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> Your 1D History, this is not the end, this is not the end
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post Dec 15 2015, 10:07 PM
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it don't mean shit if you ain't happy though
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So we're into the 1D break now, and whilst it's not the end for the group and they *will* be reforming at some point in the future, this is a good time to reflect on our memories of the group! How did you get into 1D? Were you always a fan? Who is your favourite member and has that always been the case? What is the first 1D song you heard? Been to any 1D gigs? etc.

I've been a fan of 1D from the start, ever since they were formed on X Factor. I remember Liam, Harry and Niall's auditions on X Factor/Xtra Factor really clearly and their first performance of Torn was great, so strange to think how far they've come since then. They were my third faves in X Factor that series, behind Treyc Cohen and Rebecca Ferguson. When What Makes You Beautiful premiered, I was HOOKED, it defined my summer of 2011 for sure. I first heard it when on holiday in Devon. I remember going to buy the Harry slipcase of Up All Night after school on the day it was out too, same day as The Saturdays released On Your Radar, and I was contemplating which one to hear first laugh.gif Harry's always been my favourite, right from day 1. Not just on looks, but I think he has the best voice and the warmest personality too. Sounds kinda odd and soppy maybe but I see him as my idol.

Take Me Home was even better than Up All Night for me and I was obsessed with the latter! I wanted to get tickets to the tour of that but I couldn't afford it at the time sad.gif Midnight Memories didn't hit the spot quite as much but I do still like it. I had lower expectations for FOUR as a result but that surprised me and became their best album wub.gif I got tickets for the On the Road Again 2015 Tour and that's the only time I've seen them, and what a night it was wub.gif Made in the A.M. is a step down but a good listen and I'm glad we got a 4-piece album. I think I prefer the dynamics without Zayn actually (no shade).

Overall, they've pretty much defined my teenage years, forming when I was 13 and going on this break now I'm 18. My 2nd fave music act ever wub.gif *soppy post over*
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post Dec 15 2015, 10:43 PM
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There you go, you're like fireworks...
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I've also loved One Direction, since day 1 and also remember them on X Factor, watching their solo auditions, especially Niall's which was so cute. I knew that even though they only finished 3rd on X Factor that year, that they were gonna be bigger stars than Matt Cardle and Rebecca Ferguson (and I was right).

I fell in love with "What Makes You Beautiful" instantly and knew it would smash everywhere, and their first album was very decent (although follow up albums would be tons better). Although weren't keen on "Gotta Be You" thought that was very weak and they should have went with "Another World" or "Taken" as the 2nd single, but "One Thing" brought their brilliance back.

Then "Take Me Home" came out, another solid great album with perfect single choices (Live While We're Young, Little Things & Kiss You(). Other highlights were "Heart Attack", "Rock Me", "C'mon, C'mon" & "They Don't Know About Us". Even they're cover of "One Way Or Another" was harmless enough, but nowhere near one of their best.

Then with their 3rd album they hit their peak, firstly with "Best Song Ever", then "Story Of My Life", this was where they were at their biggest and best. The "Midnight Memories" album was definitely their best up to this point with tracks such as "Diana", "You And I", "Don't Forget Where We Belong", "Strong" and "Little Black Dress". Just an amazing pop album and showed that the boys were just getting better and better with their music.

Their 4th album "Four" was in my opinion their best album and also underrated, okay I wasn't that keen on lead single "Steal My Girl", but follow up single "Night Changes" was just amazing with bang on vocals from each of the boys. "Where Do Broken Hearts Go" was perhaps their greatest non single ever, (WHY wasn't this released), but with Zayn leaving this did put this era on hold. There were so many incredible album tracks here "Ready To Run", "No Control", "Girl Almighty", "Fireproof" and "Stockholm Syndrome".

Haven't heard their latest album yet, but judging by the singles "Drag Me Down", "Perfect" & "History" and even "Infinity", the album will surely be great.

So in all Niall of course is my favourite member and hope that they will come back and not split up for good.

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Jimmy Jam
post Dec 15 2015, 11:07 PM
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tempted by kings with the finest of things
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So I also loved my boys from the very beginning. But I think I remember being taken with Belle Amie's judges houses performance, and thinking they would be the group that lasted the longest, then the first set of live shows kicked in, and I was like, loooool you know nothing you fool, these boys have something special. Then towards the end of the series, I started to hate them, not because they weren't amazing, i went into 1D denial, simply because I was, and still am a HUGE Rebecca fan, and I saw them as serious competition, and I was like: these 5 have to go. I've had it. Then when they finished 3rd, and rebecca 2nd, I got over myself (I was a teenager don't drag me for my old pathetic vendettas) I was instantly drawn to Harry and Liam, closeted me fancied the pants off both of them, and I loved both of their auditions, Liam's still gives me goosebumps tbh (I actually remember being livid he didn't get through as a soloist. thank god simon knew what he was doing laugh.gif)

Post X-Factor WMYB instantly pulled me further into unhealthy obsession laugh.gif it was boy band magic, I had never experienced in my lifetime, so I was so taken with it. Gotta Be You was kind of a rough spot, and in a way summed up a disappointing first album for me, some amazing highlights, but largely a but bland, and unoriginal. But it was their first try out so, as much as I can take or leave it, it was a decent attempt; and it gave me One Thing, which will be forever be one of my favourite songs by a male only artist.

