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> Buzzjack's Ultimate Big Brother Housemate 2015
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post Feb 22 2015, 10:30 PM
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Brown cow, stunning!
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This has been done before, but to keep some activity going in the forum I’ve decided it’s time for an update biggrin.gif The concept of this round is simple, you just have to nominate no more than three of your favourite housemates from each series that you’ve watched/remember well enough. You can nominate just one or two if there's only a couple of houseamtes you like enough from a series. Those who receive enough nominations will go through the actual rating round! This is because there are so many housemates that it would take far too long to rate EVERY one.

This includes both civillian and celebrity housemates, so get voting if you’ve watched BB before and want to share your faves! Feel free to add commentary about why you've chosen who you had or share your favourite moment too.

Just post your nominations in this thread. by Sunday 1st March, but this may be extended dependent on interest.
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post Feb 22 2015, 11:01 PM
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(and that is all)
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post Feb 22 2015, 11:04 PM
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I'm a mess but I'm the mess that you wanted.
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Sophie (the BB winner in 2008 I think)
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post Feb 22 2015, 11:53 PM
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I can't help that I need it all...
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BB7 // Nikki Grahame, Lisa Huo, Bonnie Holt
BB8 // Charley Uchea, Sam & Amanda Marchant, Chanelle Hayes
BB9 // Kathreya Kasisopa, Sara Folino, Rachel Rice
BB10 // Sophie Reade, Angel McKenzie, Karly Ashworth
BB11 // Caoimhe Guilfoyle, Shabby Katchadourian, Josie Gibson
BB12 // Alex Lee, Louise Cliffe, Faye Palmer
BB13 // Caroline Wharram, Shievonne Robinson, Scott Mason
BB14 // Jack & Joe Glenny, Sophie Lawrence, Gina Rio
BB15 // Ashleigh Coyle, Chris Wright, Christopher Hall

CBB6 // Mutya Buena, Michelle Heaton, Tina Malone
CBB7 // Lady Sovereign, Nicola Tappenden, Stephanie Beacham
CBB8 // Kerry Katona, Amy Childs, Darryn Lyons
CBB9 // Denise Welch, Natalie Cassidy, Gareth Thomas
CBB10 // Coleen Nolan, Jasmine Lennard, Danica Thrall
CBB11 // Rylan Clark, Clare Richards, Neil 'Razor' Ruddock
CBB12 // Charlotte Crosby, Lauren Harries, Carol McGiffin
CBB13 // Ollie Locke, Sam Faiers, Casey Batchelor
CBB14 // Edele Lynch, Dee Kelly, Angelique 'Frenchy' Morgan
CBB15 // Keith Chegwin, Katie Price, Michelle Visage
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post Feb 23 2015, 12:45 PM
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BuzzJack Platinum Member
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   No Gallery Pics

BB5 - Nadia Almada, Michelle Bass
BB6 - Makosi Musambasi, Kemal Shahin, Kinga Karolczak
BB7 - Aisleyne Hogan-Wallace, Nikki Grahame, Pete Bennett
BB8 - Charley Uchea, Sam & Amanda Marchant
BB9 - Lisa Appleton, Sara Folino
BB10 - Noirin Kelly, Siavash Sabbaghpour, Sophie Reade
BB11 - Corin Forshaw, Rachael White, Caoimhe Guilfoyle
BB12 - Alex Lee, Faye Palmer, Heaven Afrika
BB13 - Deana Uppal, Lauren Carre, Lydia Louisa
BB14 - Gina Rio, Dan Neal, Dexter Koh
BB15 - Toya Washington, Ashleigh Coyle

CBB3 - Brigitte Nielsen, Caprice Bourret, Germaine Greer
CCB4 - Chantelle Houghton, Pete Burns, Jodie Marsh
CCB5 - Shilpa Shetty, Carole Malone
CCB6 - Ulrika Johnson, Mutya Buena
CCB7 - Stephanie Beacham
CCB8 - Kerry Katona
CCB9 - Kristina & Karrisa, Natalie Cassidy, Denise Welsh
CCB10 - Julian Clary, Jasmine Lennard, Danica Thrall
CCB11 - Heidi & Spencer
CCB12 - Lauren Harries, Courtney Stodden
CCB13 - Luisa Zissman, Casey Batchelor, Jasmine Waltz
CCB14 - Frenchy, Leslie Jordan, Stephanie Pratt
CBB15 - Nadia Sawalha, Katie Price, Alicia Douvall
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post Feb 23 2015, 01:31 PM
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BuzzJack Platinum Member
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   No Gallery Pics

