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> OITNB Character Rate
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Santa Klaus
post Jul 29 2019, 07:09 PM
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wtf are perfect places
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xx Piper Chapman
xx Alex Vause
xx Red
xx Crazy Eyes
xx Taystee
xx Nicky Nichols
xx Pennsatucky
xx Gloria Mendoza
xx Black Cindy
xx Daya Diaz
xx Lorna Morello
xx Poussey Washington
xx Flaca Gonzales
xx Big Boo
xx Aleida Diaz
xx Maria Ruiz
xx Blanca Flores
xx Frieda Berlin
xx Sophia Burset
xx Norma Romano
xx Maritza Ramos
xx Janae Watson
xx Angie Rice
xx Leanne Taylor
xx Gina Murphy
xx Erica "Yoga" Jones
xx Mei Chang
xx Sister Jane Ingalls
xx Rosa "Miss Rosa" Cisneros
xx Tricia Miller
xx Brook Soso
xx Lolly Whitehill
xx Yvonne "Vee" Parker
xx Maureen Kukudio
xx Judy King
xx Stella Carlin
xx Irene "Zirconia" Cabrera
xx Alana Dwight
xx Alison Abdullah
xx Madison "Badison" Murphy
xx Dominga "Daddy" Duarte
xx Barbara "Barb" Denning
xx Carol Denning
xx Miss Claudette Pelage

Correctional Officers
xx Joe Caputo
xx Sam Healy
xx Joel Luschek
xx Wanda Bell
xx Scott O'Neill
xx George "Pornstache" Mendez
xx John Bennett
xx Susan Fischer
xx Charlie "Donuts" Coates
xx Baxter "Gerber" Bayley
xx Artesian McCullough
xx Desi Piscatella
xx B. Stratman
xx Thomas "Humps" Humphrey
xx Virginia "Ginger" Copeland
xx Tamika Ward
xx Hellman
xx Stefanovic
xx Alvarez
xx Jarod Young

xx Larry Bloom
xx Natalie "Fig" Figueroa
xx Linda Ferguson
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post Jul 29 2019, 07:24 PM
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I'm gonna have to google some of these
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post Jul 30 2019, 04:52 PM
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rip in peace Dickston
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Where is Cal & Neri

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diva thin muffin
post Jul 30 2019, 05:49 PM
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BuzzJack Platinum Member
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How long will this be open and am I allowed to change any of my scores once I've seen S7 (starting on it tonight) or should I just wait until I've finished?

Any -1's and +11's allowed?
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Santa Klaus
post Jul 30 2019, 06:45 PM
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wtf are perfect places
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Deadline will be around 3 weeks but its flexible depending on responses

You can edit your rate but inly if you let me know

One 11 allowed, no -1s
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diva thin muffin
post Jul 30 2019, 06:56 PM
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BuzzJack Platinum Member
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07.5 Piper Chapman
06.5 Alex Vause
08.0 Red
05.0 Crazy Eyes
10.0 Taystee
09.5 Nicky Nichols
10.0 Pennsatucky
09.0 Gloria Mendoza
02.0 Black Cindy
00.0 Daya Diaz
08.0 Lorna Morello
10.0 Poussey Washington
10.0 Flaca Gonzales
01.0 Big Boo
11.0 Aleida Diaz
06.0 Maria Ruiz
05.0 Blanca Flores
06.5 Frieda Berlin
09.0 Sophia Burset
09.0 Norma Romano
10.0 Maritza Ramos
04.5 Janae Watson
05.0 Angie Rice
04.5 Leanne Taylor
05.5 Gina Murphy
07.0 Erica "Yoga" Jones
06.5 Mei Chang
07.5 Sister Jane Ingalls
06.0 Rosa "Miss Rosa" Cisneros
05.0 Tricia Miller
10.0 Brook Soso
03.0 Lolly Whitehill
02.5 Yvonne "Vee" Parker
04.0 Maureen Kukudio
06.5 Judy King
01.5 Stella Carlin
01.0 Irene "Zirconia" Cabrera
05.5 Alana Dwight
07.5 Alison Abdullah
01.0 Madison "Badison" Murphy
03.0 Dominga "Daddy" Duarte
01.0 Barbara "Barb" Denning
07.0 Carol Denning
04.0 Miss Claudette Pelage (who?)

