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Full Version: Throwback! 23 years ago: Say You'll Be There
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Jay ☆
19 years ago...
Monday 14th September 1998

The day after marrying her first husband Jimmy Gulzar, Mel B released her debut solo single I Want You Back, featuring Missy Elliott! The R&B/Hip-Hop flavoured track was the very first solo release to come from any of the Spice Girls. It debuted at #1 in the UK, and would prove to be Mel's only chart topper away from the group. Its entry date of Sunday 20th September 1998 was also the last date of the Spiceworld Tour, with the concluding date taking place at Wembley Stadium.

16 years ago...
Monday 17th September 2001

Victoria's first chart moment away from the Spice Girls was a collaboration with True Steppers & Dane Bowers - Out of Your Mind - in August 2000. It would be another year until she was ready to release her first completely solo single, Not Such an Innocent Girl. By 2001, all of her former band-mates had achieved at least one solo #1 each (the aforementioned Out of Your Mind had had to make do with #2). The pressure was on for Victoria to achieve the same. With an expensive-looking video and an intense promotional schedule, surely Victoria's time had come? Unfortunately for her, it wasn't to be! Despite a much-hyped chart battle between herself and Kylie Minogue (who won out, with Can't Get You Out of My Head entering at #1), she fell way short of the mark - entering and peaking at #6. Surely a great position to achieve for a lot of artists, but for Victoria it was labelled as an unmitigated flop. cry.gif

4 years ago...
Thursday 19th September 2013

Mel B surprised her fans with the release of For Once in My Life, her first music release in over 8 years! Was she finally gearing herself up to release a third solo album? Sadly not, as another 4 years have come and gone without further music releases! For the past decade Mel has experienced major success in the television industry, and thus has prioritised presenting & judging over music. For Once in My Life was backed with one of the more memorable solo-Spice music videos - it was filmed on the set of Desperate Housewives, and sees her stripping off, cutting her own hair and even giving herself a kiss on the lips. ;o Ultimately chart success wasn't forthcoming, although it managed to make it to #30 in the UK Indie singles chart, and #2 in the US Billboard Dance Club Songs.
Tawdry Hepburn
I like 'For Once In My Life'. It was mainly stemmed from me and my then housemate having an ironic obsession with it bit then grew to genuinely like it.

'I Want You Back' is probably one of the most forgettable and nondescript #1s ever. NSAIG is okay, but nothing to write home about at all.
wow didnt realize they all came out around the same time.

I loved both IWYB and FOIML. Missy did a great thing working with Mel on that track. I only wish she (and Timbaland) could've done more on the album.

NSAIG was cute when it came out. I rarely listen to it now, I loved the video tho.
For Once In My Life is such an anthem, can't believe it was 4 years ago ohmy.gif
Jay ☆
19 years ago...

Saturday 19th September 1998 / Sunday 20th September 1998

The Spice Girls performed the last two dates of their Spiceworld Tour at Wembley Stadium!

The tour began in February 1998 in Dublin, Ireland, and at this point the Spice Girls were still in tact as a 5 piece. However, by the end of the first European leg in May, Geri quit the group - just two weeks before they were set to embark on their North American dates. Despite fears of a backlash, their American fans proved themselves to be fine with the prospect of seeing a quartet instead. Barely any refunds were requested and every American date was successfully completed. By the time the girls returned to the UK for their stadium dates in Sheffield & London, both Mel B & Victoria were showing the signs of pregnancy. The Wembley shows were filmed, and subsequently released on VHS in November 1998 and DVD in October 2008.

Memorable elements of this tour include the If U Can't Dance intro (I love the routine / formation!), Naked (despite it seeming that only the chairs they were sat on were covering their modesty, they weren't completely naked x), 2 Become 1 (Emma's extended high note wub.gif ), Spice Up Your Life (the conga *.*) and a rousing cover of We Are Family.

Looking back, it's a great shame that the biggest show of their career wasn't with the full line-up. This is why I actually prefer their Istanbul show from 1997 - for me it represents the group at their peak & I enjoy it more (even though it's sadly lacking a performance of Viva Forever). Geri has since expressed regret at missing out on the opportunity to perform at Wembley Stadium - although she did get to perform for American & Canadian fans for the first time, thanks to the 2007/8 tour The Return of the Spice Girls.
Yeah as good as Wembley Stadium was looking at it now it just never looks or feels right as a four piece. I think it's also because there was no new four piece only music either it was just Spice and Spiceworld which again made the absence stand out more (to me)

Jay ☆
18 years ago...
Monday 27th September 1999

Melanie C released Goin' Down, which managed a peak of #4 in the UK. This grungy rock song was released as the lead single off her debut album Northern Star.