Hopefully I have time to complete this by Saturday, but I think my list will look very similar to Davidson's above.
Also, whats with the lack of BB3?! That was one of my favorite seasons! Jade & Kate Top 3 for SURE!
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post Feb 23 2015, 01:49 PM
Post #7
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6: Makosi, Kemal, Science
C4: Chantelle, Maggot, Preston
7: Aisleyne, Nikki, Grace
C5: Jermaine, H, Cleo
8: Samanda, Chanelle, Charley
9: Sara, Dale, Luke
C6: Ulrika, Coolio, La Toya
10: Sophie, Rodrigo, Bea
C7: Dane, Vinnie, Lady Sovereign
11: Josie, Mario, Corin
C8: Kerry, Amy, Tara
12: Alex, Louise, Harry
C9: Denise, Gareth, Kristina and Karissa
13: Deana, Sara, Shievonne
14: Gina, Charlie, Sophie

I don't think I've watched Celebrity Big Brother from series 10 onwards and I didn't watch the last civilian series either.
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post Feb 23 2015, 03:53 PM
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Brown cow, stunning!
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Yes at the Bea love, Theo <3 I know she was an awful person but what a housemate *.*
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post Feb 23 2015, 04:54 PM
Post #9
Paradise With Ice Cream Skies♥
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BB3: Jade, Spencer, Alex
BB4: Anouska, Ray
BB5: Nadia, Emma, Michelle
BB6: Makosi, Derek, Kemal
BB7: Nikki, Aisleyne, Shahbaz
BB8: Charley, Shabnam
BB9: Rebecca, Sylvia
BB10: Sophie
BB11: Sam, Josie
BB12: Jay, Aaron
BB13: Deana, Lydia
BB14: Gina, Dexter, Sallie
BB15: Ashleigh, Winston, Biannca

CBB1: Vanessa
CBB2: Mark, Sue
CBB3: John, Jackie, Kenzie
CBB4: Pete, Dennis, Preston
CBB5: Shilpa
CBB6: Coolio, Michelle
CBB7: Alex, Sisqo
CBB8: Jedward, Kerry
CBB9: Denise, Romeo
CBB10: Julian, Coleen
CBB11: Heidi/Spencer, Rylan, Claire
CBB12: Charlotte, Abz, Mario
CBB13: Luisa, Ollie, Lionel
CBB14: Gary, Frenchy, Leslie
CBB15: Katie H, Michelle, Cami-Li
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post Feb 23 2015, 07:05 PM
Post #10
if you f*** around, boy i'll hunt you down
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BB7: Nikki, Imogen, Aisleyne
BB8: Chanelle, Charley, Ziggy
BB9: Dale, Rebecca, Jennifer
BB10: Noirin, Rodrigo, Sophie
BB11: Sam, John James, Josie
BB12: Louise, Aden, Faye
BB13: Arron, Lydia, Deana
BB14: Sallie, Charlie, Dan
BB15: Helen, Kimberly, Winston

CBB1: Vanessa
CBB2: Mark, Melinda
CBB3: Kenzie, John
CBB4: Chantelle, Pete, Rula
CBB5: Danielle, Jade
CBB6: Tina, Lucy, Michelle
CBB7: Stephanie, Ivana, Lady Sovereign
CBB8: Lucian, Amy, Kerry
CBB9: Frankie, Denise, Natasha
CBB10: Ashley, Danica, Jasmine
CBB11: Heidi & Spencer, Tricia, Lacey
CBB12: Carol, Mario, Sophie
CBB13: Casey, Liz, Jim
CBB14: Stephanie, David, Lauren
CBB15: Katie Hopkins, Patsy, Cami-Li
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post Feb 24 2015, 03:36 AM
Post #11
I'm in a vewy bad mood, Bwadley.
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BB2: Helen, Narinder, Paul
BB3: Kate, Alex, Jade (hurts not to nominate Alison here, she was great but not in long enough)
BB4: Federico, Anouska, Nush
BB5: Nadia, Emma, Michelle
BB6: Makosi, Kinga, Eugene
BB7: Nikki, Pete, Aisleyne
BB8: Samanda, Charley, Chanelle
BB9: Rex, Kathreya, Sara
BB10: Sophie, Hira, Freddie
BB11: Corin, Josie, Rachael
BB12: Alex, Maisy, Rebeckah
BB13: Deana, Lydia, Lauren
BB14: Gina, Sophie, Charlie
BB15: Danielle, Ashleigh, Christopher