Correctional Officers
09.0 Joe Caputo
01.0 Sam Healy
06.0 Joel Luschek
08.0 Wanda Bell
05.5 Scott O'Neill
03.0 George "Pornstache" Mendez
02.0 John Bennett
06.0 Susan Fischer
01.0 Charlie "Donuts" Coates
07.0 Baxter "Gerber" Bayley
06.5 Artesian McCullough
03.0 Desi Piscatella
05.5 B. Stratman
01.0 Thomas "Humps" Humphrey
02.0 Virginia "Ginger" Copeland
06.0 Tamika Ward
02.0 Hellman
04.5 Stefanovic
05.0 Alvarez
06.0 Jarod Young

02.5 Larry Bloom
09.5 Natalie "Fig" Figueroa
10.0 Linda Ferguson
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post Aug 1 2019, 10:22 AM
Post #7
rip in peace Dickston
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08.0 Piper Chapman (Piper definitely becomes more likeable as the series goes on and watching her experiences as an ex-con was an excellent part of S7)
09.0 Alex Vause (Alex also grew on me over time, I especially love her interactions with Lolly and Nicky)
10.0 Red (I love Red a lot and my heart broke for her all through S7, at least her ending wasn't too sad but still upsetting. Her backstory was one of my favourites all through the show)
10.0 Crazy Eyes (It's Suzanne thank you very much. Again another heartbreaking character, honestly I loved her innocence throughout the show. Her friendship with Taystee at camp was great chemistry and I enjoyed her and Pennsatucky together too)
11.0 Taystee (My first 11 which might end up changing the further into this I go laugh.gif I know the whole idea of OITNB was around Piper's story but Taystee stole the show early on and has been a solid lead ever since especially in the last 3 seasons. Her role in the riot, her fighting her charges, then her making best of a horrific situation was outstanding story writing and acting through & through.)
09.0 Nicky Nichols (Her becoming Red at the end genuinely made me tear up, she's grown so much in the last 7 years I could not be happier)
08.0 Pennsatucky (They did her so dirty omg, my hate is purely at Luschek for f***ing up. I hated her so much at the beginning though it was only when she started hanging out with Big Boo that she grew on me)
08.5 Gloria Mendoza (She became soooo much more interesting as the show went on it's ridiculous)
07.5 Black Cindy (Same as above tbh, her whole story with her daughter is so touching at least it ended somewhat well for her)
08.0 Daya Diaz (What a change of character she had omg, the OITNB wiki lists her as an antagonist by the end which I understand but that's very wrong tbh. I know she shot the guard and he did eventually die plus she also got pornstache imprisoned for something he didn't exactly do and then killed Daddy and other f***ed up stuff but I still love her tongue.gif)
09.5 Lorna Morello (cry.gif I feel SO bad for her through the whole show. Literally everything that happens is so tragic very few others in this show have as depressing of a story as Morello)
09.0 Poussey Washington (Much like above and though her death was such a tragedy it really did help the show get back
09.5 Flaca Gonzales
07.0 Big Boo
06.0 Aleida Diaz
07.5 Maria Ruiz
07.0 Blanca Flores
10.0 Frieda Berlin
07.5 Sophia Burset
07.0 Norma Romano
08.0 Maritza Ramos
07.0 Janae Watson
05.0 Angie Rice
05.5 Leanne Taylor
06.0 Gina Murphy
06.0 Erica "Yoga" Jones
06.5 Mei Chang
05.5 Sister Jane Ingalls
09.5 Rosa "Miss Rosa" Cisneros
07.5 Tricia Miller
10.0 Brook Soso
10.0 Lolly Whitehill
00.0 Yvonne "Vee" Parker
04.5 Maureen Kukudio
07.5 Judy King
03.0 Stella Carlin
06.0 Irene "Zirconia" Cabrera
06.0 Alana Dwight
08.0 Alison Abdullah
02.0 Madison "Badison" Murphy
04.0 Dominga "Daddy" Duarte
02.5 Barbara "Barb" Denning
03.5 Carol Denning
xx Miss Claudette Pelage

