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> Spice World 2019 Tour - Best and Worst Moments, Give your own personal take on it
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post Jun 27 2019, 09:59 AM
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BuzzJack Enthusiast
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Now that we are all still slightly drunk from all the fun of this reunion tour - and with the promise of MORE TO COME yahoo.gif - what were your own personal favourite moments on the tour?

What were your favourite songs? What tracks worked live and which kind of didn't?

What was your favourite aspect of the visuals? Did you love the globe in the middle of the Stage? Maybe Jess Glynne should have been replaced with Charli XCX?

This is not a thread for bad mouting, only honestly good intentioned opinions teresa.gif cool.gif

I'll go first...


- The whole vibe, full of FUN and SPICE throughout the concerts. They really brought it home, in a way that the last Reunion Tour didnt. They trusted their own songs and gave it all on stage. It was electric, very emotional at points and totally stunning!

- Their vocals. This has to be the best tour vocals-wise! They really all improved with age, havent they? Mel C and Emma were simply flawless throughout. A testament to Mel C's prowess has been the fact that everyone in the stadiums seemed to sing with her adlibs as much as the rest of the choruses! And Emma's extended note on 2 Become 1 was a personal highlight wub.gif

- Never Give Up On The Good Times, Love Thing, If You Can't Dance and Something Kinda Funny being BACK cheer.gif w00t.gif Those are some of my favourite album tracks and I was such a happy to see them live for the first time (not counting that lame IUCD intro on the last tour lol)

- Their friendship. You can tell they are so much more close than they have been in the past 15 years. It was a JOY to see that on stage.

- The new slogan of 'Everyone is Welcome'. Inclusivity was always at the forefront of their work, so it is nice to see their mantra adapted to the current climate. AMAZING to attend with non-binary, Trans and friends of colour and see a whole Stadium filled with people of all backgrounds and everybody feeling welcomed. This is very rare to see, specially in England where most are whiter than white!

- Let Love Lead The Way and Too Much. FINALLY these two tracks got given a good treatment by them live. Too Much in particular hasnt been done live well since Istanbul, in my opinion. It was dead boring in Spiceworld 1997 and I didnt really like the jazz version in The Return tour. Let Love Lead The Way being sang in the circle, with Geri's vocals being a high point (who knew!! heart.gif ), Mel C's new harmony, Emma's bridges and Mel B's adlibs wub.gif I was so happy with these two tracks!!!


I wouldnt count most of this as 'THIS IS BAD', mostly missed opportunities but I am very happy with what we got tbh

- Move Over! They could have totally done it, even a short version, just before Holler. I was thinking about how they could have flipped the Spice Troup intro around, arriving on stage with Move Over, singing that a bit and then bursting into Holler. Instead, we got Move Over as an intro to an intro which was a bit of a missed opportunity, I think. My instinct to that was that Geri just didnt do that section very well, so they toned it down a bit (remember her drinking tea in the middle of Holler? WTF lol)

- The lack of Forever love. I know, I know... I understand why, but honestly, they could have included a mix of If You Wanna Have Some Fun which would have gone well in the Disco section (maybe sandwiched between Never Give Up and We Are Family, at least like an intro or something)...

- I would have prefered another album track rather than We Are Family. Again, I get why they did it (instantly recognisable fun song in the middle of a section full of album tracks) but they have done it on 3 tours so far! It worked well though, so again this is just a mild comment on personal preference lol

- No Naked! Really thought they could have given it a go with this one! Also, they could totally retire The Lady is a Vamp for the future. It is fun, but a bit overdone, I think...

- Jess. Her songs are all the same and she has no stage presence at all. Someone a bit better would have been nice! I guess her music is a crowd pleaser but by god, what a boring performer. And did you see her set? It looked like she went to IKEA, bought some cardboard and painted it blue herself lol sleep.gif

ANYWAY what were your own personal favourites? What would you change?
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Jay ☆
post Jun 27 2019, 03:36 PM
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"Jayrusaleminians" - Umi.
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I loved their outfits, particularly the first and last ones being a nod to their Scary/Baby/Ginger/Sporty personas. Generally better than what they wore for The Return of the Spice Girls. Hairstyles on point too - loved that Melanie C brought back her high ponytail, such a strong look. Geri chose the right shade of ginger that it felt like a throwback but also suited her well in 2019, Mel B's afro = perfect. Interestingly Emma's pink hair was the most modern/fresh choice, but it really worked - it still seemed incredibly Baby Spice.

I think the set list was like 95% perfection. The only two I was a bit "eh" about their inclusion was The Lady Is A Vamp & We Are Family, however I ended up enjoying both tbh. I think if there's a future tour they should possibly consider using The Lady Is A Vamp outro as an interlude instead. I just would have liked to have seen them perform Saturday Night Divas & Move Over!

