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> COUNTRIES RATE, thank you for the music for giving it to me x
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post Feb 27 2018, 10:39 PM
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Brown cow, stunning!
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Hello and welcome to the BJSC country rate ohmy.gif Credit to Klumzee for suggesting on plug it would be good to do something like this and I thought it was a fab idea! We've had rates based on flag, country name so why not the actual music? It's a bit of a mammoth task but as a bit of a late anniversary thing I thought this would be cool. People can help with write-ups etc. in the results so we get a good idea of what makes each country special etc and what people love.

I used the BJSC 100 list apart from people who didnt have many entries or have quit now and didn't want o be in this, bc I felt that represented most of BJSC's history, but on plug a few were suggested that I added and if there's any absolute glaring omissions I can put them in swiftly if suggested, but I don't want to go too far higher as we're already at nearly 100 countries laugh.gif

We all know the usual rate rules, but here tey are for clarity so I don't have to get HostZilla and complain at people kink.gif
- Rate each country between 0-10, with ONE optional -1 and ONE optional 11. You can use .5 scores but not -0.5 or 10.5.
- Please try and rate a solid amount of them, like 50-75% maybe? Most of them were in BJSC 100 and around it, so you should have a solid base on them. Some of the "classic" ones I chucked in on request you might be less familiar with, so it's fine to just xx them. But there is the pinned songs of thread where you can look at each country with ctrl + f and refresh your memory.
- Rate based on entries, not the person behind it, name or whatever. Like don't be petty -1ing someone because they snubbed you once or tole your potental or fixed a win xx
- PLEASE STICK TO THIS FORMAT. If you don't vote for a country just put xx don't delete it, its just much easier to input like 100 numbers if it's in the right order tongue.gif Commentary is ofc encouraged alongside it.

You have around 2 weeks but we'll see how things go.

Altyr Muunilinst
BuzzJack Mountain
Cor Lupus
East Rukahavian
FSR Rontvia
Kluminican Republic
Land of DW
New Lexico
Republic Of Adonia
République d'Ashton
South Danaelanda
St. Burbia
Terra Avium
The Actual Republic of Bellamia
United States Of Jack
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post Feb 27 2018, 10:42 PM
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felt kawaii, might delete buzzjack later idk
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Oh what a fab idea, I might find it hard to generate a score for everyone but I'll try to rate based on feeling.
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post Feb 27 2018, 10:44 PM
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Group: AF Leader
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Before anyone asks I asked to be taken out of the rate ☺️
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post Feb 27 2018, 10:49 PM
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Mrs Brayden Smith <333
Group: Buzzjack's Sweetheart
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Yay this is where keeping my voting history updated comes in handy *.* excited to do this in the coming days, cool idea!
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post Feb 27 2018, 10:50 PM
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The sports fanatic
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Is there a deduction for a country that doesn't vote??

Fantastic idea.
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post Feb 27 2018, 10:50 PM
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Brown cow, stunning!
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QUOTE(Mack. @ Feb 27 2018, 10:50 PM) *
Is there a deduction for a country that doesn't vote??

Fantastic idea.

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post Feb 27 2018, 10:56 PM
Post #7
i wounded gone arc this week
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[i nominate one of eledan/mulgracia/oslol as cammy's replacement x]

anyways, hype for this!

[though anything below at least a 7 for us is disgraceful]
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post Feb 27 2018, 11:01 PM
Post #8
Brown cow, stunning!
Group: Entertainment Mod
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Joined: 7-December 09

QUOTE(SevenSeize @ Feb 27 2018, 10:56 PM) *
[i nominate one of eledan/mulgracia/oslol as cammy's replacement x]

anyways, hype for this!

