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post Jul 30 2016, 03:32 PM
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Mr Jade Lauren Williams <333
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QUOTE(HausofKubrick @ Jul 29 2016, 08:02 PM) *
I got way too many feels, way too much emotion

08 | 152chris | Whether youíre travelling the world or smarming in front of the camera you always uphold a gracious sense of POISE and class. Off and on the site youíre a well-cultured, lovely and friendly person with killer legs, face and taste in music (what I look for in poster/person in that order).
06 | AdamAloud | Havenít spoke to you much this past year probably due to our own busy lives but when I do itís always a laugh and you do have a wonderful sense of humour and way about yourself. Canít say I always love your taste in music but it can be shamelessly good at times. Post more [1]
05 | Andr00w | A rising force on the forum in the past 12 months! Starting off as quite zany and unpredictable, I think youíve matured into a confident and eccentric poster with a lot of quirky mannerisms and fun moments. Keep channelling the calm in the storm and youíll continue to grow on here *.*
04 | Atonement | Donít see much of you on the site but when I do I tend to disagree with your opinions on music lmao. Thatís nothing against you, you seem nice enough~
02 | *Ben* | Have never properly interacted with you but Iím sure you are lovely and you seem to run things in the chart forum well. Would be good to see more interactions in the Lounge!
06 | bipolar angel | Another new force and breath of fresh air on the forum you are absolutely brimming with ideas and creative ways to get people talking more and as a Lounge mod and lover of the site, Iím very grateful for that! A kindred spirit with a unique personality, we need people like you on here!

10 | Brť | Every year I spaff on about how much I love you lmao so today Iíll do the opposite and tell you how much of an absolute twat you are. You harp on about the same things over and over again, the same in jokes, unfunny memes and shit banter. Youíre not funny, youíre annoying, you offer nothing of relevance to most conversations and on the site youíre a whiny, annoying little piece of shit. When you ring me when Iím drunk, you come across as a pathetic little sober prick and I swear to high heaven if you mention monkey: again Iím gonna find you, hurt you and hide the f***ing evidence. Donít even think about going to Rooney for support, stick up for yourself you little weak ass pussy. You think you got backings but you ainít got shit you little wasteman. Come at me again, take the piss out of my religion again, send one more f***ing meme to me and I will seriously shank you you waste. You have shit taste in music and really hate Y&Y and Troye Sivan and for that I hope you step on a pin with your bare foot. You always do well in the BJSC so imam start shanking you for real to set your ego straight again you egotistical prick. Imma start you calling you Punjab you dirty bitch. You're nothing but a mongrel twat. Iím away to make the memebook and delete snapshit but until then~ If you were an biscuit what would you be? I rather be a custard crŤme. Kods k, uni lofe?, FishÖno kidding, when you cook fish for dinner it stinks, The nest person to post in here is a fair dinkum, This question is for guys and gals! If it's hot this summer I plan to go without my underpants when I go out with my dog-walking group every morning, give my bits a bit of air., Turns around a slap back with wet stinky man pubes. Le based humous titsingh. monkey:
04 | Brett-Butler | Have never really interacted with you on the site but your love for quizzes and gameshows can only mean youíre an intelligent and well-rounded individual. I really enjoy your input into the debate threads too because itís not always following the grain and you seem quite rooted in your beliefs which is good to hear about.
05 | burbe | Another new face around here and I hadnít really seen anything from you until you became a moderator. Made me take notice and from what Iíve seen, youíre very dedicated to your forums and an enthusiastic presence on here.
07 | Cal | You seem to have really drifted away from the site and I rarely see you post at all anymore! Still an essential for me in BJSC Ė your music/film/art tastes are exquisite and although weíve never properly spoken much you seem a real, genuine and sweet person so please make that presence known more on here whatever youíre up to in the real world~
06 | *Callumô | An enthusiastic newcomer I wasnít too keen initially but you have grown over time into a calmer more relaxed poster with less of the sass and attitude. I donít think this will be your YEAR on here but stick around and it will come.
09 | Cameron | CAM <3 A really sweet and adorable person and poster youíve majorly grown on me the past few months. I donít think Iíve ever seen you say a bad word about anyone on here and your drive to bridge the gap between certain groups of people on here is so in line with what I want too and I feel weíre quite similar in how we confront issues on here (basically shit scared to say anything controversial but with a dedication to making it happen!). Your BJSC country is a FAVE, you have an eclectic taste in pop music and you always offer a real treat whenever I hear a song youíve shared or read a post youíve made. A beautifully adorable ginger bean that I just want to SWALLOW WHOLE (in the most innocent way obviously!). But yeah, so much love for you and we're lucky to have you on here!
06 | Cassidy | A vintage member turned modern day returnee Ė not as active as many of the others on here but you do arrive every so often with a heap of colour and exuberance. Good to share some exchanges over teaching too and hope the summer holidays are treating you well *_*
08 | Chez Wombat | A brilliant, still quite underrated poster!!1 with a wonderful music taste. Youíve helped me to discover some incredible songs over the year so long may it continue. Shoutout to the Disney loving too, and the film course Ė weíre similar in that respect but very different in many other aspects which I think means we can both get along and converse but also learn from and pick up ideas from each other. Itís good to see you get continued support year in year out and even with the changing climate on here, you always remain grounded and true to yourself.
08 | Cody Slayberry | le flop lol. I went through a phase of not really understanding much about you and while many could only comment on how you repeatedly called out your state of success in BJSC I wanted to see that there was more to you and luckily there WAS. I will admit I have really grown to like you as a presence on here now. Youíre always FULL of energy and are so excitable! I donít really get half the things you ďstanĒ or know what any of your usernames stand for but I can get over that ~ Basically a MIXED bag of sweets but I think Iíve filtered through the ones I donít like now and can enjoy what is left heehee.gif
03 | Colm | This one is quite difficult but I donít think we really have anything in common and so Iíve had to mark you down for this. You are obviously an intelligent, and witty guy but I donít think our humours match up and I find myself often disagreeing with or not understanding comments you make. Your intentions are good and I appreciate what you offer for the site but in a rate with so many people that I properly get along with I have to distinguish more scores between those that I do not get along with as well. I am eagerly waiting to see your rate concept this year even if it is all you go on about for MONTHS pre-rate ;o

00 | Common Sense | This question is for guys and gals! If it's hot this summer I plan to go without my underpants when I go out with my dog-walking group every morning, give my bits a bit of air. A memebook icon.
07 | Cremey Ė Have really enjoyed your resurgence the other year but it seems to have muted a bit more recently so a firm favourite in the POST MORE [2] camp. A wonderful, smooth, slick style of posting and probably one of the posters with closest musical likings to me.
08 | Cucumberella / Leww | This is quite a difficult one because I know just how close we were and how much time we had for each other. However this past year it seems we havenít had that for whatever reason! Iíd like to think itís just our drifting real lives. Iíve felt like youíve been distant with me for a while and Iím pretty SURE itís nothing serious and just me overthinking and analysing things. I don't really get a lot of the in jokes or banter that is created so I just nod along a lot of the time :'( We still have so many memories together though and Iíll always hold onto those and hope we can get back to that point in the future! EDIT: we are meeting on Saturday in Glasgow AHHH let's do it BIG.
07 | dandy*- always great. In particular this past year Iíve enjoyed your involvement in the Madonna forum (even when I donít always agree). Youíll always be part of the furniture, an expensive rug that people forget exists but really brightens the place up and make it more classy!
07 | danG | I have grown more fond of you this past year because Iíve learnt to accept the ďdance onlyĒ-ness or maybe youíve calmed it down a bit!? Iíve liked a fair few of your threads in the lounge too and itís good to see you being more confident across the forum as a whole. Donít venture into the chart forum too much, but I hear you do a fabulous job there too!
06 | Davidson | No longer Urban forum mods so we havenít really interacted much these past few years which is a shame because it was fun working with you! You have a wonderful musical taste and are very passionate about it, the urban forum will be in fabulous hands as long as you stay there! I was rolling my eyes when you claimed that ĎDangerous Womaní was the album of the year before youíd even FINISHED the album but as itís probably my AOTY now, I take all of that back! laugh.gif
04 | dhwe | donít see much of you around the site which explains the low score. My research tells me you post a lot in the Hot 100 thread which is cool ;o
06 | –ÝŖŖÝ | Against another that I donít see a lot of (gosh I am getting out of touch lmao!) but then youíre mainly around the chart forum which isnít my go to place! You come across as a nice guy though and hopefully one for the future Ė get involved in the lounge more please!
05 | Doctor Blind Ė I donít think we have much in common and I feel we are worldís apart as personalities and in our tastes. Thatís not a bad thing but I do sometimes feel like you can look down on people and come across quite blunt. Itís probably just a clash of humour styles.
04 | Ethan | Youíre a lot more pleasant than you were a year or so ago and I actually take things from your posts. Still quite 1D in terms of practically EVERYTHING revolving around a select few facets but youíre exuberant and articulate and an interesting person to have around.
08 | Froot. | You were in my top few last year and while I still respect and love our interactions they are so SPARSE recently that I feel we flatlined. I canít wait for whatever it is that is keeping you busy to end because I REALLY and deeply miss your presence on the site. Youíre still easily one of the funniest people on here and as I canít even remember the last time you properly made your presence known here i've had to mark you down. Itís a shame because youíre too good to be away so RETURN. Canít wait to see what you send to the bjsc (talk)
06 | gooddelta | Weíve never really spoken much to each other despite both being around for a fair few years. Youíre a staple around here though and always will be and I constantly admire your positive and well-informed attitude to whatever youíre posting about.
00 | Hadji | I donít think Iíve seen a totally cohesive or making sense post by you recently and all I ever here is how much of a radical troll you are.
09 | HarryEzra | Donít think I even knew who you were this time last year but a lot has changed since then. We talk most days now and you always manage to make me laugh either with some totally random and bonkers meme or an odd spelling mistake/comment that unintentionally makes me howl. Youíre a brilliant, bubbly and friendly person and Iím so grateful weíve had a chance to talk more! You can be quite shy and unassuming at times but really you donít need to be because you have buckets of personality that you should be showcasing to everyone else rather than trying to fit in all the time. Basically love you for YOU Harry so keep doing it lamfooo (y)

10 | Harve | While I am writing this I am 36 hours away from seeing you again WOOP. Youíre one of a few very dear friends to me, I get along with most but only a few I have that special connection with that extends long away from the site. The few times weíve met, Iíve always felt like youíre such a positive, caring and lovely person that Iím just lucky to have you as a friend. You make me laugh, ponder, debate, and really think about myself in only the way a special friend can. Weíve had some odd nights together, some weird and wonderful moments but I think through it all it has made us closer and really separated the crap from what matters. You have a wonderful sense of humour, a beautiful, creative mindset and a warm, glowing outlook on life that I am forever in awe of and wish to emulate myself. Thank you for the fun times and kind words and hereís to many, many to come (starting from NOW as we party the weekend away).
xx | HausofKubrick | Long live lonely thoughts.
02 | Hazza Chapman | Is this Abdul-Fareek? unsure.gif I donít go into the chart forum as often now but when I do youíre always there to post about a random song at #693 and how funneh the music video is or whatever. I donít understand most of your jokes or what youíre on about but you have muchly improved from Fareek and are now quite inoffensive *hopefully I donít speak too soon as I know these contests can bring out a different side to you* Overall, not too shabby~
09 | Iz~ | Youíre such a lovely soul and Iím glad weíve spoken a lot over the years because Iíve gone from being fairly indifferent to you to really liking you. You always manage to put smiles on peopleís faces when you interact with them and I think more than anything this past year youíve really grown into your role as Global Mod (thatís not to say you hadnít before, but I mean recently you OWN it). Youíre the most approachable person and the one that anyone on the site can go to, to get supportive and constructive help. A massive thanks for being such a rock on this place and for being such a good mate to talk to off it!
08 | Jack | Always been a fan and this year is no different! You seem to have distanced yourself from the site for various reasons but your presence is always welcomed. Itís been good seeing you air your opinions across the reality forum (even if most of them are that you are going to stop watching kink.gif) and youíll always be the most opinionated and to the point poster on here which is an art that is increasingly lost so please stick around and donít abandon us completely!
06 | Jacob Alan | Weíve interacted on Mario Kart before and it was quite a pleasant shock to see you arrive as a fully-fledged poster yourself on the site! Have never really interacted with you but everything Iíve seen has been fab and itís good to see you getting stuck in. While I donít think you can steal Izís crown just yet Iím sure a few months/years down the line heíll be quaking in his boots at being overshadowed by his brother.
10 | Jade | This time last year you were being pipped as the big thing to dominate this site with your beautiful, friendly demeanor and a year later that has not slipped in the slightest. Youíre one of the most kind, caring and sensitive people on here and Iíve loved seeing your rise from random gaga stan to all-round loved and adored princess (who better still stan gaga!). Your relationship with Bra is gorgeous, this will sound cheesy and very ďbig brother looking out for himĒ but you make him so happy so that is all I care about because heís a big part of my internet life and I honestly have not seen him as happy as he has been since being with you so long may it continue <3 I am glad weíve had a chance to talk more online, Iíve learnt so much more about you and really admire your sweetness and positive outlook on everything. Uni has helped you to become more confident and you seem so much more self-assured and I hope that continue on the site too. Been fun working alongside you in the lounge and youíve fitted in perfectly. Long may this reign continue~
06 | J▲hq | This one is very difficult. Iíve met you again since the last time we did this and I still have a lot of love for you but this past year youíve been a bit TOO forthcoming and one dimensional with your comments. Like I donít think Iíve seen a serious comment from you in any of our chats because everything relates to sexual innuendo and I havenít been able to enjoy it because itís all weíre getting. Itís just a minor niggle but I felt I had to say it! Still got time for you though ~

01 | Jake | Havenít spoke to you at all really recently and so havenít had much to go on apart from some of the drama that came previously. I do think youíre a decent person and it is all too often lost in translation when put onto the internet but I wonít lie that I would still find it quite difficult to hold a conversation with you and to interact with you fluidly on and off the site. I really think you need to scrap the indie forum post too because I rarely see you in there and someone else can be doing the job much better!
08 | JakeWild / #00274E | Such an eccentric and fun poster with bags of personality, wit and charm. Added to that your Instagram is always a DELIGHT and youíre just so damn cute with it. I think youíre an interesting poster and person and have so much to give and you do it with effortless humour and eccentricity. Always got time and love ~
10 | Jaˇ | A real friend of mine on here, someone who can effortlessly make me smile. A brilliant sense of humour that tickles me even when you donít mean it to. Only you can get a picture of a random Big Brother housemate and turn it into a meme that we send back and forth ad infinitum, every time making me giggle uncontrollably. Itís been an absolute pleasure to meet you twice(!) over the past year and both times youíve proven that youíre the charming, lovable and adorable man you are on here. The Mariah night was interesting, it was the most random and absurd concert viewing Iíve had and spending it with you made it eternally special. I love you so much Jay and Iím running out of ways to tell you, youíre a friend for life and Iíll always need to go to you whenever I need cheering up. We have so many moments together online and off and Iím genuinely so lucky to have you as a friend! What a poster ! Person was interesting ! Silly bitch !
05 | Jester | Since dropping down from your lofty positions I donít see much of you because I donít frequent the chart forum too much but youíre still an essential figure on here and Iíll never forget our Krusty Team victory all those years ago!

10 | Joe. | Really glad to have become so close with you this year! Our Marthas trips have been the highlights of my year and I hope they continue long into the future. Dancing to Britney, blasting Carly in the taxi and getting you shit Uber ratings Ė itís been wild! Youíve had ups and downs this past year but I want this rate to be a chance for you to be shown how much people care and enjoy your presence here. I feel youíre quite detached from the Lounge for whatever reasons but youíll always be welcomed here as long as Iím on the site so donít let it affect you!
08 | Jonjo | Have always found you very ďnice and kindĒ but this year youíve continued to become more opinionated and Iíve seen you sticking up for posters and really sharing your mind with us. Will always love your exuberant passion for artists and music and you always come across as such a LIKEABLE person. Your connections to your nieces and nephews and family is a wonderful thing to see and theyíd be so lucky to have such a loving role model such as yourself. Youíre always needed on here to lighten the mood and provide some positivity~
10 | JosephStyles | Youíve always been one of my real favourites on the site, mainly because you know when to listen and when to share your problems and I feel weíve always had that relationship where we can go to each other for whatever is on our minds. Much like Joe, I hope you donít let your own insecurities affect your enjoyment of this place because they are insecurities that shouldnít exist. Youíre a kind-hearted beautiful soul that is always on the look out for others. If I was to give some constructive criticism itíd be to really not let things get taken to heart so easily! I know itís easy to say that because only you know how you respond to comments, but just brush it off; youíre too positive to be brought down! This past year if I was to comment on something different that Iíve noticed itís that your sense of humour has blossomed into something beautiful. You make me laugh so much whether itís through a random meme weíve made up, or some stupid thing that is so normal but we subvert to make it into something iconic. SHOWBIZ. Suprisingly, Jseoph has made me laugh, which is suprising. SHOWBIZ biggrin.gif
08 | Josh. | Another real lovely sweetheart but one that hasnít been as involved this past year. We talk sporadically and itís always a joy so hopefully a lot more of that to come. Brilliant to see youíve enjoyed spending time in school Ė you have just the warm and friendly personality that children would love! Some *choice* opinions particularly about you know what, but on the whole youíre a well-rounded, much-liked member of this community and always warm and friendly to all. Reach for the sky~
06 | JSG | I donít really want to know about all of the drama thatís occurred, Iím just basing this on you and how youíve been with me Ė which is very pleasant. I only ever see you being overly positive and enthusiastic and that for me is a good thing?
09 | Klumzee | We havenít talked as much these past few months but I always love when you pop up. A real, firm favourite for me and someone who Iíd love to have as a real life friend~ You have such a cute and charming aura and it transcends onto the site too. I adore your music taste most of the time too, with brilliant BJSC entries and on the now rare occasions you do a chart, that too for new discoveries. Quirky but not overbearing, sweet but not saccharine and an all-round lovely poster and person. Forever underrated too~

08 | LeeWallace | Gosh weíve been through every emotion ever. From idolisation to friends to enemies to lovers to now matchmakers once you set me up with him x I can say after it all, itís made my friendship with you all the more special because I can just think back to how much I actually disliked talking to you and it makes me realise how far weíve come. That drunken night talking to you when Rob was with me cemented that I actually care about you because I was getting UPSET when Rob was shading you. Youíve become an essential part to my morning routines, I feel the need to send a shady message in the convo to annoy you and when you get annoyed it puts a smile on my face. We have such a shady and frantic friendship, Iím not like this with anyone else but I can confidently say that I FORGIVE and FORGET everything that happened a couple of years ago and I hope we can continue like this for the next year too. Please donít get offended when I shade you publicly too (o ) we do it so often in private then as soon as I post something on here you get genuinely upset and angry and I never know where I stand :S and please SET ME UP I AM SO f***ING THIRSTY FOR HIM. Could've been a 9 if you actually posted on here lmao.
02 | Leonardo | A low score because I donít really see much of you around here, sorry!
06 | lewistgreen | A solid new member of the site, with an interesting music taste and always contributing with precision. Donít know much about you away from your music but hopefully that can change in time!
08 | LexC | Mama lex ~ we used to talk a lot more than we do now (lamfooo all you do now is pop up and say hello and then NOTHING MORE what am I supposed to do). I have been busy myself tbf so our mama lex chats have ceased Ė I needed them this year too!!1 and itís good to see you moving up in the world with your own studying too <3 A lot of love despite our lack of bonding recently, stay classy, keep it cute, g0rl I still got you~
08 | Liam | Once of the first people I interacted with on here and whose faces I became familiar with, I feel you will always be that innocent young poster of a few years back. But MY have you grown as a person and a poster over the past few years. That sounds patronising af but this past year Iíve seen so much wit and humour in your posts and youíve really found yourself with uni and all the changes youíve been through. I will always have time for you both on here and off and although we donít really talk youíre an essential particularly during BB!
08 | liamk97 | my Madonna forum partner in crime. This past year working with you has been so enjoyable. You have just the same drive and passion as I do and I think together we make a wonderful duo, offering so much for the M fans and really giving her the appreciation she deserves. In 1-2-1 exchanges you are always kind and supportive and full of ideas! In the Lounge I do see a different side, a more opinionated and abrasive at times side but you always hold your guns and stick by them which is an admirable quality to have.
07 | Lindsey | I feel we havenít really exchanged much which explains this slightly lower score but everything I see from you is good so I am hoping we can really change the lack of communication between us over time (probably mainly because I donít plug as much:í(). Youíre a brilliant part of the forum, offering an alternative, rockier side to proceedings and while we wonít share many crossovers in our music listening tastes, I admire how passionate you are about music in general. Basically we need to talk more and hopefully I can start to pay more attention to your posts and personality over the next year to increase this score!
03 | Mack | Not one to over-emote or share many feelings but youíve done a brilliant job in the sports forum just a shame I donít frequent that forum lol.

08 | Mart!n | omfg Mikey I love you so much lmao. Everything you SAY in the #shoutbox is pre-packaged instant meme worthy. I donít think there is anyone else like you on the PLANET let alone this site, youíre so serious at times but at most others youíre completely bonkers. I finally fully get you and I love it. Never stop.
01 | Martyn | Donít really know much about you sorry! Poor excuse but have to base it on something~
06 | Math | You seem to have gone AWOL this past year when I really thought it was going to be YOUR TIME. You only ever really pop up to say youíve been sleeping and thatís why you couldnít vote in the BJSC lmao so LESS SLEEPING more time spent on here please! Definitely one for next year/the future if you keep going though *.*
08 | Mattias | Been good to work alongside you throughout this year. I will admit I never really understood you a few years ago, you seemed to not like me or something and were quite cold with your posts but either I was majorly misjudging you or youíve changed considerably because now youíre the total opposite! Totally vivacious and phresh around the forum with a tonne of ideas to get people talking and a lovely soul to go with it. I will say calm down a bit with the over analysis and the panicking Ė this site needs to be fun at all times so just chill ha!
08 | Maurice | I only know you through Jay previously but itís been good (and HILARIOUS) to talk with you this year in *that* convo and you legit make me howl with your random, sexualised, absurd comments. I love how open you are with your feelings and I feel like weíre such a good support network for each in there that it makes it possible. Hopefully many more Maurice moments to come over the next year Ė you need to bring that personality onto here! Keep slaying with those food snaps, boys~ and banter. This was a 9 but because you don't post as much on BJ I had to use it as a reason to deduct you so I could have my 7 9's! sad.gif
07 | mdh / memedh |
Thank GOD you got an 11
oops you got a 7
08 | Michael / #BJSCSLAYERRRRRR | mellow.gif YASSSSSSSsssssssssssssssSSSs where has this transformation come from? The RATE REVENGE worked because since then people have seen a different, totally endearing personality. Your involvement on the site has mellowed slightly and yet you still offer the MOMENTS that make us all howl. An honoury shoutbox clique member and true supporter of the great, powerful shoutbox mod that is ME so I have nothing but respect for you now. I watched with bated breath as you hosted the BJSC thinking it would be a total nightmare but you held it together and proved that you have a lot of substance away from the capital letters and CRAZINESS!
04 | ML Hammer95 | I am so glad I chose you to take over my role in the urban forum. It was only natural that I should because youíre such a keen music fan particularly in that genre. Youíre doing a fabulous job in there (y)
06 | mr_pmt | still trying to arrange that second meet up but for now I still enjoy your presence on Twitter and on here (although it seems to be less frequent now Ė or am I looking in the wrong places).
06 | Nick F1 | Iíve never had strong opinions either way about you good or bad, and thatís the same this year! Youíre a lovely, pleasant person who I havenít interacted with. Just donít ever take part in Lady Gaga or Madonna rates or polls because I always disagree with your opinions lmao. Stick to Britney ~
05 | Ninjabait | Because Iím not as present on plug, I feel I have missed a lot about you! From what I have seen, youíre very lovely and genuine itís just really not been enough ON THE SITE which is what I am rating for here. Still, make yourself known more here and youíre bound to strike high like a ninja.
08 | Noahspike | Gosh this rate is making me realise how little I see of and talk to so many of you! Youíre another major one but that doesnít even matter because your intellectual and warm personality oozes out of every post you make. It feels like every single contribution you make to the site is well thought out, meticulous and detailed. A brilliant quality for any poster to have, let alone one with such a killer music taste and devoted passion for music.
08 | notfurlong | I am cheating here because if I was to rate you based on your involvement on the SITE youíd be getting a 3 because youíve been so ABSENT but youíre more than just a poster on here youíre a real life FRIEND for me so Iíve obviously boosted you up considerably. A real gent, brilliantly well-spoken and incredibly warm. I look forward to all of our meet-ups and while weíve both had busy years this past year (with jobs/boys) it was incredible to see you for that B'ham meet up. We just need more of them because I always look forward to them profusely and then miss them so deeply. But whatever the time between them, I know youíre always there for a friendly hug and chat! Lots of love ~
07 | Oliver | A staple on here now, very hit and miss with BJSC but when youíre good youíre AMAZING. The main memory I have of you is that iconic rabbit night where you fell asleep and youíre just so down-to-earth and normal. Permanently drunj so a man after my own heart~

07 | Oricon | YU ARGH: what a year youíve had ;o full of highs and lows but you always remain so bubbly and effervescent. We really donít talk that much now but I suspect with LG5 around the corner we may be seeing a bit more of each other wub.gif I know you work hard behind the scenes in BJSC and donít always get the recognition you deserve but youíre so hard working and I feel you deserve it. I rarely see you post outside of that forum which explains the slightly lower score but I always have time and love for you!
08 | Pavel / ������ | Gosh my first ever 11! The first person to ever really talk to me and the first person (I think) that I actually met on the site. For those reasons youíll always be a real friend of mine but weíd be foolish to think we havenít drifted somewhat the past two years. Not sure if itís just because of a change in the paces of both of our lives Ė neither are as overtly free as we used to be! But regardless youíre a proper part of my life and I thank you for so much that came out of this place because as I said if it wasnít for you Iíd be a NOBODY on here and wouldnít have had half of the amount of love that Iíve shared on here.
06 | popchartfreak | Always deep and thoughtful with your posts and brilliantly optimistic Ė many could learn a lot from your style. Donít think we have much in common and have rarely interacted which explains the lower score but I do look forward to whatever you have to say about whatever topic you post in!
09 | princess_lotti | The best newbie FOR SURE. I donít know where you came from but you have cascaded yourself onto the site in absolutely brilliant, bonkers and beautiful style. Youíre an integral part to the site now, bringing out hilarious and sometimes deep conversations in the Lounge, youíre a fantastic music provider in the BJSC, youíre a lovely co-mod to have in the Gaga forum and youíre an all-round breath of fresh air off the site too. I donít get all the in-jokes that you have but I donít need to because youíre so accepting that your hilarious personality makes most things you do funny anyway lmao. This has been an incredible year for you, and I can see you doing fantastically here and itíd be so well deserved because youíre a shining personality. It's only not a 10 because i talk to others a lot more! Enjoy all of the love you get in this thread and donít let it change your humble, warmness!
07 | Qassšndra | Donít think our wires cross too often on here but youíre a BJ legend and stupendously hilarious when I do see one of your posts.

08 | Qween / Johnkm | A lovely personality behind all the SHADE and faux QUEENness and a real friend to me during the past few years. Weíve gone to each other with BOY catchups, FAMILY gossip and everything shady and secretive in between. I consider you to be one of the strongest presences on the site and a reliable source of good inputs and well written posts. We haven't talked as much this year so i've had to bring the score down A TAD.
05 | Regina | A lot has gone on with you and others this past year. I wonít deny that itís affected me to see that someone who was one of the first people to welcome me onto the site and one of the first few people I got talking to was being described and perceived so negatively. This is my take on it~ no you are not a bully, you are a sharp-tongued, dry humoured person whose intentions are good but they are not always portrayed like that. There was about a month where I noticed myself that 90% of your posts were really negative and unnecessarily so which isnít always a bad thing obviously but it did get a bit tiring. With this came a few choice snide remarks to several posters on here who you probably were not the biggest of fans of Ė with some of these they certainly did not help themselves but with others it was unwarranted. I am so glad that I think it may have all cleared up because as Iíve said itís sad to see anyone being dragged let alone people I care/cared about! I hope you are in a better place and without the need to be ďomg so happy!!1Ē I think we all just want to see the jokey and shady Regina back not the angry and venomous one we had for some points in this year. Still, youíve never really upset me, only others that post on the forum that have come seeking help so this rate is based on how youíve been to me, what Iíve seen and how others have felt with you in their presence. I think all of this coming to light will have cleared the air and hopefully everyone can move on because it hasnít been nice to see for any party!
03 | Richie | Donít know much about you except for the Disney loving *.* that is kool ~
07 | Riser | *Riser logs out of BJ* a delightful person on the site who I have yet to see make a negative comment about practically anything lmao. I am envious of how happy and cheerful you always seem and I hope that continues.
07 | Rob S~ | ;o #cliqueshoutbox massif although you havenít been as prominent on there recently ohmy.gif still a poster with a kind soul and although I donít always get your jokes or banter itís part of the charm especially in the shoutbox heehee.gif

11 | Robot | How do I even begin to start commenting on genuinely the most important (non-blood, non-dog) person in my life? mellow.gif Iíll start with a gigantic THANK YOU. A thank you for being the kindest, funniest, craziest, most outrageously fabulous friend a guy could ever ask for. Itís approaching 3 years since we became so close and before that it was merely ďoh that Rob guy is cool but he hates me lamfoooĒ but it soon became so much more and turned into a special bond that I have cherished throughout. That first year we used to talk every single day without fail, then we mellowed and only turned to each other when we needed support. The past year and a bit though itís returned to being a beautiful connection we have where we often know what the other is thinking and can laugh and joke our way through anything. Onto our MEETS which are genuinely always the highlights of my month. Weíve become so regular with them that they never feel like meet-ups now, theyíre just two friends getting together having an absolute ball for 48 hours and then immediately missing them and looking forward to the next which is never far around the corner. The past few meets have been INTENSE with boyfriend drama, sitting on bag traumas, AUSTIN SERVING AT THE BAR, the most fierce of ladies befriending us and everything in between. I never stop thinking about how lucky I am to have you as a friend and how many hilarious and crazy memories weíve managed to rack up over the years and I deeply look forward to all the ones weíre still to make. I love our jokes that no one else will understand, I love how musical crossovers and iconic playlists, I love our snapchat stories and wacky dancing, I love the I Wanna Go Britney video, I love watching Big Brother and so many other shows with you, I love the way my friends now know and love you as much as I do, I love our chats be them intense and serious or tongue-in-cheek and jokey and most of all I love BALBOT and wish it never ever falters. You make me so happy when i'm feeling shit and while I may sometimes get a bit angsty when i've had a bit too much to drink, know that anything I say that is even remotely negative is not true because I only have positive feels for you (except for during BJSC lmao.). I really don't know what i'd do without having a meet-up to look forward to or knowing that you're there to just TALK if I need it. Youíre a huge rock in my life and Iím so thankful for it. A brilliant friend and companion, I look forward to seeing CARLY RAE f***ING JEPSON in a week and our cute road trip there! Too much love, forever and always <3 #ohwell
05 | Rooney | This is a difficult one because I have so much respect for you as a poster (and youíre fit). I admire your passion for the site, your strong grip and control over it and the dedication with which you care about it and its posters. I havenít always agreed with the way youíve run certain things, but I guess you donít get to the top with having everyone agreeing with you so I firmly believe we need your p.o.v. in order to make this place work. I do sometimes feel that behind the scenes you can tend to focus on the negatives lmao and not give as much appreciation as you possibly could. Itís a slight difference in our personalities Ė I would rather here the good things so we can continue those rather than what weíre not doing well which could ultimately demotivate us. Lmao this is like a work feedback form from the real world but you are like my BOSS so accept it (and Iím trying hard not to LUST after you so Iím discussing other things!)
09 | Ryan. | blush.gif RYAN we havenít met since the last rate and this upsets me greatly :í( I miss you can we make sure we do it this Summer? I feel like this hasnít been a vintage year for you though, I donít think youíve been the usual quirky, cheery ryan weíre used to and instead this powerhouse shady flex-y one has appeared. I am not complaining for AT LEAST one of those facets but for the others, calm down a bit lmao~ I still adore you and have such a laugh with you even if most of it is shading my favourite artists or whatever. Iím glad youíre part of the BJSC team (if you stop f***ing vetoing my artists) because you are the most scarily organised and meticulous person on this website so youíre perfect for that job! I'm sure I've pissed you off no end this year with my complaints but please be gentle with me in your rate sad.gif Just let you-know-what have its moment in my anniversary contest :í(
07 | SevenSeize | Adore your quirky personality and ~interesting take on most things on the forum. I do think it can sometimes border on TOO MUCH like everything is a joke but thatís part of who you were and I wouldnít want that to change, I just donít always get it lmao. BJSC debuters, we will always have that connection of starting off in the best contest theyíve ever had. Really happy you got the indie forum role, youíre perfect for it and have such an eclectic taste in music :3
07 | Silas | This past year Iíve really warmed to you as a person. It took me a while to warm to you as a poster (with intimidation gate) but that is long in the past and I now consider you to be a really devoted and caring person. Iíve loved your involvement in the Lounge behind the scenes and your ideas to help continue it moving along nicely. You still seem so overworked here manning like every forum going but you are the perfect delegator and itís been an absolute pleasure to share in the ideas this past year. I feel like I can come to you to discuss things now, which is a long way away from when I started on the site laugh.gif
03 | Soy AdriŠn / Charlie | Donít see you anywhere on the site now! I used to value your contributions so definitely start posting more [3]

10 | Spinning Adam / memebury. | mellow.gif hi.gif blush.gif I have basically always been a fan (I think) but this year has cemented that. Youíre one of the funniest, zaniest, most eccentric mellow.gif people on here and the forum would be a much quieter and calmer affair without you. Itíd be silly not to mention the shoutbox in a comment about you because that is where you shine, overtaking me as top shouter, but NEVER claiming my shoutbox moderator role cool2.gif Ė itís the perfect place for you to express your personality and indulge in memes all day erríday. I find you utterly superb in your mannerisms and eccentricities mellow.gif and really wish this is the moment that everyone else latches onto it too. Youíre clever, funny, witty and random and we need more of you on this site. Iím trying to think of the most apt meme to use but imma just post this instead and you can find one yourself:
05 | Suedehead2 | A rock in the middle of this hard place. The approachable, human admin that is always on hand to help out with issues and ensure things are running smoothly. Bare respect ~
08 | T Boy | Madonna is so f***ing old lmao. And you are so f***ing funneh where was this T Boy in the past!? Iíve really grown to respect your humour this year and I think youíd be an utterly wonderful teacher to your kids because you have the perfect balance of wit and intelligence. I have loved you in the #shoutbox and throughout the Lounge and itíd be a shame if you continued to go so unnoticed in these contests!
00 | Taylor Jago | I literally have no idea on this one, Iím sorry!
02 | ThePensmith | Well youíve definitely improved from the rabid boyband/olly murs loon that I remember from a few years ago and youíre quite pleasant in the pop forum now! You come across really well-educated on the artists you post about and make me think about things in different ways at times but ultimately I donít think we have much at all in common!
00 | TheSnake | I donít think Iíve seen a post from you but the Taylor association canít be a good thing!
08 | *Tim | Gosh what a year youíve had! Youíve gone on to become a tour de force in BJSC and have become a staple member across the board. From the ambigious atrl-lite shader to the full blown messT you are now youíve had a real journey that even BURKE herself would be proud of. I donít always think the shade is warranted but I do know that you mean well most of the time and because youíre such a friendly person all the other times, I donít take it to heart. One of the funniest on here with ha shade, donít come for my weave on this thing ok. Keep scalping, microwaving, photosynthesising and OWNING your way to the top ~
07 | Toby / Devan | I have gone through phases of adoring you to not getting you at all to know accepting you warts and all. Youíre such an oddball but itís become quite lovable again lmao. You seem to talk permanently in riddles or in jokes but when I understand them, theyíre funny itís all just a bit MUCH at times which explains why you donít have the highest of scores.
04 | troublepink | I admire your dedication in the Pink forum, youíre such a devoted fan and being the same for artists I love, I respect that quality in you. Liking your few interactions in the lounge too, just wish they were more frequent.
09 | Tyler | What an absolute BABE. For me, the single funniest person on the website (I have jokers away from here but you totally own it ON HERE). Your love and passion for Britney is something that I will forever respect, it shows how much space you have in your heart because you can give SO MUCH to her and still have enough left over to be so pleasant to everyone else on here. The way you express yourself is continually hilarious and provocative and I love every single bit of it. It hasnít been an easy ride with so much going on around you, but just know that you are loved on this website and it will always be a home for you. Youíre such a bright, energetic and passionate person, weíre lucky to have someone like you and Iím so glad we have started to talk more! Continue to make us ooh~ <3
08 | Ultraviolence1989 | A lovely, beautifully-souled individual that is maturing by the day into an essential poster. You seem to have calmed down a lot of the niggling teething problems from when you joined the site and are now a hard-working and well-oiled cog in this machine. Youíre dedication to the movie forum is great to see, you do an incredible job keeping it going and ensuring that everyone is made to feel welcome in it while at the same time making people think, discuss and share in your love of movies. If you were moderator of the entire site, itíd be such a brighter, friendlier, (messier Ė some of those colour choices wot) and loving place! Keep shining ~
04 | Umi | We havenít always seen eye to eye in the past, never hating but sometimes not getting each other. This year is similar in that you havenít posted anywhere near as much but when you do it can at times come across v abrupt and cold. Itís no bad thing but itís just not for me and I donít always get your (admittedly intellectual) humour or sharp comments.
-1 | vidcapper | You have done yourself no favours with some comments in the Lounge over the past year. I am sure youíre a lovely person irl but my gosh I disagree with practically everything you post about on here and thatís all I have to base this score on!
02 | VŁlker | I think weíre all over Pav-Gate but without that I donít really know much more about you lmao. I like some of your BJSC songs but yeah thatís about it.

I got a golden ticket, i'm out.
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Mr Jade Lauren Williams <333
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QUOTE(Josh. @ Jul 29 2016, 09:27 PM) *
Basically at work all week next week then on holiday so banged this out on about two days when I had spare moments, sorry if any of the comments are a bit shit :(((((((((

07 | 152chris /\/\ I really appreciate your posting style but don't think our paths cross very much so I don't see many of your posts around at all.
07 | AdamAloud /\/\ I enjoy reading your posts when I see them but I'm not a huge, huge Eurovision fan so I only get to see them in Artist Forums sometimes sad.gif
07 | Andr00w /\/\ I was a fan of your posts last year too but really starting to read your posts more often, definitely improving all the time!
06 | Atonement /\/\ I don't think we cross paths very often but I've never had a problem with any of your posts at all
06 | *Ben* /\/\ I do wish you'd post some more but I appreciate all the work you do in the UK Charts forum.
07 | bipolar_angel /\/\ You have some of my favourite posts actually, you have some fun views on TV shows and things that I like to read and I love the idea of a daily 'what are you up to?' sort of thread too.
09 | Brť /\/\ Every post remains a delight to read, a shame to see you fade away from the UK Charts forum a little bit but your other posts elsewhere on the forum are equally fantastic so I won't complain!
06 | Brett-Butler /\/\ We don't post much in the same subforums but it's cool you were on the TV game show you really wanted to be on (100 to 1, right?)!
08 | burbe /\/\ Wonderful new addition to the forum, love reading your opinions in various parts of the forum, I think we could be personal chart buds too if I ever get around to posting mine again laugh.gif You have lovely music taste!
06 | Cal /\/\ You only really post in the BJSC or ESC forums much nowadays so I never see your posts anymore, still a fan though!!
06 | *Callumô /\/\ I don't see loads of your posts but I always enjoy them when I do!
08 | Cameron /\/\ A nice guy, always posting funny posts and you radiate a lovely energy smile.gif What's not to like?
06 | Cassidy /\/\ I don't remember you from back in the day but I've enjoyed your more recent posts so I'm glad you're back laugh.gif
10 | Chez Wombat /\/\ Love to read all your posts, always so interesting and well-written, without a doubt one of my favourite posts.
08 | Cody Collins /\/\ Funny guy and good taste in twinks wink.gif
00 | Colm /\/\ I don't really see any of your posts, not a malicious 0 but you have to give them out and I don't recall any interactions with you.
06 | Common Sense /\/\ Nowhere near as bad as everyone makes you out to be, you actually post some quite interesting stories from time to time that I do enjoy reading!
07 | Cremey /\/\ v swaggy and cool but we haven't interacted very much
07 | Cucumberella / Leww /\/\ queen of funny posts, always making me laugh and I adore your style of posting!!
08 | dandy* /\/\ I wish you would post more because your posts are always well-written and thought out, you have a lovely sense of humour too!
08 | danG /\/\ A fountain of UK charts information, you always post great content in the UK Charts side of the forum, and have lovely taste in music!
07 | Davidson /\/\ Always like reading what you recommend or say on music that I'm not quite as knowledgeable on, you have a lovely way with words!
08 | dhwe /\/\ I enjoy your posts on all things charts, especially the US side of things too as I like keeping up with those when I can!
09 | Dobbo /\/\ Personal charts bud (when I can be bothered to post them) and all round nice guy with interesting posts too biggrin.gif
07 | Doctor Blind /\/\ Your humour is my fav thing about you, always very funny, I wish I saw more of you around!
07 | Ethan /\/\ Sick poster ~ music.gif It's nice to see you post in Uk Charts a lot and when I do, I always enjoy reading your posts.
07 | Froot. /\/\ You don't seem to be as prominent as you were last year but still full of quality whenever I see one of your posts!
07 | gooddelta /\/\ A lovely guy from what I can see but I don't think we frequent many of the same subforums.
-1 | Hadji /\/\ You talk a lot of rubbish in the UK Charts forum tbh.
10 | HarryEzra /\/\ Probably one of the members I interact with the most and you're always so pleasant to be around, I love reading yours views on movies and songs, two of my main likes so it's always a pleasure to read your posts! Good taste in men too wink.gif
00 | Harve /\/\ I don't recall seeing any of your posts in the last year, just not sure we browse the same forums anymore
10 | HausofKubrick /\/\ One of my favourite people to talk to on here, extremely easy to talk to, extremely friendly, extremely funny, and I love seeing what you're up to. Thanks for giving me careers advice too, it's really helped me realise much more clearly what profession I'd like to have in the future and how to get there heart.gif
07 | Hazza Chapman /\/\ I like to read your posts in Sports if I ever look in there and UK Charts too, yet another good addition to the forum biggrin.gif
09 | Iz~ /\/\ Still love all of your posts, all very interesting and sophisticated and you do a great job as mod of all too laugh.gif
07 | Jack /\/\ I don't see much of you outside of Movies but I always enjoy your posts in there, it's nice to see your reviews of films and other movie news when you do post there!
07 | Jacob Alan /\/\ I have not seen loads of your posts yet but from what I have seen, you seem to be a great new poster and I hope to see more of your around.
08 | Jade /\/\ You always have such bubbly posts which makes you a very nice person to be around, definitely a big part of the forum and you deserve all the praise you receive!
11 | J▲hq /\/\ Was hard deciding my 11 but you've always been so welcoming to me and you always read and respond or refer to what I post which is a lovely feeling. Whenever I watch a movie I always hope you've watched it too so I can read your review of it afterwards too laugh.gif You always make interesting comments elsewhere in the forum too so this 11 definitely feels like the right choice! biggrin.gif
07 | Jake /\/\ Still a fan of your posts when I see them but I'm not sure we often browse the same subforums.
07 | JakeWild / #00274E /\/\ a cool dude
08 | Jaˇ /\/\ Always very friendly and kind to everyone, and your posts always have a charm to them, I love reading what you have to say and your charts are beautifully presented too laugh.gif
07 | Jester /\/\ Always top quality posts when you do post but I wished you posted more sad.gif
10 | Joe. /\/\ So friendly and talkative, very easy to get a long with, perfect sense of humour and you have a lot of the same interests as me so I get to read a lot of your posts! Fantastic twitter too wink.gif
10 | Jonjo /\/\ I adore reading your posts all over the forum, especially in Movies where you always give well-written and thought-out reviews and you're always so friendly too. A fantastic poster that I always look forward to reading posts from.
09 | JosephStyles /\/\ Always so welcoming and always up for a laugh too, you're a lovely presence on the forum and I'm glad that you're so prominent in a lot of the forums I browse a lot too <3
xx | Josh.
07 | JSG /\/\ You seem to have faded out a bit this past year in terms of posting as much, I hope you won't take a long break from the site though </3
08 | Kl▲mzee /\/\ Always look forward to your posts although I don't see them as much anymore sad.gif
05 | leewallace /\/\ Still a funny guy but I was a bit disappointed with all the fixing allegations and then you dropped off the map too sad.gif
05 | Leonardo /\/\ I wish you posted more really but I appreciate the work you do on the reshuffle chart!
08 | lewistgreen /\/\ We haven't interacted much but I do love reading your posts, always something interesting to say so I'm sort of a distant admirer tongue.gif
06 | LexC /\/\ A funny but it's a shame you don't post as much anymore sad.gif
07 | Liam /\/\ Hard-working mod and I like reading your posts in the pop forum especially, and when you talk about trashy tv laugh.gif
09 | liamk97 /\/\ Always have interesting posts and I always look forwrd to a personal charts comment from you as they're always such a good read! biggrin.gif
08 | Lindsey /\/\ It's nice to have such a prominent member, you seem to have loads of interests/post everywhere so I can always find a good new post from you in whatever area I'm browsing laugh.gif
07 | Mack /\/\ I'm glad that you have revived the Sports forum and I enjoy reading your posts there especially, whenever I visit that subforum!
06 | Mart!n /\/\ I appreciate your hardwork in the UK Charts subforum, it's a shame you don't post loads outside or there
06 | Martyn /\/\ I don't see you post much as we don't really frequent the same subforums but you always seem friendly and that's a great quality to have.
06 | M§th /\/\ A huge shame you rarely post anymore, I hope real life struggles iron out soon and you can continue posting here more!
08 | Mattias /\/\ Glad you've posted so much more this past year or so and really come out of your shell. You always have unique views on things so it's always nice to read what you think!
06 | Maurice /\/\ I enjoy your posts in the Artist Forums but don't see you loads outside of there sad.gif
08 | mdh /\/\ One of my favourite new posters for sure, already starting to click on threads when I see you've posted as your posts are always full of quality, very glad to have you here!!
08 | Michael / #BJSCHOSTERRRRRR /\/\ Yay at you winning everyone over this year! Glad everyone is starting to appreciate the madness, I always did laugh.gif
09 | ML Hammer95 /\/\ You're insights on your real life are always really interesting, you have a wonderful taste in music and I love reading what you have to say on new music/the charts too. We haven't interacted much but I always enjoy your posts from afar!
07 | mr_pmt /\/\ You're a nice guy for sure and I do enjoy your posts but not sure if our paths cross very often
00 | Nick F1 /\/\ You sort of stopped posting altogether which is a shame sad.gif
00 | Ninjabait /\/\ Never seen any of your posts at all, you seem to be really popular though so I wish you'd post some more!
08 | Noahspike /\/\ Still such a quality poster and I love reading each and every one of your posts, such a huge shame you hardly ever post anymore sad.gif
07 | notfurlong /\/\ Really started appreciating you more this year, I love seeing you pop in the movies forum from time to time too!
08 | Oliver /\/\ You make me laugh and I like your posts about your life, definitely one of the posters that makes me laugh the most!
06 | Oricon /\/\ Never see you around anymore since I stopped taking part in BJSC but you're still very helpful and I'm sure you work hard behind the scenes.
07 | Pavel / ������ /\/\ Love your posting style and you do make me laugh lots, I only really get to see you around in the Lounge though sad.gif
06 | popchartfreak /\/\ A very lovely guy, not a bad bone in your body and that really shines through in all of your posts.
08 | princess_lotti /\/\ One of my favourite new posters for sure, you seem to have slotted in seamlessly and I'm glad you've found the site now! I appreciate all the hard work you put into hosting a lot on the forums too.
06 | Qassšndra /\/\ Much more approachable now I think although I'm not sure if that's because I'm more confident on here now laugh.gif
08 | Qween /\/\ A great sense of humour and I appreciate all the hard work you do as a global mod.
10 | Regina /\/\ We interact lots in the Movie forums and I adore your sense of humour too. You actually have really good taste in men too, I'm not sure what everyone's on about?!
05 | richie /\/\ A lovely new poster, I hope you continue to post more, especially on other parts of the site.
09 | Riser /\/\ Still one of my favourite posters and all round nice guy, I wish you would post more nowadays though </3
08 | Rob S /\/\ One of my personal charts buds when I post one, I always look forward to receiving a comment from you and reading through them : D
08 | Robot /\/\ We don't really interact much but I've always thought you come across as lovely and that definitely shows in your posts.
06 | Rooney /\/\ I didn't really get Lounge shutdown gate and that's the only time I've really seen you post much lol.
06 | Ryan. /\/\ We don't really post in the same subforums at all anymore but I still appreciate your presence and personality from previous years.
08 | SevenSeize /\/\ Love your eccentricity and that definitely makes you one of the more unique posters around which is always a good thing
07 | Silas /\/\ You work really hard as a mod and that's definitely noticeable, although I don't really see many of your posts outside of mod mode.
00 | Soy AdriŠn / Charlie /\/\ I don't think we really share very many interests so I don't recall any of your posts from the last year really..
08 | Spinning Adam / memebury. /\/\ Such a friendly guy and I love your omnipresence on the site, I always know you're nearby with another funny/mad post round the corner and I love that about you laugh.gif
05 | Suedehead2 /\/\ I don't really see any of your posts anymore on the main site but I understand there's a lot you probably do behind the scenes as an admin! I like to read your chart commentaries as well if I get a moment!
08 | T Boy /\/\ You have a dry sense of humour that I appreciate and your insights into teaching life are always funny, glad you post a lot in the Lounge too which one of my main browsing areas biggrin.gif
06 | Taylor Jago /\/\ I enjoy your posts in the charts forum and personal charts too, would be nice to see you in the Lounge more often!
06 | ThePensmith /\/\ You seem very sophisticated and knowledgeable, we all like Olly Murs but it would be nice to see you post about other things more often too because I'd love to see more of your posts!
00 | TheSnake / Mountain Marquis /\/\ I don't really 'get' many of your posts.
08 | *Tim /\/\ Gif and meme queen, lav your posting style lots!!
07 | Toby /\/\ Definitely a humorous presence on the forum, I laugh a lot at your posts and I'm thankful for that biggrin.gif
07 | troublepink /\/\ Really interesting personality and you definitely are very interesting, it would be nice to see you post more outside of the Pink subforum.
08 | Tyler /\/\ One of the funniest posters on the site for sure, make me laugh a lot and I love the insights you give on your life too, glad you never stay away from the site for too long!
10 | Ultraviolence1989 /\/\ Basically all of what I said to Jahq, you always make me feel welcomed by responding to my posts, you're always so friendly in PMs and in your posts, you're so enthusiastic and I love reading your movies posts/reviews/ anything movie related! laugh.gif One of my top posters for sure and I love that we share so many of the same interests heart.gif
07 | Umi /\/\ I like how sophisticated and thoughtful your posts are, definitely quality not quantity but it's a shame you don't post more.
05 | vidcapper /\/\ Sometimes you have some questionable views but you do a lot for the charts side of the forum and I appreciate that!
06 | VŁlker /\/\ Don't see many of your posts around but you do seem nice and I like your pists when I see them.
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Mr Jade Lauren Williams <333
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QUOTE(T Boy @ Jul 29 2016, 10:15 PM) *
I'm sorry, did I just drop something?
06 | 152chris-I've finally started to notice you more and I quite enjoy your humour. I can tell from previous rates that you don't like me at all but I'd like to think that could be changed
03 | AdamAloud-I never see you around which is a shame because you've always seemed alright.
02 | Andr00w-not as annoying as last year but still pretty meh. At least you're no longer announcing massive returns after 3 minute absences.
02 | Atonement-I feel rubbish with this but I just don't notice you.
04 | *Ben*-you work hard in the chart forum but I've noticed you to be awfully grouchy of late. Yes, this is coming from me.
05 | bipolar angel-you're a nice addition to the forum but I'm in two minds. I think your contributions are great though I'm not really into the daily lounge threads. However, I think I struggle with interacting with you. A lot of comments you make is normally make a cutting remark about but with you I feel like I can't. You've amassed somewhat of a fan base here though so I think you'll be fine.
08 | Brť-five years ago, I could not stand you but now I feel you're extremely essential. Very intelligent and witty although I feel you've not been around much of late? Could just be me paying f*** all attention as usual though. And I love Brade. You're definitely relationship material as you've essentially become one entity and I muchly approve. Keep listening to Moves Like Jagger.
03 | Brett-Butler-I've always liked you but it does feel like you're not here much anymore. However when you do post, it's always something of substance.
07 | burbe-a relative newbie that I have time for! You're comments are often quite humorous though I do notice you most in the Eastenders threads. Keep posting, you fit right in.
03 | Cal-someone else I just don't see anymore.
05 | *Callumô-I think I couldn't stand you 2 years ago (was that you? Too many Callums tbh) but it seems you've matured and I want this score to show my appreciation of that.
09 | Cameron-definitely a fave right here. I have never see you make a hateful remark about anyone and yet you're not one of these Ďlove the positivity!!!1!í Loons that have plagued the site of late. You appreciate EE and Anastacia so you're like my favourite anyway even if you weren't such a decent personality.
08 | Cassidy-I love that you've returned yet am saddened that, though a member back then, I wasn't nearly active enough to get to know you then. You've got a great sense of humour and your returns, though brief, are always memorable. Plus you're a teacher and I love teachers.
09 | Chez Wombat-a staple of the forum now and, I feel, one of the most intelligent members here. I'd like to see you soar higher this year. Plus you went out on a limb and five me a 9 last year which NO ONE EVER DOES so go you.
02 | Cody Collins-yeah, I think you've gone back to annoying me. I often find you quite try hard at the best of times but I've often found myself weeping for humanity over your comments this last year. You're reaction during the Lee stuff was nauseating with the Ďlets just move on and pretend it didn't happen!í remarks plus your worry that people would hold Lee accountable for the devious stuff he did. Plus I believe you're one of the Ďdon't be mean to new postersí crew. You definitely have potential as a post but for now, you're not impressing me like you used to.
05 | Colm-a middling mark. I've appreciated you in the past and often rate you high but then I usually get a low one in return without comment. So I don't know what I need to do to change you're opinion because, despite good concepts, I never get feedback. I also can't really work out where you're coming from in your posts
00 | Common Sense-yes, you provide meme-worth material and in recent years you've been Ďnot as badí but during Brexit you were a pill and I shanít forget it.
05 | Cremey-I say it every year but I know your username but I never notice you post!
07 | Cucumberella / Leww-I feel like you'd gone off the radar until recently but I noticed you a bit more again a few weeks back. You're funny, you talk sense, please stick around.
08 | dandy*-I like it when you breeze into a topic as there's always a sense of maturity I can appreciate. You also have to ability to make fun of yourself.
04 | danG-I like you at times but at other times you annoy me. I often find you a bit one dimensional, particularly your music taste and going on and on about how amazing streaming is.
00 | Davidson-are you still here? I've never been a huge fan.
04 | dhwe-I wanted to rate you higher because I've found you interesting this past year and I didn't know who you were last year. But I do feel like you've dropped off the radar?
06 | –ÝŖŖÝ-I find myself often disagreeing with your musical opinions and yet you don't annoy me at all. It's good to see you becoming active all over the forum.
05 | Doctor Blind-I've always sort of respected you but I can also find you pompous at times. Like you feel the need to be above it all rather than muck in and enjoy yourself.
00 | Ethan-I find you quite repellent if I'm honest. Your obsession with Drake and streaming makes me feel mildly nauseous because you often repeat the same things and I don't think much of your political views but then I try to ignore them.
08 | Froot.-you are one of my favourite and humorous members. But it feels you've been gone some time? Please make the impakt you once did, I've appreciated your presence since Neon Tigers.
08 | gooddelta-always going to be a fave but returns have been diminishing. Your presence will always remind me of the glorious pop era of 1998-2004 and you continue to be one of the kindest yet most straight talking people here. Legend.
00 | Hadji-I mean what the f*** are you? I have reached out to you directly in posts and yet you still have no human reaction to anything. You got mauled all over the site for your daft comments but WHERE IS THE f***ING RESPONSE??? Why post here, limited as your discussion is, if you're not going to properly converse with people? You still think Jenny Fisher is the devil and because she hate Adele, Snake and Rihanna that is why they don't appear on you fave CDs. You still are abnormally scared of long running no.1s and think you know how every artist should promote their music. Drake is too selfish to let One Dance on Now 94!!! I can only comment on music here because you haven't let us know about you.
08 | HarryEzra-I didn't notice you in time for the rate last year but I've definitely felt your presence this past year. Keep going, you're definitely one of the future greats (take this as you will since it comes from someone whoís spent the past decade just being Ďthereí).
05 | Harve-I don't notice you as much as I used to.
10 | HausofKubrick-why was I such a f***ing nob 3 years ago when I was always ĎHaus is meh and overratedí and being the only one to rate you as low as a 4? I've always strived to be different but that was a step too far for sure. You own this place still despite not having as much time here the past year after getting a life (or, being a teacher, getting no life-am I wrong?) but your presence is always felt and you're such a good influence to new members by being extremely friendly but not afraid to be honest and with a kick ass sense of humour. These are the reasons that I know you are an amazing teacher. And is Madonna 100 or 1000? I don't care much for fossils tbh.
00 | Hazza Chapman-I don't know if your really are that poster I dislike from before but that is pretty irrelevant. I find you repetitive and boring. Plus you tried the whole Ďyou're a teacher? With that attitude? I feel sorry for your students because you must put them downí rubbish that never bodes well. Only a MORON would think that a teacher treats his students the same as he does people he hasn't met on an Internet forum. Perhaps if you'd had better teachers, you'd be able to figure that out. Also I get the distinct impression you don't like me either.
10 | Iz-possibly my fave authority figure here. You possess a sense of humour, and ability to speak your mind (your rate last year is one of my all time faves) and you are like a father on here for everyone. You don't take rubbish and you are a fantastic poster for newer members to look up to. You can put a positive spin on things without sounding ridiculous.
07 | Jack-I've always appreciated your honesty. It's a shame I only see you on here sparsely these days.
06 | Jacob Alan-only just noticed you these past few weeks but you always add something to a discussion. Keep going.
10 | Jade-I championed you last year and hope you continue to dominate this year. You have the ability to be kind and humorous and never jump on a bandwagon. You have a positivity about you that isn't mushy and you know when to joke. I've already mentioned how I appreciate Brade so I hope you two end up together for the long haul. Keep up this amazingness.
05 | J▲hq-I feel I don't notice you half as much as I used to.
06 | Jake-I love your bluntness and honesty. I feel you've not been around much of late. Come back, we do appreciate you.
07 | JakeWild / #00274E-now I feel like I've only taken note of you recently despite you being here a while. I very much like your humour.
08 | Jaˇ-staple of the place. We don't interact much but I do appreciate your presence.
08 | Jester-you've stepped down from your duties but it still feels like you're forever watching over us. You've always been a great poster and nothing has changed.
07 | Joe.-we don't interact much but you seem like such a nice guy.
08 | Jonjo-definitely been a fave for a number of years. Your presence is refreshing despite your years here and you always put your point of view across well. I've never known you to say a bad word about anyone.
07 | JosephStyles-I feel like you improve time after time. I like your sense of humour now and most of your posts don't annoy me anymore. I feel like your less defensive over faves which is a sign of maturity and you handle people who come for you very well. I hope this all continues.
07 | Josh.-not a bad word to say about you though I wish you'd post a bit more. I think I'm over the -1 thing now.
05 | JSG-you left pretty abruptly and it's been one of those annoying Ďlets draw everyone's attention to something but not let them know what it isí things that keep happening here of late.
07 | Klumzee-Ive always appreciated you here. You know how to take a joke and your contributions are actually worth reading.
-1 | LeeWallace-this may seem unfair but then so is life. My opinion of you has improved in months past but I have to base the rate on the whole year and August-October did you no favours. I genuinely felt harassed by you at the time. Any thread I went into, you were there making snarky comments, outrageous character assassinations of me and basically attempting to turn the forum against me. You have apologised for it and weíve moved on but it still has to figure in my rate this year so I do apologise if this upsets you. Back then I almost left the forum because I couldn't stick it. I have never felt like that before or since and no other member has ever made me feel that low. Also with the controversies that came out later I can't help but compare you to Taylor Swift. You always gave the impression you were there for new members and outcasts but to me all it ever looked like was you gaining yourself worshippers that would defend you to the death. The reaction when you temporarily left enforced that more with people trying not to care that you'd done despicable things. As I've said, you've had a marked improvement but I just feel like I have to homestly base this on the last 12 months.
01 | Leonardo-eek! First username I don't recognise!
07| lewistgreen-I notice you more now. You seem decent, keep it up.
07| LexC-you always bring something to a topic and you have remarkable humour.
10 | Liam-a constant fave. Your posts are interesting and honest and you are an extremely loyal friend. I appreciate you having had Reginaís back these past weeks and my respect for you continues to soar.
08 | liamk97-I appreciate you for Eastenders talk and the fact that, although I don't always agree with you, you stick by your opinions.
09 | Lindsey-your parents have produced some lovely children I must say. I often find myself surprised at how young you are given your maturity. You are funny and were a definite beeming light of a newbie last year. You and Lotti are great.
08 | Mack-I called you robotic last year which I feel you still are but I now love it. Also I spent time in the sports forum during the Euros and you do an amazing job there.
08 | Mart!n-keep shout boxing! You are everyone's real fave member. You are ridiculously hilarious. Now go put on you willy warmer.
01 | Martyn-not noticing you anymore.
07 | Math-I've always liked you. You're still so young but you often seem unhappy of late. I hope things go well for you.
09 | Mattias-I'm so glad you've remained as active as you became last Summer. You are the good kind of positivity though sometimes your essays can be tiresome. Well, that's eccentrics for you.
06 | Maurice-your comments are worth reading and you're also a teacher. Please continue to post.
08 | mdh-just where have you sprung up from. You've taken to this place extremely well and managed to insert yourself into the lounge without coming across as a try hard. Keep it up.
05 | Michael-I hope you don't hate me, I quite enjoy out occasional sparring. And besides Adele says that one of the most defining moments in her life was when she watched Pink perform at Brixton Academy in London. She states: "It was the Missundaztood record, so I was about 13 or 14. I had never heard, being in the room, someone sing like that live [Ö] I remember sort of feeling like I was in a wind tunnel, her voice just hitting me. It was incredible.Ē
05 | ML Hammer95-I feel we have little in common but I notice you around and you're a breath of fresh air at times.
08 | mr_pmt-mostly flawless music taste coupled with an unwillingness to take shit.
02 | Nick F1-again, another I'm not really noticing at the mo.
04 | Ninjabait-I'm only just noticing you. If you become more noticeable, this score will be higher next year.
08 | Noahspike-intelligent and articulate, you are an inspiration to newer posters. It does feel you've been missing of late though. Come back.
06 | notfurlong-an old favourite who I'm not sure I ever see anymore.
07 | Oliver-keep being yourself, keep being hilarious, keep posting.
05 | Oricon-are you still posting? I feel that you're never here much. Have a 5 for old times sake.
09 | Pavel-I feel you're less active but you have always been a favourite. People come for you but you have such a unique sense of humour and a very to the point take on things. I would like you to forever keep posting. You were actually one of the only people who would stick up for me publicly during the dark period I referenced earlier.
08 | popchartfreak-you talk so much sense it's ridiculous. You are never afraid to put people in their place and it's nice to have a decent old timer on here.
10 | princess_lotti-where the fook did you come from. You have brought an distinct energy to the forum and slotted in immediately. I imagine being friends with Lindsey already helps but it deck feels like you've been here longer than a mere year. You've pretty much taken over the place with your funny remarks and topics. None of this Ďbe nice to new membersí bullshit either.
10 | Qassšndra-forever a 10 in my eyes. Putting it as it is in your own kind of humour. Don't drift away, keep returning to put moronic posters in their place.
10 | Qween / Johnkm-another fave from yesteryear. I hope you don't fade into irrelevance because your sarcasm and humour are everything. You always have something to contribute to discussions.
11 | Regina-HATERS GON HATE. I missed you from the 11 last year because I didn't want to become boring but who wants to shed boringness in favour of honesty. I have never known a better poster than you. It's a crime you've never don't better in a rate then you have. Flawless music taste aside, you are always YOURSELF. You produce interesting opinions, know how to put yourself across in a humorous way and you take no prisoners. You are not afraid to point out someone whoís being daft in order to preserve positivity. I feel sick that you've had troubles here recently and that the word bully had been thrown your way. Do not listen. These people don't get you and are too weak and unintelligent to handle your personality therefore hide under the bully security blanket. Please, please do not under any circumstance change.
03 | richie-only just noticed you posting again.
09 | Riser-Hanson fan says it all really. You appreciate good music plus you're one of the most level headed people here. Never seen you make a bad comment or receive one. You have the ability to be positive without being sickening.
08 | Rob S~-still quite an essential presence with flawless taste.
07 | Robot-You do a great job on the forum but I feel like we don't cross paths enough.
08 | Rooney-constant reminder of the old guard, don't ever change.
05 | Ryan.-I don't think weíll ever be the best of friends but you don't annoy me half as much as you used to.
06 | SevenSeize-you have an intriguing personality. It can be a bit much at times but generally it's good.
08 | Silas-I will always possess a lot of respect for you. You are honest and not ready to take shit which are two of my favourite things.
04 | Soy AdriŠn / Charlie-I like you, but again it's like you're never here.
08 | Spinning Adam-HOTCHOC! Sox for the 00 last year but I had a quota to fill and you were annoying. You're still annoying but there's something endearing about you now. You've fitted in really well and no doubt the shoutbox has helped there. Keep being amazingly weird please.
07 | Suedehead2-a staple but a good one.
1,000,000 | T Boy-so underrated
05 | Taylor Jago-I feel we are starting to know you outside the chart forum now.
04 | ThePensmith-I think I used to dislike you but you're alright.
00 | TheSnake-pretty dreadful tbh. Your music taste is shit and yet that's all you ever talk about and you throw your toys out the pram because no one wants to f***ing talk to you about it. Plus your presence caused people to drag Tim and #dontbemeantonewmembers and all that bollocks
09 | *Tim-you tell it like it is. Please continue standing your ground and refusing to let people come for you.
06 | Toby / I like talking Neighbours with you but you're often one dimensional and the Lotti obsession is a big much.
08| troublepink-I wanted to give you a 9. Amazing work in the Pink forum, keep popping into the Lounge too.
08 | Tyler-another 9 I wanted to give. We love you here Tyler and you know you've always got friends here and people who won't judge you.
08 | Ultraviolence1989-I can't believe I zeroed you I your first rate. You've certainly matured and your work in the movie forum is simply incredible. Such a nice presence on the forum.
07 | Umi-solid poster, you say what you think.
00 | vidcapper-uh you just got dreadful didn't you? I mean you just want to be controversial all the time and it's pretty annoying. I almost always know what your response to everything will be.
05 | VŁlker-I think I need to see you post a bit more.
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QUOTE(ℒ𝓲𝓷⻤ @ Jul 30 2016, 12:50 AM) *

