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> Top 40 Countdown by awardinary (W/E 09/04/2021) | Chart #94, How Does It Feel to take your Medicine in the Morning to Rasputin?
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post 9th April 2021, 12:04 PM
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Week Ending 09/04/2021

newup.png 1. Joel Corry, RAYE & David Guetta – BED
newdown.png 2. ATB & Topic x A7S – Your Love (9PM)
newne.png 3. ABDA – Gold
newdown.png 4. Chicane – Make You Stay
newup.png 5. Karen Harding & Shift K3Y – Morning
newdown.png 6. Pleasure Generation feat. Salena Mastroianni – Sacrifice
newup.png 7. Noizu – Summer 91 (Looking Back)
newright.png 8. Faux Tales – Atlas [ALPHA 9 Remix]
newdown.png 9. KUU, Alex Metric & Riton feat. Shungudzo – We'll Always Have This Dance
newup.png 10. Majestic x Boney M. – Rasputin
newup.png 11. Dua Lipa – Love Again
newdown.png 12. Rita Ora, David Guetta & Imanbek feat. Gunna – Big
newne.png 13. James Arthur – Medicine [PS1 Remix]
newup.png 14. Jonas Blue feat. AWA – Something Stupid [KC Lights Remix]
newdown.png 15. Navos – Believe Me
newdown.png 16. ARTY – Take Your Time
newdown.png 17. Paul Woolford & Amber Mark – HEAT
newdown.png 18. Mint Royale feat. Lauren Laverne – Don't Falter
newup.png 19. MK & Raphaella – Lies
newup.png 20. Fred again.. & The Blessed Madonna – Marea (We've Lost Dancing)
newne.png 21. London Grammar – How Does It Feel [Paul Woolford Remix]
newdown.png 22. ARTBAT and Sailer & I – Best Of Me
newdown.png 23. Gorgon City & DRAMA – You've Done Enough
newdown.png 24. Billen Ted – Satisfied
newup.png 25. Bebe Rexha – Sacrifice
newdown.png 26. Ava Max – My Head & My Heart
newup.png 27. Rita Ora & Imanbek – Bang Bang
newdown.png 28. Chicane – Don't Look Down
newup.png 29. Purple Disco Machine feat. Moss Kena & The Knocks – Fireworks
[38-29->2] — BIGGEST CLIMBER
newne.png 30. Franky Wah feat. LOWES – Not In Love
newdown.png 31. DJ Zinc & Chris Lorenzo – Full Of Love
newdown.png 32. Sidney Samson & Outgang – Tekno Nights
[4-1-5-11-17-18-32->7] — BIGGEST FALLER
newup.png 33. Nicky Romero & Timmo Hendriks feat. David Shane – Into The Light
newdown.png 34. Shygirl – TASTY [Boys Noize Remix]
newdown.png 35. RAYE & Rudimental – Regardless
[4-2-1-1-3-2-3-2-1-1-1-2-3-7-7-9-14-23-28-35->20] — LONGEST RUNNER
newdown.png 36. Zara Larsson – Look What You've Done
newne.png 37. Steps & Michelle Visage – Heartbreak In This City
newdown.png 38. Kylie Minogue & Dua Lipa – Real Groove [Studio 2054 Remix]
newdown.png 39. Shane Codd – Get Out My Head
[1-1-2-3-2-1-1-4-6-7-7-7-9-11-6-8-17-20-27-39->20] — LONGEST RUNNER
newdown.png 40. Redlight – Crystal Rain
    Out of the Top 40
The Weeknd – Save Your Tears
Silk City feat. Ellie Goulding – New Love
Rina Sawayama – LUCID
Sash! feat. Shayne Ward – Coming Home
HVME – Goosebumps
    Chart Commentary
"Hello one and all, welcome to the Top 40 Countdown by awardinary! dance.gif

Thank you very much to the following 7 people who viewed and commented on my personal chart last week: JSG, Sven10, SSP, uhsting, dan::G, coi and k👠th. Responses to your comments are in the below post. happy.gif

Joel Corry has finally got his first #1 on the Top 40 Countdown (although Head & Heart would have been a likely #1 if the chart had been running at the time). BED becomes the second #1 this year to feature RAYE, and it’s success across the UK is clear to see. An unidentified song at #3 this week is the week’s highest new entry, and will be revealed once the 134th BuzzJack Song Contest goes live on Tuesday. Once revealed, you will also find the identity of the Track of the Week.

