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Full Version: Calvin Harris UK #1 singles
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Now that he's got his official TENTH UK #1 single it's about time we ranked them all.

1 We Found Love [FAVE]
2 One Kiss
3 I'm Not Alone
4 Sweet Nothing
5 Feels
6 Promises
7 Under Control
8 Blame
9 Summer
10 Dance Wiv Me [LEAST FAVE]

'We Found Love' will always be Calvin's signature song I think, it's as much his song as it is Rihanna's and it's him at his very best, though 'One Kiss' does come close. I'd put 'Promises' in 6th for now, still very solid but not quite as good as quite a few of his others. 'Dance Wiv Me' is very much my least fave here, a good song still but not one I revisit all that often.
01. I'm Not Alone [FAVE] wub.gif wub.gif
02. Dance Wiv Me
03. Summer
04. Sweet Nothing
05. Under Control
06. We Found Love
07. One Kiss
08. Promises
09. Blame
10. Feels

This is a superb list as I don't dislike anything ohmy.gif I'm Not Alone absolutely runs away with the win here for me!
Great idea Dan!

1 Under Control
2 Iím Not Alone
3 Summer
4 Sweet Nothing
5 Blame
6 Dance Wiv Me
7 Feels
8 We Found Love
9 Promises
10 One Kiss
1. Sweet Nothing
2. I'm Not Alone
3. Feels
4. One Kiss
5. Promises
6. We Found Love
7. Blame
8. Dance With Me
9. Under Control
10. Summer

I don't dislike any of them tbh. The last two I just go back to the least.
01. I'm Not Alone [FAVE]†wub.gif wub.gif
02. We Found Love
03. One Kiss
04. Promises
05. Summer
06. Feels
07. Under Control
08. Blame
09. Dance Wiv Me
10. Sweet Nothing

INA is incredible. Soooo happy it was his first solo #1! I think I actually prefer WFL as a song, but I always think of that as Rihanna's song so Calvin's name never comes up for me.

'Sweet Nothing' is my least fave, coz Florence etc..
I'm Not Alone is the superior single here although to be honest it didn't age too well~

One Kiss is way too overrated goodbye
Tawdry Hepburn
1. Blame
2. We Found Love
3. I'm Not Alone
4. Under Control
5. One Kiss
6. Feels
7. Promises
8. Dance Wiv Me
9. Sweet Nothing
10. Summer

I was quite surprised to see 'Blame' come out on top here, but it is. I'm just a sucker for that sound. wub.gif
1 Blame
2 Summer
3 Dance Wiv Me
4 I'm Not Alone
5 Promises
6 Sweet Nothing
7 Under Control
8 One Kiss
9 We Found Love
10 Feels

Only 2 amazing songs here & a fair bit of averageness in truth!
Fave: Under Control

Least fave: Blame
Sweet nothing his best by far
Followed by Im not alone and We found love
The rest i dont care much
Prefer most of his @2s

1 Sweet nothing
2 We found love
3 Im not alone
4 Summer
5 Feels
6 One kiss
7 Blame
8 Under control
9 Promises
10 Dance wit me
01 We Found Love
02 Iím Not Alone
03 Summer
04 Feels
05 Under Control
06 Promises
07 One Kiss
08 Dance Wiv Me
09 Sweet Nothing
10 Blame
1. Sweet Nothing
2. Under Control
3. I'm Not Alone
4. One Kiss
5. Promises
6. Blame
7. We Found Love
8. Summer
9. Dance With Me
10. Feels
01. I'm Not Alone
02. Sweet Nothing
03. Promises
04. One Kiss
05. We Found Love
06. Blame
07. Feels
08. Under Control
09. Summer
10. Dance Wiv Me

so odd as to which of his singles made Number 1 and which didn't - it's really not representative of all his best songs! This current era has signs of being his best yet though, LOVE both Promises and One Kiss - great to see the former hitting the top spot!
1. We Found Love
2. One Kiss
3. Sweet Nothing
4. Promises
5. Dance Wiv Me
6. Blame
7. Feels
8. Iím Not Alone
9. Under Control
10. Summer

"Under Control" is by far the song that sticks out as reaching #1 due to Calvin's name and the reputation he'd built up in the 2 years prior to its release. I do like it but can't remember the last time I even heard it.

