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> How did you discover each of your entries?
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post Jan 8 2016, 03:49 PM
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the elusive Q.
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I'm not sure if this has been done before and I tried looking for a topic of this nature, but couldn't find one so thought I'd create one. I sometimes find myself asking people how they found a particular entry. So please tell me magic.gif

Here are the ones from me. Let's all reminisce about Deandria biggrin.gif

BJSC 11: Ladytron - Destroy Everything You Touch

My sister and I like many of the same things musically which is a nice thing to share with a sibling. I have discovered a ton of music thanks to her and vice versa. This was one of them. I can't remember exactly (some of these might be a bit vague as I might not be able to remember properly) but I believe it was when she brought over her old computer for me to use because she wanted to get a laptop and didn't see a need for a home computer anymore, so brought it to me. She had left all her music in the computer when she brought it to me so I had a lot of fun discovering music from it. Ladytron was one of the artists in it and this song was one of them. I just really liked it at the time so decided I wanted it to be my debut entry for BJSC. It is still my best result in the main contest where it came fourth (I came second in the Halloween spin-off).

BJSC 12: Massive Attack - Unfinished Sympathy

This was through my sister also. Pretty much the same deal - I was listening to the music on my sister's old computer and fell in LOVE with this song, and eventually, the group.

BJSC 13: Hooverphonic - Mad About You

This was through my sister as well tongue.gif I can't remember what the story with this one was exactly, I know it was through her but how exactly, I'm not sure. I think she may have brought over some of her CD's when she was visiting me and I listened. Or possibly the old computer deal again...

BJSC 14: Alanis Morissette - Straitjacket

Well I've known and liked Alanis since I was a kid and heard 'Hands Clean' on the radio. Downloaded the album this is on probably as soon as it came out. It's not one of my favourite songs by her but I wanted to enter it because at the time I thought it would appeal a lot more than some of my previous entries. I was wrong.

BJSC 15: Au Revoir Simone - Dark Halls

This was a YouTube discovery. I have no idea how exactly as it was just a random moment years ago, but I think I was just browsing through related videos on YouTube or whatever, this came up and I liked it. I remember someone saying at the time that it was a huge shock it didn't qualify.

BJSC 16: Halou - Political

This was when I had my massive trip-hop period. Halou are often labelled 'trip-hop', I wouldn't call this particular song trip-hop, though. However, it's absolutely stunning. I found Halou on a trip-hop site that listed a huge amount of trip-hop artists and I listened to so many of them, including Halou, who became one of my favourite discoveries from that site. I remember listening to them daily for weeks.

BJSC 17: Regina Spektor - Samson

lol, I remember seeing on a social media site I no longer use, my cousin telling her sister (also my cousin) to listen to Regina Spektor. I was intrigued as they both have music tastes that I somewhat relate to, so decided to give her a try as well. I immediately liked her and this was one of my favourites.

BJSC 18: Röyksopp - This Must Be It

I saw the video for 'Sparks' on a music show, was very intrigued and fell in love with the song. I listened to some of their other songs and didn't really like them at first, but eventually became a big fan. This particular song happened to be on their new album at the time, that my mum and sister gave me for Christmas. I remember seeing it for the first time and making a little gasp kink.gif laugh.gif

BJSC 20: Pogo - Expialidocious

Another YouTube discovery. Again, I can't recall how exactly I found it on YouTube, but it might've been just looking at random songs again.

BJSC 21: Elegeion - Scars

YouTube again! And sorry, but it's hard to remember how exactly I find songs on YouTube sometimes, especially if it was a long time ago. I just know it was YouTube.

BJSC 22: The Big Pink - Dominos

This was on an ad on TV! I always liked when that ad came on because I really liked hearing the clip of this song. So I googled parts of the lyrics, leading me to find out the name of the song and the artist, and ended up sending it to BJSC!

***long break from the contest***

BJSC 46: Emilia - Teardrops

I knew and liked Emilia as a kid, but didn't know this song until later. Found it on YouTube somehow...

BJSC 47: Kate Havnevik - Unlike Me

I found Kate Havnevik online somehow, I'm trying to remember how exactly. I think it may have been through Wikipedia actually. I think I might've been reading up on trip-hop artists I hadn't heard of before. This particular song isn't trip-hop though tongue.gif I had a still from the music video of this song in my signature for a while (her in water).

BJSC 48: Stars - Counting Stars on the Ceiling

This was on the old home computer my sister brought me that I was telling you about earlier. A lot of songs by Stars were on it and this one in particular was always one of my favourites by them.

BJSC 50: Télépopmusik - Breathe

I believe I checked out this artist and song because they often came up in lists of good trip-hop albums etc. (always with the trip-hop at that time!) I think it was in an ad as well for a bit.

BJSC 55: Anneli Drecker - You Don't Have to Change

Anneli sings with Röyksopp sometimes, who have been one of my favourites for a good while now. I was always in love with her voice so decided to listen to some of her solo stuff. Came last in the semi with this drama.gif

***long break from the contest***

BJSC 77: Sutrastore - Zero Point

This came up in some trip-hop artists' similar artists list on It had been a while since I had discovered an artist of this kind I loved, so randomly decided to check out this Sutrastore. Fell in love with the album (with an awful album cover). Sent this song on somewhat of a whim and came last in the semi for the second time consecutively drama.gif However, it managed not to get zero points!

BJSC 78: LOLAWOLF - Calm Down

This is still my favourite entry of mine! I just love it so much! This was around the time I was starting to really get into Spotify. I wanted to send an alternative r&b song because I was really getting into it at the time, and I believe I was looking at artists that were tagged as that on, then listened to a few of them on Spotify to see if I would like them. This song stood out immediately. I was also considering a different song by them for a bit, which I've played on Dubtrack a couple of times.