06 | 152chris | Iíve only really taken notice of you this past year and I have to say what Iíve seen is all good and youíre definitely one of the posters Iíd like to get to know better over the next year or so as you seem to be a genuine guy with a good sense of humour and taste in music. You seem pretty interesting too and I enjoy reading your posts!
04 | AdamAloud |Youíre a poster that I kind of know of and have heard only good things but our paths donít seem to cross all that often on the site so I donít really know you all that well to say much more or give you a higher score, maybe next year though happy.gif
05 | Andr00w | kink.gif You got my -1 last year and Iím so glad that Iím not having to give it to you again, I feel like now youíve settled into the forum a lot more and arenít as irritating as you were when you first came to the site. Iíve not really seen much of you this year though, I guess we either post in different forums or youíre not as active but Iíd definitely like to chat to you more now that things arenít as tense between us or whatever it was that happened last year laugh.gif
02 | Atonement | Youíre on of the ĎI know the name but I couldnít say much about themí for me this year but I have seen you post and donít remember thinking badly of anything youíve said etc
01 | *Ben* | Iím pretty sure I said this last year but I still donít know who you are, not even sure Iíve seen you post sorry!
06 | bipolar angel | Youíve really made the lounge your own this year and I love your threads, youíve become essential to the lounge and I admire how freely youíll discuss anything, you have so many interesting thoughts and opinions. You have such a unique personality and Iíd love to get to know you better from this point on heart.gif
07 | Brť | Brayyy you annoy me a lot, but the positives definitely outway the negatives with you and youíre definitely essential to the site. You do come across quite arrogant at times but like I said, youíre a great poster and you make me laugh (although some of your humour is questionable) more than I side-eye some of the things you come away with laugh.gif I admire how good you are with stats tbh and you do seem to be the voice of reason a lot of the time, youíve surprised me with how fair youíve been over a few issues and youíre not one to jump on the bandwagon which makes me think pretty highly of you. Youíre easy to talk to and a decent friend, and Iím hoping by the time next yearís rate comes around this score will be higher and Iíll know you a lot better. Your music taste sucks x
04 | Brett-Butler | I think youíve got a lot of interesting things to say but you do come across as quite static, Weíre just really different in our posting styles I guess so I donít always enjoy your lengthier posts etc.
06 | burbe | I wish i could say more here but unfortunately I donít know you well enough except that I think your taste in music is good and I enjoy your BJSC entries, the few times weíve chatted on plug youíve always been really lovely so youíre definitely someone I want to get to know better.
05 | Cal |
03 | *Callumô|

10 | Cameron| Youíre a grumpy pain in the arse but ily
02 | Cassidy | Your flashing avatar gives me a headache but i appreciate the colours x
06 | Chez Wombat | Iím pretty sure this is what I gave you last year laugh.gif Youíre another one I wish I had more to say about as you seem like someone Iíd get on well with and you have that kind of random sense of humour which I like so we should talk more! I still sometimes confuse you and Seven and iíve got no idea why Iím sorry.
09| Cody Collins | SO NEARLY A TEN! Youíre one of my favourite members on here and I love that thereís someone on here that completely understands my freaking out over fictional characters and obsessions with TV shows. I donít wanna just mention Tumblr here as thatís only a small element of our friendship but its definitely something thatís brought us closer together I think. Iím sorry if I donít always reply on there, itís not that I donít want to chat to you off buzzjack or anything itís just that I donít always see the notification and when I do it feels too late to reply without making it weird but by all means spam me there if you want! laugh.gif I love how passionate you are about the things youíre into and I enjoy reading your posts, youíre someone that I can joke with and have proper conversations with heart.gif The only reason this isnít a ten is sometimes I feel like you can get caught up in self-pity a lot, especially when it comes to BJSC or something Grant has said but I mean youíve got every right to feel the way you do about certain things and Iím not going to pass judgement on that and ordinarily it wouldnít affect my score for you but with the Grant thing it does make it quite awkward to be on plug at the same time as you both as youíre just waiting for something to happen unsure.gif
00 | Colm | Youíre a poster I donít get at all. I donít get your sense of humour (if you have one that is), some of your views are justÖ I think you get too caught up on peoples opinions etc and think youíre cut above the rest for some reason. I canít see us ever being Ďfriendsí or even on the same page and thatís fine tbh
00 | Common Sense | I just see random threads from you and most of the time Iím like ďWhy is this a thing????Ē
05 | Cremey | Youíre an older member thatís returned over the past year from what I gather? I muddle you and Cassidy up and Iím sorry. Something about thumbs???
08 | Cucumberella / Leww | I still want to know you better. You make me laugh so much and I know youíre a good friend to those that are closer to you than I am. Youíre easy to talk to, Iím envious of your graphic design skills and the BJSC forum would be so lost without you, thank god youíre a mod there now wink.gif
07 | dandy* | Tbh if you hadnít have posted that gun sound affects video in Codyís thread last night this probably would have only been like a 5, I like your humour and will be looking out for your posts more conciously now laugh.gif
01 | danG | I justÖ weíve never really clicked. Itís not just that our music tastes differ drastically, I feel like you just shut anyone down thatís not praising dance a lot of the time, especially in bjsc. Youíre pretty arrogant and rude too, you act like youíre a gift to the site and people should respect you when you donít really give anyone other than Ethan the time of day. I do admire how passionate you are about the music you love and BJSC, thatís always good to see and you did a good job hosting after you won.
01 | Davidson |
05 | dhwe |
04 | –ÝŖŖÝ |
03 | Doctor Blind |

04 | Ethan | Like I said with Dan, weíve never really clicked but I donít have any issues with you and I like how honest you are about things. You have a sort of sassy sense of humour that I urge you to show more of as I love it :í)
05 | Froot
04 | gooddelta
01 | Hadji
06 | HarryEzra |
Youíre lovely and when we properly talk youíre one of my favourite members, and youíre a fellow rockbloc representative (sometimes) but I feel like youíre still kind of closed off 99% of the time. Maybe thatís just to me and itís my fault but you donít seem to reply with anything more than one word answers or an emoji or exclamation point, so I feel like I donít really know you that well even though we talk often. Donít feel like you need to filter yourself or hold back, let all that personality Iím sure youíve got spill out onto the forum!
02 | Harve
07 | HausofKubrick |
You seem lovely and like such a sweet and genuine guy, I love seeing your posts and youíve always got something funny or interesting to talk about, you work WONDERS in the lounge *.* We really do need to talk more so I can up this next year though!
03 | Hazza Chapman
08 | Iz~ |
Youíre someone I feel like I want to know a whole lot better than I actually do, something still isnít quite clicking there and Idk why. Idek if that makes sense laugh.gif Iím pretty much just saying what I said last year but the score is slightly lower as sometimes I feel like youíll cater to your friends over others and thatís not really something youíd expect from a Global mod. Usually itís in good humour granted but sometimes you can maybe be a bit too invested in the people on the site and it comes across as though you may be a little biased. Itís natural when youíve got close friends on the site I guess and itís yet to cause any major issues, so Iím just talking from general observations here and not thinking of anything specific but I wouldnít be surprised if it did cause something, is all Iím saying. I still admire you highly for how you well come across with your intellegence and level headedness and I love that youíre not afraid to get involved in shoutbox and lounge banter. Iíd be lying if I said the tentacle hentai didnít affect this scoreÖ jk iím very accepting xox
03 | Jack
09 | Jacob Alan |
Your music taste is even better than Izís, I donít want to make this whole comment a comparison between you both as I know how frustrating that is feeling like you canít make an impact anywhere without feeling as though youíre in your brothers shadow! Just know that you arenít at all just ĎIzís brotherí and youíve 100% made any opinion I have of you on your own. Youíre still better than him though wink.gif Youíre such a sweet guy and I love talking to you. If things keep going as they are and we talk even more this will easily be a 10 next year. Your photography is absolutely stunning and youíre by far one of my favourite new members this year. Iím so glad you came to the site and joined BJSC as Iíve adored every one of your entries, weíll take over the rockbloc together wink.gif
07 | Jade | Youíre still one of the loveliest people on the site and youíve really found your place as part of the lounge mod team, I always enjoy your input into the forum and your posts are always great to read. I admire how you always kind of take that step back from everything and put things into perspective before replying, I think Iíve only ever seen you lose your cool once and that was when Lee came for you and Bray laugh.gif Itís refreshing to see that though and I wish I could be more like that at times. Weíve not really clicked yet either but I definitely think we can be pretty good friends if we spoke more! laugh.gif
05 | J▲hq | Youíre always kind of Ďaroundí the forum and I know you mod multiple areas but our paths donít really cross much, weíve not interacted a whole lot so I donít have much of an opinion on you as of yet.
05 | Jake | I still feel bad about being so harsh on you last year and I definitely donít dislike you but I still donít really know you all that well although I do enjoy a lot of your posts and your kind of humour.
06 | JakeWild / #00274E | Your mosts make me laugh a lot, you and Chris really do give Brade a run for their money wink.gif My thoughts on you are basically the same as his, that youíre definitely up there with the members I want to know better.
07 | Jaˇ | Youíre a really nice, friendly guy and I enjoy talking to you although we donít chat all that often! You were there for me through The 100 and you still spoke to me after my Lexa rants so for that I am forever grateful x I hope I didnít scare you off forever with those though unsure.gif laugh.gif
04 | Jester
05 | Joe. |
You seem lovely and like someone I could get on well with but we donít really talk!
04 | Jonjo
04 | JosephStyles |
Basically the same as Jahq, I always see you around but our paths rarely cross.
07 | Josh. | You seem really lovely and I enjoy reading posts from you! We seem to frequent the same areas of the site so we should definitely interact more as we probably have a lot in common happy.gif
00 | JSG | Youíre not the person you make out to be. I donít feel like I need to go into specifics here as we did this over PM not so long ago, plus youíve left soÖ laugh.gif
06 | Klumzee | Weíve had some good conversations, I think youíre really funny but I could probably count the times weíve chatted on one hand sad.gif
09 | LeeWallace | We donít talk as much as we were this time last year but I know weíre in a good place and weíre still good friends, no matter how much shade you throw my way. Youíre trustworthy and a loyal friend and Iím glad weíre still in touch even though you donít post on the site a whole lot any more. Youíre off doing great things with your life and getting dodgy tattoos and youíve really become an incredible person over the past year or so. I admire how you approach things now and how open you are and I do actually miss seeing you post but I know that being away from here is whatís best for you rn! wub.gif
08 | Leonardo | Youíre such a sweet guy and I love talking to you on plug etc! Youíre BJSC entires are mostly fab. Youíre really friendly and easy to chat to and I always look forward to reading your posts even though I donít see you around a whole lot laugh.gif
03 | lewistgreen | All you seem to do is sit with the plug dj tab open, I barely see you post except in BJSC and even then itís not a whole lot Ö You donít seem to make a whole lot of effort to get to know people on here :/
01 | LexC | Idk we donít talk much but you youíve made a fair few snide comments directed at myself and Lotti for reasons Iím not even sure of. Youíre just this ball of negativity that rolls across the forum really.
10 | Liam | Liam bb I love you so much. Like all that bog standard stuff I gave you last year about being nice, friendly, funny, genuine etc is true 100% but youíre one of my favourites and Idek where to begin to explain how glad I am that youíre one of my best friends on here. Youíre an 11 tbh and Iím so excited to meet you in a few weeks!! You make me cry, youíre so funny and your sense of humour is my everything. Youíre literally one of the nicest people I know but you could also drag a bitch by ha scraggly weave given half the opportunity and I love that about you. Youíre always so fair and level headed but won't take shit from anyone, and even when youíre calling someone out you do it in such a way that itís well explained and you can really see where youíre coming from. I love reading a good Liam rant whether it be in essay form or a sassy Facebook message. Youíre so open minded and easy to talk to, thereís been more than one occasion where Iíve almost spilled my guts to you as those conversations just come so naturally with you. Youíre incredibly accepting of everyone and youíre really just an all round incredible human. Youíre so strong and have been through a lot, I just stan you so much okay? More than drunk you stans me on a bus xoxox #AnalFingeringFTW #NapBuddies
00 | liamk97 | Youíve got some horrendous views
02 | Mack
04 | Mart!n
04 | Martyn
03 | Math |
You have a lot of potential and I do forget how young you are sometimes but you just seem to go out of your way to make issues when theyíre not warranted. Just keep posting though, let people get to know you better x
-1 | Mattias | This is probably one of the most difficult ones I'm having to do but not because I don't have enough reasoning behind my score, but because of how highly I though of you this time last year. It's such a shame that things are the way they are, you were the other contender for my 11 last year and now I can barely call you a friend. None of this is news to you though, we've spoken about it, you brought it up in that thread that went up when the lounge was on lockdown. You see, friends don't just 'drift', not when they're as close as we were and I believed that that was all this was, I suppressed any negative feelings I had towards you in the hope we'd get back on track and I really didn't want to have a proper falling out or conflict with you but I've had time to really think about things and all that kind of anger has built up and getting back on track isn't what's best for me. I confided so so much in you, you know things about me that only Lotti did, you came to me over anything and I was always there for you. You don't seem to realise that a relationship doesn't work if it's one sided. All our 'deep' convos did tend to centre around you but you needed me so I was there to help you and get you through whatever you were struggling with. Then one day back in April you posted about something you were having issues with and I wasn't coping so well with it myself so I messaged you to check up and see if I could help and I also shared a lot of my thoughts with you on my own issue thinking you'd be able to relate or knowing you weren't alone in what you were going through would help but of course you never even replied after my longest message. That's one of the most personal things I've ever talked to someone about (at the time) and you didn't even care enough to respond, even when it was still about you and that really hurt. I don't open up to people and the way things are with us now, I wish I hadn't trusted you with so much as you don't deserve to know as much about me as you do. Actually, I've got no reason to hold back what that particular conversation was about any more and maybe giving a few more specifics will get my point across better. You said that you had some questions about romantic attraction vs sexual attraction after something sparking in your mind from a thread, I'm sure you knew at the time that was what I was struggling with the most personally as we'd spoken about it amongst other things with Lotti in our group chat. That group chat was really special to me and I felt so lucky to have a place where I could just talk about anything, things i couldn't tell anyone else. I felt so relieved when you brought all that up with me, I thought we'd have a really good, in depth conversation where both of us could figure things out. I was only beginning to think of myself as bisexual then and I was still a mess, I still was trying to make sense of it all so that conversation was very much needed on my part too and I was ready to spill my guts and essentially 'come out' to you had you actually replied to the stuff I said beforehand. I hadn't even told Lotti at that point, you knew that though as I told you I didn't want to come to her with all of that as I was mess and she already had so much going on with herself that it wasn't fair for me to throw all that ontop of her too until we were both in better mindsets. I really needed to talk to someone who understood though and the one person I thought could didn't want to hear it. Maybe you didn't realise where I was headed but it was still a lengthy paragraph on a personal issue and any friend would have replied, If you didn't want to discuss it you should have just said or if you didn't know how to reply just have said "aw idk what to say :/".... just something to let me know you were there. We were so like minded and on the same page with a lot of stuff but I'd never treat someone like that. You just stopped making any sort of effort with me at all after that convo or maybe it was when you got promoted to lounge mod, I'm not saying that's the reason you stopped talking to me the same but it's the only thing I can think of that happened between us at that time. I'm not one to hold grudges over petty things but you saying you weren't going to apply for the position and encouraging me to go for it only to find out you applied anyway after giving me advice on my application really sucked too. Your inability to give your honest opinion on things really irritates me also, you never seem to be able to respond to anything without going into unnecessary detail on every possible viewpoint regarding the situation, you're constantly on the fence about everything and it gets tiring to read, especially when you have a tendency to over analyse everything and take little things extremely personally when that wasn't how they were intended to be perceived. Recently your essay posts aren't as enjoyable to read, I'm not getting any sort of personal insight on who you are any more and they have no direction, it's like you're just trying to write as much as possible even if it's of no substance. Like I said it's a shame this is how things have ended up between us and I don't see a way for us to move on from it... You're not the person I thought you were and you really are a shit friend, I hope you don't treat Adam like this as he deserves so much better. I can't say I never tried though and I know I'm a good friend, it's one of the things I pride myself in and anyone close to me knows that. I'm sure you knew it.
07 | Maurice | You always come across so lovely, youíve always got such interesting things to say and I admire your friendship with Jay especially!
07 | mdh | Youíre like a mini spadam but thatís by no means a bad thing! Youíre a great new member and youíre really coming out of your shell recently, you bring so much to the lounge with your positivity and enthusiasm, Iím really excited to see what you bring to the site between now and next years rate *.*
09 | Michael | Youíre insane and I love it. You bring so much fun and energy to the forum and I cry so much at your posts. It would be nice to see the Ďreal Michaelí from time to time as Ik youíre a wonderful person. Thank god the youíve taken time away from the Pink forum though laugh.gif Your BJSC Win/Hosting was IKONEK!
02 | ML Hammer95 | Your posts in the dating thread really are a journey
03 | mr_pmt
03 | Nick F1
08 | Ninjabait |
How the hell did you make the list tbh?! You barely post Blake! YOU NEED TO THOUGH! Youíre such a fave and had this been months ago you would have been a ten no question about it but weíve drifted and donít really talk though but I miss it. Youíre really the only one I miss from our old group chat and we need to start talking more again, Iíve been deprived of weird metal music and puns and updates from your local McDonalds for far too long sad.gif
05 | Noahspike
04 | notfurlong

08 | Oliver | Youíre such a sweet guy and Iím so glad that things seem to be going in your favour irl now as you SO deserve that. You have great music taste and are always great to talk to, your humour is on point and you never fail to make me laugh. Youíre so laidback and thatís actually pretty rare with people on here so itís nice to see that coming from you.
05 | Oricon
01 | Pavel
04 | popchartfreak
11 | princess_lotti |
Oh Lotti where do I begin with you? With a clichť apparently wink.gif I don't want to give you just a standard list of reasons as to why you're my fave so I'm going to link you to a Google doc that you can read at your leisure. I doubt anyone else will read it all given how long it's probably going to be so it makes it that little bit more personal I guess. You know just how much you mean to me but it's important that you always know it and I actually tell you often so now is as good an excuse as any to do it.
00 | Qassšndra | I get that youíre an old member so are respected or whatever but youíve always come across as pretty arrogant and rude, especially to newer members.
06 | Qween / Johnkm
10 | Regina |
Grant omg another guy I absolutely adore. Iíve never doubted how amazing and genuine you are, it was evident to me from almost as soon as I joined that your humour and blunt way of putting things isnít mean to be taken to heart. Youíre honestly one of the sweetest people I know, youíre really lovely and I ALWAYS have time to talk to you. Your art skills are insane and I am forever jealous of that. I know that the way you come across on the forum at times is pretty much just a guard and you are pretty open when you get to know people. Your taste in men is mostly appalling tbh. Iíve said this time and time again on the forum but I really do admire how honest you are, you always know where you stand with you and thatís something I really value in a friend. You say things how it is and that deserves masses of respect. Weíll meet up in August before we go back to uni, weíll go to Nandos, have the real Lindsgina experience *.*
00 | richie | Idk if you had a different username before but youíve just kind of appeared??? Youíre really rude laugh.gif
07 | Riser | Youíre taste in music is just *.* You seem so nice and I really should make more of an effort to get to know you better, I hate that this is what Iím having to say for a lot of people, Iím sorry!
01 | Rob S~ | You come away with some odd things, and not in the cute Ďquirkyí wayÖ Also that time you said Bisexuality was people just being greedy and then went in a strop and never spoke to me and Lotti for two weeks because we tried to explain why youíre wrong was a MASSIVE red flag to me, it shows youíve got some issues regarding the way you see the world and when youíre like that and youíre unwilling to consider why youíre wrong on somethings and being so closed minded, I canít really be doing with that :/
08 | Robot | You honestly kill me with your humour, especially your remixes. I love it when youíre on plug and I can properly talk to you, we need to do that more often tbh as you seem like such a genuinely nice, friendly guy biggrin.gif
06 | Rooney
06 | Ryan. |
Youíve always been nice enough to me and when you do speak up about things you always give both sides of the coin and do it fairly. I sometimes think maybe you have issues but hold them back so I still doubt where I stand with you but I hope thatís just me being a tad paranoid so Iím not letting that affect your score really, you are someone who Iíd like to get to know better though and you do a fabulous job with the Spin Offs forum.
05 | SevenSeize
05 | Silas |
This is kind of a difficult one because I go through phases where I adore your posts and I love your humour and bluntness and your overall posting style but then at other times I think youíre too harsh as a mod and donít always use your Ďpowerí so to speak wisely, the Grant thing just being one example. I know youíre a moderator but I feel that you do sometimes take things too seriously, especially regarding BJSC and itís just not a nice atmosphere to be posting in when you feel so restricted because of what one person may say or do.
03 | Soy AdriŠn / Charlie
10 | Spinning Adam |
Wow what a turnaround from last year! Youíre honestly one of my favourite members now and probably one of the people Iím closest to on the site. We had our issues in the beginning on and off but I think now weíre both in a place where we click and get each other and Iíve got absolutely no issue opening up to you about certain things. Our PMs have been really great over the past 6 months or so. I know things got a little messy at one point but Iím glad weíre back on track and came out stronger because of that. I hope you know that Iím always here for you and really do value you as a poster and a friend, youíre such a lovely guy Dev and Iím glad weíre in such a good place now. Thanks for being there heart.gif
03 | Suedehead2
09 | T Boy |
Youíve always been a bit of a fave in the Pink forum but since youíve become more active in the lounge I really love everything about your posts, you make me laugh, youíve always got something interesting or insightful to say and youíre not afraid to question things or say things how they are over fear of causing Ďnegativityí etc. Youíre truly and underrated gem on here and I really hope this is your year to slay the rate *.*
03 | Taylor Jago
03 | ThePensmith
00 | TheSnake
10 | *Tim |
Youíre an asshole and I love you, just donít insult Halsey and weíll be okay. Really though, I do value having a friend like you that will Ďjokingly dragí me, I know Iím tragic and being constantly reminded of just how much so by you makes me more accepting of that. Iíve had the odd issue with some stuff youíve said but maybe like twice and Iíve spoken to you about it and youíve been completely fine so I know that it really is just harmless banter with you, and I donít mind it in the least. In fact, Iíve missed it over the past couple of daysÖ the one time where I actually needed a sexuality joke on your part and you failed me rolleyes.gif Youíre so brutally honest and thirst for drama and I love it, Titti is disgusting though, that shouldnít even be a thing. You are still hilarious though, I cry over some of the stuff you come away with more than I probably should. I canít be too nice about you here or Iíll make you feel uncomfortable, but just know I truly love having you as a friend and being able to chat to you off the site has made being on the site even more enjoyable (when youíre not dragging my BJSC entries) xox
07 | Toby / Devan | I still love you bb but youíre f***ing annoying. I love that you and Lotti are such good friends but it does get a bit much when I canít talk to you without you comparing me to Lotti or mentioning how much you prefer her etc. I know youíre joking but itís literally constant and itís so tiring and irritating to read over again, same with ďwhy donít you like Madonna Lindsey?Ē, Iíve told you it gets on my nerves but you still go on sad.gif I feel like you donít really have much interest in talking to me, sure you PM me a lot but itís usually with stupid statements that Iíve got nothing to add to. You donít need to put up that front with me though, weíve had proper conversations and when we do I really love talking to you. Unfortunately your humour has kinda worn out on me now and I donít find you as funny as I did last year but I still think youíre an amazing guy and hope maybe next year this can be a higher score.
09 | troublepink | Laura youíre just so lovely! Where would the Pink forum be without you tbh. Youíre so hardworking on the mod front and I really love reading your posts in the lounge, you should post there more often!
07 | Tyler | Youíre gonna be such a fave next year, youíve already made a huge impact on me with your genitalia threads. THREADS I SAID THREADS. Iíve not laughed as much as I did that night over BuzzJack in so long so I thank you for that, I really hope we can keep having that kind of discussion on here as I truly value all that kind of weirdness.
10 | Ultraviolence1989 | Youíre gonna dark horse this whole thing Sam, Iím calling it! Youíre THE sweetest person on here, youíre so lovely and such an amazing friend. So mature for your age too and you make me cry with laughter SOOO much, your typos will never be a patch on mine though wink.gif Iím going to adopt you as my little sister. That was a bit weird but still, thatís how much I love you heart.gif You drag Cameron too which is always a plus! Youíre so enthusiastic about everything whether its what youíre doing in the movie forum or Queen Indina. Weíll lowkey stan Jessie J together, itís fine. Youíre just an all round amazing person and Iím so glad youíre my friend wub.gif
03 | Umi
00 | vidcapper |
you think lgbt+ people are like pedophiles etc
04 | VŁlker
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QUOTE(mdh @ Jul 30 2016, 09:07 AM) *
oh look its a wild R8

06 | 152chris -
> As far as I know you're a pretty chill guy and you're basically JakeWild which is a good thing imo. POST MORE. We need decapitalizing posters, they're a rare breed unfortunately. I think you closed my 'Say the first word that comes into your head biggrin.gif" thread in 2013 which was a good kick up the arse for me. Thanks.

05 | AdamAloud -
> I feel as though I don't know you well enough to give you a higher score than a 5, but as far as I've seen you come across as a nice poster and seem to be especially hard working in the Eurovision and BJSC forums. Once again, POST MORE.

06 | Andr00w -
> You seem to visit my profile a lot - idk why but I'm not too fussed about it. You come across as a pretty good poster and I don't know why you're not more popular tbh. Should certainly talk morein the future!!

03 | Atonement
> Yeah. Sorry, I don't really know you well enough to give you anything higher than a 3. Soz. You like the Sat's though and any love for my flop BJSC entry Gentleman is highly appreciated so I'll add a few points on for that thx. I think you like the Saturdays?? Idk. I cba to check. nvm.

08 | *Ben*
> Ahh finally, one of my chart forum favez. We seemed to have a few buttings of heads a few months back and I recall you thinking I didn't like you - that has never been the case! Certainly one of my favourites and I really appreciate all the hard work you put in to the chart forum <3

09 | bipolar_angel
> EMILY <3 You're one of the sweetest members on the forum and so genuine - I honestly feel as though you're someone I could trust and all the times we've talked I've enjoyed talking to you. I really think this time next year you'll be in contention for top 10 or even higher than that, you have such a likeable vibe to you.

07 | Brť
> Aw Brť you're one of those posters that it's hard not to like. You're really intelligent which is what strikes me first when I see your posts - this was a really high 7 and very nearly an 8 from you, I really value your BJSC knowledge and Lounge contributions.

05 | Brett-Butler
> I don't really know you. You come across as a really intelligent poster though, something I value highly in anyone. Maybe if you'd pop up more around the forum I'd give you a higher rank.

08 | burbe
> burbe! I really value you as a poster and your music taste is VERY good! Thanks for introducing me to Freedom Island and BomBae, I really do appreciate it. Hopefully we'll talk more in the future because you're super nice.

00 | Cal
> Not gonna lie, I kind of feel guilty about giving you this score. I genuinely have no idea who you are though, if you popped up more around the forum I'd probably give you a higher score. Post more and we can talk more and like the butterfly effect I'll give you a higher score. voila.

05 | *Callum™
> Yeah I haven't really spoke to you as far as I can remember but I am a fan of your recent BJSC entry so that certainly earns a few points from me. Pop up around the forum more!

07 | Cameron
> I kind of disliked you at first especially when I got offended for some reason when you said 'bye.'. Lmao. Now I really enjoy your posts and your music taste (our potential clash *.*) long may it continue!!

06 | Cassidy
> A fellow sports forum poster, that's all I really know about you, and I see you around in the Lounge sometimes. I really like your picture/gif heehee.gif I hope we can talk more in the near future!

08 | Chez Wombat
> Ah, Chez, I've always liked you as a poster - from your great taste in music to your uncanny ability to win my games I host. You're definitely an asset to the forum and I hope you continue to make the forum a bit better.

09 | Cody Collins
> CODY. What can I say about you? From the #MedheLupus slayage of '85 to my love of Bring Back The Summer - our music tastes are perfectly alligned it seems. Continue to worry about not qualifying in BJSC, it makes you the great poster you are.

06 | Colm
> I haven't interacted with you as much as I would have liked to, but as far as I know you're a great guy and I really enjoy your Dance Number One musings. Oh, and I'll never forget it when you tricked me with the ignore post :,)

09 | Common Sense
> You're great. I find you so funny and a really insightful poster - you totally don't deserve all the negative opinions people have of you. You should totally come around more in the Lounge - I really value you.

06 | Cremey
> I see you around sometimes in the Genre forums but I don't see you enough to give you a higher score. As far as I know you've got a good music taste, so that's definitely 6 worthy.

08 | ∑ ketalina ∑ / Cucumberella
> Lew you've always struck me as easy going and a nice guy in general, I hope we can talk more in future. Especially in BJSC, you're always there just chillin', and that's something that I think provides a medium of calm for fellow members.

05 | dandystar
> Don't know too much about you but I'm pretty neutral about you. As far as I know you're an intelligent poster. I'll probably see more of you in the future, I hope so anyway.

09 | danG
> Dan, you're great. Like, SO hard working in the Lounge and overall you're just a really nice guy. You have a hell of a good music taste as well, some of your dance faves overlap with ine which is a good thing. One of the posters I talk with the most and Badder Dan Ecan >>> Better Danny Can forever.

05 | Davidson
> I don't see you around half as much as I'd like to to be honest. I see you sometimes when I'm posting in Genre forums but you should totally cross over to the Lounge sometime and the Chart forum! The Dance #1's thread is waiting for you.

03 | dhwe
> This score makes it seem as though I have something against you - I don't. I just feel as though I don't see you around enough to justify a higher score than this. You seem okay though.

10 | Dobbo
> Dobbo, you're one of my faves. When I joined you were one of the first members I talk to and I've always been a fan of your rather perfect music taste - especially for our shared love of Random Spanish hits.

04 | Doctor Blind
> I don't really know you. Although when I do recall seeing you I have enjoyed reading your posts, I feel as though you are a tad bland though, obviously quite an intellectual chap it seems nonetheless.

08 | Ethan
> Ethan, your great posting style and love of all things Dance has always been a favourite of mine. I really hope you continue to shine because you come across as such a likeable person with a great taste in music.

06 | Froot.
> I really like you, I just wish I'd see you more around the forum. I remember you were the first person to rate me back in December and I really appreciated it at the time. I see you a lot in the entertainment forums, you're really nice.

06 | gooddelta
> You seem to have a pretty good music taste which is always a good characteristic I look for in a poster, and you come across as quite a nice guy. I don't see you around nearly as much as your post count suggests I should, though.

06 | Hadji
> Your love for NOW's is quite funny to me, although I do feel like that and a few other characteristics of yours can be a tad overwhelming at times. On the whole, you seem like a pretty nice guy, though.

08 | HarryEzra
> Harry, you're one of the nicest people on the forum, certainly one of the friendliest and most genuine, and I feel as though you'd be a lovely person irl. You've got a great music taste, too. Continue being you.

05 | Harve
> I don't see you nearly as much as I think I should. You seem like a pretty nice person from what I've seen though, post more in the Lounge and I'll give you a higher score.

07 | HausofKubrick
> You're one of the members that it's hard not to like. You're intelligent yet not too overwhelming and seem to be a really genuine guy which is lovely. It's not wonder everyone seems to like you.

08 | Hazza Chapman
> Hazza, you're one of the best contributors in the Sport forum and I feel as though you have so much more to give. Definitely a grower on me, you come across as chilled and a really friendly guy.

08 | Iz~
> Iz~, I've always noticed how intelligent you come across in your posts, and I really respect you for that. Your vocabulary is so impressive, I find myself Googling things you say on a regular basis, which I'm slightly embarassed about.

03 | Jack
> I only vaguely recall you, and if I'm honest I can't seem to pinpoint what Forum's you tend to reside in. Maybe if you started posting more I'd like you but I'm afraid you'll have to do with a middling score for now.

07 | Jacob Alan
> Like your brother, you come across as such a nice guy, a really intelligent poster yet not too overbearing. It's really a case of quality but not quantity for you - post more around the music forums!

07 | Jade
> Once again, you're one of the friendliest people on the site and I really appreciate you for that, as a Lounge mod you're very welcoming and you've always been nice to me from when I first joined up to now.

06 | J▲hq
> I feel as though I don't see you enough to give you a 7, although this 6 is a very high six and maybe if I saw you around a tad more in the Chart forum this'd be a 7. Still a very good poster though.

00 | Jake
> Is this one of JakeWild's friends? If not, I genuinely have no idea who you are. Sorry.

08 | JakeWild / #00274E
> I've always liked you, maybe it's your posting style and maybe it's your rather good sense of humour. Your username saga really tickled me the other day, as well, so that's good.

06 | Jaˇ
> As far as I've seen, you're a really nice guy with some decent and valuable knowledge to add to the various forums you frequent. We haven't talked too much though, which is a shame.

05 | Jester
> As far as I'm aware, you're a really valued contributor on the forum and have been for years but I haven't seen you for ages in the Chart forum. Come baaaaack etc, but I do like you on the whole.

07 | Joe.
> Again, another really nice, friendly guy who I like as a poster in the Chart forum, but if we were to talk a bit more in future I'd be able to push this score up a notch or two.

06 | Jonjo
> A good poster, again, etc. I feel as though I'm repeating myself but there are a lot of people who strike me as being good all round posters but I don't really have anything outstanding with them.

08 | JosephStyles
> Joseph, you're one of the nicest guys on the whole forum and I totally rate your work in the Chart forum. Also it's good to see our shared love for Shawn Mendes demonstrated on a regular basis.

08 | Josh.
> Such a nice guy! You're always struck me as being easy going and a bit silly sometimes but in a good way, you're the kind of poster we need more of on here, easy going.

07 | JSG
> What happened James? This would be a 9, or even a 10 if it wasn't for you going. If I'm going to be completely honest, I think it was a tad silly to just go like that. If you had some serious irl reasons then, yeah, sure, but the fact you had a moderating position in the Personal Chart forum and were on such good terms with 95% of the people on the forum - to just leave strikes me as being a bit of a weird move. I still really like you tho. Come bacccckkkk.

04 | Kl▲mzee
> I don't see you around much. I think I do, though, if I do it just demonstrates that you don't really jump out to me as being a very interesting poster. Sorry if that was harsh.

02 | leewallace
> I've seen some of the scenarios that happened in the past involving you and I can't say I've seen you around enough to justify a higher score than this. I've never found you very interesting.

03 | Leonardo
> I only really vaguely recall your username and posts, but as far as I know you're a pretty nice person - it seems as though you don't bring much to the table on here, though.

08 | lewistgreen
> You're one of my favourite posters in the dance forum and I really agree with the majority of your music taste. You're a really nice person and we should totally talk more in the future!

03 | LexC
> I've seen you around but never really been interested in your posts. I get that you're a pretty friendly person but I find you quite boring on the whole. Sorry.

06 | Liam
> Once again, this is a case of me liking your posts but not having much of a reason to give any higher score than this. I appreciate your contributions in the Entertainment forum's the most.

07 | liamk97
> I'm really grateful for your work in the Chart forum - you and the rest of the team and so consistent in making it work well and I do appreciate that as it helps so many people <3

07 | Lindsey
> Aw. You're a really nice person and I feel as though your 'in-jokes' or whatever people call them with your friends are totally not overwhelming. You're a really genuine person from what I know. ARE YOU ACTUALLY RELATED TO CAMERON THOUGH?

08 | Mack
> Sometimes I can find you a tad monotone but you are a very intelligent chap so that makes up for it, you've always been one of my favourite contributors in the Sports forum and beyond, I do enjoy a read of your personal chart once in a while too.

08 | Mart!n
> I find you hilarious. Your jokes have brought so many laughs and new dimensions to the Shoutbox and I always go in there to see what the latest gag from you is. You're a ray of light for the forum and I've always liked you.

03 | Martyn
> I can't say I know you. I think I've seen you around in the Chart forum a few times, and from what I have seen of you overall it's enough to justify a 3.

07 | M§th
> A fellow young member, you're honestly so mature and I know you probably get this all the time, but you outlive yourself in personality and give a breath of fresh air to forums such as the BJSC forum.

07 | Mattias
> I do enjoy your essay posts, which I think has become a characteristic of you whether you like it or not. I do feel as though you're a tad one dimensional at times though, but you still deserve a high score.

06 | Maurice
> From what I've seen of you, you're a pretty lovely guy and so chilled out which is always a good thing. I feel as though I haven't seen you around too much, though, which I'd like to.

> On my rabbit footsies etc. You're literally SO funny and at first you irritated me because I thought this was just an irritating gimmick from you but it's just your personality which is brilliant, you're so easy going and know when to make jokes. An asset to the forum.

09 | ML Hammer95
> Certainly one of the contributors on Buzzjack I value most - Mike, you're a great guy with a really friendly attitude and a great music taste - what's not to like about you? I hope your position this year is considerably higher than that of last year.

05 | mr_pmt
> I've seen you around so much in the last few days compared to the last 6 months, maybe it's the rate impakt or what, I'm not sure. I have enjoyed your posts on the whole, though, but you don't bring enough to the table for a 6+.

02 | Nick F1
> I've seen your personal chart and I am vaguely aware that you reside in an Artist Forum most of the time, but that's about it. Pop up around the forum more.

08 | Ninjabait
> I didn't get the hype around you at first, but when I started to see your posts pop up around the forum (rare as the occasion was) I really enjoyed reading them. You're a well worded, genuine guy as far as I'm aware and everyone else and me wants you to post more.

04 | Noahspike
> You don't really stick out to me for any reason in particular. I find you a bit one dimensional sometimes although I'm sure you're a nice person if I were to get to know you a bit better.

05 | notfurlong
> I feel as though I've seen you around a bit and I've enjoyed your posts. I also really valued your opinion in my National Thread, thanks. I'd probably give you a higher score if you came into the music forums more.

06 | Oliver
> You're pretty cool, I suppose. Once again, though, I find you a bit one dimensional at times, though. I do really enjoy your music taste and your BJSC ran so smoothly so I've got a lot of respect for you for that.

07 | Oricon
> Yu, you come across as a really lovely person in general, and even if our music tastes are completely different, I do enjoy seeing you around and your presence in the BJSC forum especially.

05 | Pavel / ������
> I suppose you're quite funny sometimes. You are a bit basic sometimes in terms of your posts but you've always seemed like quite a nice guy with a pretty good taste in alt music.

09 | popchartfreak
> Ooh, John, I was waiting for your name to come up in this list. I've got so much respect for you and I've talked to you more than most in this list and you're one of my favourite members. We've got a real clash in music tastes so I love your personal chart and I'm always impressed for your appreciation of my BJSC entries. Keep being great.

07 | princess_lotti
> You're a really lovely person, and shine in the way that you've taken to the forum in the year you've been here and established yourself as a contender for winner of this, which is quite a feat!

03 | Qassšndra
> Sometimes I get a pretentious vibe from you and you seem to think you're intelligent sometimes which isn't a good thing. Obviously I do think you're a clever person and that is reflected in your posts.

06 | Qween
> I HAVE TO SAY. You've always struck me as a really nice, insightful person, who's always got something important and rational to say, and there's OBVIOUSLY your frequent CAPITALIZING of WORDS, which just add to you as a poster.

-1 | Regina
> This is by far the hardest rate to give out of everyone. I get you, and I understand that you don't mean any maliciousness by your comments - but sometimes they certainly feel like they've been aimed at me in a negative way.
I've always got the impression you don't like me, which I'm totally fine with, but, especially a few months ago, I used to find you replying to a load of my posts, always making a sarcastic comment or something like that. At first I was cool with it and found them quite funny but obviously like with anything they were good in small doses and after a while I started getting irritated and quite upset with your comments. A good example of this was when I hosted the Name Game, I got a bit upset when you said it was a joke, like was that necessary? I get the fact you didn't want to play the game which is completely fine by me but the best way to have gone about it would have been to just not post in the thread at all.
And that's what it all boils down to. I don't dislike you at all, but there is a time and a place for sarcasm and negative comments and although I generally have a thick skin and don't get affected by them, sometimes your posts are so pointless and uncalled for (especially your post about Frans, why would one do that?), and although I'm sure you're a nice person, your attitude on the forum toward myself and some other members I'm friends with is not particularly nice, and I get that this is your way of escapism and it's just the way you've been brought up, but I don’t find you funny as a poster and I’ve never known someone so negative and rude by default to anyone and everyone whether you mean to be or not.
I don’t hate you, in fact I’m sure you’re a decent person in real life, and you’re certainly not a bully, but the way you put yourself across on the forum isn’t pleasant.

06 | richie
> You’re a really lovely guy from what I’ve seen with a huge knowledge of films in particular, I don’t see you around enough though, I feel as though if you were to contribute more elsewhere I’d be giving you a 9 or a 10.

06 | Riser
> Again, from what I’ve seen you’re a lovely guy, with a great attitude to the forum and you come across to me as being an intelligent poster with a great music taste. I’d totally like to talk to you more in the future!

09 | Rob S
> ROB <3 We’ve talked a lot recently in particular, but you’ve grown to be one of my favourite posters on the whole forum - you’re so versatile, you’re an asset to the shoutbox and you’re also a regular in the Chart Forum which is great. I really appreciate your help in the chart predicta and we should totally do the next one together again.

07 | Robot
> You’ve got a fantastic music taste, from what I’ve seen, and you have a good ability to fit in in any forum of Buzzjack and post insightfully and intelligently. I really value you as a poster and love seeing you around the forum.