CBB3: Jackie, Brigitte, Kenzie
CBB4: Chantelle, George, Pete
CBB5: Shilpa, Cleo, Ian
CBB6: Verne, Ulrika, Ben
CBB7: Jonas, Nicola, Katia
CBB8: Amy, Paddy, Tara
CBB9: Karissa/Kristina, Georgia, Denise
CBB10: The Situation, Rhian, Jasmine
CBB11: Speidi, Paula
CBB12: Charlotte, Lauren, Courtney
CBB13: Liz, Casey, Sam
CBB14: Frenchy, Stephanie, Leslie
CBB15: Katie H, Michelle, Cami
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post Feb 26 2015, 12:22 AM
Post #12
Brown cow, stunning!
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My noms - complete with tl;dr commentary because I have way too much free time.

BB2 - Helen Clark, Narinder Kaur

Helen wub.gif So lovely, ditzy and bubbly. “I like blinking I do” is one of my fave BB quotes! She’s so likeable and just generally a ray of sunshine, her and Paul always seemed a genuine couple too - gutted she lost to the worst winner ever. Narinder was out way too early imo, she was fabulous and I’d have loved to have seen her in a better series.

BB3 - Alison Hammond, Jade Goody, Kate Lawler

Alison’s is one of the worst early evictions ever </3 She was such great fun - when she broke the table for example rotf.gif She’s now one of the most famous BB housemates ever I’d say, but her profile has nothing on Jade Goody’s. Love her or hate her, Jade undeniably the most iconic housemate ever and is synonymous with BB - not least due to the race row in CBB.

BB4 - Anoushka

She seemed like the only lively and really properly interesting one from this series (Lisa “kill you with one finger” Jeynes was a laugh though), so it’s a real shame she was the first one out sad.gif

BB5 - Nadia Almada, Michelle Bass, Emma Greenwood

This is still one of my absolute fave BB series! Nadia was the perfect winner, she had SO many moments and a real “journey” (for want of a better phrase, I hate that word). Michelle was the same, she was a bit bitchy but that provided so many moments! I quite liked her romance with Stu too actually. her and Emma in the bedsit is still probably the best twist of all time. I mean it led to fight night *.* Speaking of, it’s still baffing Emma was ejected for that but I think it got to the point where they just couldn’t have her and Victor both there and they decided that Victor was more worth keeping sad.gif

BB6 - Makosi Musambasi, Kinga Karolcazk, Kemal Shahin

Makosi is still one of the ultimate bitches, this seemed to be where the 3rd placed fab female trend originated kink.gif Her thinking she was pregnant the day after hottubgate <3 Kinga was barely in there for that long but she really made her mark - who doesn’t remember Kinga with that wine bottle? Kemal was a typical bitchy guy, but omg his quotes - "at least someone's getting wet tonight" rotf.gif

BB7 - Nikki Grahame, Aisleyne Horgan-Wallace, Imogen Thomas

This is probably still my favourite series! Nikki and Aisleyne are easily in my all time top 5 housemates, and I’d say Nikki is second only to Jade Goody in terms of being synonymous with BB. WHO IS SHE? WHO IS SHE? WHERE DID YOU FIND HER? Imogen isn’t quite as *.* as the other two, but I found her lovely and very likeable.

BB8 - Samanda, Charley Uchea, Chanelle Hayes

Samanda really should have won, I remember the bookies being certain! drama.gif They really had potential to be annoying but they were so lovable and didn’t have a bad bone in their bodies. Charley is one of the best hate figures BB has ever had, I hated her at the time but since re-watching the series I really appreciate the drama she brought to the show and the amount of moments she had arguing with people *.* I can’t even explain why I loved Chanelle, but I quite liked watching her cry, have tantrums and shout for some reason. Hmm. And she gave us the TUNE I Want It thanks to her music career afterwards *.*

BB9 - Sara Folino, Dale Howard, Lisa Appleton

I STILL THINK SARA WOULD HAVE WON IF SHE DIDN’T GET THAT 50K sad.gif What a queen. She stole the series. Dale was fit as f*** and also very interesting to watch, one of the best male housemates ever! Lisa would have been a contender to win too, I think she might have without Mario? Although tbf she was in there for weeks without him! This was the toughest series to pick just three, as I loved Rachel, Bex and Stephanie too!