BJSC 79: Daya - Sit Still, Look Pretty

This was a Spotify discovery. I think Daya came up in my recommendations of new releases. I was considering another song by her as well, a ballad. Cameron had this as one of his potentials as well but seemed enthusiastic for me to send it when I played it on plug kink.gif

BJSC 80: Ms. Henrik - Slow Dancing

Now this I believe I found because I was obsessed with Quintessa's entry 'Resonate' by Avec Sans. I was listening to that song on YouTube, found some other songs by them, including their cover of Kate Bush's 'Running Up That Hill', then went through random related videos, as you do, this came up and I was like woah omg, BJSC!!1

BJSC 81: who knows? kink.gif

Spin-off time!

UK #10s: R.E.M. - At My Most Beautiful

My Dad gave me his old R.E.M. CD's, this was one of the songs on one of them.

Worldvision: Beangrowers - Not in a Million Lovers

Now I can't remember exactly how I found it, but I was randomly assigned Malta in the Worldvision spin-off (which I absolutely loved!), so I went looking for songs from Malta on, YouTube, Soundcloud and probably more sites. I think Beangrowers may have come up on under either the "malta" or "maltese" tag, I checked them out on YouTube and decided to send this song. I was also considering a dance-pop song which might've done a little better. I liked this one more though.

UK Near-misses: Skin Up - Ivory

I was getting into 90's rave music at the time of this contest. I loathe myself for not remembering exactly, but it's one of two possibilities - either I was on that chart site looking at songs that were "near-misses", or I was listening to a 90's rave playlist on YouTube, liked this song, checked out its chart position and it happened to be eligible for the contest. I'm not sure which. I think it was the latter, if so - lucky coincidence ohmy.gif

Halloween 2015: The Cranberries - Zombie

My Dad sent me a couple of Cranberries CD's once. I liked them instantly.

Christmas 2015: Vanessa Carlton - Hear the Bells

I've always been in love with her song 'A Thousand Miles', and decided once to start checking out all her other work (so glad I did!). Eventually I downloaded all her albums from iTunes. The album this is on became one of my favourite albums.

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post Jan 8 2016, 05:06 PM
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Hannah Grace - Meant To Be Kind
I read about her when Gabrielle Aplin announced that she had signed Hannah to her record label. It was the same week 'Broke' was the free track of the week on iTunes. I bought the Meant To Be Kind - EP and then saw that she had released a music video for the title track. I fell in love as it is the type of music I love so I thought it would be a great entry.

Kitten - Like A Stranger
I remember Lindsey said they had followed her on Twitter and to be fair I had nothing else to enter so Like A Stranger was my favourite, so I entered it.

Beth Sherburn (ft. Little Wayne) - Joker
I saw Beth live when she supported The Saturdays on tour and I also met her during the interval. She was really lovely and said she hoped that more people would become aware of Joker because she really wanted to be successful. So I entered it.

Elina Born - Enough
DNQ | 27th
I was on youtube and randomly found her cover of a Xtina track and loved her voice so I went to see if she had any songs. I then discovered Enough, Miss Calculation and Mystery. Enough was an instant hit. It is actually my favourite ever entry. It is the song that made me stan for her!

Regina Spektor - Blue Lips
In 6th year Advanced Higher Drama a girl in my class used this song for one of our exam pieces. I fell in love with it and was always going to enter it if I was really stuck.

PVRIS - St. Patrick
Well... I stalked Lindsey's Facebook page and saw she liked PVRIS so I decided to give them a listen. I listened to St. Patrick first and knew that it would be at the top of my potentials list. I never expected it to do so well as at that point all I wanted was to have one qualification.

Jessica Lee - Boomerang
I found her on Spotify but was really lazy as I knew I had the AQ so didn't pick something incredible laugh.gif

Ashley Allen - Touch Me (Take Me Tonight)
She followed me on Twitter so I checked out her songs laugh.gif . She unfollowed me soon after though, the bitch.

Daniella Mason - Shade Of You
I found it the day before confirmations opened on Youtube. I knew it was good but wasn't sure if it fitted Hushkanukia's sound. I am so glad I found her though as her discography is incredible.

Haris - Gold
I looked up some Dutch X Factor winners and found this. It is the exact type of Male entry I wanted!

Jillette Johnson - Torpedo
Lindsey actually found this for me after she found her song 'Cameorn' and we had a laugh and giggle about it laugh.gif

Stefanie Heinzmann - On Fire
I found her on Kworb laugh.gif

Sumera - Wolf
Same as Harris, she was on related artists and I fell in love

Anavae - Feel Alive
Just found them on Youtube
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post Jan 8 2016, 05:21 PM
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The answer for me is looking at various YouTube channels most of the time, with the occasional Spotify/Beatport discovered entry.
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Lindsey 🙃
post Jan 8 2016, 05:30 PM
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low-key, no pressure, just hang with me and my weather
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QUOTE(Cameron @ Jan 8 2016, 05:06 PM) *
Anavae - Feel Alive
Just found them on Youtube

Lindsey showed me one of her rocksound issues that had upcoming band reviews in it and Avavae was a related band to one that was featured wink.gif

LXXIII: The Summer Set - Lightning in a Bottle

I always kinda new of them but I really got into their music after I saw them live, they were Tonight Alive's support act when I saw them in 2014.

LXXIV : Oh No Fiasco - All Systems Go

The lead vocalist of this band is featured on one of my favourite Pierce The Veil tracks called Hold On Till May, decided to look more into who she was and discovered she had a band.