17 years ago...
Monday 25th September 2000

Mel B released Tell Me, which also reached #4 in the UK and preceded the release of her debut album Hot. It includes the memorable lyric "all you loved was Mel B's money" (this song is about her ex-husband Jimmy Gulzar).

17 years ago...
Monday 9th October 2000

Mel B's debut album Hot was released. It proved to be a commercial disaster, stalling at #28 in the UK chart - making it the first Spice related release to miss the UK Top 20. Mel B sadly has the dubious honour of being the only Spice Girl not to have achieved a Top 10 solo album. Four months after release, Mel achieved another Top 5 hit single with 'Feels So Good', but interest in its parent album remained limited - only managing to climb to #95.

16 years ago...
Monday 1st October 2001

Victoria Beckham's self-titled album came out. She was the last of the Spice Girls to release a debut, following Geri's 'Schizophonic' (1999), Melanie C's 'Northern Star' (1999), Mel B's 'Hot' (2000) and Emma's 'A Girl Like Me' (2001). 'Victoria Beckham' achieved a UK peak of #10, following on from the #6 peak its lead single 'Not Such An Innocent Girl' acheived. Sadly this would prove to be Victoria's only commercially released album, although her second album sessions (from 2003/2004) were eventually leaked.

12 years ago...
Friday 30th September 2005

Melanie C released First Day of My Life (a cover of an Enrique Iglesias song). It became a #1 smash in Germany, Spain & Switzerland thanks to being the theme song from the German soap opera telenovela Wege zum Glück. The single's success lead to a re-release of her third album Beautiful Intentions, which hadn't previously included the track. Curiously she didn't release this as a single in the UK, but included it as a bonus track on the 'Carolyna' single in 2007.
Memorable elements of this tour include the If U Can't Dance intro (I love the routine / formation!), Naked (despite it seeming that only the chairs they were sat on were covering their modesty, they weren't completely naked x), 2 Become 1 (Emma's extended high note  ), Spice Up Your Life (the conga *.*) and a rousing cover of We Are Family.

DON'T EVEN FORGET ABOUT THE MEL'S 'VIVA FOREVER' MOMENT. I.e. the absolute best moment from the concert! wub.gif
Jay ☆
drama.gif I’m surprised I did!! Maybe the Viva Forever haters are influencing me. ;o
Jay ☆
20 years ago...
Monday 13th October 1997

Spice Girls released Spice Up Your Life, the first single from their second album Spiceworld! Commentary

14 years ago...
Monday 13th October 2003

Emma Bunton released Maybe, the second single to be taken from her sophomore album Free Me! What a gem of a pop song. wub.gif It provided Emma with a #6 peak in the UK.
Both are great tracks that I still listen to quite frequent happy.gif

Feeling all nostalgic with this topic btw wub.gif

(And old sleep.gif ).. teresa.gif
Jay ☆
21 years ago...
Monday 14th October 1996

Spice Girls released their second single Say You'll Be There! Commentary

20 years ago...
Thursday 16th October 1997

The official launch of the Spice Girls dolls! They would go on to be the fifth best selling toy of Christmas 1997 in the UK with 300,000 sales, which was reportedly too limited to satisfy demand. 9 year old me really wanted them, but 9 year old me was also too aware of "dolls not being for boys" to dare ask cry.gif :') Does anyone here collect their dolls?
Omg 21 years since their best single was released!!
Jay ☆
18 years ago...
Monday 18th October 1999

Melanie C's debut album - Northern Star - was released 18 years ago! ohmy.gif Released three weeks after introductory single 'Goin' Down', the album started off somewhat modestly in the UK album chart - entering at #10, on sales of just under 18,000. Northern Star initially spent just three weeks inside the Top 40, but with the release of its title track as the second single, it climbed back inside, and remained within the Top 40 over Christmas 1999. This caused its sales to swell to 175,000 by the end of the year.

2000 proved to be an incredibly successful year for Melanie C. The album's third & fourth releases - Never Be The Same Again and I Turn To You - both topped the UK charts. A re-release of the album containing newer versions of these two singles saw Northern Star achieve its peak of #4. It was certified 3xPlatinum by February 2001, denoting shipments of over 900,000 copies. Its actual UK sales stood at 890,150 as of October 2016. It also achieved great longevity, registering 99 weeks inside the UK Top 200 - even re-entering the Top 75 in 2004!

The album was also a success in other countries. It reached #1 in Sweden and peaked within the Top 10 in several countries. It was certified gold in Australia, Canada and Switzerland, and platinum in Germany and Sweden. Although Northern Star only reached #108 in the US Billboard chart, it sold around 95,000 copies there in total. With an estimated 4 million sales worldwide, this makes Northern Star by far the most successful album released by a member of the Spice Girls gone solo. Go Melanie!

