and you're not angry about Tonya's coat either. This is about your husband. So you can yell, and throw things, and tell me to go to hell, because I'm not Pablo, or Valentina. I will never leave you.”
“See, this is important that we talk these things out, because if we don't we cry and ruin our make-up.”
Finally went out of my way to find the actual quote from the episode (and yes it did take me over half an hour to find x) [although how it relates to our friendship is more abstract than that, but you know anyway.] I guess it's just part and parcel that we'll argue every day of the year with moments of ceasefire in between, but the whole actual thing would just seem a bit BLAND without all of that insane stuff. Saraj. It's a shame we do seem to have drifted apart a little bit recently, but the love doesn't die~
03 | JSG You've certainly come into your own a fair bit since you joined, but outside your natural habitat of the Saturdays forum I can only really take you in small dozes before it all starts getting a bit irritating. That said, it would be nice to catch up seeing as it has been a very long time.
02 | Jsilv You have the potential to be a great member, we just haven't spoken a great deal (if at all) [it would be nice to change that x]
01 | Kath Your thoughts on the latest episode of Corrie or Emmerdale are always valuable.
06 | Klumzee I always get you mixed up with Chez for some reason, but you're a lovely member and your posts are a nice read most of the time.
10 | Lee Wallace Have loved talking to you these past couple of months (even if it's only in the past couple of days we've had really in-depth conversations) after what seemed like we'd never have one-to-one conversations in the same way again. Definitely one of the most annoyingly entertaining members on the forum. Your sense of humour is just amazing and we can both sit and cry in a corner somewhere when Pixie's impending flop does... flop. The way you just shade everything and everyone on Skype though. Master of the art.
06 | Let Go for 2Nite Wish this score could be higher, but we haven't spoken in quite a while now. Loved our PM chats from when you first joined, and hopefully we can start talking again. Your taste in music is ***flawless (Foxes, Pixie Lott, etc.) so hit me up sometime soon~
07 | LexC
-1 | Liam No, this forum definitely doesn't need any more posters like you. It's embarrassing that people actually respond to a lot of what you have to say when in reality it's all just a reconstructed version of what the member above you (or in a more specific manner: what Jack's post above yours) says. It's like reading a thread of double posts.
“Completely agree with that”, “I couldn't agree more with that”, “100% what ___ said”, “definitely agree”, “omg lol I was just about to say the exact same thing (but I'll post it again anyway because who doesn't love seeing word-for-word replicas of the same thing nineteen times on the one page with an emoticon added onto the end for good effect?). Your posts look a lot as if they're in constant need of acceptance by agreeing with the general consensus of all members on the forum. Very enigmatic. Sometimes I just really want to like you, but it's incredibly difficult and we probably never will.
08 | Liamk97 I miss our chats and the long and deep personal chart comments. Would love to start speaking to you again sometime soon because you're one of the biggest assets to the forum IMO. Great addition to the chart mod team, and just lovely all round.
04 | luk=
02 | Mack What has happened to you? I weep for your return so I can see how well my faves are holding up on iTunes two minutes after the previous post was made.
00 | Mango
03 | Mariah Scary
06 | Martyn
02 | M!key I think the closest we ever come to any form of interaction whatsoever is personal chart comments. You seem nice enough, but I can't say I take that much notice of you otherwise.
04 | Math Potential to be a good poster, I just haven't seen you around that much aside from BJSC results threads.
05 | Mattias
00 | Michael
03 | Niall Minogue You've helped the One Direction forum a great deal with what you've done (and a lot of the other artist forums from what I can see), which is great, but I can't say I believe you leave that big an impression at all anywhere else on the forum. There's still time to get involved a little more and integrate in the main forums I guess?
02 | Nick F1
09 | Noahspike Definitely one of the most enlightening of members to grace the forum. I do very much enjoy reading 99% of what you have to say. Your input is often always spot on and to the point. Putting comments regarding Helen that are not without flaw, your analyses of each Big Brother episode are great to read, and a change at least. I do think yourself and Jay are very alike in terms of posting style (which is not a bad thing~). Your wit and humour is on point nine times out of ten as well.
04 | Oliver
09 | Oricon It saddens me that we have spoken like once or twice in the last year because I absolutely LOVED our Skype conversations. I think we should start talking again sometime in the very near future because you're an absolutely adorable person and the chats can only get ~~~naughtier~~~ || x
04 | Popchartfreak Your appreciation for the history of Doctor Who and not just the present is very lovely to see. I just hope your favourite classic story is The Claws of Axos else unfortunately we cannot be friends. You do seem like a really lovely person as well.
03 | RabbitFurCoat I don't believe we have ever exchanged conversation.
07 | Rabbit Heart
08 | randomfurlong I don't know if I said the exact same thing last year or not, but yeah, I still don't quite know why I love you as much as I do, but I do.
00 | Regina Slug.
07 | RiseR
01 | Rob Summers
11 | Robot “And I just wanna scream, what now? I guess I'll just wait it out”
“I don't know where to go, I don't know what to feel, I don't know how to cry, I don't know”
^ genuinely what I was saying to myself during the period of silence.
But yes. I've met a few people on this forum who mean an awful lot to me, and who I can't imagine not speaking to at all, but for countless reasons nobody compares. When we didn't talk for what seemed like a lot longer than it actually was it genuinely made coming on here and posting feel a bit worthless and just not as enjoyable. But putting that behind us, I just absolutely adore every part of your personality and who you are. You're one of the most genuine, down to earth people I've had the fortune of speaking to. I just feel as if I owe you a lot because the countless times you've been there during dark times to talk, help see that there actually is a light and something worth living for, is one thing I really do appreciate. Your music taste is absolutely fabulous and I love our spontaneous Katy discussions. And then there's Big Brother (omg hi Helen), and just general life stuff. The Skype calls with the 'gang', omg those were some amazing moments. To me, you just embody absolutely everything that someone should want to cherish forever because there are so many special memories there even though I've known you for just little over a year now.
08 | Rooney Missing the Rooney posts around the forum. Whatever happened to your [One Direction] love?
07 | Ryan. Thank you very much indeed for finishing the Amy rate, much appreciated. I do enjoy reading your posts a lot and I miss when we used to have the occasional chat here and there on MSN/Skype.
01 | Seantobewild Can't say I've ever had a conversation one-to-one with you, so I don't really have a positive or negative opinion of you outside of your posts in the Saturdays forum.
07 | SevenSeize Oh, how coincidental.
00 | Shadow2009 Wasn't really aware you existed until now, sorry.
06 | Silas Joseph's comment for you pretty much sums up how I feel as well. I do think you're great to speak to in private (it's not happened a lot, and the couple of times it has have been very brief), but it is nice to talk to you when you seem a bit more chilled out and approachable.
05 | Silver Rocket You get a bit too much slack I think. You seem like a lovely member, and I'll throw out the cliché that you repeat yourself a bit too much and it gets a bit irritating. But that aside, can you please start posting in the Kylie forum again more often to remind us that the dictatorship is not real?
00 | Steve201 What part of the forum did they drag you out of?
07 | Suedehead2
00 | T Boy I think maybe if you appeared a little less pressed more of the time I'd start to like you, but at the moment all I see is someone getting far more worked up about EastEnders than they should be.
09 | Theo Come back please! Your absence hasn't gone unnoticed. Definitely one of my favourite people on here and I do miss talking to you on Skype a LOT. I assume you've just gone off to spend some time with yourself watching the Fifty Shades trailer though and will come back at some point x
05 | Thermo
10 | Tim One of the most underrated people on here, I think. You're definitely one of my favourite posters. You've a lot to add to many of the topics on here and I love your sense of humour and general posting style. Really would love to get to know you a bit better one-to-one. Fully deserving of a 10 <3
05 | Toby Your posts are hilarious most of the time and you seem like a lovely member. Post a little more and you could be even more fabulous, Jamie Foreman crushes aside.
00 | Totto I can't recall seeing a single post of yours on the forum, so I'm assuming you're a Saturdays loon we could have done without that's been added onto the list for the sake of it.
06 | Tyler I just really love going into a thread and reading a really serious conversation. New post from Tyler. And it's not related in the slightest but just 100% hilarious.
03 | Ultraviolence
07 | Umi I'm still very much under the impression that you dislike me a fair bit, but I like reading most of your posts.
00 | Vidcapper Genuinely cannot remember a single post of yours, aside from maybe one or two in the Kylie forum.
03 | Vulker
05 | ✖ ketalina ✖ Tyra Banks

QUOTE(mr_aly @ Aug 5 2014, 02:19 AM) *
I arrived home drunk and thought to myself, what better time to submit my rate with total and 100% honesty and without any bias regarding any other previous rates? No theme, no fancy concept. but honest remarks where I felt appropriate (and could be botherered):

04 | 152chris / ♒ chris
00 | Abdul Fareek / Pablo Escobar - Comes across like a year 5 pupil who needs assistance in class, and the majority of your posts make me roll my eyes back in horror.
06 | AdamAloud
00 | Alex Range - Like others have said, it's not your different opinions that bother me it's your general attitude. Your intolerance, your random attacks on members, the way you resorted to calling MKS "ugly bitches" just because you didn't like them and then you playing the victim and wondering what you did wrong. No, you're pathetic and you need to grow the fuck up!
08 | AnthonyT - I think we could perhaps find common ground in our shared passion for various 90s things (some obscure) wub.gif
04 | AprilJ - You seem like a nice enough gal, but I read your posts sometimes and think you come across really arrogant and then you suck up to various people to make yourself look better.
08 | Arrs - You weren't my member title for a while for no reason!
08 | Atonement - One touch and there's a rush of electricity, so won't you show me all there is to know?
09 | * Ben * - I think you're great, we never had any unpleasant exchanges and you're an essential cornerstone in the chart forum.
08 | Bré - Like anyone else here, you peeved me in the early days but these days I'm really interested to know your opinions on things and to read your analytical posts... DESPITE YOUR CONSTANT CATAPULTING OF SHADE IN MY DIRECTION. mad.gif
06 | Brett_Butler - I have not seen much of your posts lately, but one day me and you shall dance together under electric light.
03 | Britster - Such a shame Kworb and Livepopbars shunted you into irrelevancy sad.gif
05 | Cal
06 | Calum Hood - We had a BIG disagreement in the Katy Perry forum a few weeks back and you do sometimes come across as childish and petulant, but I upgraded you from a 2 to a 6 as I see potential in your good grammar/English and you have toned it down lately. Plus you stan for some of my faves, so it can't be all bad?
07 | Calum Sandford - Do I make your heart beat like an 808 drum, is my love your drug?
05 | Cameron
08 | Casey - I miss our nights out. sad.gif Them were the days.
08 | Cassandra - It's good to see you on the comeback trail and proving you've still got that fabulous streak within. Nicole Scherzinger mid 2011 vibes!
07 | Chez Wombat - Nice guy, the sort you'd want to introduce to your parents (god, I'm really drunk aren't I?)
00 | Common Sense - Fack awf FFS.
06 | Conderella / Pavel - Obnoxious but lovely in a roundabout way.
08 | Dandy* - Supercool.
01 | dannjohn3 - It would have been a 00, but you get small amount of points for FINALLY seemingly taking on board the 'constructive criticism' directed your way recently and being less of a venereal infection among us.
09 | Doctor Blind - Music taste + wit + username = always a winner for me.
06 | EJ / Ethan - I like your passion for dance music, but the one thing dragging you down is your lack of evaluation/reasoning behind your opinions. It's always "this is sick heart.gif" or "this is indesribable drivel puke.gif". EVALUATE MORE. I know you have it in you!
00 | Eric_Blob - You have been spared my -1 for once!
07 | Eyes / Iz
06 | Gezza
08 | Gooddelta - Spread your precious wings, I watch you fly away
03 | Grebo
04 | Griff - Me and you will probably never see eye to eye, although I like you more than I used to you still sometimes come across as a dominerring horror of a character (I know what you're thinking: "ha, how dare he? what a hypocrit"). However, sometimes I enjoy your posts/opinions when you're not so it's not ALL bad.
05 | Harve - Hello 2007.
11 | HausOfKubrick - Guy is a diamond. Always interesting, always intelligent, always worthy opinions always lovely and I once had the absolute pleasure of meeting him. #14 smash by The Saturdays personified. POST MORE THOUGH, stop leaving me hungry for more.
05 | Hurricane
05 | Insomnio
10 | Jack - I always enjoy reading this guy's posts, and in a weird way I get the feeling me and him would get on like a house on fire if we ever met IRL (it's the party animal streak within us OBVS). No, but I always like witty and constructive cynicism.
07 | Jade - You seem like a lovely girl <3 The only thing I will say is I see you repeat the same things week in, week our in the Chart Show Thread but I won't criticise too harshly as I know I'm guilty of it sometimes!
08 | Jáhq
08 | Jake / ░░░░ - This girl is like my sister from another mister, we were here from the very conception of Buzzjack and we will still be standing strong until the bitter end #radicaltrolls
05 | JakeWild
08 | Jark - Post more! I miss your #bitchface sad.gif
09 | Jay - One of the most informative and probably nicest posters I see around here.
10 | Jester - You will always have a special place in my heart, we should arrange for me to visit again soon?
08 | JoeP - Seems like a nice genuine chap, and one of the more intellectual/level headed Sats loons. It's nice to see you branching out across the forum too.
10 | Johnkm - I love every post I read of yours, perfect acerbic wit and the perfect replacement for our long lost Shoat.
09 | Jonjo - heart.gif
07 | JosephStyles - I know you dislike me and all, but it doesn't bother me that much. You have your occasional moments of obnoxiousness but I do actually enjoy reading your posts and we like a lot of the same stuff. Who knows, maybe one day we can reach a common ground and find peace?
07 | JSG
05 | Jsilv
04 | Kath - No Mercy - Where Do You Go? (the appropriate song)
06 | Klumzee - Omg, so Fame Monster era.
08 | Lee Wallace - I think we'd be best buds if I actually interacted with people outside of here these days.
06 | Let Go For 2Nite - I gotta let it goooo, let it gooooo
07 | LexC - Your avi and sig hypnotise me so.
08 | Liam - You used to really annoy me, but over the past couple of years you're much improved and a little ray of sunshine.
09 | LiamK97 - My musical soulmate yahoo.gif
06 | luk=
05 | Mack / ukcsf - Return of the mack, you know that I'll be back.
07 | Mango - Would have been higher if we had video footage of you dancing around your office naked. Sue Radio 1 and a certain young girl for robbing you of a higher score.
05 | Mariah Scary - So 2010.
08 | Martyn - Sort of echoing my comment for Jack on this.
03 | Mart!n/M!key - So 2005, although your grammatical flaws bump your score up somewhat.
05 | Math
05 | Mattias
-1 | Michael - Eric Blob owes you a lot in this instance. Internet trolls can be KIND OF funny if they're good at it or come across like they have one shred of intelligence, you seem like somebody who has a very empty and sad life and at worst like somebody who should not be allowed to integrate with society. Do us all a favour and FOAD. Leave trolling to those intelligent enough to master the concept.
02 | Niall Minogue - I should rate you higher based on your surname, but you're like a robot with nothing interesting to say for yourself.
07 | Nick F1 - Hatchets are long buried by now.
08 | NoahSpike - I find your posts quite fascinating, mainly by the way of your analogies and excellent use of the English language. Do stick around!
05 | Oliver - Olives are beige and a bit unremarkable, a bit like you... but not bad per se!
04 | Oricon - So 2010.
03 | Popchartfreak
05 | RabbitFurCoat - I don't think I've seen you since 2006? I used to stan hard though.
06 | RabbitHeart - Turns me to gold in the sunlight
09 | randomfurlong - A love
10 | Regina - I love you dearly, but TONE DOWN THE GIFS! (some are good)
06 | RiseR - Kinky
06 | Rob Summers - I actually haven't seen you lately, but in 2007/08 you'd have been in contention for my -1 so much improved!
08 | Robot - You give me that hummingbird heartbeat
07 | Rooney
09 | Ryan. - Downstairs you pour another bourbon on the rocks
05 | SeanToBeWild - I'm reminded of really bad 80s hair metal with this username sad.gif
08 | SevenSeize - I like you more than I used to, you seem to be more relaxed with your acceptance of different musical genres. Although this is balanced out with a desire to be seen as 'cool' with your posting style.
04 | Shadow2009
07 | Silas - Not seeing enough of you, but your cynicism and dry with is pretty much second to none when I do.
xx | Silver Rocket / mr_aly (11 obs tho.)
03 | Steve201 - People accuse me of being a broken record, and perhaps they're right, but you are something else. Why not ADMIT YOU WORK FOR RADIO 1 AND LEARN TO USE GRAMMAR/PUNCTUATION CORRECTLY. Goodnight.
04 | Suedehead2 - Grumpy old sod who only gets a 4 for being a fan of one of my favourite ever bands.
08 | T Boy - I love your 2004-ness, your hatred for Rita Ora and being a "radical P!nk troll" <3 ('Leave Me Alone' is still utter CACK tongue.gif )
07 | Theo - Not seen you around a lot, but you have grown up and outgrown your childishness so much! (Calum will hopefully get there eventually)
08 | Thermo - No bad words.
05 | Tim - Reductive Regina, but room to grow and develop.
03 | Toby - Never developed, reductive everything and always will be.
02 | Totto - 'HIGHER' IS AMAZING. Deal! It exists and will be an eternal classic.
10 | Tyler - Forever a crown jewel of Buzzjack, I think if this guy was in my neighbourhood we would be the best of friends and dance drunkenly to Britney's finest moments on a weekly basis.
00 | Ultraviolence - I know you're new and everything, but I think you're awful. You come across as a spoilt 10 year old with the way you always TYPE IN CAPITALS AND SHOUT TO GET YOUR POINT ACROSS. FUCKING STOP IT AND SORT YOUR SSHIT OUT.
10 | Umi - I genuinely enjoy every post I've ever read of yours, always with something interesting to say and full of acerbic wit if it's required. Plus you're never afraid to bluntly call someone out on something.
00 | Vidcapper - Your vital information is counteracted by your general airheadedness and seemingly alarming disconnect from reality. You're the sort of person that makes me wonder how you get by with day to day tasks like crossing the road or boiling a kettle without causing serious danger to yourself and anybody else around you.
08 | Vulker - I like your style.
07 | ✖ ketalina ✖ - Despite any non-meetings of the eye to eyes, I do think you're cool. I value your opinions and think you have great music taste, I just wish you wouldn't make your posts look gramtically messy when it's clear you're very intellectual. It's like Mariah Scary circa 2011.

*disclaimer - as I have stated at the start, I did this rate drunkenly so let me know if I have not fulfilled any quotas regarding allowances of 10s, 9s, 0s or whatever.