LXXV : Set It Off - Forever Stuck In Our Youth
Set It Off were a related artist to some of the bands I listen to on Spotify, I didn't really find them looking for potentials though, finding their music was really just a result of a random journey of discovery laugh.gif

Buzzjack Festivalen : We Are The In Crowd - The Best Thing (That Never Happened)
I can't remember where I first heard of WATIC because I've been a fan of them for years, I'm guessing they came up as a suggested video when I was listening to Paramore on YouTube or were featured in a magazine or I saw someone talk about them/share their music on twitter or tumblr tongue.gif

LXXVI: Macy Kate - I H8 That
No idea, I presume just looking for potentials on YouTube kink.gif

LXXVII: KYKO - Animals
I think I maybe saw this on a music blog for upcoming music or something idek

Worldvision I: Little Bitter Cubes - Luigi

I googled Columbian artists and one of the band members came up and then I started listening to his stuff and then stumbled upon his bands music, firstly a song called Sarah by them and then discovered they had even more songs on soundcloud

LXXVIII: Big Data - Dangerous ft. Joywave

Probably Spotify's future hits playlist or something like that

Near Misses: My Chemical Romance - SING
Been a MCR fan for a few years now, idk what more to say really :')

LXXIX: We The Kings - I Like It
Think they were a related band on spotify

Halloween: Halsey - Haunting
Again, I've been obsessed with Halsey for a year or so now and was completely stanning over Badlands (still am tbh) so I took the opportunity to send something by one of my favourite artists

LXXX: Courage My Love - Skin and Bone (L3 Remix)
I think I first initially found CML months and months ago through spotify (i browse related artists a lot) and I had another song by them called Kerosene on my potentials list for months but it never really felt right to send it but then I stumbled upon this and knew I couldn't not send it laugh.gif

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post Jan 8 2016, 07:21 PM
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Namaste *gong rings*
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LXXIV:Brielle - "Catch - Star For You"

I knew of Brielle from "Avalanche", so I decided to check out her channel which had at the time three of her songs (the videos for "Rocket" and "Rock The Catwalk" weren't there at the time). The one song that really captured me was this.

LXXV: A-Trak f/Andrew Wyatt - "Push"

At first I knew A-Trak from his Duck Sauce outfit and remixes of various tracks (his "Heads Will Roll" remix is GENIUS). It gained some airplay in Canada, and it was a nice venture into melodic future house for him.

LXXVI: New Politics - "West End Kids"

I had always known New Politics but I wasn't aware they were coming out with a follow-up to "Everywhere I Go (Kings & Queens)" until around the end of May, and by that time I already had my mind set of my BJFest entry. Actually, at first I was going to go through the dance route until I found this and "Talk". Ended up going with this and the rest is history.

LXXVII: Five Knives - "Savages"

I listened to "Feel The Volume" by Jauz (which was one of my potentials during April) and I found out he remixed "Sugar" by the band. I ended up looking through the Red Bull Records SoundCloud account and found this gem. This was around the beginning of June so only this song and their earlier stuff were uploaded - their latest album hadn't been released yet. Had I found them a month later, I probably would have ended up sending "Criminal" or "Ratatat".

LXXVIII: Thomas Jack - "Rivers"

It was a newly released track on iTunes. I had planned to go through a more chill route after going hard the past two months, and a chill track was a nice way to end the summer. It was between this and Kill Paris at one point and Thomas Jack ended up winning it out.

LXXIX: Charlie - "Ghosts"

Similar to "Push" - it was pushing top 30 on Canadian pop airplay, and I was desperately in need for another giant hit. I heard this song and "Guilty As Sin" by Dan Talevski (my theme for October was "let's find another Canadian and get another top 15"), so I played it a couple times and the Sia-like productions eventually led me in its favor. Also, I am a sucker for young talent.

LXXX: Wave Racer f/B▲by - "Flash Drive"

I believe "World Record" was a new artist spotlight on iTunes and at first I was a bit wary about sending something so far left field but I eventually caved in with the slap bass solo.


This will all be coming soon but I can reveal that SoundCloud was central into finding the act.


Spin-off history:

Your Best Of: 4Count - "Epic"

I knew 4Count last year from a friend from another forum who recommended this after seeing my endless stanning for Midnight Red's "Hell Yeah!". This was my first spin-off and I wasn't going to send Brielle again, so boyband it was.

BJFestivalen 2k15: Dirty Androids - "Spinning Around"

I didn't have a clue what to send for BJFest because of the length limit, so my mind instantly went to video games. Unfortunately, Bemani tends to make songs that are too fast for the Buzzjack public but Dirty Androids was something that could probably appeal. It was one of the worst performing songs.

Dance Anthems 2000-2009: BT f/JC Chasez - "Somnabulist (Simply Being Loved)"

I also knew of BT from a prior dabble on another forum last year, where this guy really stanned for BT in a game I hosted. "Superfabulous" was my favorite from him at first, but then I heard this song and it kinda stuck with me. Now that I think of it, "Drifting Away" would have done loads better.

WorldVision 2k15: DJ BY.ZAK - "Fucking With My Foolks"
Country Represented: Morocco

Yeah, Morocco. I was obviously never going to find something that appealed until I searched "Moroccan EDM" on Google, which led me to this guy. It was so early 2000's hip-hop/crunk it hurt but the breakdown at around the 1:50 mark was absolutely LIFE.

UK Near Misses: The Pierces - "You'll Be Mine"

Had it not been for the date limit, I probably would have sent either "Sweater Weather" or "Talking About". But anyway, I love The Pierces. I toyed around with "Kings" for a while but it eventually exited my mind, so I was extremely excited when I found out "You'll Be Mine" missed out on a top 40 position.

Halloween: Melanie Martinez - "Carousel"

The first song that came into mind for the Halloween spin-off. Another person on another forum charted this and it went to #1 there (which was completely fueled by American Horror Story). Also AHS Hotel was coming out and I wanted to pay homage to a previous season.

