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> BUZZRATE 2017, Now closed! Thank you everyone for rating!!!
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post Jun 19 2017, 10:15 PM
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Rate season is upon us… two months early. I did warn ya'll pulling out isn't effective... and not everyone can be on top (ie one winner) ohmy.gif Your lounge mods have been hard at work ever since the completion of teams, we thought we’d take everyone by complete surprise this year, so here we are… Buzzjack’s favourite popularity contest! And yes, the beef earlier was *staged* so ya'll could see how pathetic pointless arguments are- so less of those! (and thnks to the h8ers for proving our point xx)


Now we’ve decided to change it up a bit this year. We have felt the lounge has been quite a lot more of a positive place this past year, so we’ve decided to reflect on that and allow you all to have one more 10, and one less 0. So here we go:

You can not rate more than EIGHT people 10
You can not rate more than SEVEN people 9
You must give three 0s
You must give one -1
You are allowed to give out one 11, if you so wish!

This will be checked by us, so don’t try to be sneaky and make us mad.


I // Unless you have good reason to post a number only list (and if you wish to do this due to whatever limitations, please let a mod know prior), we would prefer that at least half of your rate has some form of commentary/presentation to make this thread a more entertaining read, even an emoji to sum up how you feel about a person.
II // You can’t rate yourself
III // You must abide by the guidelines in the scoring section above. The moderators will contact you if there is an error in your scoring to give you an opportunity to correct.
IV // We will try to accept as many rates as possible however of course these are up for discretion. If it’s apparent your rate is serving to manipulate scoring etc, this will be up for discussion to veto.
V // The adjusted scoring doesn’t mean it has to be all Love Love Peace Peace, so don’t feel like you can’t be shady (once again WITHIN REASON! If we see anything overstepping the line we will get involved and delete unacceptable remarks. Where appropriate a 10% warning may be given). Don't be a dick, if you think your comment will cause upset to someone, it's probably best not to say it.
VI // If your name is on the list and you don’t rate, you will receive a deduction of -20 points. If your name isn’t on the list, still feel free to rate!
VII // Do not edit your rate scores after posting
VIII // Please keep the order of the names below as it makes it easier for us to add up. If you want to do a presentation which involves mixing up the names, please PM a plain in-order version to the mods to make marking easier.

If you have any questions, ask below or PM any of us! You have until 11:59pm on the 4th July to drop those rates… so GO

xx | 152chris
xx | AdamAloud
xx | Addy K!ng
xx | Andrew.
xx | awardinary
xx | Bré
xx | Brett-Butler
xx | burbe / LustForLife
xx | Cal
xx | Cameron
xx | Cassidy
xx | Chez Wombat
xx | Cody Slayberry
xx | Common Sense
xx | cqmerqn
xx | Cremey
xx | Cucumberella
xx | DalekTurret32
xx | dandy*
xx | danG
xx | Davidson
xx | dhwe
xx | Dobbo
xx | Doctor Blind
xx | Emily Haines
xx | Envoirment
xx | Flatcap
xx | gooddelta
xx | Hadji
xx | HarryEzra
xx | Harve
xx | HausofKubrick
xx | Hazza Chapman / Houdini
xx | Iz~
xx | Jack
xx | Jacob Alan
xx | Jade
xx | J▲hq
xx | jakewild
xx | Jay ☆
xx | Jester
xx | jjake
xx | Joe. / Tinasha
xx | Jonjo
xx | JosephStyles
xx | ~josh~
xx | JSG
xx | King Rollo
xx | Klaus / Froot.
xx | Klumzee
xx | Kye
xx | Leonardo
xx | lewistgreen
xx | LexC
xx | Liam
xx | liamk97
xx | Lindsey
xx | lotita
xx | Mack
xx | Mart!n
xx | Martyn
xx | Math
xx | Mattias
xx | Maurice
xx | mdh
xx | Michael / Yeasty Clutch
xx | ML Hammer95
xx | Noahspike
xx | Oliver
xx | Oricon
xx | Pavel / Conderella
xx | PeaceMob
xx | PeteFromLeeds
xx | popchartfreak
xx | Qassändra
xx | Qween
xx | randomfurlong
xx | Regina
xx | Riser
xx | Rob S ~
xx | RobBob
xx | Rooney
xx | Ryan.
xx | Scene
xx | SevenSeize
xx | Silas
xx | Spinning Adam
xx | Suedehead2
xx | T Boy
xx | Tawdry Hepburn / mr_pmt
xx | The-BrightPlaces
xx | TheSnake / Buzzjack
xx | *Tim
xx | Toby / RosaParksMyCar
xx | Tombo
xx | travis
xx | troublepink
xx | Tyler
xx | UltraGreenLight
xx | vidcapper

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post Jun 19 2017, 10:16 PM
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We told you this was MELODRAMA

Welcome to the 2017 Lotita rate, which is of course themed after the queen of 2017, Lorde and her sophomore album MELODRAMA. Overall this has been such a good year for me, I've made many closer connections with a lot of ya'll, met a lot more of ya'll, so this has been super hard to rate/score in some cases. I've tried to be harsh but as you all can see that hasn't really worked for me oops. I wrote the majority of these comments back in MAY, but a few I've had to sneakily last minute update!

i. i whisper things, the city sings them back to you

152chris // 7 // We still haven't talked that much since last year, but we both manage to put up with Jake so KUDOS TO US. I really do need to make more of an effort though as you seem great, and always send great BJSC entries.
AdamAloud // 6 // You do amazing work in Eurovision, and also with making AFSC a success this last year! I gave a lower score though, as I still don't really feel like we've managed to interact much this year
Addy K!ng // 7 // I was really surprised when we were making the list and you were suggested as a new entry, I could've sworn you were around last year! Anyway you're one of the members I've got to know more via plug which is fab, and once again I really admire your BJSC taste
Andrew. // 8 // What an incredible turn around you've had- you came so close to getting a 9 from me! Your contribution in the Lounge recently has been absolutely amazing, also your work in the AFs is absolutely fab. And of course, what would this rate comment be if I didn't mention MRS! You were such a fantastic teammate, full of contributions and such a laugh. Basically it's been great to get to know you a lot better <3
awardinary // 4 // I'm going to try be really careful with this one, and there is a lot of scope for improvement but as I write this, it's how I feel! Your attitude recently had been so off and I didn't quite understand it, you'd be completely fine with me one moment then the next just snap at myself or other members, and it was incredibly annoying. However recently I feel like we've got a long much better, so I'm hoping that was just a temporary blip and this score can go up next year
Bré // 8 // The fact you're one of my fellow Lorde stans makes this score alone (I probably made that joke last year and I'll make it again next year!1!!!). Sorry for being such a constant harassment when forcing you to check the Lounge mod convo etc, but thank you to be the one to actually support my self made memes. It's something I very much appreicate *.*
Brett-Butler // 7 // Your little anecdotes on plug are amazing and I stan your battenburg pillow. Please enter BJSC more, I really appreciate your entries!
burbe / LustForLife // 11 // An absolute f***ing nerd don't deny it x I definitely think when writing this comment last year I wouldn't have expected for us to have met up as many times as we have since then! We've got some absolutely amazing memories, most of which involve me being a f***ing mess so I won't go into them too much. Still genuinely have no idea how you haven't been driven to blocking me yet for my constant messaging, but seriously thank you so much for being there constantly over the last year, especially when I've been meltdowning :') You are one of the most friendliest and hard working people I know, and you should be really proud of yourself botch. Also it's so amazing having somebody to stan so many artists and political news stories with, so enjoy this 11 botch, copper kiss, :cocktail:, whayafee etc.

ii. will you dance with me, go astray with me?

Cal // 8 // ANGEL!!!!!!! I wish we talked more than we did (even tho it's still quite a bit more than last year yay <33). You're so so so lovely to talk to, and you just have such an amazing, indivudual music taste which I completely stan.
Cameron // 8 // This is quite a hard one, some of my 8/9/10 choices have been so incredibly difficult this year. Personally, I don't have any problem with you, and I'm looking forward to seeing you again in the summer! However the reason I bumped you down is a) I feel like we haven't talked as much this year (can we go back to our levels of chlobitch stanning??) and also b) you can sometimes really take some BJ things to heart, where you shouldn't! You worry way too much about a "backlash" or controversies... which just aren't there!!
Cassidy // 8 // I probably gave you the "idk u soz" comment last year... and I can say that's changed- yay! You're a delight to see in the Lounge, I've particurlarly enjoyed interacting with you in the monthly thread. Your recent resurgence with your Beyonce'd GET TO KNOW was beautifully iconic, can't wait for more moments!
Chez Wombat // 8 // Constant delight, you always bring original, thoughtful insight to any discussion and of course shout out to your lovely sigs. Terra is quickly becoming a fav BJSC nation so PLEASE keep blessing us with this taste.
Cody Slayberry // 4 // I don't really know what's happened with you as well, you were doing so well... but recently you've just gone back to kind of bugging me! Please stop taking some aspects of this site so seriously, BJSC is NOT the end of the world, if I don't like your song it's not a personal attack on you. Also just some of your comments just feel so off, especially some of the betti ones :')
Common Sense // 0 // You continue to be absolutely vile and very rude. Your dog is cute though
cqmerqn // 6 // feel blessed because I have edited this one like RIGHT BEFORE THE RATE DROP!!!! our relationship since i started my rate all this time ago had been slightly rocky and i had been continuously updating this comment through it (one of which was quite angry as u can imagine haha) but regardless i had been beginning to notice a real improvement in your attitude and posts and with that continuing attitude i probably would've just got over it anyway by next rate. HOWEVER you coming to a few of us and apologising is really, really good of you, and i really appreciate it! so let's continue stanning the LORDE
Cremey // 7 // Mainly notice you around the site now for your absolutely PERFECT music taste (yes this is especially due to our mutual stanning of Charli's mixtape, but I see you around quite a bit in threads of my favs <3). I still think we should chat generally a bit more, but after last years rocky rate I definitely feel like I know of you a lot more now, which is fabulous!