Correctional Officers
xx Joe Caputo
xx Sam Healy
xx Joel Luschek
xx Wanda Bell
xx Scott O'Neill
xx George "Pornstache" Mendez
xx John Bennett
xx Susan Fischer
xx Charlie "Donuts" Coates
xx Baxter "Gerber" Bayley
xx Artesian McCullough
xx Desi Piscatella
xx B. Stratman
xx Thomas "Humps" Humphrey
xx Virginia "Ginger" Copeland
xx Tamika Ward
xx Hellman
xx Stefanovic
xx Alvarez
xx Jarod Young

xx Larry Bloom
xx Natalie "Fig" Figueroa
xx Linda Ferguson

Will fill more in later

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post Aug 1 2019, 12:49 PM
Post #8
laugh 'til we cry
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06.00 Piper Chapman
10.00 Alex Vause
09.00 Red
09.00 Crazy Eyes
07.00 Taystee
11.00 Nicky Nichols
10.00 Pennsatucky
07.50 Gloria Mendoza
05.00 Black Cindy
03.00 Daya Diaz
10.00 Lorna Morello
08.50 Poussey Washington
09.50 Flaca Gonzales
04.00 Big Boo
09.50 Aleida Diaz
05.50 Maria Ruiz
06.50 Blanca Flores
05.00 Frieda Berlin
10.00 Sophia Burset
06.00 Norma Romano
09.50 Maritza Ramos
04.00 Janae Watson
02.00 Angie Rice
03.00 Leanne Taylor
02.00 Gina Murphy
06.00 Erica "Yoga" Jones
02.00 Mei Chang
05.50 Sister Jane Ingalls
06.00 Rosa "Miss Rosa" Cisneros
02.00 Tricia Miller
07.50 Brook Soso
09.00 Lolly Whitehill
01.00 Yvonne "Vee" Parker
01.00 Maureen Kukudio
05.00 Judy King
07.50 Stella Carlin
04.00 Irene "Zirconia" Cabrera
02.00 Alana Dwight
06.00 Alison Abdullah
00.00 Madison "Badison" Murphy
00.00 Dominga "Daddy" Duarte
06.00 Barbara "Barb" Denning
00.00 Carol Denning
08.00 Miss Claudette Pelage

Correctional Officers
08.00 Joe Caputo
00.00 Sam Healy
09.00 Joel Luschek
08.50 Wanda Bell
07.00 Scott O'Neill
01.00 George "Pornstache" Mendez
08.00 John Bennett
01.00 Susan Fischer
01.00 Charlie "Donuts" Coates
02.00 Baxter "Gerber" Bayley
08.00 Artesian McCullough
00.00 Desi Piscatella
05.00 B. Stratman
00.00 Thomas "Humps" Humphrey
03.00 Virginia "Ginger" Copeland
07.00 Tamika Ward
00.00 Hellman
02.00 Stefanovic
03.00 Alvarez
04.00 Jarod Young

02.00 Larry Bloom
09.00 Natalie "Fig" Figueroa
03.00 Linda Ferguson

I'll do a separate post with some comments etc
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post Aug 1 2019, 01:51 PM
Post #9
laugh 'til we cry
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Piper - I don't really know where i stand with her because this last season she wasn't quite as irritating but there's been seasons where she has been THE most annoying character. She's very much a mixed bag but you've kinda got to love that Netflix didn't just give us a lovable heroine to focus on and that people do have their good traits and their bad one's so i guess she's pretty true to life in that sense.

Alex - I really love Alex, she's one of the more complex characters because she has made a load of mistakes but you can always see where she's coming from with them or why she does it. I'm still mad that she was basically missing for a season and we've never really seen much of her friendship with Nicky, which always seemed incredible when we did see them interact. I think she makes Piper a lot more likable and their relationship is ultimately what fans root for with Piper but I think with Alex you also want to see her get released and sort out her life and just be happy in general because you warm to her more whereas with Piper i only wanted her out of prison so we saw less of her kink.gif

Red - She's just one of the most layered characters and the most entertaining to watch, at least in earlier seasons. I think she's kinda dropped a little over the past couple of seasons but that's understandable given her storyline(s). She was in her element when she was in the iamspamspamamiand had her prison family around her. I think everyone loves a mother figure and the fact that she was so firey yet could be soft with certain characters just makes her more endearing.

Crazy Eyes - you can't not love her tbh. uzo aduba is an incredible actress and really brings so much to her character. it's the innocence and good intentions behind everything she does that gets me. I think everyone can relate to her in that sense as i believe most of us do things thinking its the right thing to do, its just her version is very exaggerated so it's interesting to watch. you dont really know where she can take something so she's one of the less predictable characters in there. the best part about her is the friendships she forms, i think thats when you see the best side of her as other inmates change when they're around her because of how sensitive she can be.

Taystee - as soon as Poussey died we kind of lost the best of her. She's one of those characters that thrived as being part of a duo. I feel like this will be an #unpopularopinion but she kinda annoys me at times. I think the prison hero stuff went on too long and then the suicidal stuff in the last season was a bit boring like she just spent the entire season trying to get drugs, until the very last episode. At the same time though, given the dynamic her and Poussey had, i can't really blame the writers for taking it in that direction. You can't help but feel for her though as she does seem to get it harder than a lot of them do.