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QUOTE(Rob S @ Aug 6 2014, 12:34 AM) *
01 | 152Chris
06 | Abdul Fareek/ Pablo Escobar - WWE chat is where you shine best haha. Sadly have to take a point of you for the unessessary comment on Aly's pic. Soz.
04 | AdamAloud
02 | Alex Range
06 | AnthonyT
08 | April J – So many brilliant female posters around lately. You seem so friendly from what I have seen of you.
05 | Arrs
03 | Atonement
07 | * Ben *
05 | Bré – When I questioned why the new releases were released around half an hour earlier, before 12am, this was earlier in the year (March time) your attitude just came across a bit condescending and cold to me. I know it was answered numerous times before but I just felt you could have addressed it in a better way that’s all. Despite that though I don’t actually mind you at all. You do a great job in the chart forum and the mod role was long overdue.
09 | Cal – Wonderful guy but there’s the limit with the 10’s.
01 | Calum Hood
06 | Calum Sandford
08 | Cameron – Lovely poster and I’m enjoying your female singles of the 2010’s countdown.
02 | Casey
05 | Cassandra
07 | Chez Wombat
-1 | Common Sense Your just a boring old fart. With Sandro gone who would’ve gotten my -1 easily you just had to be next in line. Uninteresting topics also qualifies for your mark on here. The one about kids putting salt on slugs especially. That’s just a massive low for Buzzjack topics imo.
09 | Conderella/ Pavel Legend. One of the best on here but there's the 10's limit again.
03 | Dandy*
03 | dannjohn3
05 | Doctor Blind
02 | EJ – Liam & Jack have said exactly what my opinion is of you. You don’t seem to be able to expand on anything very much in your posts. I do want to like you better though.
07 | Eric_Blob I don’t know about anyone else but pervy odd comments aside which do admittedly make me laugh. You seem highly intelligent when voicing your views in the chart forum and I don’t think you get nearly enough credit for that. There is more to you than meets the eye I think. More of that please in future.
04 | Eyes / Iz
05 | Gezza
10 | Gooddelta – What can I say. I’m literally running out of nice things to say about you. You are just a delight to see on the forum. Your one of the more consistently fab posters this forum has to offer and I love our Facebook chats too.
01 | Grebo
07 | Griff - Massive improvement. I’m glad that you’ve found your niche as a poster, some very interesting and intelligent posts from what I’ve seen of you recently. Now that you have stopped riling members up which definitely helps make the forum a better place.
05 | Harve
10 | HausOfKubrick – Don’t really see you around at the moment but you are so down to earth and nice as a poster and as a person through our Facebook chats. To add to this you are also so deserving of all the awards and mod positions you’ve received.
00 | Hurricane
02 | Insomnio
09 | Jack – Don’t EVER change. Your Michael comebacks are brilliant.
09 | Jade – Just missing out on giving you a 10 purely because of the limit thing. Absolutely nothing negative to say about you. You have excellent music taste and your countdown thing you have going on is a fabulous read and you just seem such a joyful all round lovely genuine poster from what I’ve seen on here biggrin.gif
09 | Jáhq – Lovely chap. Hope all goes well with you.
04 | Jake / ░░░░
02 | JakeWild
00 | Jark
08 | Jay
09 | Jester - No change in opinion for you at all. You are a legendary asset to this forum. What you do with the chart thread etc.
05 | JoeP
02 | Johnkm
10 | Jonjo – Sounds like a broken record now but you are awesome. Such a lovely pen pal to have. biggrin.gif
11 | JosephStyles – I love our chats and I’m sure you feel the same. May they continue and I feel like I’m repeating myself but your just lovely as well. Nothing bad about you at all. We agree on lots of things too especially Harry having the best voice in 1D tongue.gif Oh and just recently Melissa Steel too *.*
10 | JSG – Defo one of if not the most sweetest guys anyone could ever chat with. You were fingertips away from getting the 11. It was literally that tough for me this year. Shame we couldn't give more 11's anyhow I’m so envious that you appear so happy all the time. I’m really glad you are going up in peoples views too and with no one pressuring you into trying to change either. Just a delight to speak with. P.s. your chart runs are as Jameela would say “INSANE”.
07 | Jsilv – Brave to go against the grain with your hate for “Ghost”, a big forum fave. I want to see more of you standing out from the crowd please. You are also a very cute guy who always drops by with lovely comments in my personal chart which I do appreciate greatly!
03 | Kath
03 | Klumzee
09 | Lee Wallace – The Pixie loons right next to each other haha. Your fabulous as always Lee.
08 | Let Go For 2Nite – Probably coming for Lee’s wig in the Pixie Loon stakes. You are a delight to speak with. I hope you continue to come out of your shell more now.
07 | LexC
08 | Liam – I read back to what I said to you last year recently and felt very bad coming off how I was with the sigs and stuff. Oops, I hope we can put that behind us so there’s no awkwardness. Your very opinionated (this is a good thing) which makes for great reading and I also find most of what you have to say very funny. You have splendid music taste as well (mainly Queen Kelly C *.*) so nothing bad to say really.
08 | LiamK97
03 | luk=
04 | Mack
10 | Mango – I really enjoy our back and forwards banter on the personal charts. Your recent comment “Beats egg and bacon for breakfast” in reference to Melissa Steel cracked me up for no earthly idea haha. Your a laugh and I love your comments each week. Definitely the one I most look forward to reading!
01 | Mariah Scary
03 | Martyn
07 | Mart!n/M!key – Some of the stuff you say should horrify me but like Mango you completely crack me up. Your continuous helping with the charts each week is very well appreciated too.
06 | Math
07 | Mattias
00 | Michael – shame cause I liked you at first. I did contemplate giving you a 1 because you make me laugh FOR ALL THE WRONG REASONS!!! How old are you, 5?.. Oh yeah and your obsessive hatred for SCREEEEEECH as you put it whilst being your opinion is very strange because I don’t think we’ve ever found out the reason as to why you hate her so much? Just give me a reason? wink.gif
"awaits the usual "Ooh huuurrrllll nooooo" reply smile.gif
00 | Niall Minogue
06 | Nick F1 – Your Britney sigs give me LIFE.
08 | NoahSpike – I am fascinated by your posts/opinions especially on Big Brother. Brilliant addition in terms of posters on here for me.
06 | Oliver
05 | Oricon
08 | Popchartfreak – Love the top 75 chart. I kinda misunderstood your humour in the threads earlier in the year which you explained but your a great poster, certainly one of the best older posters on here as well.
02 | RabbitFurCoat
07 | RabbitHeart
04 | randomfurlong
06 | Regina – Can be very bitchy but at least your funny with it and your gifs are so entertaining as well.
10 | RiseR – One of the coolest guys on here and your so friendly. “Oh nononononono you murderderderder me, Oh nononononono you murderderderder me”.
10 | Robot –Don’t really converse with you but your a brilliant asset to the site. Well deserving of your position here as a poster.
08 | Rooney
07 | Ryan. - Just bumped you up a place. Your very misunderstood.
00 | SeanToBeWild
07 | SevenSeize
02 | Shadow2009
05 | Silas
08 | Silver Rocket – Yeah I’m not really surprised I was contender for -1 back then haha, but the water is certainly under the bridge as far as I’m concerned. It’s strange because I wasn’t aware of how I was coming across then.
I think you always have something interesting to say when it’s about new music but nothing comes remotely close to your putdowns of a certain poster which are a joy to read.
02 | Steve201
05 | Suedehead2
07 | T Boy - Gets high points for being a Pink fan mostly (I remember the chart week Blow Me was released, was a very exciting week I think you would agree) & Anastacia fan and I see your also partial to some Maroon 5 as well which is a good thing in my book.
02 | Theo
07 | Thermo – Decent poster. Definitely should get more love on here personally and I’m loving your predicta game.
08 | Tim
04 | Toby
00 | Totto Not sure I know you. Sorry
08 | Tyler
07 | Ultraviolence Very sweet and nice newbie. The writing in capitals thing is very similar to me when I first joined but I’m positive you’ll improve with age.
07 | Umi
01 | Vidcapper You might get/be told this a gazillion times but you solely get a 1 point for the EOY threads which are of great interest but aside from that your just odd especially when your nearly 50 :/ I just don’t know what planet you are on
00 | Vulker
06 | ✖ ketalina ✖


QUOTE(M¤th @ Aug 6 2014, 12:44 AM) *
The people I don't know too much about get 5 or 0 based on my first impressions... I wanted to get this all done in one go, so sorry to the 50 people without comments ~

AVG: 6.29

10 | 152chris / ♒ chris you know what chris you are awesome. give yourself an interwebs cookie
-1 | Abdul Fareek / Pablo Escobar Makes random statements in the iTunes thread, has a username of a former drug lord and frequently engages in personal attacks. Do I need to say more?
08 | AdamAloud You seem like a genuinely nice poster, if only I saw you around more!
07 | Alex Range
04 | AnthonyT
06 | AprilJ April, I like you, but sometimes I feel like your posts aren't easily distinguishable and could made by anybody. Still, I like your attitude and most of the time you do continue to discussions
05 | Arrs
04 | Atonement
07 | * Ben * You are really helpful in the Sunday Chart Show thread but I just don't see you outside of it
10 | Bré The poster who encouraged me to join this site. Witty, random, funny: you can't ask for much else.
06 | Brett_Butler
05 | Britster I never see you outside of posting those chart updates which eventually became kind of useless after Kworb came along
07 | Cal
08 | Calum Hood You seem like somebody I would hang out with in real life, except for your bizarre faves
08 | Calum Sandford I haven't seen you around much yet but you seem incredibly nice and well-mannered!
09 | Cameron Amazing musical taste and a very good personality, also very generous in the Personal Charts section commenting-back-wise
05 | Casey
06 | Cassandra
08 | Chez Wombat Chez, you were one of my original favorite posters. I still don't know too much about you but I really like the way you carry yourself.
00 | Common Sense
07 | Conderella / Pavel You are fabulously bizarre, but you can come off as a bit snotty at times
05 | Dandy*
00 | dannjohn3
08 | Doctor Blind
10 | EJ / Ethan Ethan, you are so incredibly nice, have an amazing musical taste, and your use of "~" is just *_*
05 | Eric_Blob I can never tell if you are trolling or not, which makes you a really good troll, I guess. (If you even are one? oops)
09 | Eyes / Iz Iz, you are the kind of person I want to be when I grow up. You have just the right amount of hilarious randomness and brilliant music taste. Sadly, the reason I didn't give you an 10 is because I just don't understand your humor a lot of the time
07 | Gezza You are kind of nondescript, but you are a very good and purposeful chart mod!
10 | Gooddelta I swear, even if you tried you wouldn't be able to have a single bad bone in your body. You are so incredibly nice!
06 | Grebo
04 | Griff You can come off as obnoxious a lot of the time but I like a good bit of your posts.
07 | Harve Question flops 4 lyfe~
09 | HausOfKubrick Haus, you seem so genuine and so friendly, it's impossible not to like you (I guess that's why you won the rate last year
05 | Hurricane
07 | Insomnio
06 | Jack You can come off as a bit bratty sometimes but you are a truly good poster.
08 | Jade I don't really see you outside of the chart show thread but I really like your personality in there.
08 | Jáhq You come off as uber smart and kind, but I do have to deduct one point for your co-inability to finish the 2014 points countdown happy.gif
04 | Jake / ░░░░ I like your style but you come off as condescending in, like, 60% of your posts.
06 | JakeWild
06 | Jark
07 | Jay
08 | Jester
08 | JoeP Another question flop who seems cool but I don't see you around too often these days
06 | Johnkm John, you are one of the most bizarre personalities I've ever seen on a forum. Keep it up! wink.gif
08 | Jonjo
07 | JosephStyles I always get you confused with Calum Hood... anyways, I like you but I just don't see you too much in the forums I frequent. When I do see you you can sometimes come off as obnoxious.
06 | JSG I either love you or hate you. You truly confuse me.
09 | Jsilv Extremely underrated member, super genuine and kind and all that stuff ~
03 | Kath It's not that I don't like you, I just feel you'd be better on ATRL or the like. We are not much of a gif / Lady Gaga is amazing kind of group ~
09 | Klumzee I'm the second person who will say I thought you were a mod! Super kind in the Lounge and very positive.
07 | Lee Wallace I like you but I'm extremely confused in your choice of fave.
06 | Let Go For 2Nite
00 | LexC I'm sorry but my 0's had to go somewhere. Well others find you humorous I just don't really get it. Sorry.
07 | Liam
08 | LiamK97
06 | luk= I don't know you too well but you have great potential or something or other ~
07 | Mack / ukcsf I haven't seen you around much except for the past couple weeks but you seem really nice!
07 | Mango MY LEAST FAVORITE FRUIT. jk i've never tried mango ~
05 | Mariah Scary
05 | Martyn
10 | Mart!n/M!key Mart!n, I am amazed at your ability to be so resourceful but yet still nice, even with 160,000 posts on here and Haven combined laugh.gif
NA | Math I literally have no idea who this is. Who would name themselves after an awful subject in school?
06 | Mattias
00 | Michael You can come off as trollish, and I'm sorry, but my zeros have to go somewhere :/.
05 | Niall Minogue
07 | Nick F1
08 | NoahSpike
08 | Oliver I've never seen you be particularly amazing but yet I've also never seen you be mean. Impressive!
05 | Oricon
00 | Popchartfreak
07 | RabbitFurCoat
08 | RabbitHeart
06 | randomfurlong
08 | Regina Regina, being a question flop is only one side of you. You also seem really good at keeping up conversations in the Lounge, and you seem really kind!
08 | RiseR
07 | Rob Summers Only really see you in the Personal Charts forum, but you are ***flawless and nice over there. I wish you'd branch out!
08 | Robot
07 | Rooney
09 | Ryan. Ryan., though I have never heard anything from your fave(s) you seem really kind and helpful and friendly (essentially my life goal right there)
04 | SeanToBeWild
10 | SevenSeize I'm not sure why I like you so much, only I know that I do. I find your personality fabulous.
00 | Shadow2009
06 | Silas
09 | Silver Rocket / mr_aly
04 | Steve201 The only posts I really see you making are ones asking for irrelevant information compared to the topic at hand or information that you can look up yourself.
07 | Suedehead2
06 | T Boy
00 | Theo
11 | Thermo You are, easily, my favorite poster here. I mean, before this site I would never met somebody who is from my favorite country in the world and has Asperger's (like me), loves dance music (like me), and manners beyond his age (I'll be obnoxious here and say that's just like me).
08 | Tim [b]You have a very nice personality and contribute a lot to the two forums I frequent!

05 | Toby
06 | Totto
04 | Tyler
07 | Ultraviolence You are the only revelant person here who is (almost) my age (I'm a tad younger). Your enthausiasm is really nice and you seem really smart, but sometimes I feel like you spam a bit too
much. (Prime example: Last week's iTunes thread)

08 | Umi
05 | Vidcapper You provide great resources on here but it frustrates me that if you are so involved in the chart why you have no idea what a fair bit of the new songs are.
06 | Vulker
10 | ✖ ketalina ✖ You are so hilariously amazing and creative. Your posts always put a smile on my face!

QUOTE(Mack @ Aug 6 2014, 09:08 PM) *
06 | 152chris / ? chris

05 | Abdul Fareek / Pablo Escobar
Why did you name yourself after a Colombian drug lord?. Again hip hop will never die.

08 | AdamAloud
Carolina Kluft

05 | Alex Range
05 | AnthonyT
07 | AprilJ

03 | Arrs
Paths never crossed recently.

03 | Atonement
Did you ever watch the film or read the book for "Atonment" by the way?

07 | * Ben *
Thank you for doing the iTunes update.

10 | Bré
Fantastic contributor

05 | Brett_Butler
06 | Britster

02 | Cal

03 | Calum Hood
I believed in you but you blew it honey. Terry Collier

04 | Calum Sandford
Good new member on here.

00 | Cameron
Don't know you, sorry

02 | Casey
Paths never really crossed

08 | Cassandra
07 | Chez Wombat
05 | Common Sense
07 | Conderella / Pavel
08 | Dandy*
06 | dannjohn3

04 | Doctor Blind
Why did you have a character on "Fireman Sam" as your photo?

00 | EJ / Ethan
Ethan from Emmerdale or Eddie Jordan?

07 | Eric_Blob
08 | Eyes / Iz
08 | Gezza

10 | Gooddelta
05 | Grebo
06 | Griff
04 | Harve
09 | HausOfKubrick

00 | Hurricane
Hurricane what? though?

00 | Insomnio
Don't know you, sorry.

04 | Jack
07 | Jade
08 | Jáhq

03 | Jake / ¦¦¦¦

02 | JakeWild
Paths never crossed

07 | Jark
08 | Jay

07 | Jester
Surely you're the only "Jester" not world snooker champion Mark Selby?

03 | JoeP
Don't know you that well.

05 | Johnkm
06 | Jonjo

04 | JosephStyles
What did I do wrong?

08 | JSG
Fantastic contributor

07 | Jsilv
Great new member

04 | Kath

05 | Klumzee
What's with the "Lucky my breasts are small and humble" by the way?

03 | Lee Wallace
What Became Of The Lott Woman?

04 | Let Go For 2Nite
Thought that was a song.

03 | LexC
Paths never crossed recently

06 | Liam

09 | LiamK97

00| luk=
Who are you?

xx | Mack / ukcsf

08 | Mango
Good contributor to the Personal Charts Thread.

04 | Mariah Scary
Do you find Mariah Carey scary then?

05 | Martyn
08 | Mart!n/M!key
07 | Math

00 | Mattias
Don't know you, sorry.

00 | Michael
Lord Windermere and PC Roz Clarke.
01 | Niall Minogue
Don't know you, sorry

06 | Nick F1

03 | NoahSpike
The Ark and the dog from Rugrats

-1 | Oliver
Oliver who?

08 | Oricon
Still the "Oracle of K and J-Pop"
08 | Popchartfreak

04 | RabbitFurCoat
Aren't you warm with that "FurCoat" by the way?

07 | RabbitHeart
06 | randomfurlong

01 | Regina
Reg Hollis

06 | RiseR
Paths will cross again.

03 | Rob Summers

04 | Robot
Are you still a robot?

07 | Rooney
Thank you for doing the "Sports Thread"

08 | Ryan.
Great contributor to the "F1 Thread"

03 | SeanToBeWild
I thought it was "Born To Be Wild"

11 | SevenSeize
Legend. How was Glorious Goodwood?

02 | Shadow2009
The Last Shadow Puppets

05 | Silas
An assert to the "F1 Thread"

04 | Silver Rocket / mr_aly
07 | Steve201

08 | Suedehead2
05 | T Boy
06 | Theo

10 | Thermo

08 | Tim

06 | Toby
You're all right.

02 | Totto

07 | Tyler

04 | Ultraviolence
Obviously a Lana Del Rey fan.

08 | Umi
08 | Vidcapper

02 | Vulker

05 | ? ketalina ?