BB10 - Karly Ashworth, Sophie Reade, Bea Hammil

Karly is too underrated, I remember how absolutely gutted I was about her eviction sad.gif Her diary room rants were everything omfg wub.gif And her accent <3 Sophie was such a deserving winner for the series though, lovely and hilarious girl. I know Bea was an awful person but oh god she was fantastic to watch wub.gif And I hated Freddie so if she was going to be horrible to anyone it had to be him!

BB11 - Josie Gibson, Corin Forshaw, Rachel Ifon

Brizzle represent <3 Josie was an obvious winner really, and it felt kinda engineered with the massive 5 way vote to evict just before the final… It couldn’t have been more deserved though! Corin would have been a great winner too, both were just a total ray of sunshine. The moment about the woman attacked by a chimp they shared was CLASSIC <3 Rachel is maybe a bit odd for an inclusion, but I loved her - such a bundle of fun <3

BB12 - Rebeckah Vaughan, Alex Lee, Louise Cliffe

This was a pretty shit series, but Rebeckah serving Bea teas ~ I was like the only one who LOVED Rebeckah (omg remember that foot fetish guy, I think it was Aden, who was the nu Craig for her kink.gif) - it was her eviction so early on that put me off. Louise and Alex were both lovely though and the latter was hilarious.

BB13 - Luke Scrase’s arse, Deana Uppal, Lyida Louisa, Caroline Wharram

Deana of course totally made the series, it was so upsetting to see her victimised and it was disgusting how Connor was basically rewarded for his treatment of her… Her being 3rd behind the wotst top 2 ever (except maybe Gary/Audley of CBB14) is just a travesty. Lydia was gone far too soon, she could have been an all time classic if her time was doubled. Caroline is another “horrible person but amazing housemate”, she shouldn’t have been so hilarious but she really was sad.gif

BB14 - Gina Rio, Charlie Travers, Sophie Lawrence

Gina is of course an all time fave, I absolutely loved the journey she went on - from seemingly certain first evictee to fan favourite so quickly <3 So many moments too! When she had to drink that stuff in quarantine, “I nominate Jeremiah”, when she was fake evicted with Dexter, her rivalry with Hazel… Charlie was a simply lovely girl, one of the most relatably flawed and endearing housemates ever <3 Sophie was similar, a bit nasty at times but lovely nonetheless. And a lot of this year’s crop were so objectionable drama.gif

BB15 - Ashleigh Coyle, Christopher Hall, Toya Robinson

Queen Ashleigh <3 Obviously she was the rightful winner, such a smart, devious and fabulous girl! I’d kinda rather she came like 10th, it was painful to see how close she came </3 Christopher was a great finalist too, such a lovely guy and stayed out of most of the drama whilst not being afraid to stand up for himself. Toya’s was one of the worst early evictions ever which you ALL know - I’ll say no more or I’ll go on for about 3 pages drama.gif
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post Feb 26 2015, 12:23 AM
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Brown cow, stunning!
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CBB1 - Vanessa Feltz

Dat meltdown. Still one of the most iconic BB moments, shame she wasn’t more unhinged in UBB laugh.gif

CBB3 - Brigitte Nielsen, Jackie Stallone, Kenzie

YEAH. JACKIE. That moment basically eclipsed the whole series.

CBB4 - Chantelle Houghton, Pete Burns

Chantelle is still one of my faves, and the fact a civilian entered and had to pretend to be a celeb is still one of the best twists! She was pretty much perfect aside from the romance which I could have done without. Pete is obviously iconic for all the wrong and right reasons.

CBB5 - Cleo Roccos, Shilpa Shetty

This series was kinda hard to enjoy because of the race row, so just two again! Cleo was brilliant, I think she’d have done well in another series but obviously this series was so dominated by the race row sad.gif I didn’t like Shilpa being painted as such a victim and winning just for that - she was a strong woman in her own right and stood up for herself instead of just whining or whatever all the time. She did deserve to win after that though for sure!

CBB6 - Lucy Pinder, Ben Adams, LaToya Jackson

Lucy is possibly the most unjust first evictee EVER along with Anoushka BB4 and Stephanie BB8 </3 I adored her and never liked Ulrika so it was gutting it was under these circumstances that she was evicted sad.gif Ben was lovely (and hot asf) and LaToya was wonderfully endearing!

CBB7 - Nicola Tappenden, Alex Reid, Jonas Altberg

Nicola <3 I was so gutted she didn’t make the final sad.gif She was so lovely and likeable, maybe if she was more known she’d have made the final? Alex was a shock for me, he was pretty likeable and a decent winner. Jonas was great too, lost his way a little or I think he’d have won...