There are also new entries on the chart this week for James Arthur, London Grammar, Franky Wah and Steps.

The biggest climber for this week is from Purple Disco Machine, who only entered last week, but they make a healthy climb this week inside the Top 30. Also climbing this week are Karen Harding, Noizu, Majestic, Dua Lipa, Jonas Blue, MK, Fred again.., Bebe Rexha, Rita Ora and Nicky Romero.

The biggest faller this week is Tekno Nights which falls 14 places. The Weeknd, Silk City, Rina Sawayama, Sash! and HVME all exit the Top 40 Countdown this week.

Thank you for stopping by to take a look at my personal chart this week. Comments are welcomed of course, and I hope I can make time to take a look at your personal charts also both for future inspiration and to acknowledge your hard work at putting it together too! happy.gif"
    Track Of The Week

This post has been edited by awardinary: 13th April 2021, 08:17 PM
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post 9th April 2021, 12:04 PM
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QUOTE(JSG @ Apr 3 2021, 08:29 AM) *
Hey Wardy!

Your Love back in at #1. Unexpected laugh.gif
Bed doing well also. That one should be on my chart in around 1 weeks time.
Believe me is such a bop!
Rasputin hitting a new peak *.* Yass slay.
19 weeks on your chart for Regardless. W O W.
Fireworks yay. It's so catchy. I'm hoping this one can do really well.

Nice chart!
Hi James! hi.gif

BED doing well enough to earn a spot at the top for this week! tongue.gif

Rasputin now has a Top 10 peak!

Regardless took a heavy fall again this week, it could be out within a couple of weeks. sad.gif

Fireworks also climbs! cheer.gif

Thank you for your comment! happy.gif
QUOTE(Sven10 @ Apr 3 2021, 09:03 AM) *
Hi Awa,

ATB still on top cheer.gif . It stuck on no 3 in my chart cry.gif

Joel Corry, Karen Harding and Rita Ora Top 10 cheer.gif

Paul Woolford and Boney M up in the Top 20 dance.gif

5 Great new entries this week. Love them all dance.gif
Hi Sven! hi.gif

Maybe ATB can resurge back into your Top 3 soon! tongue.gif

Glad you’re loving so much pop and dance in my chart right now! biggrin.gif

Thank you for your comment! happy.gif
QUOTE(SSP @ Apr 3 2021, 06:55 PM) *
Great to see some new entries from Bebe Rexha and Zara Larsson! biggrin.gif

Rita Ora makes the top 10! biggrin.gif
Hi SSP! hi.gif

Bebe & Zara both have decent singles out, but I do prefer Sacrifice more.

Rita did drop out of the Top 10 this week, but Bang Bang continues to climb!

Thank you for your comment! happy.gif
QUOTE(uhsting @ Apr 5 2021, 11:23 AM) *
Hi Wardy! There are some really nice dance tracks here! Love to see the debuts of Bebe Rexha and Zara Larsson!
Hi uhsting! hi.gif

Glad you’re on board with the Bebe Rexha entry in particular at the moment! I really do hope it can be a hit for her. smile.gif

Thank you for your comment! happy.gif
QUOTE(dan::G @ Apr 6 2021, 08:03 PM) *
nice to see ATB on top but hopefully Joel Corry can nab a week in!
yay for Majestic and Paul Woolford climbing too.
Fireworks is my fave of the new entries here, a nice funky tune there. the Bebe Rexha and Fred Again songs are alright too, could grow on me.
Hi Dan! hi.gif

You’re quite right, Joel Corry has an managed a week at the top spot! tongue.gif

Rasputin, Fireworks and Sacrifice all climb this week!

