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> F1 2019 Drivers Rate
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post Apr 16 2019, 01:25 PM
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It's the return of the Mack.
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xx Lewis Hamilton
xx Valtteri Bottas
xx Sebastian Vettel
xx Charles Leclerc
xx Max Verstappen
xx Pierre Gasly
xx Daniel Ricciardo
xx Nico Hulkenberg
xx Romain Grosjean
xx Kevin Magnussen
xx Lando Norris
xx Carlos Sainz
xx Sergio Perez
xx Lance Stroll
xx Kimi Raikkonen
xx Antonio Giovinazzi
xx Alexander Albon
xx Daniil Kvyat
xx George Russell
xx Robert Kubica

Rate the class of 2019, from 10 to 0, you can one '11' and one '-1'. All commentary is welcome about the drivers please try and keep it family friendly.

You have until 30th April to get your rates done.

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post Apr 17 2019, 07:20 PM
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BuzzJack Legend
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Let's have a go at this:

11 Lewis Hamilton [best car best car yada yada (not even the case sometimes) he is the don of the grid, untouchable at his best]
07 Valtteri Bottas [solid driver but you'd never back him in close wheel-to-wheel racing against similar peforming cars]
08 Sebastian Vettel [past his best now but still capable of the odd top drive - getting outperformed by a relative rookie once again though]
10 Charles Leclerc [not seen anything yet to suggest this guy ain't the real deal, surely set for dizzying heights once ferrari stop sabotaging him]
09 Max Verstappen [driver who you get excited for in close combat, far less error-prone & overperforming in an average car]
05 Pierre Gasly [having a bit of a nightmare at rbr so far, never been convinced yet aside from that one super drive in bahrain last year]
08 Daniel Ricciardo [going through a rough patch right now & won't be challenging for podiums again soon but the talent is unmaskable]
07 Nico Hulkenberg [consistent if unremarkable - has more often than not punched above his weight despite the lack of podium]
06 Romain Grosjean [has never really kicked on from that very good season at lotus, keeps remininding everyone of the old grosjean too often]
07 Kevin Magnussen [not afraid to get his elbows out, a decent midtable performer but never destined for a top drive]
07 Lando Norris [early days but that drive in bahrain was certainly an eye-catcher, potential to be a real class talent]
05 Carlos Sainz [a bit overrated for me, kinda there to make up the numbers these days skirting around average teams]
07 Sergio Perez [solid, dependable & with the odd amazing drive to snatch a podium in inferior machinery]
03 Lance Stroll [stole a seat through nepotism alone - had that one wonder drive in baku a few years back but pretty much nothing else]
07 Kimi Raikkonen [still got that amazing talent in him as seen by austin last year, great to see him stick around even if further down the grid]
03 Antonio Giovinazzi [thoroughly unconvinced by this guy thus far, time will tell if he's the next sirotkin]
06 Alexander Albon [like what's i've seen so far - didn't know much about him at the season start but already put in some good performances]
06 Daniil Kvyat [good old torpedo, gets a bit of a bad rep but he's not a bad driver generally - people forget he beat ricciardo in the same machinery]
06 George Russell [difficult to rate as he's in an absolute pig of a car but he's doing all he can in beating his teammate convincingly]
04 Robert Kubica [obviously hard to rate given the story behind his comeback but he is being outpaced by a rookie & will remain rooted to the foot on the standings]
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post Apr 18 2019, 02:19 PM
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not 152chris (☻‿☻)
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11 Lewis Hamilton / love to hate him. questionable actions off the grid but in the car he's untouchable.
05 Valtteri Bottas / great driver in a great car but he's so dull i barely know anything about him.
07 Sebastian Vettel / a fav but time to retire soon no?
10 Charles Leclerc / one of the best first seasons i know of so far at least..? a rookie making it all look so easy. can't wait to see his progression and inevitable championship win next yr / 2021 / when lewis retires
10 Max Verstappen / one of the few current drivers that truly excites me. you can always rely on him going to gold even when it looks out of the question. like severin said tho, too many errors. but they get far outweighed by his sheer courage to just push the limits.
03 Pierre Gasly / bit of a non-event
10 Daniel Ricciardo / needs a better car and team immediately. a wasted talent alongside ocon
02 Nico Hulkenberg / actually forget he's even on the grid sometimes
02 Romain Grosjean / ditto ^
05 Kevin Magnussen / unremarkable
08 Lando Norris / lookingg forward to his story /what he can do
09 Carlos Sainz / i want him in a better team
02 Sergio Perez / another non-event for me
00 Lance Stroll / what severin said
10 Kimi Raikkonen / a legend
05 Antonio Giovinazzi / on the fence. dunno what to think of him yet.
05 Alexander Albon / same as ^
07 Daniil Kvyat / has potential still
07 George Russell / one to watch
07 Robert Kubica / kinda wish he hadn't come back and left his legacy as it was. can't really see him challenging for a podium any time soon.
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post Apr 25 2019, 05:08 PM
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It's the return of the Mack.
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05 Lewis Hamilton- Not a fan of him. But he can be untouchable when he has the quickest car
06 Valtteri Bottas He's quick but not a championship contender
07 Sebastian Vettel On his day, he's good but he is capable of another world title?
10 Charles Leclerc One of my favourite drivers. I'm sure a first win isn't far away. A future World Champion.
09 Max Verstappen Quick but still makes that mistake at a crucial time. World Champion? I'm not sure he will be.
04 Pierre Gasly Looks a shadow of himself after joining Red Bull.
09 Daniel Ricciardo When he has a quick car, he is capable of getting wins. I hope it will all come to fruition at Renault sometime soon in the next couple of years.
05 Nico Hulkenberg- A career that reminds me of Nick Heidfeld
04 Romain Grosjean With him you get the good, the bad and the ugly in separate weekends.
06 Kevin Magnussen Nothing but best of the midfield.
07 Lando Norris Early days, looks capable.
08 Carlos Sainz Likable driver, above average. McLaren a wrong choice?
05 Sergio Perez Has his moments. But sometimes he is just average.
-1 Lance Stroll Mr Stroll Sr is the reason he has the drive. Somehow has more podiums than Hulkenberg and Sainz Jr.
08 Kimi Raikkonen Still got talent, seems to be enjoying himself at the swansong of his career.
04 Antonio Giovinazzi After his two crashes in China 2017. Yet to be convinced he is one of the future.
07 Alexander Albon Ditto bonus point for drive at China. Has put up in some good performances so far.
01 Daniil Kvyat Guess who's back, Torpedo's back, back again pardon the Eminem pun.
06 George Russell Doing his best in the machinery he has got.
05 Robert Kubica I'm not sure he should have come back, again like others have said he should have left his legacy as it was. Unfortunately it looks like he'll continue to be at the back throughout the season.
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post May 3 2019, 03:30 PM
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It's the return of the Mack.
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Results of this will be next week.