Take Me Home remains my favourite album they've done, I doubt they'll ever top it, because in my opinion it is complete flawless perfection. LWWY isn't my favourite, but perfectly good, and enjoyable. Little Things, is one of my least favourite songs of theirs, mainly because it sounds very Ed Sheerany (obviously) and as much as he's a cool guy, his style isn't my cup'a'soup. BUTTT Kiss You...Slays me to the high heavens, literally brings a smile to my face and brings me so much joy, no matter how hard life gets sometimes. And other jams like: Heart Attack, C'mon C'mon, Nobody Compares, They Don't Know About Us, et al. Just complete perfection.

Midnight Memories and Four were both amazing, and faultless albums really. All the tracks were a bit different, and had some absolute classic 1D anthems, but didn't live up to TMH for me.

This latest one, is probably my least favourite other than UAN, just because i think a lot of the tracks blend into each other, but solid non the less, and still really enjoyable. What A Feeling, Perfect, and Drag Me Down particular highlights.

Tbh they've just kept me entertained, and I've fell in love with them over the years, and my life is going to feel a little emptier especially now the sats are doing whatever the hell they're doing as well. They've made my christmases with new albums, they've made me get in crazy arguments with people defending their honour, and seeing the Where We Are tour will forever be one of the best days of my life thus far. Come back to me soon boys sob.gif
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post Dec 16 2015, 12:32 PM
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BuzzJack Gold Member
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I absolutely loved Liam and Harry,s X Factor auditions and rooted for them to go to the live shows, i was gutted they didn't go through at bootcamp but was happy they joined a boyband. Torn was absolutely amazing and Harry was my favorite back then.

I rooted for them during the live shows and kept following them after the X Factor. My favorite was then Louis which ended my straight boy era tongue.gif (Jay knows). Got to meet a lot new people during the Up All Night era even my ex boyfriend who got me stanning for Niall.

I went to the Take Me Home tour,Where We Are Tour and On The Road Again Tour for me all 3 were quite amazing experiences except for the gig in my home country where fans were too hysterical and even hurt Niall during the concert, not a good experience.

I think Jay pointed me to this forum and i'm glad i did sign up cause people here are way more grown up and realistic than the fan girls on twitter.

The several scandals the last year has put me off a little bit during the Four era, but when Zayn left it gave me new love to the band.

Absolutely loved the last era and while i'm gutted they are going on a hiatus i really think they deserve a good rest after 5 years of hard work.
One Direction filled for me the gap the Spice Girls left after the end of their reunion tour and while i was older now they pretty much had the same impact on me the girls had too.

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post Dec 18 2015, 04:21 PM
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I was born 7 million years ago in Sweden, Africa
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They were the act you liked but didn't want to admit publicly whilst they were on the show, so I was quite excited for their first single and it certainly didn't disappoint! 'What Makes You Beautiful' still remains one of the greatest pop debuts of all time. Of course they had to even it out by releasing the garbage that was 'Gotta Be You', but on the whole the debut album was an enjoyable pop experience.

They perfected their pop sound with 'Take Me Home'. I mean, 'Rock Me', 'I Would', 'Kiss You', 'C'mon C'mon' and the ever gorgeous 'They Don't Know About Us' cemented them as a pop act to be reckoned with. It was around this time I started to totally fangirl over Zayn. I mean. His voice, his looks, his hair, his JAWLINE *.* ***Flawless. 'Midnight Memories' marked the era I started to stan for the group a little bit more. I was a bit skeptical of the slighter rockier sound they were going for, but the big pop choruses, hooks and melodies were still there.

'FOUR' was the perfect era for me. I was at full stanning mode and the music had the perfect balance between their classic pop and their more maturer sound. The little community on here was also the best it's ever been for me, I have fond memories of the Stockholm Syndrome arguments and the boot & immunes! Well they were intense.

Of course, being such a huge Zayn fan I was devastated at the time of his depature. And my love for the band took a real knock and to be honest, it's never come back. The last album was their weakest effort by far and I know you're all going to call radical Zayn troll!!1 But the sound change just tipped over the edge of the pop cliff, into the indie rock abyss below. 'What A Feeling' and 'Perfect' aside which are triumphs. I know I troll a little bit (with Joseph especially) about them now but I do wish them the best and their continued success is still amazing. As a Girls Aloud fan I am VERY skeptical about this 'break' and whether they'll be back anytime soon. But I shall be patiently waiting for the Zayn solo debut anyway *.*
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