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Full Version: Where Can I Discuss Older Songs That Aren't Retro?
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Is there anywhere where I can discuss older songs that were released a few years ago but aren't old enough for the retro lounge but aren't current to the charts.

I feel like posting in the old song and album threads would probably be frowned upon but there doesn't seem to be anywhere to discuss music for these kinds of songs, or some kind of general music discussion area.

Like for the artists with their own forum, they tend to have a general discussion thread for the artist but there isn't really somewhere to generally discuss artists like Drake for example
The old song threads probably all still exist from when they were released. Just google the song title followed by the word buzzjack and you may find them on the genre forums if there is no artist forum for them biggrin.gif

Chez Wombat
All of the genre forums have 'What are you listening to?/Recommendations' or 'Off Topic' pinned threads in which you can discuss anything you're listening to, The Lounge also has a very lengthy thread which most of us use. You can bump the thread if you so wish or even start a thread for a classic artist in the genre, though refrain from doing the former too much as we do want the front pages to look as up to date as possible!
Thanks guys cheer.gif
Algernon Monqueef
Oh MY!
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