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> Political correctness, Serving you Ken Morley realness ~
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post Jan 14 2015, 05:24 PM
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Brown cow, stunning!
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Inspired by the fallout from Ken Morley's recent CBB ejection...

Basically he didn't particularly want to be there; he just wanted the money. If you walk, you don't get paid, so he thought the best possible thing to do would be to "troll" and be as vile as possible and offend as many people as possible. Most of the housemates really took issue (Nadia Sawalha wanted the police!!) with his claims that "the bathroom is the best possible place to look at asses" whilst two of the younger female housemates (21 and about 24/5) were in there, which was something he repeated a few times pretty much just with different wording! The actual thing that got him kicked out rather than warned was an anecdote about when he started in panto with Frank Bruno, in which he apparently told Frank Bruno to "turn those negro rhythms down" when Frank had loud music on, having previously been warned for referring to fellow housemate Alexander O'Neal as a "negro". He also referred to Patsy Kensit as an "East End scrubber", and probably said many things to other housemates! Since then, he's appeared on Loose Women and pretty much refused to apologise.

Subsequently, I thought the nation would be mostly in agreement with him being kicked out, but I sparked a debate with a comment under Digital Spy's Facebook post about it which made me see this is actually quite divisive... More people than I thought, largely of a certain generation admittedly, couldn't believe he was kicked out for that and moaned it was "political correctness gone mad". One even said "he should have won over all those drama queens, gays, has-been and rape cryers (sic)" or words to that effect... We also see some of it with Katie Hopkins I suppose, whenever she says anything the small proportion of the nation who do share her views seem to always bring up the fact that free speech should mean just that and political correctness has "gone mad".

So where exactly do you stand on the "political correctness gone mad" debate?

Personally, I don't think complete political correctness is needed and people can joke about stuff (some people have risky or dark humour and for a lot of them there probably isn't any malice behind the jokes they make) but there is a difference between political correctness "going mad" and just being a decent human being imo. People usually use age as an excuse, because older people come from a different generation. But a lot of terms just aren't acceptable now whether they were 50 years ago or not. Why shouldn't those of a certain generation just learn to not use a few words? And it's not ageism, I don't think anybody should be allowed to treat women (or men) just like sexual objects, or black people/women as second class citizens, whether we're 71, 41 or 21. Naturally we all look at people we're attracted to but to announce it to people around you all the time is just not needed. And sadly we live in a society where the Jimmy Savile case and the whole Operation Yewtree saga is fresh in our minds, so naturally old men who "letch" aren't going to be well received. But as I said, if a younger housemate in their 20s or 30s said (or the "negro" stuff) that I think somebody would have spoken up.

Ultimately I'd just say it comes down to human decency rather than "political correctness".
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post Jan 14 2015, 07:09 PM
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Henrietta R Hippo
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With things such as Big Brother, post-Shilpa gate they really do have to be very millitant with their policing of what goes on. But regardless of that, i am genuinely shocked that ANYONE can say that throwing Ken out is "madness", whether he was trolling or not. And as you say, age should not be a factor in this; we can't stop teenagers/young adults from being racist and homophobic, and then allow much older generations to do it because "it's how they were brought up". It's double standards.

I mean there are some instances where i think political correctness does go a little awry (the things discussed in the "Child Stars" thread being one very recent example i can think of) and you see it all too often in schools and universities too to the point where it actually hinders education and educational understanding. Political correctness has to exist in some form, but i'd argue that all too often, "political correctness gone mad!!1" as a saying is even more overused and branded about than political correctness actually going mad laugh.gif
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post Jan 14 2015, 07:25 PM
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In general I do their is PC gone mad. People are being fined/called out for saying the smallest things, and people are scared stiff of it happening to them aswell. However I think for different subjects there are different degrees of leveling.

I think it's really easy for us to criticise others for their actions, but that's because our generation have been brought up to be educated on these values. Not that I'm excusing others, but my Grandad for example often uses language that could be deemed as offensive. He's not racist by any stretch of the imagination, but that's just the way he's been brought up. When you do/say something for so long then someone comes round and says 'you can't do that' it's hard for them to accept because that's the way they've been brought up. I call it the generation shift. So for example in 20 years time I'm sure there are terms we use now, that will be deemed taboo words eventually.
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Doctor Blind
post Jan 14 2015, 07:26 PM
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#38BBE0 otherwise known as 'sky blue'
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   No Gallery Pics

I can't believe that people still watch such rubbish TV.

That said - Ken Morley is a pretty awful person, but is someone who is probably best ignored (Reg Holdsworth Coronation St. early 1990s aside). I find it quite refreshing when people don't 'edit what they say' in order to provide an opinion which they think others will find acceptable, but when you say something to deliberately antagonise and upset someone then I think that is a step too far.
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