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> Favourite and least favourite reality stars of 2016?
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post Dec 20 2016, 08:02 PM
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Honey I rose up from the dead I do it all the time
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As the title says - looking back at the year of reality TV who were your favourites? It's not exactly been a vintage year for winners, so it might be a bit difficult to glean too many highlights, perhaps you have more

Favourites, in no particular order although Saara is definitely #1:
Saara Aalto (XFUK) - QUEEN. As I've said so many times on here, she was just so lovely and also one of the best vocalists they have ever had.
Lateysha Grace (BBUK) - Like a classic C4 housemate, so well rounded, warm, funny and honest. I can't believe she was shafted by that stupid cash twist by bloody Jason.
Jayne Connery (BBUK) - Carried the series on her own once Lateysha went. So ridiculous and OTT but her tantrums were iconic.
Michelle Meyer (BBUS) - She was a twat but so iconic with it, I just found her hilarious to watch with her bitchiness and crying!
Cassandra Shahinfar (BBCAN) - absolutely incredible player, and such a likeable, funny person, she simply has to be back for All Stars because she really should have won.
Nikki Grahame (BBCAN) - no words needed.
Tim Dormer (BBCAN) - showed a wider audience every reason why I loved him on BBAU, if he was a Canadian HM he'd have won I think.
Tiffany Pollard (CBB) - an absolute classic, it was amazing to see everyone loving her and her be the favourite to win! If she could only come 4th, god help other strong female characters...
Stephanie Davis (CBB) - probably a controversial choice but for better or worse the series was about her. And I did find her entertaining for it, unlike other series stealers like bloody Bear.
Megan McKenna (CBB) - that bloody mashed potato tantrum alone rotf.gif Her eviction was one of the bigger BB shocks of the year I felt.

Least favourites, the top 2 probably the worst offenders:
Bear (CBB) - of course. If he'd been featured less he probably wouldn't be so bad, but it was 90% of the whole series :/ His presence and eventual victory was very symbolic of how manipulated the show is now.
Heavy D (CBB) - hardly better than Bear, at times even worse. Not a single redeeming feature.
John Partridge (CBB) - horrendously bitchy, nasty, bitter old queen.
Winston McKenzie (CBB) - disgusting man with disgusting views, not even worth my time.
Biggins (CBB) - as much of an odious c**t as ever
Paulie (BBUS) - misogynistic, arrogant and self entitled. Being the brother of the person who made one of the worst moves in BB history does not make you the entitled winner honey. It was ridiculous how he has a tantrum when his game collapsed and he was defintiely going to be sent home.
James (BBUS) - wasn't a fan in his old series but he was so unlikable. I hated how he gave it the big talk but never made a big move unless it was obvious, never took the risk.
Bronte (BBUS) - THAT f***ING VOICE.
Maddy (BBCAN) - what a twat. Not forgiven her for f***ing over Loveita tbh.
5 After Midnight (XF) - it was ridiculous that they never even sang, I just don't see anything in them.
Vlado Seric (XFAU) - taking looks over singing to a new level, it was painful to hear his paper thin voice "singing".
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post Dec 20 2016, 08:08 PM
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BuzzJack Legend
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Bear and Heavy D for worst reality stars dumb and dumber closely followed by Chloe.
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post Dec 20 2016, 08:27 PM
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no reason to stay is a good reason to go
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Da'Vonne Rogers (BBUS) - obviously heart.gif
Evelyn Ellis (BBUK) - totally invisible for a few weeks but she came into her shell, the duo of her and Laura was so entertaining!
Gemma Collins (CBB) - always had me laughing, and her moment with the pony in the garden will go down in CBB history :')
Hughie Maughan (BBUK) - really quite likeable I found behind all the shouting and screaming, and even that was pretty amusing
Jayne Connery (BBUK) - ARE YOU ON DRUGS?
Laura Carter (BBUK) - let's just ignore the first week with Marco ever happened, she was fantastic after that.
Natalie Negrotti (BBUS) - just a really lovely character heart.gif
Nikki Grahame (BBCan) - like Liam, I don't think we need to expand on this!
Ryan Lawrie (X Factor) - never before have I known and actually liked one of the finalists before the show aired, so it was a lot of fun seeing him perform each week!
Saira Khan (CBB) - not in it for long but I liked how she spoke her mind and was always pretty reasonable.
Tameka Empson (Strictly) - just as funny in real life as she is on EastEnders laugh.gif
Tiffany Pollard (CBB) - I think she went too far at times but generally was really entertaining and it was fantastic to see her do so well!
Tim Dormer (BBCan) - likeable, fun, brought a different dynamic to the house.
Victor Arroyo (BBUS) - initially found him difficult to warm to but I started to root for him more as the show went on.