QUOTE(April @ Aug 6 2014, 10:49 PM) *
Here goes. w00t.gif


00 | ¿ DESPEDIDO ? / ¿ BARBÁRICO ? - Sorry, I don't know you or recognise your name.
05 | 152chris / ♒ chris - I can't say I've ever really interacted with you, but I've seen you post sometimes and I can't really place you as someone's posts who I enjoy or dislike so you get the middle #5 rating.
-1 | Abdul Fareek / Pablo Escobar - Gosh, where do I start? Someone just really needs to give you a reality check. I find you very annoying, rude, unnecessarily spiteful, arrogant, contradictory and very unpleasant. There is just no need to make the comments that you do. Whether it's directed at someone in particular, or generalised comments. There's a word for it - BULLYING. And what's worse is that you think you're really cool and untouchable, but honey when you get yourself into the real world, no one will take you seriously. You can't be walking around with that attitude, thinking you're the bees-knees, because guess what? You're not. I really think you should take this opportunity to evaluate the way in which you conduct yourself online. I honestly believe there's good in everybody, and that includes you. Everyone has the potential to be a great poster, but you need not to behave in this fashion towards people who more often than not have done nothing wrong.
06 | AdamAloud - You seem quite nice, but also very witty. I do enjoy reading your posts when I see them.
05 | Alex Range - I can't say I've ever really interacted with you, but I've seen you post sometimes and I can't really place you as someone's posts who I enjoy or dislike so you get the middle #5 rating.
00 | AnthonyT - Sorry, I don't know you or recognise your name.
xx | AprilJ
04 | Arrs - I have a feeling I'm thinking of someone else but I can't say I really know who you are. I thought 4 would be fair, fairer than 0 anyway.
07 | Atonement - My third favourite Dutch poster (no shade). I enjoyed chatting to you during Teams, and us Kebabs need to stick together.
06 | * Ben *
06 | Bré
05 | Brett_Butler - I can't say I've ever really interacted with you, but I've seen you post sometimes and I can't really place you as someone's posts who I enjoy or dislike so you get the middle #5 rating.
07 | Britster - I like that you're so dedicated to keeping the International Charts Forum running. Plus you get bonus points for being female. Us women need to stick together in this testosterone pit.
00 | Cal - Sorry, I don't know you or recognise your name.
07 | Calum Hood - I loved getting to know you better during teams, and love the Doctor Who bonding. I hope you continue to chat and get to know each other more.
08 | Calum Sandford - One of my favourite up and coming Saturdays forum poster. I know you've been there a while, but I've only recently started to massively enjoy you're posts.
10 | Cameron - One of my partners in crime. You know how much I adore you. You make Buzzjack so special with your presence and the place would be so dull without you. I don't think I need to express how much I enjoy your posts and interactions on here. Please never leave me.
07 | Casey - Another Krusty Kebab. I enjoyed the occasional chat, but we haven't really spoken since!
01 | Cassandra - Not a fan of your post style. I find you very condescending and a bit mean at times. Tbf, I've only really taken notice recently, so maybe you'll grow on me.
07 | Chez Wombat - Another Krusty Kebab. Again we've hardly spoke but I'm sticking to my team loyalty.
00 | Common Sense - I'm sorry but I don't enjoy your posts and you often come across as trying to start at lot of tension in threads. I think the News & Politics forum would be better without you.
00 | Conderella / Pavel - It's not a secret, I don't like you at all. I considered given you a 1 because you are occasionally quite funny, but 0 it is.
05 | Dandy* - I can't say I've ever really interacted with you, but I've seen you post sometimes and I can't really place you as someone's posts who I enjoy or dislike so you get the middle #5 rating.
00 | dannjohn3 - I don't like you.
05 | Doctor Blind - I can't say I've ever really interacted with you, but I've seen you post sometimes and I can't really place you as someone's posts who I enjoy or dislike so you get the middle #5 rating.
00 | EJ / Ethan - Sorry, I don't know you or recognise your name.
02 | Eric_Blob - I don't feel like I've seen enough of you other than your negatively towards Dear Old Nicki.
06 | Eyes / Iz
05 | Gezza - I can't say I've ever really interacted with you, but I've seen you post sometimes and I can't really place you as someone's posts who I enjoy or dislike so you get the middle #5 rating.
05 | Gooddelta - I can't say I've ever really interacted with you, but I've seen you post sometimes and I can't really place you as someone's posts who I enjoy or dislike so you get the middle #5 rating.
00 | Grebo - Sorry, I don't know you or recognise your name.
02 | Griff - continually declining overtime and starting to become rather unlikeable. It's a shame because last year I really liked you, but I'm not enjoying the new attitude.
00 | Harve - Sorry, I don't know you or recognise your name.
10 | HausOfKubrick - Bal!!! How could I not give you a 10? You've always been there for me with little PM chats, you made me a Gaga mod, you're just soooo lovely and sweet and the Krusty Kebab ringleader. You've made Buzzjack so enjoyable and friendly for me. Thank you.
09 | Hurricane - Queen of the Saturdays forum. I love your posts, they are soooo funny. You seem really nice. I feel like we got off on the wrong foot and I was being a bit mean to you last year. But I've really enjoyed your presence and you've become one of my favourite Sats Forum members.
00 | Insomnio - Sorry, I don't know you or recognise your name.
09 | Jack - I love your whole attitude, humour and favourite artists of course. I hope we get to talk more often because you're one of my favourite people on here.
10 | Jade - YASSSS JADE. My fellow feisty female. I love our little life chats, I really enjoy your presence and you are genuinely such a lovely person. Like seriously, you're one of the nicest, most genuine people on here.
05 | Jáhq - I can't say I've ever really interacted with you, but I've seen you post sometimes and I can't really place you as someone's posts who I enjoy or dislike so you get the middle #5 rating.
02 | Jake / ░░░░ - I'm a bit confused by you. I don't know whether I hate you or like you. At the moment it's more in the dislike region.
00 | JakeWild - Sorry, I don't know you or recognise your name.
05 | Jark - I can't say I've ever really interacted with you, but I've seen you post sometimes and I can't really place you as someone's posts who I enjoy or dislike so you get the middle #5 rating.
07 | Jay - You seem really nice, and I enjoy reading your posts. Plus your colour scheme is flawless.
07 | Jester - Again, you seem really nice and your posts are usually very helpful and informative.
09 | JoeP - I love your presence in the Saturdays forum. You have such great enthusiasm and you are very quick on the draw with iTunes and Kworb updates which is good because it saves me checking myself. Your posts are often very humorous too and a joy to read.
04 | Johnkm - I haven't really taken much notice, but from what I've seen I'm not a massive fan. I may be judging you wrong but oh well.
10 | Jonjo - I love your music taste - it's pretty much flawless. I really enjoy reading your posts and you have become one of my favourite Buzzjack members in the past few months because you're just so nice and sweet.
09 | JosephStyles - We've lost touch a bit recently, but I can look past the fawning over random boybands and you're actually an amazing member. I love when you post the Nuhdeen responses, they always have me in stitches and you're one of my favourite members of the Saturdays forum.
10 | JSG - Sorry, I don't know you. Ever since I came back last October, you instantly become one of my favourites. Your enthusiasm, attitude and demeanour is something to be desired. I've really enjoyed chatting with you and I hope it continues.
08 | Jsilv - You have a great personal chart and music taste. Especially the love for Ms. Minaj. I've really enjoyed getting to know you, and I hope we can continue to chat and become closer.
09 | Kath - QUEEN. I've missed your presence on Buzzjack sooooo much. In the Gaga forum there's just a massive hole which has needed filling and you need to return to being a regular poster. Plus I'll be disappointed if you miss all the 'Cheek To Cheek' slayage when it debuts at #1 across the world.
00 | Klumzee - Sorry, I don't know you or recognise your name.
08 | Lee Wallace - Some of your responses and posts really do have me in stitches. You also get the amazing accolade of being my second favourite Sats forum mod (always the bridesmaid, never the bride).
10 | Let Go For 2Nite - One of my favourite new posters. I knew as soon as you put "Favourite Saturday - Rochelle" we'd get on well, and I've loved chatting and getting to know you. Thanks for being amazing and a Rochette.
08 | LexC - I always enjoyed reading your posts and thought you were hilarious before teams, so I was sooo glad when we ended up on the same team. Teams was so fun, and I enjoyed being able to chat to you more.
07 | Liam - Automatic minus 1 for the Rochelle hate. Other than that, you're amazing. You're so nice and kind and you would have more points but I had to scale things down.
07 | LiamK97 - I love that there's someone who's as much as an EE fanatic as me!
06 | luk=
05 | Mack / ukcsf - Your iTunes updates in Artist Forums were admittedly very useful and it's a shame that they have stopped. I haven't really seen much personality in your posts because I haven't really seen you post elsewhere, but I hope that can change.
05 | Mango - I can't say I've ever really interacted with you, but I've seen you post sometimes and I can't really place you as someone's posts who I enjoy or dislike so you get the middle #5 rating.
00 | Mariah Scary - Sorry, I don't know you or recognise your name.
06 | Martyn - I do enjoy your posts mostly, sometimes they are a bit negative, but you seem quite nice.
07 | Mart!n/M!key
06 | Math
05 | Mattias - I can't say I've ever really interacted with you, but I've seen you post sometimes and I can't really place you as someone's posts who I enjoy or dislike so you get the middle #5 rating.
09 | Michael - The original hood little monster gangsta. Even though I can't understand half of your posts, I actually really enjoy them! You liven up the forum, and it would be a boring place without you.
06 | Niall Minogue - You seem really nice, we haven't spoke much but you posts are usually very helpful.
05 | Nick F1 - I can't say I've ever really interacted with you, but I've seen you post sometimes and I can't really place you as someone's posts who I enjoy or dislike so you get the middle #5 rating.
07 | NoahSpike - Since Teams we haven't really spoken, but you are one of my favourite newer posters.
00 | Oliver - Sorry, I don't know you or recognise your name.
03 | Oricon - You're quite negative and often shut people down a bit too fast. I don't really know you well, but that's just from experience in the Gaga forum.
00 | Popchartfreak - Sorry, I don't know you or recognise your name.
00 | RabbitFurCoat - Sorry, I don't know you or recognise your name.
08 | RabbitHeart - I really enjoy your posts, you're very funny and one of the nicest people on here.
00 | randomfurlong - Sorry, I don't know you or recognise your name.
00 | Regina - Tumble dry, bitch, tumble dry.
07 | RiseR
05 | Rob Summers - I can't say I've ever really interacted with you, but I've seen you post sometimes and I can't really place you as someone's posts who I enjoy or dislike so you get the middle #5 rating.
06 | Robot
05 | Rooney - I can't say I've ever really interacted with you, but I've seen you post sometimes and I can't really place you as someone's posts who I enjoy or dislike so you get the middle #5 rating.
08 | Ryan. - I'm really enjoying your presence. It's clear you're very hard working in the pop forum, and I've enjoyed our mutual stanning over Leah's failed attempt at a successful pop career.
08 | SeanToBeWild - Genuinely hilarious. One of my favourite Saturdays forum posters. We don't always see eye to eye, but that just makes it even more fun tbh!
06 | SevenSeize - You're quite funny, but I haven't actually had the chance to interact with you much.
07 | Shadow2009 - That 07 has been helped up there by your legendary Marvelle version of "Higher". Occasionally I do find your posts a bit pessimistic, but oh well I'll live because you're very funny too.
06 | Silas
04 | Silver Rocket / mr_aly - You're mostly alright but I find you quite negative and a bit mean sometimes. I quite like your sense of humour most of the time, but sometimes I find it a bit annoying.
00 | Steve201 - Sorry, I don't know you or recognise your name.
06 | Suedehead2
06 | T Boy - Other than a little rough patch while I was defending Kath in G.U.Y.-gate, I think we've started to get along well. We have the mutual EE interests, and you're more often than not right about what's going on/what should happen. Plus we're both teachers so it's easy to relate to you.
06 | Theo
06 | Thermo - I'm enjoying your posts more and more as time goes on. I'm starting to appreciate your humour and comments.
11 | Tim - It was so hard to pick my 11, but I eventually settled on you, Tim. We've got our special Rochelle connection, we're 2/3 of the Rochette trinity, we both love flop Alexandra Burke, you're Dutch and I'm British. It's a match made in heaven. I really love you being here on Buzzjack and you must NEVER leave because you're amazing!
09 | Toby - You have such a flawless taste in pretty much EVERYTHING. You stan over the correct artists, and you also fawn all over the lucious MAX BRANNING! I so wish I was this ash-tray.
10 | Totto - I love you Totto. I can't believe you're such a recent edition, I feel like the Tim - April - Totto group just naturally happened so quick. I love how dedicated you are to making so many Rochelle gifs and videos too! The forum would be a darker place without you, and I'm really glad you decided to become such a regular poster. Never leave please.
08 | Tyler - You're absolutely HILARIOUS. I really really enjoy reading your posts, they're so entertaining.
08 | Ultraviolence - Amazing newcomer. You haven't been here long, but I feel like you've made such an amazing impact.
05 | Umi - I can't say I've ever really interacted with you, but I've seen you post sometimes and I can't really place you as someone's posts who I enjoy or dislike so you get the middle #5 rating.
04 | Vidcapper - Your iTunes thread comments are quite annoying, but I'm glad you do the YTD thread.
00 | Vulker - Sorry, I don't know you or recognise your name.
05 | ✖ ketalina ✖ - I can't say I've ever really interacted with you, but I've seen you post sometimes and I can't really place you as someone's posts who I enjoy or dislike so you get the middle #5 rating.

Score code
00-02 You're a Frankie (lowly peasant). Nicki Minaj says.
03-05 You're an Una (motormouth, beige). Nicki Minaj says.
06-07 You're a Vanessa (strong, occasional flaw). Nicki Minaj says.
08-09 You're a Mollie (Ghetto Princess).Nicki Minaj says.
10-11 You're a Rochelle (Queen). Nicki Minaj says.


QUOTE(▲Tyler▲ @ Aug 6 2014, 10:54 PM) *


For half of these I hjave my ipod on shuffle, so some of you will get a random lyric or a lyric I skip too because f*** shuffling, I do what I want.


-So many capitals. Calm down lady.
07 | 152chris / ♒ chris
00 | Abdul Fareek / Pablo Escobar
-You should live in georgia, racism is very popular here! Why is everything with you so COMPLICAAAAATED?
07 | AdamAloud
Let's talk about biology. That's a Britney lyric. But, hey! It's also kind of leading into one of my favorite Girls Aloud songs.
06 | Alex Range
-For whatever reason, I feel like I've been wanting you all my life. Get nastay.
07 | AnthonyT
Lily Allen -Smile just came on. You deserve better than that. But, HEY.
08 | AprilJ
-Take your medication, Roman. You'll be okaaaaayyyyy.
06| Arrs
-Are you a pirate?
07 | Atonement
-I won't crucify the things you do.
08 | * Ben *
-Love the abs. Keep giving me the eye candy. It's hot, hot.
08 | Bré
-You get this for the dancing horse. Lord knows it has brought a lot of joy to me and my friends. Thanks.
07 | Brett_Butler
-Are you an actual butler. I'll have my people call your people. Bottles are EVERYWHERE.
-1 | Britster
I detest your lack of character. If you were a baby I'd smother you with a pillow.

05 | Cal
I got soul, but I'm not a soldier.
08 | Calum Hood
08 | Calum Sandford
-YOU BOTH GET 8's because I know I like one of you.
07 | Cameron
-I quite like your presence. You remind me of a puppy.
08 | Casey
-That's right. It is Tyler, bitch.
09 | Cassandra
Them eyebrows, baby.
06 | Chez Wombat
00 | Common Sense
-My face every time you post:

-My face every time you post.
10 | Conderella / Pavel
-My little Russian princess.
08 | Dandy*
07 | dannjohn3
05 | Doctor Blind
05 | EJ / Ethan
06 | Eric_Blob
07 | Eyes / Iz
00 | Gezza

06 | Gooddelta
Ginger spice
04 | Grebo
08 | Griff
09 | Harve
09 | HausOfKubrick
06 | Hurricane
00 | Insomnio
-Who. Sorry, I had a 00 to fill in sad.gif
10 | Jack
Aren't you glad you found your way here from that sinking vessel. URAPS. ALAS, good times.
08 | Jade
06 | Jáhq
10 | Jake / ░░░░
-I will love you until the end of tiiiime. Penis charts, love you, bitch.
11 | JakeWild
-Do you like the way I rock it, boy ir's chaotic. You are my buzzjack crush. <3
09 | Jark
-Somedays you're a super bitch.
06 | Jay
08 | Jester
You are one of the lovliest people on this board.
05 | JoeP
08 | Johnkm
I ENJOY YOU. Your posts turn me on. Idk maybe I'm just horny atm. It's been a minute. Interested? Call me, beep me, if you wanna page me... IT'S NOT OKAY. [/kimpossible]
09 | Jonjo
I can tell you are an amazing person. You bring a lot of love to this board. Thank you so much for your contributions to the Britney forum.
05 | JosephStyles
08 | JSG
-I almost disliked you with that quality/ quantity post. But, hey. You posted in my gif express thread and you are cute. Cuteness trumps one offensive post. Obviously. It's the rules of feminism.
06 | Jsilv
07 | Kath - Are you done with your Britney sized meltdown, sweetie? Bless.

07 | Klumzee
08 | Lee Wallace
07 | Let Go For 2Nite
Trust me girl, I am. Feeling like Kesha right now. omg just came on shuffle. You just got bumped from a 6 to a 7.
08 | LexC
-Anyone with a good tastes in gifs, is a great man to me.
07 | Liam
05 | LiamK97
-Please don't tell me you were born in '97
08 | luk=
07 | Mack / ukcsf
05 | Mango
10 | Mariah Scary
-You weird little man. Keep on posting until the world ends. Seriously. Come back.
06 | Martyn
00 | Mart!n/M!key
00 | Math
-No offence to you. I just hate math.
1 2 3 not only you and me.
07 | Mattias
08 | Michael

I don't hate you because you're fat. You're fat because I hate you. Anyways. I was going to give you one of my zeros and blame it on your Britney shade. But, I'm not a basic bitch. Regardless of what people have to say about you, you bring a lot of action to the forum. Just tone back on that accent typing. I don't slow down my words just because I'm from Georrrggggiiiaaa. Or do I?
05 | Niall Minogue
10 | Nick F1
-My lovely co-mod. IT'S OVER TO YOU NOW. Britney has a song about anal sex. Too f***ing cute. Am I right?
08 | NoahSpike
06 | Oliver
07 | Oricon
04 | Popchartfreak
The Macarena just came on pandora. So, I'm gonna blame you for this.
06 | RabbitFurCoat
08 | RabbitHeart
08 | randomfurlong
08 | Regina
05 | RiseR
-Why dontch DO SOMETHIN'... interesting? So, I know who you are... etc.
07 | Rob Summers
-Ay gurl.
10 | Robot

10 | Rooney
-Rooney, I've always loved your posts. Your name also reminds me of NOODLES.
07 | Ryan.
06 | SeanToBeWild
-You seem sweet.
07 | SevenSeize
-Cute username. Very fetch.
05 | Shadow2009
-Have you been here since 2009?!?
08 | Silas
-You want good service? You want to be loved? You better tip, bitch.
10 | Silver Rocket / mr_aly
06 | Steve201
06 | Suedehead2
08 | T Boy
-Am i sexuaaalllllll. yeaaaahhheaahhh. Are you the guy from the old Britney forum on CC???
04 | Theo
-Have you developed that sense of humor yet?
06 | Thermo

07 | Tim
08 | Toby
-I've always loved you, silly c**t.
05 | Totto
xx | Tyler
-What does a gay horse say? Haaaay.
00 | Ultraviolence

08 | Umi

-REGARDLESS of your 5. I very much enjoy your posts. Love ya, betch.
06 | Vidcapper
09 | Vulker
09 | ✖ ketalina ✖
-Wine and coke...

Gonna have to double check this in a minute bare with me.


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post Aug 7 2014, 12:35 PM
Post #13
Group: AF Leader
Posts: 39,881
Member No.: 10,643
Joined: 14-February 10

QUOTE(Ryan. @ Aug 5 2014, 08:42 PM) *
I don’t think I’ve said the word ‘nice’ as many times as I have in this post, but nearly all of you are just so nice that I don’t really know what else to say! I assume you will only read your own comments so you won’t get too bored by reading so many similar comments which I am sorry about! I’d advise you not to read the whole thing as you will probably fall asleep doing so. Also, I admit I’ve probably been hypocritical with a few things but at least I’ve written comments for everyone for the first time!

In regards to a concept, I have decided to avoid using a single smiley! (ohmy.gif)