iii. all the broken glass sparkling, i guess we're partying

Cucumberella // 10 // BIIIIITTTCCCHHH! One of the easiest 10s I gave, and if it wasn't for Ben you would've 100% been next in line for my 11. Oh my god I stanned you so much last year, but since then we have MET (!!!) and I'm so excited to spend a week with you in the summer <3 Plym was absolutely amazing, you're such a delight to be with in person, and of course in general you are just so amazing to chat to. I love our mutual stanning of art in so many forms (music/film/ACTUAL ART!!) and I defo feel like I could message you anything from "omg im having a shit day help xxxx" to "omg that highlighter is on F L E E K teach me mama" xxxxx
DalekTurret32 // 5 // Neutral score, as I don't really feel like we've interacted that much! Thanks for your contributions to the Lounge though, specifically your very detailed weekend plans ;o
dandy* // 8 // You are one of the ONLY people on this site who a) understands tea properly and b) waitrose lifestyle (and I mean that in the BEST way). I love our little interactions- defo needs to be more often!
danG // 7 // #waitroseclique yaas. I think most of our conversations occur on plug nowadays, but you're lovely to chat to! Also finally accept Pupok into dance bloc xx
Davidson // 6 // I see you around quite a BIT but I still don't think we interact as much as we probably should!
dhwe // 7 // COME BACK!! I know you're still here in principle, but please post more often. You're a delight to have around and always provide such good depth to discussions, plus you need to become a BJSC staple.
Dobbo // 6 // Despite me seeing you around quite a bit, I still don't think we really interact much! It would be great to see you around the Lounge a lot more
Doctor Blind // 6 // Don't think we've chatted much, but I enjoy reading your posts in political sections, very engaging!

iv. they'll hang us in the louvre, down the back but who cares? still the louvre

Emily Haines // 8 // You're an absolute sweetheart and I was so happy I got to know you a lot more in Teams <3 You were such a positive energy there, really helped contribute to the team spirit and to our tasks! Please stick around posting to the Lounge and also JOIN BJSC!
Envoirment // 6 // I can't really recall any particular times we've interacted, but I'm definitely starting to notice your prescense more around the parts of the site I visit, so I'm sure that will change soon!
Flatcap // 5 // Once again- we haven't talked much, but I see you posting a lot more in the Lounge nowadays so I will try to change that!
gooddelta // 8 // A truly lovely member, I really enjoy any interactions we have!
Hadji // 1 // Can't say I see you around a lot which is probably a good thing
HarryEzra // 8 // #gothiclarry Since the rate last year you definitely seem so much more confident in your posts on BJ, I hope I'm assuming the right thing there! You're lovely to chat to whenever we do, whether it be on the site or on FB/plug
Harve // 7 // I feel like I don't see you around ENOUGH, can we make that change pls xx You seem really lovely though!
HausofKubrick // 9 // <333 I'm SO HAPPY we have met ((more meetups to occur pls)), you're so lovely and I had such a good time partying with ya'll! As always, shoutout to being my fellow Gaga mod ohmy.gif This is another comment I wrote like back in May and have had to come back to change, I had originally written *COME BACK TO THE LOUNGE MORE* and since then you have, with some rlly good threads *.* so pls stick around
Hazza Chapman / Houdini // 2 // Your attitude most of the time just seems so off, curt, and rude.
Iz~ // 8 // You were another member I was so happy to be in a team with, I'm still in complete awe by your royal family write up btw, if you ever write a book I'll be first in line to buy it xx Teams aside, you remain a really genuinely lovely and funny member <3

v. says he made the big mistake of dancing in my storm, says it was poison

Jack // 7 // I love your posts whenever I come across them, I think we share quite a few of the same tastes!
Jacob Alan // 10 // I was going to write this post in German but thought that would be quite mean. I'm so happy we chat a lot more frequently nowadays, and I really hope we find time to meet at some point this summer (even if you can't come to Glasgow!). ((another #edit, looks like that meetup will be soon yaaas *.*)) There was no doubt in this score for you, you're always on hand to provide some banter or cheering up when I'm doing my usual rant at something in the GC lmfao, thank u <3
Jade // 8 // My fellow lipstick queen and now Lounge mod, we continue to make the females of this site so relevant (ignoring Lindsey x). You are genuinely so lovely, and I reckon you have this rate in the bag again this year (and you absolutely deserve it too!). Your contributions to this site are so lovely and glowing, and you truly make an effort to interact with everybody. WD on leading the Democats to victory x
J▲hq // 6 // We don't really chat that much, but I do notice quite a lot of your contribution throughout the site! Your opinions on some of the best songs ever remain wrong though ;o
jakewild // 10 // After you blocking me on whatsapp you should feel LUCKY to be getting this from me (I am writing this comment on May 17th and I strongly predict by the time this actually gets published in like four weeks you have come crawling back to me there) ((update from present lotti loooool u did)). I love our self made friendship formed out of trying to defeat the Lindsey x Chris duo which never kicked off, they're just flops. Despite how much you annoy me, you're someone who I just clicked SO instantly with once we started talking and you never fail to make me laugh (but I still deserved that funniest poster award). We're gonna meet one day for the hottest mess BJ has ever seen
Jay ☆ // 9 // I'm so so so happy we have been talking so much more this year, working with you for hottest celebs was amazing, your work ethic is absolutely fantastic, it was such a huge project and it could never have been done without you! Aside, you're really friendly, lovely and funny and I'm HYPED to meet you!
Jester // 5 // Sorry another neutral score here! I think this is very much on me, but we don't really seem to talk at all. I'll try make that change, I do see you quite a bit round Politics eg.
jjake // 8 // Another obligatory "come back!!!" comment. We really click on music tastes and just in GENERAL, you're lovely to chat to over FB
Joe. / Tinasha // 9 // It was so amazing to *briefly* meet you earlier this year, we'll have to try meet up properly again, you're so easy and friendly to chat to! Of course your music taste is absolutely fab, and you've always been my go to whenever Lana ever does anything. On BJ your posts are so amazing, I particular enjoy reading your posts on social issues, they're always so well written and interesting to read
Jonjo // 8 // An absolutely brilliant member, your contributions to all over the site are fabulous and you're just so easy and funny to talk to, whether it be on the site or on FB!

vi. the waves come after midnight, i call from underwater

JosephStyles // 8 // I'm really excited to write this one, as this is definitely the biggest turnaround when comparing my rate from last year! I'm glad whatever problems we used to have were completely ironed out following the rate last year, and I think we get on really well now! Getting to know you more, and chatting to you over here or on Snapchat has been an absolute pleasure, even if I keep getting jealous of some of your concert experiences!! Also: obligatory Beaker shoutout *.*
~josh~ // 8 // You are so lovely, an absolute sweetheart and I was so pleased for you when you got the movie mod promotion, you really deserved it as you work so hard in that forum! You have so much time for everyone on the site, it's been great to see a lot more of you around the Lounge this year. I really hope you get the grades you want and you get to go to the Uni you want next year, you absolutely deserve it!
JSG // 4 // Following last years events I really appreciated you coming to me and apologising, and I think we definitely managed to draw a line over it. The reason why your score is low is just because despite this, we still haven't really talked, it still feels slightly awkward between us! Come onto Plug or something a bit more, we can chat there
King Rollo // 5 // Another neutral score I'm afraid! I'll try to get to know of you a bit more to have a more interesting comment next year. Some interesting BJSC entries so far, looking forward to more!
Klaus / Froot. // 7 // Once again you stan very good people so I appreciate that ofc, your Larina support is everything tbh. Your political posts also are great to read!
Klumzee // 8 // My usual kind of "come back!1!!" comment for you!! Stop seshing so much (unless I get an invite xo) and post more in the lounge. Also come onto plug more often because I love seeing you there!
Kye // 6 // I can't really say we've interacted much, but it was great to see you be an active member in teams! Your graphics in particular were so amazing
Leonardo // 7 // Really pleasant and lovely to chat to whenever we do!
lewistgreen // 7 // Great music taste, and fabulous company on plug. Also you're lovely to chat to in the Lounge/wherever on the site! I'm glad you didn't decide to leave BJSC

vii. well guess what i like that, cause i'm going to mess your life up

LexC // 7 // I was so glad you were in my team this year! It's been great in general to get to know you more, your posts are always great to read and ofc you're one of the other few southerners around here so we gotta stick together
Liam // 10 // <3 We've had so many amazing memories since last rate!! Our meetups are always iconic and there needs to be so many more in the future, because who else will drink vodka and wine with me xo I also love how you're always there to listen to any of my random rants on the GC, or if I'm annoyed at anything in general you'll probs be there to agree/roast with me :')
liamk97 // 7 // I think in my last comment to you I mentioned how we had had so many heated debates... and I can't even think of a single clash we've had this year :') You're a very dedicated AF mod and I enjoy seeing you around!
Lindsey // 10 // Okay in like every nice comment thing I've ever done about you before I've always gone on about everything we've been through together in the past so let me focus this comment on the LOTTSEY FUTURE. I truly believe and KNOW I have a friend for life with you, I can't believe our really sketchy friendship we started on a FB game has really come this far. Living so far away from you continue to sucks but we'll find even more ways around it in the future. Also, I can't wait till we can get our matching tattoos.... that way we'll always have a piece of us with each other xxxxx (yep I was intending that to sound creepy).
Mack // 6 // I feel like I haven't seen you around that much lately- I hope everything is alright! Anyway, you continue to do a brilliant job with the Sports forum, I know I'm barely there, but I really enjoy the sweepstakes you host! (Even tho I'm yet to do well on one :'()
Mart!n // 6 // Don't really think we interact that much, sorry! sad.gif
Martyn // 6 // Pretty similar comment to above oops mellow.gif I'M SORRY!!!
Math // 6 // Well I'm really glad we haven't had any major quarrels or disputes this year! We definitely get on a lot better now. The only thing what annoys me still is how you always manage to oversleep, it just makes me want to buy you an alarm clock!! kink.gif
Mattias // 6 // This is quite a hard one to write as I feel like I kind of need to make up for being so nasty last year! I feel like whatever was going on between me and you only has been cleared up now, I know things haven't ever got close to what they were before, but I don't really feel anymore tension between us, I hope that's the same with you now.