The inclusion of more album tracks was very welcomed & an aspect of this show that elevates it above ROTSG for me. Never Give Up on the Good Times & Love Thing were so uplifting and fun - how crazy that they overlooked them in 2007.

This tour genuinely gave me a newfound appreciation for Something Kinda Funny & If U Can't Dance. I was never massively into either song, but that's changed. Particularly If U Can't Dance, I hear the album version in a totally new light now. For 20 years I always felt it lacked something in comparison to the Spiceworld tour version, but now I really appreciate the album version.

I personally loved what they did with Holler. That's had an incredibly divisive response, but I thought it sounded epic! The bass *.* They really gave it that extra kick that elevated it. Melanie C & Mel B are on fire during that performance. wub.gif I'm not sure I totally get the teacups thing between Geri & Emma, yet it weirdly seems like such a "Yaaas" moment! laugh.gif I'm still pleased that Geri decided to embrace the Forever singles this time around. Yes she was relatively awkward doing the Holler moves, but I think she gave it her best & she looked fabulous in her outfit. biggrin.gif

I loved their interaction with the crowd. Obviously they were following a bit of a script (i.e. their preamble to performing Goodbye) but it still felt natural & heartfelt. There were many touching/sweet moments, amusing moments, and moments that just reaffirm exactly what I have such an affinity for them as people. Agree that the friendship they have for each other really shone through. heart.gif They really looked like they were having the time of their lives. Perhaps Geri has a slight "rabbit in headlights" quality to her, but I think that's just her at this point in her life - I certainly think she was really loving the experience even if it wasn't quite as blatant as the other three.

The staging, screens & visuals were fantastic I think, really colourful and bold and totally Spice Girls. The ring was genius, it's such a focal point & makes it one of the most memorable staging designs I've ever seen. Oh and I enjoyed the use of fireworks too.

Slight bad points

I still feel like they spent a bit too much time at the front of the circle stage, directly facing the general audience. I appreciate that they modified some choreography to face the circle, but the key moments of Spice Up Your Life/Holler/Wannabe were with their backs to the circle. cry.gif Don't get me wrong, I had the time of my life in the circle at Wembley, but at the same time I wonder if it would seemed better at the very front of general. I've seen thought that perhaps the circle should have been split into four pits, and have catwalks going across the circle in a cross shape. Then they could have performed in the middle of the circle, which I feel would have been a better fit for performances like Holler.

I did enjoy the Spiceworld movie chant, maybe it went on a tad too long though?
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post Jun 27 2019, 04:48 PM
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BuzzJack Climber
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_ Let Love Lead The Way and Mama in full.
_ Outfits and dancers.
_ The audience was crazy during the whole show.
_ The spice magic still intact.
_ The spice bus next to the wembley stadium


_ The scene was too high in the spice circle, difficult to see during the performance of something kinda funny and do it.
_ Missing one or two songs from the forever album (If You Wanna Have Some Fun or Oxygen).
_ No Headlines (Mel B could finally have more lines to sing) no Voodoo or new single.
_ Move Over in interlude.
_ No lines of victoria during holler that geri could have sung.
_ Geri was the least communicative of the 4 girls with the spice circle. She even snubbed her daughter during Wannabe. Bluebell looked disappointed at that moment cry.gif

Instead of Jess Glynne, I wanted the solo spice girls (2 or 3 songs per spice) to raise the temperature of the audience

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post Jun 27 2019, 08:30 PM
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BuzzJack Regular
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When I'll have some time I will post my bests and worsts smile.gif in the meantime, I propose a Poll or a Rate for all the tour's numbers? What do you think of?
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post Jun 27 2019, 10:03 PM
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BuzzJack Enthusiast
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QUOTE(SouthernStar88 @ Jun 27 2019, 09:30 PM) *
When I'll have some time I will post my bests and worsts smile.gif in the meantime, I propose a Poll or a Rate for all the tour's numbers? What do you think of?

Thats a really good idea actually! Will think it up heart.gif
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post Jul 19 2019, 02:06 PM
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For me:

+ Nostalgia all over and people sang along with quite some songs.
+ The place we got in the stadium and soundwise I expected way worse.
+ They pulled it off as a fourpiece. Not trying to be shady but I didn't miss Victoria that much.
+ Mel C's voice and joy!
+ Enjoying VF (again) and the new version of Holler wub.gif

-Geri was a bit stiff at moments.
-Not peforming Naked.
-The 'you are the best crowd' etc said too many times.
-The lines for the drinks/toilets.

9. 5/10 cheer.gif
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