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> the emoticon rate
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post Apr 5 2016, 08:13 PM
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So, you must like me for me 🙃
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xx| rolleyes.gif
xx| dry.gif
xx| unsure.gif
xx| teresa.gif
xx| mellow.gif
xx| dance.gif
xx| sick2.gif
xx| yahoo.gif
xx| angel.gif
xx| heart.gif
xx| blink.gif
xx| wacko.gif
xx| cheer.gif
xx| mad.gif
xx| pirate.gif
xx| w00t.gif
xx| huh.gif
xx| cry.gif
xx| laugh.gif
xx| wub.gif
xx| sleep.gif
xx| cool.gif
xx| happy.gif
xx| tongue.gif
xx| ohmy.gif
xx| wink.gif
xx| sad.gif
xx| smile.gif
xx| biggrin.gif

Adding more by request (if I don't see -1's to rolleyes.gif I'll be angry tbh)
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post Apr 5 2016, 08:18 PM
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My roof look like a no show
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Great idea!

I request magic.gif , sob.gif and manson.gif to be included please!
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post Apr 5 2016, 08:25 PM
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Hang in when the world counts you out and you’re gonna be fine
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omg Andr00w I've literally had this thread idea for MONTHS now, I was just a bit concerned with the amount of emoticons there actually are on the forum and that putting in all the effort of hosting when rates in the lounge aren't usually taken seriously, i.e. participated in kinda put me off.

Good idea with the requests thing though, I also thought of this, I will participate if you promise to host the results though kink.gif

My suggestions:

oh never mind, I could suggest like 90% of the emoticons, I do love them wub.gif (if people didn't already know :') )

ok I'mma suggest my absolute faves:

funky.gif blush.gif music.gif nono.gif cool2.gif manson.gif drama.gif banana.gif puke.gif thinking.gif heehee.gif magic.gif nocheer.gif sob.gif sarcasm.gif basil.gif

I also thought of maybe a least favourite version of the emoticons, would be less likely to flop, but there's literally like 80-100 emoticons on here, lol

Will you just keep it to emoticons on BJ or extend to "not-quite-BJ-emoticons" i.e. :drake: :frankie: etc.?

This post has been edited by BedWood: Apr 5 2016, 08:27 PM
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post Apr 5 2016, 08:37 PM
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If any more are included, I'll add those in mmkay

02 | rolleyes.gif - never use it, meh
04 | dry.gif - looks weird
09 | unsure.gif - love using this one
03 | teresa.gif - don't notice this one at all
06 | mellow.gif - can be okay
07 | dance.gif - really should get the opportunity to use this one more
04 | sick2.gif - don't get to use this much either but is okay
08 | yahoo.gif - can be amazing in certain situations, don't use it myself much for some reason
09 | angel.gif - LOVE using this one at certain times lol
06 | heart.gif - not sure how much I actually use this, it's nice I guess
07 | blink.gif - gets lost in the mix, but is fine I guess
07 | wacko.gif - occasional use is good
05 | cheer.gif - I have a difficult relationship with this one. I first rated it as 4 cos it annoys me sometimes and I used to hate when I found myself using it, but is slightly growing on me so decided to give it 5. Brade days of the week impact?
08 | mad.gif - liking it lately
03 | pirate.gif - I mean, I NEVER use this and don't really see the point haha, sometimes when others use it I'm not quite sure what they mean lol
08 | w00t.gif - crazy but can't help but like it sometimes lol
03 | huh.gif - not crazy about it, there are other similar ones I like more
07 | cry.gif - not much to say about this one, I use it sometimes
09 | laugh.gif - very effective somehow
08 | wub.gif - yup, like this one
06 | sleep.gif - not sure I find much reason to use this myself, but can appreciate when others do
07 | cool.gif - sometimes use it for effect, depending on context obviously
11 | happy.gif - I use this one a lot! It's sweet lol
10 | tongue.gif - good old
10 | ohmy.gif - looks kinda hilarious lol
06 | wink.gif - I just WISH we had a better wink emoticon, this one looks a bit off
09 | sad.gif - simple but effective
08 | smile.gif - when used sarcastically
08 | biggrin.gif - good for like, when you're boasting about something I guess, and sometimes other things
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post Apr 5 2016, 09:02 PM
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I'm a mess but I'm the mess that you wanted.
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09| rolleyes.gif #Shade *.*
02| dry.gif
03| unsure.gif
05| teresa.gif
01| mellow.gif
08.5| dance.gif
10| sick2.gif
04| yahoo.gif
08| angel.gif
10| heart.gif
00| blink.gif
00| wacko.gif
10| cheer.gif
08| mad.gif
01| pirate.gif
04| w00t.gif
02| huh.gif
04| cry.gif
09| laugh.gif
11| wub.gif
03| sleep.gif
05| cool.gif
04| happy.gif
09.5| tongue.gif
09.5| ohmy.gif
08.5| wink.gif
02| sad.gif
10| smile.gif
09| biggrin.gif
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post Apr 5 2016, 09:12 PM
Post #6
don't call me nice
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I shall attempt this soon magic.gif