Christmas II: Alaska, Courtney Act & Willam - "Dear Santa, Bring Me A Man"

I became obsessed with Drag Race around the middle of November, and Alaska Thunderfuck was in the middle of my affections. So to see her and Courtney Act do something was just beyond.
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post Jan 8 2016, 08:12 PM
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Mr Jade Lauren Williams <333
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I feel like we had this thread before... thinking.gif certainly seem to remember writing up this for my entries, though this might have been on MSN/Skype actually laugh.gif

I'd do this now but I need to do revision. (Who am I kidding, probably gonna end up doing this now anyway, most of my entries were just found either on Reddit or on nighttime Radio 1 anyway lol)
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post Jan 8 2016, 08:14 PM
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Margaux Avril- L'air de rien

when I was in France my french exchange was obsessed with this song and played it all the time! I only became eligible to enter like a day before confirmations closed so I remember messaging Lindsey in a panic asking her to help me find something which would comply with the veto rules biggrin.gif I decided to go for this lmao


Marina Kaye- Dancing With The Devil

this was the first bjsc song i 'found' so to speak! I had about 4 potentials, 3 of which were German then I found this and it got a pretty good response from plug :') I think I started on a Halsey or Melanie Martinez video then kept searching until I found Marina Kaye's duet with Lindsey Stirling. I loved her voice, so listened to her other songs and found "Dancing with the Devil".


Schulkid- Slow Dancing (feat. Valair)

Okay, originally for BJSC80 I was going with a song by I Am Harlequin, I had even sent it in and everything. However during the confirmation period I saw she tweeted a shoutout to someone else who was on her record label, and it was Schulkid kink.gif I preferred Slow Dancing so changed my entry!



I can tell you that I found my artist by looking at her Nyan Cat dance cover, then discovered she had an original song.



Superone- I Own You

After I had discovered Laos is a country (kink.gif) I had no idea where to begin laugh.gif I think Lindsey just sent me a huge youtube playlist of Laos songs and this one was absurdly ridiculous but also catchy so went with it!

Near Misses

Ozzy Osbourne- Crazy Train

I was obsessed with this song when I was younger (guitar hero) so thought why not.


MS MR- Bones

For halloween I wanted to send one of my favourite artists, but wanted to try be a bit imaginative. I first heard 'Fantasy' by MS MR on R1 a couple of years ago and really enjoyed their first album, so thought I would send one of my favourite tracks from it smile.gif


Cast of Shrek- Shrek the halls

this doesn't need explanation

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post Jan 8 2016, 08:30 PM
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Mrs Brayden Smith <333
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Main Contests:

BJSC 74: Last Lynx - 'Curtains'

I was on the hunt to find something and I believe I found this by looking through the 'La Belle Musique' channel on YouTube! I was looking through some of the older uploaded songs on there and thought 'this is the ONE!'.

BJSC 75: ONUKA - 'Time'

I was obsessed with Findlay's 'Electric Bones' at the time from the previous contest, and I was listening to that on YouTube and this came up as one of the suggested videos to watch alongside it. The thumbnail intrigued me so I clicked on it and BAM I found my favourite entry to date. wub.gif

BJSC 76: M+A - 'When'

This was another YouTube find! I believe I found this by once again surfing through channels and looking through all the suggested songs. I found their collab with Dena and then decided to check out some of their other stuff, this one was the most striking.

BJSC 77: Muhsinah - 'Luv w Luv'

This was the first month that I didn't use a YouTube discovery. My planned entry was Koven but of course Altyr got in there first and I had NOTHING and didn't feel right nabbing Polyna from Leww, even though he said I could if I had nothing on, so I had to frantically search for something else. I decided a different way ~ I ended up looking through 'recommended artists' on Spotify and Muhsinah popped up, this one stood out for me so I thought I'd go for it.

BJSC 78: AK & LYNX ft. Veela - 'Virtual Paradise'

I believe I found this one by searching for Drum & Bass songs on YouTube. After not getting the chance to enter Koven, this was my chance to go D&B. I remember being quite unimpressed but then this began and suddenly I jolted as it grabbed my attention so hard. I was so excited to enter this!

BJSC 79: jj - 'All White Everything'

I remember I was listening back over all the Perseventyfive songs, and I got to Merely - 'Scandinavia' and this came up as a suggestion for it! Like 'Time' I was also intrigued by the thumbnail and could not get over how beautiful this was. heart.gif

BJSC 80: Stranger Cat - 'Unzip Your Skin'

After being in love with 'I Am The Antichrist To You', I subscribed to the channel that it came from in the hope I would find a discovery from it one day as good as that. And it happened so soon! Actually I think it was a different Stranger Cat song that I couldn't quite get into, but I was intrigued by their colourful aesthetic so went searching and found THIS *.*

BJSC 81: TBA Spanish Artists - Spanish Jam

I am entering something old skool to the next contest that I actually discovered when I was about 5! *.* I would hear it all the time as a youngster in Spain and owned a compilation that it was on. Hype.


Buzzjackfestivalen 2015: Denvish - 'Spook'

I discovered this song as a young child! It was on a Graveyard level on an internet game called Territory War (on a site called FetchFido). I always found this song really cool and thought this was a good way to unleash it.

Dance Anthems (2000-2009): Lasgo - 'Something'

I of course discovered this through being a top 10 00s hit! But to be specific, Now 51. x


I was looking for Belgian stuff on for ages and wasn't getting anywhere! So then I was more specific and searched for 'Belgian Electro' on SoundCloud and YouTube and eventually stumbled on '94' by the band on YouTube. I thought it was quite interesting so I looked on their channel and suddenly now had the dilemma of loving about four of their songs. It was the music video for this one that edged it in the end!

UK Chart Near Misses: The Pipettes - 'Judy'

I originally wanted to send 'No Light, No Light' but thought that'd be too cheap so looked for discoveries and this ended up being one thanks to my love for their other song 'Pull Shapes'. It was between this and Basil Brush lmao, and now I do regret not going for the latter but ah well.

