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> This is your Pink Life, What was your life for each era?
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T Boy
post Jul 9 2019, 04:27 PM
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Radical Pink Troll
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Pink has clocked up almost 20 years in the business with 9 eras in all including the GH. But what was going on in your life for each one? Do they hold any significance to you? For me itís as follows:

1) Canít Take Me Home-I was transitioning from primary school to secondary school. I remember being very aware of There You Go but I was hooked on Most Girls not long after starting high school.

2) M!ssundaztood- I was in Year 8 when Get The Party Started exploded and Donít Let Me Get Me really helped me through that year. At 13 I was the right age for Pinkís coming of age themes and the week I turned 14, Just Like A Pill was no.1.

3) Try This-my first Pink album! I was 15 and had started my GCSEs in Year 10. I was spending a lot of time in school as I had a role in the school production of My Fair Lady and it was such great fun and I made some fantastic new friends. This album takes me back to a happy time.

4) Iím Not Dead-my favourite album of all time. I was in the first year of 6th form and I became obsessed with this emotional rollercoaster that is this album. Stupid Girls, Cuz I Can, Who Knew and Leave Me Alone (Iím Lonely) were my main plays that summer and I loved U + Ur Hand going top 10 in time for my 18th birthday.

5) Funhouse-Iíd just turned 20 and was in my second year of uni. At the time I was having a blast but I suffered some pretty bad bullying towards the end of this era. So What became an anthem.

6) Greatest Hits...So Far!!!-newly 22, Iíd begun my teacher training. I vaguely remember listening to this quite a bit but I barely remember anything from this year that didnít happen inside a classroom.

7) The Truth About Love-I had just started working in the school Iím in now! I had to wait 11 extra days for this as my parents bought me the album for my 24th birthday. Blow Me (One Last Kiss) meant so much to me at the time and I loved the chart dominance of Just Give Me A Reason.

8) Beautiful Trauma-29 years old at this point and I had recently begun my role as Head of Year 10. The title track will always remind me of the Christmas this year.

9) Hurts 2B Human-Iím now 30 and as exam time approached and I was Head of Year 11 this one dropped at a stressful time. Iím loving it at present as I hurtle towards the Summer and get ready to become Head Of Year 7 next year.
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post Jul 10 2019, 04:21 PM
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Beautiful Trauma
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Can't take me home - I was 12/13 and my parents had just got cable TV so I was discovering the music channels and was also listening to a lot of r&b at the time - Destinys child, TLC etc. When I heard There you go on MTV I was hooked. I didn't buy the album until later on, maybe around 2002/03, but my uncle downloaded it for me and put it on a CD laugh.gif I loved Lady Marmalade at the time of its release as well and remember my younger sister saved her money to buy me the CD single for my birthday.

M!ssundaztood - As I got a bit older, I got more into rock music and left the r&b phase behind, so Pink's change in music changed with my tastes. GTPS was fun and I loved the music video. When I first saw DLMGM on MTV (or whatever music channel I was watching at the time) it was like my world just stopped. This was my song. It was like Pink had got into my head and took my thoughts and feelings and turned them into a song. Its been my favourite Pink song ever since. JLAP was also a big hit for me, I was just starting to get into dark and creepy stuff so I loved the music video, and her style too, I wanted my hair like hers laugh.gif I saved up my money and got the album, I remember coming home from Asda listening to it on my portable CD player and loving every song. I think I have about six different copies of that album now. I was going through a really shitty time around the time of its release. I hated school, I had no friends and I was coming towards the end of my school life and into the real world. I felt lost. But... and I hate to say it because its so cliche... this album helped me so much. I wanted to go on the party tour in 2002 but of course had no money, or anyone to go with. I used to save up my dinner money at school to buy CD singles. My mum used to give me £1.20 a day, I'd save the £1 and buy a snack with the 20p laugh.gif

Try This - I had just started college. I was doing a course that I had no interest in, didn't know what I wanted to do with my life. I wanted to feel like a grown up but at the same time I was terrified of the grown up world. I had even less friends and had just lost my grandad. But I met my partner towards the end of 2003 and he took me to my first Pink concert. I was blown away by that show, and the fact that it was recorded for DVD just makes it all the more special for me. I loved "rock Pink" and Try This is my second favourite Pink album after Missundaztood. I joined the official message boards in 2003 as well, they're closed now but a group of fans from there created new ones, so its nice to still have some place to go for the 'old skool' Pink fans.

I'm Not Dead - It felt like forever to wait for this album to be released. I remember following all the updates online during 2005, and downloading the crappy little clips we got of some of the songs. It was so good to have her back in 2006. I felt pretty good around this time. School and college was behind me. I had a job and was earning money, so I was able to buy more Pink merchandise. I saw the IND tour four times and it was my first experience at being front row at a gig.
My only regret from this era is that I could've met her. Back then she wasn't as big as she is now. We found out which hotel she was staying at on tour and sat on the wall across the road. Saw her leave and get into the tour bus but I was too shy to go over. It kills me now to think about how close I was to meeting her. There was no one else waiting for her.