Despite the album receiving average reviews upon release (including a particularly scathing assessment by NME), its a true fan favourite - with many fans citing it as not only Melanie's best work, but as the best solo Spice Girls album. It's arguably the most genre diverse album released by a Spice Girl too, exploring pop, rock, electronic, r&b, techno and punk - with production from Rick Rubin, Rick Nowels, Craig Armstrong, Marius De Vries, Rhett Lawrence and most notably William Orbit, who was one of the producers on Madonna's much-celebrated album 'Ray of Light' (1998).

Melanie C may not be one of the UK's most celebrated female solo artists, sadly - but in my eyes Northern Star is a classic - happy 18th anniversary! *.*
Blond 2.0
WOW time flies I still love this album so much one of her best work ever and one of the best spice solo albums ever .
I like Northern star but not myfav solo record.
Is funny to see how modest was in the beginning and how big became after NBTSA and I turn to you.
I always thought that if the success was keeping low until 2000 then we could have such a better Forever era, with solo attitude less strong and much more focu on the group again
NS is a masterpiece
Northern star is my favourite Spice realease full stop! I adore it wub.gif
Northern Star is Melanie's best album, still love it now. Not the best solo spice album but certainly one of the best.
Jay ☆
17 years ago...
Monday 23rd October 2000

Spice Girls released their Holler / Let Love Lead the Way, the "Double A Side" single which launched their third studio album, Forever! The single reached #1 in the UK, becoming their 9th and final chart topper as a group.

'Holler' Commentary + 'Let Love Lead the Way' Commentary
Blond 2.0
Mind the Mel C look they all were hot in the video , Holler is just perfection and still sounds awesome
^^im now feeling old with this one...sheesh
I was 13 17 years ago, i can imagine people feeling old tbh.
Blond 2.0
What about them do they feel old too LOL
Jay ☆
20 years ago...
Monday 3rd November 1997

It's been 20 years since the release of the Spice Girls' second album Spiceworld! ohmy.gif

Spiceworld is of course the follow up to their hugely successful debut album 'Spice'. The level of notoriety and success the Spice Girls achieved with that album was phenomenal, and lead to them filming their very own movie! This took place in the summer of 1997. As if the Spice Girls weren't busy enough learning their lines & filming scenes, there was also the small matter of recording their second album. Spiceworld was written/recorded on set during any free moments; a hectic time for the Spice Girls!

Spiceworld is a pop album, with influences of Latin (Spice Up Your Life, Viva Forever), Motown (Stop), Disco (Never Give Up on the Good Times) and even Jazz (The Lady is a Vamp). It received positive critical reviews, bettering the mixed response towards their debut.

The album was an instantaneous success, reaching the Top 10 in all major markets - including #1 in the UK, on first week sales of just under 192,000. This made it the fastest selling girl group album of all-time in the UK, a record which has still not been taken from them 20 years on... so it might come as a surprise that the media and music industry insiders deemed its sales as being "disappointing" at the time! This negativity/backlash was likely a response to the Spice Girls famously sacked their manager (Simon Fuller) just four days after the album's release. Spiceworld spent three non-consecutive weeks at #1, and had sold its millionth copy by the end of 1997. By 2009, its total sales were approaching 1.6m, while its worldwide sales are reportedly around 20m.

Four singles were released from the album - Spice Up Your Life, Too Much, Stop and Viva Forever. Stop became the group's first single to miss the top spot in the UK, having to make do with #2, but the other three singles all reached #1. Too Much was the most successful release in the US, where it peaked at #9 - the group's final US Top 10 hit.

In February 1998, the Spice Girls embarked on their first tour (the Spiceworld Tour) in support of the album. They started in Europe, and sadly by the end of this leg in May, Geri decided to leave the group. A four piece Spice Girls toured North America over the summer of 1998, and culminated with stadium dates at Don Valley and Wembley Stadium in September 1998, which marked the end of this album era.

wub.gif What an incredible pop album, one of my all time faves! Please feel free to share your memories / your favourite songs/performances!
Ha 20 years ago today i ran to the shop to buy this album with my dad and my sister throwing a strop in the music shop because she didn't get the Backstreet Boys album she wanted laugh.gif
I remember coming home and listening to the album the whole evening and thinking the girl sang German in Move Over for several years! (Das ist over instead of Cause its over)
This is my favorite album of the girls. It had the hits like Spice Up Your Life,Too Much, Stop and Viva Forever and brilliant songs like Saturday Night Divas,Never Give Up On The Good Times,Do It, Denying and The Lady is a Vamp. In my opinion there is no bad song on this album.
Loved the tour and went to the Arnhem date on the 28th of March 1998. Sadly we lost Geri during this era but the Wembley concert was stil amazing!
Jay ☆
I'll write something more substantial tomorrow perhaps, but today marks 21 years since the release of Spice in the UK!