BJSC Halloween: Unison - 'Blood Blood Blood'

I didn't know which route I wanted to go down at first, but then I thought that a spooky sub genre I quite liked was 'Witch House'. So I scoured through a lot of witch house YouTube playlists for something obscure and it was love at first listen.

BJSC Christmas: Glasvegas - 'A Snowflake Fell (And It Felt Like A Kiss)'

I had NO idea which way to go for this, at one point I even considered the Snoop Dogg mash-up from Pitch Perfect or Jingle Cats lmao. But I then heard Leww's potential ('Stay Another Day') and thought ooh why not something alternative, I don't need to be silly. So I searched through lots of 'alternative Christmas songs' playlists and fell in love with this.

TL;DR: Mainly YouTube. Who needs blogs? xo
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post Jan 8 2016, 08:47 PM
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I'm a mess but I'm the mess that you wanted.
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Main Contests:

BJSC 68: Parra For Cuva Ft Anna Naklab- Wicked Games

Was going for a big debut entry with this (lol that failed!) laugh.gif Don't remember how I found it!

BJSC 69: Alexa Goddard- Marilyn

Loved it for a few months and decided to send it after it didn't become the chart success I was expecting it to be sad.gif

BJSC 70: Kat Deluna- In The End

Spotify (unfortunately considering I detest it)

BJSC 71: Hayden Panettiere- Don't Put Dirt On My Grave Just Yet

Loved it for nearly a year and had literally 20 seconds to confirm so decided to send this.

BJSC 72: Emma Stevens- Riptide

Loved it for nearly a year and a 1/2 after it was iTunes free song of the week (I miss those sad.gif ) and decided to send it as I had nothing else

BJSC 73: Clare Bowen- Black Roses

James recommended it to me after he saw my love for Don't Put Dirt On My Grave Just Yet, sent it about 9 months after I 1st fell in love with as I had nothing else (and was starting to lose interest then due to multiple DNQ's!)

BJSC 74: Kinnie Lane- Je Te Suivrai

Was in love with Daehun's entry Avenir so was looking for a French entry on Spotify and came across this beauty heart.gif

BJSC 75: Blaise- Thunderstorm

Through Spotify, don't remember how

BJSC 76: Kelsea Ballerini- Love Me Like You Mean It

Not too sure actually, think I saw it on spotify and really liked it!

BJSC 77: Alexa Goddard- We Broke The Sky

Fell in love with this on first listen and decided to get Alexa her deserved qualifier after Marilyn DNQ'ued sad.gif

BJSC 78: Molly Petersson-Hammer- Something Rght

Saw this on the josepvinakha thingy blog and really liked it heart.gif

BJSC 79: Frankie- New Obsession

Cameron suggested it as I had no potentials (though I did have Dua Lipa as my main one a couple of weeks before but decide against it during the week before confirmations opened, ugh sad.gif )

BJSC 80: Sammi Sanchez- Talk

Cameron suggested it as I had no potentials

b]BJSC 81[/b]: Indie Dance Pop Track

Loved it for the last few months and hope it does well!

Your Best Of: Did I send Alexa Goddard- Marilyn??
I think I did because it was the only one of my DNQ's I liked at that point

Buzzjackfestivalen 2015: SRTW- We Were Young

Browsed through Spotify playlists for a song under 3 minutes, found this heart.gif

WORLDVISION: Ranetki- Who Knows The Title

This was crap but at least it was reasonable, found it on Spotify after about 800 hours of searching for something that wasn't horrid

UK Chart Near Misses: Ellie Goulding- Lights

Our winner *.* Incredible song that deserved to smash heart.gif

BJSC Halloween: Jessica Lange- Gods And Monsters

Because it is such a beautiful cover of a song I love by one of my favourite artists ever!

BJSC Christmas: Meghan Trainor- I'll Be Home

Our hosted contest *.* How couldn't I send Meghan's beautiful ballad heart.gif

Think that is all my entries but feel like I'm missing something from the spin-offs!
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post Jan 8 2016, 08:58 PM
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Mr Jade Lauren Williams <333
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XIX // deadmau5 - Ghosts 'N' Stuff (feat. Rob Swire)

^ clearly I was horribly cheap for my debut and just took something off the Radio 1 playlist back when that wouldn't have been an instant veto lol

XX // Envy - Set Yourself On Fire
XXI // The Temper Trap - Fader
XXIII // Vampire Weekend - Cousins
XXIV // Kid Sister - Step (feat. Estelle)
XXV // Frankie & The Heartstrings - Hunger
XXVI // Jónsi - Animal Arithmetic
XXVII // Dennis Ferrer - Hey Hey

^ started being mildly more inspired and sending songs that I still heard on R1 but at nighttime (some of which were later added to the daytime playlist so still cheap). I believe these - and basically all the entries in the following couple of years - were all sourced from Nick Grimshaw's show back when Nick Grimshaw was good

XXVIII // Lil Wayne - Steady Mobbin' (feat. Gucci Mane)

^ this was at the time rumoured to be the last contest ever so I decided to troll everyone by sending something as contest-unfriendly as I could find. Still a jam though. And I think this was also just something I heard on R1 albeit on a different show lol (Tim Westwood I believe :'))

XXIX // Penguin Prison - Golden Train
XXX // Spark - Revolving
XXXI // Beth Ditto - I Wrote The Book
XXXII // The Bullitts - Close Your Eyes (feat. Jay Electronica and Lucy Liu)
XXXIII // Savage Skulls and Douster - Bad Gal (feat. Robyn)
XXXIV // Beat Connection - In The Water
XXXV // SBTRKT - Wildfire (feat. Little Dragon)
XXXVI // The 2 Bears - Bear Hug
XXXVIII // Joe Goddard - Gabriel (feat. Valentina)
XL // The Rapture - How Deep Is Your Love?
XLI // Wonder Villains - Zola
XLII // Azari & III - Reckless (With Your Love)
XLIII // POLIÇA - Lay Your Cards Out (feat. Mike Noyce)
XLIV // Karin Park - Restless