viii. all the glamour and the trauma and the f***ing melodrama

Maurice // 7 // I feel like if it wasn't for FB we'd barely talk!! kink.gif Anyway you're a really sweet member, even if you have slightly dodgy male taste sometimes x
mdh // 8 // Okay you're a member who has grown on me HUGELY (in fact, when writing this comment I even moved you up from a 7 to an 8 kink.gif), before I found you kind of difficult to seperate from the current ~spamclique~ but getting to know you via teams was so great, you were so enthusiastic and exactly what the team needed, and you were also so helpful in as many tasks as possible. Your random anecdotes (especially about hot chocolate) also make me crack up.
Michael / Yeasty Clutch // 7 // Okay Michael you know I LOVE you, and when we get down to it and we have real conversations over PM, over, plug etc. you're actually really intelligent and brilliant to chat to. However I've marked you down this year because I'm starting to find your online posts slightly tedious, in the Artist forums in particular it really frustrates me that your constant dismissal of artists and their work is starting to detract some people from wanting to be engaged which FRUSTRATES me because I know you're better than this, and you can prove it to other people, you've already proved it to me! Also yay for being Pupoks biggest fan, and justice for Curry and Activewear!
ML Hammer95 // 5 // Well we've certainly had a rocky relationship! kink.gif This rate has to reflect how I've felt over the whole last year though, even though more recently I can't complain at all. Of course most of our fights have been mainly due to my hardcore feminist beliefs, but actually I have to really respect how since the last major incident, you took EVERYTHING I said on PM to board, and now I feel like we can get along perfectly decently.
Noahspike // 8 // Really sweet and lovely to chat to, also you bring wonderful insight on things and I love it when you get involved in our games etc in the lounge! My only complaint is I want you to post even more!
Oliver // 9 // You remain an absolutely genuine sweetheart, and I really hope we get the chance to party together soon! Your graphics for your hostings are always absolutely fantastic, and I miss our random sessions sad.gif You definitely seem quieter around the site and I miss us talking as regularly as we did- so I will try change that!
Oricon // 7 // Another person I'm so happy to say I feel like I've got to know a lot more this year! of course you being a loyal Gaga stan is always going to sit amazingly with me though wink.gif You've also introduced me to some pretty fab music via BJSC!
Pavel / Conderella // 7 // #Pavlotti still has space to RISE. Really intelligent, and I love seeing you around, some of your posts proper crack me up
PeaceMob // -1 // Can't even remember where you came from (the depths of hell?) but I'm genuinely struggling for something nice to say to liven this comment up a bit mellow.gif Your attitude towards myself and most other posters from what I've seen has been frankly terrible, in particular you blatantly ignoring a huge ass post I wrote to you to just pass it off etc. Have controversial views if you wish, but at least have the audacity to attempt to back them up
PeteFromLeeds // 7 // Pretty sure you're in for a good debut! You've settled in quite quickly around the site as you're lovely and friendly, but I don't know I feel like there's just something MORE we can get from you! (This reminds me quite a bit of my comment for Harry last year infact). Never be scared to push yourself across

ix. when you see me will you say i changed?

popchartfreak // 7 // You remain a fabulous member, a real staple over in the Politics forum! Also as always, Dorset forever <3
Qassändra // 4 // I could literally copy and paste my comment for you from last year, I'm sure you don't even care but you STILL have never said a word to me
Qween // 8 // An all round brilliant poster, your writing style is very eloquent and one day I will master your perfect use of capitals ohmy.gif
randomfurlong // 7 // I know we haven't chatted LOADS but I hear we'll be partying together PRETTY SOON, so I'm sure I'll have a lot more to say next year (if you can survive my messyness)
Regina // 0 // You really threw me the other day on plug when you came on and just TALKED to me, it really felt like the old times and nearly made me reconsider this score but I truly have to stay true as to what has happened since the last rate. I'm not even angry, I'm just more upset that you went from being SUCH a strong 10... to whatever this is? Throughout everything last year I stood by you, and defended you, at the cost of some of my own relationships on this site... then you just kind of threw me away when you decided that I had "changed"? I still don't quite understand where I went wrong for you and why you felt you had to turn so nastily and quickly from me... but I'm hoping this rate will give us both a chance to try reconcile, and for me to try work out what the f*** went on.
Riser // 8 // Such an essential on this site, really lovely and contributes to so many things! Just so easy to get on with
Rob S ~ // 5 // A pretty neutral score here, I'm pretty sure we haven't really talked since last year! I just want to let you know, no more bad blood between us (forgive nd forget etc) and I hope we can chat again soon!
RobBob // 9 // An absolute star, you never fail to make me laugh and I NEED TO MEET YOU AGAIN!! I know we talk pretty sporadically but you're so easy to talk to and just strike up a convo with!

x. in my head, i do everything right

Rooney // 6 // You DROVE ME CRAZY at times during teams, (but tbh I think everyone drove each other crazy???). However I do really enjoy reading your posts, even if we don't cross paths usually other than politically!
Ryan. // 7 // I have BARELY heard from you this year, where have you been ohmy.gif Anyway, I'm glad any beef from last year has been completely cleared up now, also I want to reach the level of iconicness that waving tich gif has on instantly annoying people, can my upside down dog pic be the successor pls
Scene // 5 // Sorry another neutral-ly score and comment sad.gif I see you mainly in the AFs I swear but I can be such a lurker there as well :') I will try interact more!
SevenSeize // 7 // Lovely to chat to on Plug etc! Post in the lounge more
Silas // 9 // It's been a pleasure getting to know you more since we started working together in the Lounge (there were definitely some times where you've kept me sane and not biting somebodies head off)! I love our shared passion for politics and also really appreciate how you're v approachable if I ever have LIFE QUESTIONS (ie when I can't read my payslip properly or have no clue what the f*** a car even is)
Spinning Adam // 5 // I can't really remember the reasons why you initially left the site in the first place but I remember it being over something quite exaggerated anyway. Since coming back though you've adapted the annoying kind of analysing everything essays which the Snake is infamous for, you don't need to do it! Just be your normal meme-y shoutbox self more in the Lounge
Suedehead2 // 7 // Congrats on your recent BJSC win and giving Lorde some more relevancy *.* I love your political posts (I know I spend so much time lurking there and never posting- but I really do enjoy reading through all the debates haha)
T Boy // 8 // I wish this could be a lot higher! You bring the voice of reason to so many discussions/debates and I was so happy you were part of our team, you put loads of effort in and it was great to get to know you more.
Tawdry Hepburn / mr_pmt // 7 // We seem to be in all the same places but never actually chat to each other much! Let's change this ;o

xi. maybe all this is the party

The-BrightPlaces // 10 // ANOTHER NEW 10!!! You should be in for a huge debut this year because you are an absolute sweetheart, you're so funny and easy to talk to, you've had me in stitches when we've been winding up Lindsey for example, or comparing Jade to our favourite feminist porn stars xo (I hope we actually told Jade about that and this isn't some creepy expose mellow.gif). I CANNAE WAIT to meet you soon, we're going to be a hot mess *.* Also just to trigger Lindsey and Craig..... ur my wifey for lifey xoxo
TheSnake / Buzzjack // 3 // Snakey what happened???? There was once a point where you were doing so well, I really felt like you were opening up and developing more but then you just kind of snapped back to posting random shit which just serves to aggravate and annoy other people? sad.gif Please stop the song business, stop over analysing everything and just have decent conversations with people, I know you're capable of it- we've had plenty of good PM convos!
*Tim // 8 // I was having such a hard time cutting down my 10s/9s and since you kept saying you didn't really want to be in the rate I'm going to assume you won't mind me doing this one (even tho u know ur a 10 bitch). I'm glad we had our lil talk the other day so I could check on my over worrying mind, but yeah your beefing with Lindsey is rlly starting to be annoying so hopefully ya'll can keep it cute. Soton was hella fun even tho i'm so sorry for being so lightweight oops
Toby / RosaParksMyCar // 10 // I have no idea why I'm letting this happen again bc ur a mess but I love u. Our constant stanning of dogs and madonna gives me life. My love will stay for u like Million Reasons keeps staying on the charts x (seriously though that song will never f***ing die)
Tombo // 4 // I can never totally tell if you're being serious or not in a lot of cases, I feel like that's my fault though and I probably need to make more of an effort with you
travis // 9 // My sister nation <33 Our taste is also so in sync for so much and I really hope I get to meet you later this year (or when I'm ur LDN date and we're passing out on tequila behind the bar). Speaking of tequila, that messy night on was absolutely amazing and we need to do it more often (without me passing out xxxx). LOVE YA
troublepink // 8 // I still wish we talked more than we do (I don't think our hours of the day/where we visit on the site sync up very much kink.gif) but you're such a lovely prescence to have around! Also I love seeing your photos on social media of your cat cafe visits! (don't let #teamdog see I'm admitting this!! ohmy.gif)
UltraGreenLight // 10 // You are still one of the absolutely most genuine, sweetest girls I have ever talked to, your passion for everything on this site has still never faded (your relentless reminders about movie contests are v persistent, I promise I will make my Movie comeback in a big way someday kink.gif). Our music taste continues to be beautifully synced, I still love how when Green Light came out we'd troll everybody by consistently playing it on plug *.* You've been working so so hard for your exams recently and I really wish you all the best with your results for them and whatever you choose to do in the future, your work ethic is going to get you so far in life <3 Also you're a beautiful mess xox
vidcapper // 0 // You remain vile

xii. what the f*** are perfect places anyway?