CBB8 - Kerry Katona, Amy Childs, Tara Reid

I’ve always had a soft spot for Kerry (got dat Twitter follow last year too, so it intensified x) but she slayed so hard in this <3 When she shouted at Jedward, it made the series tbh. I have never been so angry at a BB result as when Paddy beat her, I was so sure she had it when Jedward were out sad.gif Amy was a qol too, but she lost it a bit towards the end and it was no surprise she came in the bottom few in the finall. Tara was a bit of a mess but so entertaining, would’ve liked her to stay another few days at least.

CBB9 - Karissa & Kristina Shannon, Denise Welch, Nicola McLean

K&K were brilliant and hilarious! They would have been properly annoying to live with but they were amazing to watch. Denise was the right balance of a really nice lady and a fun person as well, she was a worthy winner. Nicola was a bit of a bitch as expected but that made for great viewing! When she shredded the letters from home <3

CBB10 - Cheryl Fergison, Jasmine Lennard, Coleen Nolan

Cheryl being second out is one of THE biggest C5 BB shocks, being so much like what you’d expect Heather Trott to be should have snatched her the win sad.gif Jasmine was trouble as expected but made great viewing with her stirring, Coleen was the other end of the scale being such a lovely woman - she deserved to be the final for sure <3

CBB11 - Rylan Clark, Speidi, Claire Richards

As much as Speidi made the series, Rylan was definitely a hugely deserving winner as he contributed without being horrible or anything. Claire is another “lovely” housemate, she wasn’t the most exciting but I loved her in that room when they played 5678 over and over rotf.gif

CBB12 - Charlotte Crosby, Lauren Harries, Courtney Stodden

Charlotte is another one of the best winners, she might have annoyed some but what a bundle of fun <3 Lauren was total hilarity though, her singing and spilling the orange juice over hersefl rotf.gif I loved her friendship with Courtney too, it’s a shame Courtney decided she wanted to go so much and ruined herself a bit at the end becasue she would have been a potential top 3 female fan favourite tbh.

CBB13 - Luisa Zissman, Liz Jones
CBB14 - Frenchy, Edele Lynch
CBB15 - Michelle Visage, Katie Price, Alicia Douval

A perfect series on paper, ruined by Perez Hilton. Howver, these three were all three housemates I really wanted to see in the house (along with Hopkins who’d be fourth here) and they didn’t disappoint. With more airtime and time away from Hopkins, Michelle might have won but Katie P was a wondeful winner as a lovely person! “Boring old slag” was one of the moments of the series too <3 Alicia was such a gutting early eviction, she was so endearingly fragile and likeable, just a really lovely woman really and I wish she had more time to shine.

oops that they’re nearly all women laugh.gif Got tired of commentary towards the end as you can see! My comments for CBB13/14 are my reality round-up thread anwyay smoke.gif
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post Feb 26 2015, 11:18 PM
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i thought i was flying but maybe im dying tonight
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   No Gallery Pics

BB6: Anthony Hutton, Kinga Karolczak, Makosi Musambasi
BB7: Aisleyne Horgan-Wallace, Grace Adams-Short, Nikki Grahame
BB8: Brian Belo, Nicky Maxwell, Shabnam Paryani
BB9: Kathreya Kasisopa, Rex Newmark, Sara Folino
BB10: Bea Hamill, Noirin Kelly, Sophia Brown (sad.gif)
BB11: Josie Gibson, Ife Kuku, Nathan Dunn
BB12: Aaron Allard-Morgan, Faye Palmer, Mark Henderson
BB13: Becky Hannon, Caroline Wharram, Deana Uppal - the amount of dull/horrible housemates overshadow make me forget that I liked a lot more housemates that I did, I could have easily nominated Scott & Shievonne too
BB14: Gina Rio, Hazel O'Sullivan, Jackie Travers - i keep changing my mind
BB15: Ashleigh Coyle, Matthew Davies, Toya Washington

CBB4: Chantelle Houghton, George Galloway (ONLY for the cat), Pete Burns
CBB5: Cleo Rocos, Jermaine Jackson, Shilpa Shetty
CBB6: Mutya Buena, Terry Christian, Verne Troyer
CBB7: mellow.gif
CBB8: mellow.gif [2]
CBB9: Denise Welch, Nicola McLean
CBB10: Julian Clary, Julie Goodyear
CBB11: Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt, Razor Ruddock, Rylan Clark
CBB12: Charlotte Crosby, Lauren Harries, Vicky Entwistle
CBB13: Jim Davidson, Liz Jones, Luisa Zissman
CBB14: Frenchy, George Gilbey, Leslie Jordan
CBB15: Katie Hopkins, Keith Chegwin, Michelle Visage
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post Feb 26 2015, 11:30 PM
Post #15
it don't mean shit if you ain't happy though
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BB13 - Sam Evans, Gina Rio, Jackie Travers
BB14 - Ashleigh Coyle, Toya Washington, Danielle McMahon

