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> Re-write Gaga's Discography!, from The Fame to Cheek2Cheek, describe your perfect Gaga singles run
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Hypodermic Sally
post Jun 5 2015, 12:51 AM
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So I can't stop listening to The Fame Monster/Born This Way and thinking about how many single opportunities she's missed! With a back-catalogue better than all of her contemporaries cheer.gif (imo) and close to ending the Cheek to Cheek era, I feel it's only fair we re-write her discography for our own entertainment! I adore Gaga and hope some Buzzjack users do too so we can share our perfect Gaga single runs from each era! w00t.gif heart.gif yahoo.gif

Comment yours below! I know I've changed a few things/dates but here is mine:

oh...and bold represents the last pre-album single/last single before the album is officially released.

The Fame (October 2008)

01. Just Dance (April 2008)
02. Love Game (July 2008)
03. Poker Face (September 2008)
04. Brown Eyes (December 2008)
05. Paparazzi (March 2009)
06. Starstruck ft. Flo Rida (May 2009)
07. Eh Eh (Nothing Else I Can Say) (July 2009)

Launching Gaga into the pop-sphere with Just Dance is the smartest made she (or her have made) building hype, which I've copied with a release of Love Game and then finally the pinnacle of all the fame tracks: Poker Face unleashed just before the album's release in order to ensure maximum hype and album sales success! By the end of 08/beginning of 09 I'd have released Brown Eyes (which I know isn't highly admired but I do find it admiring) to show Gaga's softer side which would hush any "GAGA IS FAKE" and "GAGA CAN'T REALLY SING" rumours, also giving her a chance to showcase her live piano skills, which I feel are a key to her as an artist. Followed by a release of Paparazzi in the Easter with later releases of Starstruck (which friends to this day tell me they love and can't believe themselves that it wasn't released as a single) and then finally Eh Eh in the summer to finish The Fame Era off in a light and summery way! I feel these tracks are the album's most diverse and powerful songs and would have catapulted Gaga into further overnight debut success if she were to follow this order.

The Fame Monster

08. Bad Romance (November 2009)
09. Telephone ft. Beyoncé (February 2010)
10. Alejandro (April 2010)
11. Speechless (June 2010)
12. Monster (August 2010)
13. Dance In The Dark (August 2010)

A slight wait from the Fame Era to the Fame Monster with Bad Romance released in late 2009, maintaining her global imperial presence and showcasing her biggest song yet! Building the hype further! Then a pre-release of Telephone ft. Beyoncé before the Re-Release/Fame Monster is officially released. I feel these two mega hits would drive the album into huge sales only adding to the hits already on the CD (Just Dance, Poker Face, Brown Eyes, Paparazzi, Starstruck). As the hype for Telephone is beginning to fade, an announcement of Alejandro would be released in Easter with a video to follow several weeks later causing moderate controversy and therefore further media buzz! (similar to the Judas video release escapade). Speechless, much like Brown Eyes would then emphasize Gaga's softer side, showing her love for her family and reminding the world she's a normal person with emotions despite her world domination within the last 2 years. A double release of Monster and Dance In The Dark would then be released in late summer, with corresponding videos showing each of the fears represented in the songs, which I feel connect quite authentically, whilst Gaga continues touring with the Monster Ball. The darker side shown from these singles would express Gaga's diversity in tone as an artist from the bubble-gum fame songs to the dark gothic club-songs of Dance In The Dark and Alejandro especially. Basically she would be at the peak of her fame (lol) here so why not milk it for all that she can!