06 | Rooney
> I’m not going to reference that thread, because we all have opinions on it, but from what I’ve seen you’re a nice guy with some good opinions. I think you have a desire for everyone to be civil, which is great - but maybe it can go a bit too far?

08 | Ryan.
> Tichfam <3. We’re forever waiting for Tich to come out of her cave and write another hybrid of the anthemic vocals of Breathe In, Breathe Out and the innocent pop bop that is Dumb. You’re a great guy. Wait are you in the Tichfam? If not I’ve got the wrong poster, awks.

08 | SevenSeize
> Definitely one of my favourite posters. Your predicta love is shared with mine and I enjoy reading your posts around the forum. Certainly an underrated poster, I would love to see you crack the top 10 in the Buzzrate.

06 | Silas
> I haven’t spoke to you as much as I would have liked to but you come across as a mature member of the forum, a voice of reason of sorts. I really appreciate your work as BJSC mod and I hope you can continue to make this forum the way it is in future.

00 | Soy AdriŠn / Charlie
> I’ve seen you in the Sport forum but literally nowhere else, in fact I barely see you in the Sport forum.

11 | Spinning Adam / memebury.
> Adam. You were one of the first members to welcome me to the forum and although I found you intimidating at first (me looking at your profile every day teas) you soon grew on me and now I can say you are literally my favourite poster. You’re funny, you’ve got a great music taste and idk, I just find you so friendly and welcoming to anyone and you make the forum a better place for everyone with your infectious eccentricity and happiness.

06 | Suedehead2
> You seem to be a really intelligent poster, and although I don’t see you round that much, I really value all the work you do as admin. You shouldn’t go unnoticed because without you the forum wouldn’t even be working.

08 | T Boy
> I find you really funny - certainly an underrated gem. I see you around in the shoutbox and your hatred of P!nk is genuinely one of the best things I’ve ever seen. lol. Continue to have your unique personality.

08 | Taylor Jago
> I feel as though you don’t come into the lounge nearly enough. I see you in the chart forum on a regular basis but idk, maybe you could cross over a bit? I’m really impressed with all your work on your personal chart and from what I know you have a really good taste in music.

05 | ThePensmith
> I haven’t spoke to you much. You do come across to me as an extremely intelligent poster, though and I hope you can continue to post especially in your Personal Chart Forum thread.

05 | TheSnake / Mountain Marquis
> You’re one of the most confusing people I’ve ever seen. Literally. You went from a really intelligent poster in the chart forum with some great opinions on Dance music which I really valued, to being rather irritating with your Buzzjack Mountain thread and the Buzzjack Song thread. Now you appear to have gone back to your old ways, residing in the Dance forum. Good.

07 | *Tim
> I love your personality and I find you really funny and easy going, you have a great taste in music as well. You’re a contributor I value throughout the forum, especially in the Lounge and the BJSC forum.

03 | Toby
> You don’t add anything to the forum for me.

06 | troublepink
> I’ve seen you around more and more recently and you seem like such a nice person who I’d love to talk to more in the future. I think you don a great job modding the P!nk forum, as well! <3

06 | Tyler
> Yaaaayy Tyler. I’ve seen you around so much recently compared to what I used to in the past. You’re a great guy as I’ve really sympathized with you in the past few weeks with your posts about something I can’t actually remember but I know I sympathized with you about something.

08 | Ultraviolence1989
> Ahh UV <3 You’re a lovely person in general, and your hard work will not go unnoticed - from the Movie forum to in the Chart forum, you’re always working hard to keep the forum ticking along nicely and I really appreciate you for that.

00 | Umi
> I think I’ve seen you in the chart forum? I’m not too sure, though. I haven’t seen you around nearly enough to give you a rate.

07 | vidcapper
> I’ve always liked you, and I reckon you deserve a lot more credit for the sales work you do in the Chart Forum - you’ve always been such a help to myself and so many others and I hope you will continue to do so.

05 | VŁlker
> I haven’t spoke to you too much, but from what I’ve seen you’ve got a pretty good music taste and are a relatively nice guy. You should totally come into the music forums more often.
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post Jul 30 2016, 03:36 PM
Post #6
Mr Jade Lauren Williams <333
Group: Moderator
Posts: 82,127
Member No.: 8,300
Joined: 14-February 09


QUOTE(Maurice @ Jul 30 2016, 11:09 AM) *
06 | 152chris
I don,t see your posts that much but from what I've seen you are a great poster

07 | AdamAloud
Adam where are you? You always had great contributions to the 1D forum but you seem to be gone and rarely post anymore.

06 | Andr00w
I don't know you that much apart from your love for Nuhdeen.

07 | Atonement
You are Dutch which is a +, you seem to be a nice guy but i haven't seen you posting much.

07 | *Ben*
You do absolutely great work in the chart forum and i do enjoy reading your work for the weekly UK chart topic.

08 | bipolar angel
You are so sweet and you make such great topics in The Lounge. I sometimes have the feeling people are making fun of you which they shouldn't do as you are a great contribution to the forum.

07 | Brť
I think you are a great guy and i think you do great work in The Lounge, Would love to get to know you better.

06 | Brett-Butler
I don't know you that much.

06 | burbe
Same as above

06 | Cal
From what i,ve seen you are a great guy but you don't seem to post a lot anymore.

04 | *Callumô
I don't remember reading any of your posts.

10 | Cameron
A 10? yes a 10, i think you are one of the best contributors to this site, you are a lovely,genuine and sweet guy. I don't think anyone can say anything bad about you.

06 | Cassidy

05 | Chez Wombat

07 | Cody Collins
You are stanning the most random things but i do find you a lovely and funny guy.

00 | Colm
I sometimes feel you bring a lot of negativity to this forum also you make random and weird topics.

00| Common Sense
You have no sense at all x.

06 | Cremey

07 | Cucumberella / Leww
I really like your posts and you seem to be a really nice guy.

06 | dandy*

07 | danG
I do appreciate your love for dance music.

06 | Davidson
I now your name but i can't figure out who you exactly are.

06 | dhwe

06 | –ÝŖŖÝ

06 | Doctor Blind

07 | Ethan
I think you are a great contributor to this site.

08 | Froot.
I absolutely enjoy reading your posts/topics! keep the good work going.

06 | gooddelta

01 | Hadji
You are way to obsessed with NOW! and that seems your only contribution to this forum.

09 | HarryEzra
You are such a sweet guy with a great sense of humor.

07 | Harve
I do enjoy your posts and you are a great contributor to this site.

10 | HausofKubrick
Bal<3. I'm so glad we do talk a lot to each other, you are one of the sweetest,most genuine and hilarious people on this site. I'm happy i can trust you with a lot personal things i'm dealing with and you give great advice. I do hope we can meet up in real life very soon cause i want to give you a big hug you deserve!

00 | Hazza Chapman
I think you are one of the most annoying posters on this forum and i really don't think that will ever change.

08 | Iz~
I think you are really intelligent guy and i really like to read your opinions.

07 | Jack
I do see you a lot in the reality forums and i really like your posts in there.

06 | Jacob Alan

10 | Jade
One of the nicest girls on here with a fantastic sense of humor. We do seem to love the same music which is a great thing too.

09 | J▲hq
Jak this could,ve been a 10 but sometimes i feel your sexual innuendos/jokes are a bit too much. Also you need to stop saying Jay and i should date thank you x

06 | Jake

06 | JakeWild / #00274E

11 | Jaˇ
Ooh jay where do i start? We go way back before Buzzjack and you are the reason i signed up on here.Our friendship has definitely improved this year and i got the feeling we even got closer. You are the person who cheers me up after rough day, i wish people on here would see how special you are and how funny and intelligent you are.

06 | Jester
I think you are a great guy but i don't know you that much to form a opinion on you.

09 | Joe.
I got to know you a lot better this year and you are such nice and sweet guy with great opinions. You need to give me tips about your work out routine cause you are #bodygoals

07 | Jonjo
You have a great taste in music and you come across as a really nice guy.

10 | JosephStyles
One of my best friends on here despite the 10 year age gap (!). I know you had a difficult year with Harry Styles cutting his hair off but you always seem to be happy and genuinly and lovely.

07 | Josh.
You are Irish that already deserves that 7.

07 | JSG
A lot seem to happen between you and others but i always did find you a sweet and nice guy. Shame you had to leave.

06 | Klumzee

07 | LeeWallace
I howl at a lot of your posts, you are really funny and you sing briliantly lol.

03 | Leonardo
I don,t have a idea who you are.

06 | lewistgreen

06 | LexC

10 | Liam
I love talking with you about Big Brother! I also think you are a sweet, caring but also funny guy.Also love your party snaps.

07 | liamk97
I honestly only see you posting in the Eastenders topic but that's my fault, i do however think you are a great guy

09 | Lindsey
You are a really nice girl and have some great opinions. The duo game you organised with Lotti was one of the best games i played on this forum.
Also i think you are powerful woman with a heart of gold.

06 | Mack

06 | Mart!n

03 | Martyn
I only remember see you tweeting about First Dates on twitter.

07 | Math
A great contributor to this forum.

05 | Mattias
Lately i think your essay posts are a bit too much, i don't feel the need to read them anymore. Also i think you overthink way too much! You need to lighten up a bit.

xx | Maurice

06 | mdh
Next year i'm sure this gonna be higher but when you started posting on here your spamming was a bit too much,now you seemed to calm down and have some great contributions to this site.

08 | Michael
You are genuinely one of the funniest people on this site.

06 | ML Hammer95
Your dating stories make me howl a lot of times.

06 | mr_pmt

05 | Nick F1

06 | Ninjabait
I actually only know you from Plug and Rab.It

06 | Noahspike

06 | notfurlong

07 | Oliver
You were really nice to me on one of the rare moments we were online together on Rab.It

06 | Oricon

07 | Pavel
I think your contributions to this forum are great and that you are a really nice guy.

07 | popchartfreak

09 | princess_lotti
I genuinely love you and your posts, sometimes i don't understand the jokes you have with other people but that doesn't change my opinion on you at all.Everywhere you go on here you seem to bring a positive vibe with you.

07 | Qassšndra
I really like to read your opinions.

06 | Qween / Johnkm

05 | Regina
Maybe it's because i don't understand you or your sense of humor but i do feel like you are a bit too negative or rude to other people. As i said this could be me and maybe in a year i feel different about you and see you as other people do on here who praise you.

00 | richie
I don't know you sorry.

07 | Riser
You are one of the first posts i see when i wake up at 6am for work and i enjoy reading them.

06 | Rob S~

08 | Robot
You don't seem to post a lot on here anymore which i do find a shame cause you are a great poster. Bal recently added you to our group convo and you came in at a time where some of us were a bit thirsty and i had to howl at one of the 1st things you said to me was "You're still a whore Maurice, nice to meet you x''. I do hope to get to know you better in the next few months.

06 | Rooney

07 | Ryan.
I love your music taste.

06 | SevenSeize

07 | Silas
You are a great moderator.

03 | Soy AdriŠn / Charlie
I don't think i ever saw a post of you sorry.

08 | Spinning Adam
Oh Spads you are random as f*** but love your enthousiasm and contributions on here.

07 | Suedehead2
I do enjoy reading your opinions! Keep going like this and next year you will be rated higher.

08 | T Boy
I like how opinionated you are, and i actually agree with a lot of your opinions for instance in the Eastenders topic. You are also a teacher like me which is also a good thing.

06 | Taylor Jago

07 | ThePensmith
I love your Spice Girls and Olly Murs love.

00 | TheSnake
You are the most annoying new person on here, i do hope you change but i have a feeling you won't.

10 | *Tim
Where do i start? You are incredible funny and i love all the shade you give. I really love our conversations outside this forum. You are one of the few people who i accept giving me shade. You even made me listen to K3!! (We even did a K3 duet on Rab.It #neverforget) Keep it up you shady bitch!

06 | Toby / Devan
This could,ve been higher but lots of times i don't understand your humour (that could be my fault too) also your attention seeking topics in The Lounge annoy me sometimes. I do however find you a lovely guy and i think this forum needs a guy like you

06 | troublepink

07 | Tyler
Your love for Britney gives you that 7.

08 | Ultraviolence1989
UV<3 Your enthusiasm on this forum is brilliant, i can't believe you are still so young because you come across so wise and smart. Apart from Taylor you have a great music taste too.

06 | Umi

-1 | vidcapper
Basically you and your disturbing opinions can f*ck right off!

06 | VŁlker
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post Jul 30 2016, 03:36 PM
Post #7
Mr Jade Lauren Williams <333
Group: Moderator
Posts: 82,127
Member No.: 8,300
Joined: 14-February 09


QUOTE(AGNTMD @ Jul 30 2016, 12:29 PM) *
01 | 152chris
03 | AdamAloud
01 | Andr00w
04 | Atonement
02 | *Ben*
04 | bipolar angel
01 | Brť
02 | Brett-Butler
02 | burbe
01 | Cal
03 | *Callumô
02 | Cameron
02 | Cassidy
01 | Chez Wombat
01 | Cody Collins
01 | Colm
04 | Common Sense
02 | Cremey
00 | Cucumberella / Leww
00 | dandy*
01 | danG
01 | Davidson
01 | dhwe
01 | –ÝŖŖÝ
00 | Doctor Blind
01 | Ethan
02 | Froot.
05 | gooddelta
01 | Hadji
02 | HarryEzra
00 | Harve
00 | HausofKubrick
01 | Hazza Chapman
04 | Iz~
01 | Jack
01 | Jacob Alan
02 | Jade
04 | J▲hq
01 | Jake
01 | JakeWild / #00274E
01 | Jaˇ
00 | Jester
01 | Joe.
01 | Jonjo
03 | JosephStyles
01 | Josh.
01 | JSG
01 | Klumzee
06 | LeeWallace
01 | Leonardo
01 | lewistgreen
01 | LexC
01 | Liam
01 | liamk97
05 | Lindsey
01 | Mack
05 | Mart!n
01 | Martyn
02 | Math
01 | Mattias
02 | Maurice
01 | mdh
04 | Michael
01 | ML Hammer95
03 | mr_pmt
06 | Nick F1
01 | Ninjabait
03 | Noahspike
02 | notfurlong
03 | Oliver
01 | Oricon
-1 | Pavel
07 | popchartfreak
03 | princess_lotti
00 | Qassšndra
00 | Qween / Johnkm
05 | Regina
05 | richie
03 | Riser
03 | Rob S~
01 | Robot
03 | Rooney
06 | Ryan
00 | SevenSeize
02 | Silas
01 | Soy AdriŠn / Charlie
01 | Spinning Adam
01 | Suedehead2
03 | T Boy
02 | Taylor Jago
04 | ThePensmith
01 | TheSnake
01 | *Tim
01 | Toby / Devan
03 | troublepink
06 | Tyler
07 | Ultraviolence1989
05 | Umi
06 | vidcapper
01 | VŁlker

P.S : I gave 1 point for some unknown (for me) new members or unknown new nicknames of old members. I'm sorry for it.

P.S # 2 : every my mark is higher than 3 is minimum neutral or even good and obviously not bad.
I'm very greed for the high points.
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post Jul 30 2016, 03:38 PM
Post #8
Mr Jade Lauren Williams <333
Group: Moderator
Posts: 82,127
Member No.: 8,300
Joined: 14-February 09


QUOTE(Regina @ Jul 30 2016, 01:20 PM) *

*yass for double exposure and Sebby's chest hair*

Getting this out of the way nice and early so I can go back to Final Fantasy 8 and ignore the people who insist on calling me negative or venomous but who also praise others
for having the same personality x.
You've all been matched up with a DC or Marvel character, this can be based on your personality, looks, or user name, no offense was intended.
If people thought I was negative before then this rate won't help my case in any way, oops, sorry not sorry.
If you get Multiple Man then it means I either had no idea who you were, couldn't think of someone to match you to or just ran out of energy to keep going. Sorry.
If you got no comment, then I have nothing really to say about you, again, sorry not sorry. Maybe next year.

00 | 152chris Multiple Man

02 | AdamAloud Multiple Man

03 | Andr00w Multiple Man You post less which is good and I see you on plug and not causing as much annoyance.

05 | Atonement Multiple Man Another one of those ďI see you but we don't interact withĒ

07 | *Ben* Multiple Man Do you still run the Chart Forum?

02 | bipolar angel Two Face tbh by the time I got to you, I was desperate so this was inspired by your user name and the whole bi = two thing. I've never really conversed with you and I'm afraid I don't see us ever becoming buddies or anything. Your lack of grammar in everything you post is kind of off putting too, sorry, I do enjoy reading about your daily life though.

07 | Brť The Riddler You are wise and often your stats and stuff seem like riddles. We have our moments I feel but generally one the more positive side?

06 | Brett-Butler Multiple Man

03 | burbe Multiple Man I can't remember much about you.

08 | Cal Contessa de Fontaine glamerous and I imagine you in France for some reason which is glam. You're odd visit to plug is always welcome and I recall you stanning Intendant Love Song once.

00 | *Callumô Northstar only known for being gay. You kind of have no presence other than for commenting on Drag Race and for being kind of a stereotypical gay guy, which is no bad thing but there needs to be more to you.

10 | Cameron Rachel Grey like Jean but not quite there. I love you and you know that. I can't help but love a fellow Lawson stan who also knows that Andy is the king and needs more love. Getting to know you better on fb and plug has been a joy tbh and long may it continue.

01 | CassidyMultiple Man don't think our paths ever crossed.

04 | Chez Wombat Wolverine a wombat is the tamer wolverine right? I feel bad for giving you a low score but we never interact despite me liking your posts.

00 | Cody Collins Man Thing gets energy from and is drawn to negative energy. You could easily have been my -1, but a few things stopped that from happening. I've said my piece about the whole bullying crap in the Lounge already so not going to drag this out too much. I just need to say that I am not a bully, meh-ing your songs on plug is not bullying and I really did nto appreciate you coming after my friends when they told you this. Your constant negativity in BJSC is another thing I really dislike about you, lighten the hell up, its a song contest on a forum, if it's that important to you, then find better priorities in life. I find it better ignoring you now, I hope you do the same. I doubt we'll ever see eye to eye and we'll certainly never be anything close to friends because you crossed a line by falsely accusing me of things and making me feel like shit. I act no differently here than I do in real life and have never been accused of the things there that I have here.

00 | Colm Plastic Man someone whose existence I tend to forget about. I'm sorry I just find you to be a total fun vacuum, you kind of suck the fun out of any joke by picking at it endlessly.

00 | Common Sense Multiple Man you lack it.

03 | Cremey Howard The Duck duck > egg > crŤme egg. Not much to say, I never see you here but 3 for the user name.

07 | Cucumberella / Leww Multiple Man

08 | dandy* Multiple Man you're just terrific, just dandy.

04 | danG Sage like a computer I guess, stats and weird electronic noises. I think we might get on better than we did in the past but still not totally cool with one another. Vastly different music tastes probably contributes to this.

04 | Davidson Multiple Man from what I recall you're a bit of a git.

03 | dhwe Multiple Man Player of my quizzes but I don't know much more.

07 | –ÝŖŖÝ Multiple Man

01 | Doctor Blind Storm weather and shit. Your weather posts gain you a point but other than than you're a bit of a wet weekend really and a moany git.

01 | Ethan Multiple Man

05 | Froot. Multiple Man

08 | gooddelta Multiple Man You're not as active these days but when you do comment it's always a good read.

03 | Hadji Multiple Man

05 | HarryEzra Mimic copies the personalities of those near him. You're a nice enough fella but I think you are a bit too ďsit on the fenceĒ about things and you seem to adopt the personality of anyone who seem to be closer to at that point and it's sometimes hard to get a decent conversation out of you other than ďindeedĒ or ďhe's lovely wub.gifĒ

05 | Harve Multiple Man

03 | HausofKubrick Dazzler like a Marvel Gaga. My comment for you was set before I saw your comment but now I feel like it's more justified. It didn't make sense to me, you saying you were affected by seeing me being perceived a certain way but then saying that this was all in fact correct and then adding insult to injury by calling me venomous. For someone you claimed to once care about (I see that is not not the case, I can guess why) you never once attempted to reach out during this supposed month where I was negative, if you noticed a difference then maybe sitting in the sidelines isn't always a good thing You could have reached out to see if things were okay. My initial comments about you were that you seem to have let your popularity go to your head and you've abandoned a lot of the people who made you welcome in the first place in order to focus on those who will stroke your ego and make you look like a better poster.

06 | Hazza Chapman Multiple Man

05 | Iz~ Quicksilver the less good sibling duo. Up until a while ago I had a lot of respect for you and really enjoyed you, but certain events made me see differently. You might claim to be impartial but it was obvious to me that you were influenced by your closer relationship to a certain member here and didn't bother getting the whole story before making your mind up. I appreciated your apology though so I couldn't give you a 0 like I wanted, and I do like how you are one of a few Nightwish/Within Temptation etc. fans here. I hope we can go back to how it was before.

07 | Jack Multiple Man

07 | Jacob Alan Scarlet Witch better half of sibling duo. Obviously you're fairly new but the few interactions we've had and the things I've seen bode well and I hope to get to know you more in future.

08 | Jade Poison Ivy I did this because I feel like she'd have a Bellsprout. I will admit that on the odd occasion I found the Brade stuff a tad cringe, but I wouldn't want you guys to stop that because I'm just bitter and usually it's sweet to see the two of you being so cute. I totally get why you'd be eager to share stuff though, a new relationship is so exciting. Your last few BJSC entries have been questionable though, but I can't hold it against you. A really fab member and deserving of the love.

07 | J▲hq Wonder Man he was in movies and you mod the movie forum. I'll admit, I want your job there kink.gif but you do good work there. I like seeing you enter my quizzes and give them a real good go. We don't seem to interact outside there which is a shame but it doesn't affect our convos within the movie bubble.

05 | Jake Multiple Man

05 | JakeWild / #00274E Multiple Man

09 | Jaˇ Rocket Racoon I really love him and needed to give him to someone worthy of him. I adore you and you're still a joy to chat to.

08 | Jester The Joker kinda cheap but hey ho, he's awesome like you, but you're less insane x. I miss you being on the forum and we defo converse less than we did a year or so ago, hence the lower score, but I see on fb that you have a life and stuff. I realise I can make more effort tbh, do you still love JoGo? He's married with a kid now ohmy.gif

08 | Joe. Superman Body of a God tbh, seemingly invincible. I feel like we get on when we talk on the forum and stuff, we've never had cross words I don't think. I wish we could talk more though as I imagine we'd find more in common. The forum environment makes it easier to talk since you're the sort of person I'd never had the courage to talk to anywhere else, what with you being all hunky and me being like a recently reanimated corpse.

10 | Jonjo Aquaman epic and underrated as f***. I still love you even though we never speak much and you flop so hard in my movie games kink.gif learn about Sebby. I have finally forgiven you for not counting 10 Cloverfield Street as a right answer and taking my victory away from me.

-1 | JosephStyles Medusa long hair. I think this was a given and really is a shame because you could easily have been a 10 had you not been so bloody over-sensitive and dramatic. I made my post in the Lounge and said what I needed to and wanted to, but you didn't even have the courage to step up and admit your part to play in what happened between us, instead you decided to act like a spineless coward and say you tried to fix things when we both know that all you did was tell me what I should just keep my opinions to myself and not air them, even though I see you expressing negative opinions all the time in the chart forum, irony much? As I stated in one of the pm's I sent you, after I shaded Jameela I moved on and as far as I was concerned we were fine, I mean, I disagree with Liam all the time about our faves. If I fell out with him over any time we shaded each other's favourites we wouldn't be friends. YOU were the one to insist on taking it further. YOU were the one to report me by going to Iz and calling me a bully and saying I was making your time here unbearable despite the fact that I never even spoke to you. In fact the only time we spoke was when I made a comment about a FONT not even knowing you were behind it and you suddenly made it out to be an attack. Did you ever step back to think about how it made me feel to be getting messages from mods saying I was a bully and being made to feel like I couldn't post for fear of being called a bully? Probably not, you are too wrapped up in yourself and your little army who I'm sure are all going to have something to say in this rate because you are clearly a blameless victim here. But whatever, you can think what you want, I'm not gonna change and if you honestly think I'm a bully for expressing myself freely then I think you should look in the mirror because you're just as bad, if not worse because you made me feel the exact same way you claim I made you feel.

08 | Josh. Multiple Man Glad the movie forum has brought us into one another's paths because I am really liking you.

04 | JSG Anaconder yeah, snake. I don't know the in's and out's about the Incident, but from what I have heard, you are not blameless at all and what you've done is pretty shady and like a snake in the grass.

05 | KlumzeeMultiple Man

05 | LeeWallace Multiple Man

07 | Leonardo Multiple Man

03 | lewistgreen Multiple Man Other than "come plug smile.gif" I haven't seen a glimpse of a personality from you.

00 | LexC Multiple Man

11 | Liam Ant Man I know you love yourself a Paul Rudd superhero, so have one. I could easily drone on and on about how much I appreciate you and your friendship and how I cherish having you in my life to talk to and set the world to rights, but I do it every year in the rate. I'm just thankful to have someone who I can pour my heart out to and not feel judged for anything I say. I know I can trust you and tell you anything and it'll be safe. You're one in a billion. Ligina4lyf, even if you don't like Richard and only semi like Sebby.

09 | liamk97 Pixie She stans Dazzler who is a mutant songstress and reminded me of you stanning Kylie/Madge. Your presence in the AF's makes them more fun to visit and I am glad to see you venturing out into other areas because I think you have a lot to offer and I love your additions to the forum.

10 | Lindsey Jean Grey The most iconic and stunning redhead in the comic world. I find it hard to remember how it was we became friends here, because I feel like its been instant from the first time we spoke. I also find it hard to believe we've never met despite having loads of shared interest and live not too far away from one another. I am so glad to have your friendship and you backing me up during #bullygate meant so much to me. I love how finally there is another graphic-y artist who I can talk to and share stories about and who understands the college courses I am doing etc. you have insane talent.

00 | Mack Cyborg a robot. You're really non emotive most of the time and I can't recall any kinds of personality in your posts, which is a bad thing on a side like this. I obviously never post in the Sport areas so maybe I am missing something.

03 | Mart!n Multiple Man

04 | Martyn Multiple Man

00 | Math Franklin Richards forever a child. You really need to grow up, sorry, if you can't handle a forum like this don't post. As for the "i'm not included" crap, you can't expect to be automatically accepted into a group of people who have had time to get to know one another, you need to make an effort and not spit your dummy out when it doesn't happen right away.

01 | Mattias Cyclops had a major fall from grace, known for eye wear. Oh dear, I used to really like you. I'm obviously not clued up on your issues with lotti/lindsey but at the end of the day I don't appreciate friends feeling crappy because of someone. I also don't like how you said I keep coming for you? My attitudes have not changed at all in regards to you, I've never said anything bad, just that you had a bad habit of making threads that seemed like they were thoughts you had while doing a dump in the morning. Quality over quantity.

05 | Maurice Multiple Man

03 | mdh Magneto Sometimes I like him, sometimes I don't. I dunno what to make of you, sometimes you annoy me SO much but other times you make a post that I can relate to.

06 | Michael Groot despite somewhat limited language there's wisdom in there. See I told you that you weren't my -1. You still annoy the crap out of me, but when you talk like a normal rational person you're easy to chat to, our convo in the Gaga forum the other week, while it started off in an odd way gave way to some good interactions and I loved your BJSC hosting skills.

05 | ML Hammer95 Multiple Man A bit of an odd one to figure out.

09 | mr_pmt Lois Lane I love Lois and love you. We don't talk much any more (I am saying that so much tonight) but your visits to the forum are always fun. Our Kylie tastes tend to differ hugely, but that makes our modding duo so damn good. I look forward to stanning the new SEB with you. Come With Us is divine.

03 | Nick F1 Multiple Man Like a lesser Tyler really.

06 | Ninjabait Elektra ninja name. You're okay, I like your posts and plug interactions if you are who I think you are.

06 | NoahspikeMultiple Man Don't see you about much but pretty sure you do my quizzes and do well in them. If I'm wrong then please do them.

08 | notfurlong Squirrel Girl fur. I couldn't think of who to match you up with sad.gif sorry, but I love you. She once beat up Wolverine though.

09 | Oliver Gambit He's a ladies man and I feel like you're a gayer version. You know I love you right? You're just so unashamedly you and not afraid to poke fun at yourself which I love. Your tales of your sexual adventures never fail to make me smile and I bet you're a Christian Grey in making.

05 | Oricon Sunfire All that J-Pop and stuff. Not as bad as you used to be.

06 | Pavel Multiple Man You've become a bit of an MIA recently sad.gif

07 | popchartfreak Multiple Man You have some really interesting things to say, sorry I can't add more.

10 | princess_lotti Wonder Woman my very close second fave female hero and second fave woman. You are proof that newbies are not all met with bile and that by making an effort you can become an essential part of the forum. Like with Lindsey I've become so close to you and we have tons in common. I love doing Movie forum things with you and you are one of the first ones to stan for every man I so. It hurts me seeing you getting some not so nice comments from certain people but I know you're not gonna let it get you down and know it's unjustified. #rotti #Richard2017 #Sebby2017 #Chace2017 #Evan2017

03 | Qassšndra Polaris once a big player but kinda faded into nothing. I guess you have a life or you've lose all your sparring partners so have no reason to come back.

09 | Qween / Johnkm Emma Frost Stone cold fabulous bitch. As ever I love your presence on the forum and even though we've never really interacted one on one I feel like I know you kinda well and can trust you with issues I have. I really appreciate the help you gave me when I came to you a while back. We might never agree on Madge opinions though, I will defend Hard Candy to the grave, my sugar is raw and I'm proud of that.

12 | Regina Winter Solider. Sebby and Grant forever. #Grebby

04 | richie Ancient One You seem like a grumpy old man. I appreciate you sometimes doing my quizzes, but frankly I got really tired of you not making any effort whatsoever. There's no fun in putting troll answers in ones you don't know and not bothering to google and find something out that you might find interesting.

08 | Riser Multiple Man I live for your foodie gifs.

04 | Rob S~ Multiple Man Still a bit of a bore but inoffensive.

02 | Robot Multiple Man Fair to say we've gone down different paths and no longer really get each other.

04 | Rooney Multiple Man The Lounge Lockdown backfired, it didn't solve anything and only seemed to cause more problems, however I can see that something did need to be done.

02 | Ryan. Mystque has a lot of forms and never sure whose side she is on. I never know how to take you and I never feel around you. You come off as all nicey nice but I get the overwhelming feeling you bitch about people behind their backs, just a feeling I have.

04 | SevenSeize Catwoman I think you like cats, your sig suggests it.

00 | Silas The Red Skull a very fanatical and dictatorship-ish way of being a mod. Wow Jesus, you take your job on BJSC tooo seriously to give me a warning for calling your song cheap, a comment that gets thrown around all the time and nothing happens. You make BJSC such a horrible place to be sometimes with your overbearing presence and rules that frankly need a major overhaul. If it wasn't for the fact I make some amazing discoveries I'd give it up. I hope I don't end up being warned for this comment. I was so happy and highly amused to see the other mods agree that it was unfair and have it lifted.

03 | Soy AdriŠn / Charlie Multiple Man Kinda shocked you made it in, I never see you, but imagine you post in places I don't visit.

05 | Spinning Adam Whirlwind spins and stuff. You're getting better but have a ways to go. You're a bit too over enthusiastic at times and it comes off as try hard.

04 | Suedehead2Multiple Man

10 | T Boy The Beast An educator to the masses. You continue to be one of my favourite people here and your tastes continue to slay me. I am writing this comment after your rate has popped and your comment meant a lot to me heart.gif

04 | Taylor Jago Multiple Man I confused you with MLHammer.

05 | ThePensmith Red Hood has a lot of bitterness. When you're not being OTT about Olly Murs you can be fine. Having another Lawson fan is good, but lighten up.

00 | TheSnake Princess Python cause snakes. Slither away.

09 | *Tim Batman functions better at night. We really have come a long way haven't we? I'm glad we put the past behind us and managed to form a bond. It's refreshing to see someone else who shoots from the hip too and who also knows how it feels to be criticised and singled out for acting the same way as many others who get away with it because they have friends in high places.

02 | Toby / Devan Psylocke bit of a slag. You are very overbearing and annoying most of the time. I've been told you can hold a normal convo at times but I've never seen that. I'm more than happy to talk about Sean Cody models (Sean needs to flip with Shaw) every now and again but I want more. Also, calm the lotti obsession.

10 | troublepink Ms Marvel my favourite female Marvel hero, just like you're my favourite female BJ member. With the exception of Liam, I think you're the first main member I considered to be a friend, I adore you. You're such a wonderful person and so SO easy to talk to. Your work in the P!nk forum is amazing and I am sorry I'm not a better co-mod. I hope in one of your future Scottish trips we can meet, I know you love my former haunting ground Callander heart.gif

04 | Tyler Bat Mite expresses love for his idol in unmatched ways. When you're not in full Britstan mode I find you a better poster, but when you are in said mode, I find you overbearing and a really big deterrent for the Brit AF.

10 | Ultraviolence1989 Shadowcat looks sweet and innocent but could easily kill if needed. I adore you, how we ever came close to -1ing each other I'll never know. You truly are the best Mod outside the AF's tbh, what you've done for the Movie forum is amazing and I am forever thankful and grateful for you giving me a chance to help out and host my various quizzes and countdowns.

00 | Umi Multiple Man We don't like each other, let's not beat about the bush

00 | vidcapper Grayden Creed. To mutants what you are to gays/foreigners/etc Learn to not speak

04 | VŁlker Multiple Man Not aware of you most of the time but I like the odd post I see.
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QUOTE(Mattias @ Jul 30 2016, 02:34 PM) *
Hey, here is my rate.

As well as comments for every single person, I decided to do a sort of ďchart runĒ (itís not really a chart run as such, I just donít know what else to call it haha) for each of you, which shows all the scores Iíve given you in all the years Iíve done a rate. If you werenít included in a particular year (or I didnít do a rate that year), then I have just left that year out in the run. For my own chart run, I have put in my results from all the rates Iíve been in.

I have also calculated an average score for each poster.

Sorry for the length! I did take out some bits to make it more concise, but I feel like I canít really take out much more. Whatever is here, I wanted to get it out.
07 | 152chris Ė I donít think I come across your posts quite as much these days and we donít interact a lot but Iíve always rather liked you and looking at the line of scores youíve given me in rates, I seem to have grown on you too lmao. I do think we would get on well should we interact properly. You seem like a fun guy. Occasionally over the past year I have been just a *little* annoyed by some of your posts because they have seemed so half-assed or something and I have just wanted more at times, but at the end of the day that doesnít matter, youíre an amusing person and I also like your music taste. Your chart run: 07-08-08-08-07. Your average: 7.6

05 | AdamAloud Ė I donít know much about you other than your love of Eurovision and I donít remember ever speaking with you, so thatís why itís a middle score of 5 and a really boring comment. Your chart run: 00-05-05. Your average: 3.3

05 | Andr00w Ė I seem to remember you having problems with several people before, maybe not just on Buzzjack, but also on, but you and I personally never had problems with each other and things seem to have calmed down between you and other members as well. Youíve probably improved, so that might be why. I guess I would maybe like to see you post a little more and get involved in discussions in a more interesting way, but youíve room to grow. We donít talk a lot but I wouldnít have an issue with that at all! Your chart run: 06-05. Your average: 5.5

06 | Atonement Ė I remember having an interesting discussion with you at some point about career choices and psychology, which I appreciated. You do come across as an interesting, genuine guy but I guess I would just need to get to know you a little better to get a better view and a better ~feel~. Your chart run: 06-05-07-06. Your average: 6

05 | *Ben* - I honestly donít know anything about you or get a sense of who you are, so I feel I have to give you this boring, middle score. I do know youíre a chart mod which does explain things in a way Ė I donít go into the chart forums very much and you donít seem to post a whole lot in the areas I frequent more. So I really donít have a problem with you at all, thatís impossible, but we just donít really know each other. Your chart run: 00-05-05. Your average: 3.3

07 | bipolar angel Ė I really appreciate your enthusiasm in the Lounge with your threads. The daily threads have been a great way for people to share little (or big) things that they have planned for the day, or just talk about things in general. Iíve also enjoyed some of your other threads, such as the Proust questionnaire one Ė I really enjoyed filling that in and reading other peopleís responses. I also find you quite funny at times, you have this unique way of posting which sometimes puts a smile on my face. It was nice to have a little private PM chat with you once too, so if you ever want to talk about anything at all thatís going on, you know where to find me. Your chart run: 07. Your average: 7

09 | Brť Ė I think my rate comment for you last year was a little over the top lmao. I guess that happened because you are probably someone who has really grown on me over the years, so that, coupled with my rise in activity and enthusiasm about the site made me write you that comment last year and you may remember I even considered you for my 11. Anyway, letís focus on THIS year now. Youíre still up there as one of the people whose posts I enjoy reading the most because theyíre always interesting. For instance, I just wanted to mention that I very much appreciated your post in my Childhood thread, where you opened up in a massive post about your past and it was quite gripping. In general I like it when you open up a bit. Your contributions to BJSC are also, of course, impeccable. Itís always a pleasure to see, itís endearing and Iíve also liked many of your entries, as you are well aware of. Whenever you contribute to threads, you contribute well and you always have something interesting, intelligent or humorous up your sleeve to say. We also get along well and itís always nice hanging around on and and also becoming co-mods! Your chart run: 08-07-08-10-09. Your average: 8.4

06 | Brett-Butler - I find you quite interesting. You have this intelligent, quirky sense of humour that doesnít particularly seem to match that of a lot of other members, but I like that. Generally I enjoy your contributions when I see them happen. It was fun watching you on that quiz show as well, well done. Your chart run: 07-08-07-06-06. Your average: 6.8

07 | burbe Ė I donít know you that well yet (your negative comments about Lorde is what Iím most associating you with at this moment haha), but I seem to remember having some interesting late night conversations with you on plug before, so thanks for that, always love one of those. No problems with you or anything, but I also donít have a lot to say about you. I hope we can cross paths more and keep interacting. Your chart run: 07. Your average: 7

08 | Cal Ė Heya hun, as you would say. Youíre cool and sweet, itís been fun getting to know you better over the past year thanks to, where I always enjoy when you come on. A very kind and humble soul, you do have this warm energy that I believe Iíve seen people talk about before which is so inviting. Thatís not to say you never say harsh things, no, Iíve seen you come out with some pretty harsh things on, which occasionally got on my nerves last year, but itís fine, I like who you are. Your chart run: 07-07-10-08. Your average: 8

06 | *Callumô - I only see you post occasionally, but thereís something about you that I find intriguing and itís like I always want to know more. I donít exactly know why this is, but itís really cool. We share an enjoyment of some of the same music, which is fab. It was nice having that brief chat that time Ė if you ever feel like replying to my last message, Iíd love to read it. Your chart run: 05-06. Your average: 5.5

07 | Cameron Ė This score is a little lower than previously, but I feel like 7 is still a good score. I may be wrong, but we donít seem to have a huge amount in common (this isnít necessarily a problem, it can just be a little limiting), but I really do think youíre a great guy. Generally I like your positivity and enthusiasm (even if at times it can be a tad overwhelming in a way), and I find your general approach to the forum polite, pleasant and endearing. Weíve had a lot of fun on the off-sites over the past year or so and I still remember how it felt to talk to you on plug during the early days of it, getting to know each other better, joking around and becoming friends. I havenít always loved the things youíve had to say, but you definitely mean well and I know you just like to play around a bit, youíre really caring and Iíve been able to get over anything Iíve had a reaction to. You do have an incredible way about you and itís been fantastic seeing you shine. lol that sounded so cheesy just now. Your chart run: 08-09-07. Your average: 8

06 | Cassidy Ė You seem like a great, entertaining fella, but sometimes your posts annoy me a bit, eek. I donít know if itís the constant use of capitals and that avatar forever flickering away, but it just sometimes happens that I find myself a little annoyed. We donít know each other well, but you really do seem like a funny person who can light up the room so you do actually make me smile too. Your chart run: 06. Your average: 6

10 | Chez Wombat Ė I really canít imagine giving you anything less than a 10 these days. There has just always been that special something about Chez Wombat. I donít like sounding overly sugary, but thereís something really sweet and endearing about you and it just makes me want to get to know you better. I always love your contributions to threads, they are without a doubt always extremely engaging and interesting to read and I just really love to get sucked into one of your posts. I admire posters like you who always come across really calm and only contribute when they actually have something meaningful to say that adds to the thread in an insightful way. You never seem to lose your cool, I mean you are just great. I like talking to you one-to-one also. You are so accepting and appreciative of who I am as a person and as a poster (love that we have an interest in Myers-Briggs in common lmao!) and I in turn appreciate that very much. Your chart run: 08-11-10-10-10. Your average: 9.8

08 | Cody Collins Ė I actually wasnít expecting to give you a score as high as this here. I guess the reason for that is that Iíve had varying opinions of you, which have nothing to do with the way you have ever been with me (weíve always gotten along really well), but maybe some general attitudes and your flighty nature with regard to things like BJSC, for example. However, I decided not to penalise you for anything like that because you are such a sweet guy and I enjoy your company on Those outbursts do sometimes get on my nerves a bit, but they probably are just to do with how passionate and sensitive you are, but thatís actually something I like about you. I like how passionate you get about things such as your favourite TV shows. Sometimes it can get a little annoying, but it is also just so endearing, let me tell you. I frequently find you amusing. I feel like I should say even more about you, but Iíve probably summed up how I feel about you. Your chart run: 07-08. Your average: 7.5

08 | Colm - Itís always nice chatting to you. You have this slightly subtle sort of humour and are not afraid of saying things that may seem out of the ordinary, even if it can get you into arguments or trouble, and I think the odd time you can be a bit challenging or ďdifficultĒ for people, but I havenít experienced this personally. You donít seem to be scared to challenge people, maybe even to shake things up, but in a sort of under-the-radar way. I also enjoy how much effort you put into your rate concepts. You are obviously a creative, original person. Your chart run: 08-08-07-08-08. Your average: 7.8

00 | Common Sense Ė Sorry about the zero, but they need to be handed out and you just donít strike me as someone whose posts and threads I really appreciate, you know? Yes, they can be amusing sometimes but overall Iím just not the biggest fan of what you bring to the table. Unless itís fish. Cos.. as you know, fish stinks when itís cooked. I learned that from you. True story. Your chart run: 05-06-04-05-00. Your average: 4

06 | Cremey Ė I feel like apart from a few posts here and there, I donít really know you, although I hear good things about you (I still have NO idea what the thumb thing is about!!!). You do come across well, it just would be nice to speak to you more. Your chart run: 07-05-06. Your average: 6

08 | Cucumberella / Leww Ė I like how youíre your own person and have the ability to own that and to rock that. Youíre an interesting person with these views on things that I think ultimately make up your sense of humour, which you are obviously known for around here. I donít think we always share a sense of humour fully, at least not in terms of how we go about saying humorous things or whatever, but I always did appreciate it and you do come out with some really clever things. I think itís your way of brightening your own life and that of others, which is a good thing to have. Thank you for the chats. Your chart run: 9-10-10-08. Your average: 9.25

07 | dandy* Ė Iíve always appreciated having you on the forum because you have always contributed really well and you have interesting things to say which makes for good reading. I feel like I donít really know you as well as what would be rather nice, but I do like what I see from you and that has always been the case over the years. Your chart run: 09-08-08-08-07. Your average: 8

07 | danG Ė I donít always LOVE what you have to say I guess, but you are someone I do enjoy having around, partly thanks to your enthusiasm. I do appreciate your posts and your presence on Your chart run: 00-07-07. Your average: 4.7

05 | Davidson Ė I am sorry but I just have yet to form any sort of opinion on you due to a lack of experience with you, so Iím giving you the generic donít-really-know-you score of 5. Your chart run: 05-05. Your average: 5

10 | dhwe Ė I really enjoy reading your posts. They always have something special peppered into them. erm, I donít actually know if ďpeppered intoĒ is even a phrase, but it just came out and I liked it so Iím keeping it. Anyway, back to you. I do think youíre an incredible poster. Your use of all sorts of emotional metaphors and such in the ďDiscuss what youíre listening toĒ thread (and other threads Iím sure) get to me every time. I like how youíre not afraid to post with such depth and emotion. Youíve a great way with words. I find you very insightful and an interesting guy so you really intrigue me. I just like it when a post of yours pops up on my screen from time to time, youíre cool and I like you. We havenít talked as much as I most definitely would like to, but I just really wanted to give you a 10. Your chart run: 05-10. Your average: 7.5

05 | –ÝŖŖÝ Ė I donít really have an opinion on you right now, apart from the fact that I love your BJSC 86 entry. Your chart run: 05-05. Your average. 5

04 | Doctor Blind Ė The way I feel right now is that Iím just rarely that interested in things you have to say. We donít really talk or know each other that well, and I really just donít feel any kind of connection with you. I donít recall ever having any actual problems with you, but your posts just arenít really my thing I guess. Your chart run: 00-00-04. Your average: 1.3

04 | Ethan Ė I donít get a very good sense of who you actually are, you know? I think it has always been like that. I see you post mostly in BJSC, and like the previous poster in this list, Iím just rarely very interested in what youíre saying (I guess unless you are arguing with Qšssandra using words that most of Buzzjack hadnít heard of before) ~ Iím not sure what it is ~ There is something about you that I feel I could really like so we could try to talk more or something ~ I do find your constant overload of tildes kinda adorable lmao ~ Your chart run: 00-05-04. Your average: 3

07 | Froot. Ė A somewhat intriguing poster. Youíre definitely also a good poster, I have probably found your posts to add quite a lot to threads when Iíve seen them, although I havenít seen them all that much lately. I also always found you to be quite a gentle spirit and you also come across intelligent and likable. Your chart run: 07-07. Your average: 7

08 | gooddelta Ė You obviously have a vast music knowledge which shines quite often when you enter threads or the environment. Obviously a very intelligent gentleman who just has this calm, easy-going aura about him. In all the years weíve been on the forum together, I believe weíve not once had a one-to-one conversation privately or anything (apart from replying to each otherís posts here and there), but Iíd like you to know that I do respect you and youíve been such an important figure on the site over the years. Without a doubt you always contribute to threads in a way that adds valuable content and thatís something I always love in a poster. Your chart run: 06-07-06-07-08. Your average: 6.8

05 | Hadji Ė Youíre someone that Iíve heard about, but I havenít actually come across too many of your posts myself. Iíve seen a few though, and from what I remember, they didnít seem to add a lot of content that I was interested in. So Iím giving you this middle score of 5. Your chart run: 05-05. Your average: 5

07 | HarryEzra Ė You are such a kind-hearted person that itís not even funny. You never seem to lose your cool, you act very politely, but obviously thatís not the only side of you and those of us on plug and have probably seen you let loose a bit more I would say. Speaking of the off-sites, I know there have been times where youíve felt I was acting a little bossy with what to do on the browser or whatever and Iím sorry about that, occasionally my enthusiasm turns into over-enthusiasm. Anyway, I know those were just passing incidents and weíre cool, I just wanted to mention it here. Sometimes I wonder if you could do with a little more confidence. Iíve noticed that you often tend to go with what others say, maybe making a post very similar to an existing post, but this isnít something Iím annoyed by really, I do think as you grow even more in confidence that you will feel a bit more free in simply expressing your own opinions and your mind in a way that is really exciting to read. I hope you donít mind me saying all this. Overall you really are a very very nice guy who genuinely cares about people and has a really warm, gentle yet fun spirit and itís always nice being around you. Your chart run: 08-07. Your average: 7.5

06 | Harve Ė Iíve always found you interesting but we donít really speak, ya know... I guess I donít enjoy your posts quite as much as I used to, but you still seem like a guy with interesting/different things to say and I like that. Your chart run: 07-08-09-06-06. Your average: 7.2

09 | HausofKubrick Ė Iím so glad Iím finally in a position to give you a score as high as this. It took quite a while, but Iím finally fully on board the HausTrain, so to speak. Not that I ever disliked you, I guess I just used to not get a full sense of who you really were or something. You really are such a great person who, without a doubt, inspires people. You always have something positive and encouraging to offer people with kind words and your own brand of a unique sense of humour. You have this warmth and a helpful nature. You always offer advice and your own perspective when someone is having problems in their personal life or on the forum. I really appreciate what you do for people. Youíve given me advice on the forum before too which I did take something out of, so thank you for that. I hope this doesnít sound strange or anything lamfoo, but you have such an adorable personality, you are just so sweet! Your chart run: 06-06-07-09. Your average: 7

00 | Hazza Chapman Ė I donít really know much about you and Iím sorry for this bad score, but they need to be handed out and I just havenít really enjoyed your posts at all. Your chart run: 00. Your average: 0

09 | Iz~ Ė You do seem to have strong opinions and views and Iíve always thoroughly enjoyed the way you put them across. I look at you as one of the forumís most consistently articulate and interesting posters. The way you see things often comes across a little different from a lot of people, and I really like the way you are able to own that really confidently. I can relate to seeing things outside the box and your ability and confidence in expressing that is quite inspiring. I also really appreciate the fact that you are always up for discussion, making even the most mundane of topics somehow more interesting and worth reading. You have a lot of insight in the way you go about posting on this forum and that is always really cool. Youíre very much your own person and an interesting one at that. Your chart run: 09-08-08-09-09. Your average: 8.6

05 | Jack - Youíre actually a decent poster and I feel kinda bad about some of the more negative things Iíve said about you in these rates, but at the same time thatís how Iíve felt and Iíd like to be honest. We donít cross paths that much and probably donít have a whole lot in common, but I donít feel I have a problem with you as such. Your chart run: 05-06-05-04-05. Your average: 5

10 | Jacob Alan Ė Youíd be next in line for my 11. I remember first meeting you on as Izí brother, then slowly but surely began to notice posts of yours around the forum (I possibly had seen them before plug already, but not too sure) and found you interesting and likable. Someone whoís clearly very passionate about many aspects of music, it is always a pleasure to read posts of yours where you talk enthusiastically and at length about it. Or posts about anything, really. Or PMs. Or on plug. Or on Iím always really interested and excited to read what you have written because you contribute so nicely. You have well-formed opinions that are usually expressed impressively well and thoroughly, youíre not afraid to go right in and talk about things. Itís fun talking about things with you partly for this reason and Iím glad weíve been getting along so well. A really genuine personality, down-to-earth, intelligent, friendly guy who also has a sense of humour that I like. Your chart run: 10. Your average: 10

10 | Jade - I feel like maybe I should have put you higher in my LoveChart. You were the person I gave 11 to last year in this, and we weren't even the best of friends or anything (although we did get along well). However, you have been one of my absolute favourite posters for a long time and I just really wanted to give my 11 to you last year, even if it may have been very unexpected. You remain one of my definite favourites and you would deserve another 11 this year. There are many things I like about you, from your posts to your taste in music. Your posts are always incredibly well-worded and articulate, making you one of the most consistently exciting posters on the forum for me! I also love how you make an effort to get involved and post in most threads in the Lounge, always in an interesting, likable way. You seem to be interested in everyone as an individual and have great skills in getting along with people. This may sound really weird, but I look at you as a sort of advocate of people, always encouraging, supportingÖ I also adore your open-mindedness, that is something thatís really cool about you. Apart from your contributions in our co-modded forum (itís been a pleasure so far!), I also love your contributions in BJSC Ė youíve sent quite a few songs Iíve liked and I always enjoy your commentary in result shows etc. You always seem to have something of value to contribute to threads. You also have a good head on your shoulders which shines with a perceptive intelligence and a fab sense of humour. Your chart run: 06 (ďyou seem okĒ)-08-11-10. Your average: 8.75

07 | J▲hq Ė Iíve always found that in a way you sort of blend into the background a bit, but I donít like saying this because I am getting more of a sense of who you are now. You do seem like a genuinely nice, intelligent guy and your posts are worth reading. Your chart run: 07-07-06-06-07. Your average: 6.6

05 | Jake Ė I find you interesting and weíve had some interesting interactions, but I still donít feel much of a proper connection with you and I do still sometimes feel this slight air of intimidation, which I know is not your intention at all. There have been a few occasions where I have felt that you mocked something I said and it has made me feel uncomfortable. However, I do feel like you have a big heart and you seem to be genuinely passionate about the site and interested in this community. Your chart run: 07-05-04-05. Your average: 5.25

08 | JakeWild / #00274E Ė I had such a hard time deciding what score to give you and what to say to you. I donít want to make this overly long, so Iíll try to sum it up. The reason for it being difficult this year is that we always got along well and used to speak quite a lot (we still should!) and always had this mutual appreciation going on, but I feel like over the past few months you have said quite a lot of things that have gotten under my skin Ė and I havenít been able to help getting annoyed by them or be a little put off by them. Also I know I acted kinda stupid in that thread where I asked you to come on first before we met but it was because I was anxious. I felt even weirder about this when you made fun of it later on in another thread, but not to worry, because now I can sorta laugh about it lmao and I know you donít mean any harm. You really do seem like a warm and sweet guy. All that aside though, I donít want to be too petty and I have always liked you, thereís something very amusing, funny and interesting about you. I guess despite the high score, I just needed to get some of the negative stuff out too, lest I have another Buzzjack breakdown later about it. I have other examples in mind, but I just donít want to overwhelm you or anyone else with them. I do feel that youíre very easy to get on with and I think Iíve just been a little too harsh in my head about you for a short while because of things youíve said but I really want to get over it all because youíre actually great. Your chart run: 09-09-11-08. Your average: 9.25

07 | Jaˇ Ė I really donít see your posts as often as I would like to, but you have always come across as a gentleman and Iíve enjoyed interacting with you the little bit that we have. Really nice guy. Your chart run: 00-05-06-07. Your average: 4.5

07 | Jester Ė I donít see your posts very much these days, but Iíve always appreciated your presence on the site. Your chart run: 08-08-08-07-07. Your average: 7.6

07 | Joe. Ė I donít really know you too well on a personal level or anything, but you do come across as a down-to-earth, confident guy. Sometimes Iíve felt like maybe your posts arenít all that interesting or exciting to me personally, but Iíve never had a problem with you and I think the more I see your posts, the more I will get a sense of who you are (what I do see is promising) and maybe we can interact more around the forum or whatever. Your chart run: 05-07-07. Your average: 6.3

06 | Jonjo Ė Iím not sure how much we have in common at all, but youíve always seemed like quite a sweet person. We donít interact much but I wouldnít have a problem with that. I think Iíve noticed a couple of times in the past that I havenít really liked the way you present your opinions about music, but maybe we just differ in the way we talk about it. Your chart run: 08-08-07-07-06. Your average: 7.2