21 & 20 years since their first two albums... help ;o
Spiceworld wub.gif Truly a pop masterpiece! This deserved to outsell their debut in my opinion. While I love Spice, Spiceworld is much more varied in it's styles touching on Motown, Latin, Disco, Jazz and even flavours of RnB, it was great evolution from the first album and it features my top 3 Spice Girls singles (Viva forever, Stop, Spice up your life) wub.gif

It has been really lovely to see a few articles from Billboard and Metro giving the album the praise it deserves, it's Spiceworld that makes me gutted that we never got that 3rd follow up to the album, these girls still had so much more to give (as evident with some of their solo pop masterpieces).
Jay ☆
^ It's great that it's received some attention for its anniversary! wub.gif

A few articles:

Spice Girls: 9 reasons why Spiceworld is the greatest pop album of the 90s

There’s a tendency to discredit the Spice Girls’ actual music when it comes to discussing the colossal impact they made in the mid-90s.

Sure, the entry-level feminism, colourful DIY fashion sense, never-ending commercial tie-ins and TOTP magazine-devised nicknames all played their part in establishing Scary, Ginger, Sporty, Baby and Posh as the decade’s ultimate pop-culture icons.

But without the perfectly crafted pop of their No 1s (and a No. 2), as well as their two multi-million-selling parent albums, the quintet are unlikely to have made a ripple in their own country, let alone conquer the entire globe.

Twenty years to the day that their second studio effort, Spiceworld, hit the shelves, here’s a look at why it still stands up as the greatest pop album of the 1990s.

Read More:

Spice Girls' 'Spiceworld' Turns 20: Remembering Their Eclectic, Theatrical Second Album

Not to state the obvious, but the Spice Girls were one of the most famous pop groups of the ‘90s. The quintet’s 1996 debut Spice launched a worldwide girl power movement that extended beyond the pop world. But the band continued its reign even as it ventured into more experimental, theatrical territory on their sophomore effort Spiceworld.

Spiceworld featured all five-band members, Victoria “Posh” Beckham, Emma “Baby” Bunton, Geri “Ginger” Halliwell, Melanie “Scary” Brown and Melanie “Sporty” Chisholm, as they fused pop, R&B, salsa and balladry together. The record would go on to soundtrack their feature film Spice World in 1998 and would continue to build the hype surrounding the pop group.

With the Spice Girls’ sophomore record turning 20 today (Nov. 3), we're taking a look at it track by track. Perhaps 20 is the magic number for at least four of the five members to reunite for a tour. Let this post serve as encouragement.

Read More:

Dear Spice Girls, Thank You For Teaching A Little Boy About Girl Power
An open letter to the best-selling female group of all time on the 20th anniversary of ‘Spiceworld’

Dear Spice Girls,

Or should I say, “Dear the Spice Girls”? IDK! Anyway, today marks the 20th anniversary of Spiceworld’s U.S. release. Not many albums are worth reflecting on two decades in, but Spiceworld and your movie, Spice World (which turns 20 this December), are special. Not just to me, of course—you’re the best-selling female group of all time—but, for now, we’re going to focus on me.

Read More:

TRIBUTE: Celebrating 20 Years of Spice Girls’ ‘Spiceworld’

Happy 20th Anniversary to Spice Girls’ second studio album Spiceworld, originally released November 3, 1997.

Victoria Beckham, Melanie Brown, Emma Bunton, Melanie Chisholm and Geri Horner (née Halliwell) had already conquered their native homeland England—and most of the globe — with Spice in 1996. Once their first album stepped onto American shores, simply put, it was just another territory to be taken by the quintet. And so it was. Looking back now, in the era of Blur, Björk and Bad Boy, the Spice Girls were a funky, approachable and fresh alternative. They were also well studied. Their research had encompassed the musical urbanity of their American predecessors En Vogue and TLC, as well as the DIY model of their British foremothers Bananarama. Pairing that education with their own musical and visual disposition, the Spice Girls were peerless upon arrival.

Read More:

Read More:

Essential Albums: The Spice Girls – Spiceworld]
20 years after its initial release, Suraj Hallan tells us why the Spice Girls' multi-platinum album is still just as relevant and empowering today

After their debut album, Spice, became the best-selling album of all time by a girl-group, with sales of 31 million, the pressure was on for the Spice Girls to deliver with their follow-up. In late 1997, the group gifted pop music with their second album, Spiceworld. The album became a global success, shifting a smooth 20 million worldwide, becoming one of the best-selling albums of all time. However, despite its success in the 90s, is the message and influence of this album still relevant 20 years on? Of course it is!