CBB12 - Courtney Stodden, Lauren Harries, Louie Spence
CBB13 - Luisa Zissman, Ollie Locke, Lionel Blair
CBB14 - Edele Lynch, Frenchy, George Gilbey
CBB15 - Katie Hopkins, Michelle Visage, Keith Chegwin
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post Feb 27 2015, 12:39 AM
Post #16
BuzzJack Legend
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   No Gallery Pics

BB3 – Kate, Alison
BB5 – Nadia, Michelle, Dan
BB6 – Makosi, Kemal, Science
BB7 – Aisleyne, Richard, Grace
BB8 – Shabnam
BB9 – Lisa, Sara, Sylvia
BB10 – Noirin, Sophie, Hira
BB11 – Corin, Caoimhe, Shabby
BB12 – Alex, Aaron, Heaven
BB13 – Deana
BB14 – Hazel, Dan, Charlie
BB15 – Ashleigh, Matthew, Toya

CBB3 – Brigitte, Jackie
CBB4 – Chantelle, Maggot
CBB5 – Shilpa
CBB6 – Terry, LaToya, Michelle
CBB7 – Stephanie, Jonas
CBB8 – Sally, Tara, Bobby
CBB9 – Denise
CBB10 – Julian, Coleen, Martin
CBB11 – Rylan
CBB12 – Lauren, Courtney, Abz
CBB13 – Liz, Luisa, Ollie
CBB14 – Edele
CBB15 – Nadia, Keith, Katie P
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post Feb 27 2015, 06:42 AM
Post #17
ya ya ya i am lorde
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Deana (best ever), Ashleigh, Danielle (both of the Helen series), Lydia, Aaron (the one who won), Caoimhe, Josie, Toya, Hazel, Heaven, Angel.
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post Feb 27 2015, 06:44 AM
Post #18
ya ya ya i am lorde
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post Feb 27 2015, 04:33 PM
Post #19
BuzzJack Gold Member
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   No Gallery Pics

BB1 - Anna Nolan
BB2 - Helen Adams, Brian Dowling & Narinder Kaur
BB3 - Kate Lawler, Jade Goody & Allison Hammond
BB4 - Tânia do Nascimento
BB5 - Nadia Almada, Michelle Bass & Emma Greenwood
BB6 - Saskia Howard-Clarke, Makosi Musambasi & Craig Coates
BB7 - Nikki Grahame, Imogen Thomas & Grace Adams-Short
BB8 - Chanelle Hayes & Samanda
BB9 - Stephanie McMichael, Rebecca 'Bex' Shiner & Sara Folino
BB10 - Sophie Reade, Rodrigo Lopes & Charlie Drummond
BB11 - Josie Gibson, Corin Forshaw & Rachael White
BB12 - Alex Lee, Faye Palmer & Jemma Palmer
BB13 - Caroline Wharram & Sara McLean
BB14 - Gina Rio & Sally Axl
BB15 - Ashleigh Coyle & Zoe Birkett

CBB1 - Claire Sweeney
CBB2 - Melinda Messenger
CBB3 - Brigitte Nielsen, Caprice Bourret & Jackie Stallone
CBB4 - Chantelle Houghton, Jodie Marsh
CBB5 - None.
CBB6 - Mutya Buena, Lucy Pinder
CBB7 - Lady Sovereign
CBB8 - Kerry Katona, Amy Childs
CBB9 - Karissa and Kristina Shannon
CBB10 - Cheryl Fergison, Jasmine Lennard & Julie Goodyear
CBB11 - Claire Richards & Rylan Clark
CBB12 - Courtney Stodden, Lauren Harries
CBB13 - Jasmine Waltz, Luisa Zissman
CBB14 - Dee Kelly, Edele Lynch & Leslie Jordan
CBB15 - Cami-Li, Michelle Visage & Katie Hopkins
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post Feb 28 2015, 04:13 PM
Post #20
Brown cow, stunning!
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You have until the end of tomorrow, cheeky bump.
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