Funhouse - Probably one of my least favourite Pink albums, but one of my favourite eras. I saw the tour about ten times, including the T-Mobile advert filming in London. And I met her! It was kinda crazy. We were waiting outside of her hotel with a small group of other fans, but about ten minutes before she left, loads of paparazzi turned up so it was crazy busy and rushed and I got a bit crushed. I'm 5ft so I kinda got lost in the crowd, then all of a sudden she was in front of me, she said "Hey baby how are you", and she signed my arm, which I got tattooed the next day. My partner tried to take a photo but a paparazzi camera got in the way and completely blocked the view. This was also the tour where I took my mum to her first Pink gig and she loved it. This album came at a big step in my life as I'd moved out of my parents house in 2009.

Greatest Hits... So Far! - This was the era where I started working on PinkHistory. I began working on it in October 2010, and did over 12 months of research before starting the daily posts. I was in Scotland on holiday when this was released, and I remember Bon Jovi releasing a greatest hits around the same time.

TTAL - I was having a really shitty time at work around this time, so walking out of work with my iPod blasting BM(OLK) helped a lot laugh.gif Only did a few shows on this tour because she had scaled back the dates, only three cities in England, so I did VIP at two of the shows I went to.

You+Me - rose ave - This album wub.gif I was going through (another) crappy time at this release. I'd done about 12 months on nights and so going through a lot of changes, and had other stuff going on too. For a while I found it difficult to listen to this album, but I'm in love with it again now. I'd love for her to do another album like this, and to be able to go to one of the small shows she did while promoting it.

Beautiful Trauma - I was off sick after having my first operation when this was released, so I was able to follow the updates etc like the good old days laugh.gif I was a bit worried about this album, because I wasn't really into TTAL, but I think its my 3rd my favourite album now, or maybe 4th since H2BH was released tongue.gif

H2BH - OK I was really worried about this album when we had hustle and CWP as the promo singles laugh.gif but the rest of the album... WOW. It is definitely one of her best. It was released while I was off sick after my second op which I thought was funny, should I have another op to get another Pink album? laugh.gif
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post Jul 11 2019, 01:01 AM
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I've been gone
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1) Can’t Take Me Home- I think I was 9 years old, just starting to collect Now CDs and watch music videos on TV, which is how I recall discovering Most Girls and There You Go. I remember being fascinated that the Most Girls video had a clip of There You Go at the beginning, I thought that was so innovative laugh.gif

2) M!ssundaztood- This was when I started hearing Pink on the radio. Don't Let Me Get Me and Family Portrait were my absolute faves, but oddly I now prefer Get The Party Started and Just Like A Pill over either of those laugh.gif But I remember learning all of the lyrics to her singles, something I don't usually pay attention to but hers were special!

3) Try This- This was a flop era here so it would've passed me by had it not been for MTV and VH1. God Is A DJ was my fave but now I prefer Trouble. Last To Know did pass me by and even now I can't recall how it goes.

4) I’m Not Dead- I was in high school and knew this was a career turn-around for Pink even though I wasn't following the charts yet. Stupid Girls caught me by surprise because I hadn't heard her on the radio in so long, then Who Knew and U + Ur Hand were huge hits which thrilled me. Who Knew was my first time noticing a song get re-released and become a hit the second time (in the US anyway).

5) Funhouse- This was my last year of high school and my first year following the charts. Didn't care for So What or Sober but I was happy she got a #1, and then I was rooting for Please Don't Leave Me to do well in the charts. And I Don't Believe You but it never got pushed. sad.gif I started listening to Australian radio too (the wonders of the internet in 2009!) which is how I learned she was their favorite pop star and that she had Australian-only singles (Bad Influence wub.gif)

6) Greatest Hits...So Far!!!- My second year of college, obsessed with the charts at this point, didn't care for Raise Your Glass but was so happy with how well Perfect did! This was around the time my mom became a Pink fan, I think I bought the CD for her because she didn't have any of perfect timing for a greatest hits release! I finally added Pink songs to my iPod too which was obviously a milestone *.*

7) The Truth About Love- My final year of college, one of the happiest years of my life, and it was all about Try, still my all-time fave of hers. I had just that song on repeat for at least a week. I was lurking on Buzzjack at the time but the era had ended by the time I started posting here. My mom became a bigger fan than me and went to two of her concerts if I remember correctly...I still haven't been to any!

8) Beautiful Trauma- Life changed a lot in the 5 years between these albums! In that time I started and finished grad school, moved house for the first time, and was 3 years into my adult job by the time this era started. This was my first time properly following a Pink era on Buzzjack which is hard to believe! What About Us and Beautiful Trauma will be the last two Pink videos I ever see on TV, because the last music video channel I had just stopped playing music videos sad.gif

9) Hurts 2B Human- On the other hand very little has changed between these two albums laugh.gif I bought this CD for my mom as well, since it was strategically released before Mother's Day in the US. I was 27 (now 28), meanwhile Pink had released 4 albums by that age which makes me feel very unaccomplished drama.gif
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