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5 Silas Frøkner
post Jun 19 2017, 10:16 PM
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Surfing in paradise
Group: Entertainment Mod
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Member No.: 3,474
Joined: 24-May 07


In celebration of my absolute favourite TV show of all times returning to our screens for a 9th season, my rate is fully Will and Grace themed *.* Each score has a Character from the show that corresponds to how much I enjoy them. Everyone also gets graced with the presence of comments.

Who'd ya get?
11 \\ Karen Walker
10 \\ Grace Adler
09 \\ Marylin Truman
08 \\ Lorraine Finster
07 \\ Rosario Salazar
06 \\ Bobbi Adler
05 \\ Will Truman
04 \\ Val Bassett aka Crazy Val
03 \\ Jack McFarland
02 \\ Beverley Lesley
01 \\ Vince D'Angelo
00 \\ Rob & Ellen
-1 \\ Leo Marcus

152chris \ Bobbi Adler \ I enjoy your posting for the most part but I just don't see it about enough for a 7!
AdamAloud \ Marylin Truman \ A near flawless taste in Scandipop. Thanks for being on the Veto Panel for Schalgerfest, it was great to chat to you a bit more!!
Addy K!ng \ Rosario Salazar \ Miss you posting more regularly! We need to restart our neighbourly feud I think. #DownWithBotanikka
Andrew. \ Bobbi Adler \ I really really enjoyed getting to know you more in Teams!

awardinary \ Beverley Lesley \ Hmmm. This one is a tough one. Like I think that you have some good intentions but just truly terrible execution sometimes. It's tough watching things like when you thought the whole site was against you when literally everyone was outpouring their affection for you.
Bré \ Bobbi Adler \ I go through phases where I really start to like you and then I cool off a bit. I think the feeling is mutual. It's not that I dislike you, I just think that there's something in our personalities that clashes a bit. If it's not mutual then it's 110% down to me being Type-A AF
Brett-Butler \ Marylin Truman \ My fellow Big-4 staffer!! I still need to look up those Suede songs that you recommended! Hope auditing hasn't bored the tears out of you yet! Really appreciate the assist, if you ever need Indrect Tax Tech info you know where I am!
burbe / LustForLife \ Rosario Salazar \ I would really loved to have been able to take on three people when we brought Lottsey onboard as moderators. Your app was sooo good! I think since then I've seen you in a different light and I've really started to enjoy your post. That picture you posted in teams legitimately made me howl, one of my highlights of teams by FAR.

Cal \ Grace Adler \ Callikins!! What can I say? I miss miss miss your retail horror stories so much and our comiserating over hellish work days. Your presence in the BJSC Staff forum is hugely missed. Your Facebook feed usually does make me laugh though
Cameron \ Will Truman \ Aaah Cameron. I flip between really enjoying your posts and then feeling like you're needlessly getting a dig in - what for I don't know.
Cassidy \ Lorraine Finster \ Love that you've returned to the forum! I feel like I've gotten to know you a lot more and better during these visits than back in the day when we were both regular posters
Chez Wombat \ Rosario Salazar \ *commentless 7* - nah I'm kidding! I think you bring something unique to the forum that we'd be worse off for not having
Cody Slayberry \ Rosario Salazar \ Cody babes. The mafia game you organised was a hoot! But you've got to take BJSC like 100,000,000% less seriously. It's not the end of the world if you *only* finish 28th. The compeition side isn't the point, it's the getting to hear amazing new music that makes it worth taking part. It's like your one character flaw.

Common Sense \ Rob & Ellen \ Not now, not ever. Please leave and never return.
cqmerqn \ Val Bassett aka Crazy Val \ To me, it feels like you flit between being overly spammy or pushing up this unnessarily catty front to try and fit in. In reality that's not required! Like you don't have to try to be something else or fit a certain posting style to fit in, we'll love you for who you are not for who you post like
Cremey \ Will Truman \ Vistis too fleeting and we don't really chat that much when you do visit so sorry but MOR Score it is!
Cucumberella \ Marylin Truman \ Still waiting on my BJFest Finalen graphiques bitch xxx. Enjoy working with you in BJSC. You've got a unique/quirky sense of humour that is just such a joy!
DalekTurret32 \ Will Truman \ Don't know what to make of you. Enjoy how detailed your weekend plans are!
dandy* \ Marylin Truman \ Thom! Can you come back and be Admin again????
danG \ Bobbi Adler \ You've done a great job with the dance forum! Your passion for that part of the site is great to see in a moderator. Haven't really spoken much but I do tend to enjoy your posts, although I swing between loving and hating your BJSC entries
Davidson \ Bobbi Adler \ Hai! I feel that I'm going to say this a lot but, we don't speak much but I do enjoy your posting!

dhwe \ Will Truman \ Still not sure how to take you. Sometimes I just get a weird stand-offish aloof vibe from you
Dobbo \ Bobbi Adler \ Don't seem to chat much to you outside of the Sports forum sadly. I enjoy your BJSC entries, glad you started entering
Doctor Blind \ Rosario Salazar \ Our resident weatherman! I do mostly enjoy chatting with you about weather and politics
Emily Haines \ Grace Adler \ I really hope you stick around more! I'm really glad that you joined Teams, it was so nice to chat to you using more than 140 characters for once!!!!
Envoirment \ Rosario Salazar \ First time we've really chatted was recently in the politics forum. Despite being on opposing 'sides' it was a great chat!
Flatcap \ Rosario Salazar \ A Buzzjack stable! Couldn't imagine the site without you tbh

gooddelta \ Karen Walker \ Rich! We both may be busier than ever with jobs and lives falling into place and starting to take off in a fab direction! Our chat during the Schlagerfest vetoing was long overdue but proved that there was no one else that was going to be picking up my top marks.
Hadji \ Rob & Ellen \ I don't know her.
HarryEzra \ Rosario Salazar \ Think this is going to be another theme of the night, I really enjoyed getting to know you a bit more in teams!
Harve \ Bobbi Adler \ It's been nice having another nationaist convert on the forum
HausofKubrick \ Bobbi Adler \ It was a shame to see you step down, but I'm really glad that things are going well for you in your teaching career!!
Hazza Chapman / Houdini \ Rosario Salazar \ Really enjoy talking to you in the sports forum, although please god stop peddling those god awful fan channels, but don't seem to be the same person outside of there. It doesn't seem to translate.
Iz~ \ Marylin Truman \ Ah Izzles! Where would we be without the active GM to support us? Thanks for getting stuck in with helping us on our planning and making those plans come to fruition.

Jack \ Lorraine Finster \ The real Karen Walker of the site
Jacob Alan \ Rosario Salazar \ Young Iz! You come across as a very smart and insightful and a great poster
Jade \ Lorraine Finster \ I had been enjoying working with you but the past few months have really been great! I've been able to get to know you more through our mod chats and through the wuu2 thread. It really was one of my highlights of teams! We had a hilarious night.
J▲hq \ Rosario Salazar \ Hey I never did check in with you on how that CV stuff went. Hope it went well!!!
jakewild \ Lorraine Finster \ It was time to retire the tindr thread but I did enjoy the mini MRS revival! Seem to have vanished lately though, you've not melted in this unseasonably warm Mancunian weather have you?

Jay ☆ \ Rosario Salazar \ I think i'm aproaching 800 of these same comments but we don't talk much but you seem nice
Jester \ Grace Adler \ You can still see our staff forum, so why'd you stop posting sad.gif miss your contribution
jjake \ Val Bassett aka Crazy Val \ I'm back to not quite getting your humour again, not that you seem to be around much these days
Joe. / Tinasha \ Rosario Salazar \ Sorry this is another one of those, I like reading your posts but we don't really talk that much
Jonjo \ Bobbi Adler \ Miss our Glee forum days. Quinn Fabray forever!
JosephStyles \ Rosario Salazar \ Joe! Another poster i've done a huge turnaround with over the years. You may be a candidate for the world record for the worst taste in men but I've really come to enjoy your posts and your POV in discussions
~josh~ \ Bobbi Adler \ Another one of the new generation of lovely posters that are helping to change the atmosphere of the site into one that's more nice and welcoming

JSG \ Will Truman \ Did you leave us again?? Bunch of random drama that was waaaaaaay overblown again? Or one too many dickpics?
King Rollo \ Will Truman \ You seem nice! I'm liking your BJSC entries. Haven't really spoken to you at all tho.
Klaus / Froot. \ Val Bassett aka Crazy Val \ You know what babe, your 150,000th unsubtle dig about me being a moderator has totally made me reconsider standing down. lol jk, i'm here forever. You continue to grasp a stick not at the wrong end, but in an entirely different galaxy.
Klumzee \ Bobbi Adler \ Klumzetta Jones! How you been? Haven't really seen you cutting about the lounge lately sad.gif
Kye \ Bobbi Adler \ How you aren't paid for your graphical talents I do not know. You have a gift.
Leonardo \ Bobbi Adler \ Another one I don't seem to have spoken too much or find many posts of in the lounge. Post more!!

lewistgreen \ Bobbi Adler \ I don't see your posts about as much as I'd like! You're a great poster I hope you'll post more in the Lounge over the next year
LexC \ Rosario Salazar \ Long overdue giving you the Euromod job! You're unique mix of humour and love for ridiculous shite like Bulgarian Sofie is a perfect fit for that forum
Liam \ Rosario Salazar \ Who else would I stan for JessM with??? I know that what ever random Aussie I start to loon over I will always have someone to join me in that looning in you
liamk97 \ Bobbi Adler \ You do seem nice but we don't cross paths very often
Lindsey \ Marylin Truman \ Which one are you? Lindsey or Lotti? Futher to that, is there even an actual difference??? I kid! I kid!! I'm really very glad that you joined the lounge mod team this year. It's good that i'm no longer the only one who knows what the hell a Standard Grade is, need that against all these GCSE kids! It's been really fun getting to know you through our chats and I really love the enthusiasm you bring to the site. I feel for you at the moment as it feels a bit like you're bareing the brunt of a reaction to your promotion that isn't warrented. I can honestly say you're fast becoming one of my fave people on the site to chat to

lotita \ Marylin Truman \ And straight onto the other half of Lottsey. This can't be a co-incidence. They really must be the same person!!!! I've enjoyed geeking out over politics so much this past few months! It's great having that energy to bounce off in the Lounge. I really have enjoyed getting to know you since you became a lounge mod. Your enthusiasm for the job is amazing and you've made a great addition to the team! You may work for the posh supermarket, unlike the Lindslas Morrisons Massive, but I think we can put that aside.
Mack \ Lorraine Finster \ I know I was an early adopter of the roboMack comments back in the day. I've really enjoyed talking to you in the Sports forum and seeing a bit more of your personality come through! You've done a great job in that forum and I hope to see more of your personality continue to come out outside of sports