06 | ¿ DESPEDIDO ? / ¿ BARBÁRICO ? – In the past I’ve considered you someone who always seemed to be quite negative however I haven’t seen any of this recently and I enjoy reading your posts in the Sports forum.
08 | 152chris / ♒ chris – I’m really like you as a poster and enjoy your personality, as will be the case with many of my 7s and 8s on here I’d have loved to have given you higher scores but of course I’m limited to a certain number of them and unfortunately I don’t talk to you as much on a personal level as I do with some of my higher scorers.
00 | Abdul Fareek / Pablo Escobar – I can’t really pinpoint anything off the top of my head that you’ve done to annoy me but unfortunately when I like just about everyone on this rate, the fact that your posts are limited to a single topic is the excuse I’ll have to use to give you a 0.
08 | AdamAloud – Another great poster and someone with a fabulous taste in music and you are someone else I’d love to speak to personally more regularly.
06 | Alex Range – I find it unfair that you get such a hard time just for having a different taste in music to the majority of people on the site (I love Sugababes 4.0 as well though!) so don’t be put off by other people’s comments towards you as there’s nothing wrong with loving the music you love.
04 | AnthonyT – I just haven’t seen you post enough recently to be able to give you a score other than this average one unfortunately, it’s probably me looking in the wrong places though!
08 | AprilJ – I really enjoyed getting to speak to you on a more personal level during this year’s edition of teams and one of my highlights was our fabulous win in the TV quiz (at least I think it was TV!) Another fabulous poster and I don’t have anything negative to say about you.
08 | Arrs – Another one of my favourite posters, I was disappointed to learn about you leaving the site the other month for reasons that I completely understand but I’m glad I’ve been able to speak to you personally recently. I like that you did stand up for what you believed in recently and I hope one day you do come back to the site or at least just to BJSC!
06 | Atonement – I have nothing bad to say about you either, the only reason your score is slightly lower is just because that I haven’t seen you post too much in comparison to previous years.
07 | * Ben * - You’re another member I only have positive things to say about, I hope you return to BJSC at some point as you are one of my favourite countries.
10 | Bré – Probably the member I talk to the most on the entire site, and you always make me laugh. You’re also full of statistics and can give me any information I ask for whether it’s chart information or BJSC details!
05 | Brett_Butler – Unfortunately I haven’t seen many posts from you but that said, I don’t have anything negative to say either!
07 | Britster – I really like that you’ve come out of your shell a bit more since Umi joined you in International Charts. You’re a very hardworking moderator and the only thing I could say to you is to continue what you are doing!
08 | Cal – I only know you through BJSC, but you are always very calm yet are able to express your opinions (possibly regarding vetos and things like that) without making a big fuss about it which is something that’s very admirable. You have also been very helpful to me in the past!
07 | Calum Hood – I don’t really have anything bad to say about you either, the only reason I’ve knocked you down a point or two compared to normal is for the constant little arguments you have with Joseph which can be very tiring to read (and moderate on a couple of occasions), but I have knocked points down for Joseph for that as well so don’t worry. Aside from that, you are still one of my favourite people to talk to!
08 | Calum Sandford – I was really glad to speak to you personally a couple of times recently and I look forward to more of that hopefully! You are definitely one of the posters with the most potential in my opinion so keep it up!
08 | Cameron – Another really nice guy and I’m glad that you’ve become more and more of a regular poster throughout the whole site after starting in The Saturdays forum (I think!). Looking forward to your entries in BJSC as well as I think we will have similar music tastes!
06 | Casey – I don’t have anything negative to say here either as you’ve been nothing but nice from what I’ve seen, the only reason for your score is that you just don’t post that regularly but that’s all.
06 | Cassandra – I think I’ve given you low scores in the past but I can’t recall anything to mark you negatively for this year so that’s good! Always glad to have you in the Eurovision forum.
07 | Chez Wombat – It was great getting to know you more in teams this year and I don’t have anything bad to say about you either!
05 | Common Sense – I personally haven’t seen any comments recently that uphold the reputation you have but your posts are still very limited to one or two forums hence the average score.
07 | Conderella / Pavel – Like Tirren, I think I’ve given you low scores in the past but I like you more and more as time passes! I loved your little April Fool idea that we did and I find you really funny and I’m glad we share the same desire for things to be done on time.
06 | Dandy* - Still a great poster I’m sure, the only reason for the slightly lower mark than usual is just a lack of posting on the site recently.
00 | dannjohn3 – I don’t think I’ve seen you posting at all recently.
07 | Doctor Blind – With myself being a Geography student and studying Weather and Climate a couple of years ago, I find your posts in the Weather threads over the years incredibly interesting. I even went back through a couple of old Weather topics so I could read through some of your analysis as I love reading about things to do with Weather!
08 | EJ / Ethan – You seem like a great guy and I always appreciate your posts in the Dance forum! I’m glad you’ve joined BJSC as well and it seems like you are really hitting your stride after your podium finish last month!
07 | Eric_Blob – I really appreciated when you stood up for me in the iTunes thread a couple of months ago and it has stayed with me so for that reason alone I wanted to give you this high score!
09 | Eyes / Iz – One of my first friends on here, I’m glad you’ve become more of a regular on Skype again as I recall you went a bit quiet earlier in the year. The only reason you are not a 10 is the lack of posting compared to some of my other 10s but you are still a fabulous moderator and definitely one of the site’s best members.
04 | Gezza – I don’t see you post at all aside from the Chart forum but I don’t have anything bad to say either.
06 | Gooddelta – I find many of your posts very interesting and I look forward to reading many of your posts! The only reason I’ve knocked off a point or two is that so many of your posts in the last few months have made some reference to “Spin My World” (but I know how much you love it so it’s only to be expected!) and it can get a bit repetitive but aside from that I’ve got nothing negative to say!
07 | Grebo – I used to think you were quite negative but being able to get to know you a little bit better with us both being genre forum moderators, I’ve got nothing bad to say about you anymore and you are definitely one of the posters I’ve had the biggest turnaround with in the past year or so! I also love that you have liked quite a few of my BJSC entries and I hope that I can give you more points in the future like I did with the fabulous “All These Roads”!
02 | Griff – I think you used to get an unfairly tough time on here and I’m glad that you’ve settled down and that everyone else has calmed down in their opinions regarding you. The only reason for the low score is that you do tend to create a few unnecessary “arguments” and can be quite negative in the way you post, especially in comparison to your early days.
07 | Harve – Another poster I have nothing bad to say about, I’d just like to speak to you more often!
10 | HausOfKubrick – I think more than ever over the past couple of months we have become closer and I find you a great person to talk to! I’ve got only positive things to say about you and I definitely think you are going to win this and it would be a very deserving win too!
07 | Hurricane – You seem really nice from when I read your posts in The Saturdays forum, the only thing I would say is to visit a few of the other forums on here as it’d be great to see you post more in them.
05 | Insomnio – You seem nice enough, you should post more regularly!
08 | Jack – Another really nice guy who I don’t have a bad word to say about!
08 | Jade – You’re really nice and I don’t have anything negative to say about you. The only thing I could say is to post more because you are so good!
10 | Jáhq – You have put in so much work into both Personal Charts and BJSC that you deserve a 10 for that alone, but you are also a great person to talk to! So pleased for you that you have got your dream job and good luck with it when it starts!
-1 | Jake / ░░░░ - I’m sure you knew this was coming but I think we’ve established that our personalities are polar opposites. I have seen many examples of you being condescending and rude towards quite a few posters and not just me, a few of which I have pointed out to you before so there’s no need to repeat them. As a result of a couple of these remarks to me in the Indie forum, it has discouraged me from posting in there so I don’t have to have these replies towards me and I have a feeling it has had the same effect on other posters in other forums. Furthermore you seem to have a tendency to have “tantrums” in The Lounge, in BJSC and in our genre forum that can also come across quite aggressive at times. Sometimes I do enjoy reading your posts but for the majority of the time I don’t and therefore I have to give you my -1. If the other interesting and more pleasant to read side of your posts that I see sometimes becomes the majority then I hope we’ll be at a different situation next year.
06 | JakeWild – I’ve only just seen you start to post again after what seemed like a long absence but you seem really nice so you should post more!
03 | Jark – You definitely seem to post less than in previous years, but there’s still a few occasions where I don’t feel you are extremely inviting towards newer memebrs and can exaggerate quite a few things. I can’t really pinpoint examples but it’s just the general feeling I get sometimes.
10 | Jay – Really glad to have been able to speak to you more often than ever before recently, all I would say is keep posting more on the whole forum and you seem to be doing that more and more anyway so all is good!
07 | Jester – Despite initial misunderstandings years ago, we’ve always seemed to get on well since and you are a really nice guy where I don’t have anything bad to say about you! The only reason your score isn’t slightly higher is you are a lot quieter than you used to be but that’s all.
07 | JoeP – I don’t really see you post much outside of The Saturdays forum but you seem really nice in there!
07 | Johnkm – I really enjoy reading your posts and I’ve grown to like you more and more as time has passed. Hopefully you get that inevitable BJSC win one day!
08 | Jonjo – Another really nice guy with great music taste, I believe just before you had your mini BJSC break that you were the person who had given me the most BJSC points overall out of everyone so thank you very much!
09 | JosephStyles – I hope you aren’t too disappointed after 11s in previous years but the reason I’ve knocked off a couple of points (if we weren’t restricted you’d have a 10 on lock but I have to pick on little things!) is firstly for the constant and sometimes tiresome little arguments with Calum which I have also mentioned in his comment and secondly, you do get very very defensive on some occasions in the Chart forum especially. I think other people probably do this too (including me!) but because you are one of my favourite posters, I do look forward to reading your posts and therefore notice these things more. Aside from that you are one of the people I do talk to and enjoy talking to the most and if the couple of things above were minimised then you’d be easily in contention for the 11 again! I hope this hasn’t come across too harsh as you really are one of my favourites on here!
08 | JSG – You seem a really nice guy and I’m glad I’ve had the opportunity to talk to you on several occasions! Thank you for always replying to my personal chart too.
07 | Jsilv – Another really nice guy and I’m looking forward to seeing you post more and more in the future!
00 | Kath – You seem to be very argumentative and a over the top and sometimes use gifs a bit too frequently. You’ve also been very quiet for the last couple of months as well.
07 | Klumzee – Another great member, the only thing I could say is that you should post more!
09 | Lee Wallace – I remember saying a couple of negative things about you last year, but I think we get on so much more now than we did then. The only reason you aren’t a 10 is that, like Silas’ comment below, you sometimes take a while to get things done and when we are restricted to only a few 10s like we are, unfortunately I have to pick on little things like that. You are still great though!
06 | Let Go For 2Nite – I haven’t spoken to you that much on a personal level but you seem to be really nice as well and I’m looking forward to seeing you post more!
10 | LexC – We’ve always got on well over the years and since I’ve been able to speak to you much more often over the last year or so, I think we get on better than ever before! I love having someone to talk to Eurovision about and I think you are underrated on here, hopefully that’ll change this year!
08 | Liam – I remember giving you a very low score in the past (when a lot of other people seemed to too!) but it’s been a pleasure to get to know you more and more since we became Pop moderators and I have nothing negative to say about you!
08 | LiamK97 – You are a great asset to the Chart forum and I appreciate all the work you put into there!
07 | luk= - You’re another really nice guy and I’d love to see you post more!
07 | Mack / ukcsf – I love your interest in Sports and provide some good discussion in there, I hope you’ll return to BJSC soon!
00 | Mango – Unfortunately the only reason for this 0 is that I don’t know you at all, but I’ve heard positive things about you from a couple of other posters so I hope to get to know you in the future!
05 | Mariah Scary – You’re a nice guy but you don’t post much at all unfortunately.
07 | Martyn – A really nice guy with a fantastic taste in music, I’m so glad you’ve returned to BJSC and I hope you stick around.
05 | Mart!n/M!key – I do feel that quite often you sort of miss a joke or a point of discussion which isn’t your fault but I always appreciate your personal chart replies and the fact that you never give up in BJSC! Also a great asset to the Chart forum!
07 | Math – You’re someone I’ve only starting to speak to recently since you joined BJSC, but you seem really nice and I’m looking forward to you becoming more and more popular in the future!
05 | Mattias – You seem to have gone a bit quiet recently in comparison to when you were in BJSC (but that’s probably just because of the forums I visit!), but you seem really nice and I’d love you to come back to BJSC!
00 | Michael – I’m just tired of the constant remarks that you post in several topics that add nothing worthwhile to discussion.
07 | Niall Minogue – Really enjoy your enthusiasm in the Pop forum and I’m looking forward to seeing you continue doing that!
07 | Nick F1 – You’ve gone quite quiet recently but I’ve always really liked you and I’d love you to return to BJSC one day.
09 | NoahSpike – I’m glad that I’ve started to get to know you a lot more in recent weeks, you seem like a really nice guy and definitely a potential star of Buzzjack!
07 | Oliver – You’re another really nice guy but you do seem to have gone quite quiet recently which I think you’ve mentioned yourself, but you’re still great!
09 | Oricon – I really enjoy talking to you and glad that you still have your great enthusiasm for BJSC! Admittedly this does come across a little too much sometimes but aside from that, you are still really nice and a great guy!
08 | Popchartfreak – Always find your posts very interesting and you are so nice. You’re perseverance in BJSC is very admirable and I love that you are happy to just share your favourite songs no matter how successful they will be in the contest.
07 | RabbitFurCoat – I really enjoy reading your contributions in the Sports forum and you’re just and I have nothing negative to say.
07 | RabbitHeart – Another really nice guy and I hope you start to post more again as you do seem to be a bit quieter in recent weeks than previously – although I’ve probably just been looking in the wrong places!
07 | randomfurlong – You’re another great poster I don’t have anything bad to say about, I still appreciate that you introduced me to the incredible ‘Ghosts’ by Laura Welsh which is still one of my favourite ever BJSC songs.
00 | Regina – I don’t think we’ve ever really got on and while I did like your personality during teams last year, on the main forum itself I still find you quite argumentative and negative.
09 | RiseR – Definitely a poster with fantastic potential, you are such a nice guy and you are definitely going to be a star of the future on Buzzjack.
07 | Rob Summers – You’re another really nice poster who I don’t have anything negative to say about.
10 | Robot – You more often than not have a great taste in music (a certain couple of rappers aside), and are an all-round nice guy. I’m glad that you’ve started to gain more recognition over the last year or two as it’s fully deserved.
07 | Rooney – I really enjoy your contributions to the Sports forum and you’re a really nice guy.
xx | Ryan.
06 | SeanToBeWild – I haven’t seen you post too much but from what I’ve seen you are also really nice and I look forward to seeing you post more in the future.
10 | SevenSeize – I’m really glad that I’ve been able to get to know you better over the last year or so as you are so nice and I enjoy your contributions in the Chart forum!
04 | Shadow2009 – I haven’t really noticed any of your posts except a couple in The Saturdays forum but you seem nice enough.
05 | Silas – Firstly I don’t really have anything too bad to say about you posting-wise this time, while I do really enjoy your personality and posts outside of BJSC (you still come across a little aggressive in BJSC but you are the best you’ve ever been) I’ve had to lower your score for another reason. Basically, I understand that you are a very busy person and have the best intentions when moderating your forums however I feel that the amount of projects or rates or quizzes you delay for absolutely ages or do not finish at all is sort of beyond a joke. Once again I know you don’t do this on purpose but I sort of feel that it’s a bit “selfish” (that’s a bit of a strong word but I can’t think of another) that you do have 3 main forum moderator jobs on top of your busy job that has resulted in at least BJSC becoming neglected. It also sort of looks from the outside that you have to be in charge of everything and don’t ask fellow moderators or other members for help even when you don’t have the time to do something. As a lot of people are aware on here from what I’m doing in the Pop forum, things being incomplete and not being done in a suitable time frame is one of my biggest annoyances on here and due to BJSC being one of the main forums I visit, you doing this is very obvious to me. Aside from this though I’m liking your personality more and more and if this forum “neglecting” wasn’t an issue then your score would be much higher!
07 | Silver Rocket / mr_aly – Another really nice guy with fabulous taste in music!
04 | Steve201 – I don’t really know you that much unfortunately but it’d be nice if that changed!
07 | Suedehead2 – I love your contributions to the Sports forum and you seem a really good guy.
00 | T Boy – You do tend to drag out some “jokes” for way too long and come across very negative quite a lot of the time.
03 | Theo – I haven’t seen any posts from you in a long while and I can remember a few of your posts in the past were quite offensive and insensitive although I can’t remember exact examples.
08 | Thermo – You are a brilliant asset to the Dance forum and always come across very positive and enthusiastic which I love!
08 | Tim – Another very enthusiastic poster and you seem really nice as well!
03 | Toby – I don’t really see you post any more Toby so that’s why I’ve given you a low score.
06 | Totto – You seem really nice as well and the only reason you’ve got a slightly lower score is because you have only been around for a month or two from what I can see but I’m looking forward to seeing you post more in the future!
07 | Tyler – Brilliant taste in music considering you are a Britney fan and I’m glad you’ve started posting more in The Lounge compared to the amount I think you used to do.
08 | Ultraviolence – You remind me so much of when I first joined as you are extremely enthusiastic. This is a great thing and you seem so nice too!
11 | Umi – I have always found your sense of humour hilarious and I think we are always on a similar wavelength regarding everything from Pop forum matters to Eurovision! You put so much work into Buzzjack as well and I think sometimes it goes unnoticed. I really enjoy talking to you and I hope you do really well in this rate because you deserve it!
06 | Vidcapper – You are a great asset to Buzzjack with all of your sales information but you don’t post outside the Chart forum hence my slightly lower score for you.
07 | Vulker – I always enjoyed your posts on the forum and it’s a shame that you seem to have left but hopefully you return one day.
09 | ✖ ketalina ✖ - I always find you hilarious and great to speak to! You would definitely have got a 10 if I wasn’t restricted although I’m very jealous of all your BJSC wins!

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Post #14
I'm in a vewy bad mood, Bwadley.
Group: Entertainment Mod
Posts: 30,882
Member No.: 7,117
Joined: 24-September 08


07 | ¿ DESPEDIDO ? / ¿ BARBÁRICO - Harry O’Sullivan: He appears to be a great down-to-Earth guy but needs more appearances.
07 | 152chris / ♒ chris - Weevil: Alternative view to the traditional Doctor Who monster.
04 | Abdul Fareek / Pablo Escobar - General Cobb: He’ll just carry on the conflict because he wants to show his view which everyone already knows.
06 | AdamAloud - Hider: Hidden in the background for a long time starts to emerge late on.
05 | Alex Range - Adipose: they are endearing yet they are still dangerous to our society due to their creation (read: upbringing)
06 | AnthonyT - Craig Owens: Down-to-Earth guy.
08 | AprilJ - Ace: A street-wise companion who will always have the Doctor’s back.
06 | Arrs - Winston Churchill: The Doctor’s old friend but is unlikely to make anymore appearances.
07 | Atonement - Tasha Lem: She has had experience with the Doctor for a long time even though she has not been a prominent character in the series.
02 | * Ben * - The Shadow Proclamation: They keep order but are rarely seen.
10 | Bré - Liz Shaw: One of the cleverest companions who, on first appearances, may not appear to be an ideal companion but on reflection, she truly is.
05 | Brett_Butler - The Face of Boe: A wise guide to the Doctor but appearances are intermittent.
03 | Britster - Handbots: They make sure that everything is in order in their sector and nothing is against the grain.
07 | Cal - Kate Stewart: Works behind the scenes with a fair amount of class.
06 | Calum Hood - The Lazarus Creature: Lazarus is a nice old man but when he transforms into the creature (read: enters the Reality TV forum), a different side is seen to him that is not that great.
05 | Calum Sandford - Bannakaffalatta: Very eager but also has a sharp edge.
07 | Cameron - Martha Jones: A really great person but something missing (at the moment) to make them stand out amongst the rest.
06 | Casey - Brigadier: An old ally on the Doctor, who was loyal to him, but has yet to be seen for a while.
07 | Cassandra - The Daemons: Helped humanity to evolve and have since become mythical beings.
09 | Chez Wombat - Sally Sparrow: The ultimate companion, with her strong-willed and intelligent nature, that never was (read: yet).
00 | Common Sense - Dorium Maldovar: Just a marketer trying to make some money!
10 | Conderella / Pavel - Sarah Jane Smith: A companion that has been in the Doctor’s life more than many but still easily fits in today amongst the newer blood. Not the traditional companion as she can easily stand up for herself against the monsters and villains.
08 | Dandy* - Romana I: One of the poshest companions who deserves more but isn’t seen enough unfortunately.
04 | dannjohn3 - Sontaran: Seen as evil beings but only because of their love of war (read: attention) but they later mellow out, even if their appearances are now stark in the form of Strax.
08 | Doctor Blind - Mr Smith: One of the most intelligent characters but has a great personality to go with it.
06 | EJ / Ethan - The Whisperman: Appear to be a great character, but there is not much substance beyond them yet.
00 | Eric_Blob - Adric: Probably has good intentions but his nature gets very grating and annoying.
08 | Eyes / Iz - Gwen Cooper: A very important and popular character who is often level-headed.
00 | Gezza - The Heavenly Host: Have one sole purpose and, unfortunately, it is yet to be seen what is beyond that.
06 | Gooddelta - Clara Oswald: Important to the Doctor and is therefore well respected, but not much is seen yet beyond being ‘nice’.
05 | Grebo - Reg Arwell: Appears to be a great character, however he has barely been seen on screen.
09 | Griff - Donna Noble: Bursts onto the screen as a loudmouth but is truly loveable and mellows out since.
08 | Harve - Charles Dickens: Intellectual with an eyesight for words (read: music)
10 | HausOfKubrick - Rose Tyler: Amongst everyone’s favourite companion to the Doctor, and with good reason. A down-to-Earth character, it is not hard to love her.
04 | Hurricane - Krafyis: An invisible creature that only some can see.
00 | Insomnio - Melanie Bush: She is a happy companion who doesn’t mean any harm but she still can come across as annoying.
10 | Jack - Jackie Tyler: Possibly the feistiest character in the Doctor Who universe, she is not afraid to say it how it is. However, this does not mean she is a horrible person as she is actually the opposite.
08 | Jade - Toshiko Sato: A gentle character with a strong heart, makes a great addition to the Doctor Who universe.
08 | Jáhq - Star Whale: Important in keeping the starship going.
08 | Jake / ░░░░ - Dream Lord: Darker side of the Doctor’s personality and likes to create situations where mayhem occurs.
07 | JakeWild - Liz Ten: She’s the bloody Queen.
07 | Jark - Vislor Turlough: Fairly menacing but still well-rounded.
08 | Jay - Jenny Flint: Intially overlooked when she makes her first appearance, she later comes into her own but is still hindered by her sporadic appearances. Thankfully, these are becoming more frequent.
07 | Jester - Clockwork Robots: Maintaining the ship and doing everything they can to make it work.
08 | JoeP - Ianto Jones: Starts off in the background but well and truly comes into his own to become a truly great character.
10 | Johnkm - Amy Pond: One of the more feisty companions to the Doctor and one who he keeps returning to due to needing her.
07 | Jonjo - John Benton: Another great character to the Doctor, just has some slight annoyances in his qualities that it’s hard to put my finger on.
09 | JosephStyles - Romana II: Another companion who has some really great qualities.
06 | JSG - Vespiform: Appears innocent but apparently has a sting in his tail. However, this feels conflicting to the personality that he truly is.
06 | Jsilv - Chantho: Nice, possibly seen as a bit plain at times but does start to develop with more aspects of her personality showing.
03 | Kath - The Silence: Look away and you forget what they are like. Look back once they return and it’s like they’ve never been away.
08 | Klumzee - Rita: Another ultimate nearly companion that deserved a lot more.
09 | Lee Wallace - Dalek: They do everything in their power to survive and maintain supremacy.
05 | Let Go For 2Nite - Jackson Lake: Starts off as a generic façade of what is believed the Doctor is but he does develop his own personality once he notices this is not truly him.
10 | LexC - Madame Vastra: An unexpected popular character that brings more fierceness to the show as well as humour.
07 | Liam - The Flesh: Appears to be a clone of someone else but is actually a person in their own right with a separate personality.
06 | LiamK97 - Ood: Loyal to their services and does everything by the procedure but they are known to be led astray (read: to other parts of the forum) from time to time.
05 | luk= - Rhys Williams: Someone who is a bit on the sidelines, has the potential to stand up amongst others.
05 | Mack / ukcsf - Silurian: Misunderstood as they have good intentions.
07 | Mango - Jabe: Another character who (has) the potential to be a fantastic companion, just needed to see more of them.
06 | Mariah Scary - Barbara Wright: Amongst the original companions but I haven’t seen much of her.
05 | Martyn - K9: Makes rare appearances but is good.
02 | Mart!n/M!key - Judoon: Try to keep order but it’s easy to get past them.
08 | Math - Luke Smith: One of the youngest main characters in the Doctor Who Universe, he is very smart and acts above his age.
06 | Mattias - Illyria Seven Robots: Very friendly but maybe a bit clunky.
04 | Michael - Macra: Depend on gas for existence (read: direct responses) as they snap away at all other beings in existence.
00 | Niall Minogue - 79B Aickman Road: Following procedure over and over again.
03 | Nick F1 - Tritovore: A race that gets by but are not involved too much.
11 | NoahSpike - River Song: Comes into the Doctor’s life late on, but once arrived it feels like she’s always been there and immediately becomes integral to the Doctor’s life.
07 | Oliver - Jenny Who: Has much potential but has rarely been seen on screen.
07 | Oricon - The Editor: Appears to be doing all the work where in fact it is someone else. (I jest!)
06 | Popchartfreak - Professor Yano: Sweet character who doesn’t appear to have bad bone in his body but has a dark side hidden underneath (maybe)
05 | RabbitFurCoat - Ian Chesterton: One of the original companions but I haven’t seen much of them.
xx | RabbitHeart
08 | randomfurlong - Jo Grant: Another great companion to the Doctor and one that can match up to the others. However, they are often overlooked.
08 | Regina - Novice Hame: Appears to be evil but, when revisited and spent more time with, redemption is given and turns out to be a better person than first realised.
06 | RiseR - Kamelion: Has some interesting qualities that could make him a great companion but not seen enough of him to make him onto the same level.
06 | Rob Summers - Tivolis: A character who appears to be weaker but can stand up for his beliefs.
09 | Robot - Mike Yates: Often overlooked possibly as an individual character, maybe due to not making himself a frontrunner but deserves to be remembered greatly.
04 | Rooney - Headless Monk: Appears they have a dark purpose but there’s actually not much to them.
08 | Ryan. - Nyssa: Possibly one of the friendliest/nicest companions but something slightly missing meaning that she isn’t remembered as much as her counterparts.
03 | SeanToBeWild - The Vigil: Most likely have the elements of a good character but, as of yet, don’t serve much purpose.
09 | SevenSeize - Rory Williams: A great character who shows strength and resilience as he grows even if he may lack the fierceness of many of his counterparts.
00 | Shadow2009 - Minotaur: It is purely kept alive through faith of others.
05 | Silas - Kazran: He could have grown up to be a great person but got consumed by ‘power’ and believes himself to be more important than he is.
07 | Silver Rocket / mr_aly - Harriet Jones: MP for Flydale North
-01 | Steve201 - The Adherents of the Repeated Meme: Their life is based around a repeated meme, little is actually known about them.
07 | Suedehead2 - Mighty Jagrafess of the Holy Hadrojassic Maxarodenfoe: Looks over the whole of Satellite Five/Earth.
08 | T Boy - Tegan Jovanka: She spent a lot of time with the Doctor but is still often overlooked as a companion. She can come across as a moaner but she does have a good heart.
07 | Theo - Vinvocci: Nicer than they first appear but may still have some sharper edges.
08 | Thermo - Mickey Smith: Initially seen as a side thought but everyone later learns that he is integral helping the Doctor and he starts to progress into his own.
09 | Tim - Leela: Has all the qualities of a good companion but needed to learn things along the way for this to develop.
07 | Toby - Yvonne Hartman: Sometimes seen as the villain even though it’s not in her true nature to be one.
03 | Totto - Peg Dolls: They have potential but they didn’t serve much purpose.
08 | Tyler - Captain Jack Harkness: From the Doctor’s perspective, appearances are possibly diminishing but when he’s there, he’s still as humourful and brash as always.
07 | Ultraviolence - Isolus: ‘Empathic beings of intense emotion’
10 | Umi - The Empty Child: Initially seen as evil to those who don’t understand the situation but it turns out that he is just like everyone else, if not better.
00 | Vidcapper - John Lumic: Everyone must conform to his beliefs on how humanity (read: music) should develop. Believes it should take away all personality so that everyone is the same.
06 | Vulker - The Alien Ambassadors: They appear to be a threat to our society but they actually have good intentions. (This is me being optimistic as I hope this matches you as you were a great member in Teams but obviously something went on during Eurovision that it’s probably not my business to know about)
06 | ✖ ketalina ✖ - Peri Brown: Should be a great companion but I feel there’s something missing but I’m not sure.
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Post #15
I'm in a vewy bad mood, Bwadley.
Group: Entertainment Mod
Posts: 30,882
Member No.: 7,117
Joined: 24-September 08