Born This Way

14. Marry The Night (January 2011)
15. Born This Way (March 2011)
16. Edge of Glory (June 2011)
17. Hair (September 2011)
18. You and I (November 2011)
19. Scheiße ft. Nicki Minaj (February 2012)
20. Judas (April 2012)
21. Heavy Metal Lover (July 2012)

Leaving Gaga's hype to die down slightly from the last era, it would pick up again with a VMA announcement of Marry The Night as the next single and the album's title revealed. I think Marry The Night is the last thing people would expect from Gaga, despite having the same producer as Dance in The Dark. It's euphoric and undeniably the most haunting and mesmerizing song of not only this album, but her whole career so far in my opinion! Released it January, I feel it would of worked better than Born This Way as the lead and showed people pleasantly that she can carry a heavy vocal. As Easter approaches, Gaga would use to this her advantage to release Born This Way (the single) to create biblical references of re-birth and the debate of sexuality and religion, which the song vocalizes. As the summer approaches, the Edge of Glory would be released with the original Joesph Kahn directed video of Gaga as a mermaid! This would be a summer anthem and the biggest commercial hit of the campaign worldwide, which would drive the album sales into overdrive as the album would be released a week/fortnight later. Post album singles include Hair which continues the theme of self-love already encrypted with Born This Way and an Autumn/Winter release of You and I to align alongside Thanksgiving and Christmas which would be quite touching as they're quite personal times, much like the song. For the sixth single I feel Gaga could slightly re-invent the era (pretending her hip injury never happened) and release Scheiße ft. Nicki Minaj on News Year Day with a release in early February and a military-feminism empowered video to latch onto the idea of feminism in not only pop culture, but mainstream media and everyday life for females globally, whilst the Minaj feature would bring an unexpected but delightfully adrenaline-pumping surprise. Judas (with the same video, of course) would follow up the era as it COULD NOT just be an album track whilst Heavy Metal Lover would finish the era much like Eh Eh, a minor hit with nice visuals and a relaxing song which reflects the era as a whole. Despite the overload of 8 singles, I believe if directed right, this could of worked to Gaga's advantage as she was the biggest star from 2008-2011 and this could of ensured Artpop's success or at least helped it more. This to me would be an artist masterpiece visually and sonically and perhaps lay the foundations for Gaga being viewed as an artist who seriously orientates music with classic art, therefore making Artpop less odd to take.


22. Applause (August 2013)
23. Do What You Want ft. R.Kelly (November 2013)
24. Gypsy (January 2014)
25. Sexxx Dreams (April 2014)
26. MANiCURE (July 2014)

Oh god the artpop era where to start... sad.gif well first off I do believe Applause was the biggest and best choice for a comeback single and whilst it was never going to be a Bad Romance or Poker Face, it did scream classic Gaga and perhaps with a more planned video and no leak, Applause could have achieved further potential. Especially if Gaga's original VMA performance plan went ahead, which seemed the most interesting plan cancelled I've ever read. As Applause begins to die down quietly, Do What You Want would be released with an accompanying video of Gaga attacking how the media presents her with various AMA-styled performance to correlate the song's lifespan! A cleaner and less sex-orientated video would have perhaps been more surprising as less is more. The album would be released a week later and Gypsy would be soon announced as the third single and first post-artpop album release alongside the announcement of the Artrave: Artpop Ball tour which would promote not only the song and album but vise versa too as Gypsy begins to thrive and become the Edge of Glory 2.0 mega chart hit we all knew it was meant to be! Gypsy would be the peak of the era with a video of Gaga in dreads in the back of a hippy van! It would be so refreshing! As much as I love G.U.Y, fans are right when they say it shows nothing Gaga hasn't done before and this is true therefore Sexxx Dreams (Gaga's most blatantly obvious sexual song would be released) with a Steven Klein directed video, which would also promote Eau De Gaga! Whilst MANiCURE (Adele's fave) would finalise the Artpop era and begin the C2C Era. I can just imagine the video of Gaga getting ready in the ITunes Brunette MANiCURE wig and wearing a tacky pink dress and fishnet tights. I know it wouldn't be on the same levels as the previous eras, but it's making the best of a kind of bad situation. In addition if I could I'd add Partynauseous, Princess Die, Brooklyn Nights and the Burqa (Demo) to the Artpop track list and remove Jewels and Drugs, Swine, Aura and Donatella and edit some of the other songs slightly (Sexxx Dreams, Artpop, Fashion!).

