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Full Version: Liam's best single so far?
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We've had a selection of singles from Liam now, so which is your favourite?

For You is quite comfortably the best for me heart.gif I enjoy Strip That Down and Familiar too, and Polaroid is starting to grow!
For You, for me. (laugh.gif)

2nd is... rather controversially... 'Bedroom Floor' oops x
It's a really terrible selection but I'd rank them as follows:

1. For You
2. Familiar
(big gap)
3. Polaroid
4. Strip That Down
5. Get Low
(bigger gap)
6. Bedroom Floor
7. First Time
For me it's between Strip That Down and Familiar
Strip That Down
Miss Americana
For You, definitely. That and Polaroid are probably the only two I can confidently say I really like. The rest are pretty terrible.

1. For You
2. Polaroid
3. First Time
4. Bedroom Floor
5. Familiar
6. Get Low
7. Strip That Down
Tawdry Hepburn
'Strip That Down' is a real guilty pleasure, although objectively speaking I recognise it is complete shit. I quite like 'Familar' too, the rest... just no.
Familiar is the best by far, absolute bop. Polaroid is a bop too, Strip That Down and Get Low are fine for what they are. I'd quite happily not hear Bedroom Floor ever again, mostly thanks to that cringe phone ringing noise he feels the need to do during it... For You is distinctly average and I really don't get the fuss, it wants to be much bigger than it is and it falls a bit flat for me, but it's listenable enough.
I'd rank them:

1. Polaroid
2. Familiar
3. Strip That Down
4. For You
5. Get Low
6. Bedroom Floor
7. First Time
QUOTE(SweetButJonjo👻 @ Nov 11 2018, 12:27 PM) *
For You, for me. (laugh.gif)

2nd is... rather controversially... 'Bedroom Floor' oops x
'Bedroom Floor' is probably 3rd for me! My fave is either 'Get Low' or 'For You', I voted 'Get Low' since 'For You' is so predominantly Rita that I hardly associate it with Liam tongue.gif
My favourite is Strip That Down but I like most of his singles so far. I need a album from him tbh.
EASILY 'For You' and I doubt he'll ever top it tbh!

01. For You
02. Familiar
03. Bedroom Floor
04. Polaroid
05. Get Low
06. Strip That Down
07. First Time
For you.
Tawdry Hepburn
What's 'First Time'?
QUOTE(Tawdry Hepburn @ Jul 18 2019, 12:12 PM) *
What's 'First Time'?

Collab with French Montana, was a big flop for him.
I voted for 'For You' wub.gif I was quite into 'Familiar' when it came out but I got tired of it after a while and it never really recovered oops.
Miss Americana
how does Strip That Down have 10 votes omg
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