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> Sporcle Quiz: 2021 UK Top 40 Hits [Q1-3], 228 top 40 hits of 2021 so far, can you name them all?
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post 6th October 2021, 09:08 PM
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Forgot to do this for Q2 but we are back for Q3...

had the advantage of making the quiz in the first place, otherwise would've forgot more, but for what it's worth I missed out on Headie One - Siberia [absolutely no recollection of this], Justin Bieber - Lonely [overload of JB songs], KSI - Patience [overload of KSI songs] and Travis Scott - Goosebumps [still think of this as a Hvme song, curse the label/OCC for changing the to give Travis the lead credit]
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post 6th October 2021, 09:49 PM
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I got 214/228, a bit annoyed at some of the ones I missed.

Ariana Grande - test drive / completely forgot her deluxe album was a thing tbh oops
Billie Eilish - Your Power / this was literally my favourite of the singles off Happier Than Ever so I am the big dumb for this being the one I missed drama.gif
Bugzy Malone - Notorious / I remembered it featured Chip but not the song title
D-Block Europe - Ferrari Horses / rightfully blocked from my memory (I'm not sure how I remembered Kevin McCallister but not this one, I was trying to rack my brain for another song that scraped the top 40 for a week completely forgetting they had a big hit lol)
Doja Cat - Ain't Shit / rightfully blocked from my memory [2]
Doja Cat - Streets / feels like this happened a lot longer ago than this year, I was trying to think of songs from her current album and didn't even consider this
Fredo - Back To Basics / this was completely overshadowed by the other three hits from that first Fredo album, not a very memorable song, though again surprising it was this that I forgot rather than any of the songs off the second album
James Arthur - Train Wreck / similar to Streets
Jason Derulo - Love Not War (The Tampa Beat) / rightfully blocked from my memory [3]
Jax Jones - i miss u / just straight up forgot this existed
Justin Bieber - As I Am / too many Bieber songs, I had a feeling the last one was an album track but could not remember which one it was, not even that it had a feature
KSI - Patience / YUNGBLUD's entire being rightfully blocked from my memory / too many KSI songs (but I got 'Gang Gang' over this lmao how does my brain work x)
Shawn Mendes - Monster / I was baffled at Shawn Mendes apparently having another recent hit beyond 'Wonder' knowing that 'Summer Of Love' missed the top 40 - this song was really a non-event lmao
The Kid LAROI - SO DONE / I could swear I actually did type 'so done' but I must have made a typo without realising it or something - couldn't think what else it could possibly have been and quickly gave up so I count this as morally me getting 215/228 x

I am proud of myself for somehow managing to remember all of the songs by Becky Hill, Central Cee and Digga D.
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post 7th October 2021, 12:55 AM
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185/228, which I feel like is the worst I've ever done at these quizzes laugh.gif Probably could've managed a couple more with more time but a lot of these are very unmemorable.

Aitch - Learning Curve (I did remember the cover art, which is memorable to me for the ambiguously-labelled height chart laugh.gif)
AJ Tracey - Anxious
AJ Tracey - Little More Love
Ariana Grande - test drive (oh yeah those bonus tracks lol)
Billie Eilish - Getting Older
Billie Eilish - Lo Vas A Olvidar
Brent Faiyaz - Wasting Time
Bugzy Malone - Notorious
Central Cee - 6 For 6
D-Block Europe - Ferrari Horses (oops, I did like this and it wasn't one of their usual 1-weekers)
D-Block Europe - Kevin McCallister
David Guetta - If You Really Love Me (How Will I Know) (oh yeah lol)
Digga D - 2k17
Digga D - Bluuwuu (shame on me for not remembering this title)
Digga D - Wasted
Fredo - Back To Basics
Fredo - Burner On Deck
Fredo - Flowers And The Snow
Fredo - Money Talks
Fredo - Ready
Fredo - Talk Of The Town
Fredo - Wandsworth To Bullingdon
Headie One - Siberia
J. Cole - amari
J. Cole - interlude
J. Cole - pride is the devil (well I did remember that one was a Lil Baby feature)
Jason Derulo - Love Not War (The Tampa Beat) (oops. this is my favourite song that I missed)
Justin Bieber - As I Am
Kanye West - Off The Grid
KSI - Gang Gang
KSI - Lose
KSI - Patience (all 3 of us so far laugh.gif)
KSI - Really Love
Lil Tjay - Headshot
Nathan Dawe - No Time For Tears
Skepta - Nirvana
slowthai - Cancelled
Stay Flee Get Lizzy - Meant To Be
Tyler, The Creator - WUSYANAME
United Kingdolls - UK Hun?
Wes Nelson - Nice To Meet Ya
Young Stoner Life - Solid
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post 7th October 2021, 08:15 AM
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BuzzJack Legend
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165, not so great. Only got 2 of the 8 Billie Eilish tracks & 1 of the 7 Fredo tracks lol.
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post 7th October 2021, 12:51 PM
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BuzzJack Platinum Member
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Couldn't remember a single Fredo track other than Money Talks so that didn't help. Neither did the amount of Central Cee, Digga D and J Cole songs lmao. Annoyed that I missed a fair amount of obvious ones like Goosebumps and Love Not War though. I also completely forgot about All I Know So Far by Pink and guessed Cover Me In Sunshine instead even though I didn't think that made the Top 40.
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post 7th October 2021, 03:19 PM
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ABBA - I Still Have Faith In You (I knew it began with the word "I" laugh.gif)
Bugzy Malone - Notorious (forgot this existed, still barely remember it now)
Central Cee - Loading (I think I just overlooked that there was another Central Cee gap because I'd have got this otherwise! lol at me remembering Little Bit of This and 6 for 6 over this one though)
J. Cole - m y . l i f e (I was lucky to get the others by him tbh)
Trippie Redd - Miss the Rage (no chance)
Young Stoner Life - Solid (all I remembered was that it was one word...)
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post 7th October 2021, 07:58 PM
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162/228, certainly not covering myself in glory there! laugh.gif
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post 7th October 2021, 10:10 PM
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I knew the Jax Jones one. I just spelled it wrong
Forgot two of the Fredo ones
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post 11th October 2021, 02:34 AM
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Most popular ones I forgot: Streets, Oliver Twist, Permission To Dance, Favorite Crime, Lost Cause, Ferrari Horses
Least popular ones I remembered: Wasting Time, Lo Vas A Olvidar, Wusyaname, Monster, Late At Night, Lose, Wants And Needs

I particularly enjoyed Heartbreak Anthem and Heartbreak Anniversary being next to each other even though the list was alphabetized by artist, not song title! And even Heat Waves next to them too laugh.gif
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