Mart!n \ Jack McFarland \ Apart from making random inappropriate comments 5 weeks later than the event, what is it you do these days?
Martyn \ Rosario Salazar \ Forever a fave but you really don't post much any more sad.gif
Math \ Val Bassett aka Crazy Val \ You need to get some new excuses because I stopped believing them like 2 years ago. Also need to check the attitude when things don't go your way or when you "oversleep" and miss another deadline that's 7pm your time. You do know we can read a clock and understand timezones right?
Mattias \ Bobbi Adler \ Loveably odd
Maurice \ Bobbi Adler \ Very nice poster but we haven't really interacted that much

mdh \ Rosario Salazar \ I like you mdh, mostly. Lately you've been much better on the spam tendancies which has been really welcome! Congrats on the PC mod job I hope you enjoy being part of the mod team
Michael / Yeasty Clutch \ Rob & Ellen \ I've had some good chats with you when we co-hosted in the shock BeaverAsh BJSC event. I just wish that made it onto the forum rather than the utterly nonsensical bullshit that does!
ML Hammer95 \ Val Bassett aka Crazy Val \ Aaah yes. One of the last comments I'm writing. This is tough as there are times when I really enjoy your posts and then there are others when it's not so much.
Noahspike \ Bobbi Adler \ Where for art thou Andy???
Oliver \ Rosario Salazar \ We'll always have the epic disaster that was the Games forum
Oricon \ Rosario Salazar \ My fave flopmod!
Pavel / Conderella \ Bobbi Adler \ Birthday buddy! Get out of Russia soon $l*t, can't have my birthday buddy locked up behind the iron curtain for hitting on Putin

PeaceMob \ Leo Marcus \ Nothing against right-wingers. My parents are both firm Tory voters and have voted *puke* UKIP. What I do hate is when people can't back up their nonsensical hyperbolic shite with any form of reasoning, logic or facts. But then again I'm still 95% concinved that you're an alias of that ubercunt Craig so not sure why I was expecting anything different.
PeteFromLeeds \ Bobbi Adler \ ALIAS!!! So yeah we got off to a great start during Mafia! All is fair in love and war when you're trying to win a game! I've not really interacted much with you beyond that but I do enjoy your posts
popchartfreak \ Lorraine Finster \ Buzzjack's wise old owl! Enjoy your perspective in the Politics forum!

Qassändra \ Rosario Salazar \ Thanks for finally following me back on twitter $l*t.
Qween \ Rosario Salazar \ Still a fave, still a legend, still wanted to kill you in Teams
randomfurlong \ Rosario Salazar \ I promise I will at some point watch Skam and then expect a very looooooooong PM with some squeeing.
Regina \ Bobbi Adler \ The Black one. ALWAYS. Sebastian Stan is a troll. #TeamDefendiForever
Riser \ Rosario Salazar \ Jordan! Tbh you could not post for a year and this'd never drop below a 7 coz of that damn pizza gif. I still dream about it. What a lush gif set that was. Anyway. You continue you be a lovely poster!

Rob S ~ \ Will Truman \ Where do you post? I don't think I can recall a post in the Lounge this year from you.
RobBob \ Will Truman \ What you brought to the mod team is missed! It was great to work with you
Rooney \ Bobbi Adler \ Roo, I do like you. I really do. But my god. To say that you were an insufferable c**t in teams would be a gross understatement.
Ryan. \ Rosario Salazar \ RyRy. What a 180! We've come a long way you and I from the most infamous grudge on Buzzjack!
Scene \ Will Truman \ Trying to think of a time our paths have crossed. Coming up blank.
SevenSeize \ Will Truman \ I'm not sure we're ever going to be on the same page, but you bring something unique to BJSC with Psychic7 which is awesome

Silas \ Karen Walker \ Y'all don't deserve me xoxo
Spinning Adam \ Beverley Lesley \ Is there a conspiracy theory from the dark loony fringes of the internet you don't buy wholesale? Next you'll be telling us the crystals told you the earth is flat! As of late you appear to have taken up Snakes trait of overanalysing things to death completely unnecessarily.
Suedehead2 \ Lorraine Finster \ Cheers for being our head honcho! It was good to work with you on that support thread last month, I don't think we get a chance to work with you often enough
T Boy \ Grace Adler \ Worlds worst teacher in waaaaaaaayeles. God how hard can you have it with 19 weeks of paid holidays a year. God, next you'll be wanting a pay rise of more than 1% what a disgrace you are you greedy git! - But srsly, congratulations on the promotion! It was great fun to chat to you a bit more in Teams this year!

Tawdry Hepburn / mr_pmt \ Lorraine Finster \ Oh Aly, never change. Nice that someone else can't tolerate Michaels ramblings.
The-BrightPlaces \ Bobbi Adler \ Didn't really get much chance to talk in Teams but you seem nice
TheSnake / Buzzjack \ Rob & Ellen \ f*** no. Honestly you wade into a discussion and then come out with the most ridiculous over analysis unnecessary nonsence I've ever read. I don't know if you're for real or are a parody
*Tim \ Val Bassett aka Crazy Val \ Far too often lately it feels like you cross the line between being amusingly cutting to just nasty and pointlessly bitchy for the sake of being 'controversh'
Toby / RosaParksMyCar \ Will Truman \ I don't quite get you but you defo bring something to the site
Tombo \ Jack McFarland \ 4.0 loon says it all
travis \ Will Truman \ Don't think we've really talked. Seem nice enough!
troublepink \ Lorraine Finster \ So glad we had that PM chat the other week! Reminded me how much of a lovely poster you are!
Tyler \ Rosario Salazar \ It's Tyler bitch! Stay fabulous and god yeah escape GA while it's still legal for teh gayz to cross state lines

UltraGreenLight \ Rosario Salazar \ Live chatting Extreme Couponers and GCSE revision was so much fun. One of my teams highlights
vidcapper \ Rob & Ellen \ For the same reasons as Peacemob, minus the bit about being a Craig Alias.

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post Jun 19 2017, 10:16 PM
Post #4
Mr Jade Lauren Williams <333
Group: Moderator
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post Jun 19 2017, 10:18 PM
Post #5
Mrs Brayden Smith <333
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I apologise for the amount of times I say "urrrm", "like", "you should post more", "you should come on Skype more", the decor in my grandma's house if it offends your eyes, the amount of times I play with my hair, my chipped nail varnish, my droning dehydrated voice and me looking like a potato at times during this. Enjoy xx


0:00 ❤ 152chris
0:48 ❤ AdamAloud
1:15 ❤ Addy K!ng
2:30 ❤ Andrew
3:02 ❤ Awardinary
4:06 ❤ Bré
6:37 ❤ Brett-Butler
7:10 ❤ burbe
8:16 ❤ Cal
8:54 ❤ Cameron
10:05 ❤ Cassidy
11:03 ❤ Chez Wombat
12:09 ❤ Cody Slayberry
13:08 ❤ Common Sense
13:37 ❤ cqmerqn
14:36 ❤ Cremey
15:02 ❤ Cucumberella
16:13 ❤ DalekTurret32
17:03 ❤ Dandy*
18:00 ❤ DanG
18:32 ❤ Davidson
18:59 ❤ dhwe
20:09 ❤ Dobbo
20:48 ❤ Doctor Blind
21:45 ❤ Emily Haines
22:12 ❤ Envoirment
22:41 ❤ Flatcap
22:49 ❤ Gooddelta
23:56 ❤ Hadji
24:06 ❤ HarryEzra
25:05 ❤ Harve
26:00 ❤ HausofKubrick

0:05 ❤ Houdini
2:29 ❤ Iz~
3:39 ❤ Jack
4:52 ❤ Jacob Alan
6:40 ❤ Jade (lol)
6:47 ❤ Jáhq
7:47 ❤ jakewild
8:59 ❤ Jay
9:55 ❤ Jester
10:48 ❤ jjake
12:04 ❤ Joe
13:14 ❤ Jonjo
14:27 ❤ JosephStyles
16:06 ❤ ~josh~
16:54 ❤ JSG
18:08 ❤ King Rollo
18:39 ❤ Klaus
19:34 ❤ Klumzee
20:43 ❤ Kye
22:02 ❤ Leonardo
22:49 ❤ lewistgreen
23:22 ❤ LexC
24:28 ❤ Liam

0:02 ❤ liamk97
0:54 ❤ Lindsey
1:57 ❤ lotita
4:00 ❤ Mack
4:56 ❤ Mart!n
5:38 ❤ Martyn
6:17 ❤ Math
7:13 ❤ Mattias
8:43 ❤ Maurice
10:00 ❤ mdh
11:07 ❤ Michael
12:57 ❤ ML Hammer95
13:50 ❤ Noahspike
15:09 ❤ Oliver
16:10 ❤ Oricon
17:02 ❤ Pavel
18:18 ❤ PeaceMob
18:55 ❤ PeteFromLeeds
19:38 ❤ Popchartfreak
20:32 ❤ Qassändra
21:39 ❤ Qween
22:47 ❤ randomfurlong
23:47 ❤ Regina
25:00 ❤ Riser
26:47 ❤ Rob S~