Cheek To Cheek (September 2014)

27. Anything Goes (July 2014)
28. Cheek To Cheek (September 2014)
29. I Can't Give You Anything But Love (December 2014)
30. It Don't Mean A Thing (February 2015)

As Manicure finishes the Artpop Era, C2C would finish up back where MANiCURE left off, showing a richer and more classic side to Gaga. I feel these are the best tracks from Cheek To Cheek and although it is undoubtedly the least favourite Gaga album by the fanbase on a whole, I do believe these singles showcase her richest vocals yet, showcasing a diverse and different side to Gaga's already overwhelming catalogue of talent. Although they'd never reach commercial radio or have top 40 (or even top 100) impact anywhere, they are all beautiful renditions on their own, signifying both Gaga and Tony's vocals which compliment one another through softing harmonies and monumental crescendos.

...I know it's slightly unrealistic but it's always nice to imagine!

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post Jun 5 2015, 08:22 AM
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Gaga ft. Minaj on Scheibe, now that would be interesting rotf.gif
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post Jun 5 2015, 09:58 PM
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The Fame Era

Just Dance (April 2008)
Poker Face (September 2008)
Eh, Eh (Nothing Else I Can Say) (Jan 2009) (European Release)
Paparazzi (March 2009)
Love Game (June 2009)
Boys Boys Boys (Aug 2009)

Okay there's not much I would change about this era, only "Paparazzi" being released worldwide before "Love Game", instead of it just being the UK, plus keep "Eh, Eh (Nothing Else I Can Say)" kept that as a European release, and for the final release I thought it would have been nice that "Boys Boys Boys" could have been the final and proper worldwide release from an already strong era.

The Fame Monster Era

Bad Romance (October 2009)
Telephone (January 2010)
Alejandro (April 2010)
Dance In The Dark (July 2010)

Again not much to change, even though I'm not that keen on "Alejandro", I do think that it was the right choice for a release, and then maybe could have followed that with a proper release of "Dance In The Dark" as the 4th and final single and made that era end with a bang and another massive hit.

Born This Way era

Born This Way (February 2011)
Marry The Night (April 2011)
The Edge Of Glory (May 2011)
Judas (August 2011)
You And I (September 2011) (USA Release)
ScheiBe (November 2011)
Hair (January 2012)

Right then firstly "BTW" was spot on as the first single, okay it wasn't to everyone's taste, but it was a massive success all the way and then for the follow up "Marry The Night" would have done a hell a lot better than being pushed to 5th, if released 2nd it would have generated interest a lot more and then having "The Edge Of Glory" in the charts at the same time would have been amazing and got everybody excited. "Judas" as the 4th release especially with that music video could have kept the interest running longer and then "You And I" just for the American market because it did well over there. For the 5th release "ScheiBe" with a performance on X-Factor would have definitely got people talking and plus showed a different side to the album and if that worked then maybe, just maybe push another single for early 2012 and that would be fan favourite "Hair" which charted well on downloads anyway, and plus with a music video and with a proper push, it could have done well.

Artpop era

Applause (August 2013)
Do What U Want (November 2013)
Gypsy (February 2014)
Sexxx Dreams (May 2014)
Dope/Manicure (August 2014)

Firstly yes keep "Applause" as the lead single, I was actually torn between this and "Artpop", but stuck with this and then "Do What You Want" was spot on, only film a less controversial music video, so it would get aired and help it perform better than it did on the charts. "Gypsy" was the better choice as single #3, only release it earlier so the hype wouldn't have waned like when "GUY" got released and did nothing. Then "Sexxx Dreams" as the 4th single, but record a radio friendly version for the mainstream and that could have generated more interest and then for the final release either "Dope" or "Manicure", maybe both as a double a-side maybe, would have been a better fitted ending to this era.
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