08 | JosephStyles Ė Youíve always come across as a very bright and positive person, which makes your presence likable. Itís been nice chatting to you a bit more not too long ago. Youíre a really nice fella, good to talk to and very enthusiastic about things too, such as music, of course. Your chart run: 07-07-08-08. Your average: 7.5

08 | Josh. Ė It doesnít happen TOO often that I see one of your posts, but itís always a delight when I do. You have this endearing quality that I enjoy and itís just fun seeing you pop up. Your chart run: 08-08. Your average: 8

07 | JSG Ė I donít know if youíll see this since youíve decided to leave, which I can understand, but Iím going to make some sort of effort to write this comment anyway. Weíve had a lot of fun on the off-sites over the past year, I remember getting to know you better at first on and it was really fun. Since then some other things have happened and occasionally my opinion of you has changed. I still consider you to be someone who, in general, has been a friend to me, whether itís in talking about BJSC or watching movies on together, but sometimes Iíve been unsure whether I can truly believe you about certain things you have told me and the way you have acted with me (there was a short period where I was also mad at you but weíve already discussed this) but we just always got along well and Iíve enjoyed your company. Good luck. Your chart run: 00-08-08-07. Your average: 5.75

07 | Klumzee Ė You seem like such a gentleman. We donít interact that much, but Iíve always found you endearing. Itís usually a pleasure to see a post of yours pop up and it would be a delight to get to know you better Iím sure. Your chart run: 07-07-07-07-07 (the CONSISTENCY!). Your average: 7

06 | LeeWallace Ė Youíve been supportive of me over the past year and I really appreciate that. We donít really speak that much anymore but I wouldnít have a problem with that. Iíve told you this before but quite often I donít relate to your sense of humour, I feel like we donít have that in common, and probably a lot of other things as well. You also sometimes shade me (and sometimes Iím unsure how serious youíre actually being) or say things that intimidate me a bit but I know you donít mean any harm. I think youíre just a strong personality. And I really do enjoy reading your posts where you talk about life or things going on. Your chart run: 00-minus one-04-08-06. Your average: 3.4

06 | Leonardo Ė I know you mostly as Quintessa in BJSC (thank you for introducing me to ĎResonateí especially! I also enjoyed the recent Welsh track) who occasionally comes on You seem like a nice, genuine guy, even if I still feel I donít really know much about you. Your chart run: 06. Your average: 6

09 | lewistgreen Ė Youíre rather quiet and reserved, at least in the areas that I frequent the most, but over the past year I have really enjoyed speaking with you on and (and I do actually enjoy your posts on the forum too, Iím always happy to see them!). The conversation is somehow always really chilled and relaxed and I like that about you. You come across really genuine. Your chart run: 07-09. Your average: 8

08 | LexC Ė I quite enjoy your posts, you seem like a reasonable, intelligent guy. When you add to a thread, you usually do so in an interesting way. Your chart run: 07-07-08-08. Your average: 7.5

08 | Liam Ė You have something to say about most anything, youíre always ready with an opinion or a viewpoint about something and itís usually interesting to read. Itís great to see you get involved in so many discussions lately, always writing very articulately, confidently and in an enjoyable way about the situation as you see it. A very down-to-earth, caring, slightly gossipy (lol sry) person who takes an interest in the world and has a lot to offer. Your chart run: 10-09-09-09-08. Your average: 9

05 | liamk97 Ė I do see you around from time to time, but I guess Iíve noticed that we tend to get involved in different kinds of threads a lot of the time and I donít feel I really know you all that well. You post a bit more in the ďworldlyĒ (not sure how else to put it lmao) threads than I do, sometimes in a controversial way. I donít have personal problems with you, as you donít seem to have with me, but I have sometimes seen you get into a bit of ďtroubleĒ with some of the things youíve said. However, I like that youíre willing to share your opinions even if theyíre different to the norm. Your chart run: 00-05-07-05. Your average: 4.25

10 | Lindsey Ė I know me giving you a 10 may seem like Iím sucking up to you or something, after the -1 I received from you, as well as the heartbreaking comment. However, I did most of my scores before this thread was opened (and therefore, before I saw your score and comment) and I donít really wanna let other people's scores for me influence my own scores, especially not when it comes to someone like you who I always felt a strong connection with and who I always genuinely really liked, so I do actually want to give you this score. First of all, Iím just gonna mention once again how Iíve always loved reading your posts and chatting to you. You always speak sense and it often has a big impact on me, makes me see things a certain way that I maybe need to at the time, so I really appreciate that. You have a unique, adorable sense humour and also a very interesting way of looking at things. I really do value all the conversations and all the fun Iíve had with you over the past year or so, and I did not mean to make you feel as though I donít care about things you tell me. However, I now COMPLETELY realise what an idiot Iíve been, not replying to your message when you have ALWAYS been there for me. I let my own not-knowing-what-to-say get in the way (I didnít know what you were about to say, I thought it was more general but that doesnít matter), and I know I was generally more distant around that time as well. Yes, that was wrong and I canít excuse my way out of this and I donít want to do that either. Everything you said in that comment made me think of so many things and made me think that yes, I havenít been as good a friend as I would like to be. There really is no excuse because you are one of my favourite people I have met on this forum. I didnít realise I had affected you so badly and I shouldíve known. Youíre a very honest, endearing person and I donít know what will happen from this point onwards, but Iím glad I met you. Your chart run: 10-10. Your average: 10

03 | Mack Ė I remember you won the hardest working moderator award which is commendable! However, because I think you are mostly in the sports forum and I donít go in there a lot, we donít have a lot of experience with each other and I guess I just havenít been all that interested in you as a poster and I apologise. I think I remember you saying in a thread once that Iím one of your favourite posters (I think it was you?) and I do appreciate that, I wish it could be a mutual thing. I do not have a problem with you though, and sometimes your posts have put a smile on my face. Your chart run: 05-07-03. Your average: 5

04 | Mart!n Ė I donít really ďgetĒ or enjoy your humour that much and I believe youíre mostly prominent in the Charts forum too, where I donít go a lot. Your chart run: 00-07-06-04-04. Your average: 4.2

07 | Martyn Ė Itís not that often that I see a post of yours, but I do see them sometimes and I remember you from a few Dubtrack/ sessions as well, and I have to say, I find you quite amusing and intriguing. Your chart run: 06-05-07. Your average: 6

07 | Math Ė It does get a bit annoying how you keep not voting in BJSC or voting late or whatever it is (itís amusing too though), but Iíve enjoyed some conversations with you previously and you seem like a nice guy with a lot of emotional and intellectual depth beyond your years. Iím sorry youíve gone through some issues on the forum which you spoke about recently, but as both a mod and a person who cares and is open-minded, you can come to me for a chat anytime. Itís always interesting chatting with you. Your chart run: 05-07-07. Your average: 6.3

xx | Mattias Ė Your chart run: 49-50-63-49-25. Your average: 47.2

07 | Maurice Ė Youíre such a lovely fella, Iíve always enjoyed speaking to you and reading your posts. Would be very nice to get to know you a little better. Your chart run: 07. Your average: 7

08 | mdh Ė I enjoy your enthusiasm! Iíve seen you say that you feel you donít really fit in all that well here, which is a shame, but I personally have never had issues with you and I do like how willing you are to get involved in things, to initiate things and to express yourself. I sometimes enjoy your sort of self-deprecating humour too. Youíre probably improving as a poster. You seem like a fun personality and I enjoy seeing your posts around the place! Your chart run: 08. Your average: 8

08 | Michael Ė Well well, from two minus ones in a row to a freakiní eight! I feel like youíve improved leaps and bounds as a poster and you frequently make me laugh. The insults are becoming less and less, and the smile on my face induced by your posts is becoming more and more. Iím glad this has happened because I really would not have expected to ever give you a score as high as this. You are so out there as a poster and it does seem like youíre sorta putting on a character, but you are just so crazy funny and I canít help but be amused along with it. Your chart run: minus one-minus one-08. Your average: 2

05 | ML Hammer95 Ė We never really interact and I donít know you too well (I see your rather shocking posts in the Dating thread from time to time). I do remember you saying last year that you donít think weíd be friends. Iíll take your word for it, haha. (I donít have a problem with you though) Your chart run: 05-05. Your average: 5

05 | mr_pmt ĖYouíre someone I donít have a problem with but also donít fully get a sense of who you are I guess, despite both of us having been around here for a while. I did always find you rather cool and maybe slightly intriguing alsoÖ Your chart run: 07-07-07-05. Your average: 6.5

05 | Nick F1 Ė Sorry, but I literally canít think of a single thing to say about you. I know the username, but I just feel like I barely ever see a post of yours these days and I donít remember interacting with you much in the past so Iím giving you this generic middle score. Your chart run: 05-00-05-05-05. Your average: 4

10 | Ninjabait Ė Such a funny guy with an interesting mind which is often expressed through puns or insightfully written paragraphs about music, life or anything. It hasnít happened as much lately, but I always had a lot of fun speaking to you on plug/ and may you grace us with your presence on the forum a little more often. Your chart run: 10. Your average: 10

08 | Noahspike Ė Youíre obviously very clever and intelligent and itís always a pleasure to read your posts, which donít happen too often but they are always magnificently thought out and well-written. You do come across quite level-headed and chilled also, which is cool to see. Good job for doing so well so often in the Lounge quizzes, Iím sure weíre all a little jealous of that, haha. Youíre just someone who always has interesting things to say and to contribute (even if, as I said, it doesnít happen too often, but itís always worth reading when it does). Your chart run: 05-06-08. Your average: 6.3

08 | notfurlong Ė We always had this mutual appreciation between us, which is great! Itís been nice speaking to you a bit lately, despite you being more quiet on the forum now. I think youíre very easy to get on with. As Iíve already told you, some of your BJSC entries this year have been among my favourites of recent times and I keep going back to them lately. Your chart run: 08-08-09-08. Your average: 8.25

08 | Oliver Ė I just find you so easy to talk to and to be around, a very friendly, fun, chilled guy who is frequently amusing with his stories and whatnot. Always nice chatting on the off-sites and I also enjoy your posts, theyíre very sort of down-to-earth and ďeasyĒ (in a good way), which is really how you come across in general to me. Your chart run: 00-05-07-08. Your average: 4.25

05 | Oricon Ė We donít really know each other all that well and I only really see you post regularly in BJSC (where I donít remember pointing you much, oops), but I donít have any problems with you, itís just a case of not enough experience. Your chart run: 07-07-06-05. Your average: 6.25

07 | Pavel Ė This was going to be lower for a while. The reason for that is that there was a period last year where I was often a little bit annoyed with you because so many of your posts seemed to be just you responding sarcastically to someone else's post and after a while it started to put me off and I thought I'd be giving you a lower score. However, this has calmed down and itís not even a major issue. When youíre at your best (which is often!), you do have a vibe that I like and I imagine you'd be fairly easy to get on with in real life (and we've never had major problems online either). One thing I really like about you is that itís so great when you become all enthusiastic about new releases in music - that is awesome to witness. I mean you just seem to go mad when someone releases a new song/album you love. Itís endearing. Youíve been a big part of the site, I always found you a really memorable, key member. You can also be quite funny and sometimes random, making pretty unique comments and seeing things in your own way, even if that can sometimes get you into trouble (*cough* last yearís Pavel rate *cough*). Your chart run: 10-08-08-08-07. Your average: 8.2

07 | popchartfreak Ė I find you really amusing, even if sometimes I donít fully ďgetĒ you. For whatever reason, itís sometimes sort of a fuzzy feeling reading a popchartfreak post, haha, I know that sounds kinda weird. Anyway, keep on posting and amusing me. Your chart run: 00-05-06-07. Your average: 4.5

10 | princess_lotti Ė This is to make up for me giving you a lousy 9 in the Princess Rate, haha. I guess the reason I did that was that we had stopped being close, but really, thanks to the friendship weíve had for a good part of the past year, you should get a 10 from me. I remember the first few sessions we had when you were still really new to us, and I always found you really fun and interesting. Itís been great seeing you blossom and grow in what seems like such a huge way in confidence. Youíre entertaining, friendly and just this ball of energy that lights up the room with enthusiasm. Youíve had a lot of ideas for threads (the accent rate was fab, for one!) and in general, you have strong opinions and it can really be quite inspiring. Weíve had a really great time over the past year and as Iím writing this, I still think thereís a pretty good chance that you will win the rate this year. Your chart run: 10. Your average: 10

06 | Qassšndra Ė Youíre obviously very intelligent and I find you interesting. I donít see you get involved in a lot of threads as much as previously, at least not in many of the threads Iíve been active in, but you always have something unique and different to contribute when you do and I appreciate that. You seem so free in simply expressing your thoughts and your opinions, even if it can sometimes possibly intimidate people slightly. Youíre just you. And you own you. And you do it well. I donít think we will ever exactly be friends, but there is something about you that I like so have a 6. Your chart run: 03-06-06-08-06. Your average: 5.8

07 | Qween / Johnkm Ė When you contribute, you contribute well and itís usually an interesting, somewhat intriguing read. I donít have a lot to say about you other than that, so why not leave this one as a really short and sweet comment, eh! (Oh yeah and I do love your accent) Your chart run: 07-08-06-06-07. Your average: 6.8

-1 | Regina Ė I absolutely hate doing this. I feel like you donít fully deserve this -1 and itíll be a difficult one, trying to explain to you my reasoning. I guess you are, unfortunately, and I hate saying this to you, the person who has made me feel the most uncomfortable over the past few months out of the people in this list. I do not hate you, nor do I think you mean any harm, but there was a point a while ago where it just became really draining when you kept making all sorts of comments towards me and certain others. This isnít to do with you commenting on my threads btw, I didnít have a problem back then. Youíre allowed to express yourself, of course, to speak your mind and to make jokes (even if I donít always like them), and to be negative if thatís your truth, but as Iíve just said, it has just been draining and I donít know how else to explain it to you. You donít really deserve this as a poster (and I know it sucks when people say that!) because you really do have some interesting points to make and things to say, Iíve enjoyed some of your insightful posts about art and stuff, but look, somebody has to get it. I do understand that youíve felt like youíve had to hide certain parts of yourself and then they sort of come out among us Buzzjack people, but when somebody keeps making comments and I canít always figure out whether theyíre being serious or not, and making you feel uncomfortable in the process, itís just draining. Iím not emotionally affected in some huge way, but it has just been a little much to take. We used to get along much better and Iím willing to give you a chance because I think youíre such a genuine, interesting person and you can be sweet, and of course I would like to get along with you better. Iím sorry for doing this. Your chart run: 10-08-08-10-minus one. Your average: 7

05 | richie Ė The things I most associate you (pretty much the only things) are your brown font and your avatar conveying some guy (if itís you, then Iím sorry for referring to you as ďsome guyĒ). Sorry, I really donít have much of an opinion. I see your posts from time to time in the indie forum and possibly the movie forum and you seem to be active enough and a decent poster, but we donít cross paths THAT much so a middling score of 5 seems fair. Your chart run: 05. Your average: 5

09 | Riser Ė Itís always so nice to chat to you and Iíve enjoyed having you on plug/ A very nice, friendly, easy-going guy who is also an interesting, enjoyable addition to the forum. I really do feel like youíre a very genuine, peaceful sort of person and for that reason, I find it very easy to speak to you. Itís been a pleasure getting to know you a little bit better over the past year or so, and may that continue! Your chart run: 08-08-09. Your average: 8.3

09 | Rob S~ Ė Weíve spoken a lot over the past year and itís been quite the entertaining experience. Itís been fun discussing BJSC with you and stuff, and just having a laugh in general. You do seem to sort of fade into the background a lot on the forum, which in a way is a real shame, but from what Iíve experienced in chats, youíre a very nice, genuine guy who means well. Your chart run: 00-05-05-09. Your average: 4.75

08 | Robot - I couldnít decide whether to give you a 7 or an 8, haha. I guess Iím leaning towards an 8 again this year because you do come across as a very fun guy who also quite often has interesting posts up his sleeve, which I enjoy reading. I have felt a little awkward about telling you about ~the dream~ last year lmao, it might have been a littleÖ weird and inappropriate, but Iím sure itís fine and Iím able to laugh about it too. Your confidence seems to have grown and that is always lovely to see. Your chart run: 07-08-07-08-08. Your average: 7.6

06 | Rooney Ė I will now probably always associate you with the thread called ďPolite MessageĒ lmao. It was so out of the blue and unexpected, I canít quite believe you locked the Lounge, but maybe youíre right in saying that sometimes extreme, shocking measures such as that one, need to be taken and letís face it, it was a rather entertaining and interesting evening. I do remember saying about you, probably several times, that I go through periods where I like you and other periods where I donít like you as much, and Iím not sure why it has been that way, or if itís even still the case. You do seem like a confident guy with an energetic spirit and for that reason, I can see that you have a lot to offer. Your chart run: 07-06-06-07-06. Your average: 6.4

08 | Ryan. - You are always polite and pleasant and treat BJSC very professionally but are also always friendly in regards to that, and other things. Sometimes I have felt that you seem to hold parts of yourself back, in that you seem like a really fun guy underneath all the sort of ďcomposed personaĒ, and I donít know you all that well personally, but I do like what I see from you and I appreciate what you do for BJSC and the forum in general. Your chart run: 05-06-07-08. Your average: 6.5

09 | SevenSeize Ė I thought Iíd give you a 9 this year (oops sry, itís not a 7!) because I really enjoy your sense of humour and your sort of intriguing presence on this forum and on the off-sites. You donít overshare or over-reveal about yourself, which I almost sort of envy, because I myself feel as though I have overshared a bit too much on here at various times, which sometimes makes me feel a little uncomfortable, but I feel like you have almost created a ďcharacterĒ on the site, and itís a very entertaining and interesting one. I donít know if this was an intention of yours or if thatís just the way it turned out as your approach to the forum, but yeah, itís just interesting to comment on this. You do hype yourself up in these crazy humorous ways which I can imagine may be a little annoying for some, but I do find it very funny and youíre someone I enjoy speaking to and simply seeing around the place. Obviously a very quick-witted, sharp, intelligent guy. Your chart run: 07-05-07-09. Your average: 7 (*.*)

08 | Silas Ė Iíve always been rather fond of you, even if we donít majorly speak privately or anything. I enjoy reading your posts, you have such a great grasp on the ďreal worldĒ, which a lot of your posts are based around, and you just seem, I dunno, down-to-earth. Itís been a pleasure working with you behind the scenes for the past few months as well. Your chart run: 07-08-07-07-08. Your average: 7.4

05 | Soy AdriŠn / Charlie Ė I feel like I donít know much about you at all and donít feel like snooping on your profile either right now (which maybe I SHOULD do, just to have something of more substance to comment on), but Iíve seen you around before for sure. I guess youíre not really all that active lately and thatís fine. I donít remember having issues with you. Your chart run: 00-07-05-06-05. Your average: 4.6

11 | Spinning Adam Ė I feel like my 11 should go to you this year because weíve had countless interesting discussions and conversations over the past while, as well as a lot of fun, and itís been something of value. You often seem to get where Iím coming from (not always) and Iíve just had a good laugh interacting with you over the past year. We didnít speak that much for a while, but recently weíve had a sort of ďrevivalĒ in a sense, and have talked so much. Yes, sometimes it has been a littleÖ mentally exhausting, because sometimes the topics can get quite intense or whatever, but itís great that you have support here and someone you can go to to talk about any random shit thatís going on or to express whatever is on your mind (and the same goes for me). You also amuse and entertain me with your humour, your puns and the most random sentences or whateverÖ lmao. So yeah, I really appreciate all the laughs and all the insight that weíve shared over the past few months. You also show a lot of enthusiasm (obviously you won an award for that as well, slay) and interest in things going on and in people. Your posts have become really enjoyable and interesting to read also. Your chart run: 10-11. Your average: 10.5

07 | Suedehead2 Ė Very intelligent guy, always has good points to make. I appreciated your contributions in the Pronunciation thread for example, haha. Your chart run: 06-05-07. Your average: 6

06 | T Boy Ė Weíre quite different in our style and in our approach I think, but I have enjoyed some of your posts, they can be quite amusing at times. A straight-talking one for sure. Your chart run: 00-06-07-06. Your average: 4.75

05 | Taylor Jago Ė I think I might need a bit more experience with you to get a better sense of who you are, ya know. All I really know off the top of my head is that Spadam knew you on a different website lol. Your chart run: 05-05. Your average: 5

05 | ThePensmith Ė I didnít remember a single thing about you, sorry, until I went onto your profile just now and discovered that you were the poster behind the ďWhat music did your parents bring you up on?Ē thread, which I enjoyed a lot, and have had similar thread ideas (some of which have been created) myself! So I appreciate that one! Other than that, I just donít feel like I know you, which is a shameÖ Your chart run: 00-05-05. Your average: 3.3

00 | TheSnake Ė Look, sometimes I wonder if youíre actually real. I know that seems like an insult but I just got unusual vibes from the way you kept making those ďLetís make a songĒ threads. I contributed because I was curious how you would incorporate me speaking into your tracks, but you got on peopleís nerves a lot with the way you were so forceful and insistent that we create a song together, even after you had been told several times that there is a lack of interest. Iím kinda glad that some people took the time to participate, but it just didnít work out for you. Iím sorry. Now I do often find you rather amusing and funny, for example in the Jadakissnia National Thread, but Iím really just not sure about you. Iím not totally convinced. Your chart run: 00. Your average: 0

06 | *Tim Ė Tim, itís kinda hard for me to assign a score for you because I have conflicting feelings lately. I feel that you really are actually a nice, genuine, friendly young man and you speak a lot of sense, but sometimes I find it a bit tricky to really talk to you, not necessarily because we CLASH as such, but more because sometimes we seem to pick up on things the wrong way. For instance (and I have a few examples in mind should you be interested, I just decided against putting them here specifically), sometimes itís like, I will say something and you pick it up as being shade and then shade me back when I didnít mean for what I said to be shade at all. So sometimes I may be a little wary of saying something too, because you might pick it up the wrong way or maybe call me out on something insignificant or irrelevant and I get shy, haha. Iím not saying itís all your fault or something stupid like that, or that itís even a huge problem! I just feel like thereís a slight communication barrier between us, which is a shame as youíre great. I do remember us getting along better previously and stuff (not that we donít actually get on now, which weíve already discussed), and you ďliving forĒ my posts last year, which made me smile. I do think youíre a pretty great guy and full of life. Your chart run: 05-07-08-06. Your average: 6.5

08 | Toby / Devan Ė I kept going back and forth between a score of 7 and 8 for you! You can be very sweet, endearing and amusing on plug and, itís usually great to talk to you and we do get on really well. On the forum I still find that your posts often donít really add much and maybe you lack some confidence in expressing yourself, but I do enjoy you on the off-sites. May you send me more bizarrely titled PMs asking me to come on plug! Your chart run: 07-06-07-08. Your average: 7

08 | troublepink Ė You really are such a lovely presence on the forum, itís always good to see a Laura post! We donít speak a lot but I remember always enjoying your posts even years and years ago. You always have something interesting to say that adds to a thread, but you donít go overboard with anything. Just lovely. Your chart run: 08-08. Your average: 8

08 | Tyler Ė You are such an incredible spirit to have on the forum. You just OOZE an endearing personality! Very warm, very friendly, very funny and very interesting! A great guy, itís always fun seeing you post and interact with people, especially lately, what with the body part threads and all that jazz! Keep on doing you. Your chart run: 05-07-06-07-08. Your average: 6.6

08 | Ultraviolence1989 Ė Over the past year you have really grown on me. Youíre incredibly bubbly, energetic, enthusiastic, hard-working and friendly and itís always really nice talking to you! You get along with everyone. I also love how you are always doing homework on :í) Asking for help with it and all that, itís fun. Iím also noticing your posts becoming a little more interesting and they are posts that I now enjoy reading more than previously! Your personality really shines through. Your chart run: 06-07-08. Your average: 7

04 | Umi Ė I donít see you post THAT much, but when you do, it is always to make an interesting, unique point that almost ďwakes people upĒ, makes them see sense and maybe makes them see things in a different way. Sometimes that can intimidate people a bit (and can cause arguments), including myself at times, but thatís just the way you do things around here and I have respect for you. Weíve never really spoken too much and Iím not too sure how that would go as I just have this funny feeling that you might call me out on stuff that I say wrong or whatever, or I might get really shy lmao. idk. Your chart run: 07-07-06-04. Your average: 6

00 | vidcapper Ė I personally donít have that much experience with you, I think we operate in different threads mostly, but I have seen a few of your posts recently and the backlash caused by them and I guess some of the things you say really do rub people the wrong way a lot, for want of a better way of putting it. You definitely seem very brave though, lol. Your chart run: 00-00-05-00. Your average: 1.25

06 | VŁlker Ė I donít remember much about you other than your adorable voice (heard it in the accent rate) and obviously VŁlkyria in BJSC (canít remember if Iíve ever voted for you, or you for me lmao), so feel free to chat with me should you ever want to. Or send me voice messages. So I can hear that voice. Your chart run: 00-06. Your average: 3
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Post #10
Mr Jade Lauren Williams <333
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QUOTE(NellyEverySundae @ Jul 30 2016, 06:07 PM) *
I decided to do a very quick, basic rate this year because I don't see any point in doing a massive rate concept when I haven't been very active so far. I tried to not put any new members at a disadvantage (i.e. a 0) because I don't think it's fair for me to bring an average down when I don't know the individual well enough to do that. I tried to give out the scores as honestly as I could.

00 | 152chris
07 | AdamAloud - Very nice and an incredibly pleasant individual. I don't think we've ever had that much contact outside of the movie forum and the Girls Aloud forum which is a massive shame to say the least.
07 | Andr00w
06 | Atonement
06 | *Ben*
03 | bipolar angel
08 | Brť - Does #Brelly still exist? It better :S
05 | Brett-Butler
07 | burbe
06 | Cal
07 | *Callum™
10 | Cameron - From the long time since I've known you (Is that grammatically accurate? unsure.gif), it's just so amazing to see that people are finally getting to appreciate you as someone who is never less than kind, generous and funny. You've always been there for me and I can't ever thank you enough for being my co-mod, for being so lovely and for being a genuine friend on here.
02 | Cassidy
07 | Chez Wombat
08 | Cody Collins
02 | Colm
01 | Common Sense
07 | Cremey
07 | Cucumberella / Leww hi.gif Lew
06 | dandy*
08 | danG
00 | Davidson - I don't know. I think the only time we ever talked to each other was when I did my first ever rate in the Beyonce forum and even then that encounter wasn't so lovely. I definitely don't have anything against you and you're probably quite sound but I've gone with what I've experienced personally with you. So for now a 0 is apt.
06 | dhwe
08 | –ÝŖŖÝ - I have a PROPER soft spot for you dobbo. You're just such a cute presence on the site. Hoping that doesn't sound condescending manson.gif
05 | Doctor Blind
08 | Ethan
11 | Froot. - You can go away for 10 years for all I care, you're still my favourite member on the site. From jamming to Baby Doll to especially liking Mel ( smile.gif ) , there are very few people who I can genuinely call my friend on here and you're one of them. I always have such banter with you and our shared sense of humour (as random as it is) just brightens up my day. I've really ran out of things to say now because I physically can't describe how much I value you as a member and as a friend. #FrellySForLife
07 | gooddelta
-1 | Hadji
08 | HarryEzra
05 | Harve
09 | HausofKubrick - Hmmm, where to start. This would've been a 10 had you messaged me once in a while ( Ball sleep.gif ) but my sentiments still stand. As a mod: 10/10, As a member: 10/10, as a friend: 10/10. Like there really isn't any area where you're not perfect. I've always seen you (like with Froot sarcasm.gif ) as an older brother; someone I can always go to for advice and have a good laugh with. Love you Bal <3 Again, apologies for making this short as hell but I'm just so bad at doing these XD
00 | Hazza Chapman
07 | Iz~
07 | Jack
06 | Jacob Alan
06 | Jade
07 | J▲hq
07 | Jake
00 | JakeWild / #00274E
07 | Jaˇ
07 | Jester
10 | Joe.
07 | Jonjo
08 | JosephStyles
09 | Josh.
08 | JSG
05 | Klumzee
09 | LeeWallace
07 | Leonardo
07 | lewistgreen
00 | LexC
06 | Liam
07 | liamk97
08 | Lindsey - Donut heart.gif Been so long! I really thought this would've been my 10 last year but I guess it's my fault for leaving when we just started to become chums. You're incredibly sweet and just so much fun to be around. PS. I totally forgot you made my profile picture of Foxes with the Northampton Clown :S Still standing proud.
05 | Mack
07 | Mart!n
07 | Martyn
08 | Math
06 | Mattias
05 | Maurice
06 | mdh
07 | Michael
05 | ML Hammer95
07 | mr_pmt
06 | Nick F1
07 | Ninjabait
06 | Noahspike
05 | notfurlong
06 | Oliver
06 | Oricon
10 | Pavel - T'was a no brainer indeed. Love you Pavel <3
06 | popchartfreak
07 | princess_lotti
07 | Qassšndra
07 | Qween / Johnkm
01 | Regina - Hmmm.
06 | richie
09 | Riser
08 | Rob S~
07 | Robot
06 | Rooney
07 | Ryan.
07 | SevenSeize
06 | Silas
03 | Soy AdriŠn / Charlie
08 | Spinning Adam SPUD.
01 | Suedehead2
10 | T Boy
06 | Taylor Jago
06 | ThePensmith
05 | TheSnake
10 | *Tim - :S
04 | Toby / Devan
06 | troublepink
07 | Tyler
10 | Ultraviolence1989
06 | Umi
00 | vidcapper
06 | VŁlker
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Post #11
Mr Jade Lauren Williams <333
Group: Moderator
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QUOTE(Andr00w @ Jul 30 2016, 06:30 PM) *

Vote in least favourite unapologetic song round 6

07 | 152chris | You seem like a great poster but you need to come into the lounge more as Iím sure youíd fly up the rate *.*

07 | AdamAloud | My fellow Rih mod *.* We havenít spoken too much but Iím definitely looking forward to getting to know you better in the Rih forum!

xx | Andr00w

04 | Atonement |

04 | *Ben* |

05 | bipolar angel |

09 | Brť | Itís a shame we talk probably less than we did last year as Iím enjoying your posts more and more *.* Hopefully we can talk more!

04 | Brett-Butler |

03 | burbe |

05 | Cal |

05 | *Callumô |

08 | Cameron | I was really happy when you said Iíve grown you as itís the same for me Cameron! I really enjoy the friendly nature of your posts and you always crack me up in your posts/on plug laugh.gif Hopefully we can continue to get on better!

03 | Cassidy |

05 | Chez Wombat |

05 | Cody Collins | For a long time this wouldíve a lot lower Cody, but youíve really improved in the last few months and shown what a great poster you can be. The whole bullying scenario was pretty bad if Iím honest and I do think you can be very sensitive sometimes, but me and a lot of people can relate to that. Next year I can see this going up to a 7 or 8 if you keep going the way you are *.*

04 | Colm | I feel like sometimes I donít Ďgetí your humour and that death ranking list or whatever it was called wasÖshocking but Iíve been enjoying your posts a lot more since then.

00 | Common Sense | Youíre getting Donald Trump t-shirts delivered to your house which basically tells me all I need to know about you. (No) Common Sense indeed.

07 | Cremey |

06 | Cucumberella / Leww | Your activity in the lounge seems to have quieted down recently which is great shame as I was beginning to really appreciate your posts! Iíll admit I was too fond of you last year and vice versa but youíre another one who has grown on me a lot.

03 | dandy* |

04 | danG | You work hard in the chart forum but I do sometimes find your posts a bitÖidk how to describe them Iím just not a huge fan of them laugh.gif

07 | Davidson |

06 | dhwe |

05 | –ÝŖŖÝ |

03 | Doctor Blind | This would be higher if I didnít see you talk down to people and repeat yourself in the chart forum so much. There are sometimes hints of a great poster coming out but at the moment thereís just too much I donít like about you tbh

00 | Ethan | This is a bit of a sad score to give out as I really liked you last year but I guess I didnít know you that well (most of the time Iíd spoken to you then was on Plug) and a few things since have shown me some things I didnít see last time. Like the poster above, you do talk down to people and basically have about 9 or 10 posts you repeat.

04 | Froot. | I was really liking your lounge posts last year but you never seem to be around any more (in the lounge at least).

03 | gooddelta |

00 | Hadji | I havenít seen as much of you lately but on past form this is unlikely to be very high and the 0ís need to be given out Iím afraid!

09 | HarryEzra | You always make me laugh on plug and youíre a lovely, sweet and friendly person! Whenever Iím on plug we speak but not too much on the forum, hopefully that can change! I can see you moving up a lot this year *.*

03 | Harve |

07 | HausofKubrick | We need to talk more ;o I appreciate your comment and I like your posts a lot!

01 | Hazza Chapman | I have no clue if youíre this Abdul guy that everyone says you are as I wasnít around then but your posts are pretty tedious and how many times have you made that (bad) joke about Drake paying the charts? :í)

06 | Iz~ | Iím a big fan of your posts but your another one I never speak to laugh.gif

05 | Jack |

06 | Jacob Alan |

09 | Jade | Youíre a big asset to the forum and I enjoy speaking to you on plug/sometimes on the forum! I like how youíre always very friendly and welcoming to people but arenít afraid to dish out the truth teas when you want to laugh.gif

03 | J▲hq |

08 | Jake | Youíve been a big grower for me Jake! I think I gave you a 0 last year which I much regret as I barely knew you at the time but since then Iíve seen more of your posts and Iím enjoying them *.* I can see why some people think youíre a bit blunt but thatís not necessarily a bad trait to have imo and I do think youíre a very genuine person. We need to talk more~

07 | JakeWild / #00274E |

08 | Jaˇ |

04 | Jester |

07 | Joe. | Another one who I need to talk to more ;o

07 | Jonjo |

08 | JosephStyles | Fellow Nuhdeen stan wink.gif This score has grown hugely from what it wouldíve been a few months ago Joseph, for some reason I donít know youíve really grown on me laugh.gif I enjoy your posts and while we do speak occasionally we should do it more!

06 | Josh. |

02 | JSG | I wonít get into you leaving and the apparent reasons behind that as thereís literally so much that me and most people donít know but before that you seemed to not want to give me the time of day James? Idk if itís just my shit sarcasm reading skills and it was all a joke but after getting on ok previously you seemed to suddenly be all weird with me and it put me off you Iím afraid. If you return maybe we can talk more?

03 | Klumzee |

08 | LeeWallace | Certain incidents last year put me off you for a long time but I donít think one thing someone has done should necessarily define them and Iíve enjoyed your posts (now theyíre pretty occasional) a lot more this year. Weíve got on better I think as well after aÖshaky start laugh.gif

03 | Leonardo |

06 | lewistgreen |

04 | LexC |

07 | Liam | When we talk on plug or on the forum we seem to get on ok and I do enjoy your posts but I guess I still donít talk to you that much?

02 | liamk97 |

05 | Lindsey | I was very happy when I saw your comment and I felt it kinda broke the ice in a way laugh.gif There was a time last year when things wereÖtense but itís good weíve got past that.

02 | Mack |

02 | Mart!n |

03 | Martyn |

02 | Math | I know that wasnít your intention but I did find your thread a few days ago a bitÖattention seeking? I havenít seen you post regularly for a while (before you say the supposed ďin-jokesĒ have got bad) so I found it a bit confusing?

05 | Mattias | Sometimes you can be a BIT overly rambly but thatís just your personality and a good essay once in a while is nice laugh.gif I love your enthusiasm and itíd be good to talk more!

06 | Maurice |

06 | mdh | In all honesty I wasnít a big fan when you came but I think that was me being paranoid laugh.gif Iíve been enjoying your posts a lot more recently tbh. Yeah we should talk more and Trapped should be good *.*

08 | Michael | Pretty weird and a bit crazy but those things are the best about you tbh *.*

05 | ML Hammer95 | You seem like a very genuine person and Iíd love us to talk more!

07 | mr_pmt | I always enjoy your opinions on music but you need to come into the lounge more! If you did I can see you climbing up the rate like Work climbed up the charts (ik you hate that song laugh.gif)

05 | Nick F1 |

06 | Ninjabait |

05 | Noahspike |

05 | notfurlong |

06 | Oliver | Youíre a very genuine person and I like your posts but we never speak! You donít seem to be in the lounge much so hopefully thatíll change.

05 | Oricon |

07 | Pavel |

03 | popchartfreak |

08 | princess_lotti | Itís great that a new user has already became such an asset to the site *.* Tbh I wasnít sure on you at first Lotti but recently youíve grown on me spectacularly and are now one of my favourite posters *.* HEREíS SOME CAPITALS FOR YOU

07 | Qassšndra | You seem like a Buzzjack icon *.* Your posts are generally great but I think the only time weíve directly spoken is in a thread about politics laugh.gif

07 | Qween / Johnkm |

07 | Regina | Ok this score will probably surprise you as weíve not got on at all in the past but youíve grown on me a lot and are now a great poster for me! I donít you exactly what you think of me as weíve barely, if at all spoken lately but Iím hoping itís better than last yearís 0 laugh.gif I like your tea spilling ways *.*

03 | Richie |

04 | Riser |

07 | Rob S~ |

05 | Robot |

05 | Rooney |

05 | Ryan. |

03 | SevenSeize |

03 | Silas | Sometimes you can be a bit harsh in your posts and itís a bit off putting but I definitely like you more than I did last year.

03 | Soy AdriŠn / Charlie |

05 | Spinning Adam | Some days I find you hilarious Adam, others you irritate me no end laugh.gif I do think you have improved in the last year, but maybe not to the extent everyone else thinks you have imo. I certainly donít hate you though and maybe we should talk more?

05 | Suedehead2 |

06 | T Boy | I found this quite a hard one to give T Boy! I was glad when you said I was less annoying than last year (still got a 2 oops) and youíve really grown on me! I love how you tell the truth and are never scared of doing so, which can happen to me sometimes. We donít speak much so hopefully Iíll get to know you better.

00 | Taylor Jago | Omg, how many times do you proclaim your hate for amazing songs? Find some new posts.

01 | ThePensmith |

02 | TheSnake | I think your guilty of something Iíve been of in the past, not knowing when to let something go! The whole funky house thing and that shit song wasnít a great first impression but hopefully youíll stop this and my score can be higher in the future.

08 | *Tim | Last year we got on pretty badly and I felt like there was a lot of bad blood between us for a while but Iím glad we seem to be getting on a lot better now! I love your truth telling posts tbh (spilling that tea)

07 | Toby / Devan | Youíre probably one of the funniest on here but sometimes I feel you can repeat yourself a bit. I do enjoy your presence and I can see this being higher in the future!

05 | troublepink |

08 | Tyler | A Britney stan could never get less than a 5 *.* I love your Britney stanning and also your increased presence in the lounge which I hope continues!

09 | Ultraviolence1989 | Such an enthusiastic and lovely poster, I can easily see you coming top three this year! 2014 you tho *.*

02 | Umi |

-1 | vidcapper | Just no tbh. I couldnít stand you before certain comments but that basically sealed this score for me. Iíve been genuinely flabbergasted at some things youíve said. You can also be rude, condescending and generally an asshole. Stick to the chart forum tbh

04 | VŁlker |

Sorry if you didnít get a comment, itís either because I have no clue who you are or didnít know what to say laugh.gif I also apologize if I repeat myself a lot, Iím just not very good at writing about people :í)
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Mr Jade Lauren Williams <333
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QUOTE(Liаm @ Jul 30 2016, 07:45 PM) *
Ok so here is my rate! I've paired most people to a Pokemon or a character from the anime, I've explained briefly and linked to their wiki page as I know the references will be lsot on some laugh.gif Just to say in most cases that the descriptions aren't fitting, just something that reminds me of you or a similarity or two. If you think it fits you then you'll know why I picked, anything really bad about the Pokemon doesn't mean I feel like way about you - if I matched you to a devious Dark type it doesn't mean I think you're sneaky and nasty.