[though anything below at least a 7 for us is disgraceful]

Added them all as I think there's a case for each!
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post Feb 27 2018, 11:12 PM
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it's alright to feel like a fat child in a pushchair
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Shall do this at some point soon but I can't believe we haven't done this before! laugh.gif It'll be interesting to see if the countries who top the overall points chart/medal table will also do well in here or is there a chance for newer countries to really shine?
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Chez Wombat
post Feb 27 2018, 11:15 PM
Post #10
The owls are not what they seem
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What a great idea *. Shall get to this very soon.
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post Feb 27 2018, 11:29 PM
Post #11
Mr Jade Lauren Williams <333
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Ready to be shaded xx
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post Feb 28 2018, 12:30 AM
Post #12
rip in peace Dickston
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Rip in peace Holland-Oats kink.gif
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Algernon Monquee...
post Feb 28 2018, 12:33 AM
Post #13
Tick Tock
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My country's longer, official name never getting recognised though :')
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post Feb 28 2018, 01:02 AM
Post #14
low-key, no pressure, just hang with me and my weather
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How many -1s can I give? Xxx
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post Feb 28 2018, 07:13 PM
Post #15
Light speed activated.
Group: Genre Mod
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Can't wait for the Thelonia racism to continue
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post Mar 1 2018, 01:06 PM
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BuzzJack Platinum Member
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The only way I can rate any country is by using my "Points Given" table (taking into account points for nations who didn't make the finals) - sounds like a bit of research needed laugh.gif

It'll force me to confront the horrible possibility that there is a nation who has never had points from Singerpurear ohmy.gif
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post Mar 1 2018, 01:29 PM
Post #17
BuzzJack Legend
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QUOTE(Popchartfreak @ Mar 1 2018, 01:06 PM) *
It'll force me to confront the horrible possibility that there is a nation who has never had points from Singerpurear ohmy.gif

Wars have started over less ohmy.gif
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Addy K!ng
post Mar 2 2018, 02:45 AM
Post #18
BuzzJack Platinum Member
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I like this but omg it's really a long will take days to finish rank all these countries that brought so many good memories and discoveries through their music taste!!!
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post Mar 2 2018, 02:19 PM
Post #19
felt kawaii, might delete buzzjack later idk
Group: Admin.
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Joined: 3-February 11

Look, what we're all waiting for is for someone to drop a rate and start up the fights discussion. So I'm gonna drop something that being off work because of the snow has enabled me to do.

Don't feel intimidated by my comments if you're doing them, I did them really rather quickly and didn't put all that much thought into them so that's my excuse if they sound a bit offensive. Made me realise how many nations I go through periods of not caring about their songs before they pull out something amazing every 4 contests or so.

