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> Doctor Who In Review: 2008-10 Specials, the time lord victorious is wrong
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Doctor Who: 2008-10 Specials
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post Oct 3 2018, 06:09 PM
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i need you the most
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2008-10 Specials

The revival of BBC's Doctor Who has now been ongoing for over 13 years, making it one of the biggest shows on TV all over again and taking it global too. I've been rewatching from series 1 again (god knows how many times I've done this now) alongside our very own HausofTove, who is watching all of these episodes for the very first time. So I thought, what better to do than a new series of threads in the run-up to Jodie Whittaker's debut as the Thirteenth Doctor?

Please post your opinions on series 4, and vote for your favourite episode in the poll above!

The Details

Exploring Victorian London on his own, the Doctor hears a lady in distress calling for him. When he arrives, he finds out there is another Doctor - his future incarnation? The Doctor befriends Rosita and "the Doctor" and they fight off the Cybermen together, realising that the other Doctor is in fact Jackson Lake, a man whose memories were lost when he found the Doctor's infostamp by mistake. The Doctor then finds himself lost on a barren planet after a London bus travels through a wormhole. He makes friends with Lady Christina de Souza, a professional thief, as they race against time to find a way out before vicious metal stingray creatures get through the wormhole onto Earth. Afterwards, the Doctor lands on Mars in 2059, meeting the crew of Bowie Base One. He realises that he's stumbled into a fixed point in time, where all of the crew must die. However, he can't resist temptation and as deadly water infects the crew one-by-one, he manages to save three lives, including Adelaide Brooke, who later stands up to him. Finally, a pompous and arrogant Tenth Doctor comes to the end of his run in The End of Time, as he does battle with a resurrected Master, with Wilfred Mott by his side.


David Tennant as the Tenth Doctor
David Morrissey as Jackson Lake [The Next Doctor]
Michelle Ryan as Lady Christina de Souza [Planet of the Dead]
Lindsay Duncan as Adelaide Brooke [The Waters of Mars]
John Simm as the Master [The End of Time]
and Bernard Cribbins as Wilfred Mott [The End of Time]

Guest Starring

Velile Tshabalala as Rosita Farisi [The Next Doctor]
Catherine Tate as Donna Noble [The End of Time]
Jacqueline King as Sylvia Noble [The End of Time]
Freema Agyeman as Martha Smith-Jones [The End of Time]
Noel Clarke as Mickey Smith [The End of Time]
Catherine Tate as Donna Noble [The End of Time]
Tommy Knight as Luke Smith [The End of Time]
Elisabeth Sladen as Sarah Jane Smith [The End of Time]
John Barrowman as Captain Jack Harkness [The End of Time]
Russell Tovey as Midshipman Alonso Frame [The End of Time]
Jessica Hynes as Verity Newman [The End of Time]
Billie Piper as Rose Tyler [The End of Time]
Camille Coduri as Jackie Tyler [The End of Time]


The Next Doctor | Written by Russell T. Davies
Planet of the Dead | Written by Russell T. Davies & Gareth Roberts
The Waters of Mars | Written by Russell T. Davies & Phil Ford
The End of Time, Part One | Written by Russell T. Davies
The End of Time, Part Two | Written by Russell T. Davies

Aliens & Villains

Cybermen [The Next Doctor]
Cyber King [The Next Doctor]
Cybershades [The Next Doctor]

Tritovores [Planet of the Dead]
Stingrays [Planet of the Dead]

The Flood [The Waters of Mars]

The Master [The End of Time]
Time Lords [The End of Time]
Vinvocci [The End of Time]

See Also

Feel free to contribute to past topics still! Click the links below.

Past and Present


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post Oct 3 2018, 06:14 PM
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BuzzJack Platinum Member
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It's all about The Waters of Mars here. Obviously The End of Time is iconic for bringing this era to a close but WOM was just spot on with its intensity and genuinely dark take on an episode.
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post Oct 4 2018, 07:43 PM
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i need you the most
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I quite enjoy all of these episodes but The Waters of Mars is the clear highlight. It's bold, presents a new take on the "base under siege" type plot with a genuinely terrifying threat. I love how Adelaide doesn't just accept the Doctor's authority, and her death scene is one of the most shocking moments in Doctor Who for me. So much power in one tiny scene, brilliantly acted by Lindsay and David.

The End of Time is enjoyable but a bit too long I find. Some elements could have been changed a bit - the skeletal Master wasn't brilliant and they spent waaay too long getting to the actual reveal of the Master. However, I adore every scene between the Doctor and Wilf. The café scene and the spaceship scene are my two particular favourites heart.gif and although it was self-indulgent, Ten's victory lap seeing all his companions at the end was very touching.

Planet of the Dead is an enjoyable romp and I enjoy the flirty and fun nature of Christina as a companion. The plot isn't especially exciting but it's a good episode, if a little throwaway. The Next Doctor has some great concepts although the Cybermen feel a bit sidelined (even if that graveyard scene in the snow was superb!!) and the Cyber King was trash. Jackson isn't my favourite companion either even if he has a touching story.

If we count this as a separate series, it's easily the weakest Tennant series, but as one-off episodes they all work quite nicely to fill out the gap year of 2009.

1. The Waters of Mars
2. The End of Time
3. Planet of the Dead
4. The Next Doctor
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post Oct 7 2018, 12:00 AM
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That ending of End Of Time Part 1 was a huge mindf*** with everyone having John Simm's face

My ranking:

[ [GOLD] ]:

1. The End Of Time
2. The Next Doctor


3. The Waters Of Mars


4. Planet Of The Dead
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post Oct 7 2018, 12:13 AM
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The Waters of Mars is definitely the best thing to come of these specials and, for me, the show itself. It's an incredible script with a genuinely terrifying villain and both David and Lindsay are outstanding. The scene between the Doctor and Adelaide when he finally tells her what happens on the base is quite possibly one of the most heartbreaking moments, and it's one that always gets me when I watch the episode back. The ending is quite chilling too, and definitely a bold move but it (as well as her performance throughout the whole episode) cements Adelaide as one of the finest one-time companions the Doctor's had; not willing to let her granddaughter's destiny be defied by the Doctor because he decided to bend the rules of time. It really gets me too when the water gets into the main control room and starts picking them off one by one. cry.gif

Both The End of Time and The Next Doctor have their flaws. I've just recently rewatched all of these episodes and I found myself really bored by the latter. A story with the Cybermen set at Christmas could have been one of the best Christmas specials we'd had, but it all fell flat and they ended up being mere afterthoughts in the end. The story with Jackson wasn't a particularly interesting one / one that I found myself invested in either. It has its moments where it's obviously just to be taken as a festive romp, and Dervla Kirwan is outstanding as Ms Hartigan, but overall it's not one of the show's finest moments. The End of Time is set up wonderfully - the scenes with Wilf and the Doctor are beautiful, and there's plenty of mystery and intrigue to allow for a second part, but that's when it all loses it I feel. Part 2 just drags on for longer than it should really. It is scattered with a fair few really nice nods and moments though.

Planet of the Dead was really good on rewatch I thought - it was a bit thin on both action and in some ways plot in the end, but taking it for what it is it was a fun episode and Michelle Ryan was great.

1. The Waters of Mars
2. The End of Time
3. Planet of the Dead
4. The Next Doctor
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