0:00 ❤ RobBob
1:20 ❤ Rooney
2:14 ❤ Ryan
3:21 ❤ Scene
3:49 ❤ SevenSeize
4:38 ❤ Silas
5:42 ❤ Spinning Adam
6:56 ❤ Suedehead2
8:01 ❤ T Boy
9:08 ❤ Tawdry Hepburn
10:14 ❤ The-BrightPlaces
11:35 ❤ TheSnake
12:53 ❤ *Tim
14:08 ❤ Toby
15:27 ❤ Tombo
16:02 ❤ travis
16:48 ❤ Troublepink
17:51 ❤ Tyler
18:39 ❤ UltraGreenLight
20:26 ❤ vidcapper

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Lindsey 🙃
post Jun 19 2017, 10:22 PM
Post #6
low-key, no pressure, just hang with me and my weather
Group: Moderator
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   No Gallery Pics

*disclaimer* I did most of these in the early hours of the morning a few days ago so some of them are really stuttery and disjointed to the point I had to re-record like four whole sections tonight so I completely understand if Y'all don't wanna listen so there is a text version at the bottom that has the majority of what I say on the 'tapes' anyway. I did write the comments before I recorded which is why I may sound a bit robotic in parts or like pause between words bc I lost my place a lot kink.gif You can play a drinking game out of the amount of times I say 'um' too, I apologise for the messiness and my awful accent xxx

04 ▶ 152chris ▶ You seem cool and I reckon we'd get on pretty well but you're not really around much. I hope that changes as I'd like to get to know you better, especially on the indie mod front.
06 ▶ AdamAloud ▶ You're one of the posters I see around a lot but haven't really crossed paths with unfortunately, I love how enthusiastic you were with AFSC and you seem like someone who just spreads positivity wherever you go, so I'd also like to get to know you better.
05 ▶ Addy K!ng ▶ I've only ever really encountered you in BJSC I think, I often get sort of mixed opinons about you tbh. For the most part you seem lovely but I also get the impression you can get a bit TOO wrapped up in BJSC, not that that's really a bad thing, it would be cool to see more of your personality in the likes of the lounge etc.
07 ▶ Andrew. ▶ You've really developed on the site since you joined! We defo had our issues to begin with iirc but now I think you're an absolute sweetheart and I'm glad you stuck around. The way you handle the ri forum is amazing, you are an asset to the site now and you should post more often as it's defo missed when you dont!
04 ▶ awardinary ▶ I like you as a person, I do, I just think you can be too quick to take things out of context or take things to heart that you really shouldn't. There's nobody here that I'm aware of that has any issue with you so idk why you feel like the whole site is against you but I think given a bit more time, you'll realise that and integrate a bit better. You also need to realise that people do have their own little friendship groups on here, it's only natural in an environment like this but that doesn't mean you therefore can't befriend these people or they're intentionally excluding you from anything Wardy. I think you're sweet and do have good intentions most of the time, we just need to see more of that side of you .
07 ▶ Bré ▶ I think you're a good guy and you v rarely have a bad word to say about anyone. You're 100% the stats man and it's so useful to have someone like that within a mod team. I feel like despite trying there's always been something that doesn't quite click with us though but that's perfectly okay, it doesn't make me think any less of you or feel as though we don't get on as that's just how the world works, there's always gonna be people you click with and people you don't. I think because we're so different maybe that's why we do clash on the odd thing but it's never been anything major and we've always managed to sort whatever it is out in the end laugh.gif
04 ▶ Brett-Butler ▶ You're someone else that I don't feel I click with or even have the ability to but then that's just down to being two different people and that's okay. I think it's mainly because we have zilch in common so we've never really spoken and I also don't get your sense of humour which is something I rarely find with people but :') What I can say is the site wouldn't be the same without you and you are a bit of an essential.
10 ▶ burbe / LustForLife ▶ Remember when I just passed you off as a Lotti minion? I'm sorry. I love you Ben, I think our friendship is one of the most surprising ones to come from this site recently but I am so glad it exists. Even when I felt I didn't really know you, I could still talk to you SO easily. There's very few people I feel I can just message whatever random shite I want to and know they'll be appreciative laugh.gif We defo bonded over our shared love of dragging Lotti but I think there's more to us than that now. You're hella funny, you make me laugh a lot and you're just stuch a genuinely nice guy. I respect you so much in that you always stand up for what you believe in and you don't back down if someone attacks or questions your opinions etc. You're a great friend, especially to Lotti and that alone makes me so happy. I wouldn't want to sing Sticky Shoes with anyone else Bin heart.gif
05 ▶ Cal ▶ You seem like a really sweet and friendly guy, again you're someone I don't cross paths with much. What I will say is I'm always surprised by the diversity of your music taste though, which is extremely cool laugh.gif
07 ▶ Cameron ▶ This is hard because you're my brother and by default you really should be a 10 BUT I'm giving you this score based on how you are on buzzjack and towards me online and honestly, on that front, I think a 7 is generous. I already know you're gonna give me the same score and do a "tit for tat" rate but that in itself speaks volumes of the kind of poster you are here. You get far too caught up in the likes of The Rate or Teams or BJSC and it turns you into this really petty, negative and bitter person which are three things I would NEVER have described you as before, which is what is difficult because It's literally like I'm talking about a whole other person here. Just remember I am saying this about "Cameron the BuzzJack poster" and not my brother. You seem to think attacking me whether it be on here or in fb group chats makes you seem smart of funny, when it doesn't at all. You're the very one who tells me to keep our private stuff private and not bring things up with people who are meant to be our friends in private chats, yet you are happy to post (sometimes untrue) things about me here for the whole site to see, that's not cool at all. I think you care too much about what people on here think about you and for that reason you don't speak up for yourself when you should or even attempt to defend me when I need it, and you know if the shoe was on the other foot I would be there for you no matter what. I don't wanna say too much as I'm trying to keep it as positive as possible and I don't wanna overshadow the good that you do bring to the site, it's just not something I see much of anymore. I'm sorry if you think this is harsh, it shouldn't be a surprise to you that I feel this way though but someone should tell you how you've come across on here this year and I guess it's better coming from me than anyone else, you're expecting some sort of backlash or decline from what you've told me so I think you probably know you've been a bit of an arse lately.

06 ▶ Cassidy ▶You seem like so much fun and somebody that I can see mysely getting on really well with, I love your positivity and enthusiasm and that sort of attitude is so infectious, I'd love to get to know you better! You're probs near the top of people I need to make more effort with I think x
07 ▶ Chez Wombat ▶ WHY DO I STILL FEEL LIKE IDK YOU?! Honestly it's ridiculous, we're gonna change that by next year Chez, i'm gonna make you a promise as you seem hella cool.
07 ▶ Cody Slayberry ▶You're still great although I feel we've drifted a bit this year which is the only reason your score has been knocked down a bit. The main thing I love about you is that you're so unapologetically yourself, despite the shit people give you at times.
00 ▶ Common Sense ▶ You're -1 worthy but I'm not gonna be saying anything that nobody else wont tell you which is why I saved that special score for something more personal. You're just gross and I can't fathom why you're still allowed on this site.
04 ▶ cqmerqn ▶ I'm actually changing this comment and score last minute, so although I did have you down as a three I think you have improved a lot since I wrote my original comment, so I've bumped you up to a four but that would probs be higher again if the rate was a few months down the line like it usually is. tbh I think you can be rude and a bit petty at times and maybe look to cause arguements where you dont need to but I have seen a big improvement in your attitude and the way you post over the past few weeks and do feel like you have potential as a poster if you keep going at the rate you are and keep the spam to a minimum as that's never a good way to get people's attention, it's much better to see your personality where possible so more of that pls!
07 ▶ Cremey ▶ You're 100% someone I REALLY need to get to know better as I think we'd get on well. You're a graphic designer right? That's like my ultimate goal, so I'd love to even get to know more about what you do there etc.
10 ▶ Cucumberella ▶ LEW BAE honestly idk how we didn't become closer sooner, I can't imagine us not being as close as we are now and I'm so glad I have a friend like you in my life. I feel like we've come a long way from meeting at that shoddy Harry Potter Club night, like we've traveled down to Plymouth together, saw GIRLI and now we've got plans for GLASGOW 2K17 over summer! You may be my fave person to get drunk with as I know that even if it's just the two of us it's gonna be SO much fun angel.gif :laugh: Aside from that, I know I can talk to you about anything, we had such a cute heart to heart before GIRLI and I think I told you how cool that was to me as I could tell you things that I hadn't really spoken about with someone face to face at that point. You're sense of humour is everything, I've lost count of the amount of times you've had me completely deceased :') Ily bb xxx
04 ▶ DalekTurret32 ▶ I think the only time I've ever really seen you post is when you give us your weekend lineup in SO much detail unsure.gif
08 ▶ dandy* ▶ I always feel bad for saying this to so many people but I need to get to know you better. I love your posting style and your sense of humour, your quick wit always gets me and you are SO essential to this site.
04 ▶ danG ▶ You're someone else that I don't think I click with at all. That's all there really is all I can say as it's not like I've got any issues as such, at least not any that I've not brought up in previous rate comments as they'd still stand now. I've just kinda accepted we're probs never gonna be on the same wavelength and that's more than fine.

