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Full Version: Your Ideal 1D Video
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Inspired by talk in the 'Midnight Memories' thread (kink.gif), what would you ideally LOVE to see in a One Direction video? What would the concept be? What song would it be for? How many of them would be running around stark naked or doing a Niall from 'Live While We're Young'?!

I'd love to see a video for 'Strong' where they are all superheroes (taken from what I've seen on a lyric video on YouTube). All of them in tight lycra with capes and the whole shebang chasing a girl who makes them strong, as the title says. When they meet / catch / save their respective girls, they tear their lycra off to reveal their sexay bodies (mainly Zayn and Harry (as director that's who I'd be focusing on x)). Or a different concept with five young girls feeling down and shit and they make the boys strong and they, as superheroes, defeat all of the bullies / people making them feel that way. heehee.gif
Jay ☆
QUOTE(Calum Sandé @ Feb 16 2014, 05:33 PM) *
All of them in tight lycra // they tear their lycra off

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