05 #00274E – has some great moments (Data & Picard, Conquest, Look Up, snow, A+E belatedly) but is also often overhyped and underwhelming to my distinct tastes. Too much RnB or uninteresting blogpop that gets high hyped (Ilia Darlin, Infinity Ink, Pale Waves) without having much to it.
09 Aelandor – I’m hesitant to give you a 10 just yet. Difficult country to have in the contest, it’s really fun having you in so we can discuss the contest together but I’m conscious I pretty much always give you points and that’s because you are almost always sending interesting stuff on the indie spectrum. And the addition of an occasional emo thing like No One Really Wins/Welcome Oblivion or emotional like Old Man is golden. Plus an underdog is always fun to root for.
07 Aeroche – I suspect that the actual result of this will be a slightly foregone conclusion and the king of BJSC will take it quite easily. Rating Aeroche fairly though, though I was sceptical back in the day at the Aeroche dominance, these days I mostly take it in my stride. Because about half of the Aeroche inevitable top 10s are proper stunners. Rockin For Myself and Born Ready last year just so recently. And then there’s ones I don’t get in the slightest like Skyline or Zonderling. But there’s some recognition that has to be given for your talent at finding hits, and I’m more on board than I’m not now.
06 Aesthetica – Currently a nation I’m watching with interest, they started so well with their first few entries but faltered a bit, although not as much as their results reflect, I hope you can get better, Asian pal.
00 Ajanaeda - I do not believe I’ve ever been truly excited about an Ajanaeda entry. SOZ.
06 Altyr Muunilinst – For old time’s sake have a six, it used to be that Altyr was one of my favourite nations with an amazing pop entry nearly every month, The Beginning Of The End (the first entry under the AM brand!) exemplifies the sort of retro Altyr I’m talking about. For several years now it’s been a lot more hit and miss, for every genius entry like Ice Cream, Light Of The Seven or Out Of My System, there’s about two or three pop entries I don’t care for at all).
02 Aprogonia – Never really got very into them so not a huge loss from the contest for musical quality.
05 Avalonia – Actually, even though Avalonia don’t have as many entries, much the same as Altyr, for every fantastic orchestral/trance-adjacent entry like Neverafter, I Do or My Indigo there’s a good portion of entries that leave no impact on me at all.
04 Aquafina – There’s one thing I miss about Aquafina from the contest, and that is Lee’s hilarious desperation. Which would probably be gone if they were entering now. Because mostly their entries were absolute trash. May I remind you all that this boy entered Swedish Angels. And it qualified.
08 Azure – A refreshing more punky alternative to Trifoski.
03 Beaverdonia – Sometimes, it really is the quality of one’s entries that we vote on.
06 Bhangra – A rather pleasant nation most of the time and the Eurodance angle that Bhangra sometimes play on is cool. I should have given more to Lullaby.
02 Bignia-Zaragovina – Jahq will side-eye me when I meet him but aside from when they were borrowing from me (Love Is In Bloom), really quite an awful country. Positive stuff like Tryo, Rubblebucket or BoA is drowned out by the sheer volume of things like Jedward, Andra Day and Marcus & Martinus.
03 BuzzJack Mountain – Yet to really prove themselves well and often entering stuff from the poor side of dance but eventually could produce something really good. There’s potential.
06 Bøtanikkä – Interesting country and I like that they’re not afraid to switch it up a little, and has certainly provided me with many good tunes over the years, LP, Linda Teodosiu, Puthe off the top of my head but sometimes I feel that things like Noga Erez or Alma are a bit too much style over substance, it puts me off a little and it’s only occasionally I get drawn to them.
05 Cadelicia – Chases hype a lot, gets burned a lot is my honest assessment of Cadelicia’s entries. I don’t often feel the heart behind them. A bit arsey of me but that’s a convoluted way of saying they’re often feel generic for what they are. And sometimes, like with After Dark or Reunite, I can feel that but mostly it makes it all feel a bit eh. Occasional entries like Perfume or Daler Mendhi break that but not often enough.
07 Caerfyrddia – A missed country, they knew how to write their narrative and enter some interesting pop tunes. Maybe prolonged exposure in the current climate would change that but for now…
06 Cor Lupus – About half generic hype-chasing a la Cadelicia, but there’s plenty of rock and dance hits in there to enjoy. Way Of Life is an especial underrated favourite to mention.
04 Cowtermont – A bit new so there’s plenty of time for you to make up the distance but I don’t feel a Cowtermontian (?) sound that’s distinct from anyone else’s just yet.
07 Cumulonimbia – Always known how to send a unique sounding entry and a fair amount of the time that hits with me. Sometimes I don’t get on board but mostly it’s good stuff like Miserable America or Fantasy or at least interesting, like Surf Solar.