Nicky - honestly up there with my favourite characters of all time. her entire personality is just everything to me. I'm such a sucker for a character that's a bit rough around the edges, has a lot of struggles, uses sarcasm and humour as a defense mechanism yet has the purest heart and a soft side for the people they love. it makes sense that she would be "the next red" as they're similar that way. natasha lyonne is an incredible actress, she's probably my favourite ever but i feel like oitnb didn't take advantage of her full potential. she should have had a much more prominent role, she deserved a happy ending of some sort and her and morello should have stayed a thing. that would have been a much better development for both of them in the last season rather than them both losing literally everything else. they could have had such a cute "at least we found each other again" moment through it all. Nicky is definitely the character i instantly gravitated too as well, she's nothing like me but i think you get a good insight into how her mind works which i guess i can relate too. she always puts others before herself as well, even if its at her own expense. I'm actually going to miss oitnb mostly for her.

Pennsatucky - we stan a well developed character. she basically went from being one of the most unlikable in season one to a definite fan favourite now. i think you really see a change in her with the rape storyline she had and as you learn more about her certain things just more sense which is a prop to the writers really. i actually think i might up her score to a 10 now im thinking about her more. she is one of the characters that you can really see trying to become the best version of herself and i think that's what makes her ending so heartbreaking as she thought she had failed herself when really she got where she wanted to be. I think her death hit me harder than Poussey's. It seemed a bit bizarre to me that it was Taystee that found her and not Suzanne as their relationship was one of the best things about that season but i suppose that was the catalyst for Taystee deciding not to kill herself etc. Pensatucky's friendship with Boo was one of my favourite things as well and i was quite sad we didnt get more of them together.

Morello - I feel like a lot of the things people love about crazy eyes are things that we see in morello as well except rather than it coming from a place of childlike innocence, it's more naivety and denial which is more interesting. shes such a sweet character as well, always so bubbly and friendly towards everyone. She is funny as well and I like that they do make her casually discriminative as that's something I constantly see from people in my own life and you know its not coming from a place of hatred but it's just stupid comments that come out because of ignorance, and y'know it makes sense when her naivety is a big part of her character. i think thats why i love nicky with her so much as she's so different and will question her or correct her etc (that conversation they had about immigrants in the iamspamspamamibeint a great example of that). My heart does really break for her though because you know she just wants to be in love and have her own family etc which is why it's also a real shame she never got to even find that in prison when she really could have if they'd done right by her and nicky and not made a point of ripping that entire prison family apart. She deserved better tbh.

Flaca & Maritza - these two get a joint comment because i always think of them as a duo and that's when theyre at their best really. the worst thing they did was separate these two but not only that, they kept them apart?? even in that last season it wasn't the "reunion" we deserved. I love them both as individual characters but they are kinda boring when they don't have each other to bounce off of.

Sophia - she got a high score from me but i dont have too much to say about her as we didn't get nearly enough of her. Her most important thing was being trans and how that affects her experience in prison and having that sort of representation is so so important, especially when we got to see an actual trans women play her. her back story was probably the most important one as well for that reason. Laverne Cox really changed the game for a lot of people and has probably had more of an impact on people watching than any other character. I only wish was was one of the main characters and we got to see her explore other things that weren't related to her gender. Imagine getting to see her fall in love with another inmate or find her own "prison family" as she basically just lived in the hair salon waiting to give advice to someone laugh.gif

Daya - I don't think I've ever been more disappointed with a character's development in my life. Season one Daya was one of my favourite characters, the quiet arty type who was just really sweet and needed the support of her mum more than she thought. Her and Bennett were really cute together as well and I'll always be sad about how that ended and how we never got to see him return. They just kinda wasted her character after that, her turning into a murderous lesbian drug addict who's trying to run the prison is just ridiculous really. It's not as though season one Daya was run dry, keeping her "good" would have opened up more potential on its own. it's a real shame as she became this really dislikable character. Hopefully her mum did murder her kink.gif

i don't really have much else to say about a lot of them other than i loathe most of the characters that joined in season 6. Badison and Daddy being the worst and if i could give a -1 the prior would get it hands down. The weren't even good "villains" they were just f***ing annoying :') At least with like Vee and Piscatella you hated them because you were meant to, they were good antagonists in contrast. The whole denning sister feud was ridiculous too, that entire season i just kinda pretend didnt happen. Carol was super unlikable but in a definite annoying character sense. Didn't mind Barb so much in the end and i think i even quite liked her iirc.