I only really love the top 4/5 here. I far prefer "Outside", "How Deep Is Your Love", "I Need Your Love" and "Pray to God", amongst others, to the rest of his #1s.
1. Under control - FAVE
2. Summer
3. We found love
4. Blame
5. Iím not alone
6. Sweet nothing
7. Dance wiv me
8. Feels
9. Promises
10. One kiss - LEAST LIKED
This is the toughest thread ever as I donít like any of the songs here! It may change later but for now hereís my list:-

1. Iím Not Alone
2. We Found Love
3. Sweet Nothing
4. Under Control
5. Blame
6. One Kiss
7. Feels
8. Dance Wiv Me
9. Promises
10. Summer

So many great songs!
1. Dance Wiv Me (feels out of place among this lot, but I've always loved it, Calvin's contributions very much valued)
2. I'm Not Alone
3. Sweet Nothing
4. Feels
5. Promises
6. One Kiss (might age well, a bit sick of hearing it at the moment)
7. We Found Love
8. Under Control
9. Blame
10. Summer (heard it again recently and the drop had some merit in hindsight but it's a chore to sit through)
01 We Found Love
02 Iím Not Alone
03 Sweet Nothing
04 Blame
05 One Kiss
06 Dance Wiv Me
07 Feels
08 Promises
09 Under Control
10 Summer

Incredible set of #1s. Top two are both 11/10. Under Control and Summer I didn't think too much of at the time of their release but they've been growing on me recently! I think One Kiss and Promises have a chance to climb these rankings seeing as they're both still current. It's crazy to think there's only two years between I'm Not Alone and We Found Love!
Chez Wombat
01. I'm Not Alone
02. We Found Love
03. Summer
04. Under Control
05. One Kiss
06. Feels
07. Promises
08. Dance Wiv Me
09. Sweet Nothing
10. Blame

Close between the top 2, otherwise fairly easy to rank. I still love the top 5, Feels and Promises are decent (the latter only having one listen so far), Dance Wiv Me has dated terribly, Have never been able to get into Sweet Nothing and it pales next to the glorious Spectrum and Blame is DIRE mainly thanks to John Newman's hoarse vocals.

What's all this hate for Summer? sad.gif I have very fond memories of that and his voice <3
Fave: Sweet Nothing
Least: Dance Wiv Me
Jay ☆
1 We Found Love
2 One Kiss
3 Summer
4 Feels
5 Sweet Nothing
6 I'm Not Alone
7 Dance Wiv Me (a bit of a guilty pleasure!)
8 Blame
9 Under Control
10 Promises (it could climb with time though)
Feels just edges least fave over Dance Wiv Me for me. I've always disliked the balance of vocalists on that song and the shameless cash grab by Katy to save her era with the hair change and all. Summer probably third least, doesn't stack up so well against the others.

Sweet Nothing is my fave. Surprised there's some dislike for it. Really showed that Florence could very convincingly do commercial music and I'm still hoping she does again at some point :') I'm Not Alone and Blame would be next. We Found Love good too but not one I think of as a Calvin song, I still forget it was officially a feature sometimes and not just a production credit.
Fave We Found Love
Least Dance Wiv Me
QUOTE(Feel_The_Fever @ Sep 8 2018, 10:14 PM) *
Fave We Found Love
Least Dance Wiv Me

QUOTE(Feel_The_Fever @ Sep 8 2018, 10:14 PM) *
Fave We Found Love
Least Dance Wiv Me