07 D'yermak'er – Strong pop nation, doesn’t do well in the BJSC, great at Indian music on occasion, not exactly my thing but strong for a nation that isn’t exactly my thing.
08 Daehun – Yes, they’re a bit hilariously inept at times and a bit hilariously cheap at times but I do consider Daehun one of the more reliable nations because a K-Pop entry, good or bad will always stand out from the crowd and back in the day it was more likely than not to be good. Plus occasionally something brilliant like Derniere Danse or Love Doesn’t Need To Pretend happens. Shame about their other two winners though.
05 Deandria – An experimental nation whose experiments fail just about as often as they succeed for me.
07 Desbuanda – Underrated and very very strong when they find their calling. Graveyard Whistling, I Was On Your Side, Trees On Fire, just some of the great tunes that they’ve given us, and they definitely have a sound that is warm and enticing.
08 Dobago – A bit trashy but there’s no denying Dobago are one of the more fun nations in the game right now, all that boppy Eurodance is normally one of my go to highlights of a contest.
04 East Rukahavian – On occasion there’s a highlight, Midnight In Monaco, but I think they’re famously unsuccessful for a reason, not enough that’s memorable
08 Eledan – give me more dark industrial shiz or ethereal foreign-language pop Pav
08 Espen - occasionally a bit of an RnB slant which turns me off them for a while but beyond that lies a nation with a bevy of highlights and things like Nordpolen, Aura and Andrea Dahle that have lasted with me for years.
02 Ethanola – Free Tibet was about the only really good thing (and it was incredible) in a legion of failures. Amnesty granted to Gotham and Back Home too.
07 FARC – Hit and miss but more hit than miss, a lot of the time it’s this incredible blog darling that Jake plucked from the crest of the hype wave (Last Dance or Winterbreak), but sometimes it’s something horrendous like Ida Da Silva or just underwhelming like say, Mocki.
10 FSR Rontvia – I’ve rarely not been on the FSR Rontvia train and there are a ton of highlights that they have scattered throughout their repertoire. Far too many to list but even from before I joined there were constant highlights like Blank, Beautiful Small Machines, Sheelah, Chart Music, that have stuck with me to this day, and I’m always impressed by the ability they have to come up with something new on a fairly regular basis. There are songs I’m not so keen on of course, but they’re so rare as a percentage of all Rontvian entries that I think if I don’t give a 10 for them then what will I give a 10 to?
01 Farahtyn – I think they’re the only long-running nation along with Ajanaeda that I’ve never pointed and it’s mostly for a good reason, the worst of Scandi male-pop mostly. I kind of like their winner these days so they can have a point.
09 Fljótavík – Few nations can pull off a longing epic indie sound as well as Fljotavik consistently can. Over many different acts but they’re rarely by an act I’ve heard of and I’m always interested to hear what they have this time, quite a lot of the time it’s a highlight of the contest.
03 Flynnonda – Gonna be a bit rude here, there’s too much simpering dull pop and inept indie bands to get me really excited about Flynnonda most of the time.
06 Greenfroze – Greenfroze vary wildly between amazing Nordic or Asian pop and things that are complete and utter crud and not even in the ironic way I sometimes like. Some of my favourite early entries have been by them though and stuff like Revolver keeps them in my good books on occasion.
06 Harmonica – Harmonica seem super cool when they have good entries (Kaneholler) and not so cool when they have bad entries (some country shet, Road Less Travelled excluded). About above average overall.
07 Helgon – The history of Helgon/Syndare is rather good, they started off very well and then went through pretty distinct dark and golden age periods. Vienna Teng’s so good it’s worth at least a 7 though.
07 Hendinia – Excellent pop senses really make Hendinia an essential to have around. Certainly not on them all the time and I’ve pointed them only three times in the last couple of years but there’s been enough highlights over the years for a 7.
08 Jadakissnia – Concentrated high quality since joining, it’s a rare Jadakissnia entry I don’t feel the urge to point in the final, even if I don’t do so in the semi because as has been noted several times by me, they have that grower factor.
03 Jayrusalem – Always love seeing Jay in the contest, almost never love what he enters.
02 Jukianie – Aside from their debut which was pleasingly trashy I can’t recall if there was another Jukianie entry I liked.
05 Jupiterdonia – Bit new to tell and certainly potential but nothing really proven yet.