06 | 152chris I donít notice you posting very much but Iím appreciating your BJSC entries a lot more which is something right? tongue.gif And ofc weíre in a better place than like 2012 when you -1d lmao. You can be the Minun to JakeWildís Plusle.
Minun cares for its teammates immensely, supporting them with showers of sparks which promote blood circulation and energise recipients. It mostly uses electrical attacks.
06 | AdamAloud Eurovision and Scandi stanning *.* Apart from those being great qualities and indicators of fine taste, plus some good BJSC entries, I donít really have an opinion either way on you as I donít notice that many posts etc from you, probably just a real life getting in the way thing. You can be Xerenas because I canít forget a tweet about Jamie-Leeís outfit this year whenever I see it, she was compared to it and thatís the best Eurovision to Pokemon connection I can think of :í)[/b]
Xerenas is a legendary Pokemon that holds the power to share eternal life when its horns shine in seven colours. When its life ends, it explodes with life energy to give to the world and is dormant for 1000 years. It utilises devastating special moves and powers itself up with the signature move Geomancy, which absorbs life energy from around Xerenas.
06 | Andr00w Much better this time around! We donít really cross paths or interact much but Iíve noticed how youíve improved which is the main thing tongue.gif You can be Stoutland because itís partly based on a Scottie dog and the name is partly based on Scotland.
Stoutlandís long fur can act as protection to its trainer even in the coldest climates. It is known for its use in mountain rescue, as its shaggy fur means it can withstand even extreme weather without compromising its abilities. It tends to use powerful physical attacks such as Crunch, Giga Impact and Play Rough.
02 | Atonement I canít remember many of your posts recently but the ones I do are quite negative or miserable, we donít have a lot in common either, just not my sort of poster. You can be Hayley from My Pokemon Ranch because I know you like country (at least old country) and sheís a country gal.
Hayley is the host of My Pokemon Ranch, and loves to take care of Pokemon. She is also generous, offering to trade rare Pokemon with the player often once certain goals are met.
06 | *Ben*
08 | bipolar_angel A breath on fresh air on this forum Ė thereís really nobody like you laugh.gif I just love your temprement and dedication to the daily threads. You also have a wonderful sense of innocence and naivety and can be hilarious too <3 Because youíre really sweet and just lovely you are Togepi.
Togepi has a very innocent and joyous nature, and it loves to share its joy. In some circles, Togepi are seen as a sign of good luck.
07 | Brť [Weíve always had ups and downs and I canít say we have a lot in common, but I do respect your presence on this forum and all that you do for it. Weíre in a far better place now than we have been before and get on well now actually! We donít really have that similar a sense of humour fundamentally but also you do make me laugh a fair bit on plug etc. laugh.gif I also have noticed you speaking out a bit more this year, showing your feelings and your opinion so that people know where you stand which is something I appreciate for sure. This site would just feel so different without you! Because of your seemingly infinite capacity for stats, you are Alakazam.
Alakazam is a Psychic type Pokemon who possess an immense brain capacity, which leads to it having an incredible memory. It uses powerful mystic attacks such as Psychic and Shadow Ball.
05 | Brett-Butler
06 | burbe Iím not sure we have interacted ever apart from once or twice on plug or really crossed paths but you seem nice. Because it inhabits TVs and you are a TV mod, you can be Rotom.
Rotom has the ability to enter and possess applicances Ė it is encountered in a TV in Old Chateau. It an also possess ovens, fridges, lawnmowers and washing machine, and change types along with it. Rotom often uses its abilities to pull pranks on unsuspecting victims.
08 | Cal I really loved your presence as a BJSC mod so itís sad that you stepped down and in general post less on here  On Facebook though I do often find myself enjoying your funny posts or the music you share, it would be great to see you around more. You can be Simisage because it kind of reminds me of a clover and youíre Irish (god these are already getting tenuous but the thought is there rotf.gif)
Simisage is known for being a tempremental fighter, who will strike with his tail by swinging it wildly. It can utilise a wide range of grass type moves.
04 | *Callumô I find you a bit one dimensional but that might be because youíre not the most prominent poster. I just find that all I can remember of you is that you like Drag Race and were savage to Lew in the rate once for no reason laugh.gif Because of Drag Race you can be Bruxish (I assure you though you are much better looking than Bruxish, it just looks like a Gorebyss trying to enter Drag Race).
Bruxish buries itself deep on the seafloor with only its head growth exposed. Its psychic power serves as a radar to detect threats from above. Lifeguards in the Alola region use Bruxish to keep more dangerous water Pokemon away from their areas.
10 | Cameron Pop holy trinity part 1 *.* I think Iíve probably said this in the last rate but itís been so satisfying seeing you growing from a mellow just ďniceĒ member to the incredibly well rounded and much loved guy I am friends with today! I struggle to think of many members as balanced as you, you are friendly but you can shade and slay with the best of them when its needed and you have an incredible sense of humour. Iíve loved getting to know you as a friend to the point where we are meeting very soon ohmy.gif You are Ashís Infernape because youíve grown into a fierce, firey, friendly essential.
As a Chimchar, Ashís Infernape tended towards being very friendly, fun and kind. As he evolved into a Monferno and finaly Infernape, he became more firey and found it easier to fight, while maintaining his fun personality from his younger days.Chimchar was a extensive user of firey attacks such as Flame Wheel, but in its later stages it grew to learn striking Fighting attacks such as Mach Punch.
07 | Cassidy
06 | Chez Wombat Another ďnot really my sort of posterĒ, we frequent different parts of the forum and donít agree much with your tastes and opinions really but you donít have a bad bone in your body, a really friendly and positive member. Because I always think of your love of birds in connection with you, you can have my favourite bird Pokemon (except Altaria which Craig has lmao) Staraptor (even though as with a lot of these you donít match its personality at all lmao).
Staraptor is known for its powerful wings, giving it an ability for effortless aerial combat. It also has strong legs, making it a strong physical fighter and it can be aggressive, not giving up even faced with a much larger opponenet.
07 | Cody Collins This is probably going to be one of the hardest comments Iíll write, because contrary to what I imagine you think, I *do* really like you. And Iím going to leave out the Grant thing because Iíve been over it with you and we donít need to again. But anyway, my main qualm is your BJSC attitude. I know itís maybe just how you are and itís hard to change but I find it really tedious to read the constant negativity if youíre likeÖ anything below top 20. Itís supposed to be about sharing and discovering new music with a range of people, but at times attitudes like this (you arenít the only one) are what really mars it for me. Itís just an online contest and a bit of fun so donít take it so seriously and to heart tongue.gif I think you are getting better with this at times and I know that you do listen to people and take it on board when they tell you this. Anyway, with that done I can say that as a person I do like you so Iím giving you a good score in spite of your flaws and we really get on when we chat, with some shared interests etc. (like Iím sure youíll enjoy this rate concept!) so more of that and less moany BJSC-ness please kink.gif Because of my qualms with you (donít take this too seriously either tongue.gif), you are Brockís Bonsly.
Brockís Bonsly was a needy and easily upset sensitive Pokemon, before his maturation into an upbeat and carefree Sudowoodo. He mainly utilises risky or situational physical attacks such as Flail or Double Edge.
05 | Colm Again a difficult one to score, but on the forum I donít often ďgetĒ what you post. I know that you have a very different humour to others but you act like itís a negative thing when Buzzjack is just the way it is. Weíve had a few Facebook chats which are fine but not enough to push a forum rate up. Because you are older and admit this as a reason for being different to lots on here, you can be Drampa.
Drampa lives in the mountains 10,000 feet above sea level. It descends only at dawn to gather food, but it loves communicating with people and other Pokemon.
00 | Common Sense If youíre not having frankly stupid opinions then youíre just making TMI threads like airing your bits in summerÖ. No. Tbh I canít really think of a Pokemon for you lmao.
06 | Cremey We always got on a fair bit I guess, I just always remember a meme being made of your thumb rotf.gif So you can be Ambipom.
Ambipom can leap between trees deftly, and its possession of hands for tails means it rarely uses its actual arms. When two Ambipom link tails, it said they are true friends. Ambipom is a versatile physical attacker thanks to its tails that double as hands for punching moves.
10| Cucumberella / Leww I was actually struggling to pair you with a Pokemon until on plug the other night with mssngno laugh.gif You are truly a unique presence on here, hilarious on a scale that few can achieve with probably the closest sense of humour to mine that exists on this site! As a mod youíre easily one of the most approachable and friendly mods this site has so you are a real asset. A couple of years ago weíd probably pass each other by in the rate so thank god for plug for the last couple of rates! As said before, you are mssngno..
Mssngno is a famous in game glitch from Red, Blue and Yellow, in which a glitched out ďPokemonĒ would appear in various situations where the player manipulates some of the gameís many glitches, as an attempt to account for unprogrammed po If caught or even encountered, it may glitch out and ruin the game, causing the player to have to release it to get things back to normal. In extreme cases, it may corrupt entire save files.
07 | dandy* Youíve always been here it seems and like Iíve said to a few others, it would be weird if you werenít! Also Iíd never have tried D*&O if not for you and it is too glorious for me not to have had it *.* Because you seem classy and elegant, you are Delcatty.
Delcatty is revered by trainers for its happy demeanour, with its sublime fur and style popular with females who partake in Pokemon contests. It lives at its own pace and on its own whims. It uses many Normal type attacks such as Doubleslap and Fake Out.
04 | danG I am going to try not to sound really horrible because you are a good member and I see why people like you. But I just find you somewhat jarring, for example your humour is one I find really unfunny and repetitive, you tend to recycle old in jokes once theyíre dead when they werenít funny in the first place. Iím not telling you stop that humour because everyoneís is different and you can share with people who do enjoy those jokes and Iíll just ignore. You come across as a bit rude and arrogant at times too, even if you donít mean it, for example blanketing your opinion on everyone as fact and being a bit iffy to anyone who isnít 100% pro-dance. I feel like you donít like me because of my music taste a lot of the time laugh.gif But youíre a good mod and solid member, just not someone Iíve ever really clicked with or got to know at all. You are Urusla because of your attitude at times, but youíre not as bad as her nor do you exhibit all of her qualities itís just a random somewhat match I found as there arenít any dance music connections I could think of laugh.gif
Ursula has a tendency to be too sure of herself. When faced with a loss, she makes excuses to diminish her shortcomings rather than face up to it. Her main Pokemon is her Ground/Dragon type Gabite, which appears to have adopted some elements of her attitude.
06 | Davidson
07 | dhwe
06 | –ÝŖŖÝ
02 | Doctor Blind Your posts just come across as so miserable, cynical and negative a lot of the time. Because of the weather connection you are Castform.
Castform is a manmade Pokemon that changes with the weather. Its cells resemble water molecules, so it changes its makeup with the temperature and humidity of its surroundings. It has a Sunny, Rainy and Snowy form, and it can utilise moves from Fire, Water and Ice types because of this unique ability.
00 | Ethan GOOD GOD Iím sorry but you just give me nothing. You donít seem to show personality in your posts aside from being like ďsick~Ē to any given dance song, and being quite abrasive about anything that isnít dance. I know I can be arsey about dance but I am open to it and there is a hell of a lot of it in BJSC tongue.gif Weíre just totally totally different, music wise, personality wise, interest wise, even politics. We just have never clicked or connected about any small thing or even really agreed on anything :/ You can be a Ratata because theyíre bland and Normal type and I donít care for them.
Rattata lives wherever it can find food. Its hardiness means it can survive in many environments, and its sharp fangs give it the ability to easily defend itself.
07 | Froot. Youíve not posted much this year but as reality TV mod I always appreciate your posts there. Rather than just a generic ranking or ďlol I agreeĒ, you always have something in depth to share, often from a new angle that I didnít even think about. I suppose its quality over quantity tongue.gif Because of froot you can be Tropius.
Tropiusí leaves double up as both means of flight and vessels of sugar production. Its love of fruit means it loves to eat it, and it has begun to grow its own fruit around its neck, which is a delicacy for children in tropical regions.
08 | gooddelta Still one of the loveliest people on here, always been so friendly and genuine. Because everyone loves you and youíve always been here, you are
Pikachu is known for its ability to release electricity through its cheek pouches. Its cute appearance makes it a hugely popular Pokemon, especially amongst children.
00 | Hadji
07 | HarryEzra We do get on and have a fair bit in common, but recently I find you more closed off and as if we arenít as close anymore :/ I think it might come down to your confidence issues in bigger groups such as plug, but I find if youíre not in your ďfamiliarĒ group (which is Skype I suppose and thatís not a negative thing), you sometimes come across as closed and even a bit one dimensional. You just echo the comments of others or agree, when I know you arenít one dimensional because weíve had so many great conversations, and I know that you canít just change your confidence issues but never be afraid to be who you really are because that person is great! And even more of a man slag than I am. But seriously people like you for a reason so you should show that as often as possible so everyone can see it. You are Ditto because youíll shag anything xoxoxo (I really needed to use this joke ok?)
Ditto is a unique Pokemon noted for its ability to transform its own cell structure to change into anything it sees. This gives it the ability to adapt to many situations and also to breed with almost any Pokemon, which means it of great use to competitive battlers.
03 | Harve
08 | HausofKubrick Iíve never ever had any issues with you, youíve always been one of the most friendly, warm and approachable people on here who genuinely cares about people, for example I find it really sweet and genuine that you want to know about peopleís happiness and successes, it shows that you are a warm person who wishes the best for everyone. And you yourself really deserve the best, Iím sorry to see youíve had a tough few months but knowing you I know youíll bounce back and be on top again in no time! Similarly to Rich Iíve made you Pikachu, so see Richís italicised comment but you know all about Pikachu kink.gif
04 | Hazza Chapman Iím not giving you lower because I know that you contribute in sports and charts, I just donít frequent those so we never cross paths. Iím giving you the benefit of the doubt as I havenít seen much of you being as bad as you were before this year. You are Hitmonchan because thatís about as close as I can think to a sporty Pokemon.
Hitmonchan is well known for its punching abilities. With its punches, it has the strength to break even concrete, and possess an unwavering fighting spirit.
07 | Iz~ Weíve had our problems in the past and weíre still not bffs or anything but I feel like we get on now. I do find some of your humour jarring though, I know you are joking when youíre like ďIíve never been vetoed in BJSCĒ ďIíd never take the cheap optionĒ but it comes across as arrogant at times and I just find it a tad annoying laugh.gif I also share some of the qualms that people whoíve already rated have, that you can be a bit biased at times but at least you admit that which is a good trait to have. Plus tbh Iíd be the same as a GM if I am honest itís just something that as you say you are working on. I still enjoy your presence on here and Plug plus aside from my above comments which are minor niggles really (but hey, what else is the rate for?), I do think youíre an all round good guy. Because of the medieval connection to it and I know you love/study history, you are Aegislash.
Aegislash is said to possess an eye for leadership - legend has it that whoever it deems worthy is destined to be king. It has the unique ability to change its form in battle based on the move it uses, and its stats change with it. Status moves cause Aegislash to hide behind its shield, emphasising defense, but attacking moves cause Aegislash to become exposed from behind the shield, yielding immense attack power.
09 | Jack You are always a fave so this is a no surprise. I would mark you down for not posting much but on Facebook you always slay me and as itís Big Brother season I suppose youíre lucky and we often have very similar opinions against the publicís generally horrendous voting patterns laugh.gif You are the original cutting bitch and I still love that you can just shut someone down. Because your claws are second to none, you are Weavile.
Weavile is cunning and intelligent, usually moving in packs and living in cold, icy areas. Many of its attacks focus on its claws, such as Metal Claw and Slash, but it also uses Ice attacks and underhanded or devious Dark type moves.
07| Jacob Alan Battle of the brothers ignites ohmy.gif Weíve only crossed a few times on plug but alwasy got on, we donít have the initial rocky patch I had with Iz kink.gif I remember the first time I met you on Plug and you played a really good song that you were shown at uni or something and I always think of you as being musical from that so you are Kricketune, as Iíve seen that often used to resemble a metronome in theme teams laugh.gif
Kricketuneís melodic cry can be used to signal its emotions, and the variation is of great interest to scientists. It can compose ad lib melodies, and attacks with sound based attacks as well as attacks that involving slashing with its scythes.
09| Jade Embarrasing old Olly Murs usernames squad xo As always I canít say enough how much of an asset you are to this site as such a warm, welcoming and lovely member! Weíve always got on, such as bonding over Glee memories connecting to every other song on Plug laugh.gif I just canít see how anyone could dislike you, youíre one of the most friendly and approachable people on this site, and a real asset to it! I expect you to win this or at the very least be top 3 and it would be 100% wholly desereved. For pretty much all the reasons below, you are Serena.
Serena is a very kind and friendly trainer, which leads to her possessing a caring nature for her Pokemon and those around her. She is also very fashion savvy, and has a keen interest in how she dresses and styles herself, without ever being vain or arrogant. Her kindness can lead to sensitivity at times in hard or emotional situations.
03| J▲hq Iíve gotten NOTHING from you as a poster in years, not since like 2011 laugh.gif I donít mean to sound horrible about it and I know you have your friends and fans on here but I honestly couldnít recall a single really memorable post from you or anything particularly exciting youíve done. We donít talk or anything either so there isnít that connection to drive up the score. Because you just blend in a bit you are Kecleon.
Kecleon changes the colour of its body to camouflage itself for safety or to show emotion. Itís long tongue and claws make it an adept physical attacker as it sneaks up on foes using it camouflage abilities.
08 | Jake We havenít spoken much in AGES, like all year really, damn real life  It was a bit shit to see so much negativity towards you in the last rate because I grew to love you and really appreciate you on here, it seems that since then real life has taken over and you donít have much time for Buzzjack but you are ever fabulous, funny and cutting in equal measure. You can be a pink fabulous Jigglypuff.
Jigglypuff is known for its ability to sing opponents to sleep. Its voice is adjusted to match the brain waves of the sleeping foe, which only serves to add to their drowsiness.
07 | JakeWild / #00274E Iím glad to see you posting a bit again, was it you who had some bet to not post or something? It was one of the hipster smoothies laugh.gif As I said to Chris, you are the Plusle to his Minun.
Plusle is known for creating pom poms made of electrical sparks to cheer on its friends. It is closely related to Minun and the two empower each other very well in double battles with the Plus and Minus abilities. It mainly utilises electrical attacks such as Thunderbolt and Spark.
08 | Jaˇ Another poster Iíve definitely got to know a lot better in the past couple of years! Youíre always a joy to converse with even if we only really cross paths fleetingly laugh.gif You have a really warm, easy going personality that makes you very easy to chat with. Because you are very easy going you are Quagsire.
Quagsire is a very carefree Pokemon. It tends to wait for prey rather than hunting, as its lack of movement means it does not consume much energy. It can utilise Water type attacks as well as moves that involve ground and earth such as Mud Bomb or Earthquake.
06 | Jester
07 | Joe. We donít talk much individually but youíre definitely an asset to the forum and itís a credit to you that you were instantly so popular in the last rate! Also one of my few Buzzmeets randomly in the toilet at Marina & The Diamonds rotf.gif Because of muscles you are Machoke but you are far better looking than one of those laugh.gif
Machoke is a Pokemon of immense strength due to its dedication to training. It is capable of lifting heavy objects as such, so it is valued by construction workers as a companion.
09 | Jonjo Another firm fave, always. Youíve always been so lovely to me and weíve always got on so well, youíre of those people I canít imagine people disliking. We have a very similar sense of humour that we always share on Facebook, for such silly jokes/memes laugh.gif So for similar reasons to Rich/Bal youíre also Pikachu.
04 | JosephStyles This is a fairly hard one as weíve always got on personally although we never really talk so itís not like I have much to combat the problems I have. I might seem biased for bringing up your problems with Grant but Iím naturally going to stick up for my friends Ė youíd do the same Iím sure. You have every right to feel how you feel and I know that sometimes these things canít be helped, but I think youíd do well to just not take things to heart. I donít want to sound really heartless because I can be sensitive to things too but Iíve seen the way what you say has affected him and itís double standards how people donít seem to really care about that. I donít want to stir up the whole polite notice fiasco again but my view is that it is mismatched humour. And you do have the right to be upset and hurt by that but I just donít like how it was handled, but Iíll give you credit for at least stepping up and realising your own faults in the situation, and sorting it, rather than dwelling and making it worse, I respect you for that. I guess here I just wanted to say my piece on the somewhat hot topic and I donít want to drag it up again as Grant said it all and youíve responded. Aside from that weíve always been fine personally and I donít have any issues so as I say this was a hard one but I hope you understand my reasoning somewhat and we can move forward. Because of #longhairdontcare, you are Tangela.
Tangelaís vines can be manipulated to ensnare foes and lash out with attacks such as Power Whip and Vine Whip. However, the vines are fragile and can be pulled off easily, so Tangelaís ensnares foes to scare them away and protect itself from that.
06 | Josh. We donít cross a lot because I never really go the movie forum but from what I see you do contribute well there and Iíd love to see you cross into the Lounge more. This is another very tenuous one but you can have Vanilluxe because I always have ice cream when I go to the cinema tbh.
Vanilluxe takes on large quanities of water, which form internal snow clouds which expel powerful blizzards when it is angered. It uses a wide range of Ice based attacks, but is a fairly well rounded Pokemon with defensive capabilities as well.
03 | JSG Iím trying to leave whatís gone on with other people out of this, because we always got on from afar really, but my big issue is your leaving thread. I know you may not ever even see this but I feel like that was one last sly dig to make everyone but yourself look bad, like youíre the victim. Iím aware that things fall apart for reasons, idk if people on here other than what I know have upset you, I just think itís wrong to make others look bad to those who donít know whatís gone on. Because itís the deceit Pokemon and I feel youíve deceived people into thinking youíre angelic and not in the wrong when youíve had your faults also, you are Mawile.
Mawile uses its non-threatening appearance to deceive foes into underestimating it. In battle, Mawile emphasises its jaws, using moves such as Crunch, Stockpile, Spit Up, Swallow and Vice Grip.
06 | Klumzee This feels quite repetitive as I always say this to you but we used to be close like 5 years ago now weíre not, you donít frequent the forum as much now but I do still like you, I just donít have much more to say that I havenít already said to you in previous rates! Because he reminds of your epic hair (kind of), you are Simisear.
Simisear fuels its internal fire with its favourite sweet foods. Embers rise from its head when it gets excited.
08 | LeeWallace Even with all the shit thatís happened, I havenít had a problem with you for ages Ė in the past we did and those have been and gone. I think youíre a unique presence and one I miss on the site and plug to be honest, when we fleetingly chat now you never fail to make me laugh. Itís a shame what happened with you and you have drifted from Buzzjack sad.gif You are Smoochum because itís a baby Pokemon and Iím still traumatised by Baba Wall kink.gif
Smoochum is a very active Pokemon who rocks its head back and forth when it walks. It can be conscious of its appearance, checking its reflection whenever it can to ensure it stays clean. It specialises in Ice and Psychic attacks.
06 | Leonardo
05 | lewistgreen Youíre often on Plug but I feel like of all the people who are regulars I havenít got to know you. I know you probably just are more chilled and there for the music, thatís fine, I certainly donít dislike you I just havenít formed much of an opinion either way.
03 | LexC Iíve liked you in the past but I feel like youíre increasingly snide. Recently I donít remember many posts from you that arenít a bit snide and snappy. When you contribute to more serious threads you often seem level headed and have good contributions though. You can be Gengar because of that avatar.
Gengar is very mischievious; it revels in playing pranks on others. Gengar lives in the shadows and prefers the night.
xx | Liam Total Snorlax tbh.
05 | liamk97 I assume you are ďbetterĒ in AFs but I tend to forget they exist kind of and always get behind, not catching up with whatís going on in them laugh.gif In The Lounge I hardly ever agree with your opinions, if you didnít back them so well it would feel like youíre contrary for the sake of it! But I do respect that you really stand by your opinions even if they arenít the popular opinion, rather than backtracking and taking them back when youíre challenged as some would. And I enoy your soap thread contributions actually too laugh.gif This is perhaps the most tenuous one so far but you can be NidoQUEEN for your dedication to the queen of pop.
Nidoqueen is fierce, and its greatest strength emerges when it is protecting its young. It can poison foes with the spikes on its body, and cause tremors by stomping the ground.
10 | Lindsey I want to start with I am so proud of you coming to terms with who you are and the way you expressed everything in your rate tbh. During this past year itís been amazing to get to know you for the hilarious, lovely girl you are as one of my best friends on here. You are one of the most genuine people on here, always there for whoever needs you but youíre the first to drag or dish out tough love if its needed. You at your sassy best is my fave, along with your always sexual typos #LionKInk #AnalFingering kink.gif I canít wait for us to meet and have a fab day soon! For all the reasons below pretty much (I think you, Sam and Jade are the best matches I made, not just because people think she is lesbian wink.gif) you are Zoey!
Zoey is a very loyal friend, who will always defend her friends when she feels they are being mistreated. Equally, Zoey can be a purveyor of tough love. If you need criticism she will give it and help you better yourself, because she really cares. Zoeyís signature Pokemon is her classy Glameow, which is very versatile as her main performance partner for Pokemon contests. She also relies on her ghostly Mismagius, whoís beautiful attacks pair well with Glameowís offense in such situations.
05 | Mack
03 | Mart!n
07 | Martyn
04 | Math This is yet another ďwe get on butĒ drama.gif I really feel bad for how you feel in yourself and the troubles you have but coming on here and blaming people is not the way to go about things. I know you are a good person with a good heart, you can join in with jokes and hold your in alongside the big personalities, so if you just got stuck in and integrated youíd feel much better and be in a great position on this site. I get that that will maybe take time and it can be hard and intimidating though. For similar reasons, being easily upset and a bit sensitive as well as young, you are Brockís Bonsly so see Codyís italicised comment!
05 | Mattias Iím going to leave all that Lindsey said out of this, because thatís been dragged to death and Iíve said my piece. I like you, have no personal problem and believe that you are a good person and donít mean malicious intent on here, ever. But as a poster recently I feel like you are becoming quite tedious, I know that you canít help the way you are but being so oversensitive and on the fence gets a bit boring to read laugh.gif I see what people are saying about your posts, you tend to cover many different view points as if to please everyone rather than firmly taking one view. I gave you Ralts because its privy to emotions and doesnít like conflict.
Ralts uses the horns on its head to sense the emotions of those around it. Warm feelings cause Ralts to be happy, but it will shy away if it senses hostility or conflict. In the wild, Ralts will only emerge when it senses happy feelings. Ralts can utilise psychic powers to use attacks such as Psychic and Teleport, but it can also use Fairy type moves such as Disarming Voice.
08 | Maurice Twitter buddies *.* Iím very glad you are finally in this after a couple of years! You are always so friendly and kind to everyone as well as being very easy to talk to, often about men (kink.gif) and Iím sure youíll do well in your debut rate. Because you are friendly, kind and supportive (and prone to lust with your men perving ways kink.gif) you are Brock.
Brock is a level headed, kind and supportive companion to Ash, always offering his help when needed. Howeevr, he has a weakness for women he finds attractive, and it recurs that his Pokemon or friends often have to stop his overzealous attitude towards them.
06 | mdh Another newbie, and if I am honest I still havenít made up my mind laugh.gif You can be hilarious and it seems unintentional which is the best kind of hilarious but whether you are or not it does feel like youíre forcing being a meme a bit and that dampens all of it actually being funnyÖ I think being new youíre trying a little bit hard - youíre seemingly everywhere, overenthusiastic and a tad annoying but you have potential that (to evolve into a Golbat or a Crobat *.*) in the coming years because tbh donít we all start like this laugh.gif Because youíre a bit omnipresent, you can be Zubat.
Zubat live in dark caves, which they navigate using echolocation. Wild Zubat tend to hate the daylight and it an even make them ill, but trained Zubat do not possess this same trait.
07 | Michael Iíve had ups and downs with you but right now I think youíre in the perfect place on here. Youíve sort of gotten over being the #1 hate figure, mellowed out a bit and risen in the affections of many, but you still have that same zany charm! You are bonkers sometimes but often hilarious. It was so satisfying hosting the BJSC won and revealing your win *.* Because you donít always make sense but youíre still uniquely amazing, you are Jynx (Iím sure youíd stan her).
Jynxís cry patterns appearto mimic human speech, but the language is yet to be deciphered. Even other Pokemon have difficult in understanding Jynx, so it communicates with dance-like movements. People are often compelled to dance along with it. It utilises powerful special attack moves of the Ice and Psychic types.
04 | ML Hammer95 Similarly to Hazza Chapman, you seem to frequent the sports forum more and thatís somewhere I doubt Iíve ever posted laugh.gif Weíre very very different so weíve never clicked or properly interacted but you do a lot for the sports forum and I do enjoy reading yur dating exploits, theyíreÖ. interesting laugh.gif Well, interesting might be the wrong word because itís not much fun for you not having any bloody luck Iím sure drama.gif See Hazzaís italicised comment for sporty reasons as to why you are Hitmonchan, and because I cba to do another one for its relatives Hitmonlee/Hitmontop rotf.gif
07 | mr_pmt
06 | Nick F1
07 | Ninjabait I know you didnít want to be in this and you never post but I still really like you tongue.gif Your dad jokes and puns always make me chuckle although we donít interact that often due to you not being around much, itís usually on Plug! Like Jacob, because you are musical you are Kricketune! So see Jacobís comment for that.
06 | Noahspike
05 | notfurlong
10 | Oliver You bloody better slay in this! Plug did wonders for us last year and now itís our Facebook chats, so weíre even closer now. Youíre filthy, funny and shady but equally such a genuinely nice guy and I feel we can talk about pretty much anything with no qualms, which is a quality I really value in a friend. Because you made me give you It (not Spinda bc drunk or Ditto bc youíll shag anything x) you are Arcanine bc itís your fave.
Arcanine is a powerful Fire Type canine pokemon known for its fierceness and bravery. It is renowned for its mane, which has to be shown to act as a source to store food for its young. In the Pokemon world, it is popularly used as a police dog.
05 | Oricon
06 | Pavel
07 | popchartfreak
10 | princess_lotti [You can be my yearly honrary 11 with obligitary ďif it wasnít for GrantĒ comment xo Since Grant thereís never been someone on Buzzjack I just clicked with so easily, within like DAYS of us talking more it felt like weíd been friends for ages! We can talk about absolutely anything, whether itís funny-not-funny, random af, deep or shady, and I never feel anxious to say anything to you or tell you things, we just say it, no questions asked laugh.gif Itís astonishing but deserved how youíve risen to stardom on here and you deservedly should be a contender to win this. You are just so warm, friendly and positive to all around you, unless they donít deserve it in which case youíll very easily drag a bitch by ha cheap poundland weave x I am very glad Iíve come to be friends with such a strong, driven and generally lovely person such as you, bring on Liottseyron soon and then Melanie and PENIS PRIZES in the gay club soon after *.* Because you chose it for your ~aesthetic~ and itís v Tumblr (even though Lindsey has to hound you to use Tumblr but still), you are Gothorita (Iím getting one on my current Black play through and calling it Lotti tbh).
Gothorita is a black, humanoid Pokemon, based on a young girl wearing gothic lolita fashion. It is empowered by starlight, and can use its powers to control those around it, as well as being able utilise powerful psychic attacks such as Psychic and Psyshock. It can also be taught a wide range of special attacks such as Thunderbolt.
06 | Qassšndra
07 | Qween / Johnkm Weíve always appreciated from afar, and I still think youíre really valuable as a GM and a member here, always with something sensible to say if needed. And as ever fabulous as your choix queen Madonna of course. See Liamís comment about Nidoqueen.
11 | Regina This whole 11s all the time thing has been 5 years going now but now more than ever you need this full on cringey essay comment, so here you go. Iím not sure exactly where to start but I am not over exaggerating when I say that in that time and to this day you help me through more shit than anyone else in my life. Youíre always there whether I need a laugh, a rant, a moan or a kick up the arse with some tough love, and good lord some of the stuff we talk about I wouldnít dare talk about with anybody else. With most things, you are the first person I want to tell and itís just a natural thing for you to get a barrage of random ďomg _____Ē messages about my mundane day :í) It just feels weird if I donít talk to you for too long, the other day we didnít for like a day and it sounds stupid but I felt kinda shit for it that day laugh.gif You might be 500 miles away but ALWAYS youíre consistently the best friend I have and do more for me and support me more than people down the roadÖ And Iíve said this so many times that I really donít know how Iíd have made it through my hellish teenage years without you there for me! For that reason, itís actually really upsetting *me* to read people calling your bully all the bloody time, itís marring my whole experience of the forum. I know not everyone has 6 years of talking to you behind them to get to know your humour but Iím sorry, however these people feel, knowing you as I do I find it ridiculous. I wonít say again what Iíve said to those whoíve made the accusations but I think your post in the polite notice thread said it all. People canít help their feelings but that doesnít make it OK to make you feel the way that they do with hurtful accusations of ďbullyĒ. Away from being a bloody amazing friend, on the forum youíre always refreshing amongst a wave of ott positivity with your acerbic, cutting wit and unpatrolled humour, and youíre a huge asset to the movie forum despite not being a mod because of your unyielding passion for movies, ďĒĒĒĒhotĒĒĒĒĒ actors and Amy Adams. You might not have the best taste in music but Iím making up for that as you love Namie now x Your ďtasteĒ in men I donít think can really be salvaged at this point kink.gif I might not make it clear as often as I should but this massive paragraph written late at night cements it once and for all so donít get used to it, but I have so much love for you and I could not be more appreciative of the amount of times youíve been there for me at my lowest, and honestly when I feel shit and lonely you always make me feel better just by talking about men or some random TV show or god knows what else. Never ever change regardless of what everyone else will say about you, because you are one of the most amazingly hilarious, strong and supportive people ever. Because you canít be beaten you are Cynthia.
Cynthia is an overwhelmingly strong and imposing personality, who never holds back and gives everything her all. Cynthiaís signature Pokemon is her powerful dragon Garchomp, which is renowned for being very hard to overpower. Her team is very balanced, including the beautiful grass type Roserade, the graceful Togekiss and the steely fighter Lucario, so beating her is very hard without a proper strategy.
00 | Richie Iím honestly not that sure who you are lmao
07 | Riser I love your positivity, I canít ever imagine you being nasty, miserable or anything! I donít notice you really posting much in the same places I do but I always appreciate your contributions when you do! And dear lord the food gifs *.* For those alone, you are Slurpuff.
Slurpuff is renowned for its extreme sense of smell, said to be 100 million times better than a humanís. It is favoured by pastry chefs as a companion and helper.
03 | Rob S I justÖ.. really do not get your humour. Each to their own and as Iíve said to others they can make their jokes and enjoy them with similar people, I just ignore. You just seem a bit strange and not my sort of my poster, weíve never really made any sort of connection in the many years weíve both been posting here really..
09 | Robot It pains me not to give you 10 but I talk to my 10s more </3 Youíre one of the most wonderfully lovely people on here, even if we havenít talked in a while we seem to just slide back into it so easily with some funny story, a hot guy or some trashy reality TV! Weíre quite similar taste wise in both TV and music so that always helps, we even tend to have the same BB opinions a lot (JAYNE *.*). As a poster youíre very well rounded, I feel like youíll just as easily speak your mind as be hilarious or put across a well worded point in the reality forum. I miss 4am plug from last year but Iím glad youíre back to coming on plug now <3 You can be Trubbish because ur trashy xo
This Pokemon is the result of a domestic and industrial rubbish chemical reaction. Its ear like tufts indicate its emotions Ė raised for happy and lowered for sad.
05 | Rooney
06 | Ryan. Iíll start with my problem with you because we do get on, and I like you, but I feel that when things go on here such as ďbloc votingĒ and when you made that comment about Lotti only doing well in things because sheís popular, you never seem to properly get involved and justify your comments or explain them, you just leave it. And I know itís not everyoneís style to get involved like that but when youíve made those comments you canít really just say it and then leave it when you are challenged. I know that you are different on here to ďreal lifeĒ and even plug so to me staying out of these things feels like you are trying to build up a certain persona and I donít see whatís wrong with being yourself because from what Iíve seen I like the guy who is ďyourselfĒ! Aside from that niggle (which turned into a paragraph oops), I think youíre a great and fair mod (I enjoyed co-modding pop with you too) who has a great deal of enthusiasm for the areas you moderate Ė especially Eurovision! Because I feel like youíre different with a ďdecoyĒ on the forum compared to off-site, you are Wobbuffet.
Wobuffet is a generally calm Pokemon, who will never attack first. If it is attacked, it will attack to counterstrike, using its foeís attack against it.
06 | SevenSeize I toyed putting you a bit lower but I think weíre getting along a bit better recently. I do find the ďagendaĒ comments in BJSC really really tedious and I think I am probably a bit arsey about that on plug etc. sometimes, I get that itís just you and your humour but I find it a bit one-dimensional, I just always know what youíre going to say in a BJSC thread. But when we talk on plug I always enjoy it, despite us not really having too much in common laugh.gif I think youíd be a really great poster if you were to open up a bit more and show another side than just ďtrifoski agendaĒ. Because of mystique and cats, you are Meowstic *.*
Meowsticís ears hide immense psycic power, that can be devastating if they open. Its stoic demeanour is prized among many trainers. Meowstic has a unique gender split in the moves it learns when levelling up. The males focus on debilitating to foes or supportive to allies status moves, while the females focus on all out offense.
06 | Silas Oh god I keep saying this but another ďoh so hard xxxxĒ one, sorry for the repetitiveness kink.gif Tbh Lindsey put how I feel into better words than I could but I do really like you most of the time, I think youíre so funny and always have something to contribute. But then as a mod at times I think you can go a bit far and thatís when I donít like you. I know in BJSC youíre damned if you do and damend if you donít and I donít envy you one bit with that but itís just things like deleting Grantís post which was just his usual humour style and giving a warning, I think that was a bit much. As I say though we get on, so I do like you Ė somebody has to stan the Aussies along with me *.* And Iím sure that youíre a reasonable enough guy to understand my justification for this score. Because of Aussies, you are Kanghaskan and thatís kinda close to a kangaroo Pokemon I guess laugh.gif
Kanghaskhan is a motherly pokemon that doesnít allow its young to leave its pouch until it is old enough to fend for itself. No matter how badly itís injured, it will fight to protect its young.
03 | Soy AdriŠn / Charlie
07 | Spinning Adam You are annoying and you are overenthusiastic but I canít help but really like you laugh.gif Itís just really good to have a person like you on the forum, youíre very unique and bring a dynamic that nobody else does. We might not share many interests or opinions but we always get on when we interact on plug etc. Iíve actually given the evolved from of Mattiasí Pokemon to you for similar reasons, and because you have a higher score as we get on more and interact mroe etc. tongue.gif The choice is also because you are quite sensitive and tend to not like conflict. So you are Kirlia.
Kirliaís horns amplify its psychokinetic power to a higher degree than its pre-evoltuion, Ralts. Kirliaís growth is boosted if it is paired with a happy, warm and kind trainer who gives it positive emotions. Like its pre-evoltuion, Kirlia utitlises psychic powers but in anticipation for its evolution into a powerful Gardevoir, maybe trainers give Kirlia a range of attacks such as Thunderbolt or Shadow Ball.
06 | Suedehead2
09 | T Boy Iíve always liked you but moreso nowadays <3 I always love reading your posts, I think itís good that by your own admission youíre a bit more detatched socially from the site, because I really admire you that really form your own opinions and donít go with the crowd, Iíve never ever seen you do and you always justify the opinions you form on people so well without ever seeming petty or nasty. Iím baffled as to how you donít better in these things sad.gif You are Farfetchíd because the leek reminds me of Wales lmao.
Farfetchíd is never seen with its leek stalk, which it needs to live. Members of the species fight over the best stalks, which are used in various ways such as a weapon or even emergency food source.
03 | Taylor Jago
02 | ThePensmith Now I want Olly Murs to sit on me and serenade me as much as the next guy but your stanning is a tad much. And Caroline Flack is the devil ew.
00 | TheSnake Good god STOP with the stupid song. I mean itís good that you passionate about it I suppose but when the mods have closed it time after time there is no need to start another. You just come across like a troll account or alias tbh.
10 | *Tim Pop mod trinity *.* LordT you are one of the most effortlessly funny people Iíve come across on here! You are relentlessly savage with your put downs that show no mercy. As I said to Cameron Iím glad to have been able to get to know you as a friend and we also have quite similar taste (weíll forget Demi, Iím sure youíd be glad to oblige xo). As unrelentingly ferocious as you can be when you donít like someone, once you do like them youíre so loyal and the kind of friend you want around when things go wrong. As we always say, those of us who give 0 f***s are the ones who care the most when it comes right down to it :í) Because you have an obsession with goats, you are Skiddo (JUST LOOK AT HIS HAPPY DAMN FACE THE LITTLE CUTIE)
Skiddo is a Pokemon that enjoys being social, and carries its trainer and friends on its back. It can be self sufficient in sunshine as long as it has water, as it can create energy for itself from its leaves. Its attacks range from grass moves such as Horn Leech to other physical attacks such as Bulldoze and Take Down, but it can also heal itself with the rare move Milk Drink.
09 | Toby / Devan You might be really bloody strange but thatís why I love you laugh.gif I donít feel like we talk as much but when we do itís always amaze. We bond over traumatic memories of BLOODY DIDGE ďoh. No. poor. Libby.Ē, ironic stannng of Marnie ďDIAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAANEĒ and hatred of Jennie McAlpine aka Devil Spawn, plus dark humour and sexual conversations. Basically weíre almost too similar. Maybe stop being the Remoraid to Lottiís Mantine tho xoxoxoxo Because you said yourself itís a ďliteral big poofĒ, you are Mega Altaria (even though youíre probs smaller than a Swablu bc midget).
Mega Altariaís cloud-esque plumage far extends beyond that of its normal form, and they glow in luminous colours to reflect its new Fairy typing. This Pokemon is far from timid, and is known to form very intense bonds with those it likes. It envelops its friends in its plumage as a sign of affection. Its attack range from powerful Dragon moves to graceful Flying moves and even dazzling Fairy moves, the latter of which is unique among Dragon types.
08 | troublepink Glad to see you in the rate again because you are just so lovely laugh.gif I donít frequent the Pink forum much (when she hurries up and releases that album I probably will a bit more!!) but you work so hard for the forum and youíve always been so friendly and welcoming to me in there. Because you love cats you are Skitty!
Skitty is fascinated by moving objects, and often chases them. It even sometimes chases itís own tail and becomes dizzy as a result. It is a very popular pet Pokemon due to its cute appearance and adorable behaviour.
08 | Tyler While your Britney stanning can be a bit OTT (I sometimes feel wary to post my opinions laugh.gif), you are hilarious and a joy to have on the forum. Weíve not crossed a hell of a lot considering weíve been together on the forum for YEARS but when we do itís always a pleasure and youíre easily one of the funniest people on here when youíre on it. Because of your dedication to Britney Spears, you are a Gary Oak cheerleader (Gary would be hot af now tbh so youíd appreciate).
Gary possess a crowd of cheerleaders who follow him around, cheering his every move unwaveringly. This only serves to make Ash more jealous of his rival's continuous successes.
10 | Ultraviolence1989 DO NOT FINISH 11TH IN THIS (you have to be top 10)!!! You are honestly the sweetest, bubbliest person and it must be impossible to dislike you. You do so much for the movie forum and honestly must be the most hardworking and dedicated mod with all you do for the forum, making sure there is always something going on to drive activity up and keep people interesting, even if I never post there unless you, Grant or Lotti make me for your games kink.gif From a friendís point of view, youíre absolutely hilarious and always crack me up intentionally with typos, being clumsy af, having stan moments to songs you love or meltdowns to ones you hate, being a HORROR on Buzzjack in 2014 and looking back on that or just a general mess missing that bloody school bus every day :í) Youíd certainly be a deserving winner so I am not taking less than top 10 from you tbh, this is the 2nd year now Iíve really been pushing for it because not being top 10 is an insult given how much of an asset you are to this whole forum. Because you are a messT, you are Bianca.
Bianca is a very sociable, excitable and bubbly girl, but her downfall is her clumsiness. She is known for bumping into people and bowling them over, because she is always in a rush to get where she is going. She has an affinity to cute Pokemon, such as her Minccino.
03 | Umi We were ok as pop mods but I donít see much of you now and for this rate literally all I do remember was the ďPolite NoticeĒ thread and I find it so rude that you came for us backing up our friend out of nowhere, because I hadnít even noticed you on the forum it was so out of the blue and quite rude. Iím not saying you canít have an opinion just because you donít post loads but it feels like youíre sneaking back towards the Umi I didnít get on with however many years ago :/
-1 | vidcapper No surprise really laugh.gif We have clashed a couple of times because of your viewsÖ Fair enough have different political views because as much as I disagree itís not that really that this score is for, as much as I can barely tolerate UKIP laugh.gif What I really cannot get over is comments like comparing gays to paedophiles, because that isnít a different political ideology itís disgusting and unneeded. A lot of the things like that which you just fart out on here are unneeded, and then you just go and stick ďdevilís advocateĒ before it and then think that itís ok to say those things. Itís not. Just because you can say something, doesnít mean that you should. You are the Unova region from Black and White because they only had Unova Pokemon to keep out all the filthy Kanto, Johto, Hoenn and Sinnoh immigrants.
03 | VŁlker
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QUOTE(JosephStyles @ Jul 30 2016, 08:21 PM) *
Summary of this rate: I need to talk to people more x

07 | 152chris
08 | AdamAloud Ė Adam where have you been??? Itís been tough for Jay and I to defend Girls Aloud from the radical trolls (Bray and Iz) without your cutting remarks and mostly good taste. Your presence has been hugely missed around here and I hope you can return fully soon so we can bring the Girls Aloud forum back to relevance, youíre a top guy and would be an easy 10 if weíd spoken a bit more!
07 | Andr00w Ė Probably the most improved poster of the year!
06 | Atonement
08 | *Ben* - Iíve really enjoyed our chart show chats over the past year, such a shame they seem to be few and far between these days sad.gif you are such a nice guy though, and one of the hardest working mods on the entire site, the chart prep is such a thankless job yet you always try and put effort into it, even if itís tough with work. The chart forum would be a worse place without you!
06 | bipolar angel Ė I love your enthusiasm! Sometimes you may miss a bit of humour but thatís OK, itíll take time to get used to everyone here I think haha.
09 | Brť Ė BRA! You are one of the unfortunate people to miss out on a 10 from me, I feel this may have been the case last year too but canít remember for sure. You irritate me so much but I will always have so much time for you. We have our squabbles but ultimately at the core weíre good friends. Itís been wonderful to see you blossom since you and Jade made it official (Iíll take some credit xx), you two are such a perfectly made couple and I canít wait for our eventual double date heehee.gif Oh and you need to just admit your hate for Troye Sivan because itís a serious issue :/ and also, you do well in the BJSC.
05 | Brett-Butler
07 | burbe Ė Our paths donít cross much but I like what Iíve seen!
07 | Cal
06 | *Callumô - Would be higher if you posted more or we had more chats, I know youíre a great guy!
08 | Cameron Ė Cam <3 You may not be the #1 ginger on the block, but you can at least take solace in being the #1 short-haired ginger. Or maybe #2 behind gooddelta. Or #3 behind gooddelta and Klumzee kink.gif but seriously, youíre such a nice guy, my only issue is that we donít talk nearly enough! Especially as we have so much in common (Gabrielle Aplin, Foxes, The Saturdays and ESPECIALLY Hunter Hayes). Letís make that our target for the upcoming year!
07 | Cassidy
08 | Chez Wombat Ė Weíve never spoken properly on a one-to-one level but itís been a pleasure getting to know you a bit better over the past few months, I really hope that can continue!
08 | Cody Collins Ė My fellow Mayniac *.* Cody youíre a great poster, but a bit of advice for you is to just calm down! Youíve got plenty of fans here and youíve had an incredible BJSC record so far, just relax and take it all in rather than panicking about a DNQ within 5 mins of BJSC results haha. Just a bit of constructive criticism! Otherwise youíre enthusiastic and pleasant to be around, and your dedication to the International Charts forum is fantastic.
05 | Colm Ė I like that you bring a different dynamic to the site, although we donít appear to have much in common or chat much (or at all), would be a higher score otherwise!
00 | Common Sense
07 | Cremey Ė We barely talk but you seem like a really nice guy!
08 | Cucumberella / Leww Ė LewLew <3 I will always have so much time for you, youíre an incredibly warm poster and one of the funniest people around, if not THE funniest (OK maybe second to daz clark x). Although can you please share a bit of the BJSC success with me? x
07 | dandy*
07 | danG Ė Always a nice guy! Incredibly passionate about the forums you moderate, and a delight to co-mod with.
06 | Davidson
05 | dhwe Ė A lot of potential but our paths donít cross much!
07 | –ÝŖŖÝ Ė I think youíve improved as time has gone by, I love your contribution to the chart forum, I hope you can branch out to The Lounge a bit more in time!
03 | Doctor Blind Ė On the fence here, sometimes I think youíre incredibly helpful with your great chart knowledge, but other times you can be snarky and itís quite irritating to read. Iíll give you credit for some of your cutting takedowns on chart posters though :í)
07 | Ethan Ė I wish you werenít so defensive of streaming! tongue.gif Generally a knowledgeable poster though and a good presence around the chart forum in particular.
08 | Froot. Ė Weíve not spoken in too long but you are such a friendly person and we have a lot in common in terms of TV, ESPECIALLY Doctor Who. I think I must be driving Rob and Ball mad with Doctor Who talk instead when they wrongly hate it :í) but yes, I really hope youíre doing well, and please come back!
08 | gooddelta Ė I think I give you the same comment every year basically lol, always a pleasure to chat to, and how much we talk basically depends on how active Delta is at a particular time! Therefore weíve had a few nice chats over the past few months, and itís great that I have someone who shares my love for Delta.
00 | Hadji Ė Sadly there was no disc space left on my rate to give you a higher score than this. Absolutely infuriating because you donít seem to take note of what anyone says.
09 | HarryEzra Ė HARRY you were so close to a 10! I am so glad weíve spoken lots over the past year, youíve got a great sense of humour and are incredibly enthusiastic. If I had more 10s, youíd one of the first up there to get one, I am so sorry it canít be higher!
06 | Harve Ė Always seemed nice on the rare occasions weíve spoken!
10 | HausofKubrick Ė BALL! Where do I start? I think our friendship has been so much stronger this year, stronger than ever, you are such a kind-hearted, warm person to be around. Your humour never fails to brighten up my mood, and I always look forward to our chats. You might shade my hitties, but youíre pretty much the main reason I do that at all lol so I appreciate your participation there too, even if you never beat Jay happy.gif Youíve also brightened up my mornings, adding some SHOWBIZ sparkle over WhatsApp *.* in terms of Buzzjack itself, you continue to be a level-headed, approachable person who will surely rightfully finish high up this rate. I really could go on all day saying good things about you lol but I will stop now because itís surely time for your daily haircut?
01 | Hazza Chapman Ė I like that youíre keen to post in the iTunes thread but sadly your posts donít seem to have a great deal of substance to them. Please donít take this as an insult because I think the potential is there for you to improve, man should take it in his stride.
09 | Iz~ - I think youíre the person who misses out on a 10 every single year, and sadly this year is no different, but Iíve always had the utmost respect for you Iz. Youíre intelligent, level-headed and someone I look up to on Buzzjack because you listen to me. You also give me postersí chart info when Jack needs me to cover for him, so thanks for all the effort in that haha.
07 | Jack
07 | Jacob Alan
10 | Jade Ė So I skimmed past your name and didnít notice a lack of comment until the end, so you get the last comment Iím typing this year! What a year 2016 has been, eh? 2nd January, I wake up to a message from Bra about a PM he sent you, and I alerted you instantly. Eventually it led to #Brade becoming official, what a day that was, even I was anxious on your behalf! Anyway I love our essay chats so much, we can talk about anything and everything to each other and itís been nice sharing my experiences of a BuzzPartner with you hahaha. Letís not forget the stanning of icons such as Michelle McManus, Jo OíMeara and Basil Brush of course, who will forever be relevant in our hearts. I rarely see you say a bad word about anything (Trouble by Iggy is the exception x) and Iím proud to say youíre a very good friend of mine. Oh and speaking of Buzzjack relationshipsÖ
11 | J▲hq Ė Will Jack actually rate this year? Weíll soon find out, BUT FIRST, hereís an 11 from me. Shocking isnít it. You may never rate but my 11 could never go to anyone else. You never fail to brighten my day with a humourous or shady remark, and while I weep for your hate of Teenage Dream, Hips Donít Lie and Canít Speak French among others, we have the most fun in our chats and are at total ease with everything we say to each other. There is SO much more I could say but Iím not gonna bore everyone to tears. (I know you donít like too much soppiness so I apologise for everything I typed, if you ever see this x)
05 | Jake Ė Youíve not been around much this past year but honestly I feel things improved immediately after I vented with the -1 score last year. The issue is, itís not really been put to the test since then because of your absence lol! But honestly I quite enjoy your posts when they occur nowadays, theyíre just a total rarity.
07 | JakeWild / #00274E
10 | Jaˇ Ė Where do I start??? Jay we have so much in common, despite a 9 year age gap. We both love pretty much every girl-group out there, we both miss CD singles, we both worship the goddesses known as Mel B, Nadine Coyle and Sarah Harding, and our humour is perfectly aligned. I can make the most rubbish joke and you will find it funny, and I love that we can laugh over such silly things like ďSarah Harding Ė Bitches (Leave Nadine Alone)Ē and your never-ending run of typos! Iím sure weíll be friends for a long long time (as long as old age doesnít get you too soon), and one day, just one day, you WILL get the Mariah Carey programme that I have for you x
08 | Jester Ė Buzzjack legend of course! Iíve always found you very welcoming, starting from when I was a newbie, continuing to when I got appointed as chart mod, nothingís changed in that respect. We miss you in the chart show thread!
10 | Joe. Ė I have enjoyed chatting to you so much in our #JJJ Facebook chat, moaning about the flops of Britney, Little Mix, Nick Jonas and just about everyone really LOL. Youíve become one of my closest friends on and off the forum and I really hope we can meet up and do a midweek update together one day xx
08 | Jonjo Ė One of the nicest guys around, as everyone says every single year lol! Incredibly easy to talk to, Iím not sure how anyone could have a problem with you.
xx | JosephStyles
09 | Josh. Ė Joshhhh <3 one of the loveliest people on here! You are one of the easiest people to talk to and you always have something interesting to say, please post more because I miss you </3
07 | JSG Ė Such a nice genuine guy of course! A hardworking mod, full of ideas, so I really hope you return to your post soon and donít stay off the site, your presence is missed.
07 | Klumzee
07 | LeeWallace Ė Lee this is a really difficult one for me actually. You know I like you, weíve always had a love/hate kinda relationship lol, but weíve not spoken much this past year at all, partly because youíve been super busy I guess. Sometimes Iím not sure you know where the line is and will overstep it to have a go at me, but thatís dating back MONTHS now I guess. I know weíll always get on to some extent anyway.
04 | Leonardo
03 | lewistgreen
08 | LexC - FABULOUS as ever, although we barely ever speak one-to-one. I do enjoy your witty remarks though, and I look forward to our Strictly chats in a month or so lol!
06 | Liam Ė Iíve always gotten on quite well with you Liam, every year I mention how we bonded over Carrie Underwood, although I think since then weíve drifted a bit because weíve now got our own friendship groups, which is not a problem ofc, it just happens I guess haha. A bit of constructive criticism for you: perhaps you can be a bit defensive of your friends on here Ė e.g. if someone is unhappy with someone youíre close to, you and others will jump to defend them, and while I think itís admirable that you get on closely with many people, after a while it can be a bit tiresome to read, if you know what I mean? Just a pointer for you, donít take it the wrong way, I thought you may appreciate honesty more than anything! [added after your rate: seems we both have a few pointers for each other lol! Thanks for the comment, I do appreciate it]
08 | liamk97 Ė Nothing bad I can say about you Liam, youíre a really nice person whoís not afraid to share his opinions. Youíre one of the hardest working moderators on the entire site and people donít give you nearly enough praise for the hard work you do in the chart forum!
06 | Lindsey Ė Weíve never really spoken as you said in your comment but thatís something Iíd love to rectify going forwards. See the end of Liamís comment for a bit of constructive criticism for you, Iím sure youíll appreciate the honesty rather than just being nicey nice for the sake of it. Not a bad word to say about you otherwise from what Iíve seen, youíre well-spoken and friendly to new members!
06 | Mack
07 | Mart!n Ė Joseph the FCP thread is up for grabs heehee.gif oh Martin, youíre a really nice guy, you do make me laugh a fair bit too!
04 | Martyn
05 | Math
08 | Mattias Ė I really enjoyed our PM chat a few months ago, sharing our love for All Saints and concerts *.* we need to do this way more often because I donít have a bad word to say about you!
09 | Maurice Ė Itís been a pleasure getting to know you over the past year or so, youíre a lovely person and very talkative, youíre willing to share both on and off site, and I think youíre gonna be a high new entry this year, and go on to climb higher in the future, a surefire rising star.
08 | mdh Ė I love your enthusiasm and youíre only gonna get better as time goes on I think!
05 | Michael Ė Oh Michael, I donít really know what to make of you haha, you do make me laugh at times but the P!nk hate MUST STOP.
05 | ML Hammer95 Ė I think youíve improved a lot mate, youíve integrated yourself into the community, we just donít speak a great deal because we donít have much in common!
07 | mr_pmt
06 | Nick F1
03 | Ninjabait Ė apologies, I donít really know you!
08 | Noahspike Ė Noah I think youíre a prime example of quality over quantity. You donít post much but when you do, every word is thought out carefully and you express your points in a way I can only dream of really.
07 | notfurlong
07 | Oliver
10 | Oricon Ė You know I love you Yu <3 our chats are always brilliant, we can talk about work, BJSC, hair, whatever, itís just totally natural and we get on like a house on fire. You just need to POST MORE. Stop having a life ffs x
06 | Pavel Ė I feel we used to get on pretty well but our paths donít cross much anymore! sad.gif
07 | popchartfreak
06 | princess_lotti Ė Pretty much what I said to Liam and Lindsey! We definitely need to speak more though, letís rectify that ASAP, not helped by the fact our paths very rarely cross haha.
07 | Qassšndra Ė Iíve appreciated you more as timeís gone on, youíre incredibly knowledgeable and not afraid to speak your mind, but not in a way thatís offensive to others, which is just the perfect balance I think.
07 | Qween / Johnkm
-1 | Regina Ė The slate has been wiped clean now, and Iím really glad about that, weíve cleared the air over PM already so I wonít re-iterate any of my reasons but already weíre making the right steps towards how well we used to get on. Your PM was much appreciated and it takes guts to say what you said to me so I can only thank you for that. The -1 is only standing because itís based on the past year and it would be a bit hypocritical of me to change it at the last minute! I'm happy to move forward so we can shade each other's taste in men again kink.gif
00 | richie
10 | Riser Ė BUTTAHHH!!!! I adore our chats during BB USA when I can stay up and watch it during the summer holidays, youíre one of the nicest people on the site and someone Iím happy to say is a friend of mine. I love our laughs over dazís typos and our stanning of the likes of Pitbull, Julie Chen and Johnny Mac among others.
08 | Rob S~ - Thoroughly lovely of course, someone who can share my frustration when good songs flop on iTunes! laugh.gif (poor Shawn/Camila)
10 | Robot Ė Hag Rob ;o One of the closest people to me on this site, always willing to lend an ear and offer sensible advice where necessary, but also up for a good laugh, most of which have come in the past couple of months with Big Brother! Only we could laugh at a moving staircase :í) Iím sure you will flop smash in the rate and ACTUALLEH, ACTUALLEH, ATUALLEH, ACTUALLEH, do BETTER than you probably think you will ;o oh and you do well in the HSBC.
07 | Rooney Ė Thank you for the PM chat the other week!!
09 | Ryan. Ė ny2! Itís weird to think that since the last rate, weíve actually met up, it feels like ages ago now, but I know I had a great day then and you were brilliant company, we must do it again. I feel like weíve continued to get along very well, once again you were a 10 contender as you are basically every year, sadly you missed out to some others I talk to on a more regular basis but I love chatting to you still! A Frans fan too *.*
09 | SevenSeize - #psychic7, did you see this score coming? You are one of the most hilarious posters on the site and I feel youíre very underappreciated in that department. Whether it be the BJSC agenda or the ďĒĒĒslayageĒĒĒĒ of John Newman, you never fail to bring a smile to my face. You were almost a 10 until I realised I forgot Joe lol and had to bump you down sad.gif but just know you are a big fave of mine <3
08 | Silas Ė Iím appreciating you more and more all the time now Phil, I think youíre a really considerate guy behind the ďBJSC leaderĒ stuff, you wonít take any rubbish from people and will always listen to what they say.
04 | Soy AdriŠn / Charlie Ė OK I was very bratty last year, I apologise for that comment! Just a bit of frustration on my part that I always seem to get a low score from you with no real explanation, maybe itís just cause our paths donít cross much, who knows. I donít hate you anyway, for the record!
08 | Spinning Adam Ė You have come such a long way from the hotchoc and Chart Run Prediction Game days, itís unreal how much of a transformation youíve actually made. You have however remained down to earth and kind-hearted, and I love it when we do chat, although itís not often enough! #longhairdontcare
07 | Suedehead2
07 | T Boy Ė Like what you said to me, youíre growing on me more and more each year too. I think Iíve just adjusted myself to your humour now, and itís great to see you get involved in the discussions more when itís the school holidays! tongue.gif
05 | Taylor Jago Ė I think youíve improved a great deal from the early days, although to improve, maybe add a bit more to your chart show replies than just ďSong X is not very goodĒ?
05 | ThePensmith
00 | TheSnake Ė Sadly I find you quite difficult to deal with sad.gif you ignore mod requests about your double posts, you harp on and on about funky disco or whatever and itís a bit tiresome. Of course you can talk about your interests but in most posts? Just something to consider, I think you have potential to improve so hopefully we can see that over time.
06 | *Tim Ė I like you a lot Tim, we donít talk one-to-one much at all but when we have, itís been great fun and youíre a really nice guy. I think sometimes our senses of humour will clash and I think weíve both aggravated each other through this but itís not something I take personally. I just hope weíll be able to talk more over the next year as I think weíve kinda drifted recently, hence why this isnít a higher score!
07 | Toby / Devan Ė bitch x
06 | troublepink Ė Laura youíre such a nice person, and the work you put into the P!nk AF is incredible, this is only a low mark because Iíve not really visited there recently so Iíve not seen much of you!
08 | Tyler Ė Your admiration of Britney is incredible, I love how passionate you are about her and her music, as well as helping those (like me) still discovering her music along the way. Itís been great having chats with you in the Britney AF recently and you make it a very homely place I feel.
08 | Ultraviolence1989 Ė One of the most loveable people on the forum and surely coming for the top 10 this year! Sam youíre so kindhearted and youíre always willing to spread love on the forum, itís been a pleasure to watch you blossom over the past couple of years too, one of the most improved posters of recent times.
00 | vidcapper
04 | VŁlker
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5 Silas FrÝkner
post Jul 30 2016, 09:34 PM
Post #14
Surfing in paradise
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QUOTE(JSG @ Jul 30 2016, 10:26 PM) *
JSGR8 • 2K16

Hey everyone. I'm returning to the site with my rate (obviously) Although this is the only thing I'm doing until after the rate when I will be resuming my mod duties from the day after the rate closes. Hopefully I can clear the air with a few of you here. First of all I just want to say thanks for all the comments good and bad. Critisism will be taken on board and learned from. As for my leaving the site. I'm taking a monthly break to get my head in a proper place. I actually didn't intend to come back but I really do enjoy this place and I've missed being on here just for the last 2 weeks. Also I'm not taking this break because of anyone on Buzzjack but Buzzjack did contribute to my taking the break. Anyhoo. Here is my boring commentary rate.