05 | ¿ DESPEDIDO ? / ¿ BARBÁRICO ?: I liked reading your opinions on the World Cup. Otherwise, I haven’t encountered your posts too much.
08 | 152chris / ♒ chris: I really love your unique, laid-back, slightly disengaged posting style. Your humour appears to come very naturally to you rather than being in any way attention-seeking. Have only recently begun to appreciate you, partly due to the very enjoyable N DNTN-hosted BJSC.
02 | Abdul Fareek / Pablo Escobar: I like that you contribute to diversity of opinions and tastes in the UK Charts forum but I find you immature and tiresome most of the time.
06 | AdamAloud
-1 | Alex Range: You always seem intent on rubbishing the music tastes and preferences of the majority rather than going against the grain in a respectful manner. That's really my only impression of you.
06 | AnthonyT
07 | AprilJ: You offer measured opinions on things when you’re not imposing your Quen Rochelle agenda on us all (which I do find entertaining at times)! You can be very funny and it was great to get to know you a little better through Teams.
05 | Arrs
06 | Atonement: I very much like what I’ve seen of you but for whatever reason, I don’t feel I know you very well.
03 | * Ben *: I appreciate the work you do for the UK Charts forum, however, sometimes I think you can be irritable and a little humourless.
11 | Bré: You're incredible! You put an enormous amount of effort and time into so many parts of the site that I enjoy frequenting, particularly the Sunday Chart Show thread, the Top 100 Sales thread as well as charts, lists, graphics etc. related to BJSC, which I’ve begun to appreciate more recently. These kinds of posts are always meticulous in their detail yet presented in a very user-friendly format. As a lurker of the UK Charts forum for a few years, you stood out to me more than anyone as a poster that I admired and I definitely draw inspiration from you in aspects of my posting ‘style’, most notably my (often too) liberal use of parentheses (!) and generally an effort to incorporate a measured argument and humour into my posts. I was amazed and slightly depressed to learn that you’re only 17 as I had a perception of you as a 30+ year old chart genius (not an insult) with a very sharp wit and a terrific grasp of the English language. In terms of critique, the negatives are so far outweighed by your positives that they’re not even worth mentioning but I’ll do so anyway to balance out my looning kink.gif! Recently I feel that some of the humour in your posts has become more abstract and more reliant on private jokes. I also think you can be unnecessarily scathing to Vidcapper! Overall though, you are an absolutely essential presence in the forum and I always anticipate and appreciate your take on things.
06 | Brett_Butler
05 | Britster: You’re generally very efficient with Billboard/HDD chart posting, which I appreciate. I’d be a fan of your popbars if you made more of an effort to comment on them. I think you’ve improved recently in this regard and I’m starting to get an idea of what interests you about the chart through your posts as before it seemed like you were just spamming for no reason! The few times I’ve seen you interact with others has shown you have potential to be an interesting, more rounded poster.
05 | Cal: Unfortunately we haven’t interacted at all due to me being relatively new and you being less active of late. You seem to have a great reputation on here and I’m sure I’d like you a lot but I don’t have much basis to give you a high score. I definitely understand your appeal from the little I’ve seen though.
05 | Calum Hood: I find that there are generally two sides to you – one that is very engaged and offers interesting, well-outlined opinions and another that seems to enjoy winding people up. Re: your unflinching love for Helen (!), I feel that there has always been an element of trolling involved but in fairness to you, you’ve sometimes taken the time to properly explain your take on things which I appreciate, even if I completely disagree with it. I don’t think you make it easy for yourself on here but I’ve seen others be overly harsh towards you as well, which must be difficult to handle. Your overuse of ‘AMAZING wub.gif’ regarding anything by any artist you like used to annoy me but I haven’t noticed it as much of late. I was impressed by your creativity and photo-shopping skills in Teams when you generously offered to make all of our kebab signatures! Basically, good points and bad points for me!
04 | Calum Sandford: Your posts can sometimes be very irritating. Lately you seem to enjoy having a random go at people (arguably in good humour initially) and then getting very defensive when they call you out on it before further prolonging a trivial argument. If your initial comment is a genuine misunderstanding on their part, you should learn to tactfully communicate this and apologise when appropriate rather than semi-apologising in a very passive-aggressive way. You stand out as someone who's annoyed me a bit recently but you have a lot of good aspects as well.
05 | Cameron: You seem like a genuinely nice guy but I generally find your posts quite bland.
00 | Casey: Have barely seen you around apart from in Teams (when you were also relatively absent!)
05 | Cassandra: The regular bickering annoys me and makes it difficult to take to you. You are clearly intelligent and witty so it’d be good to see you use these qualities more for other purposes than issuing elaborate personal insults. I do think you’re an interesting and entertaining poster other than that.
10 | Chez Wombat: You’re just great. I really enjoyed interacting with you in Teams and found you very helpful and friendly. Overall, you have an understated posting style which I admire. You post in a wide range of topics, offering well-reasoned, insightful opinions and you never seem to post ‘for effect’. You seem very genuine in that regard.
06 | Common Sense: I enjoy reading posts from the likes of yourself in the Lounge, as you have quite different life experiences to the majority. You are sometimes unfairly criticised for your threads as it seems you have good intentions.
09 | Conderella / Pavel: You were a bit of an intimidating figure when I joined as you don’t hold back with your opinions and criticise posters quite liberally (albeit seemingly in good humour and without getting too personal). You’ve grown on me a lot over the last while as I feel I ‘get’ you more and misjudged you originally. Your style is definitely an acquired taste but you are obviously very witty. I enjoyed getting to know you through our mutual love of JMSN and appreciate all the BJSC-related help you offered me via PM. You’re another essential forum presence for me.
06 | Dandy*: I think I joined too late to appreciate you properly!
01| dannjohn3
07 | Doctor Blind: One of the funniest things I’ve read in the UK Charts forum was your post about the lengths The Saturdays would go to ensure maximum streaming impact for their post-album singles (I can’t remember exactly what you said and I know it doesn’t sound that funny but you phrased it hilariously!). You have a dry wit that I enjoy but I sometimes think you’re a little moody.
00 | EJ / Ethan: Generally, your posts are either an emoticon + positive adjective in response to a piece of dance music, a petulant 5SOS/Vamps(/Joseph!) slating or, as of recently, a more lengthy argument that is dismissive of the opinions of others and gives off a slight air of arrogance. Your posts also suffer from chronic overuse of the tilde~. I think you’re very intelligent and you have good music taste (IMO) so your posts are even more frustrating for me as you definitely have the potential to be a lot better. You’re really not zero-worthy but you’re someone who stands out as being an irritant over the last while, which explains the score.
06 | Eric_Blob
09 | Eyes / Iz: Solid poster offering interesting opinions. I’ve noticed you’re consistently very fair with people. I appreciate the work you do, particularly for ROTD!
03 | Gezza
08 | Gooddelta: I recognise that you’ve got all the attributes of a great poster but I haven’t really interacted with you and, like Cal, due to the fact that I’m newish and (I believe) you’re busier of late and post a bit less, I don’t completely get the hype with you! You sometimes seem superior to everyone in relation to BJSC, probably with good reason due to your history in it, but there’s always a sense that you’ve achieved it all already and your opinion is so much more valuable than everyone else’s. I’m sure it wouldn’t in any way bother me if I was around longer but it’s just a bit off-putting. However, I’m not necessarily asking you to try and change this as I’d imagine it adds a dynamic to the contest that is generally enjoyable for everyone - it probably just takes a bit of getting used to! You were a fantastic host of my first BJSC and were very helpful.
00 | Grebo
07 | Griff: I value your posts because you offer different opinions, albeit often for the sake of arguing than anything else. I often think you’re spot on with things but that they’re just not worth saying a lot of the time. In this way, I think you can be a little petty and trollish but you’re very likeable at the same time. Also, you indirectly introduced me to JUCE's 'Call You Out', which I very much appreciate!
06 | Harve: I like what I've seen but I haven't seen enough of you for a higher score.
10 | HausOfKubrick: I thought you were excellent in your role as Head Kebab and you definitely went the extra mile through both your help for others and your individual effort in order to secure us the win! Like Iz, I see you as being very fair and decent to people and mature in your approach. You contribute a lot of interesting topics to The Lounge and you have seriously great taste in music apart from Lady Gaga of course. You’re a very likable guy and I’m delighted for you re: recent developments in your personal life biggrin.gif.
00| Hurricane
03 | Insomnio: Used to find you very repetitive and irritating, e.g. with your bi-weekly proclamations of hatred for ‘How Long Will I Love You’, but not so much anymore!
07 | Jack: My opinion of you has changed a lot since interacting with you in BB threads. I used to think you were sometimes easily offended by things and unnecessarily bitchy to certain posters but I’ve since seen a much more positive and good-humoured side to you. I like that you’re outspoken and although we seem to disagree on a fair bit on BB stuff, I value your contributions and enjoy reading them.
08 | Jade: You have always seemed like a lovely, enthusiastic person but lately I’ve noticed you developing into a great, more opinionated poster with it. I wish you’d comment more in BB topics because I’ve felt you were spot on with things the few times you have. My one pet peeve with you has been that you could sometimes repeat yourself in weekly Chart Show threads (which I’ve since seen you admit to!). You were often right though - ‘Counting Stars’ never did get old for me either!
07 | Jáhq: You seem like a great poster and nice guy from the little I’ve seen but I don’t think we’ve interacted very much. You did provide my favourite song of my first BJSC though so thanks for that!
04 | Jake / ░░░░: You can be very confrontational and often overreact to minor issues. You seem to enjoy having petty online arguments. Up until recently, the majority of the posts of yours that I’ve seen were digs, veiled or otherwise, at particular posters, topics, the state of the forum etc. Not sure why you keep posting here if everything irritates you so much. On a positive note, I think you do make very well-reasoned points sometimes, you seem naturally funny and you stand out from the crowd with your style of posting.
03 | JakeWild
04 | Jark
10 | Jay: Very articulate and analytical. I agree with the vast majority of your BB posts to the point that I have nothing to add to them most of the time! I think, like Chez, you’re proof that you don’t have to be very outspoken, have your own posting style/brand of humour or be somewhat outrageous/controversial to be a standout poster.
08 | Jester: Pleasant, well-informed poster. I enjoyed getting to know you better in Teams where you were friendly and helpful.
07 | JoeP: You make great contributions to the iTunes thread and other chart-related topics.
07 | Johnkm: I don’t think we’ve interacted much. I think you’re generally a good poster but sometimes I find your humour a bit forced and irritating. I’ve really liked the two BJSC entries of yours that I’ve heard.
08 | Jonjo: Great all-round poster who seems very passionate about music. You’re particularly insightful in BB threads.
08 | JosephStyles: I used to think your looning for any pop song by a female or boyband was motivated partly by defiance of ‘credibility’ and was somewhat ironic but I’ve recently realised that that’s really just your thing! I like that you have your niche and you take all the criticism of it well and don’t get overly defensive. It can irk me that you seem to be 100% behind absolutely anything by an artist you like and I haven’t seen you differentiate that much between the quality of their songs. Sometimes when you discuss your favourite artists, I think your points can be a bit clichéd and don’t always deal effectively with what other posters are saying. Overall though, you’re a very valuable presence in the UK Charts forum and you are definitely improving for me in relation to reigning in the looning! You’re also a lovely, friendly person, which is always very apparent in your posts.
05 | JSG
07 | Jsilv: One to watch, for sure. In the limited time you’ve been posting, you’ve managed to make a great impression in being very pleasant and making valuable contributions to discussions.
03 | Kath
08 | Klumzee: You seem sound and have a great sense of humour.
09 | Lee Wallace: I don’t know how you manage to stay so positive considering all your faves are simultaneously flopping! You strike me as a very optimistic, friendly, fun-loving person. I’ve always admired the way you react in good humour to slagging from others and outrageous Aquafina prejudice. You provided my favourite BJSC song of my two contests ALL-TIME with ‘Devil’s Touch’ heart.gif.
05 | Let Go For 2Nite:
10 | LexC: You’re the most consistently funny poster on the forum for me! I absolutely love your sense of humour and I wish I could express wit as easily as you can. I’ve also seen you make more serious points in a very effective and articulate way.
07 | Liam: Have enjoyed discussions with you in the BB forum. You’re very well-informed and contribute possibly the most of everyone there. In terms of negatives, sometimes I think you tend to reiterate points that have already been made without acknowledging it.
07 | LiamK97: A great asset to the UK Charts forum and someone I’ve only lately begun to properly appreciate. You’re consistently very informative.
06 | luk=: You seem like a nice guy but I haven’t seen you post too much.
05 | Mack / ukcsf
00 | Mango
04 | Mariah Scary
03 | Martyn
06 | Mart!n/M!key: You are definitely valuable to the UK Charts forum but you make quite few typos/nonsensical sentences which annoy me! You are very helpful and friendly though, especially to newer members.
06 | Math: Great BJSC entries!
07 | Mattias: You seem genuinely lovely and unassuming. Fair play to you for filming those album reviews and sharing them in The Lounge.
05 | Michael: Your comebacks are often very funny when they’re not overly personal or insulting. I would like to rate you higher as you don't take yourself as seriously as others but I only ever see you having trivial arguments and trolling!
03 | Niall Minogue
06 | Nick F1
xx | NoahSpike
07 | Oliver
08 | Oricon: We haven’t interacted until very recently but I’ve always thought you were a good’un from afar, contributing well to a range of topics. I admire how you’ve carved out a niche for yourself in BJSC.
03 | Popchartfreak
03 | RabbitFurCoat
10 | RabbitHeart: Seriously great poster who’s consistently funny. Along with Riser, you are someone I tend to find myself agreeing with/relating to the most of anyone else. Also love that you’re a bit of a Katy B loon!
06 | randomfurlong
03 | Regina
10 | RiseR: You always post something worthwhile, especially related to interesting stats or just general opinion related to Billboard charts. You’re also very funny in a subtle way and I admire how you are tactful in explaining jokes when others sometimes take your comments at face value. There’s absolutely no negatives I can think of for you other than the fact I don’t see you posting as much as I’d like!
07 | Rob Summers: Very friendly and welcoming to new members. Haven’t seen too much of you recently.
08 | Robot: All-round nice guy and valuable poster. You helped me see the light with Danielle teresa.gif.
08 | Rooney: I enjoy reading your opinions on a range of topics. I always get a vibe from you that you’re laid-back and don’t take yourself too seriously.
07 | Ryan: I’ve been impressed by the way you’ve stood up for yourself in arguments. I know you have the potential to be more opinionated in general though so I'm marking you a little harshly in the hope you'll improve in this respect. Sometimes I find your posts in the genre forums a little bland and lacking in depth or critique. You are a lovely guy, are very helpful to newbies and do a lot of forum work, which I appreciate. I enjoyed getting to know you better in Teams .
00 | SeanToBeWild
09 | SevenSeize: I like your posting style. You contribute well to the UK Charts forum and have an effortless humour. You strike me as being nicely laid-back yet engaging.
05 | Shadow2009
08 | Silas: You often make very interesting posts in the Lounge and I’ve seen you being very helpful to other members.
09 | Silver Rocket / mr_aly: Opinionated and often funny. I agree with you a lot and have always liked your presence in various parts of the site.
06 | Steve201: Repetitive regarding OA/OS and Radio1 but you’re clearly a very nice guy and I like that you’re a big Hozier fan!
08 | Suedehead2: Fantastic contributor to the site. I enjoy reading your insights on a variety of topics.
06 | T Boy: I think you can sometimes be easily offended by criticism and feel the need to repeatedly defend yourself or drag disagreements out, which generally makes matters worse. The ‘Chart forum is no place for jokes or capital letters’ thing got tiresome very quickly! Other than that, I enjoy your posts, particularly in The Lounge and genre forums and I think you’re a very decent and helpful guy.
06 | Theo: Other than in Teams, I haven’t encountered your posts that much.
08 | Thermo: Another solid poster. I appreciate your contributions to the UK Charts forum and Dance forum. Sometimes I’ve felt you’ve misunderstood me when I’ve challenged particular points you’ve made. I’m not sure how to describe it but I’ve got the impression a few times that you’re not too willing to discuss things and you can be quite set in your opinions.
07 | Tim: Often very funny.
03 | Toby
02 | Totto
07 | Tyler: Marked down for being a bit absent of late (or at least from what I’ve seen). I like what you bring to the site (i.e. Britney gifs). You’re naturally funny and able to express yourself very well.
04 | Ultraviolence: I love your enthusiasm and passion for your favourite artists but your streaming rants can often get way out of hand! If you tone that down, you have a lot of potential as a poster.
10 | Umi: Someone whose posts I always appreciate. You’re very insightful and articulate and probably the best arguer/debater on the site! You don’t hold back with your opinions but rarely get too personal or petty. You have great judgment in that respect. I generally agree with your point of view but when I don’t, I’ve enjoyed being able to discuss things with you and come to some form of conclusion. You’re also incredibly quick and witty. You can actually be too subtle with your ironic wit as, on the odd occasion, it can be impossible to know if you’re being serious, which is frustrating (for me anyway!). If I was to think of any other negative it’d be that you sometimes read too much into HDD building charts!
08 | Vidcapper: I live for your YTD and Y/E threads and you’re not anywhere near as irritable as you were a couple of years ago (when I was a lurker ph34r.gif). You are a little clueless sometimes though.
00| Vulker
09 | ✖ ketalina ✖: I get the hype. I like your style. I’m sorry you’re last on the list as I’ve run out of adjectives and I’m exhausted but you’re a BJ staple!
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post Aug 8 2014, 11:36 PM
Post #16
I'm in a vewy bad mood, Bwadley.
Group: Entertainment Mod
Posts: 30,882
Member No.: 7,117
Joined: 24-September 08


05 | ¿ DESPEDIDO ? / ¿ BARBÁRICO ? // Ground
03 | 152chris / ♒ chris // Dragon
00 | Abdul Fareek / Pablo Escobar // Bug/Water
03 | AdamAloud // Normal
05 | Alex Range // Ghost/Electric
06 | AnthonyT // Steel/Ghost
07 | AprilJ // Rock
06 | Arrs // Ground
06 | Atonement // Ground
06 | * Ben * // Ground
09 | Bré // Water/Dark
06 | Brett_Butler // Ground
04 | Britster // Water
06 | Cal // Ground
00 | Calum Hood // Ice/Ghost
07 | Calum Sandford // Fairy/Rock
07 | Cameron // Dark
06 | Casey // Dark
03 | Cassandra // Dragon
08 | Chez Wombat // Grass
05 | Common Sense // Ghost/Normal
08 | Conderella / Pavel // Steel/Electric
06 | Dandy* // Ground
05 | dannjohn3 // Steel
05 | Doctor Blind // Normal
04 | EJ / Ethan // Normal
00 | Eric_Blob // Bug/Ghost
08 | Eyes / Iz // Grass/Flying
04 | Gezza // Water
08 | Gooddelta // Grass/Rock
00 | Grebo // Ghost
01 | Griff // Bug/Fighting
08 | Harve // Grass/Flying
10 | HausOfKubrick // Grass/Psychic
04 | Hurricane // Normal
04 | Insomnio // Normal
09 | Jack // Electric/Grass
08 | Jade // Rock/Psychic
09 | Jáhq // Grass/Flying
-1 | Jake / ░░░░ // Dragon/Poison
07 | JakeWild // Dark
07 | Jark // Dark
10 | Jay // Grass/Rock
07 | Jester // Grass
04 | JoeP // Normal
07 | Johnkm // Electric
08 | Jonjo // Grass/Rock
11 | JosephStyles // Fire/Psychic
07 | JSG // Fairy
05 | Jsilv // Normal
06 | Kath // Ground
08 | Klumzee // Grass
09 | Lee Wallace // Ice/Electric
05 | Let Go For 2Nite // Normal/Water
10 | LexC // Grass/Electric
08 | Liam // Psychic/Ghost
07 | LiamK97 // Grass
06 | luk= // Dark
07 | Mack / ukcsf // Normal/Electric
04 | Mango // Normal
02 | Mariah Scary // Ghost
06 | Martyn // Dark
05 | Mart!n/M!key // Normal
05 | Math // Normal
06 | Mattias // Electric/Ground
00 | Michael // Bug/Ghost
04 | Niall Minogue // Normal
05 | Nick F1 // Water
08 | NoahSpike // Fairy/Psychic
08 | Oliver // Grass/Rock
09 | Oricon // Grass
04 | Popchartfreak // Water/Normal
06 | RabbitFurCoat // Ground
07 | RabbitHeart // Psychic
07 | randomfurlong // Dark
06 | Regina // Steel
07 | RiseR // Fairy
07 | Rob Summers // Psychic
10 | Robot // Grass/Electric
07 | Rooney // Grass/Ground
10 | Ryan. // Grass/Psychic
05 | SeanToBeWild // Normal
10 | SevenSeize // Grass
05 | Shadow2009 // Normal
07 | Silas // Steel
08 | Silver Rocket / mr_aly // Grass/Psychic
03 | Steve201 // Normal/Water
06 | Suedehead2 // Ground
00 | T Boy // Ice
07 | Theo // Steel/Flying
06 | Thermo // Psychic
08 | Tim // Grass
05 | Toby // Normal/Ghost
04 | Totto // Normal
06 | Tyler // Electric
05 | Ultraviolence // Electric/Water
09 | Umi // Grass/Flying
00 | Vidcapper // Water/Ghost
05 | Vulker // Ground
10 | ✖ ketalina ✖ // Electric/Dark
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post Aug 8 2014, 11:37 PM
Post #17
I'm in a vewy bad mood, Bwadley.
Group: Entertainment Mod
Posts: 30,882
Member No.: 7,117
Joined: 24-September 08