I really like Fig as well, another character that went from uber bitch to someone with a soft side that's only trying their best. i think her relationship with Caputo helped bring that out as well.

most of my other low scores are just characters that either didnt add much, arent memorable or are just annoying laugh.gif
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Iz 💀
post Aug 10 2019, 10:56 AM
Post #10
was working easily until I felt a graveyard shift
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06 Piper Chapman - great as a lead-in and privileged background girl but her storylines were nearly always the least interesting
10 Alex Vause - she is a character I'd love to identify with, in later seasons especially with her dry humour and generally reasoned thinking
09 Red - I began watching this show seeing her only as 'Russian Janeway'. By the end, I associate Kate Mulgrew far more with Red, which is a short way of saying what an incredible character she was, from the beginning being this prison matriarch with presence and having to deal with a whole range of emotions as she went through
09 Crazy Eyes - Suzanne started off a bit weird but only got stronger the more she got shown, I loved her little monologues that spring up whenever she's thinking a lot
11 Taystee - the true heart of the show
09 Nicky Nichols
08 Pennsatucky - was great as an early antagonist, deserved nothing of what she got as a protagonist in the later seasons
10 Gloria Mendoza - I didn't expect this early on but ever since season 4 or so she's been a favourite, I like characters who generally keep a level head, are trying to do good wherever possible and can make it entertaining with it and I was always so invested in her storylines and was glad she got out
07 Black Cindy
04 Daya Diaz - and I liked her so much in the beginning what with her arty/nerdy interests but ever since she picked up the gun she became this whole different unlikeable person. Basically turned into her mother and one was bad enough.
06 Lorna Morello - I felt bad for her and her delusions but I never really felt like I wanted to see more of them
09 Poussey Washington
09 Flaca Gonzales - loved her carrying on Gloria's work at the end as Nicky did with Red, and in general, she became the character I wish Daya had become
08 Big Boo - one of the funniest characters in the early seasons and I remember liking her backstory too when it finally got revealed
03 Aleida Diaz - She has moments where she's likeable but the whole time she was out it was a scene of her losing her temper and I wasn't fond of that, and much the same on the inside, not a person I could ever stand to be around
08 Maria Ruiz - very complex character, I never really knew whether to love or hate her depending on whether she was being good Maria or bad Maria, Gloria summed it up quite well with that Barbie doll comment in the latest season, but I did feel for her at the points where she got extra time
09 Blanca Flores - she had some excellent storylines in the last few seasons after shooting into main character stardom, excellent choice to lead the ICE-related arcs
10 Frieda Berlin - I mean this is partially for her incredible accent but cool old woman 'don't give a shit' biker vibes are always going to be a hit
08 Sophia Burset
07 Norma Romano
09 Maritza Ramos - I think her fate was the most distressing out of everyone's in the final season and it shouldn't have been that way
07 Janae Watson
04 Angie Rice
05 Leanne Taylor
06 Gina Murphy
06 Erica "Yoga" Jones
08 Mei Chang - I remember loving her episode and she was always one of the best 'gag inmates'
10 Sister Jane Ingalls - deserved far far better
07 Rosa "Miss Rosa" Cisneros
05 Tricia Miller
09 Brook Soso - basically Asian Piper but her clueless antics about not fitting in and eventually fitting in fairly wholesomely were great, and a big part of the reason for me why Poussey's death struck me so hard is that these two were my favourite couple on the show at the time </3
07 Lolly Whitehill
07 Yvonne "Vee" Parker
02 Maureen Kukudio
05 Judy King
03 Stella Carlin
05 Irene "Zirconia" Cabrera
06 Alana Dwight
07 Alison Abdullah
00 Madison "Badison" Murphy - definitely -1 material
02 Dominga "Daddy" Duarte
02 Barbara "Barb" Denning
03 Carol Denning
06 Miss Claudette Pelage