QUOTE(Stu1985 @ Sep 8 2018, 10:26 PM) *

Yep, thirded.
1. Feels
2. Dance Wiv Me
3. Promises
4. Under Control
5. Blame
6. Sweet Nothing
7. We Found Love
8. I'm Not Alone
9. Summer
10. One Kiss
1 Under Control
2 One Kiss
3 Promises
4 Blame
5 Iím Not Alone
6 We Found Love
7 Summer
8 Sweet Nothing
9 Feels
10 Dance Wiv Me
1. Feels
2. One Kiss
3. We Found Love
4. Promises
5. Dance Wiv Me
6. Blame
7. Sweet Nothing
8. Under Control
9. I'm Not Alone
10. Summer

I don't actually LOVE any of these, he has some much better songs that missed the top I think. Plus I reaaaally hate his own vocals. Under Control is absolutely nothingy, 5-7 are okay and the top 4 range from quite good to pleasant.
Sweet Nothing is just a jam for me!
Juan Carlos
1. "I'm Not Alone"
2. "One Kiss"
3. "We Found Love"
4. "Sweet Nothing"
5. "Blame"
6. "Promises"
7. "Feels"
8. "Under Control"
9. "Summer"
10. "Dance Wiv Me"

As much as I love his vocals and I wish he sings more often, "Summer" has burned on me, mainly because of the production.
01 We Found Love
02 One Kiss
03 Feels
04 I'm Not Alone
05 Promises
06 Sweet Nothing
07 Under Control
08 Summer
09 Dance Wiv Me
10 Blame

Poor Slide, Bounce, Acceptable in the 80s, and Feel So Close

1 - We Found Love
2 - One Kiss
3 - Summer
4 - Under Control
5 - Feels
6 - Sweet Nothing
7 - I'm Not Alone
8 - Promises
9 - Dance Wiv Me
10 - Blame
01. We Found Love
02. One Kiss
03. Sweet Nothing
04. Feels
05. Dance Wiv Me
06. Promises
07. I'm Not Alone
08. Summer
09. Blame
10. Under Control
01 Under Control wub.gif wub.gif
02 Sweet Nothing
03 Blame
04 We Found Love
05 One Kiss
06 I'm Not Alone
07 Summer
08 Promises
09 Feels
10 Dance Wiv Me

Under Control & Sweet Nothing are two of my favourite dance songs ever (as is Spectrum which would probably be #1 here). I generally love everything he releases though tbh, Dance Wiv Me is the one I go back to least but I still like it. Feels got old fairly quickly, but again I do still love it wub.gif

His #2 peaking singles are all 10/10 too, TIWYCF isn't something I go out of my way to listen to much but I think it's still suffering from overexposure like the rest of 2016's big hits laugh.gif

01 Feel So Close
02 We'll Be Coming Back
03 Bounce
04 Let's Go
05 How Deep Is Your Love
06 This Is What You Came For
Blame is his best

Dance Wiv Me is his worst

Dance Wiv Me
We Found Love (w/ Rihanna)
Blame (ft. John Newman)
Feels (ft. Pharrell, Katy Perry & Big Sean)
One Kiss (w/ Dua Lipa)
Promises (w/ Sam Smith)
Sweet Nothing (ft. Florence Welch)
I'm Not Alone
Under Control (w/ Alesso & Hurts)

01 I'm Not Alone
02 Promises
03 We Found Love
04 One Kiss
05 Sweet Nothing
06 Summer
07 Feels
08 Blame
09 Dance Wiv Me
10 Under Control

We Found Love
Jordan Lee
Sweet Nothing is my favourite #1 and Feels my least favourite. But the songs in the middle vary depending on my mood.

Although it was never credited to him in the charts Cherylís Call My Name is still my favourite track heís done.
01 Sweet Nothing
02 Feels
03 One Kiss
04 Summer
05 We Found Love
06 Blame
07 Promises
08 Under Control
09 I'm Not Alone
10 Dance Wiv Me
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