Thank you for your comment! happy.gif
QUOTE(coi @ Apr 8 2021, 12:44 PM) *
ATB, Topic and A7S returning to the top spot! ohmy.gif It was good to see them make it into the official top ten on Friday after weeks of being just outside it. Rasputin climbing again, looks like it'll be in your top ten soon at this rate!
Hi coi! hi.gif

It was certainly good to see ATB return to the official UK Top 10 last week, it’s a great re-worked single, and maybe more to come in the future?

You also predicted correctly that Rasputin would make my Top 10! tongue.gif

Thank you for your comment! happy.gif
QUOTE(k👠th @ Apr 8 2021, 03:51 PM) *
hi.gif Wardy!

Your track of the week is a bit of a bop!

Happy to see The Blessed Madonna debut! What a legend

Not Stand By Me dropping out the week it stands a chance of debuting on the Multichart cry.gif

Great chart as always!
Hi Kath! hi.gif

Glad you liked last week’s Track of the Week by Noizu! happy.gif

The Blessed Madonna will be a household name by the end of 2021 I feel!

Oh no! Did I spoil Will’s chances of making it into the Multichart? cry.gif Sorry!

Thank you for your comment! happy.gif
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post 10th April 2021, 02:21 PM
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Great to see Joel Corry at #1, while Dua Lipa, Rita Ora and Bebe Rexha continue to climb! biggrin.gif

New entry from Steps! biggrin.gif
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post 10th April 2021, 03:08 PM
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Hey there Wardy hi.gif heart.gif

Looking forward to hearing your next BJSC entry! Feeling pretty hyped about this contest <3

Loving the new peaks for Dua and Noizu (the latter may be entering for me soon.. ohmy.gif) and new entry for Franky Wah!

Great chart happy.gif
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post 10th April 2021, 11:12 PM
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Hi Wardy! I have a feeling I know which entry you are going to send after seeing the cover art somewhere thinking.gif Good no. 1 on your chart this week! Steps is an interesting group as they have a retro sounding but somehow the songs don't feel outdated for me, so interested to hear that new entry!
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post 11th April 2021, 07:46 AM
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Hey Wardy!

Bed at #1 *.* I don't think it will peak as high as the #5 Head & Heart got for me but we'll see.
Rasputin entering the top 10 yass. I'm really enjoying this. I'm also loving all the samples, covers and remakes this year laugh.gif
Love Again is great but it won't be on my chart for another couple weeks. We're Good will however be entering my chart tomorrow!
I'm quite bored of Believe Me already. I see now why it's languishing at the bottom of the official chart laugh.gif
I know last week I said I was living Fireworks so much but I'm also tiring of this one quite fast.
Heartbreak In This City is fantastic. Absolutely smashing!!

Fab chart jump.gif
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post 11th April 2021, 08:12 AM
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I like:
2. ATB & Topic x A7S – Your Love (9PM)
25. Bebe Rexha – Sacrifice
26. Ava Max – My Head & My Heart
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post 14th April 2021, 08:40 PM
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ah, I had a feeling ABDA would be your entrant after reading a comment on another's chart. just taken a listen and it is quite good anyhow.
yay for Bed making it to #1 here, and Rasputin climbing into the top 10.
Not In Love and How Does It Feel are both in my top 20 this week so those have to be my fave new entries here! two great dance tracks.
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Cow P
post 15th April 2021, 01:56 AM
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Hi, awardinary! Love to see ABDA - Gold on the top 3. I hope you like it as much as I do! biggrin.gif
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post 15th April 2021, 06:44 PM
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Hi Wardy!

BED is a decent new number one, it's definitely my second favourite of Joel Corry's hits so far, it's no Head & Heart but it's much better than Sorry and Lonely.

Rasputin did indeed make your top ten in the end then, I wonder how much further it'll go. Good to see Summer 91 (Looking Back) climbing too, both here and officially, though it feels like it's been around for ages now as the original Summer 91 came out last summer!
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