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Full Version: Opinions On: Gotta Be You
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Gotta Be You

NEW ENTRY (26/11/2011): 3-16-25-48-65-95-63-x

Weeks: 7
Sales: 165,000 (sales only - estimate from 03/2015)

The second single, not actually promoted on a global scale so it's their only single not to chart in the US. What do you think over 5 years on?

By far and away their weakest single for me, but I don't actually hate it by any means, I really liked it at the time actually so I have pretty nice memories with it! The video works well with the track too. Still, can't blame them for ditching it worldwide, should've released More Than This as single 2 if they wanted a ballad.
I have memories of listening to the radio premiere at the bus stop / on the bus and the massive disappointment that came with it (since it's their worst single coming straight after what remains their best). Not a song I ever have the urge to go back to.
Tawdry Hepburn
Just utterly horrible. sick2.gif

QUOTE(JosephStyles @ Jan 11 2017, 07:18 PM) *
should've released More Than This as single 2 if they wanted a ballad.

I always preferred this to 'What Makes You Beautiful' at the time and I have a soft spot for it to this date. I can see why the chorus would be deemed annoying but it's never bothered me. I guess I'm just a sucker for a wintery ballad which is part of the song's appeal for me.
It's shit.

HOWEVER the b-side that came on the CD single is one of their all time greatest and it's a travesty it was never on the album.

YES!! Really great track wub.gif
I like it more now than i did back then still not my favorite and i don't think the boys themselves liked it cause they never performed it again after the 1st tour.
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