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> Big Brother 2015 Overall Ranking
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Rob S
post Jul 16 2015, 10:25 PM
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BuzzJack Legend
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Official ranking,

1. Jade
2. Chloe
3. Joel
4. Adjoa
5. Sarah
6. Nick
7. Cristian
8. Marc
9. Eileen
10. Harry
11. Danny
12. Sam
13. Simon
14. Aaron
15. Kieran
16. Amy and Sally
17. Harriet
18. Jack

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post Jul 16 2015, 10:30 PM
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I'm a mess but I'm the mess that you wanted.
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1. Sarah wub.gif
2. Jade wub.gif
3. Eileen
4. Adjoa
5. Amy And Sally
6. Sam
7. Chloe
8. Joel
9. Harry
10. Marc
11. Harriet
12. Kieran
13. Nick
14. Aaron
15. Danny
16. Cristian
17. Simon
18. Jack

That bottom 4 is horrid. Love the top 5 here *.*
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post Jul 16 2015, 10:31 PM
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Brown cow, stunning!
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Series ranking:

01 Sam (f*** it, she wasn't the most interesting but she made me laugh and it was so refreshing to see someone so sunny and positive - even after being shafted by that awful twist. HASHTAG LOVIN LIFE WAHAAAYYYY)

02 Jade (she really should have done an Ashleigh, what brought her down is her last week with Brian a bit and also her behaviour towards Harry since Harry's been out...)

03 Harry Amelia (she was so complex and intruiging to watch imo, she did have tantrums and acted a bit spoiled but she spoke her mind and I loved that she had a balance of good and bad points to like and dislike, she was a great housemate!)

04 Chloe (she wasn't the most exciting ever but she was a lovely girl and it always warms my heart to see people who appreciate a win like that and she did stick up for herself and I found her good to watch)

05 Adjoa (she sadly wasn't in there long enough, looking back she was maybe a bit one note but at the time she gave me so much life <3)

06 Eileen (again, not given long enough and sadly at times not shown enough while she WAS there, she provided absolute hilarity at times though - that bath task especially <3 She was such a unique character for BB who should have been given a chance, that bloody head to head eviction sad.gif)

07 Joel (again, largely decent guy, he was kinda arrogant and annoyed me at times but overall he did bring a lot to the hosue, subtly at times, and earned his place in the final)

08 Sarah (I was never QUITE sure with Sarah, I think she was a headstrong woman but didnt show enough of that - or maybe yet again didn't have the opportunity! She's the sort who could have brought real drama without things being stirred up)

09 Amy & Sally (it's a shame they came into their own so late into their stay, they kind of morphed into less cunty Sallie Axls which was very entertaining at times and like Sarah they had a lot to give that could have made things interesting naturally)

10 Harriet (she was loud and gobby but I still quite liked her, although that trailed off towards the end a bit. See the above comments really)

11 Nick (dull as f*** but the least offensive of the guys who weren't Joel laugh.gif)

12 Cristian (dull and when he DID have a personality it was pretty awful, but at least he was fairly pretty and mostly inoffensive in not showing his personality)

13 Kieran (HIS VOICE :/ He was dull for his entire short stay too so meh)

14 Aaron (he was very irritating and needy, he was relentless towards Joel at times and towards other things, he's the sort of person I just couldn't live with and he wasn't that good to watch either)

15 Marc (I didn't find that funny very often... But I can appreciate what he gave the series after BB insisted on ousting so many of the good housemates.)

16 Danny (fake as f***, sounded a horrible person from rumours on the outside and I hated his hypocrisy, always getting involved in arguments but saying to others that they shouldn't' for example)

17 Simon (insufferable. He gave the house nothing at all, except screaming and crying and THE most irritating catchphrase in BB history)

18 Jack (comfortably one of my worst housemates of all time. There was nothing about him I liked, he was boring when he was "normal" and then he was voted the early winner and became a horribe, self entitled miserable brat. He thought he was above the whole game and invincible from nomination even after his passes ran out. He'd probably have gone in 4 in 4 out if not in the Joel/Eileen eviction so it's very annoying immunity passes kinda helped ruin a second series in a row...)
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post Jul 16 2015, 10:33 PM
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BuzzJack Enthusiast
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Um, Richard? laugh.gif You also forgot Eileen.

1) Sam
2) Jade
3) Marc
4) Sarah
5) Adjoa
6) Harry
7) Chloe
8) Eileen
9) Nick
10) Kieran
11) Amy and Sally
12) Jack
13) Harriet
14) Simon
15) Cristian
16) Danny
17) Joel
18) Aaron

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post Jul 16 2015, 10:41 PM
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Henrietta R Hippo
Group: AF Leader
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01. Nick
02. Eileen
03. Joel
04. Simon
05. Jade
06. Sam
07. Kieran
08. Harry
09. Chloe
10. Cristian
11. Amy and Sally
12. Adjoa
13. Sarah
14. Danny
15. Harriet
16. Jack
17. Marc
18. Aaron
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post Jul 16 2015, 10:41 PM
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BuzzJack Legend
Group: Moderator
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01 Jade
02 Eileen
03 Sarah
04 Chloe
05 Harry Amelia
06 Sam
07 Aaron
08 Joel
09 Amy & Sally
10 Adjoa
11 Harriet
12 Kieran
13 Nick
14 Danny
15 Christian
16 Jack
17 Simon
18 Marc

A decent cast, but of course the public let the shit ones stay in.

Remember the time Sarah was nearly fave to win before that terrible twist?!
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post Jul 16 2015, 10:42 PM
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i thought i was flying but maybe im dying tonight
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01. Jade
02. Eileen
03. Nick
04. Harriet
05. Kieran
06. Sam
07. Joel
08. Chloe
09. Harry

10. Marc
11. Sarah
12. Adjoa
13. Cristian
14. Amy and Sally
15. Danny
16. Aaron
17. Jack
18. Simon
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post Jul 16 2015, 10:44 PM
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it don't mean shit if you ain't happy though
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1. Nick
2. Showbiz
3. Jade
4. Eileen
5. Joel
6. Sam
7. Chloe
8. Adjoa
9. Kieran
10. Amy & Sally
11. Cristian
12. Sarah
13. Danny
14. Harriet
15. Harry Amelia
16. Jack
17. Aaron
18. Marc
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post Jul 21 2015, 01:10 PM
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Paradise With Ice Cream Skies♥
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1. Marc
2. Jade
3. Joel
4. Adjoa
5. Sam
6. Jack
7. Harriet
8. Sarah
9. Eileen
10. Simon
11. Nick
12. Harry
13. Amy & Sally
14. Cristian
15. Chloe
16. Kieran
17. Danny
18. Aaron
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Kuki Sanban
post Jul 21 2015, 05:56 PM
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BuzzJack Platinum Member
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1. Sarah
2. Jade
3. Harry
4. Aaron
5. Danny
6. Nick
7. Eileen
8. Chloe
9. Adjoa

10. Joel
11. Kieran
12. Amy & Sally
13. Harriet
14. Cristian
15. Marc
16. Sam
17. Jack
18. Simon
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