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Full Version: Biggest Missed Opportunity
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1D have had a pretty fantastic run of singles, without one missing the top 10 in the UK (MORE THAN THIS WAS NOT A UK SINGLE mad.gif x), but what could've been improved? How would the eras have gone if you were in charge? Also, vote in the poll for the songs on the first two albums that you think SHOULD have been released, whether it be in place of another single or on top of the three per album.

Personally I think if they wanted to go for a ballad as single #2 from Up All Night, they should've gone with More Than This. It was the third single in Australia but didn't get a push here (hence its #89 peak from minimal TV airplay) and I think it would've done a whole lot better than Gotta Be You. I think it was best they didn't go past single #3 here cause none of the others would've done massively well I think (the title track is a bit too similar to WMYB, and that didn't do *wonders* for LWWY).

The three from Take Me Home were perfect I think and they could've got a 4th top 10 hit in the form of Rock Me I think, so I've voted for that.
'More Than This' obviously should have been given a push. It's a lovely ballad and I suspect it could have been another top 10 hit for them with a considerate strategy and some good promo lined up.

The 'Take Me Home' single campaign was near perfection, so I wouldn't have changed any of the releases from that era, however a fourth and fifth single would have been fantastic. 'Heart Attack' following 'Kiss You' would have been great. Similar but not *too* similar, and I reckon it would've been an easy top 10. And then 'I Would' to close the era would've been brilliant. Can just imagine videos for both of those songs now. wub.gif Although maybe three up-beats wouldn't have served them well?
As much as I'm not HUGE on "More Than This", it was probably the best ballad option from the debut. I prefer "Taken" but that's very much an album track imo.

"Rock Me" would've been an OK extra single (or in place of "Kiss You") and I think "They Don't Know About Us" would've been another decent slower release to follow, they wouldn't want to have gone with both Ed Sheeran-penned tracks.
Did you miss out Moments from the list? I can't see it. That's the obvious one from UAN - on tour it got the best reaction (I didn't go, but I keep up with their antics via twitter). This continued on the TMH tour.

My personal favourite thought from UAN is More than this, which really should have been a single. Moments should have been single number 2, then I want Single number 3 as One thing felt too much like a poor cousin of WMYB. With MTT as the 4th single. God knOws why they only stick to 3 singles. Probably worrying about chart positions rolleyes.gif

I don't know the non-single songs from TMH as I didn't really care for the 2 lead singles so never really bothered with the album. LWWY was pretty dire though.
Moments was only a deluxe track for Up All Night so I left it out. Kinda strange looking back as it's one of their most known album tracks. laugh.gif
Was it? Makes sense then that it wasn't a single. Stuck in the deluxe version - madness!
Stand Up was better than half of the standard album too. sad.gif

At least they've missed nothing major off the standard editions since (perhaps with the exception of the underrated "Nobody Compares" <3)

And don't even get me started on how much better Another World (the b-side to Gotta Be You) was than the actual single!! Should've been on the album.
I really think 'Na Na Na' and 'Another World' should've been released / album tracks. They're both absolutely fantastic. Bit unrecognised. sad.gif
The only one that really hits me is Stole My Heart from the first album, would have shown a bit of a different sound for them (as well as being one of their very best songs). Ballad wise with the first album they really should have gone with More Than This, but it was kind of a single anyway so I shan't be voting for it.
Stole my heart sounds too much like Taio Cruz's Dynamite, they'd have been laughed out of the charts if they'd released it as a single.
I highly doubt that, I certainly don't imagine it would have been a platinum selling #1 smash, but it would have been a sizeable hit. Being a soundalike/sounding similar hasn't harmed a great many songs success.
I really think Rock me could have went top 10 had it been promoted properly.
Obviously 'More Than This' from the debut, a real missed opportunity I feel. And then from 'Take Me Home' I'd say they got it pretty spot on but I'd have liked to have seen 'I Would' and 'They Don't Know About Us', purely because I love them too much to be left as album tracks.
With the Bands
They Don't Know About Us or Rock Me.
Tell Me a Lie from Up all night would have closed the era nicely. Last First Kiss would have been a great 4th single too - the Zayn bridge is just wub.gif
Cal Christopher
If You & I is not released off Midnight Memories, I'm sueing I don't care.
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