^ all sourced from the same R1 show as well IIRC lol. I did say this wasn't very interesting

XLV // Kidnap Kid - Vehl

^ I believe this was my first ever entry that I didn't just find directly through R1 - instead, I heard a different Kidnap Kid song there and found this one on YT when I looked that one up and preferred it laugh.gif

XLVI // Wild Belle - Keep You
XLVII // Angel Haze - New York
XLVIII // Machines Don't Care - Beat Dun Drop (feat. Meleka)
XLIX // Deaf Club - Moving Still
L // SOHN - The Wheel
LI // Roses Gabor - Stars

^ back to standard R1 discoveries, I think Deaf Club was one I heard on the BBC Introducing show when that was still a thing though so that's slightly different

LII // Spor - Pacifica (Kito & Reija Lee Remix)

^ another case of hearing a different song by the same artist (K&RL, not Spor) on R1 then finding this and preferring it. In fact the K&RL song I was looking for wasn't online at the time - it was 'Starting Line' which was later obviously uploaded and became a Cadelicia DNQ :'(

LIII // Truls - Out Of Yourself

^ this must have been the point I stopped just taking all my entries from R1 and instead switched to taking songs from various parts of Reddit lol. I feel like this is still an untapped resource for interesting entries that more people should consider trying ;o /r/listentothis is where I get basically all my entries these days

LIV // Kadie Elder - Simple Guy
LV // MAASAI - Memories

^ both also from Reddit

LVI // Orphic Oxtra - Skeletons Having Sex On A Tin Roof

^ I believe I discovered this as a linked video on the 'Weird Part of YouTube' entry on laugh.gif

LVII // Jaymes Young - Dark Star (Kiely Rich Remix)

^ went back to Reddit for this one ~ obviously the version I sent wasn't on there, I found the full length version and really wanted to send it but thought it would be too long for BJSC voter heathens so enlisted Hitstastic (RIP) to cut it down. He did a pretty great job

LVIII // Gent Mason - Eden

^ R1 BBC Introducing show

LIX // The Hics - Tangle

^ standard Reddit discovery

LX // Rustie - Surph (feat. Nightwave)

^ discovered this via R1 as well although it was a while before I sent it, fancied a throwback to a track that should have become a hit but sadly never caught on ~

LXI // Kids Of The Apocalypse - EMPIRE
LXII // Paris XY - The Return
LXIII // Surkin - Oedo 606
LXIV // TĀLĀ - Serbia
LXV // Quirke - Break A Mirrored Leg
LXVI // Jade Blue and Frequency - Lately (Vox Mix)

^ Reddit

LXVII // Jay Dabhi and Moises Modesto - Cry For Freedom

^ this was played on Nihal's show on R1 a LOT back in 2009 and it stuck with me throughout the years ~ good thing I did finally decide to enter it 5 years later <3

LXVIII // Eagles For Hands - Glass Heart (feat. Holly Partridge)

^ my final R1 sourced entry to date ohmy.gif and probably ever, as I don't really ever listen to R1 any more at nighttime. The shows I used to listen to have all been cancelled unforch </3 This was also from BBC Introducing I believe

LXIX // Elijah Blake - Give Me U

^ Reddit

LXX // Fura - Demons

^ actually can't entirely remember but I THINK this was one I found while looking through artists who performed at the Iceland Airwaves festival in 2014. Basically I felt like sending an Icelandic artist. I looked through the festival's line-up again for 2015 and found another song which I might yet enter.

LXXI // San Holo - Hiding (feat. The Nicholas)

^ Reddit again

LXXII // Dawn Richard - Tide: The Paradox Effect

^ the music video was featured in an episode of BiDiPi (Vsauce series) lolol. Song sounded cool as well so I decided to look it up. Yay ~

LXXIII // Sogand - The Lom
LXXIV // A-WA - Habib Galbi
LXXV // Audialist - Burning

^ Reddit again ~

LXXVI // Audrey Napoleon - Dope A La Mode

^ she had another song that featured on an ad for some beer brand a while ago which sounded cool so I looked it up. Then found this song which was even better. But still took me like 2 years to get around to sending it.

LXXVIII // tiny deaths - Ocean
LXXX // Yung Lean - Kyoto

^ all Reddit again

TL;DR Radio 1 and Reddit as I said kink.gif

(could do spinoffs as well but it'll be pretty much the same)
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post Jan 8 2016, 10:02 PM
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Wow Mattias, I had no idea you entered such frankly AMAZING entries when you first entered. Ladytron, Massive Attack, Alanis and Röyksopp are amazing choices. Ladytron in particular is one of my favourite tracks ever.
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post Jan 8 2016, 10:13 PM
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Namaste *gong rings*
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I want to know how Dandy discovered Zedd.
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post Jan 8 2016, 10:44 PM
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He sent me the track for a second opinion. I wasn't sure what to say so I thought I'd enter it here to see how well it went down.

It went okayish so I recommended he recorded something with Foxes.
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post Jan 8 2016, 11:07 PM
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Namaste *gong rings*
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QUOTE(dandy* @ Jan 8 2016, 02:44 PM) *
He sent me the track for a second opinion. I wasn't sure what to say so I thought I'd enter it here to see how well it went down.

It went okayish so I recommended he recorded something with Foxes.