08 Kluminican Republic – Interesting and daring nation, sometimes has a misfire or something forgettable but I like Kluminican entries quite a lot these days, the ability they have to enter anything is highly valued. Lone Digger is enough for a high score but it’s not just that. Pogo, Hendersin, Wave Racer a while back, all excellent.
07 Kopecka – back in the day they were at the forefront of Scandipop and that was great, there were a few less reputable pop songs but mostly I enjoyed myself a Kopecka entry.
05 Kylienips – Kylienips had a bit of a golden age around their winner but there’s too much crap in the lineup to really put them higher.
09 Land of DW – One of my favourite nations of late, can go strong dance or rock or crazy or anything else I really like. Frank gets what I want from BJSC. Most of the time. Some of their tracks that really get latched onto by BJSC are a bit pedestrian. But there’s enough stuff like ID2 or I Tokuni that is awesome and is well worth a 9.
07 Lotunia – Already a nation to watch by their debut and their first couple of entries this year! Looks like they could become a really good nation in the future.
07 Mdice – Missed quite a lot, I imagine all their entries to sound as indie-cool as I Belong In Your Arms (Japanese Version) now. Their crap winners are mostly what drags this down.
06 Medhelnia - great modern indie-pop things like Parade Of Lights are counterbalanced with generic boring pop. This is reflective of about all of my comments.
02 Mezidinia – completely and utterly not my thing
04 Mulgracia – wasn’t much of a fan outside of the occasional generic dance entry that caught my ear or something like Rationale.
08 N DNTN – one of the most interesting nations for some years now, rarely an entry I forget about at all, often from a subgenre that isn’t in BJSC much and Asian entries on occasion are welcome.
07 New Lexico – rather good for a pop nation because of the European slant, has quite a few good foreign language entries in the lineup and most of the time Lex is fairly close to my idea of good pop.
06 Niceland – great with indie-rock and La Louze, less great with other things so far.
06 Numayania – there’s a Numayanian sound that is recognisable and is normally either deep-voiced queer pop or ethereal Scandipop. Actually, both of those are rather nice genres generally and normally I quite like it but the standard pop can sometimes be a bit dull.
06.5 Ojnoj – I think Ojnoj and Ramrynia are very cut from the same cloth, but Ojnoj just don’t have as much natural cheapness about them. Therefore they are slightly better and get my only half-score.
05 Oslol – I’m always amazed at the gap between here and what I hear of PJSC. There are some very interesting Oslol entries, Merry Christmas Mr Lawrence is a great example but quite often they’re less to my taste.
05 PRoJ – I find a lot of PRoJ entries go way over my head and I haven’t found as many highlights as I’d like to from them. However they did enter Superfast Jellyfish once.
04 Palmyra – the odd cute thing like Somewhere Anywhere, not that good on average.
10 Persephonia - one of my favourite countries over multiple years, there are few entries I don’t give the time of day to (Aron Can is the biggest one I can think of that I didn’t really like) and so many highlights from Zola through Shakushain and Cry For Freedom all the way to End Of The Dream. Definitely worth a 10.
08 Pupok - trash but adorable. I find a lot of personality with the pop entries and they’re very willing to explore.
09 Quintessa – finding quite an affinity with Quintessa lately and in truth I pretty much always had it, I was rooting for their entries even back when they used to be ‘rubbish’. Some of my best highlights from recent years have come from Quintessa though. Genesis, Square Hammer, Who You Are, all excellent.
06 Ramrynia – It wouldn’t be the same without Ryan sending a cheap pop entry, over the years there have been a fair few ones I like and by now they should have won, with Alida in particular.
04 Republic Of Adonia – a bit meh which is good to be honest, if it were a country that was letting entries I actually liked go to waste with deduction I’d probably be madder, but most of the time I just don’t really care that much about the Adonian entries. Exceptions happen like last month though.
07 Rolloland – give me all of the progressive rock I love it.
07 République d'Ashton – if I give any less I’m getting banned nah, they are a good nation, I love the commitment to foreign language and there’s a fair chance of some good trash or good pop from somewhere like France or Finland. There’s also a fair chance of some absolutely awful stuff but that’s less often.
05 Sandebörg – I want to like Sandeborg more but there’s a bit too much trash I’m not interested in and poor Eurorejects. Occasionally awesome.
01 Sandénia – jesus no at most of these
02 Scherzland – jesus even more no. Actually, Cady Groves was alright.
08 Singerpurear – super underrated, almost always entering something interesting, switching it up rather regularly and introducing me to Kishi Bashi is well worth a lot.
