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Full Version: What do you want from this reunion?
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Jay ☆
The Spice Girls are set to “explore some incredible new opportunities” - so what would you ideally like them to? ohmy.gif
Michael Andrew
A few nights in the O2 would be my dream.

If I'm being greedy, a new single and a re-issue of the Greatest Hits (maybe including 1 or 2 solo hits for each).

... And more Tesco ads for Christmas! Haha!
Well a new 5 piece photo shoot with them all looking amazing.

Some re-releases of the 3 studio albums with the b-sides demos and unreleased tracks. The GH on vinyl.

A coffee table book, pics from through the years with each making little footnotes on the pics.

Ideally a UK tour, similar to Xmas in Spice world.

Some big group interviews like with Graham Norton.

A TV show, I know this isnt high up on everyone's list but would be nice to see them on TV every week for a couple of months.
Ideally a new studio album with 3 or 4 singles released from it.

If that is out of the question a new greatest hits with a new amazing upbeat single.

Obviously another tour would be great but would many of them commit to it?

Overall if music isn't involved it just doesn't feel that exciting.
Blond 2.0
I don't think a new album would work now so maybe some unreleased tracks with the new GH and tour and a new book would be great too
Give us all the unreleased tracks that have been teased for years.
December Dong
I would love a new album, but mainly made up of unreleased tracks, with W.O.M.A.N the lead single, as it should have been in 1999, leading to Holler/ album launch in 2000 with more momentum, then a Let Love Lead The Way, then finally Right Back At Ya/ If You Want To (Have Some Fun) double A-side to close the era.
New album, singles, dvd, tour, performance at Brits, full time band foreveeeeer!

Now back to reality. Tbh thing I’d want most is a tour. I’d be delighted with a unreleased tracks album or EP too. Something along the lines of Steps though would be the absolute dream!
December Dong
QUOTE(Spiceboy @ Feb 4 2018, 05:32 PM) *
New album, singles, dvd, tour, performance at Brits, full time band foreveeeeer!

Now back to reality. Tbh thing I’d want most is a tour. I’d be delighted with a unreleased tracks album or EP too. Something along the lines of Steps though would be the absolute dream!

If only they'd gotten back together in 02 or 04, we might have got that laugh.gif But then again, the nostalgia factor wouldn't have kicked in, and they would still be hated by the press/ uncool.

An album, remastered unreleased and B-sides plus a few new ones, with a small tour - or a bigger tour where four of them do it at one time, leaving one to rest with their families, as that is a big thing for them, especially Geri atm - plus maybe that Spice Girls talent show.
A final Wembley Stadium one-week residency, filmed in HD for a blu-ray release.
A new album with collaborations with current female artists.
A repackaged Greatest Hits with previously unreleased tracks.
A retrospective hardback book.
Every album on vinyl.
December Dong
That idea of a new album with collaborations with current femar stars could work!!
A new GH with unreleased tracks
A one off Hyde Park gig filmed for television+Blu Ray/DVD
A documentary ''one hour of girl power style'' with all 5 sitting together and tell their story
A few tv performances and interviews.
Jay ☆
I've really gone overboard, 99% of this is undoubtedly unrealistic. kink.gif I certainly don't anticipate them doing anything this month, but if I was in charge, I'd be getting the ball rolling instantly!

February 2018:

- Creation of official Spice Girls social media accounts on Twitter / Facebook / Instagram.
- Greatest Hits re-released in a new deluxe edition, including a bonus disc with previously unreleased material/rarities [Released: 23rd Feb] (Original 2007 version would also be available alongside it, as a cheaper option to attract casual sales. Also, GH is finally re-added to UK Spotify!).
- Announced as having won Brit Icon Award.
- Perform a hits medley at the Brits (I would include: Wannabe / Say You'll Be There / Who Do You Think You Are / Spice Up Your Life / Stop). [21st Feb]
- Announce their tour, initially just European dates (but with the promise that other worldwide dates are to be announced soon) [22nd Feb]
- Appear as a 5 piece on Graham Norton, an interview in promotion of the tour & Greatest Hits. Also perform Wannabe. [23rd Feb]
- Additionally, some of the girls do solo interviews in late February (i.e. Good Morning Britain, various radio shows etc)
- Following all of this excitement, the Greatest Hits album achieves a new peak of #1 in the UK on Fri 2nd March ( laugh.gif )

March 2018:

- European tour dates go on sale (UK destinations would include London, Birmingham, Manchester, Glasgow, Cardiff, Belfast - at least two dates in all venues, maybe as many as 4 or 5 in London {dates added due to demand}). [Pre-sales Wed 28th Feb, general sale Fri 2nd March]
- Begin working on their 4th studio album, in secret!

April 2018:

- Their official store unveils new merchandise & music related items, up for pre-order:
including: Albums released on vinyl, first time ever for Forever & Greatest Hits, first pressing since 1997 of Spiceworld // remastered studio albums on CD // retrospective hardback book, full of pictures of their near-25 year history & written commentary from the girls // Box set of CD singles inc. all the B Sides & remixes associated with each single // Box set of 7" Vinyl singles [all released in July 2018]

May 2018:

- North American tour announced.
- Perform at the Billboard Music Awards (another hits medley), win icon award. Tour dates go on sale shortly after.
- Australian tour dates also announced, go on sale. Maybe Mel B could do the honours and fly over there in order to promote this. x

August 2018:

- Announcement of a brand new studio album. Goes up for pre-order in various exciting money-grabbing formats. cool2.gif (Similar to Kylie's formats )
- Video shoots for the forthcoming 1st and 2nd singles, photoshoots for the singles/album artwork etc.