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post Jan 8 2016, 11:18 PM
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Yeah. After all, Youth was a BJSC winner for FLJ so I thought it would be a good recommendation. Turned out well tbh.
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post Jan 8 2016, 11:24 PM
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Namaste *gong rings*
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Excuse me while I quietly die
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post Jan 9 2016, 12:15 AM
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it don't mean shit if you ain't happy though
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BJSC43: Greyson Chance - Running Away - I knew of Greyson for a while before the contest, just decided to send my favourite song at that moment in tie
BJSC44: Laura Jansen - Wicked World - Knew this for a couple of years before, a friend recommended her to me!
BJSC45: Haley Reinhart - Free - Through someone on Buzzjack linking it to me because Lucie Silvas wrote it.
BJSC46: Lucie Silvas - Hide & Seek - I knew Lucie for a looooong time before. This was a demo posted by one of the co-writers on Soundcloud.
BJSC47: Kristyna Myles - I'm Not Going Back - I can't remember this one ohmy.gif
BJSC48: Sarah De Bono - No Shame - Through Liam I believe laugh.gif I heard of her through him and downloaded her album when it came out, this one stood out for sure.
BJSC49: Kristina Maria - Karma - iTunes suggestions I think.
BJSC50: Nina Nesbitt - Boy - I found out about Nina through her EP doing well on iTunes earlier in the year.

BJSC51: Britt Nicole - Gold - Recommendation from Yu!
BJSC52: Cody Simpson feat. Becky G - Wish U Were Here - Knew of Cody in advance.
BJSC53: Tanya Lacey - Too Many Cooks - Digital Spy article.
BJSC54: Alyssa Reid - Running Guns - Knew of Alyssa in advance.
BJSC55: Ulrik Munther - Heroes In Defeat (Change Your Mind) - Robot recommended Ulrik to me, I downloaded his album and fell in love with this song.
BJSC56: Lauren Aquilina - Sinners - Can't remember how I found out about Lauren but I knew of her before she was sent by Lee in 51.
BJSC57: tyDi feat. Kerli - Something About You - It came up on an illegal download site I use and I listened out of curiosity, loved it right away.
BJSC58: Houseshaker feat. Amanda Blush - Light the Sky - The same illegal download site, which I was scouring purposely this time for potentials!
BJSC59: Michael Schulte - Jump Before We Fall - Potentially the most random discovery! I found him when searching for artwork for Tom Odell's song Grow Old With Me laugh.gif Michael has a similarly titled song - You Said You'd Grow Old With Me - so in the depths of the search, he came up. I listened to that and this song out of curiosity!
BJSC60: Topher Jones feat. Katie Sky - Talk About It - I knew of Katie Sky in advance.

BJSC61: Mischa Daniels feat. Sharon Doorson - Can't Live Without You - iTunes suggestions although I of course knew Sharon through previous BJSC entries.
BJSC62: Caroline Brooks - Parachute - josepvinaixa blog.
BJSC63: Madeline Juno - Like Lovers Do - Ryan I think, talking about her contending to represent Eurovision.
BJSC64: Cassie Steele - Mad - josepvinaixa blog.
BJSC65: Lewis Watson - Stay - I knew of Lewis in advance.
BJSC66: Amanda Blush - Give It All - I looked to see if she'd done any solo music since Light the Sky the year before, and found this gem. Knew I had to resend her.
BJSC67: Bean - Rollercoaster - Recommendation from Jay!
BJSC68: Shystie feat. Jalissa - Stop - josepvinaixa blog.
BJSC69: Reed Deming - Crash Test Dummy (Broken) - iTunes suggestions.
BJSC70: Sofia Reyes feat. Wisin - Muévelo - josepvinaixa blog (it became my best friend :') )

BJSC71: Reed Deming - Satellites - Knew of Reed in advance.
BJSC72: Lia Marie Johnson - Moment Like You - josepvinaixa blog.
BJSC73: Niykee Heaton - Cold War - I discovered Niykee months before on the josepvinaixa blog but Ball introduced me to this song, which I totally missed.
BJSC74: Ulrik Munther - Nĺn gĺng - Knew of Ulrik in advance.
BJSC75: Olivia Somerlyn - Parachute - Meghan Trainor's support act.
BJSC76: Conrad Sewell - Hold Me Up - Through Firestone ph34r.gif
BJSC77: Wřlffe - Shoot You Down - Hunter Hayes' support act.
BJSC78: Jakob Karlberg - Fan va bra - Recommendation from Rob S!
BJSC79: The Ready Set - Freakin' Me Out - Knew of him in advance, randomly popped into my head so I explored further and found this!
BJSC80: Eaves - Alone in My Mind - Totally shallow reasons. Noticed he was hot in a tour advertisement booklet. The music lived up to it though.
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benevolent overlord
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I can't remember them all! I'll see if I can recall any interesting stories that don't just amount to 'random or possibly organised in terms of looking by genre Youtube trawl' or 'found either artist or song after listening on a blog'. Any entry I don't mention here was probably either that or I've totally forgotten how I came across it.

(41) Nightwish - Turn Loose The Mermaids - while waiting to get my copy of Imaginaerum I looked at the track descriptions on Wiki and Turn Loose The Mermaids was described as the only Celtic ballad on the album. That made it stand out to me when first listening through because I was only on my fifth entry and I didn't want to go in too hard and enter a hard rock track (something I obviously abandoned later on) that early. It worked out rather well, my first top 10 from my favourite band wub.gif

(43) Shell Perris - Where Is My Happy Ending? - oldest track I've ever entered, she's a Christian singer whose albums my family bought at a Christian music festival (they still go, I've barely been lately but I've been there a number of years, mainly because it's a nice outdoors summer thing with family). The whole of her two albums are pretty fun pop-rock that aren't even that noticeable as Christian material, WIMHE? stood out to me as one of the strongest ones and when I was first entering BJSC she was basically the most unknown artist I knew prior to participating so it was just a matter of waiting for a month to send a track from her in. These days I actually prefer the title track from her second album, Beautiful Life, it's much better produced.