QUOTE(LexC @ Aug 8 2014, 03:20 PM) *
LexC ft Sofi Marinova - Sorry I'm Rate (Ketalina Radio Mix)

I present to you, the 100 faces of Sofi Marinova!

| ¿ DESPEDIDO ? / ¿ BARBÁRICO ? - I don't think you've been around a lot, otherwise this score would probably be higher. Still, you're a very intelligent person who makes a very valuable contribution here.
| ♒ 152chris - I've mellowed towards you considerably (basically ever since you stopped telling me I was unneccesary and or shit). I still don't think we have a lot in common but I've learned to appreciate you I guess.
| AdamAloud - Got to support my fellow Euroqueens. I encourage you to spread yourself around the whole forum like you've been doing a lot recently - you're one to watch for the future I think.
| Alex Range - Almost becoming a parody of AlexRange. At times comic but often tragic.
| AnthonyT - still a meh I guess. I don't hate you I just don't have any kind of firm opinion.
| AprilJ - Somebody who could have it all if they left their 'home turf' more often (it happend with former BB & GaGa loon HausOfKubrick so it can happen to anyone). Bonus points for Kebabs and for being a Girl #Feminism
| Arrs - Please come back
| Atonement - Not around a great deal and we don't seem to have much in common.
| * Ben *
| Bré - Ah Bray! We've gone from being mortal enemies to banterous associates to online friends and maybe now back to mortal enemies again. Never let Jack and Casey get you down, you deserve your high ranking in this rate!// VOLIM TE
| Brett_Butler - Sure you're lovely but I don't have a clue.
| Britster
| Cal - Just a genuinely lovely person. We don't have a great deal in common but I'd still miss you if you ever left the forum. // MON CHERI
| Calum Hood - Somebody who needs to learn the difference between instant messaging and forums, along with learning some basic manners and maturity. I mean, blocking people because they said something negative about your favourite Big Brother contestant is indicative of deep psychological problems. Furthermore, when I see that you've posted, I'm constantly rolling my eyes and thinking 'well, what obnoxious extended essay on the merits of a run of the mill X Factor/Big Brother contestant will it be this time?'.
| Calum Sandford - Will learn. Maybe a bit young and headstrong and desperate to stand out but weren't we all at some point?
| Cameron - Toby's been slacking of late, would you be interested in taking over the Presidency of the LexC FanClub?
| Casey - IDK, making ten posts a year doesn't exactly give me much to go off, but like before, I'm sure if I knew you I'd really like you, so have a not terrible score.
| Cassandra - For the record, I'm a Tirren cash-in, not a Tirren rip off (very subtle but crucial difference), I can't tell you the amount of times I've gone into a thread, seen your post and been all 'FFS, that's what I was going to say!' I feel like ever since you returned from your 'hiatus' you've become a lot more personable and relatable in your posts as opposed to the wiff of arrogance and untouchability you had before August 2012 (or maybe that's because I'm not irritating you constantly, IDK). Includes bonus Anti-Michael points. // SEVIYORUS SENI
| Chez Wombat - The Grace Jones of the forum, eternally underated and perhaps never destined for great success in these things but still essential.
| Common Sense - Inane rather than infuriating, wich given some of your company towards the worse end of the BuzzJack quality list, is something to value.
| Conderella / Pavel - Equally as infuriating as entertaining ("whatever, i don't even care - OMG WHY HAVE YOU MADE A MINOR STATISTICAL ERROR - oops I don't even care though oops bye"). So I guess this score is essentially a massive 'IDK'
| Dandy* - Still never got the explanation as to why you suddenly decided to join us non-mod Plebs. TICK-TOCK, we're waiting!
| dannjohn3 - lmao
| Doctor Blind - your BJSC country name is a Fast Show reference right? I only ask because my dad makes that reference every time the sun goes behind the clouds and it's thoroughly irritating. Also the Fast Show is (mostly) awful. So yeah, I know my priorities!
| EJ - Not sure.
| Eric_Blob - Also not sure. If I was ever in ChartChat then I'd have something to go off, so a low score it has to be, but no hard feelings.
| Eyes / Iz - Of all the people on this site, you're the one I aspire to be like the most. Inteligent, level headed, hard working, witty, kind and the self confidence to have carved out your own niche and individuality on the forum. You are an example to all of us. // NYAMA GRANITSI ZA NAS
| Gezza
| Gooddelta - Hate to break it to you, but Madame Geishas is shite. You don't seem like you can willingly talk ill of anybody and you're always there to post something interesting or constructive. The many years of high scores are thoroughly deserved.
| Grebo - A zero because you won't care what I give you so it doesn't matter.
| Griff - People seem to be imagining that you just post pictures of cake all the time or something. Only that could account for the so-called 'improvement' everybody else seems to think you've been on. Either that or the rush of people not detesting you has suddenly made you think you're amazingly popular and untouchable. Nonetheless, you've developed a habit of entering threads, leaving a comment that is only there in order to be destructive rather than constructive and that adds nothing to the topic being discussed purely to try and say 'I'm so witty and bitchy pls love me' and then getting defensive/playing the victim when people call you out on it. Add to that your constant faux-fabulous and try hard 'bargain basement Moopy tribute Act' attempts at humour that just come off as awkward and cringe worthy and it's not a pleasant sight. You actually contribute nothing to this forum other than smarm and an opportunity for everyone else to tone their face muscles.

Popularity needs to be achieved before it is acted on.
| Harve - Despite having near polar opposite tastes in most things, I oddly think we get along quite well from the few times we've spoken.
| HausOfKubrick - My safety wife (Exclusivo!). I toyed briefly with giving this 11 to Iz because he 'needed it more' but really, this could go to nobody else. I feel like we both seem to 'get' each other if that makes sense at all, to the point where, of all of the people who I communicate with on here, you'd probably be the one I'd come to for advice before everybody else because you just have such a kind and nurturing nature to you (Totally understand why you'd make a great teacher). A second year on top is thoroughly deserved! // I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!
| Hurricane - No Idea.
| Insomnio - I'll alert you when the Macedonian Invasion starts.
| Jack - Definitely Think we 'get' each other more now than we did last year. A tendency to repeat yourself and be a touch predictable in your opinions, but I'm not exactly one to judge.
| Jade - We don't interact with each other a lot, but I see you almost like a female Ryan (omg I might have to set you two up or something - do you live anywhere near Sheffield by any chance?), basically really chirpy and upbeat wich some people find irritating but I think is essential.
| Jáhq - Even I'm undervaluing you here but I can't give nines to everybody sad.gif You do such vital work on this forum that everybody appreciates but never thanks you enough for so it seems only natural that your chosen career would be a driver on the London Underbround.
| Jake / ░░░░ - Lets clear the air here. I feel like you think I hate you more than I actually do. A lot of what I see you post is intelligent, witty and worthwhile. I just wish I saw that Jake more than I see the rude, harsh, responsibility dodging, paranoid and obnoxious Jake that I keep seeing so often. From flying off the handle at even the slightest bit of criticism to being ubelievably petty over something s ridiculous as quotation marks in thread titles to arbitrarily going into full on attack mode at people for something is minor as posting an iTunes update (who are almost exclusively people that you think are somehow 'beneath' you for some reason but maybe I'm jumping to conclusions) before jumping ship the minute it becomes apparent that other people disagree with you claiming that people are 'making you out to be' a nasty person rather than you just ACTING (I emphasise this because I don't think you are actually as bad as you come accross) like a nasty person. This whole persona just grinds my gears and I don't see what good it does to encourage new people to join when they see posts like that. And contrary to what you seem to think, being put off by people victimising others does not mean you should 'get a grip'. The worst thing about all of this though, is the crippling lack of self-awareness you seem to have. However, I'm giving you the benefit of the doubt and chosing to believe that these characteristics are being 'put on' for some reason rather than being what you're really like so I've spared you my -1. If all of these characteristics ARE just tongue in cheek or jokes then you need to work on your delivery.

In all honesty, you made it easy for me. I actually think the reason we've had friction is ultimatley because we're more similar as people than we'd both care to admit and I'm willing to put all of this behind us. I am wiping the JakeSlate clean from the minute I post this rate.
| JakeWild - could be everyone's 11. The problem is you have to, like, show up.
| Jark - ten posts a year, all of wich are either baiting Griff or declaring a track to be 'utter shit' doth not a worthwile contribution make. Surprised you were even included in this list.
| Jay - How much more coersion do you need to get into more regular lounge posting habits goddammit. Have nine points on the basis of off-site interaction and corrupt favouritism. // TEB OBICHAM
| Jester - Glad that we bonded over Kebabs and Sandi Toksvig (I mean really, do you need any more of a comment than that?).
| JoeP - Indistinguishable from the rest of the legions of Saturdays loons at present. Ask me again next year for a firmer opinion.
| Johnkm - Exceedingly fabulous. Increasingly embittered by the years upon years of the rest of the plebs not recognising how valuable you are. // YO TE QUIERO A TI
| Jonjo - One day you will like me. ONE DAY!
| JosephStyles - You know, you really get in my way with these popularity contests! Proof if ever need be that being yourself and being nice is more valuable than putting on a try hard bitchy persona. The major success story of this rate is a lesson to all up and coming BuzzJack stars of tomorrow.
| JSG - Like a puppy humping your leg. Irritating but look into its eyes and it's just adorable.
| Jsilv
| Kath - The worse kind of enabler, a Michael enabler. When you're posting measured responses with thought out and considered opinions you're alright but the constant gifs and hyperbole are just inane. It's saddenning to see somebody who should have a worthwile contribution to make become engrossed in this ridiculousness. I await to see what gif you chose to respond to this with and the enless 'yaaas slay snatch weave drag summer fruits' your cheerleader will spout alongside it
| Klumzee - Seemingly always on the C-List of this site but you've always remained true to yourself rather than compromising your natural personality in order to leap up the rate 10 places. That's something I really admire about you.
| Lee Wallace - The cheque's in the post This rate is awarded fairly and without bias. Was nearly a ten if you hadn't made me feel like I wasn't wanted a lot of the time when I first joined the MSN/Skype gang. That said, I like to think that whole episode is behind us now. // TEB OBICHAM KAZVAM AZ
| Let Go For 2Nite
| LexC - I'd planned to use this space to respond to whatever the big fault in my posting that I was oblivious to was, but so far most of the feedback seems to have either been how i'm 'unexpectedly bitchy' in a good way or been oriented around how good my signature is. So in the absence of anything constructive to say - omg lexc is so fab! 10/10 wud bang
| Liam - As somebody who's had scorn chucked at him for being a carbon copy of a fellow BuzzJack member, I have your deepest sympathies.
| LiamK97
| luk=
| Mack (beginning of 'unremarkable posters beginning with the letter M')
| Mango
| Mariah Scary
| Martyn
| Mart!n/M!key
| Math (end of 'unremarkable posters beginning with the letter M')
| Mattias - You're Odd (wish granted x)
| Michael - Not even worth wasting a -1 on.
| Niall Minogue
| Nick F1
| NoahSpike - Still not over the whole 'actually called Andy' thing. // VOGLIO BENE A TE
| Oliver
| Oricon - Nega chey chala ga (or summin, my Korean's pretty shit). A touch too prone to go off into hyperbole for my liking, but I've come to realise that's just part of your character. Also, you don't need any work done on your face, you're beautiful as you are!
| Pablo Escobar - zzzz
| Popchartfreak - Like a meringue. Sweet but unsubstantial.
| RabbitFurCoat
| RabbitHeart - Please post more often, you're an essential but underutilised resource around here.
| randomfurlong - If we spoke one on one more often, I think we'd actually get on pretty well. As it stands though, it's a six (also, dw, I'm over you calling me closed minded - you bitch!).
| Regina - I may be something like the only person of the skype crew who likes you but whatever. Minus one point for still believing resurrecting the Justin AF would be a good idea.
| RiseR - a RiseR-ing star? - Thank you, I'll be here all week! // DEHAFTU MANGE
| Rob Summers
| Robot - The one person who's grown on me the most over this past year. I feel like and hope that, compared to the last two rates, where you previously thought I was 'trying to hard' that you now see that it's just part of my personality, but enough about me. The campaign for Rob to win the rate this year starts NOW!!1!11 // SAGAPO POLI
| Rooney - A controversial score? quite possibly. I just don't think we have anything in common and I find myself skipping over your posts a lot and not being really interested in what you have to say and the ones that I do bother to read seem to consist entirely of thing that go over my head or jokes that aren't funny. I don't know what it is but outside of the ~serious~ topics a lot of your persona seems quite forced and it doesn't land very often.
| Ryan. - It could've been a nine if you ny2'd a touch less (reference lost on all but a few of course).
| SeanToBeWild
| SevenSeize - (Come on, what else was I supposed to give you?). You're an odd one. I interact with you but I still don't think I really know much about you. I find you oddly fascinating.
| Shadow2009
| Silas - You're never an easy one to rate, take that as a compliment. I think I've grown to love your persistent lateness as part of the Silas package.
| Silver Rocket
| Steve201 - who?
| Suedehead2 - Somebody who I almost definitley don't appreciate as much as I should do.
| T Boy
| Theo
| Thermo - Bless. Sure you mean well, you're just slightly oblivious and let things go over your head a lot.
| Tim - We've definitley connected more this year (for the record, I always liked you, I just didn't take much notice fo you) since BJBB and '#NewPuss'. I can see why some people would find you irritating but you can count me as a fan!
| Toby - I only seem to comunicate with you at rate time but nevertheless, hi! You're being replaced now.
| Totto
| Tyler - Noticed you properly for the first time this year, rather than being all 'oh it's that queen who was around here in the early days and comunicates only in gif form'. I'm disappointed I didn't get on board earlier but still, slay me godney!
| Ultraviolence - Like wine. Will mature and improve with age even if they're a bit bleh now.
| Umi - Still Essential, Still Hilarious, Still Umi. // MEN SENI SEVIREM
| Vidcapper
| Vulker - Don't know what exactly went down with you and Pavel (I've heard various stories) - but for being a meany, have a 0.
| ✖ ketalina ✖ - just like everyone else, I will always be here to gag on your eleganza. We need to arrange a night out, like, yesterday (you can even come in drag if you like, I'm the broad minded type). // YAHABIBI

