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Full Version: The Real me: Ana reveals all to Nina Myskow
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A very nice interview from 2002.


American R&B star Anastacia's amazing voice must have Tina Turner either slitting her wrists or sighing with relief, tossing aside her wig and putting her feet up on the coffee table. And her success has been fast.

Since her first album was released two years ago, she has become an international star. Her debut single, I'm Outta Love, was the most imitated song on Pop Idol. This year she was voted MTV Best Pop Act of 2001.

Her new single, One Day In Your Life, taken from her latest album Freak Of Nature is released on the Epic label on Monday.

Anastacia lives in Manhattan. We met at the Hyde Park Mandarin Oriental Hotel in London. Small, striking and individual, she is a tiny dynamo. With a personality and warmth as big as her voice.

I'm very big-busted and I could flaunt it. My goodness, I could flaunt it like Pamela Anderson. Completely. And for real.

But even although I'm bustier than most of the artists out there, and I'm very wild in the way I dress, I try to keep it more, for me, on the tasteful, conservative side. Because, you know, it's not where my head is at. I think it stems from hating my breasts for so long when I was young.

Now I'm kind of in a point where I feel sexy. But this is really the first time I've felt like I've had sex appeal. Ever. I don't think that I'm the sexiest, but I do, from the inside out, feel sexier as a woman now that I'm older. I'm 29. Sexier than I did when I was 18, the age most kids feel attractive.

Then I was a mess. You know. I was 25lbs bigger than I am now. I'd had Crohn's disease, a disease of the small intestine, diagnosed when I was 13. I'd had an operation, had a lot of my intestine taken out. And five years later, I had a relapse. Because I went on a diet.

A producer told me I was too large and I wasn't singing right because I was fat.

You have to understand how big I was. I was doing flips and splits on stage and I was not ballerina skinny. I had very big breasts for a dancer.

It was a very dramatic only fruit and vegetable diet. And with my disease that was like putting glass down my intestine. Because it's all fibre. But I didn't know, I hadn't had a problem for years and I thought, "I don't have this disease, it was a mistake by the doctors." All I had was a scar.

An attack can be pretty bad. Very debilitating, excruciatingly painful. It can kill you. I went on medication that's kind of like chemo for cancer, the side effects are horrendous. You puff up, it's the moon face, you break out in spots, your hair falls out. It's a horrible drug, really does set you low.

On it I was depressed and confused and going through the stage that teenagers go through. Where do you fit in? I had a problem with my height. I was like, "Nobody's going to want to date me." And I had a problem with my scar. Really dramatically.

And when you're depressed, you turn to food because it's comforting. I went up to 150lbs, and I'm 5ft3ins. A lot of weight to go on somebody that height. More than big and fat, I looked like a weightlifter. A very chunky me.

I was very, very depressed. But I got healthy by understanding the disease. It's stress-related and you need to understand yourself. I studied different religions but didn't want to be religious. I was searching for me.

By the time 22 rolled round, I'd become an extremely strong-minded woman, living life to its fullest each day.

The weight eventually came off. When I try to diet, it just doesn't work. I love food and I think too much about it. But now I'm a normy. I don't let food rule me. And I don't have to worry about what I eat. I'm very active. When I'm not working I do put on a couple of pounds. But the minute I go back it just drops.

I'm like a guy like that. I'm 123lbs. People are like, "Aren't you smaller than that?" You know, I'm solid. I don't work out, I don't do anything, that's just my genetic build. If I had no muscle, I'd be 110lbs. I'm very proud of what I look like now. It's OK to be short and OK to show my scar.

I don't think I'm the prettiest, I don't think I should be in the top 10 of the glam stuff. But I'm happy with the way I look, and that's cool. So this is a very good time, my best. As time goes on it gets better. My mom's always said, "Our family is like wine, darling. We get better in age." My mother, God! She's phenomenal. Great genes.

She's a theatre actress and she says she was aware of my voice when I was three.

She was driving from Baptist church and all these sounds were coming out of me in the baby chair. What I'd heard, I was imitating. I got pitch, no problem, did a little vibrato. She was going, "Oh my God!"

She brought my brother and sister and me up, first of all in Chicago. My parents split when I was very young and my dad, who was a crooner, was just not a dad.
Survivor bear
coool article! So I'm right she IS going to be 33!
No one is sure about that!
Seems like she said a lot of different things during these years!
Yep there's been so many rumours. She's either from 1968 or 1973. Just believe what u wanna believe. The truth will come out some day.
Survivor bear
hello! She got diagnosed with cancer @ 30.Which is 3 years ago.
look, there's been many discussions about her age and always 2 years of birth came up: 1968 and 1973.
in the 20/20 documentary it says she was 34 when she got diagnosed.
we all just believe what we think is right. it doesn't really how old she is.
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