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> Your favourite solo debut so far?
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Favourite solo debut so far?
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post Apr 7 2017, 01:00 PM
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it don't mean shit if you ain't happy though
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We've had four out of the five 1D guys release a single so far, with just Liam left to release a solo song, but which is your favourite as things stand?

For me:

1. Harry - no surprise I'm sure, one of my most anticipated releases ever and it hasn't disappointed
2. Louis - this one took me by surprise actually, Louis always had the weakest voice in the group but Just Hold On actually really suits his tone, plus the emotion lyrics add an extra layer beyond "fairly generic dance song"
3. Niall - great track, think he's capable of even better too
4. Zayn - I really like PILLOWTALK and it's easily his best song to date, nothing else has come close. Doesn't manage to be better than the above songs though.
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post Apr 7 2017, 01:03 PM
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not 152chris (☻‿☻)
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pillowtalk >>>>>>
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post Apr 7 2017, 01:08 PM
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Brown cow, stunning!
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Pillowtalk is an absolute TUNE and definitely my favourite, Sign Of The Times is actually really good but it drags a bit. With time to grow and a radio edit it could perhaps pass Pillowtalk. The other two are abysmal.
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post Apr 7 2017, 01:18 PM
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Raining Shitter
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Niall >>>>>> all others
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post Apr 7 2017, 01:31 PM
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I'm in a vewy bad mood, Bwadley.
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It's hard for me to compare Harry's to a song that's been out for over a year but I'm thinking:

1. ZAYN - Pillowtalk (still sounds as good for me now as it did when it first came out, it's only ever been about 8/10 or 8.5/10 for me, so it's not AMAZING but I rank it ahead of Sign Of The Times because I can't imagine myself playing Harry's a lot due to the time factor and not exactly being 'catchy', so to speak)

2. Harry Styles - Sign Of The Times (really strong debut, immediately above Niall on the basis that it sounds like it's had effort & thought put into it, creative, polished etc)

3. Niall Horan - This Town (I grew to find this very 'nice', but nice isn't particularly a great adjective. Very obvious 1D solo single song, very Ed Sheeran and derivative, whereas the top 2 brought something much more exciting and notable to the table)

4. Louis Tomlinson & Steve Aoki - Just Hold On (considering I like dance music and generally enjoying generic club songs, I've never cared for this and always thought it sounded really cheap which is odd for such a seasoned producer like Aoki)
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post Apr 7 2017, 02:21 PM
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Mrs Brayden Smith <333
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'PILLOWTALK' and 'Sign Of The Times' are miles ahead of the other two for me. Zayn was one of the best #1s of last year so I have stuck with it being first as 'Sign Of The Times' has only had two listens from me so far. But those two listens have easily had more impact on me than the Niall and Louis songs. I would rank 'This Town' third as it's nice but not a lot more and Louis last as 'Just Hold On' is pretty generic.
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post Apr 7 2017, 02:39 PM
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BuzzJack Legend
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Pillowtalk is one of my favourite number 1s in recent years and an absolute stomper of a tune.

It's tied between Louis and Harry next. Louis' is a bit more throwaway than Harry's but I know Harry's less, so Harry would probably overtake. Nial's is terrible though. The kind of Ed Sheeran/James Bay/George Ezra/James Arthur "white guy with a guitar" genre that I hate.

PILLOWTALK >>>>>>>>>>>Sign of the Times>Just Hold On>>>>>>>>This Town
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Jay ☆
post Apr 7 2017, 03:58 PM
Post #8
"Jayrusaleminians" - Umi.
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Zayn > Louis > Harry > Niall

Zayn's is the one I've listened to the most, a thoroughly excellent debut. #2 in my personal chart. cool2.gif

Louis was an enjoyable throwaway bop, and a completely unexpected style from him which I appreciated. Also a #2 hit in my personal chart!

Harry could overtake Louis with time, but I've only heard it once and while I think it's pretty good, it wasn't love on first listen like it has been for a few here.

Delete the last one. x
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post Apr 7 2017, 04:07 PM
Post #9
Group: Entertainment Mod
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Zayn easily for me, he was always my least favourite band member but Pillow Talk was a fab choice for lead single. It grabbed my attention straight away and it still sounds really exciting when I hear it. He hasn't bettered it for me yet. Then Harry > Louis > Niall. I love Niall but 'This Town' is dreadfully dull.
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post Apr 7 2017, 05:19 PM
Post #10
So, you must like me for me 🙃
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Zayn > Harry > Louis >>>> Niall

I really like all of the first three (Zayn's is still my favourite though, PILLOWTALK is such an excellent debut wub.gif), Niall's song is mega boring which is a shame as he was always my favourite member sad.gif Based on overall discographies though, if Harry's album maintains the standard of 'Sign Of The Times' for most of it he'll be my favourite probably. Zayn's album was pretty good on the whole but had a fair few duds on it.
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post Apr 7 2017, 06:24 PM
Post #11
Group: Moderator
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Harry >>>> ZAYN >>> Niall >>>>>>>>>> Louis

I don't know if it's just Harry exceeding expectations, but I'm in complete love with it and I am playing it a lot more than I ever did with any of the others on initial impact!
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post Apr 14 2017, 07:08 AM
Post #12
i thought i was flying but maybe im dying tonight
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Harry >>>>> Zayn >>>>>>>>> Louis > Niall

The only one I really like is Harrys, took ne completely by surprise! I never fully warmed to 'Pillowtalk' but his follow up singles have been excellent, particularly been loving 'Still Got Time' recently!

The other two are horrendous. Louis' is just a generic dance song with basic lyrics and Niall's is SO dull. It just reminds me lf 'Little Things' which is probably their worst song as a group.
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post Apr 14 2017, 07:47 AM
Post #13
i ain't scared no more
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Niall and Louis are the only two I've legally purchased, the former maybe slightly because he was my favourite in the group. So I've voted for Louis, I find it very catchy and enjoyable and became really attached to it considering the sad events surrounding the release of the song.
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post Apr 20 2017, 10:13 AM
Post #14
BuzzJack Gold Member
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Niall's record for me has been the best so far. Partly because of his appearance on Graham Norton I think, it really turned my opinion of him around. It surprised me how much I liked the record, it's very classically written and performed, and yes it's simple in it's production but it works, and also he seems probably the least phased by all they've achieved, and if anything, I feel he is the secret weapon where One Direction are concerned, in the same way Emma Bunton was to the Spice Girls.

Everyone initially wrote her off when she released 'What Took You So Long', saying she'd gone down a 'safe and nice' route and she wouldn't be doing stuff past her first album because she didn't have the same ballsiness that Geri or Victoria had. Then she released her second album and really took everyone by surprise with the whole 60s sound she adopted which really worked for her and was still giving her top 10 hits whilst the others more or less floundered bar the odd one off hit (Victoria's double-a-side at Christmas 2003, for instance).

I'm not saying Niall will go down the same route Emma did music wise, but there will come a point - and I imagine that will be this year, if not next - that suddenly being a former member of One Direction with solo material will be a millstone round their necks rather than an attribute, just as it was for the Spice Girls. I think Niall for that reason will probably gain an even greater second wind once the tide of debut solo singles/albums is out the way, because he has the most grounding and seems the most likeable to go the distance, even if for two or three more albums after this. Zayn and Harry will continue to get publicity and be talked about regardless of if they are actually releasing records. They are the Geri and Victoria of One Direction publicity wise.
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