Read More:

20 Years Later: A ‘Spiceworld’ Song To Match Your Every Emotion

A little over two decades ago, the iconic Spice Girls arrived on the scene and changed both pop culture and the music industry forever.

The five British singers dropped major hit makers like “Wannabe,” “2 Become 1” and “Say You’ll Be There.” But it was their second album that debuted on November 3, 1997 from planet Spiceworld—solidifying the quintet as more than just a pop group, but rather, everlasting symbols of girl power.

n 1997, the world was in peak Spice mania and Spiceworld became an instant commercial success as it debuted at No. 1 on the UK Albums Chart and climbed to the top three in 18 other countries. While their first album Spice was just as popular, Spiceworld’s songs were catchier and honed in on Ginger, Sporty, Posh, Scary and Baby’s vocal talents while also boasting more personal lyrics.

During the time of Spiceworld’s release, the Spice Girls were involved in a lot of controversies from firing then manager Simon Fuller, misbehaving in front of the British Royal family and reports of constant arguing within the group. With that, each track on Spiceworld brings about a different emotion the girl’s were feeling at the time that resonated with listeners.

Whether you’re feeling sad, happy, angry or all of the above, Spiceworld has got you covered. In honor of it’s 20th anniversary, we recommend listening to the pop masterpiece again—no matter what you’re feeling.

Read More:
Jay ☆
21 years ago...
Monday 4th November 1996

...the Spice Girls' debut album Spice went on sale in the UK!

After forming in 1994 via an audition process, the Spice Girls (or Touch as they were known back then) parted company with the original managers the following year. This was due to their frustration with the company's unwillingness to listen to their visions and ideas.

The Spice Girls already had a session booked with the songwriter and producer Eliot Kennedy, so they drove to his studio in Sheffield to see if he'd still honour the meeting, even though they were now lacking in representation. Thankfully Eliot was intrigued by the girls and decided to work with them anyway. 'Love Thing' and 'Say You'll Be There' were composed during their very first session together. From there on out their debut album took shape, with writers & producers Stannard and Rowe & Paul Wilson and Andy Watkins also coming on board. The Spice Girls eventually secured new management with Simon Fuller of 19 Entertainment, and subsequently signed to Virgin Records in September 1995. 'Spice' was ultimately ready to be released a year later.

The 10-track album is a pop record at its core, but it incorporates other styles such as r&b, soul, funk and even hip-hop!

'Spice' entered the UK albums chart at #1 on 10th November 1996, with first week sales of 114,000. From there on out its sales exploded, and by the end of 1996 'Spice' had racked up an astonishing 1,800,000 sales, peaking with 439,000 sales in a single week in the Christmas chart (while the third single, the ballad '2 Become 1', became the Christmas #1 of 1996). The album went on to spend 15 non-consecutive weeks at #1 in total, as well as a consecutive 40 week run within the Top 5. It was still Top 20 by the time the group had moved on to its second album era. It is certified 10xPlatinum for shipments exceeding 3 million copies, and was within the Top 3 best selling albums of 1996 and 1997, as well as the third best selling album of the 1990s decade. It didn't exit the chart until early 1999, having amassed 113 weeks in the Top 200.

'Spice' was released in February 1997 in the US. It initially entered the US Billboard chart at #6, which at the time was the highest debut for a UK girl group. They held this record until 2013, when Little Mix entered the US chart at #4 with their own debut album 'DNA'. Ultimately 'DNA' had a short chart life, whereas 'Spice' had tremendous tenacity. It hovered around the US Top 10 for 3 months, before it finally reached its peak of #1 (where it stayed for 5 non-consecutive weeks). 'Spice' ended up selling over 5 million copies in 1997 alone, and went on to achieve a sales total of around 7.5m.

Overall, 'Spice' is one of the most successful albums of all-time, and remains as the best selling by a girl group. It has reportedly sold as much as 31 million copies worldwide. It topped the charts in at least 17 countries, and became a platinum or multi-platinum album in more than 40 countries. It was also the best selling album worldwide in 1997. The success of 'Spice' and the singles taken from it, combined with their unique image & infectious personalities, helped the Spice Girls to become a worldwide phenomenon, not seen since Beatlemania.

One word: iconic. wub.gif
Spice and Spiceworld are both two of my favourite albums of all-time wub.gif I really need to get the former on vinyl at some point. Funnily enough, I prefer the Spiceworld singles but the Spice album tracks so I guess they're great in different ways. My parents owned Spice when it first came out, so when I got into the girls I nabbed it off them and they still haven't got it back. kink.gif happy birthday to two iconic albums *.*
Jay ☆
10 years ago...
Monday 5th November 2007

It's been a decade since the release of the Spice Girls' final ever single (presumably cry.gif ) - 'Headlines (Friendship Never Ends)'!

