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> Rank Marina's albums
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Of Marina's discography:
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post May 27 2020, 06:22 PM
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Rank the albums of our fave indie songstress Michelle.png I feel like I'm always re-listening to something Marina, people have called her predictable before but she's so versatile and every album gives me something different! <3 Apparently she's been doing new music so this is the perfect time for this thread.

1. Electra Heart- A seemingly unpopular opinion on here! I considered giving Froot the #1, in her view that is obviously her best I think but my heart just couldn't put anything other than Electra Heart here. It's a non-stop mood from start to finish and has so many special songs to me.

Highlights: Lies, Homewrecker, Starring Role, Power & Control, Teen Idle, Fear and Loathing, Lonely Hearts Club, Buy The Stars, the title track are my absolute highlights but really all of them minus two could be wub.gif
Lowlights: Hypocrates (it's fine but quite bland, good for naps I guess) Living Dead (actually not bad but in the context of the album it lags)

2. Froot- This record is the (second) best of both worlds when it comes to Marina - the commercialness of Electra Heart mixed with the endearing weirdness of The Family Jewels. This era deserved so much more but she'd gotten over success by this point so I can't complain much, although I'm sure there is that part of her that still wishes. Who wouldn't?

Highlights: Happy, Froot, Blue, I'm A Ruin, Can't Pin Me Down, Solitaire, Weeds
Lowlights: Gold (I've tried many times and I get why she put on there as it's obvs v important to her but it just washes over me) Immortal

3. The Family Jewels- You are like wtf on first listen but it just endears itself to you more with every listen. It's 3rd but still a fantastic album and could be 2nd! It's hard to explain but Froot just has the edge. But she went out to make a statement with this album and did so in the best way.

Highlights: Are You Satisfied?, Shampain, Mowgli's Road, Obsessions, Hollywood, Oh No!, Guilty
Lowlights: Rootless, Numb (I can't get into any of them sad.gif), Girls

4. LOVE + FEAR- This has to be her worst for me easily. It's not a bad album, but everything is so...watery. The songwriting quality isn't there in the levels we're used to and some of the songs like Enjoy Your Life, where's the Marina? It lacks her signature spark even if most of the songs are decent. Superstar and End Of The Earth are two of her best ever though.

Highlights: Superstar, True, End Of The Earth, Believe In Love, Emotional Machine
Lowlights: Too Afraid, No More Suckers but a few of them could be, they're just the most dull

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post May 27 2020, 06:30 PM
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I found the love, I found the love in me
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My choices:


Preferring L+F over Froot is gonna be an extremely unpopular opinion I think, but I have tried and tried to get into Froot and I just can't! L+F isn't great, but it's decent enough and I have a slight attachment to it due to this being the album that I got to see her live!
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post May 27 2020, 06:33 PM
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eek i'll have to come back on this

Froot is the one I'm most clear on with the low and highlights. The Family Jewels and Electra Heart are amazing at doing something different. Love + Fear is alright but definitely my least fave of the pack. It certainly lacks that spark the rest ofher discography has
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post May 27 2020, 06:49 PM
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BuzzJack Gold Member
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Froot is one of my favourite albums of all time. Not a single skip on it. Unpopular opinion but Gold is one of the highs if not best song on the album. Electra Heart would be second even though the production is a little dated now. The entire era was brilliant down to the videos, aesthetic, songwriting. The Family Jewels is next, great quirky pop album. Love + Fear would be last unfortunately. Some good songs on there especially Handmade Heaven but lots of filler and generally not up to her normal standard imo.
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post May 27 2020, 06:56 PM
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BuzzJack Gold Member
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'Froot' is Marina at her best, which made it all the more disappointing that the musical equivalent of a wet sponge followed it.

09 Froot
07 The Family Jewels
06 Electra Heart

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post May 27 2020, 07:22 PM
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BuzzJack Legend
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I like the 1st 2 albums, Electra Heart maybe a little more, they are ok-ish albums with good singles but lot of filler
But then she lost me after that and I never got into Froot and the last one was even worst...
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post May 27 2020, 07:25 PM
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01 The Family Jewels
02 Electra Heart
03 Froot
04 Love + Fear

Top two are almost inseparable! I've picked Family Jewels as the #1 as it's just more signature Marina sound to me whereas as great as the songs are, some of the EH songs could be sung by someone else.

This thread has reminded me to give Froot a listen as I don't think I've listened to it all the way through. I think the initial disappointed reviews put me off listening. I've cherry-picked a few songs but I don't know it very well tbh! Love + Fear is genuinely disappointing and that's not just because it's a popular opinion! My highlight is Baby which is not even her song cry.gif Very watered down and drags on without much distinction between tracks at times. It lacks the heart of her previous material.

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post May 27 2020, 07:41 PM
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can we find love again?
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QUOTE(Jonjo @ May 27 2020, 07:30 PM) *
My choices:


Preferring L+F over Froot is gonna be an extremely unpopular opinion I think, but I have tried and tried to get into Froot and I just can't! L+F isn't great, but it's decent enough and I have a slight attachment to it due to this being the album that I got to see her live!

Fully agreed with this! FROOT never ever did anything for me, which is a shame when everyone else is so complimentary about it.

I have a soft spot for LOVE + FEAR! It's a bit too long really but hearing it live has really helped me connect with a lot of the songs. Karma and Life Is Strange wub.gif
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p a v
post May 27 2020, 07:56 PM
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thanks for being a sarcy lil bitch
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10 The Family Jewels
05 Love + Fear
04 Electra Heart

Outside of Radioactive which is one of my favourite Marina songs ever at this point, the Electra Heart era was completely uneventful.

TFJ cannot be topped. I think it might be one of my most listened to albums of all-time, I remember every single song so well.

Marina either hitting it out of the park or completely flopping. laugh.gif
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post May 27 2020, 09:30 PM
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Brown cow, stunning!
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Omg stan Radioactive wub.gif That, Fear & Loathing, Blue, Obsessions and Hollywood are her best for me.

01 Electra Heart
02 The Family Jewels
03 Froot

04 Love + Fear

Electra Heart is one of my all time faves, I get that it's not quintessential Marina but she has such an ear for those pop melodies. I just love the whole idea and aesthetic of the era and as an entire package it fits so well together with pretty much no filler bar Valley of The Dolls.
The Family Jewels is probably also in my top 40, a perfect introduction to Marina and all her quirks, still pretty unique and in her own lane to this day.
Froot is great don't get me wrong but it's not got the special palce in my heart the other two do, bar Blue and Happy it doesn't have the same highs but it is a great album and it feel it's how Marina is "supposed" to be or what she wants to be.
Love + Fear was frankly a huge letdown, it's just a really boring and standard album with very few highlights, in fact I can't rememebr the last time I went back to any of the songs. Handmade Heaven is my fave but she's done the same idea sonically better multiple times, just a huge miss of an album for such a consistently great artist sad.gif
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post May 28 2020, 03:43 AM
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BuzzJack Enthusiast
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01. 09/10 FROOT - Often overlooked, its simplicity is its strong point. Her most cohesive and collected work, a true re-peak.
02. 09/10 Family Jewels - Incredible debut, I never thought she could top this. She was amazing straight out the bat.

03. 07/10 Electra Heart - perhaps her album that's aged the worst with time for me. Still there is a good 8 track EP here. Lies, Teen Idle and Primadonna are the holy trinity.

04. 06/10 Love + Fear - it would rank higher than EH if it wasn't for the over-excessive fillers which make no sense to the album's arc. Even then, the highlight tracks don't quite surpass anything on her first three albums.
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