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Full Version: Single #3 from 'FOUR'
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Sailor Steve
What do you WANT to be single #3 and what do you THINK will be single #3?

I both want and think Where Do Broken Hearts Go. Girl Almighty is my favourite non-single but I wouldn't want that as a single really, and WDBHG sounds like the most obvious smash. It was between that and Ready To Run for "think".
Want: 'Ready to Run'
Think: 'Where Do Broken Hearts Go'
Both think and want Where Do Broken Hearts Go
Despite preferring 'Stockholm Syndrome' and 'Change Your Ticket', I still want 'Where Do Broken Hearts Go' to get a single release and I think they'll go with that. They'd be silly not to really! They just need to GET ON WITH IT
QUOTE(Acidburn @ Jan 15 2015, 11:26 PM) *
Both think and want Where Do Broken Hearts Go

Jay ☆
A very conclusive result for the 'Think' section! Let's hope they get a move on and release it.
I'd love Stolkholm. But i think they'll go with 18.
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