*Lazily copies the commentary I wrote for it in the recent rate results* heehee.gif

2007 saw the return of the Spice Girls, reuniting after 7 years apart! As well as announcing a world tour & a Greatest Hits album, they also confirmed a new single - 'Headlines (Friendship Never Ends)' - released as that year's Children in Need single. In an interview with GMTV, Geri described 'Headlines' as a "big love song" and a "Spice Girls classic".

After a rather haphazard release strategy of "download only" (5th November), inclusion on the Greatest Hits album (12th November) and finally a CD single (19th November), 'Headlines' stalled at #11 in the UK - making it their first single to miss the Top 10 (in fact they'd never previously placed lower than #2). It spent a mere 6 weeks in the Top 100, and racked up total sales of just over 50,000. Undoubtedly a huge under-performance & disappointment for a group previously accustomed to #1 platinum smashes. It also reached #90 in the US Billboard Hot 100.

Can you believe it's been 10 years? ohmy.gif What do you think about Headlines?
Jay ☆
QUOTE(Jade @ Nov 5 2017, 07:07 PM) *
Spice and Spiceworld are both two of my favourite albums of all-time wub.gif I really need to get the former on vinyl at some point. Funnily enough, I prefer the Spiceworld singles but the Spice album tracks so I guess they're great in different ways. My parents owned Spice when it first came out, so when I got into the girls I nabbed it off them and they still haven't got it back. kink.gif happy birthday to two iconic albums *.*

Ooh definitely get the Spice vinyl when you can, one of my favourite items in my collection. wub.gif

I think out of the two I lean towards preferring Spiceworld on the whole, but of course I love both albums! heart.gif
Headlines rolleyes.gif

I actually really like the song it's a beautiful ballad but it is just so wrong for a single, and a comeback single from a group who had a perfect run of amazing singles up until then, it's just barmy. When you look at what All Saints managed the year before with Rock Steady for their come back, and then Girls Aloud Something New for their come back a few years later, it pales in comparison. I so so so so SO wish we had got a massive upbeat stomper of a track for their comeback something in the vein of Who do you think you are, Never give up on the good times, Spice up your life, one that could not be ignored, then Headlines could have taken Voodoo's place on the GH that would have been perfect.

Arrrgh these girls wub.gif lol
NME reviewed Spiceworld as part of this week's edition of Album Club:

From 17:35 onwards. Snobby at times, as is expected of NME, but it is interesting to hear a perspective of people not necessarily fans of Spice Girls.
Blond 2.0
I still love headlines
Tonight I dreamed of them singing Headlines in a big Tv show similar to te Olympics 😍
Jay ☆
17 years ago...
Monday 6th November 2000

Forever, the third studio album by the Spice Girls, was released! A huge write-up for this one. kink.gif

This album was a long time in the making. Plans for a third Spice Girls album were in motion in 1998, with the girls suggesting that it would include solo songs and duets, as well as group songs. This unusual idea obviously didn't come to pass.

'Goodbye' was recorded in the summer of 1998 and released as a single in December. It became their third Christmas #1 and fifth best selling hit. At this point it seemed the group's popularity was untainted despite Geri's departure earlier that year - so there was huge interest in when the eventual first 4-piece album would materialise. Would it be ready in 1999?

Sadly not! Following the success of 'Goodbye', the group parted ways for a few months. Victoria & Mel B both gave birth in early 1999 and took time out - and notably Melanie C took the opportunity to record her first solo album ('Northern Star') during this downtime. It wasn't until August 1999 that the girls were ready to start work on the third album. They collaborated with their usual British producers and writers, and for the first time in their careers they worked with the American producers Rodney & Fred Jerkins, and Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis. According to Geri many years later, the other four girls had expressed an interest in making R&B music even while she was still in the group, but she felt it wasn't the right fit for her. She reckons that it was her departure that allowed the other girls to feel free to explore their desire to record R&B.

In December 1999 the girls embarked on a short UK tour, 'Christmas In Spiceworld'. They showcased three of their new songs - 'W.O.M.A.N.', 'Right Back At Ya' and 'Holler' (then known as 'Holler Holler'). The first two songs were a continuation of the pop sound they were known and loved for, while 'Holler' was their fans' first taste of the group's new sound.