07 | 152chris
05 | AdamAloud
08 | Andr00w • Going by your comment, I'm really sorry if I came across that way but I honestly thought you had a problem. Perhaps we should have just sent each other a message to see if there was something wrong instead laugh.gif
03 | Atonement
04 | *Ben* • I cant think for the life of me who you Actually are on Buzzjack. I'm sure I have seen you around though.
08 | bipolar angel • I've only seen a few of your posts but you literally have so much to say. I know you've been a member for ages so it's great to see you becoming a forum staple after all this time!
08 | Brť • You are like a never ending fountain of wisdom and I love it.
06 | Brett-Butler
07 | burbe • Its been nice to see you come out of your shell and take on Buzzjack cheer.gif
10 | Cal • Hallo to you. We've hadamy a great conversation and our friendship has definitely came a long way since the rate last year. I really enjoy our little chats when we do have them. Your such a kind genuine member and hopefully our little friendship aill continue go grow smile.gif
09 | *Callum™ • Hiya hi.gif it's actually been so good to see you interacting around the forum more. We used to have such a blast in The Sats forum and then you sort of left when they went on hiatus although who could really blame you for that. Regardless I'm glad your back cheer.gif
10 | Cameron • Well we haven't spoken nearly as much as I would like but I guess we could work on it. You've been one of my favourite members on this site ever since I joined and hopefully we will be able to maintain or build on that friendship.
09 | Cassidy • Hello!! Yeah you've got another high score off me this year. Your just as witty as ever. Also did I ever mention I though you were gay? Oops. I do apologise laugh.gif
07 | Chez Wombat
07 | Cody Collins • This actually would be higher but I just don't think we're as good friends on here as we used to be. We don't talk anywhere near as much although thinking about it that might be because of me and my lack of posting in the lounge. When I come back in two weeks I will definitely make more of an effort and we can get back to where we used to be.
06 | Colm
04 | Common Sense • I think this is the highest score I've ever given you laugh.gif
06 | Cremey
08 | Cucumberella / Leww • Hey Leww. Such an amazing poster. Really. You've always been popular on the site but it's amazing to literally see your popularity non wavering and that you are still appreciated more than ever.
06 | dandy*
08 | danG • As always a high score for Dan. You have seriously been such a good friend to me over the years but we've not spoken anywhere near as much this year than we used to. You are a very hardworking mod though and the dance forum Iz lucky to have you there.
00 | Davidson • Sorry for this 0 but I really don't recognise the name.
06 | dhwe
07 | –ÝŖŖÝ • I actually thought I would have given you a higher score but we don't really interact either and I know that it's my fault for being barely active as of late. Your dedication to the PC forum is admirable though.
06 | Doctor Blind • Sorry for the 6 but I legit haven't Seen anything you've posted in a while.
08 | Ethan • Ethan there really isn't anything to say except your still one of my favourite members on this site even if we never talk. At least your posts consist of mode than - yasss. Wicked. Sick. laugh.gif
07 | Froot.
07 | gooddelta • I honestly thought of the top of my head your score would also be higher from me but we don't interact besides in the PC forum. We should change that!
00 | Hadji • Sorry for this zero but I really don't recognise the name.
07 | HarryEzra • Im pretty sure this is either the same or higher than last year but after our commitment to talk more after the last rate I think I recall 3 proper conversations that we had on Plug and that was it laugh.gif maybe we can try again thus year.
06 | Harve
07 | HausofKubrick • This 7 is again due to lack of conversation between us.
00 | Hazza Chapman
08 | Iz~ • We never talk really. I mean we have the odd conversation but aside from that we don't really interact. You seem really intelligent though and usually have a great something to add to a conversation which really can't be faulted.
05 | Jack
05 | Jacob Alan
11 | Jade • Hello biggrin.gif I really can't express how fond of you I am but I think this is the first time I've given you the highest mark in the rate and it is well and truly deserved. You've come a massively long way since we both joined and you have a heart as big as anyone on here. Its been a pleasure being here with you and I really hope our friendship continues to blossom. I have so many good plug memories with you and hopefully there will be more to come.
06 | J▲hq
08 | Jake • You need go start posting on the site more. Where have you gone? COME BACK!!!
06 | JakeWild / #00274E
09 | Jaˇ • Such a sweet guy. Really. I think you've been on Buzzjack longer than me haven't you? We've had many great conversations, especially this year and it's been great talking to you more. I just hope we can keep it up biggrin.gif
07 | Jester
10 | Joe. • I actually didn't know whether I would give you a 9 or a 10 due to our lack of chatting these days but i have had some conversations with you on messenger and our conversations though brief always lighten up the day biggrin.gif I'm glad your still a little bit active but I think we both need to make more of an effort.
06 | Jonjo • You are such a sweet guy but I really think we should both make more of an effort to talk to each other!
09 | JosephStyles • Really you are a lovely guy and it's been such a pleasure working with you in the PC forum. I think all of us PC mods Can agree that you seem more like the boss of the PC forum haha. Really its been great working with you, becoming friends and having good chats when they happen. Long may it continue.
08 | Josh. • I will say this. You're a better poster than you were last year? I think I gave you a low score although I could be thinking of someone else. If It defo was you though that I'm thinking of when you came back to the site after a bit of dry spell on here you seemed so immature and you just got on my nerves although I don't think I said anything to you at the time but I'm saying now cause you've improved such a massive amount!! We do need to talk more though.
xx | JSG
10 | Klumzee • Hey Patrick. Your comment is really gonna Echo Cals in that I really feel like our friendship has come really far over the last year. I'm not saying we are best buddies or anything obviously but we do talk a helluva lot more and it really pleases me to be able to call you a friend smile.gif
02 | LeeWallace • Well it's clear we don't get on and I really don't know what to say except sorry for bitching about you on plug. I have tried to be friends with you before but uou never ever made any effort wiener I tried and I've always felt like you would be the first person to put me down on Buzzjack. Now that's no excuse for my bitching and I do apologise for that. Maybe one day we will be friends.
06 | Leonardo
07 | lewistgreen
07 | LexC • Where art thou these days. I saw you post in here tonight but aside from that I haven't seen you in a while unsure.gif
07 | Liam • I I appreciate what you said in your comment for me on your rate but I can assure you that was not why I decided to take this break. There has just been so much drama on and off the site that taking a break really is the best thing at the moment which is why I'm only doing this rate and then staying away again. I'm not completely innocent. I know I'm not but I honestly never went out my way to hurt anyone except maybe when I wrote bitchy stuff about Lee which I do understand was wrong.
10 | liamk97 I'm not quite sure what scores I've given you previously but I think I've never given you lower than an 8 and I think it was a 10 last year too! I really love talking to you and I kind of feel like we really get each other even if a few people don't exactly get us. laugh.gif Here's to a good few years friendship in the future :cheers:
05 | Lindsey • I know I've done some seriously questionable and stupid things over the last few months. When you messaged me you were right about me being competitive in BJSC but I honestly don't remember telling you that Phoebe Ryan might get vetoed. I didn't intentionally do that to piss you off. Every decision I've made has been the wrong one and eventually it got to the point where everything f***ed up but as I said to Lotti and Tim in this rate the person that you knew to begin with is the real me and I really wish you could understand that I'm not the self centered egocentric price that I have been for the last few months. I really am sorry to have upset you and I hope we can eventually move on from all of this.
05 | Mack
06 | Mart!n
05 | Martyn
07 | Math • Lovey poster.
08 | Mattias • Regarding your post, everything I've said to you has been the God to honest truth although I can understand why you wouldn't know whether to belive me or not. I'm glad we seem to be back on track now though smile.gif
06 | Maurice • I can't say we've ever had a proper conversation but I remember all of your posts very well. You are such a likeable charming person and I'm sure by next rate your score aill be higher.
07 | mdh • I really appreciate your dedication to all parts of this site. Really I do and I hope we have the opportunity to talk more in the future.
09 | Michael • wow Michael you are actually seriously the most improved poster in my eyes. You have been a hoot! Absolutely hilarious and I am sorry that I misses your BJDC competition!!
00 | ML Hammer95 • Sorry for this zero but I don't really recognise the name.
05 | mr_pmt
07 | Nick F1
07 | Ninjabait
06 | Noahspike
05 | notfurlong
07 | Oliver • Love guy!
08 | Oricon • Its a bit lower than last year but only because of your inactivity. Where have you gone? Come back please!!
08 | Pavel • You also need to come back and stop having a life please.
08 | popchartfreak • Well obviously you were going to get a high score. It's great to see older people on the site be appreciated. Now I'm not saying I'm young or anything lol but your a wise old Owl and I appreciate all of your input.
05 | princess_lotti • I really don't like our not being friends anymore but all I really can say is what I've said to Tim. The person that you knew when you first joined Buzzjack is the real me and I literally have no idea what possessed me to do everything I've done in the last few months. I don't usually hurt people or only care what I want. I can honestly say I didn't vo out my way to hurt anyone I just made a series if bad decisions and things ended up they way they are. I really do Hooe we can eventually move on and perhaps become friends again because honestly I am a nice guy. I'm usually the first to try and help someone with a problem. I just wish I could help myself now.
06 | Qassšndra
06 | Qween / Johnkm
06 | Regina • Obviously there has been a lot of drama over the last course of the year. I don't think I've personally dome anything to you but there might have been some fall out that affected you and I am sorry. I just really want to get over everything that's happened and move on. We defo don't talk as much as we used to but maybe we could work on it.
00 | richie • Sorry but I don't recognise your name.
08 | Riser • I live for your sigs. Really. Also Co-mod love heading your way ������
07 | Rob S~ • We rarely if ever talk these days hence the 7. Message me soon!
07 | Robot • Due to your having a life you are never on here anymore really and we haven't spoken in quite a while. I shall drop you a message soon though.
08 | Rooney • I missed your closing of all the threads but I heard about it. I really wish I'd seen it happen though. You are such a great poster and a massive asset to the site.
10 | Ryan. • Hiya biggrin.gif you've always been one if my favourite members and it's not changed at all Iver the years. Your still as great as always (your tich loving aside) JK. I actually quite like Tich a teenie wee bit.
09 | SevenSeize • Hello fellow mod! I've really enjoyed getting to know you through our roles as co-mods. I never actually would have pegged us as getting on as well as we do. It was certainly a great surprise. On top of that you are so hard working and really level headed always offering an unbiased opinion which is important.
09 | Silas • Hey Phil! Well I don't think I've actually ever given you a score this high before so that's progress. You've been a great help on the forum. Sure you do take the BJSC mod role seriously as others have said but I think the other mods are there to help balance things out magic.gif
00 | Soy AdriŠn / Charlie • Sorry but I don't recognise your name.
08 | Spinning Adam • Hiya!! Ooft you've become such an asset to this forum. It's great to see everyone really appreciating uou the way they should be. BTW the world is constantly spinning around for hours and hours heart.gif
07 | Suedehead2
07 | T Boy • Always full of refreshing Honesty!
07 | Taylor Jago
01 | ThePensmith
-1 | TheSnake • The only reason you have this -1 is because I've been away from the site and I think you've just joined and aside from that I've no recollection of you. Sorry.
05 | *Tim • Well this has been a bad year. I know I've done some shifty things and I really do want to apologise to you for the way I've spoken to you before. I really don't know why all of a sudden I started to not get your sarcasm but it happened resulting in us clashing on a number of occasions. Regarding our previous conversation on messenger I know I've zone awful things this last year but I honestly am not the the manipulative dick head you think I am. I've made plenty of bad decisions and that is it. They guy you've known for all the time prior is the real me. I am a nice guy. I usually out others before myself and now I have to live with the consequences for my actions. Hopefully we can move on from all of this though eventually.
08 | Toby / Devan • This is legit just me realising that Devan is Toby. Oops. I really should have paid more attention before I went on this break.
08 | troublepink • What an absolute sweetie pie. I'm actually really glad to see you've been so active and been included in the rate. I hope it continues because you could be one to watch for the next year!
08 | Tyler • This wouldn't be a proper comment for you without mentioning your dedication to The Britney forum. You are probably the main reason that it is still alive and it's so good to see that your atill such an avid fan of her! You could maybe be her biggest fan but I don't actually know the answer to that laugh.gif
10 | Ultraviolence1989 • You must seriously still be the most innocent member here. I actually keep thinking you are the youngest member on the site but I've just remembered that I think that award goes go Math? But yeah. Your such a sweet poster and I have no doubt you'll be coming for the top 10 this year biggrin.gif
05 | Umi
00 | vidcapper • Sorry about this sad.gif I've just never seen any of your posts even though you've been on the site a while.
08 | VŁlker • We don't talk too much but you usually without a doubt always comment in BJSC about my entries and point me which is always great tongue.gif you need to start posting in the lounge get more and maybe Once I come back properly we can have a proper conversation!!
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post Jul 31 2016, 12:31 PM
Post #15
Mr Jade Lauren Williams <333
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QUOTE(princess_lotti @ Jul 31 2016, 02:54 AM) *

LMFAOOOOOOOO u guys didn't think you'd be getting anything easy from me right???? I have assigned you each a dog breed (apart from my 8s sorry I got tired and was running out of breeds but u can all get cute puppies instead) and the dog breed is within ONE OF THESE PICTURES !!1! if i have double assigned anyone i am sorry forgive me. (lounge mods i will pm ya shortly with a numbered list, and for those of you who rlly can't work it out maybe tomorrow i'll post the site i got these from and later on i'll publish the plain list) ENJOY.

French Bulldog | 152chris not a member iíve really talked to often, but would like to change that! You and Jake were both great fun to have in the duo game so yh letís make this change
Affenpincher | AdamAloud our paths havenít really crossed much, sorry!
Schipperke | Andr00w a HUGE turn around for me, especially recently itís been a pleasure chatting to you on plug! Really pleased we could get over any kind of tension we had, i canít even remember now whether it was last year or the start of this one!
Mastiff | Atonement already 4 names down and dropping the ďĒĒsorry donít know you that well!!Ē again
Appenzeller Sennenhunde | *Ben* ahhh same as above iím sorry!!! I promise all the people iím giving these kind of comments to i will make more of an effort in the future!
Black Labrador | bipolar_angel i really enjoy your contribution to the lounge, especially in the form of the daily threads! A lovely, sweet and enthusiastic member
Puppy #1 | Brť idk why but i feel like ur gonna be surprised i;m actually being NICE ohmy.gif I wonít lie to you, I wasnít really expecting straight after snakegate to rate you this highly, but more recently I have just got the feeling that you have been making more of an effort. I know that you have been trying to build the bridges between our groups of friends as well, and I seriously appreciate you doing that. Your music taste still kinda scares me sometimes but you also stan Lorde so that pretty much cancels it all out. DOGS.
American Water Spaniel | Brett-Butler weíve talked on plug a few times, which iím glad as otherwise i donít think our paths wouldíve crossed often!
Maltipoo | burbe it was great to talk to you the other night as it had felt like AGES. anyway, youíre a really great member, and I just love how easy it is to have a conversation with you, come plug more often!!!! You also do actually have a really good music taste, especially seeing as we share ALL the same faves angel.gif
Scottish Deerhound | Cal WE NEED TO TALK MORE!!!! Completely lovely person
Yorkipoo | *Callumô donít rlly know you soz
Corgi | Cameron okay where do I even start HERE. you are such a good loyal friend to me and you will sit there and listen so patiently whilst i rant about EVERYTHING lmfao, i really do love our deep convos which we randomly tend to have on with something ridiclous playing in the background (we NEED TO KEEP WATCHING H20!!!!!). Iím SO excited to meet you in a couple of weeks time because i know ur gonna slay me as much in person as u have done for the past 6 years! Also thanks 4 introducing me to lindsey. On this site you also try your absolute best to keep the peace, I feel like youíve been thrown into the deep end by association a few times and I apologise for that, but you manage to deal with everything fairly and with a completely level head. slay.
Barbet | Cassidy sorry another idk you!
Field Spaniel | Chez Wombat a member I probably best know through BJSC! ;o you are lovely to chat to on the times where weíve talked off the site, and also enjoy reading your posts around the forum!
Chocolate Lab | Cody Collins I really do like you and I hate that you take everything to heart sometimes. I know Iíve been probably quite tough with you in the past but I just really think sometimes tough love is the best! Your enthusiasm for the site is great (like the BJSC87 theme you wrote, which WILL be revealed sometime dw, it kinda slayed). Iím sorry because I know this has/will come up alot for you but I really wish you wouldnít take BJSC so seriously, it does appear badly for you as a person and it really shouldnít do, you do have a lovely personality so donít let BJSC taint that! Also you introduced me to Charlie - Ghosts which is ONE OF MY FAV BJSC DISCOVERIES EVER.
Xoloitzcuintli | Colm canít say i really know you, the only thing iíve seen you talk about really is the rate so ur concept better be good
Dalmatian | Common Sense idk
Black Russian Terrier | Cremey idk
some kind of iconic chihuahua. U will know | Cucumberella / Leww YAAAAAS DIVVVVVVVVVVVVVAAAAAAA. You are honestly an absolute angel, especially putting up with my constant harassment about BJSC the past few days. You are so easy and lovely to talk to, i usually end up SCREAMING at all of our conversations, our current trend of sending each other those slightly painful to watch layer videos is making me die inside and also iím low key tempted to do one. You probably donít even remember this lmfao but a few months ago I was having a really bad time, and I reached out to you just because I felt like you would understand, and you did and u gave me a REALLY lovely response. At the time it really did cheer me up so I kind of feel like a belated thanks has to be given there. Stay fierce bitch
Puppy #2 | dandy* i feel like we need to talk more but you have incredible taste in tea and cheesecake. Been nice to speak to you a couple of times on plug now as well!!!
American pitbull terrier | danG youíve always just come off a bitÖ. off/arrogant? I donít know if itís anything personal but i canít say weíve ever hugely chatted in depth about anything. You were very good to work with for the reinvention veto panel tho so thanks for that!
Black and Tan Coonhound | Davidson sorry another idk u!
Australian terrier | dhwe iíve noticed your presence on the site, although not as much recently! I canít really recall a time weíve properly interacted, letís change that
Flat Coated Retriever | –ÝŖŖÝ I think Iíve definitely noticed quite a few more of your posts recently, and also of course your another member Iím familiar with through BJSC! Yet another, need to interact more
Rottweiler | Doctor Blind canít say weíve ever really interacted much
Bernese Mountain Dog | Ethan your BJSC entries are probably the most marmite to me than anybody else, i really do either love or hate them :í) i canít say i see you much out of BJSC, although i will try make more of an effort!
Small Munsterlander | Froot. the times iíve talked to you off the site have been really fun! Canít say iíve seen you around the forum much recently, but also you were another fun addition during the duo games!
Puppy #3 | gooddelta a really lovely member whose posts I really enjoy! I would definitely like to talk yto you a lot more. Also u slay me in BJSC and ESPECIALLY in reinvention atm
Cesky Terrier| Hadji idk im sorry!1!!
Puppy #4 | HarryEzra some others have said stuff quite similar to what iím about to say, itís all just constructive criticism! I really do feel like your personality can be lost on this, which is a shame as obviously weíve talked quite a lot off the site and weíve always got on really well! Music taste also slays
Bloodhound | Harve i only know you through BJSC really but you seem lovely, I will make more of an effort!
Dachshund | HausofKubrick you are without a doubt one of the kindest, most empathetic members on this site. Weíve discussed recent lounge issues in some depth and seeing the level you care about just trying to RESOLVE issues, build bridges and try to move on is so comforting and just purely encouraging to see, itís definitely something all of us members involved can try to take a piece of! Aside from that issue you have been a complete pleasure getting to know. Correct me if Iím wrong but Iím pretty sure I nominated you last year for the poster Iíd like to get to know better, and Iím happy to say that I do feel like Iíve spent more time talking to you since then! Of course you are a fantastic person to comod the Gaga forum with, and also I love our mutual love for Gaga, you may be the only person here who can understand my meltdowns every time she BREATHES.
Bouvier des Flandres | Hazza Chapman canít say weíve really talked much but I donít really have anything negative to say either! Once again i will make more of an effort
Puppy #5 | Iz~ my new self proclaimed BFF!!!1!! Yet again the problem with posting my rate after others is theyíve already said stuff I want to say, and I hate to jump onto any bandwagons but I do feel as if sometimes you can come across as bias on this site. Iím not going to dwell into this too much as I know youíre aware of it by now, but I donít want to brush over the fact Iíve felt this way before! oNTO THE POSITIVES, you really are a fun person to talk to both on or off the site, i appreciate how you will STAN anything german with me, but i wonít be stanning ur love of tentacles soon soz.
Bracco Italiano | Jack i donít really know you from what iíve seen i think we could be friends
Puppy #6 | Jacob Alan iím definitely a fan of you from what iíve seen!! Youíve been really interesting to get to know, and I really love the music your bringing to BJSC, this month better get you ur first Q!
Puppy #7 | Jade MY FELLOW LIPSTICK FAN! Itís been a complete pleasure getting to know you, and was ALSO lovely getting to meet you a couple of months ago!! V much enjoy talking to you both on and off the site, and ur music taste in general aalso is gr8 so slay. Also dogs
Manchester Terrier | J▲hq we havenít really talked that much tbh! Not much to say really
Swedish Vallhund | Jake i havenít spoken to you in FOREVER and that has to change at once. I remember when i first joined i didnít really think you liked me at all but after actually taking the time to get to know you i feel kinda guilty for having immediately jumped to that conclusion after one comment, sorry! I do really enjoy our conversations so weíll have 2 speak soon
Finnish Spitz | JakeWild / #00274E also havenít spoken to you enough because i am seeing you around the forum quite a ot and i do appreciate ur posts! Once again u were fun to have in duos and also i think you were on like one time???it was fun, eltís talk more
Tibetan Mastiff | Jaˇ i think if it wasnít for FB we wouldnít really talked that much! Iím certainly glad for that as you are a really lovely individual, LETíS TALK EVEN MORE
Chesapeake Bay Retriever | Jester sorry idk u!
Puppy #8 | Joe. a fellow lana stan! We talked quite a lot on FB earlier this year (mostly about lana and feminism, my favourite topics of conversation) but it has been great talking to you!
Puppy #9 | Jonjo i know you mainly from the movies forum and you are SUCH a lovely energy there, youíre very loyal at entering all my games etc and youíre just overall a lovely member to talk to.
Puli | JosephStyles Iím keeping the score, as like you have already said this is the score I felt I wanted to give you, and even though weíve had a discussion I donít think it would be really fair to change it now, whatís done is done! Hopefully this can shoot up next year.
Puppy #10 | Josh. very similar to jonjo a couple up! I also know you quite well from the movies forum and once again your enthusiasm there is incredible to see, would love to chat more as well!
Spynx Cat | JSG ***PSA*** the following is the comment I wrote previously for james. I have not changed this following his rate this wouldnít have happened if you didnít leave the site in the way you did. Most of our beef is from MONTHS ago then suddenly one day you pop up, send a few apology PMs which werenít really filled with much substance. I replied saying I was pissed off at you, because of course I was, and still am. We were really good friends here, we spoke almost every day and we used to spend hours watching movies together on You know me, and I felt like I knew you, however to find out you were somebody completely different shocked me. Your apology PM couldnít even begin to rectify that. I was there for you when your boyfriend cheated on you, but then to find out you sent pictures to another member, and also led another member on (both of these issues I will leave to the relevant members to decide if they want to open up about) surprised me and really made me rethink if I really knew who you were, you were really hurt initially and I comforted youÖ so what made you think it was alright to do? Before anyone jumps on me and says ďwhy are you confronting it like this, why not over PM!1!!Ē I have addressed James about this over PM in the past and I explained why I felt the way I did. James, what I donít understand is the way you decided to ask to pull yourself out of the rate and then created that leaving post. Why did you have to make yourself a victim one last time? Why canít you accept what you have done, apologise FULLY to those involved and try to build bridges? Iím sure youíre lurking out there somewhere, I want a proper response and a proper apology this time round.
Puppy #11 | Klumzee COME BACK AND TALK TO ME MORE!!!1
Pug | LeeWallace i miss you SO much on this site as you always keep it real and i love you for it. Aside from that you were one of the first members to welcome me here, youíre a genuine, friendly and kind person behind ur shade and iíve really loved getting to know you over this year! Your stanning of zara and alison also makes u the best kind of person. COME BACK
Glen of Imaal Terrier | Leonardo donít think weíve really talked much out of bjsc??? This should change really!
Treeing Tennessee Brindle | lewistgreen weíve talked a few times on plug but only really light conversation about music etc, iíd love to see you put yourself out there a bit more!
Sussex Spaniel | LexC canít say weíve spoken that much so maybe iím just misinterpreting but the times weíve spoken youíve come across as arrogant and rude
Border Terrier | Liam you are one of my closest friends on this site and we really clicked so quickly when I first joined, Iíve always liked you xoxo nowadays Iím so happy to say that I can come with you with literally ANYTHING and youíll be there. Ur humour levels are great, i wonít share any of our jokes in here incase we get told off for injokes again but u crease me bb. The only negative thing ihave to say about u is u need to learn to deal with #rottimen and murphy stanning bc they SLAY OKAY. iím so excited to meet you in a couple of weeks for the first time and also incredibly excited for melanie, gay clubbing AND PENIS PRIZES. Also this is mainly a 10 because i love jess lol without her u wouldve been 0 lvoe ya byeeeeeee
Bull Terrier | liamk97 weíve clashed a couple of times in the past but itís always been in some form of political discussion which justifies it more. Definitely not vidcapper levels of clashing. Madonna tho*.*
Husky | Lindsey okay it is currently half past midnight and i have gone slightly crazy right now and i have to try and formulate into a paragraph how much i love you and still have time to do everything else tonight. Iíve been worrying for WEEKS baout how iím even going to write a rate comment to you because there is so much to say, our relationship transcends friendship and even best friendship as it will never be possible to find someone the way i somehow found you, on an online avatar time 6 years ago where we used to trap newbies in a corner and join clans. You are there for me through absolutely anything, and i literally mean anything. Through these last six years my life has been completely thrown upside down but youíve always been there, youíve stuck with me when no one else has and you stayed with me all this time despite never actually having met me. I know itís so cliche to say this but i really do not think I would be who I am today without having you at my side, youíve helped shape me into the person I am and Iím finally getting stronger and HAPPIER. I know so far Iíve been selfish and only written about me but YOU NEED TO UNDERSTAND THE IMPACT YOUíVE HAD IN MY LIFE. As for you, you are the loveliest most selfless caring person I know, you will take oyur time of day for anybody and you will try for anybody and everyone. Iíve said this so many f***ing times but you have to know i am SO proud of you, youíve come such a long way from the first time you messaged me about your sexuality, to see you saying HELLO EVERYBODY THIS IS WHAT I AM honestly makes my heart BURST with joy. Youíre stuck with me forever now, iím ready for us to one day become roomates. Love u
Chow Chow | Mack once again havenít really spoken to you much but nothing negative to say at all!
Goldador | Mart!n i know you MAINLY from the craziness of the shoutbox whenever i pop my head in there to copy and paste the LATEST MEME. will make an effort to try talk to you more though!
Portuguese Water Dog | Martyn donít know you well at all sorry!
Brussels Griffon | Math weíve never really got along well, i mean when i first joined the site you had a meltdown saying it was too injokey just because i talked to lindsdeyÖ and well iíve already had my say on the other days events. I feel it qas kind of unfair to indirec tme like that next time ou have a problem pm me
Chihuahua | Mattias okay you havenít responded to my two paragraphs which i wrote in sane mind so im just gonna leave them here
i Ďm still waiting to see your response to thisÖ then maybe i can write more. The way our friendship was lost upset me
Puppy #12 | Maurice really lovely poster, itís a pleasure to see you around the site!
Weimaraner | mdh youíre certainly growing on me even if u f***ing snubbed jane #justiceforjane #iwillbeavenged youíre very enthusiastic and iím looking forward to your trapped game
Border Collie | Michael holy shit i have so much LOVE for you. You honestly make me smile with just about any post of yours, I think we became friends through the shoutbox which proves it can be good!!! I think our most iconic moment is duetting let it go on rabbit that one ttime tongue.gif you really are an incredible poster, and getting to know you more over PM and on plug/rabbit etc has been amazing
Norfolk Terrier | ML Hammer95 i only recognise you from the dating thread iím sorry! laugh.gif
Briard | mr_pmt donít feel our paths have crossed much!
Dogue de Bordeaux | Nick F1 see above
Puppy #13 | Ninjabait how did you get on here???? Who did you bribe????? I doubt youíll read this so I wonít go into too much detail but you are seriously great and need to come back
Puppy #14 | Noahspike donít feel like weíve talked enough/lots! Sorry to do this for ANOTHER comment but i will make more of an effort to talk to you!
Cane Corso | notfurlong havenít really spoken to you much oops
Springer Spaniel | Oliver hi.gif you are another incredible person on here, i was kinda hoping your rate would be before mine so i could spill mORE tea but the baton has been passed to you now. Do me proud. You are so so lovely, and I really wish you all the best in your new relationship (wub.gif!!!) and YOU DESERVE EVERY SINGLE PIECE OF HAPPINESS. Also got alot of great memories with you from rabbit/plug etc, and also someÖ not so great ones which u probably cant remmeber as u werw DRANK mellow.gif but seriously ily and we need that nandos/starbucks meetup
Schnoodle | Oricon we really havenít talked much apart from the BJSC clash, which I feel you were quite abrupt about
Gordon Setter | Pavel you only ever seme to shade me but i like u and ur humour so
Havanese | popchartfreak talked a few times about politics and also of course within bjsc! Always been lovely to talk to
Princess German Shepard | princess_lotti
Keeshond Dog | Qassšndra youíve never made an effort to speak to me but i guess thats cause im new and have nothing interesting to add???
Puppy #15 | Qween / Johnkm we need to talk more because everything iíve seen/heard has slayed me
Golden Husky | Regina grant you are an absolute ANGEL and it is such a pleasure to be able to call you a friend on here. Getting to know you has been absolutely incredible, you are such a kind hearted person and once again youíve always been there when iíve been complaining about something or the other! Letís not forget your taste in men is pretty much perfect #rotti2017. I hope you donít do too badly here as I feel like quite a lot of people donít really see the real you, which is a shame, but theyíre missing out.
Newfoundland | richie i think i mainly know you from cohosting the quiz together! Was a bit of a shame to see your comments against Regina concerning his games sad.gif
Wirehaired Pointing Griffon | Riser iím very much aware of your prescence but i get the feeling we donít know each other as well as we should and that is deinifely changing
Neapolitan Mastiff | Rob S well yeah lindsey covered this quite well. We used to talk very regularly and that stopped very suddenly. Iím not really too sure why
a sassy corgi. U will know which one | Robot u want something rlly good HAVE SOMETHING RLYL GOOD BITCH. Okay you probably made my life with daddy says tank engine alone (make sure it is played a tmy funeral). Iíve always been a fan but recently (probably due to both of us being on summer) weíve been talking a HELL of a lot more and I LOVE IT. you are such a kind member and also ur humour slays. Also we decided this a few hours ago but we are definitely having a drunken meetup, the mess will be GLORIOUS. When im done with this iíll come back on plug and play the haschak sistas for ya
Cairn Terrier | Rooney i think the first time weíve really interacted was during SHUTDOWNGATE kink.gif I mean I started to air out my grievances there and kumbayaaahhhhh which was probably a good thing so thanks for that. Will make more of an effort to talk to you in the future!
Goldendoodle | Ryan. okay a couple of months ago you wouldíve been a 0, i wonít lie to you, but iím really delighted to say this has been able to go up recently! I really appreciate you taking the time to PM me to actually address the issues you have to me and i do think weíll be able to move past it now! Plus im a diana vickers stan so why wouldnt u want to be bffs with me
English Cocker Spaniel | SevenSeize this probably could go up again by next year, weíve interacted often iíd say but not much more usually than bjsc or me complaining about cat alarms!
Hot dog | Silas this is a really hard one for me, because you were going up so hugely in my estimations and I was going to give you a 9Ö. Then blushgate happened, and Grants banning happened and you just kinda took a nosedive really. Once again Iíve complained about both of those events already so donít feel the need to go back into it now, hopefully this can climb up for next year. Also ur opinions on the EU referendum gave me LIFE
Curly-coated retriever | Soy AdriŠn / Charlie donít really know ya!
Puppy #16 | Spinning Adam okay iím so pleased to say weíve definitely come a long way! You are such an enjoyable addition to the site and even though you wonít admit that I AM THE MOST ECCENTRIC (omg tho surely this manic rate PROVES IT) i really do enjoy the banter we have over the site. I know iíve overstepped the line with my jokes to you before and Iím sincerely sorry about that, Iím honestly just glad you messaged me abut it before any bad feelings could be had
Irish Terrier | Suedehead2 we havenít interacted often, mainly though bjsc! The itneractions weíve had have been good tho
Puppy #17 | T Boy #tboytrainhype. Iíve always enjoyed reading your posts in the lounge and itís just always good to see members who keep it real!
Doberman Pinscher | Taylor Jago we really havenít interacted much at all but you seen nice from what iíve seen!
Otterhound | ThePensmith i donít really recognise your username much!! sad.gif soryr!!
Kerry Blue Terrier | TheSnake youíre a bit of a troll really. Donít try to start bjsc fights w/ my army tho pupok will crush ya
Golden Lab | *Tim MY MAIN BITCH. I literally donít think Iíve been able to trust anybody on this site so fast (as shown by that iconic birth of #Titti tbh on where tea was spilt). If Lindsey wasnít such a loveable hoe you probably wouldíve snatched my 11 in the same ways we snatch weaves all over bjsc (obgliatory #TittiTop2 #TittiTakeover tags). As I previously told you Iím gonna EXPOSE you bitch, as a NON BULLY. Idk how someone so genuine, friendly and approachable could ever be made out to be a bully so if anyone tries to portray you as one Iím going in. Your capability to make me smile or laugh even when Iím being the whiniest of bitches is also something I really appreciate. This is way too nice and Iím kinda disgusted at myself so Iíll sum it up by saying thanks for showing me K3 x
Mini Jack Russel | Toby / Devan LOOOOOOOL UR OBSESSED WITH ME!!!!! Tbh Iíd be obsessed with me too. I know to others it may seem like you are pretty much obsessed with me 24/7 but what they donít know is behind the scenes u constantly ABUSE me (and bal) and torture with fake Gaga news! cry.gif Joking aside it feels weird if I donít speak to you regularly, we always can have weird ass conversations or at the same time talk genuinely and I really do appreciate you as a friend and also for making me Madonna playlists. Our love of dogs brings us together and maybe one day Iíll accept ur marriage requests, until then Iíll continue being your best damn fag hag. Also we need to book our matching tats, which one of us is getting Gagaís ass and who is getting her vagina??
Yorkshire Terrier | troublepink i really need to take the time to actually speak to you, you come across as so genuinely lovely in the lounge!
Pitbull | Tyler HOW DID IT TAKE SO LONG FOR US TO START TALKING? Iíve always appreciated seeing you around the forum but during the night of bodypartgate YOU CAME ALIVE FOR ME. You bring such enthusiasm in every post and itís incredible to see. Hella excited to see our friendship build into the future, weíll be running the site in no time.
Beagle | Ultraviolence1989 i really hope you do well in this because the amount of time and effort you put into this place is absolutely incredible, Iíve gushed so many times over how I admire how you keep the movies forum and Iíll do it again once more tongue.gif To talk to you are such a lovely, sweet individual who also has a SURPRISNGLY sassy side, which I completely love! ;o also everything about you is iconic, from your early meltdowns, to your idina stanning, your typos, lateness and clumsiness, never change <33
Sloughi | Umi donít think weíve ever really interacted?
Mutt | vidcapper you like minions. (also everything else what everybody has already dragged you for. disgusting)
English Toy Spaniel | VŁlker also havenít spoken to you much out of bjsc iíd say! Will make more of an effort there too

06 | 152chris
02 | AdamAloud
06 | Andr00w
05 | Atonement
03 | *Ben*
06 | bipolar_angel
08 | Brť
05 | Brett-Butler
09 | burbe
07 | Cal
02 | *Callumô
10 | Cameron
04 | Cassidy
06 | Chez Wombat
07 | Cody Collins
02 | Colm
00 | Common Sense
04 | Cremey
09 | Cucumberella / Leww
08 | dandy*
05 | danG
04 | Davidson
03 | dhwe
06 | –ÝŖŖÝ
01 | Doctor Blind
04 | Ethan
07 | Froot.
08 | gooddelta
04 | Hadji
07 | HarryEzra
05 | Harve
09 | HausofKubrick
05 | Hazza Chapman
08 | Iz~
05 | Jack
08 | Jacob Alan
08 | Jade
03 | J▲hq
07 | Jake
06 | JakeWild / #00274E
07 | Jaˇ
04 | Jester
08 | Joe.
08 | Jonjo
00 | JosephStyles
08 | Josh.
-1 | JSG
08 | Klumzee
09 | LeeWallace
06 | Leonardo
07 | lewistgreen
02 | LexC
10 | Liam
04 | liamk97
11 | Lindsey
05 | Mack
06 | Mart!n
02 | Martyn
00 | Math
00 | Mattias
08 | Maurice
07 | mdh
09 | Michael
03 | ML Hammer95
04 | mr_pmt
05 | Nick F1
08 | Ninjabait
08 | Noahspike
04 | notfurlong
10 | Oliver
01 | Oricon
04 | Pavel
06 | popchartfreak
xx | princess_lotti
00 | Qassšndra
08 | Qween / Johnkm
10 | Regina
03 | richie
07 | Riser
03 | Rob S
09 | Robot
04 | Rooney
05 | Ryan.
05 | SevenSeize
05 | Silas
04 | Soy AdriŠn / Charlie
08 | Spinning Adam
06 | Suedehead2
08 | T Boy
04 | Taylor Jago
03 | ThePensmith
00 | TheSnake
10 | *Tim
10 | Toby / Devan
07 | troublepink
09 | Tyler
10 | Ultraviolence1989
01 | Umi
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QUOTE(Oliver @ Jul 31 2016, 05:40 PM) *
Going for a completely honest assessment this year, always felt like I’ve been too nice to people out of habit. I’ve done a lot of growing up in real life this past year coming to terms with who I am and, whilst not being as much of a prominent poster on here this year, I still come on here reading comments and conversations every day so can kind of gauge people’s personalities (who I don’t know on a personal level). There will still be nice comments of course but there will be a significant decrease over previous rates.

I know I will get dragged for certain comments I make, but I’m kinda at the point in my life where I think “f*** it”. I’m still the exact same person you all converse with on here and off here, I’ve just bottled stuff up WAY too long and since I’m coming up to my 5th year here I might as well tell people what I really feel before I feel like I get to the point where I can’t say anything bad about anyone without being shot down. “OMG you were such a nice person, what happened?”, “did you really have to say that, I didn’t think you’d stoop so low” are just some of the things I’m expecting in the future if I don’t let it out now.

I’m giving everyone an alcohol since I’m most well known I think now for my drunken antics! They are based on how much I like them, as I found it extremely hard to try and base alcohols on people’s personalities. If you don't have a comment, don't worry I'm just posting this now and I'm going to try and fill all the gaps in comments in the next few days. My head is blagged from this and I can't concentrate long enough!

07 | 152chris | Kalimotxo

07 | AdamAloud | Apple Sourz

05 | Andr00w | Jagermeister | I really don’t know what to make of you Andrew! I kinda like your posts sometimes but then other times I think that they weren’t really adding anything. You’re a grower though, a few months back this would probably have a been a 04 so you never know, next year you might be an 08!

06 | Atonement | Black Russian

06 | *Ben* | Stoli Razberi

05 | bipolar angel | Vodka & Coke | I love all the women on this site but sometimes I think your posts come across spammy. That’s my own personal opinion though and I know that you wouldn’t think they were, I just don’t think we need a new thread for every single day. Why not just have like a weekly thread where people can come in and out and say what their plans are?

08 | Brť | Baileys Mint Chocolate | As someone who loves stats it’s always a pleasure to see your involvement with that side of BJSC. I think you’re an incredibly intelligent poster. I did think the amount of stuff being posted about you and Jade when you first got together was a bit much, as I felt I couldn’t go anywhere without hearing about it, but that has calmed down now and I am happy to hear how things are going between the two of you. Your power couple status might be overtaken by Lotti and Lindsey soon though so you better be putting up a fight! Anyway this would have been a 09 but you like cats so…

07 | Brett-Butler | Malibu

06 | burbe | Skittles Bomb

07 | Cal | Tia Maria

04 | *Callum™ | Fosters | Unfortunately Callum, apart from seeing some of your songs in BJSC I don’t think I’ve ever seen another post of yours. Obviously we’re just not posting in the same areas of the site.

08 | Cameron | Pina Colada | You're such a cool, chilled guy Cameron, the only reason you haven’t got a 09 is because of your more pop taste in music!

06 | Cassidy | Peach Schnapps | I know you weren’t a new member when you came back earlier so I decided to do a bit of stalking and look back through some of your older posts and you seem like a nice guy! Sorry that’s all I’ve got to say really as I don’t think we’ve ever spoken on a personal level.

08 | Chez Wombat | Baileys Chocolat Luxe

07 | Cody Collins | Sailor Jerry’s | I really like you Cody but I have to agree with what other people have said, you need to not take BJSC as serious as you do. I remember giving you the exact same critique last year and it’s still been happening throughout. If you don’t qualify or if you have a shit month, don’t bang on about it all the time, every person here has their ups and downs. Imagine poor Singerpurear or Suedeonia who couldn’t buy a place in the final. Also, and this might seem like some tough love, but try not to be as sensitive to certain member’s attitudes to you as you are. If someone calls you out for something, take it on the chin and rise above it and become a stronger person for it, because if you let something beat you up then you’re just going to end up wallowing in self pity and it’s not healthy. Don’t worry about what people on an internet forum think of you, they’ve never met you, will never meet you and so their opinions shouldn’t matter to who you are as an individual.

04 | Colm | John Smiths Bitter | I don’t know what happened here Colm, your posts nowadays always seem so downbeat. I’m now at the point where I can no longer tell if you're posting something genuine or if it’s satire, what with all the Waterford Whisperer articles you post on Facebook.

00 | Common Sense | Tequila | I f***ing hate tequila with a burning passion, much like you. The only difference between you and Vidcapper is that whist he compares gay people to paedophiles, you talk about walking around naked in public. Honestly, keep that shit to the nudist beach please.

05 | Cremey | Passoa | I don’t know what to write here that isn’t going to be a carbon-copy of Cassidy’s comment. If we ever get to talk that would be good as it would be nice to see what some of the older members who have been and gone and come back think of us “newbies”.

10 | Cucumberella / Leww | Sambuca | I love you so much! Your humour is always great and I find myself laughing at a lot of the stuff you post, both on here and on Facebook and Plug. I’m going to miss talking to you about BJSC potentials on Facebook (you were my main confidant) because you always told me the truth about my songs! Keep being you because it’s obviously working and we need to get a massive Scotland meet up with everyone on here sorted one day.

07 | dandy* | Kahlua

05 | danG | Jager Bomb

04 | Davidson | Woodpecker | Another poster where I’ve noticed your presence but not really had an interaction with so haven’t been able to form a proper opinion on.

05 | dhwe | Irn Bru Wkd | Very similar to Andrew in that you’re a grower, and maybe this time next year you’ll be in the higher reaches of my points! Nothing against your posts or anything, I just don’t really see you around that often.

08 | –ÝŖŖÝ | Long Island Iced Tea

06 | Doctor Blind | Blue Curacao

00 | Ethan | Bacardi White Rum | I really don’t get you as a poster Ethan. Your taste in music is sometimes good, but the constant short albums that you seem to send to BJSC each month are so off-putting that I see Ethanola and kinda don’t even want to listen to your “songs”. Away from the music, your posting style in more serious threads is incredibly pedantic; the way you turn into a walking, talking thesaurus and just throw out the first word longer than 10 letters just makes me roll my eyes. You also seem to relish in posting conflicting things in the News & Politics forum, and from what I’ve seen you support Donald Trump. Those last three words are enough for your 00. By the way, stop using the f***ing tilde because it serves no purpose to any of your posts. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

06 | Froot. | Smirnoff Apple | Where have you gone??????? I miss your presence.

07 | gooddelta | Midori

00 | Hadji | Water | I don’t normally do this, but I needed another 00 and I have absolutely no idea who you are. Congratulations, you’re even more irrelevant than me.

07 | HarryEzra | Limoncello

07 | Harve | Old Fashioned

09 | HausofKubrick | Purple Rain | Love seeing your Snapchat stories with fellow Buzzjack members, gets me right in the mood for a drink and really want to meet up with you guys and go clubbing. You’ve kept up the good work in the Entertainment forum and I’m slowly making my way into it more often (at least more often than when I was an Entertainment mod myself)! Like with Leww, keep doing what you’re doing and you’ll always be loved here.

06 | Hazza Chapman | Vodka Sunrise

09 | Iz~ | Baileys Chocolate | We haven’t talked as much post Teams but I can always count on you in BJSC for a solid gold track every now and then (still stanning Babymetal even two years later). I must admit that I agree with some others re. modding but I understand that it must be hard not to, considering your explanation.

06 | Jack | Sangria

07 | Jacob Alan | Margarita

08 | Jade | Pimms & Lemonade

06 | J▲hq | Champagne

07 | Jake | Pornstar Martini

08 | JakeWild / #00274E | Bloody Mary

07 | Jaˇ | Cherry Sourz

06 | Jester | B-52

07 | Joe. | Cosmopolitan

11 | Jonjo | Disaronno | Hi Jonjo, you’re still my favourite person on this site no matter what. I don’t see you post as much as you do, and I miss you greatly in BJSC (was even going to try and get you to come back for my hosted contest but didn’t want people to think I had done it just to auto-qualify), but you’ve always come across as so genuine and that’s what I love about you. You made me feel so welcome when I stopped at yours and you did your best at being my personal tour guide that weekend which I’ve always appreciated (even if we didn’t have the most time to do lots of the things you wanted). It was also really nice to meet some of your friends, they seemed really friendly as well (must be a Nottingham thing). I’d love to have another trip down if you were ever up for hosting again, would be great to have one in the summer where the weather isn’t as cold! I know I’ll not be your 11 this year as well and that is totally my fault, I really should try and make the effort to talk to you a lot more (heck I even have your mobile number so it’s not like it needs to be a PM or Facebook message)!

05 | JosephStyles | Crabbies Ginger Beer | Every once in a blue moon you send a song to BJSC that I can get behind, but 99% of the time it’s f***ing awful, not going to lie! I think you come across a very defensive sometimes if someone doesn’t like the same artist or bloke as you do, but I might just be not seeing things from your perspective. Also your taste in men is gash, like seriously appalling. If I wanted my men to have long hair I’d date a woman.

07 | Josh. | Creme de Cassis

04 | JSG | Three-legged Monkey | Right, long (!) comment coming. This wouldn’t have been as low had I not found out about something else you did to another member on this site. I’m going to explain the exact situation as that will clear up the reason for the low score. Also, this probably wouldn't have been an issue had you not did what you did to the other member as it made me completely think twice about you as a person. I apologise for not PM’ing you about this but I haven’t spoken to you one on one since the incident, either on here, Facebook or WhatsApp, so didn’t think it would be of any benefit to randomly message you out of nowhere and bombard you with this. To be honest I wasn’t even expecting you to come back and possibly see this so it was my way of getting something personal off my chest. I’m rewording this now after Lotti’s rate and your subsequent “confessional” post, because I’d rather get the entire story across from my point of view, if only to draw a line under the entire situation. Over a year ago now, we were both a bit drunk, and we were chatting on WhatsApp. You were confiding in me about how you and Jamie were having a bit of trouble (not sure why, maybe it was work patterns? I can’t remember), anyway, I don’t know how we got there but we were joking on about dick sizes and, whilst drunk, ended up sending each other a dick pic. Whilst I didn’t mind the actually picture, what I thought was a bit “woah” was the fact you were actually with Jamie at the time and went into the bathroom away from him to take the picture. Didn’t it cross your mind that it was a bit sneaky and dickish to leave your boyfriend in bed and go into another room to send a dick pic to someone? What was even worse was that I thought you were joking about sending me a “fully hard” picture the next morning. I remember waking up and seeing you’d sent me one and I actually said to you “omg I thought you were joking, wasn’t expecting you to actually send one”. That second picture was the worse one for me because of it being the next morning, you might have been hungover but you weren’t drunk so should have known what you were doing. I’m bringing this up because earlier this year I went into WhatsApp and saw the pictures. I deleted them and it made me think again why you would do that whilst you have a boyfriend. I even thought that it was my fault and that I was terrified that, if Jamie ever found out, you would try and twist it to be my fault and that I somehow forced you to send me the pictures. I’ve already accepted within myself that I shouldn't have even been talking about that topic of conversation to you when you have a boyfriend, but then on the other hand I’m like “well I’m single, he’s got a boyfriend so he should be the one to stop himself”). THEN later on I find out off some of the other members on here that you had been talking to another member on the site and, to put it in the most simplest terms, you were leading them on (all whilst STILL being in a relationship with your boyfriend). Obviously now I know that you were having major problems with Jamie and I’m incredibly sorry for what’s happened in your life, but you need to know that I felt the need to explain the situation to people, not out of maliciousness or anything, but that it felt like is on the verge of cheating when you’re leading someone on and sending someone else dick pics, and to me cheating is one of the worst emotional things you could do to another human being. I’ve spoken to said person about their conversations with you and he obviously didn’t like what happened either but had no idea that you actually had genuine feelings for him. Now I’m not sure what has happened between yourself and other members recently, although I don’t think it helped that my problem might have fuelled the fire a bit, but do you think just walking off and leaving the site whilst in a position of power was the best scenario? I didn’t see the thread, but know all about before the thread so the actual content of it is a mystery to me, although I’ve had enough different view points to have sort of a sense of what went down. You could have at least explained that you were going to leave and got something in place for someone else to take over your job as a moderator, rather than just leaving without a trace.

P.S. Don’t worry about the word “monkey”, it was the only cocktail I could find that referenced three legs and, to be perfectly honest, you’re packing a pipe down there and I’m kinda devastated I deleted the pictures (unless you have small hands! I would have choked on that thing, Jamie must have no gag reflex).

P.P.S. As a poster I don’t have an issue with you, and you’d probably be a 7 or 8 purely because I never see any of yours posts anymore. Completely expecting repercussions for this though but, you know, you only live once.

08 | Klumzee | Smirnoff Ice

07 | LeeWallace | Dooleys

07 | Leonardo | Creme de Banane

07 | lewistgreen | Mudslide

08 | LexC | Blue Wkd

10 | Liam | Skittles | We’ve grown so close over the past year thanks to our mutual interests in Pokemon and men (might as well copy and paste this line for another member further down!), you’re the person on here that I have the most in common with men-wise, and I’m glad I’ve got someone to talk to off the site who is honest and genuine. I may not always get your taste in music but that’s a small blip for such an awesome guy. You like a drink as well which is always a good thing in my books!

05 | liamk97 | Castlemaine XXXX | I can’t really think of you much as a poster apart from your Kylie Minogue avatar, so that’s a plus for me and the only reason you haven’t got a “I don’t know her” 04 score. Obviously I do see you post but I just can’t fathom an opinion.

09 | Lindsey | Fireball Whiskey | I’m going to admit now that my comment for you has changed since you posted your rate. I was always going to give you a 9 but I was going to say about how I feel like, through the way we interact on Plug and on here, that I’ve done something to upset you (I reading down the list anticipating like a 6 from you)? Having seen your comment and score for me I now realise that I’m completely wrong and feel shit for even thinking it (I’ve obviously got it in my head from somewhere and when I get in my own head that’s when I end up being at my worst). So I’m using this to be completely honest and also say sorry for thinking there was something up between us. I appreciate you as a person and will be eternally grateful that you joined the site at the perfect time to help me with my Twenty One Pilots stanning.

07 | Mack | Rose Wine

06 | Mart!n | Mulled Wine

06 | Martyn | Bucks Fizz

06 | Math | Absinthe

07 | Mattias | White Wine

07 | Maurice | Creme de Menthe

06 | mdh | Buttery Nipple

08 | Michael | Zombie | OMG Michael I don’t know how I ever gave you -1 in this! You’re such a different person now. You still have your quirkiness but it’s a lot more natural now and not forced, and after talking to you away from Buzzjack you seem like a cool guy.

05 | ML Hammer95 | Red Wine

04 | mr_pmt | Castlemaine XXXX | Not going to lie, I’ve always got you and “liamk97” mixed up. You can have the same alcohol since I can’t tell you apart. Are you another Kylie fan or am I getting it the wrong way round? I have no idea now!

07 | Nick F1 | Triple Sec

07 | Ninjabait | Apricot Brandy

07 | Noahspike | Ouzo

07 | notfurlong | Mead

xx | Oliver | Sex on the Beach

07 | Oricon | Assualt Bomb

08 | Pavel | White Russian

07 | popchartfreak | Drambuie

10 | princess_lotti | Smirnoff Red | Newbie of the year for sure! Honestly you’re such a kind, sweet and amazing individual with a heart of gold. You’ve taken the site by storm, much like Bal did in his first year and I foresee a debut win for you! I love talking to you as you’ve alway got an ear to lend and you’ve always been so positive and happy for me regarding my personal life. I live for the Plug sessions with the “Lottsey Clique” (one and only time I’m using that word) and hope they continue for many moons!!!

08 | Qassšndra | Sloe Gin

08 | Qween / Johnkm | Caramel Appletini

10 | Regina | Baileys Caramel | This score may come as a bit of a shock to you, but your personality is infectious and I can’t help but laugh at a lot of the stuff you say. I know you’re accused of being a bully a lot but that is one of the best thing about you, you’re not afraid to call someone out for the shit that they say or post. Sometimes I feel like what you say is exactly what I want to say but I’m scared of the repercussions! As with Liam, Pokemon and men are a must (you’ve even slightly converted me to Sebastian Stan, though not enough just yet).

05 | richie | Cherry Sidekick | I’ve only recently seen some of your posts so you may get a higher score next year. Just to double check, you are the one with the Gary Barlow avatar that supports….Middlesbrough is it???

07 | Riser | Pernod

06 | Rob S~ | Campari

08 | Robot | Ginger Joe’s Ginger Beer

07 | Rooney | Frangelico

07 | Ryan. | Jack Daniels Honey

06 | SevenSeize | Budweiser

08 | Silas | Smirnoff Lime & Lemonade

07 | Soy AdriŠn / Charlie | Carling Cider

07 | Spinning Adam | Strongbow Cloudy Cider | Spadam, you’ve grown on me immensely over the past year and on so many other people as well, it’ll be either you or Michael for highest climber this year I reckon.

07 | Suedehead2 | Strongbow Dark Fruits

07 | T Boy | Goldschlager | You’ll never stop being my alter-ego. I can see you climbing massively this year in the rate, a lot of people seem to love you at the minute which is a good thing to see.

06 | Taylor Jago | Blue Lagoon

03 | ThePensmith | Gordon’s Gin | Not even Olly Murs (no matter how much I love him) can save you from this score.

00 | TheSnake | Mojito | Who actually are you? All I’ve seen from you is a lot of random posts and threads, mostly about this “song” that you’ve written. Are you an alias? You seemed to have been able to blend in with the majority of Buzzjack-isms instantly and for a newbie that is incredibly perculiar. Anyway, I don’t think you add anything of value to the site so this 00 is for you.

08 | *Tim | Advocaat | First off, I’d like to apologise again for my comments regarding Poland in this year’s Eurovision, completely overstepped the mark and I just thought (probably because I was drunk) that I’d really upset both you and Lotti (I’m just incredibly passionate about the contest, especially when I’ve been drinking), which is why I didn’t wait before apologising that night. I also want to apologise for questioning you not giving me points when we came 1st and 2nd in BJSC, it was intended as a joke but sometimes I know my jokes don’t come across the way they are meant to. I realise now that I probably should have just taken it on the chin and not tried to be a little petty about the situation by trying to be funny. Anyway, you’re a real laugh when we’re all talking on Plug and although I disapprove of the direction Yehesi have went in BJSC, I can still appreciate your taste in music sometimes!

09 | Toby / Devan | Smirnoff Gold | You know I absolutely adore you Craig but I can’t help but get the feeling that sometimes you don’t really make the effort with me, and that you’d not want to try and have a decent conversation with me if we were the only two people on Plug or something. It might just be me missing signs and stuff like that but I just get that impression every now and then. You’re still a fellow man lover, and along with Liam I probably have the most in tune taste in the male variety with you, and you’re so funny as well. You’re also very attractive as well but that isn’t influencing my score for you at all! We need to talk one on one sometime.

07 | troublepink | Bubblegum Daiquiri | I don’t see you post anywhere outside of the Pink forum, but you’ve made that your own and I adore Pink so you’re a good one in my books!

08 | Tyler | Amarula | My favourite American on the site! I love your stanning for Britney Jean Spears, don’t ever stop (you’re actually one of the reasons I go into the Britney forum). You’re also incredibly good looking which is always a plus (maybe even one of the best looking on the whole site)!

08 | Ultraviolence1989 | Vodka & Redbull | Samalamalamalam! I love you so much and can’t believe you’re only 16 years old. I remember always thinking you were 20+ because you seemed so much more mature than your age suggests. Don’t ever change because you and the other girls will rule the site one day! I hope my crudeness doesn’t put you off in any way on Plug or anything, and if it ever does you know you can talk to me about it and I’ll try and tone it down.

07 | Umi | Baileys Original

-1 | vidcapper | Shirley Temple | You don’t deserve an alcohol in my alcohol rate. Your comments disgust me, the fact you mentioned LGBT people in the same sentence as paedophiles and not in an “opposite” way sickened me. Absolutely no need for it, especially, when instead of apologising, you accused us of being snowflakes. f*** you! It’s no wonder you’re a UKIP and Donald Trump supporter, can totally see you sympathising with the KKK, EDL the Westboro Baptist church or even Kim Jong-un. You’re not needed on this site, the only person that would even agree with your views on here is Common Sense and to be perfectly honest I’ve always thought you were the same person anyway. Delete your account.

05 | VŁlker | Saki | Your taste in music is good but I never see any of your posts so can’t really form an opinion. Sorry!
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Mr Jade Lauren Williams <333
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QUOTE(Rooney @ Jul 31 2016, 06:06 PM) *
Ladies & Gentleman
Skype Clique & Lotti Clique
T Boy
I bring you the best rate of 2016 proudly sponsored by the Neon Tigers featuring. Griff

As always with every year, BuzzJack has never ceased to fail me. More drama, offline communication and scandal than I would care to admit for the site. Oh well, teenagers be teenagers. Back in my day there were a few scandals of course, but nothing like the obscene nature of 2016. I wholeheartedly blame Pokemon Go. As has been the case for the past 6 years, I don't really take the rate seriously, but I try to put a bit of effort in. I have tried to comment on every single one of you delightful bunch, well, because that's the type of person I am, even if some of you are subjected to images and random comments. I will forever be known as the second person to shut the Lounge down (yes the first was Mikey when he DELETED the Lounge. If you think what I did was bad.. then you ain't seen nuffin!!!). Feel blessed and feel proud. As is custom, I celebrate the weird of BuzzJack and am seen as a Robin Hood figure. I am the establishment, but I also like to break the establishment. Have fun reading.