There will be time still to get your rates up.

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post May 9 2019, 04:48 PM
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It's the return of the Mack.
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Rating them in comparison ONLY against the current drivers it's pretty clear cut

11 Lewis Hamilton - Best at qualifying and once in front. Questionable under pressure. Just makes top 20 all time despite 5 titles - Beaten by Button/Rosberg in equal cars weakens his claims as the best
06 Valtteri Bottas - Solid number 2. The David Coulthard of his generation
07 Sebastian Vettel - Like Hamilton is now, he used to be great when in front. Questionable under pressure. Overrated and past his best. Capable on his day. Legacy flattered by dominant cars.
08 Charles Leclerc - Still too early to say but has real potential and a natural talent. Can currently be found destroying Vettel's reputation
09 Max Verstappen - The most exciting driver out there and were he in a Mercedes he'd be a tough challenge for Hamilton. Too many errors still
03 Pierre Gasly - Astonished he got the Red Bull drive and he's done nothing so far to suggest he'll keep it long
08 Daniel Ricciardo - One of the best out there. Feels like Red Bull favoured quickly Verstappen and that cost him despite his clear talent. Needs a swift move away from Renault to revive career
06 Nico Hulkenberg - Solid driver. Can be relied on to score points but never to impress much
05 Romain Grosjean - Quick but a liability. If he can avoid crashing he can have his moments. Loses a point for rashness
06 Kevin Magnussen - Gutsy and not afraid to duke it out. Not race winner material without lots of luck
06 Lando Norris - How do you give a rating for someone who's only started 3 races? Positive start so have a 6
06 Carlos Sainz - Decent. Likeable driver. Above average driver
06 Sergio Perez - Has his moments. Most of them involve ramming or being rammed by Ocon. Less interesting by himself
04 Lance Stroll - Some are born great, some have greatness thrust upon them. Others get daddy to buy the team. Out of his depth
07 Kimi Raikkonen - Many years ago this might have been a 10. With his legacy it would be a 10. His personality would be an 11. But sadly his brilliance has faded recently.
05 Antonio Giovinazzi - I really can't think of anything worth saying either way about him. But I like having an Italian back on the grid
06 Alexander Albon - Bonus point for a good drive in China. Too soon otherwise
02 Daniil Kvyat - Was he given another chance as a dare? The new Andrea De Cesaris
05 George Russell - No idea if he's any good but he manages to drive around at the back pretty well
04 Robert Kubica - Bonus point for being great once and especially for your resilience and determination to come back but all the signs are you shouldn't have bothered. Hopefully it was simply too early
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