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Full Version: ZAYN feat. PARTYNEXTDOOR - Still Got Time
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Out Friday!
'Mind Of Mind' was actually a pretty good album imo (even if the whole capital letters thing was kinda cringy :')) so looking forward to this!
He's moving on from the first album quicker than I anticipated actually, although it was definitely a wise decision, especially since he seems to have got the interest back into his solo career again with 'I Don't Wanna Live Forever'. Tbf, he would probably have been quite capable of getting another successful hit regardless - despite the underperformance of his album, he has seems to have a strong team and his name and association with 1D is enough to gain interest in anything new he does.

Looking forward to this.
Looking forward to this. His debut was solid - especially Pillowtalk and It's You. heart.gif
I'm looking forward to this.

The snippet sounds a tad like Lorde's 'Green Light' to me.
So drake

So so Drake. Gives me Work vibes too, which I guess is down to the PARTYNEXTDOOR connection.
Love both of their voices and they blend pretty well here, think this'll easily be my favourite of his so far.
This is so... plain? Like, there's nothing to it. But then, I'm not a Drake fan and I can definitely see the comparisons...
Already absolutely loving this. So good.
On first listen this is really disappointing and empty, like Jonjo says there's not much to it. Disappointed after how solid the first era was tbh! sad.gif
Way better than "Work" or anything I've heard from Drake recently. I really like it, it's catchy enough and I like how laidback it is. Just wish he wouldn't be taking tips from Sia.
Yeah this is pretty good, I get the Drake comparisons but I find it a bit better than that. Instantly better than most of the songs on the album.
Love this!
Only listened to it 3 times already and the chorus is stuck in my head. Definitely Drake-inspired but I find it to be great in its own right rather than an uninspired carbon copy. The instrumental is very carnival-like.
I was looking forward to this based on the generally positive reviews and the Drake comparisons - when Drake is good, I think he's very good and I thought that sound would suit Zayn to a tee. However, I'm just not feeling it. sad.gif I've no doubt it'll probably stick in my head but having a catchy hook isn't necessarily the same as genuinely enjoying a song.
The boyfriend material line makes me cringe every time but I love it regardless.
In love with the vibe of this, PARTYNEXTDOOR always does the chilled sound so well.
I do like this and I feel like it will grow on me more in time but I think it is perhaps a little too chill for me to the point where it verges on dull for me (I had the same problem with Waves - Mr Probz) but I do still quite like it on first few listens anyway. Just not an instant banger like Pillow Talk was wub.gif
Feeling like this may grow but it just isn't really grabbing me as of yet.

It seems too much of a cheap imitation of Drake without his infectious hooks. It is nice but a bit derivative and forgetful.
Video out:

The video comes off way too try-hard.
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