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Full Version: Nowhere (Clean Bandit feat. Rita Ora & KYLE) | Feature
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Clean Bandit just updated their Instgram Story and Rita is recording something with them!
That could have great potential.
Makes perfect sense for them to collab & in a way I'm surprised they haven't before!
Aah this would be such a great collaboration!
Yes please!

All seriousness, I'm surprised this collab hasn't happened before now!
The bloggers at the OCC really love Rita, they've written a whole article about this (unconfirmed) collaboration based on the Insta story laugh.gif

Clean Bandit hits the studio with Rita Ora as they announce they are finalising their album

The album is expected to feature the Number 1 singles Rockabye, Symphony and Solo.

Clean Bandit have announced they are finalising their second album, and Rita Ora may well feature on it.

The trio shared the following message on their social media platforms yesterday (September 25): "Finalising our album! Who should we have on it?"

Around the same time, Jack, Grace and Luke posted a picture of Rita in the studio to their Instagram story. Could a new single between the two be in the pipeline?

Clean Bandit's most recent era has been arguably their most successful yet. Their single Rockabye with Anne-Marie and Sean Paul was the UK's Official Christmas Number 1 of 2016, while 2017 smash Symphony with Zara Larsson also reached the Official Singles Chart's top spot. Fast forward to this year and the Demi Lovato-assisted Solo hit Number 1 too, being the UK's fourth-biggest Official Song of the Summer.

Rita Ora is no stranger to success as of late either. Her upcoming album Phoenix features four UK Top 10 singles, while the Anywhere hitmaker recently tied Shirley Bassey and Petula Clark as the British female solo artist with the most UK Top 10 hits on the Official Singles Chart.

Let You Love Me, Rita's latest single, is set to be her 19th UK Top 40 hit, and was in the Top 20 on this week's Official Chart Update.
They've pretty much confirmed she's on the album. They made a playlist with all the features and also tweeted all the collabs one by one. I hope it's a single. Could be a #1 for Rita!
Jay ☆
Bring it on! *.*
Beautiful Ghosts
Called nowhere and also features Kyle
Dead *.* I only know "Playinwitme" by Kyle which was a cute bop but I'm looking forward to hearing their collab!
Could definitely do without KYLE but I'll keep an open mind...!
Tawdry Hepburn
Kind of loling that she's had 'Anywhere' and now 'Nowhere'.
From Clean Bandit's recent interview in the Guardian:

Meanwhile, a new song on the album called Nowhere was inspired by Donald Trump. We want to get Alec Baldwin to play him in the video, smiles Jack.

Go get that political bop, Rita!
Woke icon *.*
Im ... not loving this...
Its definitely one of the weakest on the album.
I've only heard it twice and it definitely sounded a lot better on the second listen. A shame she wasn't given Mama though, seeing as that's looking to be the next single

I'm not feeling it sad.gif
Jay ☆
I quite like it! It's got a very catchy melody.
Love this, my favourite album track from What Is Love and I think the song works great with Rita and Kyle.
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