01 ▶ Davidson ▶ Ik you're a genre mod but like ???
05 ▶ dhwe ▶ i don't see much of you around the site, I defo would like to though!
04 ▶ Dobbo ▶ again, I'd like to see you in the lounge more so I can see a bit more of your personality as I don't feel I know you really!
05 ▶ Doctor Blind ▶ I don't really know you but from what I've seen you seem friendly enough!
07 ▶ Emily Haines ▶ I think its so cool to have an old member return and be so open to get stuck in to the newer community that's grown here. I SO wish I had you on my Team during Teams so I could have gotten to know you a bit better during that but I'm sure we'll defo have more chance to do that. You seem to have great taste in music and come across as an absolute sweetheart!
01 ▶ Envoirment ▶ i dont really know you sorry
06 ▶ Flatcap ▶ You seem lovely! I don't see much of you but I always enjoy your posts when I do
07 ▶ gooddelta ▶ You seem cool, and like a genuinely nice guy. I'd like to get to know you better as well!
00 ▶ Hadji ▶ I can't tell the difference between you and Hazza Chapman, pretty sure I don't like either of you though.
07 ▶ HarryEzra ▶ You're a sweetheart Harry, I think you know that though, You're so lovely to everyone. I feel like you're maybe not as prominitent this year in comparison to previous years, maybe thats just me though.

05 ▶ Harve ▶ Another guy I need to get to know better!! Honestly kicking myself that there's still so many people I don't know all that well, I'm sorry!
08 ▶ HausofKubrick ▶ Bal! I really hope you do come to Glasgow in August! You're up there with some of the memebers I want to meet most tbh as you seem to just get on so well with everyone and like you're full of fun. I'd like to interact with you more on the site as well ofc, I feel like there's always more room for that!
00 ▶ Hazza Chapman / Houdini ▶ I can't tell the difference between you and Hadji, pretty sure I don't like either of you though.
08 ▶ Iz~ ▶ You're a lovely guy, you've always been someone on the site I enjoy following posts from because you always have such a well forumulated opinon on everything, not to mention good taste so whats not to like tbh
05 ▶ J▲hq ▶ I feel like I see a lot of you around the site, what with you being a BJSC mod and a Movies mod but for some reason we still haven't chatted all that much :')
06 ▶ Jack ▶ I like your posting style a lot, you seem to be honest and funny so I always enjoy seeing you around the board when I do.
10 ▶ Jacob Alan ▶ ahhhhh Jacob wub.gif You are one of the few people who when I first came across you I was like YES WE ARE GONNA BE FRIENDS. You have THE BEST taste in music and you're honestly so sweet, and genuine and just all round lovely. I'm so glad we got to know each other better this year, you're so easy to talk to and definitely one of the most friendly people on the site. I can't wait to meet you!!!! Glasgow is gonna be *.* I'm a bit bitter you joined the Waitrose clique though, like there's nothing wrong with Morrisons x
08 ▶ Jade ▶ I think we've definitely got to know each other better recently, especially due to being part of the same mod team! You're great to work with and really easy to get along with as you're just an insanely nice person *.*
06 ▶ jakewild ▶ idk I feel like there MUST be more to you than what you display on the site given that you and Lotti are such good friends now so I'd like to know what that is as you do seem like a really funny and interesting guy!
09 ▶ Jay ☆ ▶ When are you marrying Craig tbh? I actually love the fact that we've become pretty good friends this year as I don't think we knew much about each other before which is a shame as you are so great to talk to. I love dragging Craig with you and our general random chats are always so amusing :') You make me laugh a lot and you're just a really lovely, genuine person.

05 ▶ Jester ▶ i dont really know you sorry but you seem cool
07 ▶ jjake ▶ you need to come back asap, the site really isn't the same without you and I still haven't had the chance to chat to you properly I don't think!!
06 ▶ Joe. / Tinasha ▶ Why don't we know each other better actually? I feel like you're close to a lot of the people I'm friends with on the site yet we've not really interacted much, even in the lounge :') We need to change that as you seem so lovely!!
09 ▶ Jonjo ▶ Omg I probs gave you a sorry idk you comment last year but having you being active in the fb group chat a lot has changed that! You're SO funny, I love all the things you share in there and you have me cackling on a daily basis laugh.gif You're a lovely genuine guy and I look forward to getting to know you better!
06 ▶ JosephStyles ▶ Another memeber i really should know better :/ You've always been friendly enough to me and do seem like a nice guy, your bjsc entries aren't ALL bad, like I can defo see some overlap in our tastes ie we the kings, the ready set etc *.*
07 ▶ ~josh~ ▶ You're one of the sweetest people on the site, your one of the younger members who haven't gone through an "annoying phase" which is so great :') You're a lovely person and I'm so glad you got a mod position in movies as i think thats one of the most deserving promos in a while!! I feel like you've got so much growing to do on the site, you're like a proper rising star I feel (even though you've been here longer than me but still angel.gif) I'm excited to see what you bring to the site in the future!!
04 ▶ JSG ▶ idk what to say here really, like I have no issues ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
01 ▶ King Rollo ▶ I don't really know you at all other than I think you're in BJSC?
07 ▶ Klaus / Froot. ▶ Everyone always says how Teams helps you get to know people better and I fully believe thats what happened with us! I saw a completely different side to you which hadn't really come through on the site before and I was LIVING for it laugh.gif Some of the ideas and things you came up with were so great and I loved having you on my team as you were so enthusiastic and determined, even through the shite we endured, you were one of the people that helped push us through *.* Here's to more bonding experiences between us angel.gif
06 ▶ Klumzee ▶ I just need more Kelsi moments with you, it's all I'm asking Patrick sad.gif

06 ▶ Kye ▶ Your graphic design skills slay me so hard and I am forever envious of what you can do. I think the first time I ever came across you was during the album cover game and then again during teams, I really would love to see more of you on the site!!
07 ▶ Leonardo ▶ You really do come out with some jams in BJSC *.* Any time we've chatted you've always been super lovely and friendly and I think I need more leo in my buzzjack life tbh xxx
04 ▶ lewistgreen ▶ you've been on the site as long as I have yet I still feel as though I don't know you :')
07 ▶ LexC ▶ I think I appreciate you as a poster more than I ever have rn. I totally love how you get your points across with your quick wit. You're always straight to the point without being uncessarily brutal which is a balance few seem to be able to strike around here laugh.gif
10 ▶ Liam ▶ Love you Liam, althought we've kinda gone through drifty pathes I don't think that's changed our friendship at all, you're still someone I'd say I'm close too, regardless of how much we speak. I know we're always kidna on the same page and you always get where I'm coming from with stuff. You're always there when I need to vent or talk something through, Ik you genuinely do care about stuff like that :') I'm SO excited to see you in the summer hopefully and see Lorde with you!!! wub.gif
05 ▶ liamk97 ▶ Sometimes you make really good points and I see where you're coming from, other times I'm a bit like unsure.gif but I do enjoy seeing you around the site, especially the lounge so more of that pls!!
10 ▶ lotita ▶ Honestly there's not much point in me giving a sappy ily you paragraph here as I'm sure you know how much you mean to me and how our friendship has impacted my life etc. I don't think anything I can say can really do any of that justice, as cliche as that sounds :') That's why getting our tattoos is something I want so badly and it's so important because they're forever and I've already explained to you how I've always felt like you're one of the few constants in my life, so it only seems fitting to have a PERMANENT symbol of that. I can't wait to chill with you over the summer and then again in september, Glasgow and Soton aren't gonna know what hit them when Lottsey arrive *.*
05 ▶ Mack ▶ you're a hard working mod, thats as much as I really know about you sorry!
08 ▶ Mart!n ▶ You are a BJSC STAR! defo one of my fave nations (most of the time kink.gif) beside that you're a really lovely and funny guy and I look forward to getting to know you better between now and then next rate!
05 ▶ Martyn ▶ Idk you much? :/

03 ▶ Math ▶ Idk I think you get too wrapped up in yourself and your own issues and tend to dwell in self-pity a lot. I get that you're young and you've still got a lot of growing up to do but still, you choose to make issues where there aren't any and take things far too seriously.
01 ▶ Mattias ▶ This is difficult because we haven't really built any bridges since last year and if I'm 100% honest I've not got any desire to, which is fine, not everything can be forgiven or forgotten.
06 ▶ Maurice ▶ Lovely guy! Always full of enthusiasm and love for Jay which i can appreciate
05 ▶ mdh ▶ you're growing on me!! Your music taste is pretty damn good tbh, like with cqmerqn I can see you developing into a really essential poster once you outgrow the sort of "lets spam the lounge and wind people up" phase a lot of younger posters seem to go through :')
06 ▶ Michael / Yeasty Clutch ▶ uggggh I'm always so torn because sometimes I think you're bloody brilliant, other times i'm like wtaf?? I think you need to learn when to stop with your act or whatever, bc as entertaining as it can be, it can be as equally annoying and infuriating.
03 ▶ ML Hammer95 ▶ I think you're misunderstood a lot of the time which is why this isn't a flat out zero, there's defo potential in you to be a "better" poster, if only you took the time to think about what you're saying and how people are going to interpret it.
07 ▶ Noahspike ▶ I need more of you!!
08 ▶ Oliver ▶ You are such a sweetheart Oliver! One of my faves for sure, you've kind of gotten quiet this year though which is why this isn't a bit higher. You'll always be my fellow site Paramore and Twenty One Pilots stan wub.gif
05 ▶ Oricon ▶ I only ever see you occasionally in BJSC nowadays, I feel like you were a lot more prominent like 3/4 years ago before I joined or just after I sined up so I feel like I've missed the chance to get to know you properly, I hope I haven't though and you do come to the lounge now and again
03 ▶ Pavel / Conderella ▶ I've tried but I just don't get you, you're one of the few posters I feel it's best just to stay clear of when I can tbh :')