In March 2000, the Spice Girls were honoured with the 'Outstanding Contribution to Music' award at the BRIT Awards - but despite this, a single and album wasn't ready for release, to benefit from this exposure. What was the cause of the delay? By this point, they had recorded more than enough tracks to compile an album. It seems the delay was for two reasons. Reason 1: The girls were distracted by their solo endeavours. That same month, Melanie C achieved her first solo #1 hit with 'Never Be The Same Again', and sales of her album skyrocketed. She followed this with another #1 smash in August, 'I Turn to You' - and both singles became successful worldwide. The other three girls also spent time separately in recording studios in 2000, each working on respective debut solo albums. Reason 2: The Spice Girls/Virgin decided to scrap almost all of the tracks from their "pop sessions", deciding to commit fully to making the album an R&B record - and thus needed more time in the studio to create new tracks. It wasn't until July that the album's final track was recorded (while the sole surviving pop track, 'Right Back At Ya', was reworked to fit the album's sound), and thus they were finally ready to get to work on choosing a single, recording videos and starting promotion.

The tracks 'Holler' and 'Let Love Lead The Way' (both written and recorded in August 1999) were chosen to be released as a Double A Side single. Both videos were filmed in July 2000, and the songs/videos premiered in September. It was also revealed that the third album finally had a name - 'Forever'.

Rather strangely, Mel B decided to release her solo material just week's before the group's releases, despite strong resistance from Virgin. This decision proved to be a misfire, with her debut album 'Hot' stalling at #28 in the UK albums chart. Despite this, it seemed like it was business as usual for the Spice Girls - their single shot straight to #1 in the UK at the end of October 2000, becoming their 9th #1. Would 'Forever' follow suit?

'Forever' was released in the same week as 'Coast To Coast', the second album from the Irish boyband Westlife. During the Spice Girls' absence from the charts, Westlife had emerged as the new chart force to be reckoned with, having achieved 7 #1 singles in a row by the time the groups went head to head in the charts. Media attention was intense - who would win? Ultimately, the Spice Girls proved to be no match for the all-conquering Westlife. While the girls reached a perfectly respectable #2, they had been outsold 3:1 - and thus were labelled as having flopped.

'Forever' performed disappointingly outside of the UK, failing to make the Top 10 in quite a few countries - partly due to poor promotion. With a downturn in success and reported in-fighting within the group, the Spice Girls quietly parted ways at the end of the year. No further singles were released, and 'Forever' ended up becoming the final Spice Girls studio album. cry.gif

With the benefit of hindsight, there were certainly things they could have done differently. They evidently spent far too long away from the charts, the complete change of direction in music genre was arguably a misstep, and they focused more on their solo careers than the group... it seemed by the time they got around to releasing 'Forever', their passion for the group had dwindled, in particular Melanie C. Also, the group's image had visibly matured, so maybe they were unwittingly alienating some of their younger fans too.

Personally, I don't think 'Forever' is a bad album! It includes some of their greatest vocal moments, and I'll always argue that 'Holler' is one of their best singles. kink.gif What are your thoughts on the album?

Final thought: That artwork will never not be terrible. kink.gif What were they thinking?
That album artwork sick2.gif Kinda sums up the whole era for me. I like Forever but that’s it I like it while I love the first two albums. While I’m glad we got Holler and some other tracks the whole era kinda makes me wish it was either completely different or not done at all. It certainly tarnished them a little at the time.
I like the 4 unreleased leaked Eliot Kennedy tracks (A Day in Your Life, Pain Proof, Give You What You Want & Right Back At Ya pop mix) more than the majority of Forever. They wasted a good pop four piece album.
I agree.
Jay ☆
So many anniversaries, I can't keep up!!

18 years ago...
Sunday 7th November 1999

It's been 18 years since Geri Halliwell and Emma Bunton went head to head in the UK singles chart! Geri released Lift Me Up as the third single from her debut album Schizophonic, while Emma teamed up with Tin Tin Out for her first solo offering What I Am (a cover of the 1988 hit by Edie Brickell & New Bohemians).

At this point in time it hadn't yet been two full years since Geri had left the Spice Girls, and things between her and Emma were still quietly acrimonious. A chart battle wasn't ideal, and not planned by the ladies themselves; Geri openly criticised record label executives at the time: "I think that we should be responsible about that because that little kid has to part with four quid and making them decide is really wicked, I think. That is like choosing between two parents".