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I'm in a vewy bad mood, Bwadley.
Group: Entertainment Mod
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08 | ¿ DESPEDIDO ? ♡ GAME OF THRONES ♡ I don't think I have anyone on my facebook with as many almost daily picture updates. such a picture whore! yes we see you, yes the NSA stored all of your pictures into their secret servers, yes you look good in that outfit. this one as well. and this one. and this one. not this one though. and this one. not this one though. and this one. not this one though. and this one. and this one. and this one. and this one. and this one. and this one. and this one. and this one. and this one. and this one. and this one. and this one. and this one. and this one. and this one. and this one. and this one. and this one. and this one. and this one. and this one. and this one. and this one. and this one. and this one. and this one. and this one. and this one. and this one. and this one. and this one. and this one. and this one. and this one. and this one. and this one. and this one. and this one. and this one. and this one. and this one. and this one. and this one. and this one. and this one. and this one. and this one. and this one. and this one. and this one. and this one. and this one. and this one. and this one. and this one. and this one. and this one. and this one. and this one. and this one. and this one. and this one. and this one. and this one. and this one. and this one. and this one. and this one. and this one. and this one. and this one. and this one. and this one. and this one. and this one. and this one. and this one. and this one. and this one. and this one. and this one. and this one. and this one. and this one. and this one. and this one. and this one. and this one. and this one. and this one. and this one. and this one. and this one. and this one. and this one. and this one. and this one. and this one. and this one. and this one. and this one. and this one. and this one. and this one. and this one. and this one. and this one. and this one. and this one. and this one. and this one. and this one. TV show: thrives on its narcissism. And it's not even a bad thing in this case at all.
10 | 152CHRIS ♡ VERONICA MARS ♡ She's f***ing funny, relatable and very easy to get on with. TV show: funny, instant classic, memorable, quirky. It got cancelled but it still lives on. Same if 152 decides to leave this joint, she will never be forgotten <3
00 | ABDUL FAREEK ♡ RINGER ♡ Just like SMG's acting is f***ing atrocious, Abdul's ability to rub people the wrong way is effective. She is one of the best examples of a poster you really don't want to be.
07 | ADAMALOUD ♡ COUGAR TOWN ♡ Bitch tricked me with the Eurovision album leak! Tricked me! I'm still planning my big revenge and she'll never know it hit her until it actually hits her in her devious face. mundu eftir mér Never forget! TV show: good old fun with a spice.
08 | ALEXRANGE ♡ MYSTERY GIRLS ♡ She is one deluded specimen whose political views don't really go far from Putin's asshole. Don't get me started on her inability to take people's opinions on board and react well to them. A nice replacement to Hotlady, although in a completely different way. I hope she and Heidi will have lots of blonde russian communist stalin/putin worshipping babies though. why not. TV show: Just like her, the show is so totally SHIT but it's fun to watch when you're so drunk you can't stand on your feet properly or when your dog dies and you need to watch something so f***ing stupid so that it'd take your mind off of the sad news. For hours.
08 | ANTHONYT ♡ FARGO ♡ She is nice to chat with and she doesn't come across as anything but what/who she is really. TV show: unique in its own way. comes across interesting and maybe a bit weird sometimes. multi-dimensional.
02 | APRILJ ♡ JENNIFER FALLS ♡ Ok. Extra points for being a heterosexual female in this homosexual testosterone ridden environment. Must be tough. Before I forgot... Your doctor called and said that your personality reassignment surgery is in 17 days. TV show: rated CCC (cheap clichéd crap). I think a total of 4 people cared.
08 | ARRS ♡ MODERN FAMILY ♡ This bitch is a fine Russian lady who I met earlier this spring. She is really nice, sweet, kind and a very great friend to have. If I lived in St. Peter. we would like totally hang out together every week and be all like instagraming duck lips selfies in club toilets together. Super fetch. TV show: sweet, funny, extremely positive and perfect for spending time not having to think about srs stuff.
08 | ATONEMENT ♡ LOOKING ♡ The dutch are coming to overthrow buzzjack. run for your lives. This girl is down to earth and pretty easy to get along with. TV show: contemporary, funny, super gay (literally, not the way hilary duff does not approve of).
07 | *BEN* ♡ THE SIMPSONS ♡ Haven't spoken to her in a while but still think she stayed the same <3 Actually I got a friend (with certain ~ benefits) who looks a bit like her oops. TV show: still going on and still the same.
08 | BRA ♡ UNITED STATES OF TARA ♡ When did she become like a proper poster? I don't remember seeing stages. It was pedantic Bray who no one really liked and then independent white woman Bra (who still no one really likes but they pretend to because she would make her army of chart fembots with Britster as the commander and hound the ones who dared to say they don't like the almighty Bra). That's what power of charts can do to you if you know how to use it. TV show: good fun, interesting plot and a really one of a kind show overall.
05 | BRETT-BUTLER ♡ SIX FEET UNDER ♡ i still don't know her much except for the fact she blogs about music and stuff. and that she's quite level-headed and calm around the forum. what does one need to do to make some lazy bitches show their claws every once in a while? Or at least some personality. because so far it's lacking in that department slightly. TV show: looks good from the first look but it also seems very complex and hard to get into properly. Like you need to work twice as hard. And I don't really have time at the moment for that.
01 | BRITSTER ♡ THE PRISONER (2009) ♡ Faceless popbars fembot. Who are you? Where are you from? Do you have favourite food? Do you like Pokémon? Have you been in love? TV show: I have NO IDEA WHAT THIS SHOW WAS EVEN ABOUT. Saw it two times but still no idea. Did they live? Did they die? Are we all Pokémon or are we human? Was the main bitch who was asleep the entire time blonde or red-haired? Did she eat all of them? I just have too many questions and too little time to answer them all.
10 | CAL ♡ BORGEN ♡ One of my absolute favourite bitches on the site. Lately though she's been lacking in the music taste department. Would it kill her to send something decent to BJSC these days? it's getting highly embarrassing and I'm trying to distance myself from her floppy ass in bjsc. I know I've been telling her I was filing for divorce for ages but I just can't do it. We've had too much history together and such BJSC relationships don't end so easily. I'm sure she'll get better and we'll be a happy Espedan family together again but at the moment I'm seeing other people and she knows and is okay with it. At least she tells me so. TV show: fabulous, classy, interesting, unique.
02 | CALUM SANDÉ ♡ KEEPING UP WITH THE KARDASHIANS ♡ oh calum the fruitloop dingus. She's like a little step sister that wouldn't stop annoying you but you can't really be super mad at her for too long. So you take a break from hating her until she does something again in 5 minutes. Much like Helen yay. TV show: Trash TV but you can't help but sneak a tiny peek every once in a while even if you know watching it will make your brain smaller.
04 | CALLUM SANDFORD ♡ VICIOUS ♡ i don't know her. TV show: not watched it because it looks terrible and too faggylicious for my liking.
08 | CAMERON ♡ FINDING CARTER ♡ #shadylady that hot mess of a BB alliance was fun. the way she betrayed the rest of us too <3 I didn't know Saturdays fans could be... sane. Never met one like that until now. TV show: A very unusual show for MTV. You should think it's going to be all terrible and dumb and childish but it's pretty clever, interesting and fun.
07 | CASEY ♡ THE AMAZING RACE ♡ Still not even angry I lost to this bitch in BJBB! Like at all. In the slightest. TV show: they go everywhere, do all kinds of things. Extremely fun and easy show but probably better to experience it first-hand. [That was me saying CasCas is a $l*t~~ if it wasn't obvious]01 | CASSANDRA ♡ AMERICA'S NEXT TOP MODEL ♡ Pompous c**t whose better days are now over and she just decides to spend the remainder of them criticising everyone, being unnecessarily rude and obnoxious everywhere she goes. As well as making lists and 'cassandra approves/does not approve' systems and treating them like some sort of bible. Or worse, expecting people to treat them like that. Still genuinely have NO idea what I did or didn't do to make her like proper HATE me all of a sudden after a few years of getting along really well at the beginning but I don't particularly care these days. It's just this proper OBSESSION with me, hypocritical commenting on every single f***ing thing I happen to write that doesn't involve her in any way whatsoever is starting to piss me off. I get her point - she hates me. Now can she finally put a sock in it and find someone else to annoy? Oh... this must be the oh i like u that way and that's why i pick on u. Awww I suddenly feel warm inside. Oh wait, that was just my lunch wanting to get back out at the mere THOUGHT of it. TV show: used to be great but got pretty terrible with age. Although I still can't help but watch it and sometimes even get amused by the goings-on in it. Most of the time because it's so embarrassing and ridiculous.
06 | CHEZ WOMBAT ♡ THE LIFE OF BIRDS ♡ i don't really know her but that birds obsession is endearing. TV show: geddit
00 | COMMON SENSE ♡ HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER ♡ No one really wants to hear her shit. Like genuinely. yay supermarket offers but if you go along with it then f***ing stick with it. do not half arse two things, whole arse one. ©. TV show: *insane* people like the show but the rest of us think it's abomination of the TV world. thank f*** it's over.
xx | CONDERELLA ♡ BRON/BROEN ♡ Exotic foreign bitch who can take yo man whenever she feels like it. And there's nothing you can do about it.
08 | DANDY* ♡ BURN NOTICE ♡ Her chart is so slow I think Lana Del Rey's next album will be released before Two Weeks finally goes #1 in it. What did she do to get sacked anyway? Did she dare to go against he who cannot be named? Or did she post 40+ gay porn in Pop forum? If it's the latter then I'm in agreeance with whoever did the sacking. I mean come awn know the audience! It should be 25 year olds TOPS. jeez. Anyway she should like hit me up in her free time. I get on really well with senior citizens. TV show: Very fun and extremely well written. A bit complicated but it's the very point really. Generally very multi-dimensional as well. Fab characters and exciting developments.
00 | DANNJOHN ♡ QUEERFEAR ♡ Waste of space really. There were much more entertaining trolls in the past. And currently. TV show: does not need explanation.
09 | DOCTOR BITCH ♡ ORPHAN BLACK ♡ Not very representative of her name lately which is a shame. Anyone named Doctor Bitch should embrace and most importantly USE it. She can get away with so many things. But no she decides to have the most boring chart in existence (along with RFC's and Dandy's. i guess it's an age thing?) and be all nice and shit. Disgusting. TV show: Even though it's already pretty fabulous, it has so much more potential!
01 | ETHAN ♡ NIKITA ♡ Based on other people's opinions, she's quite a cunty one-sided bitch. No time fo dat. TV show: people tell me it's crap from season 2 onwards (although season 1 wasn't so super amazing either lolol) and I believe them.
00 | ERIC_BLOB ♡ EGO TRIP'S THE (WHITE) RAPPER SHOW ♡ She's like the UK chart expert. She will answer all of your questions and give her professional unbiased opinion on any artists, including Rihanna, songs, especially rap, and albums. She is the role model for all the obsessed with charts youngsters. Now that I described Bra to you I should probably get onto Eric Blob. TV show: haaai
07 | EYES ♡ ARROW ♡ She's too sane and logical it's making me anxious and really nervous. She's just judging everyone day and night. Got that fancy shmancy GM role (don't even want to know how exactly~) and started acting even more robotic. Mrs. Britster? Only with a bit of personality attached to her. I guess it was a factory error or something. TV show: It wants to be all so serious and shit but I know what it really is. But I won't tell anyone because I'm afraid I might just not be able to log onto Buzzjack the following day.
04 | GEZZA ♡ A GIFTED MAN ♡ Oooh tell me how long his chart run was. Mmmmmm that's making me wet. It's entered the Top 75 how many times? Oh my! It goes out and in, out and in, out and in... And that return to #1. f*** yeah! Treat me like it's a Christmas chart and I'm a Susan Boyle's album. I know you want me and you'll get it for free. Talk about that sales difference between the Top 2 as well... Don't stop oh yeah... *voice interrupts* "Your time on ukchartphonesex is over. To top up credit press 1 or stay on line and wait for the operator". TV show: The title is more appropriate than the show itself. Gifted to make lives of casual chart lovers a bit easier <3 Brezza would be a fantastic power couple. Just giving y'all the ideas for 2015 when Jáhq murder/suicides Joseph after a fit of rage caused by Joseph's infidelity and power hunger~
08 | GOODDELTA ♡ FRIENDS ♡ Disgustingly nice. She needs to get feisty and cut some bitches for a change or something. Doesn't matter if they are innocent bystanders or not. srsly. her hosting in bjsc is so terrible I still have nightmares from that last time. TV show: constantly positive, funny, witty and well written. Pleasure to watch and you just can't stop after one episode.
07 | GREBO ♡ PORTLANDIA ♡ She never likes my BJSC entries. Like never. Well almost. It's either full blown 12 or nothing. So much racism. GreGre can take stuff a bit too seriously and be a mood kill but that's probably an age thing (is she like 92 or something?). We're all going to be like that one day. Le sigh. TV show: hipster stuff. random as f***. sometimes very interesting and funny. Lately not as much but still rather enjoyable.
06 | GRIFF ♡ TOTAL DRAMA ISLAND ♡ Once you get to know her better you start to like her. I gave her my -1 last year which came as a bit of a shock this year oops. But oh well she's clearly much less annoying and ridiculous now although I would still go easy on fighting with people who she doesn't have to fight with. There's nothing she needs to prove to anyone and if people don't like her then who cares. jack is just super jelly he'll never be as relevant as griff, let's be honest right now. TV show: really one of a kind show, sometimes very funny and generally great to watch every once in a while.
10 | HARVE ♡ PARKS AND RECREATION ♡ Mrs. Kazakhstan next. I chose my favourite show ever for her but that doesn't mean she's like my favourite ever lolol. She's still one of my absolute faves though, obviously. So down to earth and eternally funny and fabulous. sorry Calcakes but i'm having a bjsc affair with her because recently she's been the only one who could satisfy me. TV show: witty as f***, immensely funny, has LOTS of great moments. just one of a f***ing kind.
10 | HAUSOFKUBRICK ♡ COMMUNITY ♡ Still feeling TERRIBLE about the whole Richard and yelling situation. It's now always bros before hoes. Sad I had to learn it that way but what's done is done~ Anyway, moving on from that stupid October... Bal is a classy sweet girl who recently became a full-time working bitch. From being a housewife to a full-time career, that's a big move. But she's smart and she knows how to get what she wants... by all means necessary~~ So yeah this year we have decided to spice things up and put our r8lationship onto another level aka 11 other people. Every marriage needs a bit of change and making things more exciting. I think that could be it. TV show: one of my all-time faves. Me and the show went through a rough patch (mostly awful season 4) but back on track now and couldn't be better. P.S.: can't wait to move to the UK in the future and hang out with her and Ketalina and all of our gang (are u ok?).
02 | HURRICANE ♡ SUPERNATURAL ♡ I think it's one of the Saturdays fan clan guys? can stop just right there tbh. and I am. TV show: it's just there. it's not good it's not exciting. it's just there. and it's popular within its own circles. idk why tho
00 | INSOMNIO ♡ DUCK DYNASTY ♡ Is she the one that likes movies a lot? It's my forum so I probably should know lolol. Anyway, I'm giving this tasteless bitch a 0 purely because she didn't like Under The Skin. It was f***ing incredible. Better f***ing deal with it, you big excuse of a movie critic. TV show: done in bad taste and really isn't worth my time because of some comments one of the leads made.
08 | JACK ♡ AMERICAN HORROR STORY: COVEN ♡ Every f***ing status update of hers is so self-centered and/or negative as f*** and/or dissing other people. I mean I don't mind reading about how retarded people usually are but she could go less on the ~omg i'm eating a fajita and i need to go #2 now~ updates. no one wants to know bitch. so many pictures as well. mr mustachio. i bet most of the pictures she snaps is when she's on the toilet or something. just have a feeling about this. must be the lighting or something. TV show: f***ing camp as f***. But can still kick ass if needs be~
03 | JADE ♡ REGULAR SHOW ♡ Extra points for putting up with all this disgusting homosexual male energy. f***ing fags. TV show: watch it and enjoy it every once in a while but not for long periods of time. And I'm yet to watch an episode that does it for me. I'm halfway through season 4 so I doubt it's ever going to happen. It's just a bit too inoffensive and... beige. But nothing wrong with being beige if you like living in a [#f5f5dc; #dbdb80 #e4e49f; #f1f1cd; #f9f9eb] neighbourhood.
08 | JÁHQ ♡ MAD MEN ♡ Became Joseph's bitch now I see. I wish she'd take back that control though. She's a wonderful independent woman, she don't need some ginger lesbian bitch telling her what to do. Gingers ew. She's probably cheating on her with Jay or Robot or something. They seem too sneaky! Especially the latter. She's been here for like ages and still hasn't got the recognition so she'll do anything to fix that. ANYTHING to up herself in this game. She already started doing it as well. I trust neither of those. TV show: super classy and very sassy.
09 | JAKE ♡ RUPAUL'S DRAG RACE ♡ Ran out of 10's soz :'( But yeah she f***ing ignored my facebook message and went MIA so I thought she once again entered a hating pavel frenzy or something oops. Taking things a bit too seriously sometimes as well. Chill the f*** out it's all good <3 Not everyone is out to get everyone all the time. Still liking that crazy hoe though. it's how us abrasive bitches roll. TV show: many people might not understand it but once you do there's no going back. Sweet and cunty at the same time and you really wouldn't want to have it any other way.
10 | JAKEWILD ♡ 30 ROCK ♡ Not as innocent and nice as I used to think. flight attendants and all~~~ Such an impossibly sweet and nice bitch though. At least online oops. we don't want another vulker situation lmao. She patiently listened to my Richard whinings and still not deleted me yay! TV show: funny, fabulous, creative. Can get cancelled all it likes but it'll never leave our hearts (and specially mine~) :')
09 | JARK ♡ REVENGE ♡ A bit absent as of recently but that's because sexual exploration of Switzerland takes all of her available time and posting on buzzjack really falls to #2/#3 priority. You go girl. The Swiss didn't know what hit them. TV show: guys dramz, seduction games, more dramz and OTTness of it all.
06 | JAY ♡ LOST GIRL ♡ i don't know her but i know she's kewl from sources very close to me. so that must be true. i'm watching her make a wrong move though. TV show: too much lesbian energy
07 | JESTER ♡ GREY'S ANATOMY ♡ Oh is she still here? Still hanging out with youngsters and lying to herself she's young and stuff. So sad but age is nothing to be ashamed of. Well... maybe slightly. TV show: still here still going on still going strawng~
04 | JOEP ♡ DEVIOUS MAIDS ♡ i don't know her. (pass WHAT? kidney stones? gas? bread rolls?). TV show: looks like a cheap version of a usual low budget CW OTT drama with vampires or werewolves but without supernatural shit obv. ain't nobody got time fo dat?
11 | JOHNKM ♡ ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT ♡ Queenest Queen of them all. We talked a LOT over the past year and I revealed so much TMI material about me that I think it'll be better if I give this bitch full marks this year. She deserves it though. Most underrated of Phil's secretaries. Humour, sarcasm, Cersei-esque IDGAF attitude, ability and WILL to talk about TV shows for hours (the latter being the attribute that was the dealbreaker for me tbh). She's just the whole package~ TV show: Took a bit to grow on me but after it hit me I watched it all in a short period of time. Love the sarcasm and fabulousness of each character. One of a kind. They just don't do those like they used to anymore.
05 | JONJO ♡ GLEE ♡ She started off strong being everyone's ANNOYINGLY HAPPY UNCLE... but boy did that not last long. Now we're lucky she gets online every once in a while. And when she does it's almost always at night like a vampire. And vampires cannot be trusted. TV show: well, when it was starting it was all kewl and fresh and funny and great. After a while the quality declined and right now it's at its worst by far. But it was renewed by some stupid people in FOX for like 59 more seasons so we'll have to stick with it for a bit more. Ugh.
09 | JOSEPH ♡ HAIR BATTLE SPECTACULAR ♡ I know her game. She pretended to be all innocent and ginger and crap when being one of the H.A.I.R. (How Awesome I R!) power couple halves but as soon as she felt love and powah, she started to control Jáhcqueline. No doubt she'll come Top 10 this year and power will go into her head completely. We are on the verge of creating a new lee wallace. Dandy save us all! TV show: yasss
08 | JSG ♡ LIZZY MCGUIRE ♡ So upbeat and nice all the time. It's driving me up the wall. Impossible to dislike. Hate hate hate that. TV show: so disney and feel good and positive and young hilary duff. Which is infinitely better than old hilary duff.
04 | JSILV ♡ TEEN WOLF ♡ i don't know her. TV show: Not watched but it looks so inoffensive and innocent that I don't even want to start. Moreover, my mum loves it so it's a massive dealbreaker right there.
08 | KATH ♡ RITA (DK) ♡ Baby Kath <3 So glad he came back despite all the alias dramz. I hope he's here to stay now forevaaa. Cant have no Kath for long periods of time tbh. TV show: This Danish TV series is f***ing funny, witty, original and doesn't have to try hard to be fabulous. It just naturally is. Has some drama too but what doesn't. Let's just hope it'll be renewed for season 3.
07 | KLUMZEE ♡ CHASING LIFE ♡ Still partly beige but that cure seems to be working. If only she went out of her shell a bit more. I think I have her facebook but she deleted me. That would be a major violation. Nope, still there phew. TV show: I see the appeal and watch it regularly but there's something missing and it just needs a bit more OOMPH.
-1 | LEE WALLACE ♡ 2.5 MEN ♡ I really like her but -1 just for the bantz~ That was a lie lolol. Lee is a power hungry witch who thinks she runs this place. And not even in a semi-jokey Johnkm way. She genuinely thinks she's the shit just because she got some seal of approval from a few of the people from the (G)OLD FARTS era of Buzzjack (the majority of whom has now long gone though, only Cassandra still tortures everyone with her presence). She is still a child dressing up rice cakes and can be quite a bully sometimes. And again, it not even being in (semi-)jokey way. She is very one dimensional. Oh disaronno (sp?) oh Satudays oh ibitha oh partay. Is that it? Oh... She seems to be so obsessed with popularity competitions that she goes around rallying up Saturdays fans who hardly ever visit the Lounge, yet every time a popularity competition takes place they go in and cast their votes... and surprise surprise Lee Wallace is among the highest in their rankings. Does she even like the Saturdays or it's just a long con to make sure she has the crazy/beige fan boys on her side all year long? You just never know. Everything about her and the way she is on Buzzjack just seems... desperate. I'd much rather take 9th place that I got by being my own c**t self than 3rd place by being unctuous, tic4tacking and arselicking to get votes and/or respect. TV show: terrible terrible terrible show. Many people seem to love it. I have NO f***ING IDEA WHY. It's just so... trivial and desperate.
04 | LET GO FOR 2NITE ♡ HAPPY ENDINGS ♡ i don't know her. TV show: don't know but heard of it. Looks unimpressive and very one-sided and frankly I don't know what I might catch if I start watching it. Terrible name as well.
08 | LEXC ♡ RIZZOLI & ISLES ♡ She's really not funny and the whole Sofi Marinova thing is getting so boring. Sofi is terrible to begin with so go figure. Didn't win my second BB because of her dirty antics. What and who and how many times did she do to win it, I wonder sometimes. I always play fair so I guess I would never have won. Sighness. TV show: funny, witty and fab with an interesting twist.
08 | LIAM ♡ BRICKLEBERRY ♡ Coming out was definitely the right move for her but if she wants to get onto another level she needs some extra help. Like a professional whore whisperer or something. Everyone has one inside. Some two at a time but it requires practice. Anyway, she should let her whore out and be less timid and more confident. TV show: so dirty and slutty and dirty and funny and dirty. Did I mention it was dirty? Well, Liam should aspire to be like this show because she's doing a bad job so far.
04 | LIAMK97 ♡ JOEY ♡ i don't know her. i really don't. TV show: doesn't even look good. Give me the one it stemmed from anyday.
09 | LUKE ♡ НУ, ПОГОДИ! ♡ I like this bitch too much. She's gonna leave stupid Czech Republic (isn't it like Poland pt. 2 and Poland is shit?) and we'll party in Berlin or London or Barcelona. The city that will have the best underground leather daddy cage-themed club will win. That sentence brought up so many good memories :') TV show: Randomness ahead. Just a totally awesome Russian TV show for kids. I remember watching it SO MUCH when I was little. They don't do those like that anymore le sigh.
03 | MACK ♡ PERCEPTION ♡ Probably likes uk charts idk really. Too hard to tell. What is a mack anyway? Is it like her real name? I think ukcf would be a better given name than mack. Mackintosh, Big Mack. No. TV show: paired up with popchartfreak because I don't really have a lot to say about either of the shows other than that they are really similar in my (unbiased and extremely objective and indisputable) opinion.
00 | MANGO ♡ FAMOUS IN 12 ♡ I still don't quite know her but I think I knew her a year ago. Nothing now really. Mangos are really a very boring and not memorable fruit to me, so I guess they share more than just a name. TV show: not many cared when it was on air and it got cancelled midway through the series by a network, to stay on which doesn’t really take a lot of… anything. Awkward.
07 | MARIAH SCARY ♡ KLOVN ♡ Does she live on another planet? Because I can't for the love of me imagine just talking to her in real life. Communication has always to be through weird images of some colourful crap (literally) and weird post-modernist art and 8-bit tunes from 1979. TV show: blunt aka tells a bitch how it is without any bullshit.
05 | MARTYN ♡ KING OF THE NERDS ♡ Occasionally comes back with some comment about something. Only when it's super needed though. Of course everyone cares as well. That was sarcasm. TV show: a very low-key reality show that no one really cares for or even heard of. I watch it but wouldn't be so sad if it didn't return next year~~
00 | MIKEY ♡ DEGRASSI ♡ good old mikey. Emphasis on old. I can talk any shit I want about her in here because she'll never read it and it's so much better that way. Sometimes senile can be cute. So rarely though. This is not the case. I can't even f***ing remember why I used to be intimidated by her when I was so very young and still chart obsessed. Now I'm more intimidated by a dead leaf. TV show: canadian TV show about something not very relevant and/or interesting. does the job though. although I wish I knew what that job even was but I guess it's above my pay grade.
07 | MATTIAS ♡ SECRET LIVES OF WOMEN ♡ Them vibes~~~. TV show: the motto of the show is TRUST NO BITCH. One that looks like an innocent (SO SUPER VERY RANDOM AND OFF THE TOP OF MY HEAD) Estonian/Irish boy might be like into collecting porcelain horses (SICK!), knitting using human flesh or being into Pixie Lott (DISGUSTING).
00 | MICHAEL ♡ FLIP IT FORWARD ♡ You're a child Michanna. Dressing up rice cakes. TV show: some no1curr TV show was picked up by some no1curr channel but later dropped before airing a single episode due to protests from sane people. We are cancelling you Michael. Goodbye.
04 | NIALL MINOGUE ♡ PRETTY LITTLE LIARS ♡ i don't know her. TV show: not watched it but it looks very one dimensional and samey so I'm not really bothering.
06 | NICKF1 ♡ FAMILY GUY ♡ She's been very quiet as of recently. I guess I'm not in the PC forum enough to notice her anymore. TV show: just THERE. No one really cares much about it anymore too. but it could be changed again if more effort is put.
09 | NOAHSPIKE ♡ BOB'S BURGERS ♡ Only recently got onto my radar. Fellow BB fan which is always a plus. Unless you're a lee wallace. She's quite fabulous. (NOAH, NOT LEE, LOLOL)! I wish all the non-cunty posters were like her. Well maybe not ALL as there has to be some troll or a beige to make fun of and argue with but in general yasss please. TV show: my most recent pleasant TV discovery. Funny, interesting and doesn't pretend to be something it's definitely not.
07 | OLIVER ♡ INTERVENTION ♡ She comes across like an alcoholic whore with a sports obsession. Now that is f***ing unacceptable. SPORTS?! TV show: ~~
08 | ORICON ♡ DEATH NOTE ♡ The only interesting thing about her is probably that she speaks Mandarin and Cantonese. And is learning Japanese as far as I remember. Oh well, that's enough really. A lady doesn't need anything but her mouth if she has her man around. Woop woop. TV show: exotic and foreign but very kewl, accessible and without any bullshit. spoiler: no happy ending~~
03 | POPCHARTFREAK ♡ ELEMENTARY ♡ She probably loves charts. I didn't need to know about the 'freak' sex thing though. It's like imagining your grandparents have intercourse. TV show: see Mack~
03 | RABBITFURCOAT ♡ ONE TREE HILL ♡ She doesn't make any effort with people just sailing on those connections she made from 1973 when she first joined Buzzjack. Might be lazy but I'd be too if I was her age (soon tho!). She's also one of the SLOW PERSONAL CHART crew members. A big turn-off here. I like my charts fast and raw, not premeditated and overthought. A song can be able to shoot straight up there immediately, not stay at the bottom for ages and then go slowly further up when you already start losing interest and patience. TV show: fun at first for a while but slowly got boring and one-dimensional and painfully dull.
08 | RABBITHEART ♡ BROOKLYN NINE-NINE ♡ I like her but the weird thing is I don't think I remember a lot of her posts. I guess she's a bit like LexC, being a 'nice' floater trying to find her niche (which LexC btw has now found! Sofi <3333) but once that happens, she'll be super fine. One to look out for. TV show: one of my favourite new shows of the last season. So much potential.
10 | RANDOMSCHLONG ♡ RIVER MONSTERS ♡ She's now a fancy shmancy film critic who writes (not gonna lie, I wrote 'rides' at first. mind be dirty) so damn well. Jealoussss. I was never able to put just a few words in a more or less intelligible sentence that could actually be worth reading. Takes talent I guess. She's quite a party hoe as well. Having all those hit on her all night long. Having to get away from all the stalkers on the dancefloor, etc. etc. TV show: fishy bitch. we all knew va-jay-jays were so awful but not to such an extent omg!
08 | REGINA ♡ THE MINDY PROJECT ♡ She be beige with a twist... and a terrible music taste. I mean seriously J-fLOp? That Matt Cardles guy? whatever flop boyband she's currently obsessing and wanking over? Anastacia and Dildo barely making up for all those atrocities. TV show: so underrated and hated by a few people on here. Lately was embraced by a couple of new people though which is good to see. But yeah many more people should see and like it! bye
06 | RISER ♡ RED BAND SOCIETY ♡ Was she in the latest BB with me? I think me and all the shady ladies tried and succeeded throwing her under the bus. It was nothing personal really, just she sucked. Her personality did. TV show: Really one of the shows I'm most excited about judging by the trailer. Has a lot of potential. Even if the idea was just stolen from a Catalan show of basically the same name~
05 | ROB SUMMERS ♡ MOTIVE ♡ Too f***ing innocent. Stop everyone knows she's a strong outspoken 30 year old woman with 3 kids and 4th on the way. Maybe it's like a sexual thing to pretend to be an 18 year old boy for 7 years on an online forum. But she can't fool me. TV show: another one of those detective shows. Way too many of those and way too boring. I mean the concept as I haven't watched the show~
08 | ROBOT ♡ SO YOU THINK YOU CAN f*** ♡ If she wasn't too stuck up her own (or a certain someone else's *winkwink*) arse and actually talked to me we could potentially be like bffs and stuff. bal who? we would like discuss big brother, say why we hate gina (she does hate her, she just doesn't know it yet), diss bal and dance to it's my party. TV show: you know why you f***ing whore. or at least you will know why if you still don't know. just know that.
07 | ROONEY ♡ POKÉMON ♡ She's quite a cunty character. Reminds me of me when I will be as old as her (48). TV show: just can't f***ing go away. it's over and done with yet it still comes back.
04 | RYAN. ♡ RESURRECTION (2014) ♡ Not a big step away from Britster. she only crawls out of her fembot skin to have an occasional arguement with Jake 1.0. Other than that it's only pop forum updates, 'oh that sounds good' response to every single f***ing new pop leak and endless youtube embedding. No one embedded as many youtube videos as her. What a R.E.Q. (Ryan the Embedding Queen). TV show: Les Revenants or BUST. give me the real thing.
03 | SEANTOBEWILD ♡ SHAUN THE SHEEP ♡ i don't know her. TV show: self-explanatory i think?~
08 | SEVENSEIZE ♡ FORBRYDELSEN ♡ Exotic demure animal that I still haven't figured out how to approach. She looks so kewl and up the hipster alley I regularly visit these days. I sometimes have dreams we are like bffs and we like do selfies and instagram them and go have smoothies and discuss boys like you know. TV show: alluring, dark and mysterious~
02 | SHADOW2009 ♡ V (2009) ♡ i don't know her. Anyone who uses YEAR in their username should never be allowed to use the internet. soz (i'm not though) but just terrible. TV show: Merely because there are SO many other names to have but NO it has to be so unoriginal that people will have to think about some NUMBER when remembering or researching it.
09 | SILAS ♡ DARIA ♡ Birthday buddy/bitch. Her dreams are to take over the world one buzzjack at a time. Which is admirable. she's a power-hungry ruthless bitch who won't stop until she vetoes all of your songs, eats all of your children (have u lost weight lately?~) and has intercourse with your dead bodies after she kills you and eats your brains following some ritual to gain more mental strength and power or something. But generally she's sweet and nice when she's not getting f***ed over by her colleagues at work or reckless drivers at Scottish roundabouts. Aka never. TV show: sarcastic and negative a lot of the time. That's exactly what makes it so good.
04 | SILVER ROCKET ♡ ARE YOU THERE, CHELSEA? ♡ Several birdies told me she's quite a whore. But the bad thing is I missed that period when she was on buzzjack so I can't really believe the rumours. Therefore it's only a 4. TV show: self-explanatory for anyone who watched it~
04 | STEVE201 ♡ NASHVILLE (2012) ♡ i don't know her. Is 201 the age? is it the sum of her body shape dimensions? is it her favourite number? is it the number of her lovers? [Answers: yes; no; yes; yes] TV show: not watched it and don't intend to but more originality with the title would be super awesome.
06 | SUEDEHEAD ♡ PENNY DREADFUL ♡ She comes across old, wise and unapproachable. Don't know more of which though. And funny too sometimes. Not very much though. Maybe more but I probably just can't understand all those 1940's references and stuff. TV show: sometimes scary (especially scenes with spiders in the opening credits) but generally pretty kewl and fun. If this show was a prostitute, it would be a high-end one that also does all the kinky weird stuff for extra cost.
07 | T BOY ♡ DEAD LIKE ME ♡ I definitely thought she was much older than me, like maybe 3 years but yay for being almost as dinosaur-y as me. She definitely knows her way around hyperbole and sarcasm which is always a good thing. She says she's been here for 8 years but 2 or 3 years ago I was like literally i don't know her. Took a while to get out of her T-shell. TV show: Sarcastic, dark with a fun side.
06 | THEO ♡ THE MENTALIST ♡ All grown up now. Holding back happy tears as hard as I can. She's soon getting out to the big bad world full of drugs, unprotected sex and, most dangerous of them all, bad music, all of which seems terrifying but if she survived Buzzjack then she can survive f***ing Syria seriously. TV show: the show moved into a completely new phase, compared to the first seasons. It's very weird but nice. At least it wasn't stuck in the same storyline until the very end.
06 | THERMO ♡ ÁNGEL O DEMONIO ♡ She's another one of the generally super nice and shit crew members. Gotta start deducting points for that. Ain't nobody got time for being overly nice and courteous on an internet forum, especially towards people you don't even talk to or know. TV show: Spanish show that is supposed to be all mysterious and dark but it's all quite nice and shit. Still on my to-watch list though~
08 | TIM ♡ PROJECT RUNWAY ♡ Fun and hearty little shady lady you can easily get along with. TV show: Accessible, laid-back, interesting. Just plain mindless Saturday fun.
01 | TOBY ♡ UGLY AMERICANS ♡ i don't really know her that well but she seems like she needs to take a break and come back in a few years when everyone here is like legal drinking age or something. because you can't really go without a drink reading her posts. TV show: everything I've seen so far is a bit of nonsense and I don't seem to get the plot or meaning of everything. It's just weird so far. And I usually LOVE weird, which makes everything so much more confusing.
02 | TOTTO ♡ GANG RELATED ♡ Oh, she's one of the dutch bitches as well. Didn't quite recognise from the name. But it really doesn't change much... i don't know her. TV show: Looks well fun but I, as well most of us TV show loonatics, fear it'll get cancelled or something if I start getting invested in it. So I'm leaving it alone for now.
08 | TYLER ♡ SCANDAL ♡ She is a big old $l*t just like me. We would so get along if we proper hung out and stuff. No clubs that play Britney though because she is so fat and floppy now it's f***ing disgusting. TV show: super campy, fun, easy to ~get into~.
04 | ULTRAVIOLENCE ♡ SHAKE IT UP ♡ All innocent and sweet right now but wait till he stays here for more than a year. This place changes people. A few had to get admitted into mental facilities because they couldn't handle CODE and HATE CHART results and their position in them. Lady Buzzjack can be a cruel bitch. TV show: so disney and seemingly fun and stuff but i'm pretty sure it has like illuminati signs ALL OVER each episode and if you play dialogues backwards you will hear devil worshipping/resurrection spells or something. Aka a regular disney show.
08 | UMI ♡ ELFEN LIED ♡ We could be like BFFs if she wasn't so terrible and fun to hate. But seriously I don't even have a reason why I seem to dislike her. It just became a thing for me a few years ago and I stuck with it "for bantz". can we become bffs now? we'll buy those friendship necklaces and put them on like. would be so f***ing great. I always wanted one of those but I never had a BFF. TV show: coz japanese lolol
00 | VIDCAPPER ♡ CSI ♡ Jason Derulo feat. Vidcapper - Talk YTD To Me. TV show: samey, neverending, boring. Not really watched it but would rather waste my time on something more useful like sitting in silence and looking at the ceiling.
02 | VULKER ♡ ONCE UPON A TIME ♡ This girl is a psycho. Like seriously. I don't know if she is bipolar or something and I shall not go into details and information I got from personally meeting her but... dude... she's a nutjob. Online or at first she will seem okay but the total inability to emotionally connect with anyone just takes over eventually. And then on to the next one. God forbid you don't agree with her or make her feel annoyed. I happened to have done either and I got threatened with violence twice in the aftermath. I won't say I was a saint in the situation and that she did it literally out of the blue but... physical violence?? Really? I neither thought she was entirely serious with that nor do I still hold a grudge against her, however. (extra 2 for our fruitful skype sessions until 5am moscow time on weekdays~). TV show: great on paper and season 1 was quite fab but season 2 is where everything got totally wrong and awful. Not going to be staying to find out what's coming next, that's for sure!
10 | KETALINA ♡ SOUTH PARK ♡ One of the few people who could actually listen to all of my Richard problems~ and not be all like shut the f*** up i'll stab you ughhhhhhhh... at least not out loud oops. She's very caring, sweet and really probably the best friend material of all of you obnoxious selfish little c**ts out here. I don't think I've met anyone as kewl and amazing as Leww in my life. <3 XOXO <3 TV show: One of my absolute all-time favourites I keep going to when I need 20 minutes to relax and get distracted. Smart, extremely witty and incredibly funny.
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post Aug 8 2014, 11:41 PM
Post #19
I'm in a vewy bad mood, Bwadley.
Group: Entertainment Mod
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xx | ¿ DESPEDIDO ? / ¿ BARBÁRICO ? – who even are you?
08 | 152chris / ♒ chris – Lounge Mod solidarity fo’life
00 | Abdul Fareek / Pablo Escobar – the immature, borderline sexist Chart persona would be enough without the even more immature responding to your haterz in this thread
04 | AdamAloud – no idea beyond the mildly generic username
-1 | Alex Range – I honestly can’t fathom a single redeeming feature
09 | AnthonyT – understated, elegant as ever
05 | AprilJ - nope
06 | Arrs
06 | * Ben * - bonus point for taking absolutely no shit from some of the less desirable chart personalities
10 | Bré – I bet you’d be dead proud of how organised my iTunes library is
10 | Brett_Butler
03 | Britster – thanks to you I can avoid the horrendous Billboard website. That’s about it
07 | Cal
04 | Calum Hood – I still can’t work out how someone can be so emphatically beige
04 | Calum Sandford – literally no idea, drop the username and we’re cooking
05 | Cameron
05 | Casey – where even are you?
10 | Chez Wombat – I feel we can now bond on how annoying mortar boards are to keep on your head, and other graduate stuff
00 | Common Sense -
08 | Conderella / Pavel – are you escaping soon?
09 | Dandy* - this place is poorer without you
00 | dannjohn3 – I can’t bring myself to unblock you and check whether you’re still awful
08 | Doctor Blind – I hope we stick to our 200,000 houses a year pledge just to prevent you from having a breakdown
04 | EJ / Ethan – from the failsafe “read last five posts” test, you look inoffensive
02 | Eric_Blob – are you still here?
10 | Eyes / Iz – don’t think you can take your elder statesman role and slink away quietly
06 | Gezza – proof that there is no excuse for a chart geek to not have a bit of personality. Well balanced
07 | Gooddelta – little changes
06 | Grebo – one of those people where I wish I had the time to cultivate a music taste like yours
03 | Griff – good timing on the part of whoever linked to that fake Alex rate, which was genius. Otherwise your improvement has been a bit of a damp squib, you’re just a little dismissive of perfectly valid points
08 | Harve – see Grebo, except I feel like we’ve interacted a bit more
09 | HausOfKubrick – congratz on coming out and all. Was there ever a backlash against you? If there was I didn’t notice and it wasn’t deserved
04 | Hurricane – I hear Sundays are good as well
03 | Insomnio – more tolerable blend of a few of the forum’s less popular characters
05 | Jack
05 | Jade
06 | Jáhq
08 | Jake / ░░░░
07 | JakeWild
08 | Jark – I remember when you weren’t cuttingly bitter and disillusioned with the current crop of posters. It was a simpler time.
05 | Jay
08 | Jester
06 | JoeP – on stalking your profile and reading what your favourite films of the year were, I approve. I even enjoyed Tracks in spite of myself.
10 | Johnkm – I know you’re desperate to break into that top 10 (and god knows you deserve it more than some) so have this one on me
07 | Jonjo
00 | JosephStyles – still just… no.
02 | JSG
05 | Jsilv - *stalking people I have no idea about part 74 (broken down)*: I did enjoy your chart. And no, thank you for your time.
06 | Kath
08 | Klumzee
06 | Lee Wallace – you’ve improved exponentially, although I don’t approve of all these minions you’ve brought with you
03 | Let Go For 2Nite
08 | LexC – Nailed it.
05 | Liam
04 | LiamK97
05 | luk=
04 | Mack / ukcsf – wait, THAT’S who you are? You’ve perked up slightly.
08 | Mango – rated exclusively on a fruit which is wonderful until it goes all stringy. I’m 99% sure that’s not a metaphor for your posting style but I’m bored of stalking people now
06 | Mariah Scary
05 | Martyn
00 | Mart!n/M!key – crossed the line between tragically funny and exasperating a few decades ago
05 | Mattias
00 | Michael – it’s like you think someone cares about your opinions
01 | Niall Minogue – I’ve never heard of you but what even is that username. Niall, really?
00 | Nick F1 – now you surely can’t still be here
06 | NoahSpike – blending in isn’t always a good thing but you’ve fitted in rather well
07 | Oliver – yes, it’s me who just followed you on Twitter. Enjoy the Europa League while it lasts (longer than it did for us I bet)
05 | Oricon
00 | Popchartfreak – thought it was only fair to match your score to the number of Lib Dem MPs there’ll be in Sheffield soon SAY WHAT
09 | RabbitFurCoat – I would say you seem to be around less but that’s probably more a reflection of how rarely I frequent the indie forum these days
06 | RabbitHeart
09 | randomfurlong
06 | Regina – I still find some of the tastes bizarre but you’re a better shade thrower than most
07 | RiseR
05 | Rob Summers
06 | Robot
10 | Rooney – still slaying like Markovic is going to slay some bottom half full backs this season (please not ours)
04 | Ryan.
05 | SeanToBeWild – I’m going to hope that’s a Steppenwolf reference for your sake
09 | SevenSeize – extra points buy influence. To fix things. Like Nuggets. Love me.
06 | Shadow2009 – I never watched that Plan B speech and it’s gone now. Damn you.
07 | Silas – it’s fine, we’ll sort out some more lovely devolution for you biggrin.gif
08 | Silver Rocket / mr_aly – I have no idea what state the chart forum would be in without you routinely cutting everyone to shreds
00 | Steve201 – is your apostrophe key broken? Is the exclamation mark jammed down? No one may ever know.
10 | Suedehead2
07 | T Boy
06 | Theo
06 | Thermo
06 | Tim
03 | Toby
05 | Totto – I BLESS THE RAINS DOWN IN AAAAAAAFRICAAAAAAAA. Oh, read that wrong. No idea.
06 | Tyler
05 | Ultraviolence
07 | Umi – I value subtlety and you appear to have nailed it
00 | Vidcapper – this is becoming a happy tradition
05 | Vulker
09 | ✖ ketalina ✖ - it’s rare for someone so zany to not be divisive but I really can’t understand people who don’t like you. Maybe I’m easily pleased.
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post Aug 10 2014, 04:21 PM
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QUOTE(seantobewild @ Aug 10 2014, 04:37 PM) *
I'm sat watching Mean Girls so going to allocate characters to some of the posters I know better than others!