07 | 152chris I could never bring myself to give you lower than a 7, I have no idea why. Far too hipster for BuzzJack and probably holds the title of 'Most Forgetaful Lounge Mod' (yes even above the likes of Mushymanrob from the ancient days!!). But still a great guy.
05 | AdamAloud First victim of the 'recongise the name but unable to distinguish you'.
05 | Andr00w Second victim to fall to the above comment. Apologies.
05 | Atonement And wham bam, third in a row! This was a little harder, as I do recognise the same! Still, better to get a 5 than a 0.. I am nice!!
07 | *Ben* Probably not said a word to each other in the years we've been on the forum together. That said, massive respect to you.
06 | bipolar angel I hope BuzzJack helps with some of the issues that you face. I'd like to think that most of the time we're a welcoming forum. I think it takes big guts to go and start lots of threads, a lot of members don't even have the confidence to start one thread! Keep on posting.
07 | Brť Definitely seen a huge change in you over the past 12 months. Maybe it's growing up / being in love. I still think you struggle with juggling which side to fall under sometimes, which is why you plonk your ass in the middle (don't worry, the best people i.e. me also do this at times). That said you're a big part of the forum and clearly very popular. I do miss the days of Theo/Bre though.
07 | Brett-Butler I really have no idea what to say here. Let's just pretend that you're fabulous, which we don't really have to pretend at all.
05 | burbe The fourth victim of said curse. I recgonise the name, but really can't picture who you are.
06 | Cal Would be higher if you posted more. Unique guy. That said, I'm not even sure if you are about anymore on BuzzJack oops.
05 | *Callumô There's been so amny Callums around the forum, that I am glad you have trademarked your name. Unfortunately too much BuzzJack, Booze and Boobies have conquered my mind that you fall under the curse of being unable to distinguish who you are.
06 | Cameron You will forever be the Robin to Lee Wallace's Batman in my mind wub.gif wub.gif

11 | Cassidy The only person from BuzzJack I ever speak to not on BuzzJack. Amazing how even after 10 years of knowing each other, we often revert back to our 16 year old naive selves when you talk whether it be ripping David for his latest selfie or the latest Mikey sausages gag.
08 | Chez Wombat Part of the BuzzJack furtniture. Ido enjoy your posts, you always have great insights.
05 | Cody Collins Seems like a good guy. I don't think we've ever spoken much, but you seem to be well liked and growing in popualrity. Potential future Rate winner maybe.
05 | Colm Sorry Colm, I really don't know who you are at the time of wrting this. As it becoming a thesme, #blamebray
06 | Common Sense Bit of a tool not gonna lie. Half the time I have no idea if you're being serious or whether you are being a troll. Definitely falls for the right-wing rhetoric all the time. Trust me when I say they don't care about you! That said, you're gonna get loads of 00s, and I don't know why. Save for your odd views you're fairly harmless. Plus you remind me of Craig.
08 | Cremey Such a decent fella, and I am sure if you didn't half leave the forums you would have definitely scooped up loads of rate wins. Genuinely a nice person with great insight in to all things music.
06 | Cucumberella / Leww I have no problem with you, and I don't. When "Lounge shut down" happened I thought you were way too quick to come on to the attack. Infact the childish part of me, wanted to just close the Lounge for longer to rub more people up. But I put my inner rebellious side to the back. I acted on impluse and if anything, while it maybe didn't work, I thought some positives came out of it. If people were badly affected by Lounge shut down then they should think what 206/2007 BuzzJack was like - we would be without the site for days/weeks at a time.. not one part of a forum for an hour! but that said, I still think you're a solid person.
10 | dandy* One poster whose posts I will always look out for. It's a shame you're not about much anymore, but I do understand why. When you and Jester ran teams I don't think I have had that much fun on BuzzJack since the beginnng of the site - such great times!
06 | danG Writing these comments now is about the time where I run out of creative spark. So instead I will tell you that at the time of writing this I am looking outside and I see a red Ford KA which is a 56 plate. I hope you use this knowledge wisely and see that you buy yourself a Ford KA in the future.
06 | Davidson

00 | dhwe I don't quite know what to say here, but here, have some One Direction lyrics:

If I could fly, I'd be coming right back home to you
I think I might give up everything, just ask me to
Pay attention, I hope that you listen 'cause I let my guard down
Right now I'm completely defenseless

For your eyes only, I'll show you my heart
For when you're lonely and forget who you are
I'm missing half of me when we're apart
Now you know me, for your eyes only
For your eyes only

I've got scars even though they can't always be seen
And pain gets hard, but now you're here and I don't feel a thing
Pay attention, I hope that you listen 'cause I let my guard down
Right now I'm completely defenseless

For your eyes only, I'll show you my heart
For when you're lonely and forget who you are
I'm missing half of me when we're apart
Now you know me, for your eyes only
For your eyes only

I can feel your heart inside of mine, I feel it, I feel it
I've been going out of my mind, I feel it, I feel it
Know that I'm just wasting time
And I hope that you don't run from me

For your eyes only, I'll show you my heart
For when you're lonely and forget who you are
I'm missing half for me when we're apart
Now you know me, for your eyes only
For your eyes only, I'll show you my heart
For when you're lonely and forget who you are
I'm missing half for me when we're apart
Now you know me, for your eyes only
For your eyes only
For your eyes only

10 | –ÝŖŖÝ One of my favourite posters on here. I'm always interested to hear your opinion on all things sporting.. even if you are a Man Utd fan!
08 | Doctor Blind Great poster. Sorry I can't have much more insight that that.
07 | Ethan Falling under the Crazy Chris and Vidcapper trap, half the time I can never tell if you're just a complete WUM. I don't actually think you are, but at the same time I am not completely sure of myself. Seeing as you will be plastered with lots of low scores, I have taken it upon myself to value you a finest 7.
06 | Froot. Not sure what to say here, but in light of all the Pokemon love, here, have a Digimon:

08 | gooddelta One of those people that I never really come acros in terms of general interets etc. but I think we both have remarkable respect for each other.
08 | Hadji I did provisional scores and somehow I gave you an 8. I've no f***ing idea why as I really can't think who you are at this moment in tShould probably have been a 5, but who cares, I am the gift that keeps on giving. Think of this like when you find a fiver on the floor and count your lucky stars. If you don't now reach the top 40, I will most likely have to give you a 0 next year.
06 | HarryEzra GeorgeStyles. At this moment in time I am getting pretty bored of writing comments, sorry that you fall midway through the rate.
07 | Harve If BuzzJack had a most pretencious poster, I think Harve would be right up there. I still remember when TheFletch took you under his wing.I have no doubt that you would have turned out the exact same poster you are today without his influence.
07 | HausofKubrick I think your comment was a fair assessment of me. I have high standards in life, I don't settle for second best in anything. I do need to learn to praise more, but I always think too much praise makes people work less hard. But agreed there needs to be a balance. I'm trying my best to learn, I promise!
08 | Hazza Chapman
08 | Iz~ Iz!!! If you ever see Stranger Things, I imagine you to completely be the character of Will. Yes he is the one that gets taken by the monster, but that is definitely you! He always wins Dungeons & Dragons though, so that's a real positive.
08 | Jack Still as blunt as ever when the time appears. Don't see much of you about these days, but you still pop up witht he odd fleeting appearance. Always liked your posts.
06 | Jacob Alan I had no idea who you were were, or that you were Iz's brother. I feel blessed to give you a 6. Every year I give someone a poem, feel blessed to have this remarkable piece of work next to yoursef

07 | Jade It's so cute that you and Bray have got together. I won't lie, I kinda always thought if you were going to date any BuzzJack member, it would have been Lee. As such, I feel that the both of you probably spend less time on here, but it's great to see that you're both really happy. Just please make sure Bray makes up with Theo one of these days, I miss those kids cheekkiss.gif
07 | J▲hq I feel that if we spoke, we probably have a lot of the same interets. I don't see you much about on here anymore, I put that down to yourself being a high roller in the big smoke these days.
10 | Jake Last year I think you were the biggest marmite figure, now you have seemingly faded back in to obscurity. us oldies though have got to stick together. A really grear guy and one whose opinion I highly value.
07 | JakeWild / #00274E I have no idea why you have called yourselfmsome whacky random number. I can only guess it's the LSD talking.
06 | Jaˇ God Jay, what a dick Liam Payne is right. Completely blanked 1D. I get this strange feeling that 1D will end up being a double act of Louis & Niall next year.
10 | JesterI never thought I would see the day when Jester barely posts! 100% one of the good guys, and the site would be nothing without your input. Valued member of the site still as shown by the 'veteran' status. Speaks for itself that Phil doesn't want to lose your input!
06 | Joe. I remember reading a comment that you were pretty hench. I challenge you to a chin-up competition, or a squat off.
10 | Jonjo What a guy. When I see your posts in movies/TV I always read them. Normally everything you say is 100% positive.. but I love your positive mind and attitude. People call being nice boring, but I can tell you're exactly like you are offline as well. Nothing wrong with being nice, infact I think it should be applauded.
07 | JosephStyles I think in the past we've always seen things different. I'm probably a lot more mellow now. We share a love of One Direction, so that always adds for extra points. But apart from that, from a Management side I think you're a brilliant contributor. Passionate and knowledgeable. We've PM'd a bit over the past few months with regards to "#incidents" and I'm glad you can probably see my view point with regards to the whole 'bullygate'. Hoepfully everything is all okay now and you know where I am if you ever need anything.
06 | Josh. You've got potential. Dunno what else to say really. I notice you around, but can't give you anymore than a 6.
06 | JSG I still have no idea why you left. I respect your wishes, but I think it was slightly dramatic. Just taking a break from the site is so much better.
06 | Klumzee Dear old Kleenex. I miss your presence on these forums. Such good bantz and username.
10 | LeeWallace I give you so much shit, that is warranted. But deep down you are a lovely guy. I have heeps of respect for you and your heart is mostly in the right places. How abot you come back and post some more instead of following The Saturdays around Scotland?
00 | Leonardo Apolgies for the 00ing. The only interesting thing I could add is that you remind me of the blue ninja turtle.
00 | lewistgreen Sorry, not got a clue who you are. Feel free to abuse the Lounge mods on my behalf.
06 | LexC A few years ago we would probably 00 each other, just because.. well I have no idea really. Probably a huge misunderstanding. We're two very different people, but I'm so glad we got over whatever we had brewing in the storm. I hope you're alright. If you ever have any issues you want to talk about, just give us a PM (and I mean this in a serious way!)
06 | Liam Good old Pokemaster Liam. I would probably have given you a 7, but I cannot believe that you dislike Generation 1 Pokemon the most wub.gif Gen 1 and 2 will always be the best. Pokemon Silver is one of the best games ever created.
06 | liamk97 Too Liams, in a row, this is far too much drama for one evening drama.gif Have a 6 due to the fact that hopefully you're 18 and you're now old enough to buy yourself a nice refreshing pint of Carlsberg.
06 | Lindsey I always get you and Lotti mixed up. Maybe this is naivety on my behalf, or just the fact that it's strange to see 2 girl posters really prominent on BuzzJack. That said, I'm sure you're both equally fabulous if your individual ways, but this old sod cannot distinguish between the two of you.
09 | Mack Firsy, if you read any negative comments in here against you - ignore them. You're a wonderful asset to the forum and you're just being you. Far too many people on here are obsessed with having outrageous personalties and being something they're not. Just because you're shy doesn't mean you have to re-invent the character wheel. I can that how you are on here is how you are in real life. There's no shame in that all. Just ignore the bad comments and honestly believe me when I say you're a big asset to the forum! There's a great community in the Sports forum now, and I'm sure everyone that frequents it will echo my comments!
09 | Mart!n Just an all around adorable human being. I remember the good old days of MSN where you would appear when BuzzJack was in crisis (usually when we have been DDOS attacked or the servers had decided to listen to the Sugababes new album for 3 days straight). The site would be nothing without you today.. firmly expecting your ego to rise through the roof!
07 | Martyn I am still gutted that your football team voted overwhelming for BREXIT. bast*rds!
07 | Math Sweet guy. Inherently naive and like me, I can tell that you ned to be involved in what's happening. My advice would be to involve yourself. Most people are always accepting, you just have to be brave sometimes to break through the walls. It can be a long process, but I totally believe that if you want something enough (within the realms of reality) you can always have it.
07 | Mattias Always be a good guy to me. I can tell that everything that I have witnessed in the rate already has caught your off guard. Chin it up, build the bridges and start over again. If that doesn't work, then listen to some One Direction and dance around your house in your pants. Works for me.
07 | Maurice I have this idea that unlike Tim, you spend all your days in coffee shops listening to Best Song Ever and craiglisting all the best red light windows. I completely hold my hands up and say that this is probably not true, but the internet is you place to dream.
06 | mdh You should like a drug that I definitely do not ever want to take.
09 | Michael The complete clusterf*** that is the enigmatic Beaver. He still rubs people up the wrong way and I can completely see why, but like many others, I champion the underdog. Like my very own Butterfree, I have trained you all the way from being a little Caterpie that was misunderstood, all the way through being that annoying Metapod who constantly gets harder, all the way into a magnificent Butterfree. Just like Ask Ketchum, I released you in to the world to be free, but you always know where you bread is buttered and that I am the best trainer on this site.
09 | ML Hammer95 I would seriously hate for you to ever end up on Love Island or Coach Trip visits Ibiza. I thought my dating life was messed up at times, but when someone says to you 'there is always someone going through a harder time than you', that probably rings true with you. My advice would be to leave the crazies alone, find a nice Northern bird who will make you pie and chips and then proceed to keep going on Tinder for all those nice added extra. Infact, scrap that, that is terrible advice, and probably why my dating goes to pot too. Oh well, at least it provides you with a unique identity biggrin.gif
06 | mr_pmt Is this Aly? If s, I can't rate you any higher on the basis of not speaking for years and also that I am not sure if it is actually Aly. If you're not Aly, then count your lucky eggs cos you just scored some lucky points.
06 | Nick F1 I find myself being so attracted to Britney again. There's still part of me that thinks she's 20 still (saying this as a 10 year old lad). I realise this is completely not true, but ah well, we all love a trip down memory lane. She should have stuck with Justin Timberlake.
00 | Ninjabait Unfortunately I have to give 0s to some people. And unfortunately this username means nothing to me at all. Sorry.
05 | Noahspike And so it comes Noah, you are the last person I am writing a comment for this year. Joy! This year it has been very hard to write for on the basis on not knowing many people, so I avoid the truth my posting random things. Noah I know nothing about you, but you should feel blessed. In true homage to our new found friendship, I will show you an image of a long forgotten prophecy. But shhh this prophercy is running true.

07 | notfurlong I hope you and Tirren are still a loving couple. Send your best regards to Jark for me.
07 | Oliver If Radi 1 Big Weekend doesn't come to Hull in 2017 I am personally going to make sure the blame lies wholly in your court.
07 | Oricon I still imagine you to drive round your hometown with GANGNAM STYLE blasting out, all windows down, in cruise control. I am betting at some point you will have done this. If not, please do. I think it would be an added extra to your BuzzJack character
08 | Pavel I never thought I would see the day I give you an 8. I'm probably giving you this for Bants as much as anything. You've become somewhat of a parody these days. When I was younger I was a huge Dragonball/Dragonball Z fan. I'll liken you to Piccollo. Once the big bad guy in Dragonball, by the time Dragonball Z comes around he's a big softie. Cute.
06 | popchartfreak I always get the impression from you that there's a wild side that we have not seen yet.
06 | princess_lotti I always get you and Lindsay mixed up. Maybe this is naivety on my behalf, or just the fact that it's strange to see 2 girl posters really prominent on BuzzJack. That said, I'm sure you're both equally fabulous if your individual ways, but this old sod cannot distinguish between the two of you.
08 | Qassšndra Absolute A grade monstrosity. I'm firmly expecting you to come to be a liberal Tory once the Labour party has eaten themselves up.
08 | Qween / Johnkm I'm still waiting for the day when you and Jark adopt a Danish boy named Hansen and dance around in your pants all night to WHAM! - that would be very fitting and probably make my time on BuzzJack. Send my love to Jark/Kark/Danish Jark.
07 | Regina Probably the forum's love to hate but some people really love and other people really hate. I'm going to firmly do a Bre and plonk my arse right on the fence. I see both sides to the argument. But I think you're a good poster 90% of the time, so no issues here.
07 | richie Always like reading your posts. Never been the most active, but usually have some great thoughts on subject matters.
07 | Riser In homage to the username, I can only present this comment in the only fashion I know how - absolute drivel.

Your honor please
Gotta believe what I say
What I will tell
Happened just the other day
I must confess
Cause I've had about enough
I need your help
Gotta make this here thing stop
Baby I swear I'll tell the truth
About all the things you used to do
And if you thought you had me fooled
I'm telling you now objection overruled
Here we go, oh baby
One for the money and the free rides it's
Two for the lies that you denied
All rise, all rise
Three for the calls you've been making
Four for the times you've been faking
All rise, all rise (I'm gonna tell it o your face I rest my case)
You're on the stand
With your back against the wall
Nowhere to run
And nobody you can call oh no
I just can't wait
Now the case is open wide
You'll try to pray
But the jury will decide

08 | Rob S~ The same Rob that me and Cassidy took under our wing has blosommed into a beautiful human being.
08 | Robot I do miss the sordid drama of Robot vs Lee. I felt like I was watching some American TV show at the time. Two friends who are inseperable, they then both fall out for half the season before inevitably making up after everyone tries their hardest to make it happen. I'm glad you're good friends again. I hope Lincoln is still treating you well and that you're partying the night away in Home right now (yes I do realise that it is the afternoon when I am writing this, but period, the point still stands).
xx | Rooney
07 | SevenSeize Happy end of July. I really like your posts.

08 | Silas Silas, or as I like to call, Two Face. Much like me, Silas can blow hot and cold in an instance. How very Jekyll & Hyde of us. However, you undoubtedly have a passion for all things BuzzJack and your potty mouth sometimes gets in the way, but we all love a bit of passion. I still find it funny that people find you quite rude and aggressive these days, I don't really think that's the case at all. Turn back time 5/6 years ago, then yes I would completely agree (Lord knows what these people would say if they saw 2010 Silas rampaging in the Lounge lol), however these days you're a kind soul and a valued part of the forum history.
08 | Soy AdriŠn / Charlie Great poster with wonderful insight when he pops up. I'd definitely rate higher if I saw you about more. You will forever remind me of Simon from The Inbetweeners. Yes, I have no idea what I am basing this fact on, but I believe it to be wholly true.
06 | Spinning Adam God Adam, I have no idea what to say right now. I feel like you always like to post an insane amount of GIFs, or maybe I am completely making this fact up in my head. Anyhow, please accept my sincerest gift of the mighty 6. Happy rating.
08 | Suedehead2 One of the only sane voices on the forum. Forever hold you opinions in high regard.
08 | T Boy I have just been entertaining myself reading through the old Teams stuff. God thatw as hilarious. Neon Pussies biggrin.gif
05 | Taylor Jago I wish I had something insightful to say, let's just hope this 5 propels yourself to BJ stardom.
06 | ThePensmith If Olly Murs had a secret girlfriend I think it would be yourself.
-1 | TheSnake One of the posters who I don't know has to get a -1. Unfortunately the lucky random number generator picked you. Please don't blame me, blame those horrible Lounge mods for unforcing a -1 on us. Direct all your anger at Bre/Haus/Jade/Mattias/Silas. Since I've given you the -1, I kinda know who you are now, oops. In any other rate I would have given you a 6 or 7, because that's the type of person I am.
07 | *Tim Tim, you would be nothing without me. The below song sums up my entire feelings on our relationship. And before you come back with some sarky comment, please, I made you smoke.gif I made that bitch famous.

(Please watch the above video to understand the context of the lyrics below if you are unaware. If you don't get the inference, then please do ask and I'll put Timothy back in his box)

Man I can understand how hard it can be to love a Global Moderator like me
I don't blame you much for wanting to be free
I just wanted you to know

WOO WOO WOO (Iz told me to make da beatz)
For all my south side Lounge peasants that know me best
I feel like me and Tim might still not have sex
I made that bitch famous, I made that bitch famous
For all the bad cliques that got by other bad cliques
If you see them in the streets give Rooney's best
WHY they mad they ain't famous, they made they still nameless
The guys on Plug try to do their best, but they just can't be Rooney fresh
I'm still BJ famous
I'm still BJ famous

I just wanted you to know, I loved you better than your own clique did
From the very start
I don't blame you much for wanting to be free
I just wanted you to know

Owned & Copyright by Rooney.

00 | Toby / Devan I don't get you. I can't tell if you're a parody or that is you. It's not like me being unable to work posters out, but I can't work you out at all. As such I gave you a 00. A) for the lolz. B) Because I couldn't give poor Alywags a 00. Please direct all your blame at Haus/Jade/Bre/Silas/Mattias. They put me in this position and definitely deserve everything that comes with it. Back in my day, we never enforced people to give 00s. Heartless people.
06 | troublepink Part of the BuzzJack furniture and ultimately harmless.
10 | Tyler Good to see you back posting again properly. Always been a big presence on the forum and it's always great to have old skoolers around in the mix!
06 | Ultraviolence1989 Great effort in the Cinema forum - it would be a hole to nothing without your passion.
07 | Umi Probably not expecting this. And I'm definitely not ecpecting anything similar. Despite our differences, I actually have massive amounts of respect for you. You're intelligent and well-thought out. Sometimes too prone to the outburts and rubbing people up the wrong way, but we can't all be perfect right!
07 | vidcapper I'm going to treat you to a 7. Probably going to get the most 00s as the people have to throw their hate at somebody. But I won't be that person, even though you are the worst kind of Brexiter.
06 | VŁlker And here end lies the end of the rate. Vulker it's unfortunate this comment has to end on you, but alas, its the unluckyness of your username! Thanks for a great rate as always, as I'm feeling generous you can have a 6.
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Mr Jade Lauren Williams <333
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QUOTE(ᔕᑭIᑎᑎI&# @ Aug 1 2016, 06:42 PM) *
eh, post #4 will do~


Hai. Here's my rate, aaaaand it isn’t spinning themed soz. It was going to be a kind of illuminati pyramid themed rate with pictures in two pyramids representing something about each member but it got tedious and time consuming and a lot of members would probably not be able to work out which is for them :’) So I asked in the thread for concept ideas and it’s thanks to princess_lotti for giving me the idea for the concept: to do a shoutbox meme theme (it rhymes too *.*)

Oh and there’s no emoticons in the comments, because like, I have temporarily lost emotions lol

The essay-less rate will appear just under this unless some people are too quick on their calcified feet with their last year score in the same format that my personal chart goes in tongue.gif (I also have a plain version of the rate ready to PM to a Lounge mod like last year too biggrin.gif

First thing’s first, I'm getting the 5s/6s out the way first like last year because they are the less interesting hoes (jk)

5. Adele says that one of the most defining moments in her life was when she watched Pink perform at Brixton Academy in London. She states: "It was the Missundaztood record, so I was about 13 or 14. I had never heard, being in the room, someone sing like that live […] I remember sort of feeling like I was in a wind tunnel, her voice just hitting me. It was incredible."

Hey, I see you go around the forum a bit and I haven’t really let you stand out to me as a poster. It was either a 5 or a 6 and due to me wanting to hand out more 5s for variety sake you were one of the unlucky ones. (this is the part where you start shitposting and joining plug)

I know you participate in BJSC (what was your country name again? *thanks you for sending such and such songs and giving me discoveries if I ever pointed you* I think you are on plug occasionally, perhaps you have been too quiet or haven’t appeared on it as much as others have. Maybe your Lounge presence could be rectified also as your BJSC posts alone seem pretty decent.

*tries to not confuse you with Cassidy* You remind me of a CrŤme Egg because of nothing else but your username. I can’t place you with anything, any memorable posts, threads or interactions so here is a basic ass bitch 5. As with most 5/6 comments you’d do well posting a bit more or going on plug for live chat banta.

Are you THE son of David? Even if you are, you’re still only getting a 5 soz. I don’t see you post much at all and haven’t interacted with you before that I know of. I know you were a moderator of RnB but even before you retired I didn’t know a lot of you.

You moderate the UK Charts and Madonna forum I believe? Sure, I don’t go into the UK Charts forum any more and the same goes for the Madonna forum, but when I was a prominent poster in UK Charts there was never anything going on between us. Idk, your posts never seemed to interest me unless they were stats for whatever and it’s like you lack a personality which makes you memorable to others. I know you post in the Lounge occasionally which is great but we’ve never interacted that I know of.

You’ve gone from a 0 last year to a 5 this year, congrats lol. As with some other members you have that kind of shady humour which doesn’t always succeed for its intention if you know what I mean. But I’ve actually been enjoying these types of posts recently and found a lot of them to be quite funny to read! And your rate concept last year, oh my god those videos were hilarious and you show that you can be just as funny irl as you are on here. You seem to have lost your touch with the forum which is a shame and combined with us not interacting/when we do it isn’t positive I’ve ended up giving you a 5.
Qween / Johnkm

I don’t know much about you at all other than you are a Star Wars and Madonna fan and moderate the forum on a global scale. Oh and you use CAPITAL LETTERS a lot. You don’t seem to be interested in interacting with the more recent members (and I seem to be one of them despite being around for 20% of the site’s lifetime, I guess that’s kinda recent lol). I don’t really enjoy your posts as such either, I mean nothing really stands out to me for what you say which is a shame.

6. Happy birthday rooby.booby tongue.gif, who needs a rooby murray when you've got a 06 laugh.gif

An actual Adam on the site, well I don't think we've interacted at all and all I know is that you moderate the Rihanna forum, I might probably know you better if I posted in there more. Oh and I think you're a Eurovisioner too but I don't have interest in that too much, sorry!

I thought maybe I'd give you a higher score than last year but I don't really see you around much so there's not much I can base you on improving unfortunately. I know you were promoted Rihanna mod recently and congrats for that (it seemed rather quiet I mean I don’t remember seeing a thread opened for that? I just noticed you posting in the mod lounge for said forum and obviously only mods can post in there!) Your comment for me, well, I’m still just as active on the forum as I have always been on top of being a plug regular and you have been less active so I’m not sure how it’s me at fault for not making the effort here, but anyway you should come on plug a couple of times tbh.

Your purple avatar and signature looks familiar so the “you should post more” clichť doesn’t really apply here haha, I think I should make an effort in noticing your posts more too and maybe we can find something to click on. You might have been on occasionally, or maybe I’m confusing you with another member oops.

I know you have been around for a while and being fairly active for the duration of my memberism (?) but I’ve been noticing your posts more recently for whatever reason. You joined plug recently too so I should try and come on there when you are on!

You’re another one who’s name I’m familiar with on the forum but haven’t interacted with yet! I’mma need to sort that out and build an idea of what you’re known on here for tbh. Maybe you’re also an occasional plug.djer and that’s always a good starting point.

I think you are mostly known for BJSC and you come in the Lounge occasionally also. Again you are someone who I lack knowledge of!

You’re like Harve in the sense that I mostly know you for BJSC and we haven’t really interacted otherwise. Let’s share some choons on plug ya?

I remember you gave me -1 last year, and well, that was 12 months ago and things have changed since then! Maybe you still don’t tolerate me that much but your posts aren’t as direct as they were and we’ve had no trouble since. I’ve seen you a couple of times on plug this year, hoping when a song or artist comes on we both like or something I could give a higher score next year.
Nick F1

Definitely a more well known name and one that appeared last year apologies for not being able to put you under my radar! You haven’t been posting for a few months now and I haven’t had a chance to look out for your posts.

I’m sorry I’m a broken record and I often confuse you with Nick F1 haha, be sure to stop by, say hi and remind me you are different to Nick F1, lol

I think you are one of the older members who have been very popular on here in the past, and I know you are still a pretty regular poster nowadays. I think BJSC is your main forum now (Set My Heart On Fire was tune btw)

Rooney. Hi. You be a One Direction stanning global mod. But for a global mod to moderate the whole forum and not seem to have a clue who so many people are (and getting me wrong about posting loads of gifs, lol) you should get the sack tbh (jk) I enjoyed how you put together the Treasure game for the anniversary thing (and me winning, slay!) but as so many others have said about the #PoliteMessageGate, I won't go into it much as I've already voiced my opinion on it as has everyone else. Basically you can't just shut everyone up to portray a message, lol. You do seem to have slightly odd posts ie your rate comments, and obviously you need to be posting more here.

I think I gave you a 5 last year. Well now, it's a 6 congrats. Not that I've noticed a change, good or bad since last year but I still respect how much work you put into the Lounge and BJSC (and you moderate a couple of other forums too I believe?) that takes a lot of time and effort etc. You are also pretty intelligent and have a good understand of world issues especially with the whole Brexit thing recently. However I haven't really seen you have much of a personality or something which makes you stand out if you know what I mean. It sometimes feels like it is just you and "another member" whenever you respond to anyone, like you haven't got to know anyone and you can be so serious a lot of the time. And I think a couple of times when I have PMd you you seemed to have ignored them? I had to post in a thread instead to get you to reply, and I know that this has happened with others as well. Perhaps you have a setting that stops you noticing your PMs idk.

What I know about you: You post in the Pop forum sometimes and you used to have a "daisies ARE funny!" signature which was oddly entertaining. You also are an Olly Murs fan and you seem to be a kind hearted poster (may or may not be mostly based on your sig). Let's see what you have to bring in the Lounge Y/N

It's great to see you have been posting a few times in the Lounge other than the P!nk forum which I very rarely go into but when I do you come up with some good thread ideas and keep it running well even when there's nothing going on. When you post in the Lounge you usually have some interesting things to say. Keep up the activity here because I'm enjoying your posts and a 7 or maybe an 8 could be in your sights in future. Now is your chance to turn me into a P!nk stan by playing their discog on plug *.*

4. If you were an score what would you be? I'd rather be a 04

omg like, your avatar needs an epilepsy warning or smt and that's mostly what I know you for. You don't post a great lot and I think you did before this year and I don't know much else, also I seem to recall we had an incident some time? I might be wrong so sorry if I am. You might have given me a 0 last year too and if you did I don't remember recieving a comment behind that.

lmao your sig "Mixed by Dr. Brť”, you don't post as much as you did but you are no longer a 0 anyway. You've got better since last year and don't carry your negativity backpack around with you as much nowadays. I know you like a few dance tunes which is cool also and you go in plug sometimes, when you do you're fine on there but we haven't really interacted and basically it all sums up giving you a 4.

If Buzzjack had a weekly newspaper you would have been in a few of those in the last few weeks, lol. I gave you a 4 and I have previously thought to give you lower, even a 0 or -1 when it seemed like you were attacking me and no one else and I felt victimised because of it. But even before you "came out" in the Polite Message thread I was getting better at understanding your humour and posting style. It didn't really help that you gave me a 0 last year and no comment to go by so I just assumed that it was actual shade directed at me when I didn't seem to deserve. But thanks for coming out and on top of that going about PMing me. It's a shame we don't have anything in common that I can think of, our music tastes and personality seem to be so different and that hasn't really helped (I guess from your Sexiest Actors thread you have good taste in men though) Thanks for the 5 and the comment too, I've already said I wasn't expecting that kind of score! I'm glad you have toned it down in the last couple of months because at times you were actually using insults which aren't that effective in the way of humour unless you know that person well and know that they aren't going to take it badly, plus I used to be oversensitive with things as some other members are too but I'm getting better at it, so it wasn't all your fault either. Minus that, what I really admire from you is your ability to call people out when they have done something wrong or have an invalid opinion. It takes guts to do that sometimes and I wish I was like that sometimes. Also I see you put a lot of work in the Kylie/Madonna forum as well as the Movies forum and you would do well at being a mod there tbh. Also when you use gifs to respond to someone that can be pretty entertaining as well. I'm sure there's a 6 or 7 for you next year tbh.

7. laugh.gif

You are reet tbh.

Speakin of postin styles, Henderella or whatever has a style that puts me in mind of a calcified foot. Replete with cheesy foot smell, and even though Space doesn't usually carry smells, y'all can bet ya dolla that the aliens are still sniffin and cringin under that cheesy pong from the sheer awfulness of ha posts. She just calcified foots ha way into threads, mutters someit aboot Skype Clique oe hens or some other beige shet then shuffles out. Bitch, not even like these are real threats, unlike Screech!! (Omg Screech puke.gif They played it in the supermarket yesterday n I didn't reaŮise at first What it was as wasn't payin attention n I said to the cashier What kind of utter aqful vocal hell garbage is this!! It was Screeeech!! What a fookin peel of radio caŮůn fodder slosh snot Screech tryna be Adele!! Even thinkin aboot how my eara were polluted like that with that comercial Adele wannabe Screech, I just can't! )

An bitch, don:t come for Lee lest you find yoself against the BuffyCharmed an bitch I'll snatch yo gurkin merkin putrid nap an send it to the skype clique as a symbol of yo surrender to their will!


"The emoji who isn't JakeWild" I know that you moderate the Indie forum and host Unknown Pleasures sometimes (I really like how that works but I should try and find and entry and enter in it some time!) I don't know what it is about you that makes me laugh about your posts, it's probably the one liner no caps posting style along with your avatar that makes you quite entertaining. You could possibly get an 8 one day if I see more of you around/we interact more. I wouldn't mind seeing you in the form of iamnotbraynope on plug more, y'know? So you can like, prove that you are actually not Brť.

Great to see that you're continuing all of your hard work in the chart forum. I do love your Family Guy signature of Peter falling down the stairs and your Futurama Fry avatar. I don't see you post that often in the other forums so there isn't much else I can base your score on so I'll give you a 7 again. Thanks for last year's 7!

One of the more political members? It's good to have intelligence and interest in that sort of thing, not that I have a lot of that in politics and the like! I also remember when you went on that game show and posted a thread once which was pretty cool to watch. Oh and your accent as posted in Lotti's rate was awesome.

I don't think we had interacted before until I noticed a St. Burbia BJSC entry called Freedom Island which you know was a potential of mine so slay on sending it! It's a shame how close you were on getting it to qualify though. As a result I am noticing your posts more so keep it up, it’s great to see you’re becoming a regular on plug too!

Yay, I have things to comment about you this year, slay. I am one of the big fans of your concept last year and I'm interested in this year's one. Also I read about you producing music a few months ago and I really liked what you posted. I also remember that you had a couple of blips this year which got a negative response, your intentions weren't supposed to be bad and you were only trying to be funny and I know that I have done the same thing more times than I'd like so I get how you felt about that. I see that has had a negative affect in the rate with the comments you are recieving but things can only go up from here!
Chez Wombat

Was tempted to let you be the only member for me to not comment on, because Commentless 7 meme and bants etc. so here's a comment.

Just kidding, I know you participate in the quizzes a lot and are a fairly active poster in the lounge. You have a good character around the forum and I haven't seemed to interact that much despite. I have also learnt a few weeks ago that your username is pronounced "shay" and not "chez" oops, well you learn something new every day.
Doctor Blind

I sincerely hope you are a trained doctor if you have a visual impairment... Lol thanks for the weather updates in the lounge and various stuff you did in the UK Charts forum (which I am no longer a poster in for the last few months). I do remember you as quite the joker a couple of times in the Lounge also and they've been pretty great. Did you do a Lounge game a few months ago as well? I can't remember, maybe I'm confusing you with someone else (sorry)

Hi Froot loops. You've dissapeared from the forum for a while and I've noticed that after being deprived of Baby Doll lyrics for so long in the shoutbox and have been responsible for making much more iconic shoutbox memes in your absence. When you were active I didn't really pick up on your posts much but good job on the TV forum moderating (I see you're doing something at the moment in your return) ((oh and btw you have a Doctor Who episode LF to finish! PS your banta with Lee/Haus/whoever else is/was enjoyable.

Sorry if I confuse you with notfurlong but I know in BJSC you are FSR Rontvia and have send some good songs in BJSC before. I believe you have pointed me a few times too. Whenever I see you post you are always pleasant with what you say, I get the impression you don't post much in the Lounge like you used to.
JakeWild / #00274E

Perhaps you usually live in the wild and you go there most of the time and that's why you don't post that much? Hm. I prefer you to 152chris, perhaps because you are funnier with what you say, even if you don't say a great lot. A bit like Toby I guess :') that time on when you came on with your mic and you had no idea what you were doing also. And lol at you posting your phone number in a BJSC thread once, I did consider phoning you and telling you this comment over the phone while recording your reaction but nah.

A former global mod and I think was the first person to send (and recieve) a PM from #milestones Your Gorillaz avatar is still iconic and you've always been friendly an approachable whenever I've talked to you. You've put a lot of work into the forum too.

Thanks for the Poster's Charts. Ok that's all I have to say bye. Just kidding, I remember you sent on of my all time faves, the Archie song last year in BJSC and you stan for One Direction. You had long hair too once I believe? Bring it back tbh. I think you moderate BJSC and Eurovision too so well done on that etc.

Another one I haven't interacted with as much but your activity has kinda gone down a bit this year. I think your signature is still a Christmas one so yup, I'm probably right :')

You go from a 9 to a 7 this year. You have been away for months and it doesn't seem like you really fit in any more (sorry if this sounds shady it isn't supposed to be!) You've had your various oops moments e.g. BJSC and it's a shame as you had so many great tunes sent to it and I kinda could have used you to point my near qualifiers tbh. You gave me 8 last year and a lovely comment too but since then and before you had that break I think you had a proper issue with me in the shoutbox one time? I mean that's in the past now and it's cool but when we interact sometimes you seem to enjoy having me around and other times you just ignore me or respond to me negatively and that confuses me so much. I hope you can just make it all clear if you rate and comment on me again this year, ty.

Thanks for the 7 and I appreciate the nice comment too. As you said we don't always have much to talk about or share interest in with tv shows or music other than maybe the odd female pop singer that Buzzjack seems to stan for. I've been noticing your mosts more these days and you've always got something interesting or funny to say and raise good points too and that's shown on plug as well. I remember you posted a rate for Owl City once too so slay for that too obviously. The only thing is that, and it's probably just me but sometimes I feel that you seem to dislike a lot of things and have opinions on stuff that you don't like more often than express what you do like, whether it's people or music or whatever, that's not a problem I have with you in itself of course but sometimes it feels like those things annoy you more than maybe they actually might do (it might just be how you word it or something idk) and I think maybe if I knew you better I would know more about what you actually DO like than what you don't... if that makes sense? This probably sounds like I'm being oversensitive or petty but that’s not what I intended it to be and it's just a minor thing I’ve noticed lol

Well done on winning the Most Hardworking Mod award last year. I know I don't go in there but you do a good job promoting what you do in there and obviously the global mods chose you for a reason! I like commenting on your chart and you commenting on mine. Maybe you could throw in an emoticon now and then to prove you aren't just a "robot" that others call you. Great to see you post in the Lounge sometimes also.

Martyn with a y, that's the Demi Lovato avatar Martyn right? I've seen you just as active as last year I think and I remember your posts have never been unpleasant or anything so yeah, stick around and maybe post some more so I can remember what you are known for.

Hi Moses I mean Maurice! Your accent was great in the Accent rate and I enjoy reading your posts. Thanks for the 8 and comment last year and this year also, despite us not really interacting directly, that could change in the future with maybe the involving of plug etc.
ML Hammer95

When I was a UK Charts regular you were great at listing various new releases in the relevant thread and talking about various RnB releases and always having a valuable post to say about them. Well done for getting the moderator job in said forum also, I don't think I could've picked anyone better suited! I write this comment on the same night as the discussion about why you don't visit the Lounge often and we've already discussed that. I guess you'd turn down my offer to join plug dj as well for the same reason :') sorry you've had such a bad experience with dating in the thread btw, I haven't really posted in there as I don't have the experience or really have anything to suggest, sorry. One minor thing I was a bit "oh" at was in the eccentrics thread when you tried to support what Hazza was saying and telling him that he did a "good job"... don't take this badly though as I know you want to avoid drama and stuff, it's probably just bad wording on your part, otherwise you're quite an essential member to the charts, RnB and Sports forums.

Well I have to say I've had a big turnaround for you since last year! Your posts are great to read when you have your say on music you like or don't like. I've seen less and less of us arguing about what we used to argue about (although that was mainly me and I'm sorry for that). We seem to have common music interests too, especially Queen Carly and various dance acts. You should come on and share them *.*

I wasn't sure what score to give you so I picked up a calculator and asked it what score I should give you and it came up with 7. But really, you were leaning towards a 6 because I never see you post much these days apart from you participating in BJSC but even then you never posted much and I had little to go on other than what I remember from last year. In the last couple of weeks though you have returned but maybe not in the post positive way re the thread you made in the Lounge about Lotti and how you find it difficult to get involved in inside jokes which is fine and I believe everything needed to be said was said there. You can sometimes get oversensitive like in BJSC one time I think but we have to take in consideration your age and most of the time you are pretty mature on the forum. Also your cover of song(s) I cannot remember the name of was entertaining when someone played it to me once. Some of your dance BJSC entries are great too and will you stop voting late/forgetting completely? tyyyy

Yu hai. I still haven't forgot that totally unexpected 10 from you last year considering we only know each other from BJSC (and maybe a couple of times on plug as well?) I would have liked a comment from you as well though and that might have made me feel like giving you a higher score here. It's not an 8 considering we don't interact much at all and you rarely post in BJSC now even. Maybe the fact that you know how much I stan for Raindrops and Stick to the Lie had something to do with me getting a 10 from you. I have some feeling you won't rate this year though.

mess at me mixing you up with notfurlong. I'm sorry for doing that. Please read said person's comment because it probably applies to you!

I know you from the Movies forum mostly and you seem like a pleasant guy, you hosted a couple of quizzes there too I think? We have a forum for off-topic banta and we call it The Lounge so come discuss all sorts of stuff about the world here too (I also need to post in Movies more also lol)

Oopsies, you be another familiar name on here I don't interact with that much but we're cool and I'm sure you've always had interesting things to say.
Rob S

An occasional shoutboxer but evidently not regular enough to not be confused by all the craziness that goes on in there. I know you are French and your real name is Roba you need to be rolled flat by a steamroller as soon as possible.

Haha those remixes e.g. Not That Kind of 2 On and Daddy Says Tank engine were great. You're a good looking guy too as others have probably told you in the past and I still remember the banter about you turning on a bot and trying to overrule my own (bitch!) Slay for sending some tunes to BJSC e.g. The Ocean and OUTSIDERS which was so amazing I clearly forgot to point it oops. I have noticed occasionally you browsing the forum while drunk and the posts that come out of that are hilarious. You have hilarious moments when sober too so I want to keep my eye out on you :eyes: jk

You have a colourful avatar and you are probably more active in the Eurovision forum you moderate in than anywhere else. I know you moderate BJSC as well so that's what I can base you on. You always respond well and in detail to any questions answered in there also. I think you plug sometimes too so I need to be more aware of that.

You seem to be somewhat more active in the forum now (and joining BJSC this year too) and it's great to see how much you have to say and you have a fair amount of intelligence too. I liked that discussion about grammar too, that was pretty interesting and I hope there's similar threads in future for you to put your mind into. I wish I could get into your BJSC entries haha.

Wow where did you come from? The grass probably. I mean I admire you for your enthusiasm and wanting to do stuff etc. but you were told when you should stop with the making a song thing and you didn't get the message. I'm not sure how serious you were by suggesting we could get the creation onto iTunes and make the charts lmao, did you really think that would happen? Nothing you made sounded that great although "spun2" had me laughing every time I heard it. Your obsession with what is and isn't trance can be a bit annoying too to an extent but on the other hand it was an interesting read too. And you seem to be after Jade which is urm, kinda weird honestly and Brť would have your guts for garters, or whatever they said in the old days. Your more recent posts have been pretty funny to read in an eccentric kind of way e.g. the post in the Boobs thread, I also look forward to your first BJSC entry if you do actually enter it and I hope you can improve and move on from all this obsession about making a song. I did give you a 7 as a kind of pity score and basically an encouragement to get better as a poster.

I'mma give you a 7 this year but I was debating on giving you a 6 at first until several things happened this year which made me realise you aren't all that bad after all. I've got to know more about your posting style and shady humour but it was at times a bit difficult to understand when you actually do or don't have an issue with me or another poster and it can be hard at times to know when you're being serious or not but I've been getting better at it. I've said this with a few other members too who have a similar type of posting style/humour and I agree with what others said in their comments last year so it isn't just you personally. I do get your humour most of the time though and it's entertaining but I think it's the newer posters who don't know you as well that I would say you could maybe be a bit more delicate with if you know what I mean? Oh and you know I'm usually on board with your banging BJSC entries! PS I made this in advance of several events e.g. SnakeGate and it's not as relevant now lol
Toby / Devan

Toby omg, you are the joint biggest climber this year after being my -1 last year. It did seem like you just kept obsessively attacking me for no reason and I tried to ask why you did that and you didn't really say why, but I've really got to understand you and I find you really funny these days. I know you never say a lot but that's fine, you can carry on as you do and your sexual puns in the shoutbox are great. One thing that gets a bit weird is your obsession for Lottsey, mean pretty much everyone loves them but do you really have to go to the extreme of making threads about them so often lol, and in plug it happens sometimes there too. But I've seen a great improvement from last year despite that. I want to get to know you more than just someone who makes sexual puns. And when you're on you have your mic on but don't actually use it haha

I think I mostly know you from sending mostly dance entries into BJSC and most of them have been tunes, especially Shosholoza! Your danciness would be most welcome on plug tbh.

3. farts boobs threes

I have given you a 3 - because your username consists of 3 letters and you're only getting it because I wanted to make a joke. Yes I'm cruel. No but really I don't know you much at all but when I see you post it's usually pretty negative or whatever, so there's that. Your avatar seems like an optical illusion for me too. Like, I see a face but then I see a full figure. I... think the full figure is the proper one I'm supposed to see.

8. Scores are not measured by size, but by the loudness that they are.


I think this is one half of Brťde? You might be overrated as f*** but you might not be, lol. You just seem to be one of those members that can offer everything from intellegence, stats and humour which makes you easy for most people to get along with. Your shouts in the shoutbox are, very shout (doge teas) and some of my favourite moments include those ones on where you were with me and Mattias and my brother woke up asking me very politely to keep quiet. Oh and the live Akon rate when you and Jade were on mic was pretty entertaining so yeah.

I hear that I have become your 11 one of the members you have grown on a fair bit since last year, well tyvm for that. I see good-a-moddin' in the Pop forum and you have that pleasant and funny sense about you which is really great to see. Plus you've brought your sister onto the forum which has in turn brought Lotti on as well so slay for that also!
Common Sense

Ok you are just bizarre in a similar way to Michael, but with better English. Your real life stories are really entertaining and so many memes come off them which I end up dying at. Is it the oversharing or is it just you? I'll probably never know lol
Cucumberella / Leww

ew cucumbers (jk they aren't that bad really) I know that you're a popular fave on here for most and you're really one of the funniest members on here. Whenever we're both on plug you always seem to find the funniest puns or whatever and they're great. You remind me of HausofKubrick in a way also which has just come to thought. You're always sending the choons into BJSC also and it's great to have another dance lover on the forum etc. and you do such a good job in BJSC also.

SICK [oh wait I'm not allowed to use emoticons fk] I think you gave me a 10 last year, so thanks very much for that! As with Leww you send some pretty great entries in BJSC too, especially the amazing Heaven Sent *.* your posts might not always bring intellectual discussion to the table but I enjoy your way of posting and when I was in the UK Charts forum you had some good things to say about the chart predictions. I know you have had some negative conflicts with what you have said years ago which Qassandra brought up and I think that has put you off posting in places like the Lounge (your replies to said poster were great and pretty entertaining btw) so keep things SICK and BANGING tbh~
Jacob Alan

It's great that you've made yourself your own member other than just Iz' brother and you've stayed pretty active on here ever since I hosted the Owl City rate. It's great to have another fan of Adam (I do hope you're a fan of me too :') ) and I love how you both love Owl City, like there's an Owl City gene that you share, idk. Those PMs about Adam's music and his other projects were great last year and it's great to have you around plug and posting in the Lounge etc. too. I remember that time me, you and Mattias were on bantering about various stuff late at night which was great (we should do more of those tbh) You're quite good looking also and I do think there's potential for you to recieve a higher score next year.

ew cats. You're score may have changed from a 9 to an 8 but it's mostly a case of you being "pushed down" or whatever if that makes sense. You're still great to have around the forum and never have any bad things to say about anyone. I wasn't sure if you getting with Brť changed how you interact with others and that does happen sometimes in the beginning. Like it's sometimes not easy to "separate" yourself from Br€ if that makes sense? I also don't see on plug much these days </3 and that might be a more accurate reason, but it might be a case of you coming on at 2am when I'm not on tho :')

Jay, you're so entertaining on the forum and you say a lot of funny memes from Cher I think via her Twitter. I think you are usually found in the Girls Aloud forum which I rarely visit but I do remember playing SongPop with you a few times which was also great. Thanks for the hosting for the Sexiest Actors thread too, it was presented well and must have taken a lot of time and effort to do. I think you're less active these days so I want you in the Lounge even when it's not time to host Sexiest Actors plz

I haven't really seen your posts for a while but I can't really be sure if you're less active as I've not posted in the UK Charts forum for a while now (or the Little Mix forum tbh). You've always done a great job in both forums moderator wise and have always had something interesting and valuable to contribute into your posts. I also find you sometimes post some entertaining and humourous posts too.

You're great to have around and do a really great job at keeping the Little Mix forum staying strong (you might moderate another forum as well? I can't remember). I love your signature gif from the Black Magic video though (I think you've changed it since then) and you've always been pleasant when we've interacted. You could do well to post more in the Lounge so we know there's more to you than just that!

First of all your signature is colourfully awesome <3 you're doing great in the Movies forum too and put a lot of effort into that (future mod?) I notice you're a Katy Perry mod as well so you must be doing a great job in there too. It's great to have an 8 from you like last year so thanks for that as well!

I'm not going to mention any of the drama that's happened behind the scenes with you but you've always been entertaining in your posts and when we've been on plug it's been great. You've also entered some pretty great BJSC entries too and we've pointed each other a few times which is awesome (not to mention the Carly STANNING *.*). You can seem a bit weird sometimes but that's no way a bad thing! It's probably your posting style or how you type with your phone idk but I find it quite entertaining how to end up capitalising some words :') We haven't interacted for months which is a shame and it's only slightly affected your score (you might have been a 9), I think you explained very recently your reasons for leaving plug for ages so that's fine. I hope you have learnt from your mistake too.

MART!N omfg is this really the same member I always had beef with in the UK Charts forum in the beginning? I leave the charts forum to get rid of you (jk) only to find you a regular shoutbox user and I agree with Bal's comment about you that so many things you say are crazy in a similar way to Common Sense and I can't help but laugh at your shouts and that has boosted your score a lot. You're weirder than I thought you were and that's such a good thing in my eyes and you're not some grumpy old man sitting at his desk doing chart stats. If there was an eccentric clique you'd certainly be part of it.

Blake well done for managing to make this list! I'm glad you've recently been posting on here more as I haven't heard anything out of you for months. You probably won't read this let alone do a rate yourself and you are just AWFUL at keeping up with deadlines haha. However you are a really friendly character to approach and you've always got a great pun up your sleeve. Your stanning for DSO is great to see too even if I've never heard of them and when you post about your personality and views on the world they are very interesting to read. So this is why you need to stay!!

Lol chances are you are reading this while drunk (just kidding) you're a really friendly guy on here and are pretty approachable on plug etc. I think you're pretty funny when you talk about sexual innuendos (your latest post I enjoyed being the last couple of lines in JSG's comment :') ) that story of you falling asleep on also (more than once even?) was pretty funny and when you send dance to BJSC it's often something I can get into~

EightSeize tbh. I feel like your eccentric posting style (but far from the likes of mine, Mattias', Michael's or Lotti's, sorry) warrants a fairly high score and obviously reading those crazy posts (and most of your signatures seem weirdly entertaining also) are quite entertaining to have on the forum.
T Boy

Adele says that I am giving you an 8 this year. I think our shoutbox presence has impacted each other's scores tbh and I'm glad you're such a regular there! I never would have predicted that to happen this time last year. Of course away from that spammy corner of the site your posts are usually pretty entertaining to read for various reasons. I also love your signature. It's just... oddly entertaining which just kinda enhances your post quality somehow, lol. T Boy hype for the rate too and I'm glad others are noticing you more too so keep on with the posting and telling us what Adele is saying~
Taylor Jago

I think you have managed to squeeze yourself into the rate again this year! You're probably still quite active in the UK Charts forum that I don't visit now but you don't Lounge around maybe as often as I'd like. Thanks muchly for that 11 last year again (my only 11 that year too *.* ) I'll still treasure that old wiki we used to edit and the weird posts you have made occasionally were great, on top of the Buzzjack Campain thing you organised which was a kind of success (but much better than TheSnake's "campaign" :') )

A big turnaround from last year, up 8 places from 0 *.* I think it was only until a couple of months ago that you started becoming a more regular poster in the Lounge outside of your favourite Britney forum which is great to see. You're great to have around and I don't know why I didn't see it before! You're pretty funny too and that night re your sig was amazing. I'm currently enjoying your presence in the Mafia game too. So stick around!

2. 02... No kidding, when you recieve a score of 02 in the rate it stinks.

lmao Hadji, thanks for being there for me, I appreciate it a lot. I mean, thanks for being there, for me so I can give a 2 to someone :') as others have said you don't really have anything to add but I like your username and whenever people talk about you it's done in a kind of jokey way. When I was a chart regular it didn't really bother me when reading your posts but they didn't really make me see life in a different perspective to say the least.

Cody Collins

You're one of my faves on here for several reasons, your taste in music seems to be so in sync in various genres which is awesome, and your posts always seem to be entertaining to me, weird at times which you know I love to see and when you capitalise your posts in a humourous way. I also love your enthusiasm especially in things I/a lot of members have never heard of which is admirable and thanks for doing various stats/ BJSC hosting too. The only thing I'm a bit concerned is your tendency to take things like BJSC and the rate too seriously (so many others have said it I know so sorry to bore you with it again here :') ). I know a lot of us can get a bit too involved and hopeful for how our entries fair but I'd suggest you keep it down a bit if I'm honest. It doesn't really bother me personally as it's just a small thing I can simply scroll past but I'm a bit wary that it bothers a lot of other members and that's probably going to affect how you do in the rate, which is just unfortunate as that's one of the things you complain about anyway! I’m currently enjoying your Lounge Mafia game too and I’m sure you do a good job in International Charts as well (even if I have no interest in going in there!) Oh and good luck with the Duos event later in the year with Harry, you seem so good together <3

I mostly just see you in the Personal Charts forum now as I don’t visit the UK Charts any more but you’re always friendly and interesting when we interact/comment on each other’s charts. Your project on doing the NOW rates was great also and me and many others have enjoyed participating in them. As a co fan of dance music you’ve also got some great BJSC entries #dancebloc and I NEED your music taste to be shown on plug tbh.