08 Skall – very uncaring attitude towards success which is great lately, and it produces a lot more interesting entries. I find myself drawn to a lot of Skall entries plus there’s things like September and Azz Klapz in your history. Not this month but that’s an exception.
07 South Danaelanda – premier dance nation and that’s worth a 7. Of course there’s times when I don’t like the style of dance you choose at all but when you enter trance, Eurodance, electro or something else I can like I normally find myself giving you quite a lot.
05 St. Burbia – The modern RnB nation in my mind and a lot of the time I find them a bit not catering to me, but occasionally they can come through with something like All On Me.
07 Suedonia – a bit less reliable than their counterpart in retro crime Singerpurear and not as progressive rock focused as Rolloland but still an enjoyable presence in the contest most of the time.
08 Summericia – love how you’ve found a niche taking from rock and witch house, moves you closer to my alignment of countries and I’m liking Summerician entries more often than not these days.
20 Séyetana
09 Taahino – has a huge number of great entries in their lineup, has faltered a bit from perfect nation that they were but that might be my tastes changing more than anything, there’s few Taahino entries I think are actually bad and most come close or into my votes still.
04 Tartford – love it when Tartford do pull out a banger but that’s quite a rare occurrence.
10 Terra Avium – like a more orchestral and epic Persephonia and it’s a rare contest where I’m not voting for a Terra Avium entry. I think they have a bag of miracles.
04 The Actual Republic of Bellamia – occasionally good for a nation that is most comfortable entering young white boys* strumming lightly on guitars with a tropical house backing.
*minimum hair length – 20cm
05 Thelonia – I find some Thelonia entries that interest me but not all that often. MC BOING wwas the first one in ages.
06 Tinnmark – Some excellent entries, it’s an absolute crime in retrospect that Play My Drum wasn’t a winner, we certainly didn’t need Easy Love in that lineup, and when they tear themselves away from dull pop there’s interesting Norwegian rap and metal in there sometimes. I like how Jerick focuses on his home country, adds a bit of a unique sound to them.
07 Triangoaldonia – any nation that takes from NoCopyrightSounds at least a couple of times gets in my good books, those intriguing instrumentals.
11 Trifoski – amazingly talented at finding songs to please all BJSC comers and there’s so few Trifoski entries I don’t like and I remember so many of them that if I was going to give anyone the 11 I think it has to be them. Just looking through that entry list and I can’t actually find one I don’t like. Maybe Major Happy but that’s just a slight ‘eh’. Considering most countries here are ‘I like a few entries from you but so many are awful or meh and I never listen to them anymore’, that’s really unusual and well worth a top score.
05 Ultraviolenceland – was really quite good at the start but started going into mainstream pop and that put me off a lot as I couldn’t really find any meaning from the songs anymore.
09 Umiiruka - Even though so many Umiiruka entries were failures, I was on board with almost all of them, there was a cool longing to the pop entries, the foreign language entries felt beautifully desperate and there were few I wouldn’t have liked to see do better.
03 United States Of Jack – Not really my thing most of the time. I was surprised how much I liked Bree Runway. Not enough to vote for it but the rest of the list of entries isn’t really my thing at all. Their Fefe Dobson entry aside.
07 Unovia – Like with Hendinia, a load of strong pop entries and I’ve voted for several of them, certainly not always my thing but got me enough times to respect them.
07 Varakë – love myself a bit of Varake now and then, perhaps not as much as some people but they are a well underrated nation. Pr0files should have done so much better.
04 Vülkyria – not so keen on most entries, things like Lushington (the first one, not the second one) are wonderful exceptions
08 What – dat metal swag. Please more. As always whenever mentioning you. 2 10/10 entries and one 8/10 entry is a high number for one of our most elusive nations.
04 Yehesi - not so keen on most entries, things like Dead V are wonderful exceptions, fight me irl
10 Zechonia – Zech come back please, if even once! Excellent nation and what I aspire to be sometimes.
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post Mar 2 2018, 04:13 PM
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Mrs Brayden Smith <333
Group: Buzzjack's Sweetheart
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Oh Izzles finally kickstarting the rates *.* and with a fairly in depth one too so hooray. I'm pleased to have obtained a rare 8+ score from you in amongst a lot of brutal reviews laugh.gif Séyetana seemed to particularly appreciate Jadakissnia's 2016 output (with all those growers, pleased to see you mention that haha), hopefully this will be a good year too.
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