i should point out though, this thing can't be complete without jump.gif
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Chez Wombat
post Apr 5 2016, 09:25 PM
Post #7
The owls are not what they seem
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Could we please add drama.gif or ph34r.gif? They are like the best ones (and work with no irony as well).
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post Apr 5 2016, 09:28 PM
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l'etat, c'est moi
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Thread hurting my eyes. Only saving grace are things like jump.gif basil.gif and magic.gif

I think it's been established that this emoticon set is best used with HEAVY IRONY. Particularly horrors like dance.gif and yahoo.gif
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Jimmy Jam
post Apr 5 2016, 09:32 PM
Post #9
tempted by kings with the finest of things
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08| rolleyes.gif
09| dry.gif
09| unsure.gif
07| teresa.gif
00| mellow.gif
07| dance.gif
06| sick2.gif
08| yahoo.gif
08| angel.gif
05| heart.gif
10| blink.gif
03| wacko.gif
10| cheer.gif
08| mad.gif
02| pirate.gif
09| w00t.gif
06| huh.gif
10| cry.gif
09| laugh.gif
10| wub.gif
03| sleep.gif
06| cool.gif
07| happy.gif
07| tongue.gif
08| ohmy.gif
06| wink.gif
06| sad.gif
07| smile.gif
06| biggrin.gif
saving my 11 in case drama.gif or smoke.gif get added

This post has been edited by Jimmy Jam: Apr 5 2016, 09:35 PM
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post Apr 5 2016, 09:35 PM
Post #10
not 152chris (☻‿☻)
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wots an emoticon
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post Apr 6 2016, 12:54 AM
Post #11
Hang in when the world counts you out and you’re gonna be fine
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6.5| rolleyes.gif
6.5| dry.gif
7.5| unsure.gif
6| teresa.gif
8| mellow.gif
8| dance.gif
6| sick2.gif (animated one is better, don't see the point in static one)
9 yahoo.gif (hilarious, idk why)
7| angel.gif (kinda like this a lot recently, v sassy)
7| heart.gif (simple but effective when used)
7| blink.gif
7| wacko.gif (these are quite interchangeable but I don't find the need to use these very often tbh)
9| cheer.gif (:Cher: I guess the dancing can be a bit annoying if overused, but it's a rather effective emoticon!)
8| mad.gif
7.5| pirate.gif (I like to use this sparingly and it's great when I do, it's a kind of replacement for "u wot m8" or smt)
8.5| w00t.gif (this one's crazy, I'm crazy. x)
7.5 huh.gif (confused)
8| cry.gif (again simple but v useful)
10| laugh.gif (I like to laugh. It's good to laugh.)
10| wub.gif (this one's great)
10| sleep.gif (I love this one also)
10| cool.gif (this one is, ahem, COOL)
7| happy.gif
7.5| tongue.gif
8.5| ohmy.gif (I like using this one, perhaps a bit too much)
7 wink.gif (don't mind this but it's not drawn that well imo)
6| sad.gif (basic)
6| smile.gif (basic)
7| biggrin.gif (it's good to grin)
10 funky.gif (this one slays, it's hilarious tbh)
10 blush.gif (Haus ha impakt, again one I've grown on)
11 music.gif (Buzzjack music.gif Forum, yeah?)
9 nono.gif (I like to put people in place with this one)
10 cool2.gif (slay)
8 manson: (I love this shady one )
9 drama.gif
10 banana.gif (infectious. Also: bananas *.*)
8.5 puke.gif (don't use it much, doesn't help me not really having a strong negative opinion on something lol)
10 thinking.gif (I think, therefore I am.)
9 heehee: (got on this one overtime, I like to interchange it with kink)
10 magic.gif (Harry Potter teas)
10 nocheer.gif (my reaction if this flops here)
9 sob.gif (more interesting than cry, I do like this one)
9 sarcasm.gif (I should use this a bit more I think)
9 basil.gif (I like jokes)
8 jump.gif (another I should use more, for m those kind of moments idk)
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