Wow Harry, I have a feeling you’re going to do really well on here this year! You’re just so friendly to everyone and make plug and the forum have a nice atmosphere and always care whenever anyone posts that they are feeling down or have an issue with anything. Your music taste is also great if your charts are anything to go by and thanks for commenting on mine too. Oh and I’ve also enjoyed our games on SongPop as well as you’re one of the most regular players I play against!

Omg Bal you were THAT CLOSE to us swapping 10s this year! (I still can’t believe I received one from you this year also, great start to the rate tbh) Agreed it’s mostly the shoutbox that has made us both get on with each other, what with the random but hilarious memes that go on in there. Of course it’s not just the shoutbox but the main forum too. You’re great to have around and have a great sense of humour in your posts. And of course you do wonders for the Lounge and a couple of the artist forums. It’ll be great seeing you on plug more too. Definitely a worthy LoveChart winner!


(congrats at being the only comment to have a gif included into it :’) )

I’ve been enjoying your posts a lot this year. You’ve always got something interesting to say with your “essays” and are very intelligent with what you say too. You also have a great sense of humour which I think not everyone seems to get, especially in the shoutbox. And of course you are also a big OWL CITY STAN and I’ve noticed that our tastes are pretty relatable with dance and female rock too, as well as being the one who made the thread about Against the Current's debut album which made me want to listen to it and they are honestly one my favourite discoveries of the last few years and one of my biggest faves in such a short time of discovering them. Oh and yay for some actual Cornwall relevancy with you being a global mod and stuff~

#longhairdontcare *.* You’re a really friendly member and you’ve put so much of your time keeping the UK Charts forum running when I’ve been there. You also do well at running the Girls Aloud and 1D forums too so there’s that. And when I had that slight breakdown on I was very grateful for your PM asking if everything was ok so thank you for that! It was also great to talk about other things that stemmed from that. I think maybe your hard work in the other forums means you don’t have so much time in the Lounge and plug but it’ll be great to see you in those as well!

You’re still one of my favourite dance music fans on here and I’ve made a lot of discoveries on and through BJSC with your entries. I know we haven’t been interacting on plug that much this year after my long break from there but it would still be great to see you in the Lounge more, I’m sure you have some interesting things to say!

1. Turns around a slap back with wet stinky 01 pubes
lol the theme goes on~

10. Music itself is incapable of spinning. A physical means such as a CD on which the music can be transmitted from can spin though.

You probably won't read this but I'll say it anyway. I'm sorry that you have so much to deal with in life ie depression and other struggles. I've really enjoyed our chats and PMs about that and chatting in general about life and stuff and I'm grateful that you also care about my well being as well and the other members of the site and it's something I highly value in a person and on top of that your enthusiasm and expression for the site you have some interesting topics to discuss, and there's something I love about your non-caps posting style too and how you sometimes word things. You're really sweet and your daily threads idea is still excellent as you know I've mentioned before. Just stay strong when you are in the dark times and I'm here for whatever you want to talk about <3

You were on of the first members I really got on with earlier in my life on here and that’s mostly because of our shared stanning for AVICII and dance music in general. You’re one of my favourite BJSC countries as well because of that and obviously I’m grateful you usually point my entries too. You put a lot effort in the Dance forum and in the UK Charts forum as well with those combined charts which have been pretty useful (when I was a regular there oops) and your sense of humour is great also whether it’s in the shoutbox or it’s a one liner or pun in the main forum. The Lounge could do with some more of you tbh and I think you aren’t as active on plug as you used to be so come on more plz.

How was I to ever predict that we would be more than just Owl City stans? I can’t believe how far we’ve come, I mean, it helps a lot that we seem to think the same way with so many things and have the same opinions and it’s weird eccentric. It’s so good that we can talk about all sorts of things, random stuff and serious stuff too and I know it has been a lot for you to cope with when I’m asking you for advice and stuff but I hope it was worth it because I have valued you input SO MUCH, even when you don’t feel you have been much help I still value the fact that you listen to what I say. The randomness and humour is great as you said in your comment and I love your enthusiasm too. The sessions both one to one have been awesome (even if we don’t always have a lot to do or say and lol your webcam effects :’) )

I think we got closer as you said when I came to you for advice which I was so grateful for and I think when we started to use Twitter chat it became more of a daily thing. You’ve been one of the biggest influences for me on here too and that’s helped me become a better member on here which I’m so grateful for also. I blame you for my 2nd hand recent essay post syndrome tho (jk). As you know there’s a couple of things that we might think a bit differently about but not too differently, I think I’ve got better at overthinking tendencies and worrying how I come across posting and I hope you can eventually get there as well. I won’t go into the thing with Lindsey here and we’ve already talked about it enough I think and you know that’s not affected my score here (and you suggested I should give it to someone else also!) but you know you’d be my other 11 if I could give two of them out.

Just know that when it comes to interacting with other people I know that you can have awkward moments when you don’t know what to say and feel weird because of it (and do definitely feel the same way) but like we discussed once I think it would be better for you and other people to just try and put them above yourself in terms of you feeling awkward because at the end of the day I know I would rather feel awkward about saying something than upsetting the other person. I know thinking this way isn’t easy for everyone but all the best in following in my footsteps or whatever (it’s so funny because it was only last year I was following in yours! And it’s great we’ve both learnt stuff from each other too with life lessons and stuff which I’ve found really beneficial and I’m glad to have helped you out with problems and questions too). I’m sure there’s a lot more to say that I can’t think of yet but I’m sure you know most of it haha, but it’s really been awesome and I’m glad we’ve always gone on so well!

Omg thanks so much for giving me an 11 in the rate! You’re definitely one of my favourites on here and you’ve got so much to offer on the forum. A “mini spadam” indeed, I love your enthusiasm across all the forums, you’re into all the good music from different genres and your Make a Musician game was really great (lol at my weird moment in there oops) I’m interested to see how you BuzzTrapped! game is going to go also. Your sense of humour is excellent too and the shoutbox as well and of course your thank GOD I didn’t get vetoed – oops I got vetoed was iconic enough to be included in my rate. I hope you can make a high debut this year!

Michael wow it was only last year I gave you an 8 because of how funny and random you are. But this year you are getting a TEN because you’ve shown that there’s more to you than it shows on the forum. I see the more “real you” behind all the randomness on plug and and those Family Guy sessions were great (more of them please). Your shoutbox activity over the last year also, it wouldn’t really be the same without you in there as well! I’m sure you’re going to make a big climb this year and a lot of people seem to have grown on you this year. Thanks for pointing a few of my BJSC entries also, sorry I haven’t returned the favour as much (omg Home should’ve Q’d!!!) so yeah just keep being your random self.

Wow Lotti, there’s just so many amazing things to say about you and you’re definitely my favourite of the debuts this year. You seem to have all the qualities that make up the best of Buzzjack, you’ve got such a great sense of humour and you have that weird kind of thing about you which I love seeing (not quite as eccentric as me tho soz) I love seeing you in the shoutbox too and your breakdowns are hilarious. You’re also nice to everyone and you’re great at putting your opinions in the more serious threads also. I’m glad you’ve been so active this year *points to Poster’s chart* and you’re a big fave to many too and your enthusiasm and ideas you put onto the forum is so good to see re the Accents rate and Battle of the Duos! It’s great that Lindsey brought you on here and you’ve got a great music taste too. Don’t worry about that PM you referred to in your comment about me though, actually one of the reasons why I was hesitant to tell you was it might have made you feel guilty and that didn’t really work out :’) but as I said I was just being oversensitive at the time and I feel silly for telling you lol. I apologise for that time I jumped to conclusions that time and mistrusted you but I’m glad we both moved on from that (again me being oversensitive) but I’m glad we’ve got along so well apart from that. You might not think yourself as a winning contender here but you’d be a worthy winner tbh!

You’re so mature for your age Sam and there’s so many great things to say about you! Your stanning for your fave music and movies like Taylor Swift and Frozen is so admirable and your banter with Cameron and your humour is really entertaining. Also your random stories of silly things you do that you sometimes share on plug are funny too. On top of that your motivation to keep the Movies forum running is so great and you put so much effort into it. You really should get the Most Hardworking award this year for that. I don’t think we interact as much as the other 10s I’ve listed here as we used to I don’t think but let’s change that!

0. thank GOD I didn't get a zero

oops I got a zero


*picks up phone* *doesn't like who's on the other end of the phone* *puts it down again*

You gave me a -1 so I'll give you a 0. No but it's not just that of course. I don't see you around much but you just had a negative air about you and your posts and don't interact with anyone that I know well either. Also your avatar just annoys me lol

You are the only member to have kept your 0 from last year. And it's for the same reasons as last year, the only thing that's changed is your activity which doesn't equal improvement at all. You are very intelligent though and raise a lot good points but you sacrifice any kind of compassion for it and that's so much more important than intelligence in this life which I don't think you'll ever understand. Oh and you might have raised some valid points in the Qethan Gate in the results last year but dear god the words you used and you capitalising everything like the world evolved around you did not help you get your point across at all :/ keep your blunt personality/intelligence in the News and Politics forum tbh
Soy AdriŠn

I don't really have a reason to give you a 0, I just literally had to search for some of your posts to know a bit about you and I'm surprised you made the list tbh. I think you gave me a low score last year? Take this score as an "I need to post more" message if anything lol

Oh my god, well at least some good has come out of you being such an ass: you fit perfectly into my/a lot of other people’s 0 quota. I don’t need to repeat what others have said so read their comments. Also, the constan use of the Teresa emoticon gets on my nerves, it’s like it’s your way of saying “if you didn’t know that this was an ignorant and unjustified post then here is this emoticon to let you know” otherwise you do some good stats work in the UK Charts forum when I go in there.

11. I'm off to Morrisons now biggrin.gif


Firstly, thank you for giving me a 10 in the rate! It means a lot and that’s only partly the reason why I have scored you so highly this year. Like you said we have moved on from the conflicts last year that I was responsible for and I’m grateful you did that also, and when I made little effort with you regarding our friendship before March i.e. not being around on plug, I also never realised at the time how much you enjoyed having me around on plug or whatever which you know was a pleasant surprise for me for you to rank me so highly in the chart. At the time I should have recognised our friendship more than I did tbh (but even then we were still great and I always enjoyed having you around!), as you did about me re your comment. Thanks for giving me that opportunity and making that comment and basically being the one to make our closer friendship happen over this year. It’s made me realise there was a potential to have a great friendship with you and I took that opportunity. Now I know that even since then I messed up a couple of times which you shouldn’t have had to go through but I’m glad we’ve sorted that out already and I’m sorry I ever doubted your friendship for a second (I know it didn’t help I was drunk at the time tho!), I guess (most) people learn from my mistakes and I always have and just know I’ll never be making that mistake again and I’m sorry I have overwhelmed you into my messy world and put you through a lot of stress that time but I’m glad that you’re/we’re ok now!

I echo with what you said in your comment about me also, and I notice more each day how much I agree with what you say and can understand where you come from most of the time, and how you approach things, especially what you said in my breakdown thread a couple of weeks ago which I valued a lot. Likewise our PMs have indeed been great and there’s FB if you want to use the chat on there any time as I know the PM system isn’t always efficient on here e.g. not a live chat environment amongst other things! I reflect what you say and that I am always here for you as well too for whatever you want to discuss and might have a fear of being judged for something you want to say publicly. I know you have a tendency to blame yourself sometimes for various reasons but you really shouldn’t, I’ve always seen yoo do and say the right things and I’m sure your other friends can back me up on that lol :’)

Personal stuff aside, you would still have got a pretty high score from me! You’ve always got something interesting or funny to say on the forum or plug and I admire your enthusiasm for your forum input and the things you stan for like music and shows like The 100 and it’s great that you are into all the good female fronted bands like ATC, Paramore and PVRIS which I love also (and telling me on plug that ATC were touring leading to my decision of planning to see them too, I don’t think I’ve ever looked forward to something in my life), on top of your thought provoking threads you post in the Lounge and your games like Battle of the Duos with Lotti which was a lot of fun for all. Oh and the bants you have with Lotti and Cameron too are always enjoyable and funny to read as well as the times you get drunk or food drunk or whatever you call it lmao, you and Lotti have got an incredibly strong friendship going on for years which amazing also, hope you guys can win the Duo award this year instead of Brade haha (not to mention bringing Lotti to the site at all, but I’ll save talking about her in her actual rate :’) ). You’re very lucky to have each other and Cameron as a brother and I feel lucky also to have you especially despite how much we’ve been through, you’re such a genuine person and a loyal friend and you’ve always been there for emotional support when I’m not feeling great and I consider you to be one of the biggest influences in how much I have changed on here in the past year which has benefitted me so much and I've made more friends on here because of that which I won't forget, so yeah again just thanks for putting in the time for me and for being there, it’s been awesome <3

-1. The Actual Bellend of Buzzjackia

Hazza Chapman

Omg you are just so annoying. Every poster’s chart you say almost exactly the same thing and it annoys me so much, it’s like you think you are so funny or something? But that alone isn’t enough for you to receive my -1. You’ve attacked me personally out of the blue when there is no reason for it, especially in the eccentrics thread. I wish you were more accepting that people have different personalities and the like. It’s so ignorant to base how I come across on the forum and to compare it with my real life situation also. And why do you keep on, to no end, claim that you are not Abdul Fareek and however many other usernames you are but you think people are stupid and believe your lies. It seems to do some good work in the Sports forum though and I think you’re better off staying in there tbh. Oh btw one of your shoutbox memes is in my rate so the -1 didn’t toally ruin it for you.
Now that my rate is over 2000 words longer than Mattias' so I guess that makes me officially the most essaying member of the seet. Bye.

07 | 152chris
06 | AdamAloud
06 | Andr00w
05 | Atonement
07 | *Ben*
10 | bipolar_angel
08 | Brť
07 | Brett-Butler
07 | burbe
05 | Cal
06 | *Callum™
08 | Cameron
04 | Cassidy
07 | Chez Wombat
09 | Cody Collins
07 | Colm
08 | Common Sense
05 | Cremey
08 | Cucumberella / Leww
06 | dandy*
10 | danG
05 | Davidson
06 | dhwe
09 | –ÝŖŖÝ
07 | Doctor Blind
08 | Ethan
07 | Froot.
07 | gooddelta
02 | Hadji
09 | HarryEzra
06 | Harve
09 | HausofKubrick
-1 | Hazza Chapman
09 | Iz~
00 | Jack
08 | Jacob Alan
08 | Jade
07 | J?hq
04 | Jake
07 | JakeWild / #00274E
08 | Jaˇ
07 | Jester
08 | Joe.
08 | Jonjo
09 | JosephStyles
08 | Josh.
08 | JSG
07 | Klamzee
07 | LeeWallace
06 | Leonardo
09 | lewistgreen
06 | LexC
07 | Liam
05 | liamk97
11 | Lindsey
07 | Mack
08 | Mart!n
07 | Martyn
07 | Math
10 | Mattias
07 | Maurice
10 | mdh
10 | Michael
07 | ML Hammer95
07 | mr_pmt
06 | Nick F1
08 | Ninjabait
06 | Noahspike
06 | notfurlong
08 | Oliver
07 | Oricon
05 | Pavel
07 | popchartfreak
10 | princess_lotti
00 | Qassšndra
05 | Qween / Johnkm
04 | Regina
07 | richie
07 | Riser
07 | Rob S
07 | Robot
06 | Rooney
07 | Ryan.
08 | SevenSeize
06 | Silas
00 | Soy AdriŠn / Charlie
xx | Spinning Adam
07 | Suedehead2
08 | T Boy
08 | Taylor Jago
06 | ThePensmith
07 | TheSnake
07 | *Tim
07 | Toby
06 | troublepink
08 | Tyler
10 | Ultraviolence1989
03 | Umi
00 | vidcapper
07 | VŁlker
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Mr Jade Lauren Williams <333
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QUOTE(Jacob Alan @ Aug 2 2016, 02:04 AM) *
Jacob Rate!
Hopefully I'll get to know a lot of you better for next year, for now I've not used up all my 10 slots because I don't think it'd be fair to fill them up for the sake of it. I've left a lot of "Idk u sorry" comments but there should be enough proper comments to keep this interesting. I also don't particularly hate anyone rn so I won't be giving many low scores, the majority will be 4-6 with the obligatory 0s and -1.

07 | 152chris // even though i'd usually find it abhorrent to write without capitals it seems to work for you so why not? interesting poster, always like coming across your posts.

05 | AdamAloud // Recognise the name but that's about it, apols!

04 | Andr00w // Seen you post a little bit, wasn't a huge fan of your posts when I first joined but I think in the short time I've been here you've improved a lot as a poster so maybe you'll be a bit higher next time round!

05 | Atonement // Not sure who you are, sorry!

05 | *Ben* // Only seen you a little bit but you seem alright, you're also a mod IIRC so thanks for what you do for the site!

09| bipolar angel // You're really sweet, I can tell you don't have it easy but hang in there, you're becoming a well liked member here!

09 | Brť // You're actually one of the first people I knew about on the site, Izaac kept talking about this place called "Buzzjack" and whenever he played Mario Kart online with you all I always noticed your name since it seemed so unusual! In a good way though, especially with that accent. I also love how much you love cats. Cats are the best (look out for my BJSC 88 entry, partly saying this so I commit). Since getting to know you though you've been friendly and an all round good guy, plus Brade is so cute! I also respect your taste, even if I don't always agree. biggrin.gif

07 | Brett-Butler // Not seen you recently but from what I remember I really liked your posting style- come back!

06 | burbe // Had a fairly limited experience of your posts, but you seem nice enough.

05 | Cal // I think you're another "seen on plug a bit but don't really know", sorry!

06 | *Callumô // I think we've interacted on plug a little bit? Unless I'm confusing you with someone else, if you are who I'm thinking of you've always been nice enough on there, if not have a free 6!

08 | Cameron // Such a fun poster, wish I knew you a little better but from what I do know about you, you're pretty great. Not got as good taste as your sister tho. kink.gif

05 | Cassidy // I see you around occasionally, enough to remember you for all the colours but not enough to get to know you, hence the 5.

09 | Chez Wombat // I've loved our interactions thus far and I hope we end up talking more in the future! You're yet to let me down in BJSC, keep up the amazing entries! #upwithTerraAvium

06 | Cody Collins // We've not really interacted but I've seen a lot of your posts. Other people have already mentioned it but the whole BJSC whining gets a little tiresome, I've had 3 DNQs in a row and no Qs ever but I've not been complaining, or if I have I've been joking, it's just an online song contest. THAT SAID your posts are usually well put together, you seem like a nice guy and I don't really have anything bad to say about you.

06 | Colm // Not quite sure what to make of you a lot of the time but I'm going to give you the benefit of the doubt. You come across as an intelligent poster but sometimes you seem really grumpy, honestly- who took the jam out of your doughnut, lighten up. Once you get beyond that though it's good to read your posts, you're insightful, I'll say that much.

00 | Common Sense // Other than some of your... opinions (which are terrible, really) I've not seem anything that bad about your posting style really but I've got 0s to give out so here's yours- sorry.

05 | Cremey // You were here a lot more a while ago and don't post as often anymore? Or something. Actually after checking you are still fairly active. Maybe we just go to different places. Have a 5.

07 | Cucumberella / Leww // You're an intelligent poster! I mostly only see you in BJSC I think but I like what I've seen/ heard about you.

07 | dandy* // Whenever I see your posts they're usually high quality.

06 | danG // Seen your name around a bit, we interacted once when I signed up because our country names ended up being a bit similar but other than that can't remember much.

05 | Davidson // Another "srry idk u", apologies.

06 | dhwe // Don't know you that well but I've seen you post a bit and you seem alright.

07 | –ÝŖŖÝ // I like you, we've not talked much but you've got a really likeable personality.

04 | Doctor Blind // You always seem to be complaining about something, I don't know you that well and I might be mixing you up in which case I apologise but you just seem to be constantly bitter about something or other.

00 | Ethan // Don't know you really but I've not heard great things. I don't like to base a rate score on hearing things 2nd hand but I don't really have much else to go on.

07 | Froot. // Again with the "we've not interacted" comment and you've been away a little bit but I remember reading a lot of your posts and you seem like an intelligent poster.

06 | gooddelta // I've not interacted a lot with you but I enjoy reading your posts and FSR Rontvia has sent some absolute choons. "The Touch" was easily one of my faves from BJSC 84, long may FSR's streak/ reign continue.

05 | Hadji // Don't know you, sorry.

09 | HarryEzra // You've got a great personality. I've got to admit this score's mostly for that one time we were on plug together for ages, I know it was months ago but I've always thought highly of you since. Plus Flynnonda entries are usually great, (and you gave me 18 in the spinoff! wub.gif ) hopefully we can be in the same semi sometime.

05 | Harve* // I recognise your avatar and your posts are interesting enough. I also recognise your BJSC country name but that's about it.

07 | HausofKubrick // You're always a presence around the site! You're so friendly and likeable it was impossible to give you any less than a 7, the only reason it's not an 8 is we haven't talked much individually. Also Mario Kart!

04 | Hazza Chapman // You seem to contribute to the sports forum well but I've not seen much of value anywhere else. Plus you don't seem all that genuine in this thread. I could be totally wrong, it's just the impression I get.

10 | Iz~ I do hope you appreciate this because originally (as you well know) you were going to get this: "-1 | Iz~ tbh m8 ur a bit shit at least ur related to me so maybe u can get better xoxoxxo" but then I thought I want a 10 back I should probably take this seriously since it actually counts for something.

You're a really lovely guy. Seriously. I've known you forever and despite being amongst the most highly intelligent people I've ever known you're not at all arrogant about it, in fact it seems more like you actively downplay it. I swear, I've been told you were reading at the age of.. 2? 3? And in primary school IIRC you were doing maths work 2 or 3 years ahead. But that's not really what I want to talk about here, it's your character and I know that you're so compassionate, you really genuinely care about people and that's a fantastic trait to have. You're really fun to talk to, you've got a great sense of humour and you're so easy to make fun of it's fantastic. You come across so expressively on here too in particular, and that's great to see. That's not to say that you don't communicate well in real life, just that you can be socially shy which (although I've improved a lot in the past few years) I absolutely empathise with but I'd always noticed that you're a lot better at expressing yourself in writing and it's never come across better than in a forum environment like this one. There's so much more I could say but I don't want to go overboard, anyway Ily.

One thing I will say though is I've noticed the way you handle things as a mod isn't all that great, you seem to act really unfairly by not giving me massive favouritism and I believe that I should have all the benefits because #nepotism, this lovely score/ comment section and me being the best in general. Thanks bro. xx

03 | Jack // Don't remember much about you but what I do remember seems pretty snarky.

99 | Jacob Alan

09 | Jade // Jade you're so lovely and welcoming! You're a total asset for the site, one of the first people I got to know a little bit, we haven't spoken much all that recently but it's always good to see you around and like I said to Bre it's so lovely to see you guys so happy together. Also CATS!

06 | J▲hq // We pm'd once since we've got a mutual Facebook friend and you wanted to know how I knew her, I replied of course explaining how we knew each other and got nothing back, not that I hold it against you or anything I just thought we might actually start a conversation but it never went anywhere and it's all I can think of saying. I've seen you post a bit and you seem like a good guy though.

05 | Jake // I remember you having a hissy fit or two (Lovechart was it?) which was somewhat entertaining and you won my debut BJSC and hosted the following but don't remember much else.

07 | JakeWild / #00274E // You seem funny. Read 152chris' comment for more info. biggrin.gif

06 | Jaˇ // Entertaining poster, not spoken really though.

08 | Jester // I appreciate the Gorillaz love, especially that era! I also understand you did a lot for the site back in the day and you still contribute well now when you do post from what I've seen.

06 | Joe. // I like your posts but we've not interacted much, have a free 6 though!

05 | Jonjo // Sorry don't remember much about you but you seem alright.

07 | JosephStyles // You seem like a really nice guy! Also the iconic invention of #longhairdontcare has to be rewarded. You like 1D too much though so I couldn't give you an 8. :/ xx

06 | Josh. // I've seen your rate of course but I've not seen much of you otherwise. You come across well though.

00 | JSG // I always thought you were alright, you seemed friendly enough and this would've most likely been a 7, but with all the #drama and a lot of things coming to light idk, plus I need to use up 0s (actually the main reason is I needed to use them, otherwise you'd be a 3 or 4 I guess). I appreciate you're trying to make amends and maybe this'll be a lot higher next year, we'll see.

05 | Klumzee // Recognise the name but that's about it, sorry!

08 | LeeWallace // You sort of disappeared (if not totally) which was a shame but you were one of the factors in getting me to join so cheers for that. I like your sense of humour and the way you bullied Iz, come back.

05 | Leonardo // Copypaste: Recognise the name but that's about it, sorry!

04 | lewistgreen // Seen you inactive in plug I guess.. Idk, can't think of many of your contributions, sorry.

07 | LexC // You contribute well and I like your Gengar.

08 | Liam // Seen you a lot on plug and you always seem really nice there, I love your posts and I think it's adorable how much you love Pokťmon. Your signature is so cute! NEVER CHANGE IT!

06 | liamk97 // IIRC you've always contributed well but it's a bit confusing with two Liams, still I like what I've seen.

11 | Lindsey // What a beautiful human being! When I first joined the site, whenever I went on Plug you, Jade and Lotti in particular would always welcome me with "JACOB <3" and I really appreciated that, especially when I didn't know many people. Haha, I know it's small but it meant a lot. I don't know if you'd be expecting an 11 at all but I really feel like you deserve it. You've always come across as really genuine and lovely and I know we haven't talked much one on one (though I'd love to do more of that) but I think I know you well enough to justify the score through plug, #bantz in the lounge and BJSC. Whenever I see your posts I pretty much always read them in full because I'm always interested in what you have to say on various topics. You've also got amazing taste- my gosh you have no idea how relieved I was to find another massive rock fan amongst a huge forum full of #pophoes. #upwithTaahlandor.
Thanks for the photography comments btw, had no idea you'd even seen them! So here's to the next year and I hope to get to know you even better!

05 | Mack // Something to do with the sports forum? I've seen you a bit in there and you seem to care a lot about it so that's really nice.

06 | Mart!n // You've been around since 06 right? I've seen you a little bit but not enough to give you a huge amount of points, you come across pretty well when I do see you- I've just seen your pun/ joke thread and it's wonderfully terrible.

05 | Martyn // Not sure who you are sorry.

07 | Math // I like what I've seen of you! I know you're really young.. and you've been less active recently? Or something like that, but you come across as really intelligent and genuine.

10 | Mattias // You're easily one of my favourite posters here and one of the only that I actually got to know fairly early on. I love our chain of PMs where we talk about the contests, gigs, music, what they hell all the other posters are talking about (I needed to ask you what a cat alarm was laugh.gif ) and a whole load of other things, you're so kind and genuine and I really do consider you a good friend. On the forum I always enjoy reading your 'essays' and I've always thought of you as really insightful and intelligent. I know you suffer with confidence issues and I get that, I'm quite sensitive too I just don't show it that much, but please don't ever 'feel afraid to post' and if you don't know whether or not someone's joking, assume they are. This is supposed to be a fun place, not a causation of stress and I love your additions anyway so don't worry about what people may think. #hatersgonnahate heart.gif

07 | Maurice // Amazing accent Moses! Insightful comments too.

08 | mdh // "Mini Spadam" indeed. I'm already loving BuzzTrapped and even though you sort of get everywhere there's a certain endearing quality to your style of posting and it's like you're becoming part of the furniture here, could easily be a 9 or 10 next year.

07 | Michael // At first I couldn't stand you but you've grown a lot even in the time I've been here, you still make a lot of unnecessary comments but at least you're funny with them
07 | ML Hammer95 // You seem like a nice guy and it's good to have SOMEONE representing Urban music on here.

05 | mr_pmt // Seen you a bit and I remember your Kylie avatar. She's pretty good I guess.

05 | Nick F1 // Can't remember seeing much of you, sorry!

09 | Ninjabait // You've got an impeccably sophisticated taste, I wish you'd enter BJSC again. It's been great talking to you on plug and it's good to see you in the lounge when you do post.

08 | Noahspike // Please please please keep beating my brother in all the quizzes, I do love seeing that. Also you're Irish and friendly and nice.

06 | notfurlong // You hosted a UP once! Other than that idk but you seem ok.

08 | Oliver // My first (I think) experience of you was when you hosted my debut BJSC and that was run so smoothly. Since then I've noticed you a fair bit around the forum and on plug and it's always good to see you, you've got a great personality.

06 | Oricon // I've seen you a bit in BJSC forums and I know you do a lot of work but I don't know you that well so can't give you much higher than this. Still, I've always got a good vibe from your posts.

06 | Pavel // We've not interacted but you're quite notorious on here. You've got a good sense of humour and hope to get to know you a bit more.

08 | popchartfreak // It's nice to see an 'old timer' on here. You've always been really friendly and tolerant of all us damned kids and your posts always seem well thought out. Good to have you around.

10 | princess_lotti // A better Princess than Fiona tbh. Your personality is so infectious. I love it when you go all caps, I love all your random lounge topics and your brilliant humour/ shade. You're one of my favourite members and you pretty much always make me laugh, I really can't imagine the site without you.

03 | Qassšndra // You're alright, you just seem a bit sarky. Maybe I just need to get to know you better idk.

07 | Qween / Johnkm // Now I don't know A LOT about you but I DO LOVE your use of capitals, this is probably going to be a mess of a comment if I keep doing that because there's no way I can imitate that accurately but I've seen you around a bit and you're fabulous, k.

08 | Regina // Got to say it took me a while to get used to your posting style, you seemed really blunt and abrasive but now I actually appreciate it and look forward to seeing your posts. You've got a great sense of humour and the site wouldn't be the same without you. Also you like Within Temptation so that's a +1.

05 | richie // Another idk

07 | Riser // I've always enjoyed your posts! Have you disappeared recently, can't remember seeing you for the last month or so? If so, come back!

06 | Rob S~ // You seem like a decent guy but again because I'm so new I've got to play the "idk u that well" card again.

06 | Robot // You're quite funny, haven't really spoken though.

06 | Rooney // I remember you for things other than #politemessagegate and you've always seemed like a reasonable member/ mod otherwise.

05 | Ryan. // Seen you around a bit but not enough to get to know you really.

07 | SevenSeize // I like your posts, haven't seen a huge amount of you but what I have seen is high quality. Also you need a 7.

06 | Silas // I appreciate you do a lot for the site and whilst I don't agree with everything you say/ do you're a valuable member and the site's better for you being here.

04 | Soy AdriŠn / Charlie // Icr much about you sorry.

10 | Spinning Adam // Oh Adam, I'm not sure I can properly sum you up in a paragraph. My opinion of you has changed so much over the past few months. I've always liked you and had fun interacting with you but I swear at first I thought you were closer to 15 rather than early 20s just because of how excitable you always were, but your posting style has improved hugely recently, at least to me. You're a kind hearted member that generates a lot of discussion and it's been fantastic to see you grow on this site.

07 | Suedehead2 // You've got personality! It's great to see how dedicated you are to a band and Suede is on my list to 'get to know' at some point for sure.

08 | T Boy // I like you, you don't piss about, you get straight to the point and you always have something to add to the conversation.

05 | Taylor Jago // Seen a few posts from you but nothing too memorable sorry.

06 | ThePensmith // You opened some good threads? Idk.

-1 | TheSnake // Not totally sure if you deserve a -1 but to be honest I can't think of anyone else to give it to, it might seem a bit harsh but I really don't like your posting style. The way you dragged out that "official song" thing was a bit embarrassing and what was with declaring war on everyone in your BJSC national thread? You just don't know when to stop. Now you're not all bad, probably just overenthusiastic and I hope you stick around but please stop beating all the dead horses when they've already been buried.

10 | *Tim // The king of shade, I've had a huge turnaround for you in the past few months as I've gotten used to your posting style. I was going to give you an 8 but then I had 10s left over and I thought why the hell not? I know you're from the Netherlands but the German in me loves how direct you always are. I'm not 100% sure about #Titti but I could grow to love it. While some of it's ok I'm not so sure about your taste all the time but no one's perfect. xx

07 | Toby / Devan // At first I didn't get you at all, you seemed to have absolutely nothing to add to the conversation and most of your posts consisted of one word or one phrase statements, which is true but they've become increasingly well timed and really you're quite funny. Madonna and Dena are shit tho. xoxoxo

07 | troublepink // You've always seemed really nice when I've seen your posts. Also P!nk! AND CATS!

08 | Tyler // You seem like a sweet guy, not interacted much but I like what you bring to conversations.

09 | Ultraviolence1989 // You're so lovely Sam, I know we haven't interacted a huge amount but I'd love to change that, you come across so well and incredibly mature for your age.

05 | Umi // Can't remember seeing you around really - do you still post much?

00 | vidcapper // Right, I need to give out 0s and I know you're an easy target but it had to be done. It's not even your political views, it's how you express them and when people disagree with you see yourself as some sort of "warrior up against the majority" (ironic seeing as you falsely accuse people of being SJWs) but that's ok because they're "dirty lefties". I'm centre left, a member of the Lib Dems, pro remain (after a lot of deliberation) yet even I have the odd view that may be considered moderate right wing but that's not the point. I cannot sympathise with you because you have no respect for any of the members here, you don't have to agree with someone to not be a c**t.

05 | VŁlker // Recognise the name and I'm pretty sure you've got good taste (for some reason, maybe you entered something good somewhere one time) but that's about all I can think of.
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Mr Jade Lauren Williams <333
Group: Moderator
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Member No.: 8,300
Joined: 14-February 09


QUOTE(Froot. @ Aug 2 2016, 04:51 PM) *
Me. I Am FrootÖ The Elusive Affiche

I like to give everyone a comment so here you go. That does mean that I am exhausted after writing 100 of them and it does of course mean that I have repeated myself many a time. Iíve tried to also be a bit more varied in my scoring this year and use a few more of those lower scores. I genuinely donít have enough of an issue with anyone to warrant a -1 but there you go.

Also, I will repeat this till the day I am no longer on this site: people have come on here for a multitude of reasons, whether it be express their opinions on subjects or as a means of escapism. No oneís joined to be the perfect poster and thatís a subjective thing anyway. As with anything though, people have their own opinions and the following is my personal viewpoints. No one has the right to tell anyone to stop posting (within reason obvs) or to stop being themselves if thatís what they truly are. The rate is not the be all and end all but a chance to express some love and appreciation and perhaps clear some air.

06 | 152chris Ė Very funny poster but weíve never really interacted and I canít give you any higher for occasional four word posts.
05 | AdamAloud Ė I know that youíre a genuinely really nice guy but youíre another one Iíve rarely interacted with and I donít really venture into the artist forums or Eurovision so Iíve not really seen many posts from you over the past year.
04 | Andr00w Ė You have improved massively (even though there is part of me that misses ĎIím leavingí & ĎIím backí posts because they were unintentionally hilarious). Iíve still not really got much to go on but youíre heading onto the right path!
04 | Atonement Ė Another one that Iíve still not got really much to go on, I can tell that youíre a nice person though and I donít think youíre on the site to get involved too much anyway.
03 | *Ben* - I rarely go into the Chart forum nowadays so again, Iíve got nothing really to go on.
08 | bipolar angel Ė Youíre a star and you do bring a lot to the forum. Itís nice that you can feel so open on here and youíre happy to support other people on here. Your Ant & Dec reviews are always highlights as well.
08 | Brť Ė I always find it hard to write a comment for you and I genuinely have no idea why! As with me and many others, youíve obviously been less present this year and therefore, for me, there has been something lacking that was there before but I donít know what. Youíre still an essential asset to this forum and one of the funniest posters though!
06 | Brett-Butler Ė Your posts are often very interesting to read and I do admire the fact that you only post when you feel there may be something you can personally add to the thread/topic.
07 | burbe Ė Fantastic new addition to the site, often offering valuable posts and I feel like there will be more to come from you!
05 | Cal Ė Your presence has sadly drastically diminished but I had been enjoying what I was seeing.
03 | *Callumô Ė From what Iíve seen, all I can say is that you need to be yourself more. Iím still a bit shocked from when you gave Leww the -1 (was that last year??)
08 | Cameron Ė Youíre certainly one of the friendliest members on here and I do love that you bring some positivity and fun to the site. Iím going to be looking out for some #camdram tho
05 | Cassidy Ė Again, someone Iíve not had much to go on over the past year.
10 | Chez Wombat Ė You share wonderfully insightful posts and I love to see your viewpoint on various subjects. You will forever be the high-achieving underdog.
05 | Cody Collins Ė You make me have a different opinion about you with every post so itís very hard for me to give you a score. On the one hand, you are clearly a really lovely person and you have brought some fantastic ideas and contributions to the site. On the other hand, you do need to embrace that negativity is not always made with malice and the intention to hurt. Kind of like what the film Inside Out says, you sometimes need that negativity in order for things to become more positive. Thatís why you shouldnít always feel hurt when people donít always say positive things to you and that you shouldnít always complain where there is some form of argument in a thread. Basically, you need to differentiate those things that are done with malice and those that are not and more often than not, there is no malice behind some of the negative things that are said. As I said though, you are a really warm and friendly person!
03 | Colm Ė I feel that I have noticed that you expect people to be positive all the time about you yet you rarely offer that positivity back. Not that you are overly negative or are horrible to people but thereís a sort of sense another personís opinion is perhaps often wrong? I think Iíve worded that second sentence wrong but Iím finding it hard to express.
00 | Common Sense Ė I was going to give you some points because your posts are shoutbox meme central but then I remembered your ignorance.
06 | Cremey Ė I feel as though I enjoy seeing your posts but I guess itís just the usual case that there needs to be more of them.
07 | Cucumberella / Leww- As everyone will say, you are one of the most hilarious members on here. Your design skills are also amazing along with your presentation when you are hosting things. Weíve never really interacted that much but I certainly admire from afar.
08 | dandy* - Still one of my favourite members despite having about 50 posts a year, I particularly loved the wonkey donkey thread! You always offer something different and you have a fantastic sense of humour.
06 | danG Ė You commit a lot of hard work to the forum, especially now that you are a Chart Mod but I guess your posts lack a certain spark that many others may have. Still very much enjoy seeing what you have to say though.
06 | Davidson Ė You bring a lot to the discussion in various music threads, rather than just posting Ďthis is goodí and that is what I really enjoy! Itís very beneficial to the forum, particularly the music threads which attract a higher amount of those generic posts that you donít have.
07 | dhwe Ė I admire the effort that you put into the Hot 100 threads and I love reading your insight into various subjects. Itís just a shame that there hasnít been enough of them to warrant me giving you higher than a 7. Otherwise, Iím sure you would be on lock for a 9/10!
04 | –ÝŖŖÝ Ė More often than not we have the complete opposite opinion and considering weíve never really interacted, thatís all that I can really go on.
07 | Doctor Blind Ė There are a few times where it is perhaps a bit too much but otherwise I very much enjoy your humour and witty remarks.
-01 | Ethan Ė platitudinous~
xx | Froot.
06 | gooddelta Ė Itís hard to comment because, aside from these past few months, the more Iíve posted over the years, the less you have! Itís easy to see that youíre a very friendly guy though and I find the fact that you work in journalism very interesting!
00 | Hadji Ė Iím still not sure you understand how music licensing works.
07 | HarryEzra Ė I think others have basically said my thoughts. Basically, you are genuinely one of the nicest posters on this site and that is highlighted by the fact that you get along with everyone and that is wonderful to see. However, too often Iíve read a thread where you post is basically a summarisation of the general feelings in that thread. I know that itís very easy to say to people that they should be more confident but, if youíre having those issues irl, then this is the place where you can work on that. Youíve now cemented yourself as one of the most popular members on here and so you can utilise that in order for this to be the place where you can be more confident and express your bolder genuine opinions.
05 | Harve Ė Again, another poster whose posts I enjoy when I see them but theyíre rare for me to come across and thereís never been that period where weíve perhaps interacted to warrant me giving you a higher score.
10 | HausofKubrick Ė Youíre in that exclusive club of members who will probably always receive a 10 from me. In my view, you are as close as a perfect poster could be Ė youíre hilarious, youíre welcoming, you start interesting discussions/topics (well MOST of the time, I saw that Poo thread mellow.gif), youíre more than friendly, you offer insightful posts to each topic that you contribute (again MOST of the time, I see that lewdness), you only comment where you add something and youíre not afraid of confrontation, as youíre happy to state when you disagree with something or someone. You are a true delight and Iím looking forward to continue seeing you continue to be you. Shake It Off tongue.gif
05 | Hazza Chapman Ė Much improved from your other various alter-egos now that the dust has settled. Less of the exact same thing being posted each week in the Posters Chart though.
07 | Iz~ Ė Another whose work into the site I have to commend and I always love the Record of the Decade game. Youíre one of the most insightful posters on here as well although sometimes I just skim read the longer essay posts I must admit oops!
06 | Jack Ė Still miss your presence on here and perhaps more of your positive posts! I feel like the less you post on here, the more negative the posts we do get are. I still enjoy seeing your contributions to the Big Brother threads though.
06 | Jacob Alan Ė Iíve very much liked what Iíve seen so far but, from my perspective, there hasnít been much of that yet. Iím sure youíll score highly in future contests.
08 | Jade Ė One of the most friendliest and warmest posters on here, you seem to have helped create a new era of #girlpower! I feel like you always have time for everyone and you help to contribute a lot to discussions.
06 | J▲hq Ė I rarely see any posts outside of the Movie forum these days sadly, apart from maybe weekend plans about seeing movies. (kink.gif) I do enjoy seeing your work and opinions with that said forum though!
00 | Jake Ė I know youíve not really been around this past year and I hope thatís just because youíre busy irl. I just personally think that weíre very different people and weíre never going to interact with each other but neither of us will care about that.
07 | JakeWild / #00274E Ė WHERE do you find all those gifs?? Theyíre always perfect for each situation that you post them in and they always have me in stitches. Youíre hilarious without them as well, even if it only takes a post with two or three words (which is every one of your posts then!)
09 | Jaˇ Ė One thing Iíve missed over the past few months is your hilariousness! Youíre such a fun person with a great sense of humour and I wish that more of that was shown on the forum!
06 | Jester Ė Itís basically a similar situation to gooddelta so Iíll just leave that same comment! ĎAside from these past few months, the more Iíve posted over the years, the less you have! Itís easy to see that youíre a very friendly guy though!í
08 | Joe. Ė I love the work that you put into the Little Mix forum and other AFs that I sometimes look into, Iím very thankful in particular for you updating the Sales thread each week! Your posts are often very useful if Iím interested in something chartwise as you gather the information and interpret it so I donít have to! laugh.gif Other than that, Iím missing seeing your insights into other topics elsewhere!
08 | Jonjo - Iíve appreciated your posts and contributions a lot over this past year. Iím not sure why itís been this past year because you havenít drastically changed from the genuinely nice person that you are.
09 | JosephStyles Ė You put so much work and effort into this site and that is very much appreciated. I have missed our off-site interactions but itís clear that youíre still a fantastic poster on here and a real asset to the forum.
07 | Josh. Ė Another poster who only contributes when they feel they can add something, which I really appreciate. I particularly enjoy seeing your Movie forum posts, theyíre very much an enjoyable read.
04 | JSG Ė Weíve never really interacted but I do think you perhaps need to enjoy the site as a whole more as Iíve always felt youíre very focused on trying to do well in contests, whether it be ones in the Lounge or in BJSC. Itís also been a few years and the way you format your posts and stuff is still a bug bear of mine. pirate.gif
07 | Klumzee Ė King of being underrated. Iíve probably said all Iíve had to say in previous years because youíve been so consistently good! I always admire you and I have to say that I would LOVE to work in a theme park (or is it horrible when youíre actually working there??)
10 | LeeWallace - rolleyes.gif
03 | Leonardo Ė I feel like youíre a really nice guy but you have been here a while and Iíve not got much to go on sorry.
02 | lewistgreen Ė Again, I think youíre probably a really nice guy but I never see an opinion from you. The only posts I see are linking to some form of information or YouTube embed of a newly released video but I never actually see what you think of that.
07 | LexC Ė I need more of your humour on here, itís disappearing like all of us are and it is so often needed!
07 | Liam Ė The main area of your posts that I enjoy are obviously about Big Brother, as hearing otherís thoughts about the show is one of the reasons why I love it. I find it very enjoyable to read other posts made across the forum as well!
05 | liamk97 Ė Youíre not afraid to express what you think, I guess that should be admired. Your contributions to the UK TV forum are very much appreciated too!
07 | Lindsey Ė Youíve contributed a lot to this site in the short time that youíve been here and I love the different ideas that you have brought to it and you should definitely be a shoo-in for the next Lounge mod whenever a space next becomes available. Perhaps sometimes you can be a bit too ready to jump into a confrontation but thatís nothing too major.
07 | Mack Ė Iím loving this sort of reinvention where youíre finally showing more sides of you and Iím very happy to see that. Itís good to see you being more confident to share more of your personal opinions.
05 | Mart!n Ė I never know what to say because you are both intentionally and unintentionally bonkers! laugh.gif I donít think that this site could be without it though!
06 | Martyn Ė You always seem to go under the radar and Iím not entirely sure why because Iíve always liked what Iíve seen. Very much appreciate the Robot Wars previews as well!
06 | Math Ė I hope the fact that you havenít left the forum results in more posts actually being made because I miss your, sometimes erratic, contributions. You can easily settle back in here if you post a bit more!
07 | Mattias Ė Iím very much an overthinker and so I know how hard it can be to try and stop conjuring up so many thoughts for some of the smallest issues but thatís what they can often be, very small issues that you shouldnít be thinking twice about! As for the bigger things, all you can do is be you and, most of the time it will work out, otherwise it can hold you back more.
07 | Maurice Ė A lovely, warm member and I love your contributions to the forum!
06 | mdh Ė You very much have the makings to be one to watch in future contests. At the moment, youíre just coming out of that new member mode which we ALL go through and now that youíve ~established your presence~, I think there will be a lot more insight to come and focusing on the threads that you want to comment on rather than every thread. I particularly love the idea of creating a Trapped game!
09 | Michael - Damn you Rabbit Footsies!!!! You still need make your posts a bit more READABLE but you become more and more hilarious each day. This turnaround is definitely deserved as there has been a huge improvement and itís nice to see you settling into one of the most loved people on the site.
05 | ML Hammer95 Ė Another nice guy but sometimes it does come across that your music taste comes down to a binary thing of if itís urban or has urban influences, you like it, if it doesnít you donít. Obviously people are free to like whatever they want to like but I find it hard to understand how someone can only like music from one genre and not even appreciate other artists/songs.
06 | mr_pmt Ė Sometimes you still border on the line of believing your opinion is the only right one (in regards to music that is) too many times, even if I agree with you but, other than that, youíre still a worthwhile contributor to the site!
01 | Nick F1 Ė For a ratio of points to posts, I think a one is very good because I honestly donít think Iíve seen anything from you over the past year.
02 | Ninjabait Ė I feel like the last post I saw from you was before LAST yearís rate so I canít really give you any higher as thereís nothing to base it from, especially as there werenít that many posts to base it from in the first place!
10 | Noahspike Ė Always one of my favourites and you will always be receiving a very high score from me. No one makes as many interesting and insightful posts as you do and youíre a thoroughly funny, nice and friendly person on top of that.
04 | notfurlong Ė Iíve enjoyed your posts in the past but again, unfortunately, looking over the past year, Iím not sure there is much that has been given in order for me to give you a proper comment.
06 | Oliver Ė Well, youíre certainly not afraid to divulge in information and spill the tea whilst doing so, and then some! Itís good that you can be so open though, even if does go a bit far. laugh.gif Iíve always enjoyed your presence on here.
04 | Oricon Ė You donít deserve a low score but I donít venture into BJSC anymore and I genuinely have no idea when the last post I saw from you was! Itís a shame because you are a genuinely funny person but itís been a similar case for the past couple of years now.
07 | Pavel Ė I do miss crazy, hilarious Pavel. Your infrequent appearances are becoming a lot less of that and a bit more malice involved. Youíre off enjoying a life now though so it doesnít really matter.
06 | popchartfreak Ė You help to offer a different side to the site and I miss hearing your often bonkers but amazing BJSC entries! I love your style of writing on here as well.
07 | princess_lotti Ė You have certainly made your presence felt on here and itís odd to see one person resulting in a sort of change in the face of the site. I think sometimes it can be a bit overbearing and Iím not talking about when you accidentally post 20 of the same post! laugh.gif You have brought a lot to the site though over the past year and that is very commendable, as is how easy youíve managed to fit in. It certainly doesnít feel like youíre a Ďnewí member!
08 | Qassšndra Ė You probably still no idea who I am but I still very much admire your posts. The Mafia game that you did worked so well and it was very much needed and you always offer something with each and every post.
08 | Qween / Johnkm Ė Another whose presence I have missed but I canít face giving a lower score to. The site very much needs you with your OUTRAGE and your HUMOUR as well as your interesting inputs into various discussions.
04 | Regina Ė Another hard one because, at the start, I was thinking of giving you a 0 but I do take into account that it may be a bit hypocritical doing so whilst scoring perhaps other similar members higher. Perhaps the way you come across isnít the way that you actually are but the way you perhaps say things in certain posts isnít the same way that other similar members convey their feelings. I would like to see a few more injections of positivity in your posts when it comes to other members that are perhaps not your close friends. I know negativity can be a good thing but I think thereís too many times when you jump towards the negativity (ie with the Hate Chart) for no solid reason. I think the ~line of negativity~ is just crossed a bit too many times.
07 | Richie Ė Iíve come to appreciate your posts a lot more recently, youíre particularly an excellent contributor to the UK TV forum!
06 | Riser Ė Weíve never really interacted that much but youíre very much one of the friendliest people on here.
07 | Rob S~ Ė You seem to have been fading away over the past year and Iím not so sure why considering how long you have been on here! I still enjoy seeing your contributions so I hope that they can continue.
08 | Robot Ė I often find you being spot on with a lot of your thoughts and contributions, particularly in the Reality forum. I think we perhaps are often on the same wavelength. Youíre also a hilarious poster and Not That Kinda 2 On and The Cum Song are two of my all time favourite Buzzjack moments.
06 | Rooney Ė I do think you can go about stuff the wrong way but I guess if it works, it works.
08 | Ryan. Ė I miss your Pop Forum authoritarianess but Iím sure youíve brought that to BJSC (kink.gif). Youíre another poster who does put a lot of work into the site and I always love to hear your thoughts. I wish you showed more of your humour than Tich and Diana Bloody Vickers GIFS!
09 | SevenSeize Ė Even though it was still a 7, I think you were the one I regretted not giving a higher score to last year so Iím putting it back to a 9. As others have said, I would like to see what Seven really thinks about certain issues in future but, for now, the fun side of the Seize is becoming increasingly funny.
06 | Silas Ė Always a tricky one because when you do put work into the site, it is very valuable and it is very appreciated. I canít really add anything to previous comments, especially as I donít partake in BJSC anymore. Basically though, when youíre good, youíre good but thereís something that is just stopping me from giving you a higher score but Iím not sure I can really express why.
03 | Soy AdriŠn / Charlie Ė I donít venture into News & Politics so again, I have nothing to base a score on.
05 | Spinning Adam Ė This is perhaps a hard one because you are a nice person and youíre clearly now appreciated by a lot of members on here now which is great. However, I personally donít get Ďití and I'm not sure I ever will tbh because I think weíre just different people! I think sometimes you just need to pause a bit and not feel the need to get involved in literally everything. I do like the idea of the noticeboard of all the games and stuff though.
06 | Suedehead2 Ė You donít get involved as other members but I still value your posts.
10 | T Boy Ė After like 3 years of 8s, I may as well pay back the favour and give you a 10, especially as a big rise may be on the cards for you! You are certainly one of the most genuine on here, without the need to be malicious which I really respect. I have to say that I have particularly enjoyed seeing your posts even more over the past few months so the 10 is most certainly deserved.
02 | Taylor Jago Ė Iím sure youíre nice but, like many others, Iíve not really got much to go on.
04 | ThePensmith Ė Youíre a nice guy and whatever and just keep doing what youíre doing. You post information/your opinions on a limited range of subjects and thereís certainly nothing wrong with that but, for rate purposes, it means I canít really give you anything higher.
00 | TheSnake Ė Iím not going to give you a -1 because youíve only just arrived but Iím not exactly sure WHAT has just arrived. Iím not sure exactly why every single song has to be put in a very specific dance category.
09 | *Tim Ė You know Iíve always been a fan. I donít know the events behind this b***ygate but, whatever happened, I want to see more of your FUN side back on here. There are weaves to be microwavedT!! Not that itís your fault but I miss #timpril :(
07 | Toby / Devan Ė Your posts starting to be more than one word tho. Youíre certainly unique to say the least but I would love to know the REAL Toby/Craig/Devan/Lavern Wondertit/Zondra/Bonquiqui/Jean Slater but this random persona (at least I HOPE it is a persona) is hilarious yet strange at the same time.
07 | troublepink Ė Youíre a really lovely member and even though itís not connected to this site, I just want to say that I love the work that you put into Pink History and I love the fact that Pink herself appreciates it so much too!
11 | Tyler Ė I like to give my 11 to a new person each year and I know this is very out of the blue, especially as we donít really interact but so many of your posts are absolutely hilarious. Youíre definitely the funniest poster on here and I like the fact that, no matter what is going on in your personal life, youíre always there to share that humour on here. Also, youíre always there to offer support for (nearly) every member, no matter who they are and that is truly commendable. I think that you are a poster that everyone else should look up to even if they donít share that natural humour that you have. I always look forward to seeing whatever post you have just made and I hope that you secure a high place on this yearís rate.
09 | Ultraviolence1989 Ė Such a warm and lovely person and you certainly put a lot of effort into the site, your work in the Movie forum particularly is like no other. That place has been truly turned around. Love your enthusiasm but I also love that your darker side is now coming out with some shade being thrown every now and then!
06 | Umi Ė I need more of your cut throat humour, itís been missing for way too long and your posts have lost the spark they once had.
00 | vidcapper Ė Youíll never change, my score will never change. Happy medium smile.gif
01 | VŁlker Ė Iíve done this rate completely out of order so youíre not the last name Iím doing but I have absolutely nothing to say, literally no idea if youíve even posted once over the past year.
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