September 2018:
(towards the end of the month)

- First single from the album is released (inc. CD single & 7" vinyl formats).
- Music video premiere.

October 2018:

- Lots of promotion, primarily in the UK including Jonathan Ross Show - but also lots of online content, to target worldwide interest.
- Brand new 4th studio album is released (middle of October). Their first studio album in 18 years!
- Tour rehearsals begin.

November 2018:

- Tour rehearsals continue (first half of November).
- European tour dates begin (second half of November).

December 2018:

- European tour dates continued, this leg of the tour ending before Christmas.
- A TV special filmed in London, and aired in the middle of December including performances and interviews. Major focus on promoting their new album, but also the Greatest Hits = achieve huge sales in Christmas week.
- The 2nd single from the album is released. CD single / 7" single released in Christmas chart week.

January 2019:

- North America tour dates, and promotion on US/Canadian television shows for the album.

February 2019:

- Release the 3rd (and final) single from the album.
- Another appearance at the Brits, to perform the new single.
- Other promotion for the album in the UK.

March 2019:

- Australian tour dates, and promotion for the album.

April 2019:

- Tickets go on sale for Wembley Stadium concerts (Sadly all good things come to an end, so they would be billed as being their "final ever shows").

August 2019:

- Perform 3 nights at Wembley Stadium (these dates are filmed).

November 2019:

- Wembley Stadium concert is released on DVD/Blu-Ray/Live CD formats (similar to Steps' formats).


drama.gif laugh.gif

I hope I don't offend any fans with my suggestion of a tour just being Europe/North America & Australia. I'd love them to go everywhere, but I have a feeling that if they did tour, it'd probably be a miracle if they even did Australia, let alone anywhere else outside of Europe & North America.
A remake of this:

Jay ☆
From the sublime to the ridiculous angel.gif
I just want a tour, with at least one date in Manchester that isn't on a night that I usually work... not too much to ask for is it? tongue.gif

They were my favourite band when I was a kid, I had Spice Girls everything and then they went and broke up on my 11th birthday. I was crushed, actually hated them for a while.

Imagine if ITV did a Big Reunion Spice Girls special so that we could see them get back together, in the studio and tour rehearsals wub.gif
Michael Andrew
I wouldn't like them to associate themselves with 'The Big Reunion'. I think it would cheapen their brand.

They've always done things their way. And that show reeks of desperation.

No disrespect to acts who do it. It's more to do with how it's dramatised than the stars of the show.

But a TV special, yes please!
Jay ☆
So now we have 11 UK stadium dates confirmed for May/June 2019 - but what else would you love out of this reunion? ohmy.gif

I'd really like to see them do another TV performance. Imagine a Spice Girls medley performed at the X Factor finale? wub.gif

New music, of course. Now that they're a four piece, I feel like there's no reason they shouldn't explore this and add something to their rather small discography.

It would be great if they were able to extend the tour to overseas, in particular going to Australia. Greatest Hits got to #1 there in 2007, I think they should be rewarded. tongue.gif

I'm still hopeful for some album re-issues, and vinyl!
Great thinking. These are a bit far fetched, specially how global the tour would be, but whatever a Spice Boy can dream.

1) Repackage the Greatest Hits with unreleased tracks (no new stuff) ready for Christmas period
2) Extend the tour to mainland Europe, USA, South America, Asia, Australia and South Africa. Honour the places they never visited before.
3) Get the ICON award at the Brits 2019 and perform a medley
4) Set up an initiative that supports young women singers in the UK thrive
5) Release a Spice Girls book
6) Release a documentary of the tour with full-lenght footage of the tour
7) Get nominated and win for MTV's Best Live Act award in 2020


8) Do a Spice Girls at the BBC show like Ariana Grande, Adele, etc. I LOVED Ariana's performances with a full orchestra. IMAGINE them performing live with a full orchestra!!!
9) Release all the albums on Vinyl and re-release the original CDs with new content. This is not hard and a group of their magnitude should be perfectly fine to do that!!
Jay ☆
heart.gif Would love for all of that to happen, particularly the Brits. The Brits is such an iconic part of their story with that performance and it'd be lovely to see them perform there again.

I think I read that they've had a camera crew following them during their promotional moments this past week, could that be for a documentary? Or maybe it's just for behind the scenes stuff for social media. Either way, I would love to see more content from them.
Oh nice! Didnt know about that, but would be great to have more behind the scenes stuff. They LOVE making documentaries don't they? Not that I am complaining but unless it is something new to talk about, I feel like another celebratory documentary might be a bit naff...

WHICH GAVE ME THE TOUGHT: I would love for them to do a TV Special like Ariana Grande and Adele did at the BBC. IMAGINE them performing with a full orchestra? THAT WOULD BE AMAIZNG!!
Jay ☆
Oh my goodness, yes! Spice Girls at the BBC would be incredible, a mix of performances and interviews... someone make it happen!

I'd much rather than that another documentary, I think. I mean I wouldn't say no to a documentary, but if they were to do that I'd really want them to sit down as a four piece and reminisce together (or five... would Victoria join them for something like that?). I think another "separate interviews" documentary would be quite pointless though.
Jay ☆
QUOTE(Mr.X @ Nov 11 2018, 06:57 PM) *

laugh.gif! heart.gif

Highly unlikely, but on the subject of vinyl - I'd love if there were some vinyl editions of the singles, like the 2013 release of Wannabe.
Oh yes I forgot about the Vinyl and re-release of all the albums! It is quite CRAZY to me that a group as big as the Spice Girls never thought to re-release their albums with more content over the years. Everybody else does it, it is about time they get on with it!

Will update the original post x
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