(45) Ruby Frost - Water To Ice - I trawled Popjustice for potentials and found a new song they'd posted about. Thankfully at that point in the contest's history we were too busy fending off Icona Pop to notice. Only time I've ever taken off one of the big 3 that isn't Scandipop (and I've only done that a couple of times, like, idk, the 3 next non-Ruby Frost entries after this one). For Porcupine I had downloaded her album and sent her in again to... do better (on the advice of Ghosty (RIP)). That didn't work.

(50) Saint Saviour - The Rain Falls On The Just - Johnkm had this as a potential months before I sent this, that's where I got it. I think that's the only time I've ever entered something someone first showed me as a potential, and it was months later so it wasn't stealing. Shame it was at the same time two other people tried to enter her. This is still the best of the three.

(51) Katie Sky - Only You - Katie Sky, who I was a casual fan of, put out the most cutest song I could think of. I believe Jacob (my brother) might have pointed me in the right direction for this one. Maybe. He definitely did for a later entry.

(59) Antti Raillio - Ruostunut Ankkuri - Well, this is just Youtube, but it was me following a Finnish channel, noticing they put out a teaser of this, thinking it sounded great, so I was waiting for the full version to come out, and it did not disappoint. Still the best male power-rock ballad I've ever heard entered to this thing.

(61) Arion - Seven - Again, I was being a stan for under-the-radar Finnish artists, I saw them say they'd released this so I scoured the internet for a link, it took a while but eventually I got a link and uploaded it on my channel, where it's still my most viewed non-nightcore video with a ton of Finnish people talking in the comments *.*

(62) The Cab - Angel With A Shotgun (Nightcore) - Speaking of, I had been listening to nightcore for a couple of months prior, having originally stumbled on it, somewhere and I wanted to find a song that was nightcored well while the original wasn't well-known. This fit the bill perfectly.

(63) BABYMETAL - Megitsune - You Won't Believe What This Kawaii Metal Band Sound Like *_* Still, it gave me one of my most iconic entries ever and also one of my favourite new bands around. Never Buzzfeeding again though.

(71) Rachel Taylor - Porcelain - Well, I knew of her because of her work with He Is We, but Jacob gave me her new EP and said Porcelain was very good. I agreed with him and started playing it more than him.

(73) PinkiePieSwear - Flutterwonder - I am a brony. I was saving this for a 'certain hit' month. Lol.

(79) I See Stars - The Hardest Mistakes - I got recommended this band, and I liked some of their stuff but nothing really stood out until I came across this remix and I couldn't stop listening.

(80) Eir Aoi - Ignite - The tried and completely failed method of watching animes to find entries. OR IS IT A COMPLETE FAIL ohmy.gif vague81hype, it's sort of that, it's also sort of many other things
(so many good songs from animes, it's a shame there aren't more of them that would get through the semis)
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post Jan 9 2016, 08:43 AM
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'Run Away With Me'
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I think I have discovered all of my entries on YouTube actually except for my debut contest where I heard the song in my work.

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post Jan 9 2016, 04:21 PM
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BuzzJack Idol
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So I'm not here all day, I'll do only those from the past three years:

LI - Nádine - I Will Be Strong - Heard the original in 2009 but stumbled across the new dance remix in late 2012 on Youtube
LII - Verona - Fallin' In Love - Can't remember, some blog or iTunes search?
LIII - Michael Woods - Platinum Chains - I heard this via Dan's personal chart! It was too long though so I got Hitstastic to edit it down.
LIV - Rivaz - Colors - Popjustice
LV - Sanne Salomonsen - Du & Jeg - Heard this in McDonald's in Copenhagen, and Shazam'd it as I thought it was great...
LVI - Mark Lower - Bad Boys Cry - iTunes Russian store
LVII - DJ Kent feat The Arrows - Spin My World - iTunes South Africa
LVIII - Tensnake feat Fiora - 58 BPM - Some blog, can't remember which
LIX - Hozier - Take Me To Church - I *think* it was on a blog called Alfitude possibly, the video mesmerised me at first and the song blew me away
LX - RL Grime - Because Of U - Also the Alfitude blog
LXI - Public Service Broadcasting - Spitfire - My friend introduced me to the album and this was my favourite from it
LXII - Helene Fischer - Atemlos Durch Die Nacht - iTunes Germany
LXIII - Sweet California - This Is The Life - iTunes Spain
LXIV - RAM feat Susana - RAMelia (Tribute To Amelia) - Heard this on Armin Van Buuren's A State of Trance compilation, blew me away as it sounded so different to the rest of the album
LXV - Andreas Bourani - Auf Uns - This was EVERYWHERE while I was in Munich
LXVI - Safari - I Need You - iTunes Norway
LXVII - Sheppard - A Grade Playa - Sheppard's album
LXVIII - Goldfish - Moonwalk Away (Moonlanding Mix) - iTunes South Africa
LXIX - Minx feat Hannah Joy - Hold On - Auspop blog
LXX - Walk The Moon - Shut Up and Dance - Saw the vid on Youtube, it had a couple of thousand views at the time *.*
LXXI - Ulf Nilsson - Little By Little (Lulleaux and George Whyman Remix) - iTunes Sweden
LXXII - Kadebostany - Castle In The Snow - iTunes Switzerland
LXXIII - Halleluwah - Dior - Alfitude blog
LXXIV - Andy Duguid feat Jaren - 7even - I Googled 'emotional trance' or something like that, and this was the song that hit me hardest
LXXV - Timo Odv feat Sarah Jackson - Hold On - iTunes South Africa
LXXVI - Paper Route - You And I - Can't remember, just stumbled across it on Google I think
LXXVII - Wrabel - I Want You - Possibly Alfitude again?
LXXVIII - Ryan Hemsworth feat Tomggg - Cream Soda - Heard this the previous year on a blog but not sure which now
LXXIX - The Rua - Fight For What's Right - Googled 'music similar to The Corrs' and found this band, instant love
LXXX - One More Time - Highland - I was belatedly listening to One More Time's back catalogue early last year
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