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Full Version: Opinions On: What Makes You Beautiful
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What Makes You Beautiful

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Weeks: 78
Sales: 1,080,000 (estimate from 07/2016) [OFFICIAL MILLION SELLER - 1,000,000+ pure sales, not including streams]
Certification: Platinum (15/02/2013)

The song that started it all, and their biggest hit still. What do you think of What Makes You Beautiful over 5 years on?

Still their best song for me, absolute pop perfection and in my top 10 of all-time wub.gif Will never forget how obsessed I was with this during the summer of 2011!
The song is honestly still as fresh now as it was then, that opening chord really pulls you in immediately. It was obvious Syco wasn't playing around with them, they came out with probably their best single ever right out of the gate and never really intensely decreased in quality since (even after Zayn leaving).
beauty is in the eye of the beholder - it can be anything it manifests itself into

But srsly this is a great pop song but it's been absolutely murdered by overplay so I can't stand it anymore sad.gif Couldn't think of anything better to debut with!
I guess it's a testament to how big this was that even a misfire like Gotta Be You didn't damage the album's opening numbers laugh.gif

This is one song that overplay never really killed for me, and those don't come very often I must admit heart.gif
Pop perfection!
One of the best pop songs ever released tbh.
Like most people, this still remains one of their best tracks for me. Incredibly catchy and the boys all seem so likeable in the video too. GBY is underrated tho :'(
Completely forgot Gotta Be You even existed ph34r.gif (I suppose every boyband of the 2010s has a similar type of forgotten hit too...)
Even they tried to sweep it under the carpet come their second tour tbh :')
Tawdry Hepburn
It's the perfect debut single really, such a stormer!

'Gotta Be You' deserves to remain forgotten.
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