Least Faves
Bear (CBB) - really don't get what's meant to be good about him, horrible to watch.
Bratavio (X Factor) - just no
Honey G (X Factor) - I found her funny for a bit but the joke wore out really quick when it was the same thing every week.
Heavy D (CBB) - BOOM was funny for a day or two but beyond that, he was unbelievably immature.
Marco White (BBUK) - just vile mellow.gif
Marnie Simpson (CBB) - I may have liked her more if she didn't associate herself with Bear etc but no, I didn't like her at all.
Paulie Califiore (BBUS) - such a high opinion of himself, no thanks
Stephanie Davis & Jeremy McConnell (CBB) - putting them together because they were both as bad as each other.
Winston Mackenize (CBB) - forgot he was this year actually but awful awful man.
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post Dec 20 2016, 10:40 PM
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BuzzJack Legend
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Best -

01 Tiffany Pollard (CBB) - Absolutely HILARIOUS. So many moments. 'David's Dead' and 'Gemma's a fat c**t' are my favourite TV moments of 2016.
02 Nikki Grahame (BB Can) - I have never identified with a human being more than I have with her
03 Gemma Collins (CBB) - Okay she was annoying at tasks but if you get past that she was absolute comedy GOLD.
04 Renee Graziano (CBB) - Such a fierce bitch. Should have won her series. Was not expecting to love her as much as I did.
05 Saara Aalto (X Factor) - Such an endearing person and journey. Her voice is one of the best X Factor have ever seen too.
06 Jaimee & Jazmyn (Bad Girls Club) - Flawless bitches, kept the other girls SO pressed by just having fun and being hilarious.
07 Alana Spencer (Apprentice) - Like Saara, so endearing and I loved watching her journey. Met her in real life and she's just as sweet! Cakes are amazing too.
08 Jessica Cunningham (Apprentice) - Really hope her being on CBB is true, I really think she would shine. Brought a fresh bit of much needed comedy.
09 Candice Rogers (Bake Off) - Crazy talented and so fierce.
10 Jayne Connery (BB) - Worn off on me towards the end and disappointing to know she's a Brexiter but she had some amazing moments.

Honourable mentions:

Lateysha Grace (BB)
Aubrey O'Day (CBB)
Da'Vonne Rogers (BB USA)
Stephanie (BGC)
Benjamina (Bake Off)
Relley C / Gifty (X Factor)
Megan McKenna (CBB)
Scarlett Moffat (I'm A Celeb)


01 Bear (CBB) - Truly disgusting. I don't need to say anymore.
02 Jason (BB) - A horrible snake of a man that sadly completely fooled the public.
03 Stephanie (CBB) - A desperate hot mess and was quite vicious in the process.
04 Honey G (X Factor) - Much like Joseph, I found her funny at first but she became so tiresome later on
05 Heavy D (CBB) - BOOM! No f*** off you fat spastic.
06 Marnie (CBB) - Such a pathetic woman with no morals
07 Chloe Khan (CBB) - Really wanted to like her but she lived up to her role of the house $l*t very well.
08 Lewis Bloor (CBB) - He tried to play the good guy but he came off a dick imo.
09 Johnny (CBB) - Always trying to be the good guy but was an odious c**t.
10 Dreamdoll (BGC) - Kicked a girl in the back of the head whilst she wasn't looking is downright disgusting.

Honourable mentions:
Hughie & Ryan (BB)
Winter (BGC)
Angela (BGC)
Karthik (Apprentice)
Paul (Apprentice)
Winston (CBB)
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post Dec 21 2016, 02:44 AM
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Honey I rose up from the dead I do it all the time
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Ooh I forgot Candice, well I didn't associate Bake Off with reality I guess laugh.gif She is definitely up there, she was just so funny and likeable. It was amazing too how humble and down to earth she was, she didn't let it go to her head or rise to the trolls who were pressed because she's attractive AND talented, god forbid laugh.gif
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post Dec 21 2016, 04:55 PM
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BuzzJack Platinum Member
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I miss posting my Top 100 Favorites. I'm far too lazy however. Here are my three favorites from each show I watched.

01. Nikki
02. Cassandra

03. Tim

01. Jayne
02. Andy
03. Laura (From Week 2 - 8 Probably)

01. Paul
02. Michelle
03. Da'Vonne

01. Tiffany
02. Gemma
03. Stephanie
(The latter two for pure entertainment - looking back at this cast they were quite dull.)

01. Renee
02. Aubrey
03. Frankie (dear GOD I never thought I'd have him at the top)

01. Joel
02. Scarlett
03. Adam

01. Elena
02. Theresa
03. Matt (Only because of the way he lost it at the end)

MY iamspamspamamiRULES AUSTRALIA:
01. Tasia & Gracia
02. Carmine & Laura
03. Gianni & Zana

01. Sam
02. Ken
03. Dom

01. Laurence
02. Rik
03. Jenni

01. Tai
02. Aubrey
03. Debbie

01. David
02. Hannah
03. Adam

01. Kristie (Best Winner EVVVERR)
02. Phoebe
03. Nick

01. Jillian & Emmett
02. Steph & Kristen
03. Julie & Lowell (so cute)

01. Alana
02. Jessica
03. Grainne

01. Julia & Sasha
02. Kim & Chris

03. Ben & Andy

01. Dyls & Dylz (Dreamboats)
02. Sam & Emmett
03. Emma & Courtney

Anyone in BOLD would be in my Top 10. BOLD and GREEN is my #1.
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post Dec 30 2016, 12:36 PM
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i ain't scared no more
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Don't watch as much as y'all so these are my short lists

Da'Vonne (BB US)
Nikki (BB Canada)
Jessica (The Apprentice)

I look back at Tiffany's "David's dead" moment a lot more fondly now that time has passed too

Paulie (BB US)
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