Correctional Officers
10 Joe Caputo - I think one of my favourite earlier episodes was the one where they end with the Les Miserables song and that started off my proper interest in Caputo as one of the best characters on the show, a guy who certainly has his flaws and is certainly not always on the right side morally but works as hard as he can to make sure that the women at Litchfield get the best possible chances they had
02 Sam Healy
08 Joel Luschek - God he was such an asshole but also funny with it, and I liked how he finally threw himself on his sword at the end, it's not much redemption but it's something
07 Wanda Bell
07 Scott O'Neill
00 George "Pornstache" Mendez
04 John Bennett
02 Susan Fischer
00 Charlie "Donuts" Coates
04 Baxter "Gerber" Bayley
05 Artesian McCullough
01 Desi Piscatella
05 B. Stratman
00 Thomas "Humps" Humphrey
07 Virginia "Ginger" Copeland
08 Tamika Ward - honestly think my main problem with the finale was her getting fired and Hellman replacing her, I suppose it's realistic
00 Hellman - his entire time on screen was just asking for a comeuppance and it never f***ing happened, I suppose it's realistic [2]
05 Stefanovic
08 Alvarez - 'and that one has a touch of the tism'
05 Jarod Young

wait, no Dixon? Not exactly the most important guard but he had a few standout moments in the last season, and also a shoutout to Adeola for providing that Alvarez quote and making Daya scenes bearable in the last two seasons - also Hopper if we're going there

(this is really minor quibbling, obviously with such an extensive show getting what looks like about all the characters that people care about is a tough job)

02 Larry Bloom
09 Natalie "Fig" Figueroa - went from being that bitch to THAT BITCH
08 Linda Ferguson - this is a 'want to give her a 0 because with every appearance she became an even worse person, quite possibly my least favourite person on the show, but let's give her a good score because of how arresting her presence was because of it' eight
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post Aug 12 2019, 11:27 PM
Post #11
Ego reputo vos es totus pilosus rectum
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04 Piper Chapman
07 Alex Vause - always MUCH better outside of her relationship with Piper
08 Red - her decline was the saddest part of s7 for me
08 Crazy Eyes - this is more a mark for Uzo Aduba who did glorious work, as in truth I found a lot of Crazy Eyes' rambles about chickens and other shite tedious as hell
08 Taystee - she was the true lead from s5 onwards
09 Nicky Nichols
06 Pennsatucky - did very well to elicit sympathy considering she was frequently utterly UNPLEASANT
10 Gloria Mendoza
07 Black Cindy - much improved when she stopped playing a cartoon
05 Daya Diaz - sympathetic at the start, unbelievable at the end. Adeola would have been a much more realistic Queen Bee
10 Lorna Morello
09 Poussey Washington
08 Flaca Gonzales
10 Big Boo - I didn't realise how much I liked her until she WASN'T THERE anymore. An oddly comforting presence.
08 Aleida Diaz - clearly AWFUL but I kept on rooting for her to come good
10 Maria Ruiz
10 Blanca Flores
09 Frieda Berlin
07 Sophia Burset - it feels like Laverne Cox achieved more fame from this role than the character actually warranted, given Sophia may as well have exited after s1
06 Norma Romano
06 Maritza Ramos
02 Janae Watson - I LIKE RUNNING isn't a personality
10 Angie Rice - joyfully ridiculous
08 Leanne Taylor
04 Gina Murphy - pretty unlikeable and would be a 2, but sympathy points for being one of the very few to never receive any kind of backstory
10 Erica "Yoga" Jones - her voice, her face FASCINATES me
10 Mei Chang
10 Sister Jane Ingalls
08 Rosa "Miss Rosa" Cisneros
03 Tricia Miller
08 Brook Soso
07 Lolly Whitehill
05 Yvonne "Vee" Parker
05 Maureen Kukudio
06 Judy King
01 Stella Carlin
03 Irene "Zirconia" Cabrera
?? Alana Dwight - no idea. Where is Adeola or Dame Anita or Beth The Baby Killer?
05 Alison Abdullah
00 Madison "Badison" Murphy - GOOD GRIEF
05 Dominga "Daddy" Duarte
08 Barbara "Barb" Denning
08 Carol Denning
06 Miss Claudette Pelage - Lord she feels like a different ERA

08 Joe Caputo
04 Sam Healy
07 Joel Luschek
07 Wanda Bell
06 Scott O'Neill
03 George "Pornstache" Mendez
04 John Bennett
03 Susan Fischer
02 Charlie "Donuts" Coates
06 Baxter "Gerber" Bayley
08 Artesian McCullough
04 Desi Piscatella
05 B. Stratman
04 Thomas "Humps" Humphrey
02 Virginia "Ginger" Copeland
09 Tamika Ward
01 Hellman
02 Stefanovic
04 Alvarez
04 Jarod Young

04 Larry Bloom
09 Natalie "Fig" Figueroa
02 Linda Ferguson

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