Nevertheless, their promotional schedules were intense, ensuring that they both occupied the top two positions - but it was Geri who succeeded in achieving the #1 spot, outselling Emma by a margin of 33,000 copies (139,000 vs 106,000 copies). Geri also won in terms of total sales; as of June 2017 Lift Me Up had sold 346,000 copies, compared to What I Am's 224,000.
I wonder why neither of them changed their date by a week? I mean both were pretty much heading for the #1 spot it would have been better for both (well Emma) to have moved the singles so they didn't clash hence betting their discographies.
Jay ☆
03/10/1999 - 141,500 - Eiffel 65 - Blue (La Da Dee)
10/10/1999 - 172,600 - Christina Aguilera - Genie In A Bottle
17/10/1999 - 123,000 - Christina Aguilera - Genie In A Bottle
24/10/1999 - 92,000 - Westlife - Flying Without Wings
31/10/1999 - 137,000 - Five - Keep On Movin
07/11/1999 - 139,000 - Geri Halliwell - Lift Me Up
14/11/1999 - 122,600 - Robbie Williams - She's The One
21/11/1999 - 148,000 - Wamdue Project - King Of My Castle
28/11/1999 - 147,947 - Cliff Richard - Millennium Prayer
05/12/1999 - 158,328 - Cliff Richard - Millennium Prayer
12/12/1999 - 159,369 - Cliff Richard - Millennium Prayer
19/12/1999 - 213,000 - Westlife - I Have A Dream/Seasons In The Sun
26/12/1999 - 231,000 - Westlife - I Have A Dream/Seasons In The Sun

The only week near Emma's release, in which the #1 sold less than what Emma sold to be #2, is (rather surprisingly) Westlife's Flying Without Wings. Westlife 92k vs Emma 106k. The only thing is, if Emma had released a couple of weeks earlier, without the hype of a "Spice Girl vs Spice Girl battle", would she have sold significantly less than 106k, and therefore not prevented Westlife from #1 anyway?

Had Geri moved her week of release and Emma had kept it, the #3 behind Geri/Emma was Five's Keep on Movin', with sales of 87,000. So perhaps Emma would have managed to clinch #1 for herself (again, I'm assuming she'd have sold somewhat less than 106k without the battle hype).

If Geri had released a week earlier, I imagine she would have lost out to Five, and if she'd delayed by a week then she'd have been up against Robbie Williams... and I guess her label didn't feel brave enough for this scenario, even though his first week ended up being less than Geri's.

I know all of this is "moot point" territory! kink.gif It does seem that Emma's only viable chance of #1 would have been if Geri/EMI had decided to move, but it seems they were ultimately happy to stick to it - and it paid off for them!
Jay ☆
10 years ago...
Monday 12th November 2007

It's been a decade since the Spice Girls released their compilation album Greatest Hits!

The collection includes all 13 of their singles, including 'Headlines (Friendship Never Ends)' which was a brand new single at the time. Additionally, 'Move Over' from the Spiceworld album and another new recording, 'Voodoo', were also included.

Greatest Hits was released in support of the Spice Girls' 'The Return of the Spice Girls' tour, which took place across Europe and North America, from December 2007 to February 2008.

It was released on the same date as X Factor winner Leona Lewis' highly anticipated debut album 'Spirit'. It was a foregone conclusion that Leona would claim the #1 album that week, and she did it in style - selling a huge 375,872 in its first week on sale. The Spice Girls did manage to enter at #2 though, with 75,787 sold. Greatest Hits was certified Platinum in the UK, and had sold over 413,000 copies as of August 2012.
The Greatest Hits compilation was the first Spice album I ever bought *.* I'm glad they released it shortly before I got into them because a GH is always a solid starting point when you want to get into a group. Their chart career may have been short but they managed to pack a lot of hits into those few years!

It is a shame that the compilation isn't on Spotify. </3
I always thought the Greatest Hits would have sold more for them, i know it has done well but i expected it to sell far higher.
its been a very consistent seller for sure, but i also thought it would sell more, especially as Girls Alouds first GH sold over 1m, released 12 months before.

I feel like a Vinyl would have boosted sales long term, and if it was stocked in the super markets with those 3 pound CDs.

*if* the rumours of a new album next year are true, I hope its a repackage with say a bonus CD rather than a whole new greatest hits, then the sales will all count as one right
The Greatest Hits was a nice collection, but it is somewhat lacking.

They did f*** all promo for it, and released it on the same week as Leona - all the press was again about the chart battle and how Leona had the upperhand - it was sad to see that actually, as maybe if they had released it in another week it would have stand a better chance.

Then the disgraceful Limited Edition Box - what a crack of shit. I bought it out of 'being a fan' but was so reluctant to do it, cos it was bad. I loved the pink, but the 'friendship bracelet' was at best childish and the content of the box super shit.

And Headlines, I think, didnt help it either. It was as a poor song, with a shit video. And I dont even want to talk about their performances of it, or even Voodoo.

So, I like the GH standard edition/two CD edition with videos. It's a great CD with all their singles plus a new track. I wish the standard edition was on Spotify as it would improve its sales over time.

Overall, a bit poorly handled, but a nice item to the collection.
The total for the GH is obviously much higher than Jay's figure posted. It has charted for about 10 weeks in the top 200 after that figure.

As for the release, the cd and cd/dvd were fine, maybe adding step to me would have been good. The ugly pink box was such a disaster though.

A vinyl is crying out to be released surely.
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