00 | 152chris / ? chris
00 | Abdul Fareek / Pablo Escobar
07 | AdamAloud: Generally a nice poster, I love your signature of all The Saturdays singles smile.gif

05 | Alex Range: I don't think I've ever come across you before, maybe in passing in the pop forum?
00 | AnthonyT
07 | AprilJ: If this is April as in Chief Rochette April you're one of the more cooler posters in the Sats forum! Perhaps a bit a little bit deluded in thinking Rochelle is the queen of The Saturdays. wink.gif kink.gif I love how you admin the Gaga forum and enjoy your posts/commentaries there!

00 | Arrs
04 | Atonement: Again, another one who sounds familiar and have probably come across in passing?
00 | * Ben *
00 | Bré
00 | Brett_Butler
00 | Britster
00 | Cal
07 | Calum Hood: A great poster who posts around in loads of the forums! I LOVE how you also stan for My Heart Takes Over, such a shame it's under appreciated. You're one screwdriver short of a toolbox for finding Zayn attractive though. :vomit:

07 | Calum Sandford: A nice guy, great how you also love The Saturdays and Neon Jungle!

06 | Cameron: Some of your posts I find hilarious - you need to listen to better Saturday songs though as Issues is an abomination. Fellow Vanessa White fan though wub.gif

00 | Casey
00 | Cassandra
00 | Chez Wombat
04 | Common Sense Nice username laugh.gif
00 | Conderella / Pavel
00 | Dandy*
00 | dannjohn3
00 | Doctor Blind
00 | EJ / Ethan
00 | Eric_Blob
00 | Eyes / Iz
00 | Gezza
00 | Gooddelta
00 | Grebo
05 | Griff Seen a few of your posts over my eight months or so on the forum, like seeing what you have to say!
00 | Harve
03 | HausOfKubrick Don't really know you, intriguing username though!
06 | Hurricane At first you were cool, then you irritated me a bit and I ranted at you and vice versa but you're cool now and I love your signature. Missing You comment wink.gif good poster in the sats forum and enjoy reading your comments in the pop forum! smile.gif

(because you are quite informative/knowledgeable!)

00 | Insomnio
00 | Jack
10 | Jade I haven't talked to you very much but if I recall correctly your favourite Sats song is Forever is Over which makes you amazing in my opinion given the amount of shade that song gets here! Love how you stan Glee/Gaga as well, great taste in music based on in your sig as well biggrin.gif

(I don't know why laugh.gif )

03 | Jáhq
03 | Jake / ¦¦¦¦
00| JakeWild
04 | Jark
07 | Jay If this is Jay as in Sats forum poster/GA Jay, I love how much you post, definitely add interesting opinions and insights to topics!

xx | Jester
07 | JoeP Dedicated poster/iTunes watch poster updater in the sats forum, another great sats fan loon!

xx | Johnkm
06 | Jonjo Another great poster - again, good insights in forums like the LM forum!
04 | JosephStyles Don't know much about you apart from the fact you change your name and change your sig more times than I do, but you seem chill.
10 | JSG Such a great poster all around! Love your comments in the sats forum and thank you for always commenting on my personal chart wub.gif

05 | Jsilv
00 | Kath
00 | Klumzee
07 | Lee Wallace Fellow Frankie Stan, I love your rule of the Sats dominion with the Vanessa and Mollie fangirls that are Hurricane and Scherz kink.gif

06 | Let Go For 2Nite Apart from constantly bringing Pixie Flop into nearly every thread of the Sats forum, you're really nice and have good taste - Foxes, Paloma and The Saturdays for sure!

xx | LexC
07 | Liam I think I've only read a few of your posts etc but a nice guy!
03 | LiamK97
03 | luk=
05 | Mack / ukcsf I think I've only read a few of your posts and don't really know much about you!
01 | Mango
02 | Mariah Scary
xx | Mart!n/M!key
03 | Martyn Don't really know you but some of your posts/opinions are normally spot on!

06 | Math
08 | Mattias Mattias in chart forum moderator? Only read your posts/responses in the chart forum and thank you for commenting on my charts tongue.gif
-1 | Michael I don't really know you that well (like most posters!) but I'm sure you're lovely. HOWEVER, your over reliance on dubbing songs screechy is annoying. #ThinkingOfYou

06 | Niall Minogue Apart from being a directioner, you seem alright in the posts I've read!
00 | Nick F1
00 | NoahSpike
00 | Oliver
00 | Oricon
00 | Popchartfreak
00 | RabbitFurCoat
05 | RabbitHeart I come across your posts every now and then and definitely enjoy seeing your input on certain artists etc, worth a read!
00 | randomfurlong
06| Regina Some of your posts make me laugh laugh.gif
00 | RiseR
00 | Rob Summers
00 | Robot
00 | Rooney
06 | Ryan. Another poster who makes good comments for reading!
xx | SeanToBeWild
xx | SevenSeize
07 | Shadow2009 For some reason when I joined Buzzjack back in December, you were one of my favourite Sats posters and I don't know why laugh.gif

05 | Silas
00 | Silver Rocket / mr_aly
02 | Steve201
00 | Suedehead2
00 | T Boy
00 | Theo
03 | Thermo Only come across your posts in passing, hopefully I can come across more and see/know more about your views etc!
06 | Tim Apart from being a Rochette, you are quite cool and definitely add to the atmosphere on the Sats forum!

00 | Toby

06 | Totto Some of your posts in the sats forum annoy me, some however do make me laugh. Just like Tim, apart from being a Rochette you're an alright guy!

xx | Tyler
09 | Ultraviolence A new member to the sats forum and I love the rate game you are currently running. You also like Forever is Over, which is rare to find in a Sats fan!

5 | Umi
xx | Vidcapper
xx | Vulker
06 | ? ketalina ?

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