00 ▶ PeaceMob ▶ eh
07 ▶ PeteFromLeeds ▶ I first noticed you in the indie forum which means you have pretty good taste!! I think it was in my nuggest contest actually and you sent a proper bop *.* I look forward to seeing you integrate more into the site and really make your mark, I think you're in for a pretty good debut this year!
05 ▶ popchartfreak ▶ need to see more of you in the lounge tbh!
03 ▶ Qassändra ▶ again its the same as Pavel, I don't feel I really get you and find it best to stay in my own little bubble when you're around
09 ▶ Qween ▶ omg getting to know you better during terms was a BLESSING. I think you're absolutely brilliant and I am so eager for something else to happen where I can work with you as you were so determined to get stuff done but also have fun with it which I loved. You're easy to chat to and have a bit of a laugh with so I'm glad I got to experience more of that via Teams!
06 ▶ randomfurlong ▶ idk you that well but I've heard there's a chance you'll be coming to Glasgow? ohmy.gif
00 ▶ Regina ▶ ______
09 ▶ Riser ▶ ayyyy Jordan *.* You are so so lovely and have really good and DIVERSE taste in music which I love. Some of my favourite plug sessions of the year have been when it's been us plus Jacob and Alanna and we just listen to twenty one pilots and stuff like that until like 4am (my time) laugh.gif You're also a BJSC fave tbh and just an all round fave of mine on the site angel.gif
04 ▶ Rob S ~ ▶ idk tbh there isn't really much i can say
07 ▶ RobBob ▶ You are SO essential to the site, you've had me in stitches so many times idk why we don't chat more!! I HOPE YOU COME TO GLASGOW

07 ▶ Rooney ▶ OMG pre-teams I was very sort of unsure.gif but since plotting and planning with you in the bru camp I've become so much more appreciative of you as a poster, I know you're a global mod and all but I'd love to see your more mischevious side more often as you were a lot of fun!
07 ▶ Ryan. ▶ I think you're a really great BJSC mod tbh, especially in regards of what you've done in the spin off forum, plus you seem lovely and like an all round decent person. I don't think you understand how OBSESSED I am with On Purpose still, like it's probably in my top ten of the year so far, I still listen to it multiple times a day :')
03 ▶ Scene ▶ idk you really soz
08 ▶ SevenSeize ▶ I defo feel like I know you better now that we're working the indie forum together, it's great knowing there's someone hardworking on the same team as me and not to mention a fellow Scot *.* One of my fave LindseySeize moments was our bread banter over PM, I can't even remember what that even was exactly but I was cackling so much, we need more times like that!! laugh.gif
10 ▶ Silas ▶ Ughhhh Phil heart.gif I can't explain enough how much my opnion of you has changed since becoming a Lounge mod, I used to be kinda unsure of you, I couldn't really gage your humour a lot of the time when you'd post but chatting with you behind the scenes has defo changed that. I bloody love your sense of humour and how you're always so straight to the point. You speak your mind so freely and I admire that so much. I find it so easy to talk to you now as well, I can't fathom how I ever found you slightly intimidating when I first joined now :') I went into being a lounge mod fully expecting all our conversations to be strictly professional but I love that they aren't like that at all, we can go from discussing important lounge matters to howling over something so stupid (ie thumb puns for a recent example x ). I also used to think I'd maybe need to filter myself a little when it came to working with you and the other mods but thats not the case at all, I don't think twice about voicing what I'm thinking as you are really easy to get along with. We actually aren't all that different I don't think ohmy.gif
04 ▶ Spinning Adam ▶ You've really changed haven't you spadz? :') You seem to have developed into this new era of just spouting shite about everything and anything and its got to the point that I can't even be bothered reading most of your posts because I know what it's gonna be like, which is a real shame as there was a point last year where I'd be following like everything you posted. I used to think we were on the same wavelength with a lot of things but now I can't even comprehend how you come up with half the ideas you do mellow.gif
06 ▶ Suedehead2 ▶ Omg your BJSC winner!!! SUCH A JAM. I wanna see more of that side to your music taste tbh and would love to get to know you better as a poster too x
07 ▶ T Boy ▶ I value you as a poster so much, you are a proper essential to the site and it really wouldn't be the same with out you. We need Pink to drop an album so we have more to discuss together tbh x
05 ▶ Tawdry Hepburn / mr_pmt ▶ idk you all that well oops
11 ▶ The-BrightPlaces ▶ ffs idek what to say here bc if I say too much I risk losing my cool exterior which as you know, I work hard to maintain so I'm not about to ruin that now by telling you nice things about yourself. I don't think I've ever clicked with someone as instantly as I did with you, like y'know people choose their friends, friendships often come out of shared circumstances etc but I feel as though there was no way we wouldn't be friends. Like we're so similar in our interests it's actually ridiculous and I'm like how???? Except fkn Overwatch mellow.gif I've told you so many times how much you mean to me so I don't think I need to really say it here even though I've maybe not told you recently, but everything I've ever told you still stands :') I love the fact that I now have someone to go see "weird bands nobodys ever heard of before" with and we generally seem to be on the same page with everything. I don't even care that you don't appreciate my jokes, you're still like my favourite person and I can't imagine not having you in my life now, even though we've not even known each other for a year, going a day without speaking to you is weird af. You make me laugh so much, you're such a nerd with you're specific pens and whatnot, despite what you say you're SO uncool but that's okay I still love you mate. I hope you cringed there bc i did for sure smile.gif

04 ▶ TheSnake / Buzzjack ▶ idek what to think of you at this point Snakey, I really don't :') I'm offended you haven't let the whole world hear sticky shoes tbh.
-1 ▶ *Tim ▶ This score was a hard one to decide, we've had our issues for sure but I never even considered giving you my -1 until after our argument the other day. You literally went from like a 7 to a 6 to a f*** it you're worthy of my -1 because I don't believe anyone should ever get away with speaking to me the way you do and still get called a friend. You used to always drag me as it's in your "humour" which I get and it can be amusing but even when you were playing it off as that, I always kind of knew there was more to it. Something always felt off in how you spoke to me which is why I was never really sure of where I stood with you. You managed to convince me that I was just overthinking and being paranoid though but like was i??? :') I should have went with my gut on that one. I don't know why you suddenly hate me and don't even care about me as you said, is it because I am willing to stand up for myself and argue your shit points? Is it because I'm actually comfortable in who I am but you don't feel I should be so you try and drag me down at every opportunity? Really Tim, you should enlighten me on that one tbh. You seem to think I didn't like you for a while but that was never the case, not until recently when you crossed the line on multiple occasions. Friends can argue and still be friends. I know we're past that now and I really don't care at this point though. I know I'm argumentative, I know I'm opinonated but I never start shit with people just for the sake of it which is what I think you do. Idk what else to really say here as I said pretty much everything I felt I had to the other day. I did also tell you on the multiple occasions where you went too far to stop, but you didn't. Any time you brought up personal things in my life, you actually told me someone self harming was my fault? Like how f***ed up is that, how is that ever funny? You accused me of being two faced and xenophobic the other day, like when have I EVER been any of those two things? That's just off of the top of my head. You've always had some sort of issue with me, I'm just glad that part is at least cleared up now even if I'm not quite sure what it is. It is a shame though as I did genuinely think we had a good friendship at one point but I'm kinda glad that facade is over now.
10 ▶ Toby / RosaParksMyCar ▶ You're so fkn annoying but I adore you bb. You're just always there, you might not have much to say but just knowing you're there and you care is often enough. You've helped me deal with a lot this year believe it or not and I so SO appreciate that. You're actually such a softy and you're gonna be an incredible husband to Jay one day wink.gif I think I like your puppy more than you. Actually I definitely do, there is no contest there. Our late night conversations about meaningless shite are so precious tbh, there's not may people I can discuss half the things we talk about with kink.gif You getting facebook was the best decision you've made since befriending me as I love how often we talk now because of it and we can actually drag Lotti and Alanna TOGETHER now *.*
04 ▶ Tombo ▶ I've only ever encountered you in the lounge the odd time. At first I actually thought you might be a troll because some of the things I've seen you post have been a bit unsure.gif... I guess time will tell what sort of poster you actually are though laugh.gif
07 ▶ travis ▶ You seem like an utter sweetheart with the soul of an emo child and for that I love you. We need to chat more for sure Travis!!
08 ▶ troublepink ▶ I miss our little Pink related conversations tbh Laura but I hold my hands up and say that's my fault because I've not been as active in our AF as I should be. Like I said with TBoy, we desperately need her to drop an album or something so we can really get into a solid discussion!! *.*
09 ▶ UltraGreenLight ▶ Sammmmmm, you've been working ridiculously hard this year because of your exams so I feel like I've not seen as much of you as I did last year but I can't wait for you to come back here PROPERLY where you're not having to study at the same time etc. You are gonna slay those exams though, nobody deserves that as much as you do! You're actually an angel and I love you to bits, you're honestly like a little sister I think and I need more of you in my life again wub.gif
00 ▶ vidcapper ▶ why are you still relevant enough to make this list tbh
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Life is so much queefier than we allow ourselves to think x
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5 rates on the first day ohmy.gif kink.gif
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Queef of Skreech
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Life is so much queefier than we allow ourselves to think x
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Well. You guys have balls.

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I want no part of this. Remove my name from the list.
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SORRY PHIL!! i forgot [2.0. or maybe [4.0].

aside from the fact i absolutely adore the concepts i also love that we have FIVE RATES to kick off this damn thing!
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I will post a standard version of mine tomorrow btw laugh.gif just in case YT is a flop for some people's interwebs
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thanks so much for the kind scores you guys!
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Well that was rather unexpected.
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post Jun 19 2017, 10:29 PM
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Y'alls worst nightmare
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Why am I in this???????? I am as relevant as the next wallflower. I asked y'all multiple times to leave me out, despite me giving very good reasons to do so, but hey ho since y'all didnt losten, be prepared to get absolutely wrecked.
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post Jun 19 2017, 10:29 PM
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Y'alls worst nightmare
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Also let's not accuse me of being affraid of low scores, I really do not give a f*** about those laugh.gif
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post Jun 19 2017, 10:30 PM
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I'm a mess but I'm the mess that you wanted.
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omg I am slayed, the rate dropping early & all 5 of those rates idea are bloody incredible *.* Thanks for the comments guys! <3 <3
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post Jun 19 2017, 10:31 PM
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benevolent overlord
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There is so much information to digest in all of those rates but I am LIVING for Bre's concept and Jade and Lindsey's lovely recorded messages and it seems to be overall a very strong start *.*
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